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This is my humble attempt to create an archive of actor John Castle's considerable work in the fields of theatre, film, television and as a lively story teller in spoken word. Also, as I discover new projects in his continuing career, I will add those as well.

A character of an actor

The film "The Lion in Winter" came out the year I was born. First of all, that makes it special to me. Second, it was the first time I saw John Castle. Through all the wonderful performances--Mr. Castle's plotting Prince Geoffrey seemed to attract my interest the most. I have since felt amazed at each time he takes over a scene with merely a glance. With a few carefully placed words, he can either snare you in or make you smile (or both). He also expresses both an intense focus, and a well-explored sense of comic timing.

For me, Mr. Castle has always stood out even in an ensamble cast. It was in such a fine cast of actors when my interest really peaked. I became obsessed with the mini-series "I'Claudius", where he portrays "Postumus" a man with too strong emotional convictions, and too much insight for his own good welfare. "Conviction", I love that word, since in my opinion it best describes his manner of acting. The evidence can be found in his most lengthy role in the television mini-series "Lost Empires". Underneath his conjurer "Ganga Dun" (aka. Uncle Nick) is a complex character study of a man full of mystery and strong emotions.

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"Illusionist with No Illusions"

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as Postumus in I'Claudius

as uncle Nick (with Colin Firth) in Lost Empires

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