Lords Willoughby de Eresby,

Lords Willloughby de Broke,

Lords Willoughby of Parham,

Lords Middleton



also, VERNEY, Lords Willoughby de Broke






Part 1




Robert de Willoughby, summoned to Parliament from 1313 as Lord Willoughby, d.shortly before 25 Mar 1317; m.by 1303 Margaret (d.shortly before 18 Oct 1333), dau of Edmund, Lord Deincourt; this is the Barony later known as Willoughby de Eresby


1a) John, 2nd Lord Willoughby (6 Jan 1304-13 Jun 1349); m.before 2 Jul 1323 Joan Roscelyn


1b) John, 3rd Lord Willoughby (bap 6 Jan 1329-29 Mar 1372); m.before 1349 Cecily, dau of Robert de Ufford, Earl of Suffolk


1c) Robert, 4th Lord Willoughby (ca 1349-9 Aug 1396); m.1st by 1370 Alice [Skipwith?]; m.2nd before 29 Mar 1372 Margery (d.18 Oct 1391), dau of William La Zouche, 2nd Lord Zouche; m.3rd Elizabeth (d.5 Nov 1395), dau and heiress of William, 4th Lord Latimer, and widow of John, Lord Neville; by modern doctrine Elizabeth suc her father as 5th Baroness Latimer


1d) [ex 1] William, 5th Lord Willoughby (ca 1370-4 Dec 1409); m.1st before 23 Apr 1383 Lucy, dau of Roger Lestrange, 5th Lord Strange; m.2nd 1402/4 Joan (d.1431), dau of Thomas Holand, 2nd Earl of Kent, and half-niece of King Richard II, and widow of Edmund, Duke of York, and also later wife of Lord Scrope and then of Lord Vesci; issue of 1st m.:


1e) Robert, 6th Lord Willoughby; in 1424 he was cr [French[ Comte de Vendme et de Beaumont, which titles expired with him; he d.25 Jul 1452; m.1st before 21 Feb 1421 Elizabeth, dau of John Montagu, Earl of Salisbury; m.2nd before 9 Jan 1449 Maud Stanhope (d.30 Aug 1497), maternal gdau of 2nd Lord Cromwell


1f) [ex 1] Joan, who according to modern doctrine suc 1452 as 7th Baroness Willoughby; she d.1461/2; she m.Richard Welles, son and heir of 6th Lord Welles; he was summoned to Parliament from 1455 as Lord Willoughby; in 1467 he obtained a reversal of his father’s attainder and became also 7th Lord Welles; he was executed 12 Mar 1470, and was attainted posthumously in 1475


1g) Robert de WELLES; he suc his father 12 Mar 1470 as 8th Lord Willoughby and 8th Lord Welles, his father’s posthumous attainder having not yet occurred; he himself was executed 19 Mar 1470, and he, too, was posthumously attainted in 1475; he had m. Elizabeth (d.2/8 Oct 1470), dau of John Bourchier, Lord Berners


2g) Joan de WELLES, by modern doctrine de jure 9th Baroness Willoughby and 9th Baroness Welles, the attainders of her father and brother not occurring until 1475; she was living in 1473 but dsp probably shortly before the 1475 attainder of her father and brother; she had m.Sir Richard Hastings (bur Sep 1503); Joan and Richard having inherited most of the Willoughby and Welles estates, Richard was summoned to Parliament from 1482 as “Ricardo Hastyng de Wellys”, called sometimes Lord Hastings and sometimes Lord Welles; from 1486, when the attainder of Joan’s paternal uncle was reversed, Richard stopped being called “Lord Welles” and was most often called “Lord Willoughby”; meanwhile, the Willoughby attainders were reversed in 1485, and by modern doctrine the Barony of Willoughby devolved on Sir Christopher Willoughby (below)


2e) Sir Thomas, d.before 1 Jul 1439; m.Joan Fitzalan


1f) Sir Robert, of Parham, d.30 May 1465; m.Cicely, dau of Lionel, Lord Welles


1g) Robert, of Parham, d.24 Mar 1467


2g) Sir Christopher, of Parham (1453-1498/9); by modern doctrine he suc his cousin Joan de Welles (above) in 1473/5 as de jure 10th Lord Willoughby, subject later to the 1475 attainders of the 8th Lord Willoughby and Welles and of his father, which attainders were reversed 1485; he m.before 28 Mar 1482 Margaret Jenney (d.1515/6)


1h) William, 11th Lord Willoughby, summoned to Parliament from 1509, d.19 Oct 1526; m.1st Mary Hussey (dsp), sister of Lord Hussey; m.2nd 5 Jun 1516 Maria de Salinas, Maid of Honour to Queen Catherine


1i) Henry, d.young


2i) Katherine, de jure 12th Baroness Willoughby [de Eresby] (22 Mar 1519-19 Sep 1580); m.1st ca 1533 Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk (d.22 Aug 1545); m.2nd ca 1553 Richard Bertie (ca 1516/7-9 Apr 1582)


Katherine 12th Baroness Willoughby’s sons by the 1st m., the 2nd and 3rd Dukes of Suffolk, both dvm 14 Jul 1551, half an hour apart; Her son by the 2nd m., Peregrine Bertie, suc her in 1580 as 13th Lord Willoughby de Eresby. The Willoughby Barony remained with the Berties until the death of the 4th Duke of Ancaster in 1779, when it passed to his sister, Lady Priscilla Burrell; on the death of her grandson, the 23rd Lord Willoughby de Eresby, in 1870, the abeyance between his sisters was terminated in 1871 in favor of his sister Clementina, who carried the title into the Heathcote family





2h) Sir Christopher, of Parham, d.1538/40; m.Elizabeth, dau of Sir George Tailboys, de jure 9th Lord Kyme; from the death of her niece Elizabeth some time after 1541, the issue of this Willoughby/Tailboys marriage became co-heirs of a moiety of the Barony of Kyme


1i) Sir William, of Parham (ca 1515-30 Jul 1570), cr 1547 Baron Willoughby of Parham; m.1st ca 1535 Elizabeth Heneage (ca 1518- fl 1 Dec 1555); m.2nd ca 1559 Margaret, ne Garneys, Dowager Viscountess Hereford (bur 21 Jul 1599); for his issue see Part 2, below


2i) Dorothy; m.Ralph Hopton, of Wytham


3i) Elizabeth; m.Sir John Breuse


4i) Anne; m.Robert Hall, of Gretford


3h) George


4h) Sir Thomas, d.1545; m.Bridget Read, heiress of Bore Place


1i) Robert, of Bore Place; m.Dorothy, dau of Sir Edward Willoughby of Wollaton (an unrelated family)


1j) Thomas, of Bore Place; m.Catherine Hart


1k) Sir Percival, of Bore Place and Middleton Hall, d.ca 1642; m.Bridget, dau of Sir Francis Willoughby of Wollaton


1l) Sir Francis; for him and his issue see Part 3, below


2l) Percival (1596-1685)


3l) Bridget; m.14 Oct 1610 Henry Cavendish, of Doveridge


5h) John


6h) Dorothy; Collins says she m. John Nevill, Lord Latimer, but this seems to be incorrect


7h) Catherine; m.Sir John Heydon


8h) Elizabeth; m.William Eure, Lord Eure (d.15 Mar 1548)


2f) William; m.Joan Strangways, later wife of Marquess of Berkeley


1g) Edward

2g) Richard

3g) Cecily; m.Edward Sutton, 2nd Lord Dudley (d.31 Jan 1532)


3f) Margaret; m.Sir Thomas Skipwith


3e) Eleanor; m.John Salvain

4e) Margaret/Maud; m.Sir William Oldhall

5e) Elizabeth; m.Henry Beaumont

6e) Margaret; m.before 18 Nov 1406 William FitzHugh, 5th Lord FitzHugh (d.22 Oct1452)





2d) [ex 2, per most sources, or possibly ex 1] Sir Thomas; m.Elizabeth Nevill, sister and in her issue heiress of John Nevill, 6th Lord Latimer; Elizabeth Nevill was thus Thomas’ stepsister, being dau of his stepmother


1e) Sir John (ca 1400-24 Feb 1437), by modern doctrine he suc his maternal uncle in 1430 as de jure 7th Lord Latimer; m.Jane Welby


1f) Sir John, de jure 8th Lord Latimer (ca 1421-1475/7); m.before 4 Mar 1445 Anne Cheyney (d.10 Jun 1470), heiress of Broke


1g) Robert, born by 1452, d.23 Aug 1502, de jure 9th Lord Latimer, summoned to Parliament 1491 as Lord Willoughby de Broke; from that time his successors were called by the Willoughby de Broke title and the Latimer title disappeared, though surely still in existence; he m. by 1472 Blanche Champernowne (ca 1453-1480)


1h) Robert, 2nd Lord Willoughby de Broke (ca 1472-10 Nov 1521); m.1st before 28 Feb 1495 Elizabeth (d.10 Aug 1503), dau of Richard Beauchamp, 2nd Lord Beauchamp of Powick; m.2nd Dorothy (d.1553), dau of Thomas Grey, Marquess of Dorset, later wife of 4th Lord Mountjoy; on his death the Barony of Willoughby de Broke, and probably also the Barony of Latimer, went into abeyance among his granddaughters


1i) [ex 1] Edward, d.Nov 1517; m.Margaret, dau of Richard Nevill, 2nd Lord Latimer


1j) Elizabeth, who on the death of her sisters became de jure 3rd Baroness Willoughby de Broke, and probably also de jure 11th Baroness Latimer; she d.ca Nov 1562; she m.shortly before 11 Apr 1526 Sir Fulke Greville, of Beauchamp’s Court; she had three sons and four daus, for whom see the Greville page; the eldest son was:


1k) Sir Fulke GREVILLE, de jure 4th Lord Willoughby de Broke (ca 1536-Beuachamp’s Court 15 Nov 1606); m.ca 1553 Lady Anne Nevill (bur 17 Jul 1583)


1l) Fulke, de jure 5th Lord Willoughby de Broke, cr 1621 Baron Brooke of Beauchamp’s Court [with a special remainder, failing his own issue male, to Robert and William Greville and their heirs male] (1554-Brooke House 30 Sep 1628)


2l) Margaret, de jure 6th Baroness Willoughby de Broke (ca 1561-26 Mar 1631); m.Alcester 29 Oct 1582 Sir Richard Verney (ca 1563-7 Aug 1630); the Willoughby barony descended to her issue, for whom see Part 4, below


2j) Anne, d.before 12 Nov 1528


3j) Blanche; she dsp “before 1545, possibly in 1536”’ m.before 25 Jan 1535 Sir Francis Dawtrey


2i) [ex 2] Henry, d.young

3i) [ex 2] William, d.young


4i) [ex 2] Elizabeth; m.John Paulet, 2nd Marquess of Winchester (ca 1510-4 Nov 1576); she and her sister inherited most of her father’s estates, which were thus separated from the Willoughby Barony


5i) [ex 2] Anne, d.24 Dec 1582; m.ca Aug 1530 her mother’s stepson Charles Blount, 5th Lord Mountjoy (28 Jun 1516-10 Oct 1544)


2h) Elizabeth; m.John Dinham, Lord Dinham (d.28 Jan 1501)


2g) Sir William

3g) Richard

4g) Edward

5g) Cicely, a nun

6g) Elizabeth; m.William Currant






Part 2



William Willoughby, of Parham (ca 1515-30 Jul 1570; see Part 1, above), cr 1547 Baron Willoughby of Parham; m.1st ca 1535 Elizabeth Heneage (ca 1518- fl 1 Dec 1555); m.2nd ca 1559 Margaret, ne Garneys, Dowager Viscountess Hereford (bur 21 Jul 1599)


1a) Charles, 2nd Lord Willoughby of Parham (1536/7-1610/2); m.Lady Margaret Clinton


1b) William, d.1 Jun 1601; m.by 1582 Elizabeth Hildyard (bur 7 Jan 1601)


1c) William, 3rd Lord Willoughby of Parham (1584-28 Aug 1617); m.ca 1603 Lady Frances Manners (22 Oct 1588-ca 1643), who was heiress, in her issue, to the Barony of de Ros


1d) Henry, 4th Lord Willoughby of Parham (1612-d.an infant, shortly after his father)


2d) Francis, 5th Lord Willoughby of Parham (1613/4-1666); m.ca 1628/9 Hon. Elizabeth Cecil (bur 26 Mar 1661)


1e) Robert (2 Nov 1629-bur 20 Feb 1630)


2e) William, b. probably shortly before 29 Jun 1638-Mar 1661)


3e) Diana, bur 27 Mar 1648; m.21 May 1645 Heneage Finch, 3rd Earl of Winchilsea (1627/8-28 Aug 1689)


4e) Frances, bur 12 Sep 1680; m.by 1659 William Brereton, 3rd Lord Brereton (bap 4 May 1631-17 Mar 1680)


5e) Elizabeth, d.1 Aug 1695; m.28 Oct 1662 Richard Jones, Earl of Ranelagh (8 Feb 1641-5 Jan 1712); the claim to the Barony of de Ros, inherited through her grandmother, devolved on her descendants, in whose favor the abeyance was terminated in 1806


3d) William, 6th Lord Willoughby of Parham (ca 1616-10 Apr 1673); m.by 1638 Anne Carey (bap 10 Jun 1615-bur 12 Jan 1672) issue, including:


1e) George, 7th Lord Willoughby of Parham (18 Mar 1639-1674); m.9 Oct 1666 Elizabeth Clinton [or Fiennes] (12 Jan 1651-bur 24 Dec 1679)


1f) John, 8th Lord Willoughby of Parham (16 Jul 1669-1678)


2f) Anne, d.young


3f) Elizabeth (29 Apr 1673-26 Sep 1716); m.1692 Hon. James Bertie, of Stanwell (13 Mar 1673-18 Oct 1735); she inherited the estates of her uncle, the 10th Lord


2e) Henry

3e) William

4e) James

5e) Cary


6e) John, 9th Lord Willoughby of Parham (29 Dec 1643-Sep 1678); m.Anne Bolterton (d.shortly before 3 Oct 1683); he is called 5th son by GEC; Collins shows the above 5 older brothers, but may be incorrect


7e) Charles, 10th Lord Willoughby of Parham (6 Oct 1650-9 Dec 1679); m.Mary (16 Mar 1660-1711/6), dau of Sir Beaumont Dixie, 2nd Bt.; on his death the title should have been inherited by the descendants of Sir Ambrose Willoughby but was instead assumed by descendants of Ambrose’s younger brother; see below for details; GEC calls him the 8th son, but Collins lists only these seven


8e) Frances (12 Nov 1642-25 May 1714); m.1st Sir John Harpur, of Swarkeston (bur 20 Feb 1679); m.2nd 25 Aug 1679 Charles Henry Kirkhoven [van de Kerchove], Earl of Bellomont (d.5 Jan 1683); m.3rd 3 Jul 1684 Henry Heveningham, of Heveningham Hall (d.21 Nov 1700)


9e) Elizabeth


10e) Anne (15 Dec 1652- ); m.17 Sep 1674 Sir John Harpur, 3rd Bt. (ca 1645-1681)


11e) Mary


12e) Katherine (14 May 1655-11 Feb 1689); m.26 Dec 1678 Charles Cokayne, 3rd Viscount Cullen (15 Nov 1658-30 Dec 1688)


4d) Frances; m.Sir Bulstrode Whitlock, of Chilton


5d) Elizabeth


2c) Charles

3c) Sir Thomas

4c) Edmund

5c) Christopher

6c) Elizabeth; m.Sir William Hickman, of Gainsborough

7c) Catherine, d.15 Aug 1658; m.Joseph Godfrey

8c) Mary; m.Sir William Booth

9c) Honora

10c) Priscilla

11c) Ursula


2b) Sir Ambrose, of Marston, d.before 24 Nov 1608; m.Susanna Brooke


1c) Edward, d.before 30 Sep 1650; m.Rebecca Draper


1d) Henry (bap 14 Nov 1626-d.in Virginia 26 or 28 Nov 1685); m.Mary ___ (bur 8 Oct 1681); in 1679 he succeeded de jure as 11th Lord Willoughby of Parham; however, having emigrated to America, he never assumed the title, and indeed may not have known that he was entitled to it; his daughter accompanied him to America, but his wife and son never joined him


1e) Henry, de jure 12th Lord Willoughby of Parham (bap 13 Apr 1665-22 Oct 1722); m.28 Jul 1695 Elizabeth Pidgeon (ca 1671-bur 16 Nov 1750)


1f) Henry, suc 1722 as de jure 13th Lord Willoughby of Parham; he claimed the title as early as 1733 but no action was taken; after the death of the de facto Lord (see below) died in 1765 he claimed it again and was confirmed in the title in 1767; he was b. 14 May 1696 and d.29 Jun 1775; he m.6 Jan 1726 Susanna Greswell (d.23 Dec 1745)


1g) Henry, d.an infant

2g) Henry, d.an infant

3g) Ambrose, d.an infant

4g) Elizabeth, dsp May 1763; m.1st John Halsey; m.2nd Edward Angles

5g) Susan, d.an infant

6g) dau


2f) William, d.27 Dec 1729; m.1723 Elizabeth ___ [Knochton?] (d.1756)


1g) William, d.19 Sep 1755; m.Mrs Mary Bray


3f) Edward, d.before 3 Aug 1754


4f) Joseph, d.between 1754 and 1766; m.Anne de Graves


5f) Fortune, bur 20 Jun 1750 [per GEC; Collins says he d.20 Jul 1720, but he must have been less than 20 years old in 1720; m. Mrs Hannah Tollet, ne Barrow


1g) George, 14th Lord Willoughby of Parham (24 Apr 1748-29 Oct 1779); on his death the 1547 Barony of Willoughby of Parham became extinct


6f) Elizabeth, d.an infant

7f) Mary, d.an infant


2e) Rebecca; m.1st NN; m.2nd Richard Hull


3b) Edward; m. Mrs Elizabeth Prescot, ne Manby


1c) Edward, d.young


4b) Charles


5b) Sir Thomas; m.Mary Thornhagh


1c) Thomas (ca 1602-29 Feb 1692); m.ca 1640 Eleanor Whittle (d.1665); on the death of the 10th Lord in 1679 he, believing that the descendants of his uncle Ambrose were extinct, assumed the title and was summoned to Parliament 1680 as Lord Willoughby of Parham; according to modern doctrine this created a new Barony by writ, though he called himself 11th Lord


1d) Hugh, 2nd Lord Willoughby of Parham [1680 creation] (1640-1 Aug 1712); m.1st 29 Dec 1663 Anne Halliwell (d.1690); m.2nd ca 1692 Honora, sister of Thomas Leigh, 2nd Lord Leigh, and widow of Sir William Egerton


1e) Thomas, d.1682


2d) Francis, d.1704; m.Eleanor Rothwell


1e) Eleanor (16 May 1669- )

2e) Alice (6 Nov 1671- )

3e) Margaret (10 Aug 1673- )

4e) Thomas (4 Mar 1674-1703)

5e) Hannah (15 Oct 1675- ); her DOB as per Collins, but it may conflict with that of her brother Edward


6e) Edward, 3rd Lord Willoughby of Parham [1680 creation] (12 Apr 1676-13 Apr 1713)


7e) Charles, 4th Lord Willoughby of Parham [1680 creation] (25 Dec 1681-12 Jun 1715); m.Hester Davenport (d.1758)


1f) Hugh, 5th Lord Willoughby of Parham [1680 creation] (ca 1714-21 Jan 1765); on his death the 1680 Barony fell into abeyance between his sisters


2f) Helena; m.Baxter Roscoe


3f) Elizabeth; m.John Shaw


8e) Mary (17 May 1683- )

9e) Hugh (27 Jul 1685- )

10e) Sarah (25 Mar 1687- )

11e) Rebecca (25 Jan 1690- )


3d) Jonathan

4d) Mary; m.Samuel Greenhalgh

5d) Sarah

6d) Abigail

7d – 11d) four more sons and 1 dau, who all dvp


2c) Rev. William, RC priest


3c) Mary; m.1st Augustine Wingfield; m.2nd ___ Saul


6b) Francis


7b) Katherine; m.Sir John Savile, of Howley


8b) Margaret; m. ___ Erle, of Corpsey


9b) Anne; m.Sir William Pelham, of Brocklesby


2a) Mary; m.William Metham, of Bolington





Part 3



Sir Francis Willoughby, of Wollaton (d.1665; see Part 1, above); m.Lady Cassandra Ridgeway


1a) Francis, of Wollaton, d.3 Jul 1672; m.Emma Barnard (whose sister m. 8th Lord Chandos)


1b) Sir Francis, of Wollaton (1668-Sep 1688), cr Baronet 1677, with special remainder, failing his own issue male, to his brother and his


2b) Sir Thomas, 2nd Bt., cr 1712 Baron Middleton, of Middleton (ca 1670-2 Apr 1729); m.9 Apr 1691 Elizabeth (d.ca 1736), dau of Sir Richard Rothwell, Bt.


1c) Francis, 2nd Lord Middleton (29 Sep 1692-4 Aug 1758); m.25 Jul 1723 Mary Edwards (d.12 Mar 1762)


1d) Francis, 3rd Lord Middleton (25 Jan 1726-16 Dec 1774)


2d) Thomas, 4th Lord Middleton (19 Dec 1728-2 Nov 1781); m.7 Apr 1770 Georgiana Chadwick (d.29 Jun 1789)


3d) dau, d.young


2c) Thomas (11 Jun 1694-2 Dec 1742); m.1719 Elizabeth Southby (d.25 Apr 1752)


1d) Thomas (bap 16 Apr 1722-bur 12 Apr 1748)


2d) Henry, 5th Lord Middleton (19 Dec 1726-14 Jun 1800); m.25 Dec 1756 Dorothy Cartwright (d.18 Sep 1808)


1e) Henry, 6th Lord Middleton (24 Apr 1761-19 Jun 1825); m.21 Aug 1793 Jane dau of Sir Robert Lawley, 5th Bt.


2e) Dorothy (13 Jul 1758-13 Apr 1824); m.24 Nov 1784 Richard Langley, of Wykeham Abbey


3e) Henrietta (30 Jun 1766-26 Feb 1846); m.14 Jun 1787 Richard Lumley-Savile, 6th Earl of Scarbrough (16 Apr 1757-17 Jun 1832)


4e) Cassandra (1 Apr 1770-bur 17 May 1770)


3d) Francis, of Hesley (bap 8 Mar 1727- ); m.25 May 1762 Octavia Fisher


1e) Digby, 7th Lord Middleton (26 Nov 1769-5 Nov 1856)


1f) [illegitimate] Octavia, d.19 Jun 1901; m.1st John Richard Smyth Wallis, of Drishane Castle (5 Jun 1828-27 Oct 1868); m.2nd 4 Apr 1872 Sir George Howland Beaumont, 9th Bt. (12 Sep 1828-8 Jun 1882)


2e) Francis (bap 31 Mar 1771- )

3e) Jane (bap 7 Sep 1767- )


4d) Rothwell, d.28 Aug 1764


5d) Rev. James (1731-1816); m.4 Nov 1772 Eleanor Hobson


1e) Henry, of Birdsall and Settrington (15 Dec 1780-18 Nov 1849); m.1815 Charlotte Eyre (d.20 Sep 1845)


1f) Charlotte Henrietta (7 Apr 1816-25 Jan 1844); m.26 Oct 1839 Henry Willoughby Legard (1805-21 Nov 1845)


2f) Henry, 8th Lord Middleton (Arpley Hall 28 Aug 1817-Birdsall House 20 Dec 1877); m.3 Aug 1843 Julia Louisa Bosvile (York 5 Apr 1824-Settrington House 11 Oct 1901)


1g) Digby Wentworth Bayard, 9th Lord Middleton (Thorpe Hall 24 Aug 1844-Birdsall House 28 May 1922); m.5 Aug 1869 Eliza Maria Gordon-Cumming (Moy House 16 Jun 1847-Birdsall House 27 Apr 1922)


2g) Alexandrina Henrietta Matilda Willoughby (6 Oct 1845-11 Dec 1931); m.3 Feb 1869 Sir John Thorold, 12th Bt. (9 Mar 1842-4 Oct 1922)


3g) Godfrey Ernest Percival, 10th Lord Middleton (18 Jun 1847-11 Nov 1924); m.15 Jun 1881 Ida Eleonora Constance Ross (d.7 Mar 1924)


1h) Henry Ernest Digby Hugh (1 Jul 1882-k.a.Jutland 31 May 1916)


2h) Adelaide Daphne Hermione (20 Nov 1883-6 Mar 1954); m.3 Nov 1909 Rear-Adm Laurence Richard Oliphant (16 Dec 1877-6 Dec 1950)


3h) Leila Myrtle Dorothy (21 Jun 1886-17 Mar 1961); m.26 Sep 1931 Thomas Alexander Ballard (d.3 Dec 1931)


4h) Michael Guy Percival, 11th Lord Middleton (21 Oct 1887-16 Nov 1970); m.28 Apr 1920 Angela Florence Alfreda Hall (d.11 Jan 1978)


1i) Digby Michael Godfrey John, 12th Lord Middleton (1 May 1921-27 May 2011); m.14 Oct 1947 Janet Denyse Marshall-Cornwall (d.24 Apr 2015)


1j) Michael Charles James, 13th Lord Middleton, b.14 Jul 1948; m.26 Jan 1974 Hon. Lucy Corinna Agneta Sidney


1k) James William Michael, b.8 Mar 1976; m.2005 Lady Cara Mary Cecilia Boyle


1l) Thomas Michael Jonathan, b.23 Aug 2007


2l) Flora Rebecca Lucy, b.2009


3l) Rupert James Hugh, b.2011


2k) Charlotte Jacqueline Louise, b.1978; m.2006 Paul Martin Haitham Taylor


3k) Emma Coralie Sarah, b.1981; m.Remco Simon


4k) Rose Arabella Julia, b.1984; m.7 Jul 2012 James R M Lauder


5k) Charles Edward Henry, b.1986; m.2016 Isobel G Summers 1 dau


2j) John Hugh Francis, b.1951

3j) Thomas Henry Richard, b.1955


2i) Angela Hermione Ida, b.5 May 1924; m.16 Dec 1947 Hon. Charles Henry Romer Wynn (25 May 1923-2009)


3i) Jean Elizabeth Mary (26 Jan 1928-11 Nov 2008); m.17 May 1952 Sir Fergus John Matheson, 7th Bt.


4i) Henry Ernest Christopher (12 Jun 1932-12 Jul 2009); m.1st 7 May 1955 (div 1990) Jean Adini Hills (1933-19 Jan 2005); m.2nd 1990 Jesse Elizabeth Bache 1 son, 2 daus


5h) Ida Mary Hazel (30 Apr 1889-12 Jul 1965); m.31 Aug 1910 Henry Strickland (6 Oct 1873-2 Sep 1934)


6h) Francis George Godfrey (29 Aug 1890-k.a.9 Aug 1915)


7h) Julia Violet Monica Louise (8 Dec 1893-5 May 1926)


8h) Rothwell Charles Wentworth (13 Feb 1896-27 Sep 1960); m.3 Jul 1939 Violet Ivy Sparks (d.21 Nov 1972)


4g) Francis Henry Stirling (13 Aug 1848-23 Jun 1900)

5g) Rothwell James Bosvile (26 May 1850-1867)

6g) Leopold Vincent Harold (19 Nov 1851-22 Mar 1924)


7g) Leila Louisa Millicent (21 Sep 1853-24 Feb 1886); m.London 10 Feb 1876 Rev. Henry Charles Russell (d.20 Jul 1922)


8g) Hylda Maria Madeline (2 Oct 1855-1 Feb 1944); m.20 Apr 1882 William Henry Garforth (d.15 Jun 1931)


9g) Lettice Hermione Violet (9 Aug 1858-9 Aug 1922); m.18 Apr 1895 William Gordon-Cumming (2 Jun 1829-28 Apr 1908)


10g) Mairi Myrtle (27 Sep 1859-13 Nov 1900); m.1 Jan 1880 William Bethell (d.13 Aug 1926)


11g) Tatton Lane Fox (29 Dec 1860-10 Jul 1947); m.18 Jun 1898 Esther Ann Strickland (d.23 May 1940)


12g) Claude Henry Comaraich (7 Jul 1862-22 Sep 1932); m.24 Oct 1904 Sybil Louise Murray (23 Jun 1876-8 Oct 1957)


1h) Henry Douglas (14 Mar 1908-27 Mar 1908)


2h) Mary Bridget (26 Oct 1910-17 Oct 2003); m.20 Jul 1940 Lt-Gen Sir Edward Dacre Howard-Vyse (27 Nov 1905-26 Dec 1992)


3h) Joan Lavinia (18 Jun 1913-23 Nov 1989); m.Harry Nettleton (d.1996)


13g) Alexander Hugh (18 Sep 1863-5 Dec 1927); m.14 Aug 1889 Mary Selina Honoria Bosvile-Macdonald (d.12 Jan 1925)


1h) James Alexander (31 Jul 1890-22 Nov 1955); m.1st 10 Aug 1918 (div 1926) Dorothea Maryon Burbrook; m.2nd 1926 Jill Denton (d.1977)


1i) Diana Evelyn Mary (1 Apr 1919-25 Jun 1999); m.1941 John Erwin Martens (d.1984)


2i) Susan Clara (2 Jul 1922-9 Jan 2017); m.1963 Robert Bellord (d.1970)


3i) Griselda Mary Honoria, b.26 May 1931; m.1st 18 Mar 1955 Paul Julian David Gifford; m.2nd 1991 James E Hall


2h) Joe Henry Claude (25 Jan 1892-1966); m.14 Mar 1919 Enid Clements (d.1982)


1i) Ann Honoria Mary, b.10 May 1920; m.1st 1940 P. Campbell-Canney (k.a.1942); m.2nd 8 Jan 1944 John Dean; m.3rd Wayne Etive; m.4th NN; m.5th Don Johnson


3h) Ernest Hugh (Nov 1893-7 Mar 1894)


3f) Francis Digby (17 Jan 1819-Meerut, India 27 Apr 1846)


4f) Rev. Charles James (5 Feb 1822-6 Nov 1875); m.7 Aug 1845 Charlotte Payne Seymour (d.13 Jan 1892)


1g) Adolphus Henry (14 Jun 1846-4 Aug 1859)


2g) Rev. Hugh St Maur (13 Jun 1847-3 Sep 1904); m.22 Sep 1874 Anne Blanche Davy (d.1931)


1h) Magdalen, d.12 Aug 1965; m.14 Nov 1901 Hugh Ker Colville (d.22 Feb 1930)


2h) Bridget; m.28 Jul 1910 Hammett Drake (d.4 Sep 1915)


3g) Charles Stuart Percival (13 Aug 1848-6 Dec 1909); m.2 Dec 1880 Elizabeth Wiggins (d.1939)


1h) Geoffrey St Maur (11 Nov 1881-11 Dec 1954); m.1st 3 May 1910 Julia Henrietta Cave Johnson (d.18 Jun 1946); m.2nd 30 Aug 1947 Gwyneth Preston Willmore (d.1981)


1i) Julia Hermione (9 Aug 1913- ); m.1936 Richard William Chamberlen


4g) Julia Mary (29 Sep 1849-24 Mar 1931); m.1st 9 Jun 1878 Rev. Gordon Heslop (d.1894); m.2nd 29 Sep 1898 Benjamin Day


5g) Cecil Edward (2 Feb 1851-28 Jan 1930); m.26 Jul 1883 Harriet Maud Birkin (d.16 Jun 1951), of the Baronets


1h) Gladys Maude (24 Apr 1884-27 Jan 1946)


2h) Hilda St Maur (16 Sep 1885-1 Feb 1964); m.1st 12 Nov 1913 (div 1922) George Albert Jessop Cantrell-Hubbersty (d.11 Feb 1928); m.2nd 22 Jun 1922 Rupert Farquhar Riley (d.12 Oct 1941)


6g) Gerard Francis (28 Jun 1853-18 Apr 1928)

7g) Henry Somerset (1 Jul 1854- )


8g) James Frederick Digby (19 May 1856-17 Dec 1947); m.26 Oct 1881 Mary Elizabeth Randolph (d.29 Jan 1927)


1h) Katherine Mary Seymour (20 Sep 1883- ); m.23 Oct 1915 John Gilbert Kennedy (k.a.1916)


2h) Ronald James Edward (7 May 1884-1971); m.19 Jun 1930 Constance Louisa Sherbrooke (d.1977)


1i) Christopher Ronald (24 Feb 1938- ); m.1972 Marie-Anne Normand


2i) Josephine Cicely Alice (21 Jun 1931- )


3i) Nina Mary (11 Jun 1933- ); m.4 Apr 1959 David Harold Lines


3h) Archibald Macdonald (20 May 1887-d. on active service 8 Nov 1943); m.1st 27 Jul 1912 (div 1935) Mabel Doris (d.5 Jun 1956), dau of Sir William Norton Hicking, Bt.; m.2nd 28 Sep 1935 Elizabeth Hanbury-Williams


1i) Doris Barbara (3 Jun 1913- ); m.14 Jun 1937 Lancelot Roger Percival (d.1 Sep 1964)


2i) Pamela Mary Norton (11 Nov 1916- ); m.12 Sep 1952 Rev. Ronald Curnow Parkinson (d.1984)


3i) Prudence Joan Mabel (22 Apr 1918- ); m.14 Dec 1949 John Alexander Hannay


4i) Sheila Katherine (9 Feb 1921- ); m.17 Jul 1952 Frederick Edward Astley-Jones


5i) Anne Rosemary (17 Jan 1926- ); m.25 Aug 1956 George Frederick Rothwell


4h) Rev. Bernard Digby (8 Apr 1896-21 Mar 1997); m.5 Sep 1944 Ruth Barber (d.3 Mar 2004) 1 son, 1 dau


9g) Mildred Cassandra (25 Jul 1857-27 Nov 1936); m.5 Jun 1881 Granville Walter Randolph (d.29 Oct 1934)


10g) Leonard Broke (24 Nov 1860-1932); m.18 Jul 1888 Ada Mary Cousens (d.17 May 1960)


1h) Charles d'Eresby (12 Sep 1889- )


2h) Gilbert de Bec (15 May 1894- ); m.7 Oct 1923 Queenie Kathleen Lillian Butts (d.1978)


11g) Evelyn (16 Mar 1864-21 Oct 1934); m.20 Nov 1884 Rev. Robert John Thorp


5f) Emma (21 Nov 1823-10 Jun 1915); m.Apr 1850 Rev. Richard Beverley Machell (d.18 Aug 1898)


6f) Harriet Cassandra (21 Feb 1825-28 Sep 1903); m.5 Jul 1864 Godfrey Wentworth Bayard Bosville, de jure 13th Bt. (6 Jan 1826-11 Oct 1865)


7f) Rev. Percival George (1 Mar 1827-8 Jul 1913); m.20 Apr 1852 Sophia Beaumont (d.15 Jan 1898)


1g) Herbert Percival (19 Jan 1853-5 Apr 1913); m.20 Jul 1875 Mary Louisa Brown


1h) Cecil Percival (28 May 1876-17 Feb 1877)

2h) Eva Mary (1877-24 Nov 1960)

3h) Nesbit Edward (4 Jul 1878-k.a.19 Nov 1916)

4h) Mabel Isabel (1880- )

5h) Percival Francis (16 Oct 1882- )


6h) John Herbert (13 Apr 1896-1975); m.Dorothy Mary ___


1i) Lois Ann Mary


2g) Rev. Nesbit Edward (5 Apr 1854-Feb 1919); m.1st 18 Jun 1889 Florence Mary Lowe (dsp 15 Sep 1897); m.2nd 29 Oct 1901 Marjorie Helen Kaye


1h) Guy (7 Nov 1902-1987); m.10 Jul 1923 Mary Aldridge (d.1990) 1 son, 1 dau


2h) Veronica (4 Dec 1903- ); m.1935 George Alexander Scott


3h) Gwendolen Mary (11 Sep 1905- )


4h) Lawrence (5 May 1908-1980); m.1st 1936 Mrs Dorothy Hughes (d.16 Jul 1956); m.2nd 1 Aug 1957 Elizabeth Sadowski (d.1987) 2 sons, 1 dau


5h) Anthony (28 Feb 1911- ); m.1942 Olive Andrews


6h) Bernard (7 May 1914-k.a. over Java Mar 1942); m.14 Jul 1940 Elizabeth Jane Delves Broughton


3g) Edith Louisa (7 Feb 1856-17 Oct 1890)


4g) Aubrey Frederick (1 Jul 1857-7 Jan 1911); m.11 Jul 1907 Kathleen Alice Purcell (k.by enemy action ca 1941)


5g) Sydney Beaumont (29 Mar 1859-5 Aug 1921); m.7 Jun 1887 Hon. Margaret Katherine Erskine (d.25 Jul 1940)


1h) Horace Lancelot, d.28 Jun 1950


2h) Christopher John (4 Sep 1889- ); m.16 Aug 1942 Mary Hastings Edgar (d.30 Dec 1965)


6g) Mabel Eleanor (4 Oct 1860-4 Jun 1931)

7g) Ethel Mary (29 Jun 1862-10 Sep 1945)

8g) Alice Lilian (16 Feb 1865-16 May 1880)


2e – 4e) three more sons, d. as infants


5e) Elizabeth (24 Feb 1774-25 Sep 1858); m.30 Oct 1798 John Savile Foljambe (d.14 Jan 1805)


6e) Emma, d.11 May 1859


6d) Cassandra, bur 23 Jan 1750

7d) Elizabeth; m.1750 Rev. Edmund Garforth

8d) Emma, d.11 Nov 1781; m.Rev. Nathaniel Hodgson

9d) Antonia; m.Rev. Henry Hewgill


3c) Rothwell

4c) Richard

5c) Henry


3b) Cassandra, d.16 Jul 1735; m.4 Aug 1713 James Brydges, Duke of Chandos (6 Jan 1674-9 Aug 1744)


2a) Lettice; m.Sir Thomas Wendy


3a) Catharine; m.Clement Winstanley






Part 4



Margaret Greville, de jure 6th Baroness Willoughby de Broke and probably also de jure 14th Baroness Latimer (ca 1561-26 Mar 1631); m.Alcester 29 Oct 1582 Sir Richard Verney (ca 1563-7 Aug 1630)


1a) Sir Greville VERNEY, de jure 7th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 15th Lord Latimer (ca 1586-12 May 1642); m.13 May 1618 Katherine Southwell, maternal gdau of 1st Earl of Nottingham


1b) Sir Greville, de jure 8th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 16th Lord Latimer (1619-9 Dec 1648); m. Hon. Elizabeth Wenman


1c) Sir Greville, de jure 9th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 17th Lord Latimer, born posthumously 26 Jan 1649, d.23 Jul 1668; m.29 Aug 1667 Lady Diana Russell (d.13 Dec 1701)


1d) William, de jure 10th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 18th Lord Latimer (12 June 1668-13 Aug 1683)


2b) John, b.and d.11 Aug 1620 [per GEC; Collins says he d.2 Aug 1620]


3b) Sir Richard, 11th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 19th Lord Latimer (28 Jan 1622-18 Jul 1711); in 1694 he claimed the Willoughby de Broke title which was at first denied him, but he was confirmed in the title in 1696; he m.1st ca 1651 Mary (bap 22 Aug 1631-bur 17 Aug 1663); m.2nd Frances Dove (bur 17 Sep 1730?)


[by 1st m.]:


1c) John, of Allexton (ca 1652-31 Oct 1707); m.ca 1683 Christian Breton


1d) John (ca 1686-15 May 1700)


2d) Greville, d.aged 16


2c) Very Rev. George, Dean of Windsor, 12th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 20th Lord Latimer (10 Mar 1661-26 Dec 1728); m.Margaret Heath (d.18 Oct 1729)


1d) George (13 Oct 1689-16 Mar 1697 [1698, per Collins])

2d) Philip, b.1690, fl 9 Jun 1697


3d) Thomas (1691-5 May 1710); m. Hon. Eleanor Leigh (d.8 Jan 1756)


1e) Eleanor (1710-14 Dec 1724); m.1 Oct 1724 George Bowes, of Streatlam Castle (d.17 Sep 1760)


4d) Richard, 13th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 21st Lord Latimer (1693-11 Aug 1752); m.1st Penelope Packe (bap 14 Sep 1699-31 Aug 1718); m.2nd by 1735 Margaret/Elizabeth Walker/Williams (d.22 Jan 1767)


1e) George, d.in infancy by 1735


5d) John (23 Oct 1699-5 Aug 1741); m.16 Sep 1724 Abigail Harley, sister of 3rd Earl of Oxford


1e) Margaret (27 Aug 1726-14 Nov 1733)


2e) John PEYTO-VERNEY, 14th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 22nd Lord Latimer (4 Aug 1738-Compton Verney 15 Feb 1816); m.London 8 Oct 1761 Lady Louisa North (23 Mar 1737-London 2 Apr 1798)


1f) John PEYTO-VERNEY, 15th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 23rd Lord Latimer (28 Jun 1762-Castle Cary 1 Sep 1820)


2f) George (25 Jun 1763-11 Jun 1773)


3f) Louisa (25 Jan 1765-d.an infant)


4f) Sarah (31 May 1767-22 Dec 1767)


5f) Louisa (20 Jun 1769-3 Feb 1835); m.31 Oct 1793 Rev. Robert Barnard (1761-25 Feb 1834)


1g) Louisa BARNARD (24 Jul 1802-22 Apr 1863); m.9 Jun 1835 Joseph Townsend, of Honington Hall (d.29 Apr 1870)


2g) Robert BARNARD (31 Aug 1806-Sep 1806)


3g) Robert John BARNARD, 1853 VERNEY, 17th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 25th Lord Latimer (17 Oct 1809-London 5 Jun 1862); m.Sandhurst, Berks 25 Oct 1842 Georgiana Jane Taylor (12 Aug 1823-7 Mar 1889)


1h) Henry, 18th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 26th Lord Latimer (Kineton 14 May 1844-d.at sea nr Colombo 19 Dec 1902); m.Great Budworth, Cheshire 17 Oct 1867 Geraldine Smith-Barry (Leamington 26

Apr 1847-Kineton House 21 Dec 1894)


1i) Richard Greville, 19th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 27th Lord Latimer (29 Mar 1869-16 Dec 1923); m.2 Jul 1895 Marie Frances Lisette Hanbury (d.Diana Lodge, Kineton 14 Oct 1941)


1j) John Henry Peyto, 20th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 28th Lord Latimer (21 May 1896-1986); m.4 Oct 1933 Rachel Wrey (d.1991)


1k) Leopold David, 21st Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 29th Lord Latimer, b.14 Sep 1938; m.1st 1

May 1965 (div 1989) Petra Daphne Aird; m.2nd 24 Oct 2003 Comtesse Alexandra Katharine du Luart, ne Butler (1959- )


1l) Rupert Greville, b.4 Mar 1966


2l) John Mark, b.1967


3l) Edmund Peyto (1973-Lima, Peru 27 Nov 2009)


2k) Susan Geraldine (2 Dec 1942-Sep 2008); m.1st 25 Apr 1964 (div 1969) Jeremy James Wagg (b.27 Feb 1938), gson of Sir James Horlick, 4th Bt.; m.2nd 10 Mar 1972 Robert David Corbett Uniacke; m.3rd 1990 Rupert John Orlando Lascelles (24 Feb 1935-5 Apr 2016)


2i) Henry Peyto (19 Jun 1870-25 Jun 1893)


3i) Blanche (1872-5 Oct 1947); m.13 Apr 1898 Michael Granville Lloyd Lloyd-Baker (16 Jan 1873-k.a.23 Apr 1916)


4i) Patience (1873-27 Apr 1965); m.4 Jun 1896 Basil Hanbury (7 Oct 1862-20 Dec 1933)


2h) Rev. Walter Robert (18 Mar 1846-20 Oct 1912); m.5 Jun 1879 Elizabeth

Georgina Bird (d.29 Oct 1941)


1i) Robert Barnard (5 Nov 1881-14 Aug 1956)


2i) Reynell Henry (12 Jan 1886-27 Oct 1974); m.28 Nov 1942 Hon. Dorothy Cecily Tollemache (11 Feb 1907-16 Dec 1994)


3i) Clare (1 Jun 1887-12 Mar 1976)


3h) Margaret Louisa (12 Apr 1847-8 Apr 1920); m.30 Sep 1874 Jervoise Smith (d.21 Jul 1884)


4h) Alice Jane (3 Feb 1849-8 Jan 1882); m.30 Sep 1874 Edward William Tritton (3 Aug 1844-1 Jan 1901)


5h) Robert Reynell (8 Aug 1850-6 Oct 1872)


6h) Susan Emma (4 Nov 1852-21 Mar 1941); m.11 Jun 1885 Edmund Temple Godman (14 Jun 1844-22 Mar 1894)


7h) Mabel (6 Oct 1855-7 May 1937)


4g) son (2 Jun 1815-d.young)


6f) Maria (24 Jul 1771-d.young)


7f) Francis (13 May 1772-Jul 1772)


8f) Henry PEYTO-VERNEY, 16th Lord Willoughby de Broke and de jure 24th Lord Latimer (5 Apr 1773-Compton 16 Dec 1852); m.Cathedral of St.Asaph 10 Mar 1829 Margaret Williams (d.Plas Newydd 3 Aug 1880)


9f) William (16 Sep 1774-4 Nov 1783)


10f) Francis (22 May 1777-Dec 1778)


11f) Henrietta (16 Jun 1778-Feb 1784)


3e) Sarah, d.1762


6d) Margaret, d.9 Oct 1755; m.Anthony Duncombe, Lord Feversham (ca 1695-18 Jun 1763)


3c) Thomas; per Collins he was b. 1676, but GEC notes that in the 1681 Visitation he was said to be aged 18; he d.unmarried at Lisbon


4c – 6c) three more sons (all d.before 1681)


7c) Mary; m.Samuel Davenport


8c) dau


[by 2nd m.]:


9c) Richard, d.23 Jun 1698


10c) Diana, d.28 Sep 1725; m.1684 Sir Charles Shuckburgh, 2nd Bt (Nov 1659-2 Sep 1705)


4b) George, d.20 Feb 1649


5b) Elizabeth; m.William Peyto, of Chesterton


2a) John VERNEY; m.Elizabeth Berkeley


1b) Richard


1c) Compton


3a) Richard VERNEY


4a) George VERNEY; m.Lady Triphena Sheffield


5a) Mary; m.Sir Ralph Samwell


6a) Anne; m.John Breton


7a) Elizabeth


8a) Margaret; m. ___ Shirley






Part 5


This seems to be a family unrelated to that in Parts 1 – 4



Sir Henry Willoughby, of Risley, cr Baronet 1611 (14 Sep 1579-20 Nov 1649); m.1st Elizabeth Knollys; m.2nd 1621 Lettice Darcy


1a) Mary (24 May 1605- ); m.Sir Henry Griffith, Bt.


2a) Frances (14 Oct 1607- )


3a) [ex 1] Anne; m.1st Hon. Anchitel Grey, of Risley (d.9 Jul 1702); m.2nd Sir Thomas Aston, Bt.


4a) [ex 2] Catherine, d.1671/3; m.1st Sir James Bellingham, 2nd Bt. (bap 8 Sep 1623-bur 26 Oct 1650); m.2nd George Purefoy (d.by Jan 1671); parents of Sir H Purefoy Bt.


5a) [ex 2] Elizabeth, bur 3 Nov 1655; m.1st Sir Simon D’Ewes, Bt. (18 Dec 1602-18 Apr 1650); m.2nd ca 1654 Sir John Wray, 3rd Bt. (1619-Oct 1664)





Part 6



William Willoughby; m.Elizabeth (d.3 Oct 1659), dau of Timothy Pusey, of Selston


1a) Sir William Willoughby, of Selston, cr Baronet 1660 (b.in or shortly before 1630, dspl 10 Feb 1671); m.24 Dec 1657 Margaret Abbott, gdau of Sir Hugh Windham, Bt.


1b) William, d.26 Aug 1668


2a) Mary, bur 2 Dec 1710; m.Jan 1652 Sir Beaumont Dixie, 2nd Bt. (ca 1630-May 1692); she was heiress to her brother





Part 7


This seems to be a family unrelated to those in Parts 1 – 6



Sir Christopher Willoughby, of Baldon House, cr Baronet 1794 (Nov 1748-5 Apr 1808); m.1st 8 Jul 1776 Juliana Burvill (d.30 Apr 1777); m.2nd 29 Jan 1789 Martha Evans (d.ca 1848)


[by 1st m.]:

1a) Juliana (30 Apr 1777- )


[by 2nd m.]:


2a) Maria Selina (b.9 Aug 1793 per Betham and Debrett’s, though this is wrong if Cokayne is right about her brother’s DOB; m.1827 Thomas Davies [Davis]


3a) Sir Christopher William, 2nd Bt. (2 Sep 1793 [per Cokayne; Betham says 4 Sep 1792]-24 Jun 1813)


4a) Frances Elizabeth (14 Jul 1794- )


5a) Sir Henry Pollard, 3rd Bt. (17 Nov 1796-23 Mar 1865)


6a) Sir John Pollard, 4th Bt. (21 Apr 1799-15 Sep 1866); m.1st 24 Jul 1822 Elizabeth Kennedy (d.14 Nov 1852); m.2nd 1854 Mary Elizabeth Hawkes (d.5 May 1910)


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Maria Martha, d.30 Jan 1871; m.Jonathan Duncan Inverarity


2b) Mary, d.6 Oct 1853; m.3 Sep 1846 Arthur Malet


3b) Eleanor, d.8 Mar 1884; m.5 Mar 1857 Robert Bruce neas Macleod, of Cadboll (d.5 Apr 1888)


4b) Cicely Barr; m.15 Nov 1860 Anthony Morris Storer, of Purley Park (d.5 Apr 1902)


5b) Agnes Isabel Norris, d.9 Mar 1866


[by 2nd m.]:


6b) Sir John Christopher, 5th Bt. (20 Feb 1859-1918)


7b) Henry Pollard, d.an infant


8b) Alice Anna


9b) Maria Gertrude, d.4 Apr 1939; m.12 Mar 1901 William Marcus Horsley-Beresford, 4th Lord Decies (12 Jan 1865-30 Jul 1910)


10b) Henrietta Maria, d.an infant


7a) Maria, d.13 Oct 1878; m.20 May 1829 Thomas Gabb


8a) Albinia; m.14 Apr 1831 James C Somerville


9a) Cicely, d.27 Feb 1887; m.14 Apr 1831 Rev. Charles Dilnott Hill