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  ::   welcome to!

  :: is based on web design, graphic developing, and networking! we also offer other services such as a public access linux server, free email, and so much more! nurvsoft's is to provide the services and technical support for little to no cost toward our consumers. we hope you enjoy your stay at and have fun lookin' around (you should check out the preview area, where you can check our the work that we have done!). Since is continuely being updated if you have found any problems what-so-ever please do not hesitate to email me (joel smith, the webmaster) with the problem and i will fix it as fast as i can.

  ::   systems
> (web hosting server) check ktech status
> (public access linux server) check quantum status
> (paid access linux server) check plex status
> (irc server) check irc status
> (mail server) check mail status

  ::   contact info
> webmaster: joel smith -
> web dev head: joel smith -
> promotions head: kyle rausenbaum -
> software development / gfx production: dan scolfield -
> information:
>> we urge you to e-mail us! even if it is not good we would love to hear from you surfers and tell us what you think! (c) 2002 / email the webmaster / the