Roleplaying Convention: Wellington, January 19 & 20 2002
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Round One Games

Here is a list of first round games available at Kapcon XI. Spaces in these games wil be going fast so register early to secure your spot. Keep an eye on this site for further games that will be run at Kapcon XI. If you are interested in running a game at Kapcon XI please click HERE or register early and tell us about your game. For more information about the systems being used for games during round one, please click on the name of the system and you will be taken to the relevant website.

GM: Luke Walker
Title: 'The City H'Pahkt'
System: Tribe 8
Players: 6
Blurb: "Before I felt only the taste of human delight and suffering, but with your thoughts transparent and skins flayed before me, what once were shadows took shape and became an entire world. I am the City H'Pahkt."

GM: Morgan Davie
Title: 'The True Path'
System: D20
Players: 6
Blurb: In a ruined future, who will speak out against the only hope that remains.

GM: Donna Giltrap
Title: TBA
System: Pendragon
Players: TBA
Blurb: TBA

GM: Dan L'Estrange
Title: 'Operation Foxhound'
System: Millenium's End
Players: 6-8
Blurb: Washington D.C. is destroyed by a terrorists' nuclear bomb. Black Eagle forces are assigned to recover valuable military resources from the blast zone for the security of the nation.

GM: Scott Kelly
Title: 'Questing Phoenix'
System: Fading Suns
Players: 6
Blurb: Six Imperial Knights venture into enemy space to recover an artifact for their Lord. Each has their own reasons: fame, honour or just plain old adventure

GM: Martijn Verburg
Title: 'E-Issues'
System: D&D 3rd Ed
Number of Players: 4-6
Blurb: "Don't cry now Honey, everything is going to be just fine............"