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My Simple Christmas Wish

Ever since I was a baby I have had one dream in mind
And each Christmas I think maybe it will finally come true
It's a simple wish that ev'ryone has had from time to time
So I know you'll understand me
when I share my dream with you.

I wanna be rich, famous and powerful
Step on all my enemies and never do a thing
I wanna be rich, famous and powerful
So all I have to do all day is sit around and sing.

I don't wanna work, struggle or compromise
When I set a goal I wanna reach it right away
'cause paying your dues, that's just for other guys
As for me, I want what I want and I want it all today!

I don't wanna audition, I don't wanna take class
I wanna be discovered while I'm sitting on my ass
I should not have to suffer, I should not have to sweat
I tried that for ten minutes once and look, what did I get?

I'm still not rich, famous or powerful
Barbra Streisand has it all and I can do what she can do
So why is she rich, famous and powerful?
While I'm still stuck here
schlepping through my life like all of you.

What does it take to be famous and powerful?
Santa, if you're listening, please tell me what to do
What do I have to fake to be famous and powerful?
I've done ev'rything I can and now the rest is up to you.

I tried being good, I tried being nice
I even tried pretending I was listining once or twice
But the really big stars have made it without it
Was Betty Davis pleasant? Well, I seriously doubt it

Everyone adored her and the world was at her feet
It's obvious that I have gotten nowhere being sweet!

Now I know I should be thankful
for the blessings that I've got
My husband truely worships me and starving I am not
And I suppose good friends and family
and health count for alot
But I have to admit, all this doesn't mean SHIT
If I'm not rich, famous and powerful

Oh, come on, don't be so shocked,
you know you feel the same as I

If we were rich, famous and powerful
We could take all those agents and casting directors
Tiny apartments and back tax collectors
Critics and casting calls, chilly rehersal halls
People who bore us and jobs in the chorus
And kiss them all goodbye!

Is that too much to ask?

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