The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary

j_titlebig.jpg (44288 bytes)

Some of the 62 Joyful picture beads are below.  When actually running Picture Beads each image completely fills your screen.

(click each miniature picture bead to view larger version)

j_1_4.jpg (8875 bytes)  1st Joyful -  4th Hail Mary Picture Bead

 j_2_2.jpg (8493 bytes)  2nd Joyful - 2nd Hail Mary Picture Bead

 j_3_of.jpg (8916 bytes)  3rd Joyful - Our Father Picture Bead

 j_4_3.jpg (8084 bytes)  4th Joyful - 3rd Hail Mary Picture Bead

 j_5_1.jpg (8771 bytes)   5th Joyful - 1st Hail Mary Picture Bead


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