WETTIN, Part 1



The family claims to descend from one Wittekind, a leader of one of the Saxon tribes converted to Christianity under Charlemagne. However, this is conjecture, and the first provable ancestor was one Dietrich Gf im Hassegau, who flourished in the 10th century. His descendant Thimo built the castle of Wettin, whence the family took its name. Thimo's son Conrad became Markgraf of Meissen and was granted part of Lusatia by the emperor. Conrad's grandson married the heiress of Thuringia and inherited those lands. When the Dukes of Saxony of the old Ascanian house became extinct, the Wettins were among the most powerful nobles in the region. In 1423 the emperor named Markgraf Friedrich as Duke of Saxe-Wittenberg. In 1485 two brothers, Ernst and Albert, divided the lands into two branches still extant today. Ernst inherited Wittenberg, Thuringia and Vogtland, and was ancestor of the Saxon ducal houses. Albert took Meissen, and built it up into the electorate and, later, kingdom of Saxony.




Dietrich Gf im Hassegau (d.by 976) left issue:


1a) Dedo I Gf von Merseburg, murdered 13 Nov 1009; m.by 985 Thietberga, dau.of Dietrich [?von Haldensleben, Markgraf of the Nordmark]


1b) Dietrich, Gf in Eilenburg, Gf im Hassegau u.Siusli, murdered 19 Nov 1034; m.Matilda, dau.of Ekkehard I, Markgraf of Meissen


1c) Friedrich, imperial chancellor, Bp of Münster 1064/84, d.Münster 18 Apr 1084, bur Münster Dom


2c) Dedo II, Mkgf der Ostmark (Niederlausitz) 1046, Gf im Südliche Schwabengau 1046/68, d.Oct 1075; m.1st Oda, dau.of Thietmar Mkgf der Ostmark; m.2nd 1069 Adela (d.1083), dau of Ct Lambert of Louvaine, and widow of Otto Gf von Weimar


[by 1st m.]:


1d) Dedo III Mkgf der Lausitz, murdered by 26 Oct 1069, bur Meissen


2d) Adelheid, d.26 Jan 1071, bur Melk; m.Mgve Ernst of Austria (k.a.9 Jun 1075)


3d) Agnes; m.Friedrich "Gf in Sachsen"


[by 2nd m.]:


4d) Heinrich I Gf von Eilenburg, Mgve of Niederlausitz, 1089 Markgraf of Meissen, d.1103; m.1101 Gertrud, dau.of Ekbert Gf von Braunschweig, Markgraf of Meissen, and widow of Dietrich Gf von Katlenburg and of Heinrich Gf von Northeim


1e) Heinrich II, Mgve of Meissen and Niederlausitz, Gf von Eilenburg (1103/4-1123); m.Adelheid von Stade, dau.of Lothar Udo III Mkgf der Nordmark


5d) Konrad, k.a.by the Wends


3c) Thimo Gf von Brehna, d.after 1099-1101; m.Ida, dau.of Otto II von Northeim, Duke of Bavaria


1d) Dedo IV Gf von Wettin u.Groitzsch, d.16 Dec 1124; m.Berta von Morungen, heiress of Burg Groitzsch (d.16 Jun 1144) dau.of Wiprecht von Groitzsch, Mgre of Meissen


1e) Matilda, d.1152; m.1143 Rapoto Gf von Abenberg


2d) Konrad I "der Grosse" Gf von Wettin, Gf von Brehna, Camburg u.Eilenburg, 1136 Mgve of Ober- u.Niederlausitz, d.Kl Petersberg 5 Feb 1157, bur there; m.by 1119 Luitgard (d.Kl Gerbstedt 19 Jun 1145, bur there), dau of Adalbert Gf von Elchingen-Ravenstein


1e) Heinrich, d.young


2e) Otto "der Reiche", Mgve of Meissen 1156, zu Colditz und Lausick (1125-18 Feb 1190; bur Altzelle); m.1147 Hedwig (d.Mar 1203; bur Altzelle) dau.of Albrecht "the Bear", Mgve of Brandenburg


1f) Albrecht "der Stolze", Mgve of Meissen, Gf von Merseburg (1158-Krummenhennersdorf 24 Jun 1195; bur Altzelle); m.Aussig 23 Apr 1186 Sophie (d.25 Mar 1195; bur Altzelle) dau.of Duke Friedrich of Bohemia


1g) Christine fl 1227/51; m.Hartmann von Lobdeburg


2f) Dietrich "der Bedrängte", Mgve of Meissen 1197; in Weissenfels 1190, Mgve of Niederlausitz Gf von Groitzsch u.Eilenburg 1210 (1162-17 Feb 1221; bur Altzelle);  m.1194 Jutta (d.Schleusingen 6 Aug 1235) dau.of Ldgve Hermann of Thuringia (and later wife of Poppo Gf von Henneberg), by which marriage the Wettins inherited Thuringia


1g) Hedwig, d.2 Feb 1249, bur Kl Bedburg; m.ca 1226 Dietrich Gf von Kleve


2g) Otto, d.by 1214


3g) Sophie, d.17 Mar 1280; m.Heinrich II Gf von Henneberg (d.9 Apr 1262)


4g) Konrad, a monk at Kl Petersberg, Erfurt ca 1220


5g) Heinrich "der Erlauchte", Mgve of Meissen & Niederlausitz 1221, Ldgve of Thuringia and Pfgf von Sachsen 1247 (1218-1288;bur Altzelle); m.1st 1 May 1234 Konstanze (d.1243; bur Altzelle) dau.of Duke Leopold VI of Austria; m.2nd 1244 Agnes (d.10 Oct 1268; bur ALtzelle) dau.of King Wenzel of Bohemia; m.3rd by 1273 Elisabeth (1238/9-25 Jan 1333), dau of Ulrich von Maltitz; for his descendants see Part 2


6g) [illegitimate] Dietrich, Bp of Naumburg 1245-72, d.22 Sep 1272


7g) [illegitimate] Heinrich, a canon in Meissen, d.31 Jul 1259


3f) Sophie; m.Ulrich of Bohemia (d.18 Oct 1177)


4f) Adelheid, d.Meissen 1 Feb 1211; m.1187 (div 1198/9) King Przemysl Ottakar I of Bohemia (d.15 Dec 1230)


3e) Oda, Abbess in Gerbstedt 1137


4e) Berta, Abbess in Gerbstedt 1190


5e) Dietrich, 1156 Mgve of Niederlausitz, Gf von Eilenburg, d.Petersberg 9 Feb 1185, bur Petersberg; m.ca 1142 Dobronega (ca 1128-after 26 Oct 1147) dau.of Pr Boleslaw III of Poland


1f) Konrad, k.at a tournament 17 Feb 1175, bur Petersberg


2f) Gertrud, a nun in Gerbstädt


3f) [illegitimate by Kunigunde N, widowed Gfn von Plötzkeu] Dietrich, zu Groitzsch, Bp of Merseburg 1204-15, legitimized 1203, d.12 Oct 1215


6e) Gertrud


7e) Adelheid, d.after 6 Dec 1172; m.1st ca 1152 King Swen of Denmark (d.23 Oct 1157); m.2nd 1157 Adalbert Gf von Ballenstedt


8e) Heinrich I Gf von Wettin, d.30 Aug 1181, bur Petersberg; m.Sophie "de Austria" (d.1189; bur Reinhardsbrunn), later wife of Ldgve Hermann of Thuringia


1f) Heinrich II Gf von Wettin, d.Giebichenstein 28 Dec 1187, bur Petersberg


2f) Konrad, d.young, bur Petersberg


3f) Ulrich Gf von Wettin, d.Wettin 28 Sep 1206, bur Petersberg; m.1st 1184 a dau.of Hermann Gf von Winzenburg, and widow of Heinrich Gf von Schwarzburg; m.2nd by 1204 Hedwig, dau.of Duke Bernhard III of Saxony


1g) Heinrich III Gf von Wettin (1205-25 Mar 1217, bur Petersberg)


4f) Sophie, d.ca 1195; m.Burchard Bggf von Magdeburg (d.Antioch 1190)


9e) Dedo V "der Feiste" von Rochlitz, zu Burg Groitzsch 1144, Gf von Groitzsch u.Hr zu Rochlitz 1156, Mgve of Niederlausitz & Gf von Eilenburg 1185, d.16 Aug 1190, bur Kl Zscillen; m.by 1159 Matilde von Heinsberg, heiress of Sommerschenburg (d.20 Jan 1189; bur Zschillen), dau of Goswin von Heinsberg


1f) Dietrich Gf von Sommerschenburg und Groitzsch, d.13 Jun 1207, bur Zschillen; m.by 1190 Jutta, dau. of Ldgf Ludwig III of Thuringia


1g) Matilde, d.by 1285, bur Kl Sion, Köln; m.by 1216 Heinrich Gf von Sayn (d.31 Dec 1246)


2g) Agnes


2f) Philipp, a canon in Xanten, d.by 1190


3f) Konrad II von Landsberg, Mgve of Niederlausitz u.Gf von Eilenburg 1190, Gf von Groitzsch u.Sommerschenburg 1207, d.6 May 1210, bur Zschillen; m.Elzbieta (d.2 Apr 1209) dau.of Pr Mieceslaw of Poland, and widow of Duke Sobeslaw of Bohemia


1g) Konrad, d.by 6 May 1210


2g) Matilde, d.Salzwedel 1255,bur Kl Lehnin; m.Aug 1205 Mgve Albrecht II of Brandenburg (d.25 Feb 1220)


3g) Agnes, d.1 Jan 1248, bur Wienhausen; m.1211 Heinrich von Braunschweig Pfgf der Rhein (d.28 Apr 1227)


4f) Heinrich fl 1159/74


5f) Goswin fl 1159/74


6f) Agnes, d.25 Mar 1195, bur Diessen; m.by 1180 Bertold Gf von Andechs, Duke von Meranien, Mgve of Istria (d.12 Aug 1204)


10e) Sophie; m.ca 1144 Gebhard Gf von Burghausen


11e) Agnes, Abbess of Quedlinburg 1184, d.21 Jan 1203, bur Quedlinburg


12e) Friedrich I Gf von Brehna 1156 (1142/5-4 Jan 1191, bur Petersberg); m.1166/75 Hedwig (1154/62-Kl Brehna 19 Feb 1211; bur Kl Brehna) dau.of Duke Diepold of Moravia


1f) Otto I Gf von Brehna, d.23 Dec 1203, bur Kl Brehna


2f) Friedrich II Gf von Brehna, Gf von Wettin 1217, d.Acre 16 Oct 1221; m.Judith (d.6 Oct 1220), dau of Friedrich of Thuringia Gf von Ziegenhain


1g) Hedwig Gfn von Altenburg; m.by 1231 Dietrich Gf von Honstein (d.23 Jul 1249)


2g) Otto II Gf von Brehna, d.1231/4


3g) Dietrich I Gf von Brehna, d.1266/7; m.Eudoxia (b.by 1222, d.after 1238), dau of Pr Konrad of Masovia


1h) Otto III Gf von Wettin, d.by 3 Jan 1292


2h) Konrad I Gf von Brehna, d.1277-8; m.1261/4 Elisabeth (d.1293/1306), dau of Duke Albrecht of Saxony


1i) Albrecht, d.by 1 Apr 1284


2i) Konrad II, d.by 14 Nov 1288


3i) Otto IV Gf von Brehna, d.Erfurt 1290; on his death Brehna went to Duke Rudolf of Saxony, and Wettin to the archbishop of Magdeburg


4i) Dietrich III fl 1278


5i) a dau., a nun in Gerbstedt


3h) Dietrich II


4h) Heinrich, a Franciscan, d.Breslau Jakobskloster 1302, bur there


5h) Jutta, d.1269/73; m.1253/5 Mestwin II Duke of Pomerelia, Hg von Schwetz (d.25 Dec 1294)


6h) Hedwig, Abbess of Gerbstedt 1271/83


4g) Lucardis, a nun in Brehna 1220, bur Kl Brehna


3f) Sophie, Abbess of Quedlinburg, d.1225/6, bur Quedlinbrg Stiftskirche


3d) Matilde, d.21 Jan 1151, bur Kl Petersberg; m.1st Gero Gf von Seeburg (d.19 Sep 1122; bur Kl Kaldenborn); m.2nd Ludwig II von Wippra (d.1151)


4c) Gero Gf von Brehna, d.after 1089; m.Berta N, widow of Poppo von Wippra


1d) Dietrich Gf von Brehna, d.1089-1115, bur Naumburg Dom


2d) Wilhelm Gf von Camburg, d.1089-1115, bur Naumburg Dom; m.Geva Gfn von Seeburg (bur Naumburg Dom)


1e) Geva


2e) Berta, b.ca 1075, d.by 1152-6; m.ca 1096 Wichmann Gf von Seeburg


3d) Günther, Bp of Naumburg 1079/89, d.1 Apr 1089, bur Naumburg Dom


4d) Willa, Abbess of Gerbstedt


5d) Thietburg, a nun in Gernrode


5c) Konrad Gf von Wettin, d.after 1040; m.Othilde, dau of Dietrich Gf von Katlenburg


1d) Bertrada, d.1145; m.Berengar Gf von Schauenburg


6c) Rikdag


7c) Hidda; m.Duke Spitignew of Bohemia (d.28 Jan 1061)


2a) Friedrich von Eilenburg Bgve of Meissen, Hr von Eilenburg, d.Eilenburg 6 Jan 1017;  m.NN; they had three daughters