Roleplaying Convention: Wellington, January 19 & 20 2002
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Scenario Design Competition - F.A.Q.


This page is designed as a forum to answer any questions that you may have regarding the Scenaio Design Competition.

To send in a question simply e-mail us HERE with your querry. All reasonable questions we recieve will be answered on this page.

Q. How is this competition being judged?

Kapcon SDC is using the same double blind system of judging as most writing competitions. Each entry is recieved and logged, then the cover page is removed and the entry is passed on to the judge. This means that the judge has no idea who the author of any given scenario is. This system ensures impartiality and is why we ask that the authors name ONLY appear on the cover page of the work.

Q. What are the judging criteria?

Each scenario will be marked on the following: Playability, Characters/Character generation, NPC's/character interactions, Pace, Creativity, Challenge, Plot and Detail.

Q. Who will be the Judge?

The Judge for 2001/02 is Dale Elvy. Wellington based writer and two time winner of the Best GM prize at previous Kapcon conventions.

Q. What about copyright issues etc?

Under New Zealand law your original creative works automatically gain copyright. It is therefore illegal for ANYONE to reproduce, replicate or otherwise copy your work.