Roleplaying Convention: Wellington, January 19 & 20 2002
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This year we will continue to run the full programme of roleplaying normally associated with Kapcon, but we have also added a number of new events. To see a timetable of events please click HERE

We will run 3 x 3 hour roleplaying slots on each day. What we can offer will depend on what GM's are prepared to run. We are currently seeking more GM's to run games at Kapcon XI so if you are interested please let us know. A sample timetable and information for the first session will soon be available here.

Following the success of the last Kapcon live game, this years event is looking very promising. Carried out on a grand scale, be prepared to travel back to 1920's Wellington. To visit the Live Game section of this website please click Here

This year we also have the following guest speakers who will talk about their experiences on Sunday:

Dale Elvy: Author of "First Hunter", a fantasy novel and the first part in The Shinto Spirit Trilogy published by HarperCollins.

Conan McKegg: Freelance RPG writer and author of "Vimary Burns" for Tribe 8 published by Dream Pod 9.