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Lance pennons.

In a seal of Ramón Berenguer IV from 1160 appears a kind of lance flag. Other flag appears in other seal of uncertain date but prior to 1162.

Other flags used at sea.

In Banderas de España, Calvo and Grávalos mention a red flag with three yellow stripes that is said to belong to the "Aragonese" navy from 1263 to 1516.

This flag could be a derivation from a sea flag used in times of king Peter II (III of Aragon and I of Valencia): slightly vertical flag with three yellow stripes and three red (the upper yellow and the lower red).

Domenech shows a Barcelonese merchant flag that it is quartered with the bars and red with white cross. Calvo and Grávalos show it in Banderas de España dating it in 1479, according to informations from Víctor Balaguer (1853) that mentions the flag of Barcelona, but a not corresponding image of the city’s Museum of Decorative Arts. It is to be noted that this is the Catalan-Hospitaller flag (see below)

Catalan flags in Provence and Foix

The first mention is a kind of lance flag that appears in a seal of 1157, belonging to Ramón Berenguer IV as governor of Provence (post that he exercised from 1155 to 1157).

Ramón Berenguer V of Provence and the count of Foix used the same flag model.

Around the end of 12th century they are mentioned a triangular flag with two horizontal pointed stripes, a flag in the shape of a shield with stretched point and four bars; other with three stripes; and other with triangular point.

In the same time appear similar flags used by the Catalan kings Alfons I and Peter I..