Roleplaying Convention: Wellington, January 19 & 20 2002
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Scenario Design Competition - Rules & Tips


1.) This competition is open to anyone with a New Zealand mailing address.

2.) All entries must be the original, unaided work of the author.

3.) It is acceptable to refer to other published gaming material but no copyrighted work should be reproduced.

4.) You may enter as many times as you like.

5.) All entries are FREE.

6.) The author cannot have previously received money for this scenario (either through publication or as a prize).

7.) All entries must be received before December 1, 2001.

8.) Prizes will be awarded at Kapcon XI, Wellington 19-20 January 2002.

9.) The Judges decision is final.

10.) The Judges reserve the right to grant no award if there are insufficient entries of quality.

11.) All entries must either be typed or in handwriting of LEGIBLE quality.

12.) Every entry should include the authors name on a front title page but NOWHERE ELSE IN THE WORK SHOULD THE NAME APPEAR AGAIN.

13.) Every page of an entry should be logically numbered.

14.) If the author wishes the scenario returned and is NOT attending Kapcon XI, a stamped self addressed envelope should be enclosed with the entry.

15.) By entering this competition you agree to let this scenario be run at Kapcon XI.

Send Entries to:
P O Box 1451


- Specific area's of importance in judging will be Creativity and Playability, we want to see scenarios that will be fun for both GM and players.

- Including a timeline helps make your scenario easy to understand and follow.

- Providing challenging characters for players helps make the game more enjoyable.

- Take into account that it is possible that neither Judge nor players will have played in the setting before.

- A play-test may help to iron out any wrinkles.