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The Holdster is a leather holster for your small semi-automatic pistol. It is designed to be "worn" on your gun and carried in your pocket. Each Holdster is fitted to a specific model of gun as the tension of the leather actually holds the gun in place during carry and shooting. The squared shape serves a couple of functions: To give the gun a wallet shape and to keep the gun from rotating in your pocket. The spacer between the leather, under the slide and the trigger guard, is a lightweight, high density foam that fills out the wallet shape and acts as a cushion if you choose back pocket carry. The Holdster is available for these models: Kel-Tec P-32, NAA Guardian .32 & .380, LW Seecamp .32 & .380. Autauga MK II .32 The most popular material is top grain cowhide in black or brown, however, many other skins and colors are available. Base price is $45 + shipping for the cowhide style.

Kel-Tec P-32 & NAA Guardian

The Holdster is designed for concealment, comfort, and ease of handling for several models of small semi-automatic pistols. The idea came about from simple frustration!!! I had expected to find an off the shelf holster to fit in my pocket for my brand new Kel-Tec P-32. Didn't happen! Several dealers were more than happy to sell me one that was close or could be adapted to fit, but none were just RIGHT! After much trial and error, the first Holdster was ready. The prototype was sent to the Firearms Technology Branch of the ATF for approval or at least clarification of the design.

LW Seecamp

Why send a holster to the ATF for "Classification"? A number of years ago there was a slick little holster for the AMT .380 and the High Standard .22 that was shaped like a wallet and covered the pistol entirely except for openings for the trigger and for the slide to cycle......the forbidden "Wallet Holster". The ATF deemed that the gun was not readily discernible as a weapon while in the holster, so it became an "any other weapon". This was the classification I hoped to avoid with the Holdster. After many anxious months, the word came back that the Holdster was a non-any other weapon, or NOT a wallet holster in the eyes of the ATF. Because the slide is exposed and the gun is readily discernible as a weapon, the Holdster is just a holster!

Autauga MK II

SAFETY NOTES: The gun must be unloaded and chamber cleared before inserting or removing gun from the Holdster. As with any pocket holster, lint happens! Clean regularly. After removing the magazine and checking that the chamber is empty, I check for lint behind the trigger, around firing pin where it contacts hammer, and the hammer itself. This keeps mine trouble free between regular takedowns. Yours may require a bit more attention, depending on your lifestyle or lint factor. As if I were carrying my pistol in my pocket without a holster, I recommend carrying the gun with an empty chamber and a full magazine. Never, ever, carry the Holdster in a pocket with anything else!............................................ For more information or to order......... please e-mail me at