Roleplaying Convention: Wellington, January 19 & 20 2002
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Scenario Design Competition

New this year, we will be holding a competition for Original Scenario Design to encourage new writes, recognise existing talent and to get even more games.


We are looking for original, single-session role playing scenarios. Click HERE to see the Rules & Tips page for specific information.

A scenario may use a published role playing system or setting. We equally encourage the use of settings or systems of your own creation. Scenario's should be written with sufficient detail that a person unfamiliar with the setting and rules can gain a clear understanding of events.

For some helpful advice on writing scenarios for gaming conventions please click HERE

Many Kapcon scenarios use pre-generated characters. If you don't want to include pre-generated characters then you will need to allow for character creation time within the three hours available.

Click HERE to see some frequently asked questions regarding the competition.

Closing Date For Entries: December 1 2001.

For any questions or comments regarding the Scenario Design Competition please e-mail us HERE

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