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My Pet UK Pet Care Printout - Guinea Pigs

Housing - You will need a waterproof hutch with sloping roof (min. length 48 inches),and a run (large as possible with sheltered area).

Bedding - Lino to cover the base, then newspaper on top of that, with a thick layer of wood shavings. Hay for bedding (also an important food). Straw can also be used as a base covering.

Handling - Let the guinea pigs settle into their home for a few days before handling. Two female guinea pigs will usually live together happily if purchased when young. Occasionaly litter brothers will be compatible. It is not advisable to keep a guinea pig with a rabbit as they often fight.

Feeding - You will need a dry food mix such as Gerty Guinea Pig as your pets' main food. This should be available at all times. You must also feed greens such as carrot, lettuce, tomato, apple, celery, cabbage etc. daily to provide vitamin C. Hay is an important food and should be supplied in abundance. Fresh water in a sealed bottle or pot must be available at all times.

Facts - A male is called a boar, a female is called a sow;

Oestrus occurs every 2 weeks. Gestation lasts 65-70 days;

Weaning age is 4 weeks. Young reach sexual maturity at 30-70 days;

Average life-span is 4-8 years.

Checklist - * Always make sure the pet shop is a member of the Pet Trade Association*


  Shiny coat
  Clean, bright eyes
  Clean nose
  Clean ears
  Clean bottom







  Vitamins   Straw
  Water Bottle   Run
  Wood Shavings   Treats
  Hay   Food Bowl
  Mineral Block   Book