Sir Christopher Wray, of Glentworth (d.8 May 1592), m.Anne Girlington and had issue:


1a) Sir William, of Glentworth, cr Baronet 1612 (ca 1555-Ashby, Lincs 13 Aug 1617); m.1st London 6 Apr 1580 Lucy Montagu (d.Lincoln 1 Mar 1599); m.2nd Frances, Lady Clifford, née Drury (8 Jun 1576-    )


[by 1st m.]: ten sons, five daus, of whom:


1b) Sir John, 2nd Bt. (1586-1655); m.Sep 1607 Grisel Bethell (d.1654)


1c) Sir John, 3rd Bt. (1619-Oct 1664); m.1st ca 1654 Elizabeth, Lady D’Ewes, née Willoughby (d.1655); m.2nd Sarah Evelyn, later Viscountess Fanshawe and Viscountess Castleton (d.1717)


1d) Elizabeth (1663-York 7 Apr 1714); m.Hon. Nicholas Saunderson, her mother’s stepson; she inherited Glentworth, which passed to her husband’s family even though her only son dsp, but she entailed some of the Wray estates on the heirs male


2c) Sir Christopher, 4th Bt. (1621-Nov 1664); m.24 Dec 1646 Frances Foljambe (d.1667)


3c) Theophilus


4c) William


5c) Sir Bethell, 5th Bt. (1633-London 1672)


6c) Frances; m.Sir John Hotham (beheaded 1 Jan 1645)


7c) Grisel; m.19 Dec 1654 Anthony Thorold, son of Sir W Thorold, Bt.


8c) Theodosia; m.Sir Richard Barker


2b) Edward; m.Lady Elizabeth Norris


1c) Bridget (12 May 1627-1657); m.1st Hon. Edward Sackville (k.a.11 Apr 1646); m.2nd Montague Bertie, 2nd Earl of Lindsey (d.London 25 Jul 1666); her son by 2nd m. inherited, through her and her mother, the Barony of Norreys of Rycote


3b) Elizabeth, bur 19 Apr 1638; m.21 Oct 1614 Sir Francis Foljambe, Bt. (d.17 Dec 1640)


[by 2nd m.]:

4b) Sir Christopher, of Ashby (d.Feb 1646); m.Hon. Albina Cecil


1c) Sir William, of Ashby, cr Baronet 1660 (d.17 Oct 1669); m.Olympia Tufton


1d) Sir Christopher, 2nd Bt. of Ashby, 6th Bt. of Glentworth (ca 1652-31 Aug 1679)


2d) Edward


3d) Sir William, 7th & 3rd Bt. (d.1686/7)


4d) Drury


5d) Margaret; m.Rev. ___ Jeffries


6d) Tufton; m.Sir James Montague (1666-1723)


7d) Drury, bur 5 Jun 1714; m.by 1665 William Sanderson [later, 1720, 1st Bt.] (d.17 May 1727)


8d) dau; m. ___ Lewis


9d) – 10d) daus, d.unm.


2c) Edward (d.23 Jan 1685); m.Dorothy Fane, née Horsey


1d) Sir Baptist Edward, 8th Bt. (d.before 18 Nov 1689)


3c) Sir Drury, 9th Bt. (29 Jul 1633-30 Oct 1710); m.Anne Casey (d.22 Apr 1697)


1d) Sir Christopher, 10th Bt. (d.Portsmouth 21 Nov 1710)


2d) William (dvp)


3d) Sir Cecil, 11th Bt (d.9 May 1736); m.30 Nov 1721 Mary Columbine, née Harrison (d.18 Dec 1745)


1e) [illegitimate] Anne Casey; m.1736 Lord Vere Bertie


4d) Jane; m.William Twigge, Archdeacon of Limerick; her grandson, W C Pery, was cr Baron Glentworth, though that estate had passed out of the Wray family in 1664


5d) Anne; m.Thomas Maunsell, of Thorpe Malsor


4c) Cecil; m. ___ Cressy


1d) William; m.Isabella Ullithorne


1e) Sir John, 12th Bt. (24 Oct 1689-26 Jan 1752); m.Ripon 4 Mar 1728 Frances Norcliffe (Heslington 16 Sep 1700-Sleningford 4 Jul 1770)


1f) Sir Cecil, 13th Bt. (3 Sep 1734-10 Jan 1805); m.Esther Summers (d.1 Feb 1825)


2f) John (d.young)


3f) Mary (24 Mar 1730-20 Jul 1807); m.London 19 Apr 1769 Sir James Innes, 6th Bt., 1805 5th Duke of Roxburghe, though he did not assume the title until 1812 (10 Jan 1736-19 Jul 1823)


4f) Isabella (d.29 May 1780); m.John Dalton; her children inherited the Langton estates of her mother’s Norcliffe family after the death of her elder sister


5f) Frances; m.John Arthington, of Arthington


2e) William


3e) Cecil; m.Frances Holmes


1f) Rev. Sir William Ullithorne, 14th Bt. (Aug 1721-9 Aug 1808); m.2 Feb 1765 Frances Bromley (1740-Kenwick 22 Jun 1816)


1g) Cecil (6 Apr 1768-ca 1790)


2g) Sir William James, 15th Bt. (ca 1771-Coventry 27 Aug 1809); m.NN


3g) Lucy (17 May 1773-    )


4g) Mary Ann (2 May 1774-    ); m.Rev. ___ Morgan


5g) Frances (1 Jun 1775-    )


6g) Isabella (6 May 1777-    )


7g) Elizabeth (22 May 1778-    )


5c) Theodosia; m.Gen ___ Langharne


6c) Albina; m.Richard Betenson


7c) Frances; m.Sir Henry Vane (1613-beheaded on Tower Hill 14 Jun 1662)


5b) Charles


6b) Frances; m.Sir Anthony Irby (d.1681)


2a) Isabel (d.Aldwark, Yorks 27 Jan 1622); m.1st Godfrey Foljambe, of Walton (Walton 21 Nov 1558-Walton 14 Jun 1595); m.2nd Sir William Bowes, of Streatlam and Barnard Castle (d.30 Oct 1611); m.3rd Walton 7 May 1617 John Darcy, 3rd Lord Darcy (d.5 Jul 1635)


3a) Frances (d.Hackney 1634); m.1st Sir George St.Paul, of Snarford, Bt. (d.28 Oct 1613); m.2nd London 14 Dec 1616 Robert Rich, Earl of Warwick (Dec 1559-24 Mar 1619)