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Not Anything Like All the Others

In the 12-step recovery programs, we refer to it as "terminal uniqueness." It's that strong sense of ego that is often so hard to let go of in recovery, that inner voice that keeps telling us that our situation and our horrible problems are worse than anyone else's in the whole wide world! A forest is no stronger than her weakest tree. If you believe you are the most unique tree in all of the forest, then you are shutting yourself off from all of the benefits of being part of a large and functional entity...the forest!

A group of people in recovery has much to offer each member. Many years of helpful experience can be expressed here and there as members of the group speak at meetings and in other settings. Try imagining for a moment that you're not the only tree in the forest. As part of a much larger ecosystem, you can benefit greatly from the recovery of those who have travelled this path before you!

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