Earls de la Warr


Also Sackville-West, Cornwallis-West





Part 1


Sir Thomas West, d.1 Nov 1343; m.before 1321 Eleanor (fl 27 Apr 1344), dau and heiress of Sir John Cantelupe, of Hempston Cantelupe


1a) Sir Thomas, of Hempston Cantelupe (ca 1321-3 Sep 1386); m.Alice Fitzherbert (d.ca 1 Sep 1395)


1b) Thomas, summoned to Parliament from 1402 as Lord West (1365-19 Apr 1405 [17 Apr, per Collins]); m.before 2 May 1384 Joan la Warre, dau of Roger La Warre, 3rd Lord La Warre, and whose maternal grandmother was Joan [Planatagenet], dau of Earl of Lancaster


1c) Thomas, 2nd Lord West (1392-29/30 Sep 1416); m.before 2 Jul 1406 Ida de St. Amand (d.6 Nov 1416), dau of 3rd Lord St. Amand


2c) Reynold, 3rd Lord West; having suc his maternal uncle in the Warre estates he was summoned to Parliament 1427 as 6th Lord La Warre (7 Sep 1395-27 Aug 1450); m.1st before 17 Feb 1429 Margaret Thorley (d. shortly before 24 Nov 1433); m.2nd before 19 Nov 1443 Elizabeth Greyndour (ca 1420-1 Sep 1452), later wife of John Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester; note: some early genealogies say he married Eleanor Percy, dau of 3rd Earl of Northumberland by Eleanor Poynings, and that this Eleanor was mother of his children, but this is incorrect according to more modern authorities (note that the 3rd Earl of Northumberland was not born until 1421 and m. Eleanor Poynings ca 1435,so they could not have had a dau who herself had children by 1430)


1d) Richard, 7th Lord la Warre and 4th Lord West (28 Oct 1430-10 Mar 1476); m.before 10 Jun 1451 Katherine Hungerford (d.12 May 1493), dau of 2nd Lord Hungerford


1e) Thomas, 8th Lord la Warre and 5th Lord West, d.11 Oct 1525; m.1st Elizabeth Mortimer; m.2nd Eleanor Copley (d.1536), maternal gdau of Lord Hoo and Hastngs


[by 1st m.]:


1f) Thomas, 9th Lord la Warre and 6th Lord West, d.25 Sep 1554; m.before 24 Aug 1494 Elizabeth Bonville; on his death the Baronies of la Warre and West went into abeyance between the daus of his brother Owen


2f) William


3f) Eleanor; m.Sir Edward Guilford [Guldeford]; her dau Jane m. John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland


4f) Dorothy; m.Sir Henry Owen


5f) Elizabeth, dsp; m.Charles Somerset, Earl of Worcester (ca 1460-15 Apr 1526)


6f) Barbara; m. Sir John Guldeford [Guilford], nephew of her sister’s husband; she is not in West genealogies, but in Guldeford genealogy she is called dau of Thomas, Lord De la Warr


[7f?) Collins has here a dau Anne, said to have m. Thomas, Lord Clinton, but no such person appears in Clinton genealogies]


[by 2nd m.]:


8f) Sir Owen, d.18 Jul 1551; m.Mary Guldeford, sister of Sir John Guldeford and niece of Sir Edward Guldeford [Guilford], for both of whom see above


1g) Mary, d.1591; m.1st Sir Adrian Poynings; m.2nd Sir Richard Rogers; on the death of her sister, the right to the Baronies of la Warre and West vested in her, but apparently they have never been claimed


2g) Anne


9f) Sir George, of Warbleton, d.Sep 1538; m.Elizabeth Morton


1g) William, cr 1570 Baron Delaware [De la Warr], d.30 Dec 1595; he was adopted by his uncle Thomas as his heir, but nevertheless is alleged to have tried to poison him, being as a result debarred from all honours, but was restored 1563; m.1st before 1555 Elizabeth Strange; m.2nd Mrs Anne Oliver, née Swift; issue of 1st m.:


1h) Thomas, 2nd Lord Delaware (1556-24 Mar 1602); m.19 Nov 1571 Anne Knollys; he was granted the 1299 precedence of the original Barony of La Warre


1i) Sir Robert, dvpsps; m.Elizabeth Cock


2i) Thomas, 3rd Lord Delaware (9 Jul 1577-7 Jun 1618); namesake of the state of Delaware; m.25 Nov 1596 Cecily Shirley (bur 31 Jul 1662)


1j) Henry, 4th Lord Delaware (3 Oct 1603-1 Jun 1628); m.Mar 1625 Isabella Edmunds (Nov 1607-1670/9)


1k) Charles, 5th Lord Delaware; for him and his issue see Part 2, below


2k) Elizabeth; m.Francis Byndlosse


3k) Mary; m. Rev. ___ Orme


2j) Robert; m.Elizabeth Coch


3j) Jane


4j) Anne; m.Rev. Christopher Swaly


5j) Cecilia, d.Feb 1638; m.1st Sir Francis Byndlosse; m.2nd Sir John Byron [later, 1643, Lord Byron] (d.Aug 1652)


6j) Lucy; m.Sir Robert Byron, brother 1st and 2nd of Lords Byron


7j) Catherine


[?8j) Collins has here a dau Elizabeth m.Herbert Pelham; who must be the same one Collins also lists as her aunt; it is unclear which is correct, but since Herbert’s father is said to have d. in 1566, it is more likely that Elizabeth was sister, not dau, of the 3rd Lord


3i) Francis

4i) John

5i) Nathaniel


6i) Elizabeth, d.15 Jan 1639; m.Herbert Pelham, of Michaelham


7i) Lettice; m.Sir Henry Ludlow


8i) Catherine


9i) Eleanor; m.Sir William Savage


10i) Anne; m.John Pellett


[?11i) Collins has here a da Penelope, said to have m. a Herbert Pelham, son and heir of Herbert, which second Herbert must be the one m. to Elizabeth (above); this younger Herbert does not appear in the limited Pelham genealogy in BC3-473]


2h) Jane; m.1st Thomas Wenman, of Thame Park (d.22 Jul 1577); m.2nd James Cressy; m.3rd Sir Thomas Tasburgh; m.4th Ralph Sheldon


3h) Elizabeth; m.Sir Richard Blount


4h) Mary


2g) Sir Thomas, d.11 Aug 1622; m.Mary Leigh


3g) Margaret; m.Thomas Arundel


10f) Leonard; m.Barbara Gascoigne à issue, including the LG Family, Alston-Roberts-West


2e) John

3e) Reginald

4e) Edward

5e) Richard

6e) Margery

7e) Margaret; m.Sir Nicholas Strelley (d.30 Apr 1491)


2d) John; m.Agnes Iveson à issue


3d) Elizabeth; m.1466 (div 1467) William Berkeley, 2nd Lord Berkeley [later, Earl of Nottingham and Marquess of Berkeley] (1426-14 Feb 1492)


4d, etc.?) Collins lists four daus, excluding Elizabeth; and at least one of the four seems to be incorrect, so I will not include them here


3c) John

4c) Joan


2a) John





Part 2


Charles WEST, 5th Lord Delaware (Jan/Feb 1626-22 Dec 1687; see Part 1); m.25 Sep 1642 Anne Wild (bur 18 May 1703)


1a) Charles, dvpsp 22 Jun 1684; m.26 Dec 1678 Elizabeth, dau of Sir Edmund Pye, Bt.; Collins says he had m.1stly ___ Hudleston


2a) Horatio, dvpsp


3a) John, 6th Lord Delaware (ca 1663-26 May 1723); m.Jun 1691 Mrs Margaret Salwey, née Freeman (d.31 Jan 1738)


1b) John, 7th Lord Delaware, cr 1761 Earl de la Warr and Viscount Cantelupe (4 Apr 1693-16 Mar 1766); m.1st 25 May 1721 Lady Charlotte Maccarty (d.7 Feb 1735); m.2nd 15 Jun 1744 Anne, née Walker (d.26 Jun 1748), widow of 13th Lord Bergavenny


1c) John, 2nd Earl de la Warr (1729-22 Nov 1777); m.8 Aug 1756 Mary Wynyard (d.27 Oct 1784)


1d) William Augustus, 3rd Earl de la Warr (27 Apr 1757-Jan 1783)


2d) John Richard, 4th Earl de la Warr ( (28 Jul 1758-28 Jul 1795); m.22 Apr 1783 Catherine Lyell (d.27 May 1826)


1e) Catherine Georgiana (29 Aug 1789 [per Debrett’s; 1788, per Lodge; 1784, per Collins]-7 Mar 1824); m.16 Oct 1817 Joseph d'Arcy


2e) Charlotte (20 Oct 1790-d.an infant)


3e) George John, 1843 SACKVILLE-WEST, 5th Earl de la Warr (26 Oct 1791-23 Feb 1869); m.21 Jun 1813 Lady Elizabeth Sackville (11 Aug 1795-9 Jan 1870), who was cr 1864 Baroness Buckhurst of Buckhurst, with remainder to her second son and his heirs male and then to younger sons, and with a ‘shifting' remainder providing that if any Lord Buckhurst suc as Earl de la Warr the Buckhurst title would devolve on the next collateral heir; nevertheless this remainder was seemingly disregarded and the Barony of Buckhurst remains with the Earldom of de la Warr


1f) George John Frederick, Viscount Cantelupe (25 Apr 1814-25 Jun 1850)


2f) Charles Richard, 6th Earl de la Warr (13 Nov 1815-23 Apr 1873)


3f) Reginald Windsor SACKVILLE-WEST, 1871 SACKVILLE, 7th Earl de la Warr (21 Feb 1817-15 Jan 1896); m.7 Feb 1867 Hon. Constance Mary Elizabeth Cochrane-Wishart-Baillie (7 Feb 1846-19 Jul 1929)


1g) Lionel Charles Cranfield, Viscount Cantelupe (1 Jan 1868-7 Nov 1890); m.24 Jun 1890 Dorothy Heseltine (d.21 May 1953)


2g) Gilbert George Reginald, 8th Earl De La Warr (22 Mar 1869-d.on active service 16 Dec 1915); m.1st 4 Aug 1891 (div 1902) Lady Muriel Agnes Brassey (d.8 Aug 1930); m.2nd 20 Sep 1903 Hilda Mary Clavering Tredcroft (d.1963)


1h) Myra Idina (26 Feb 1893-5 Nov 1955); m.1st 26 Nov 1913 (div 1919) David Euan Wallace (20 Apr 1892-9 Feb 1941); m.2nd 27 Mar 1919 (div 1923) Charles Gordon; m.3rd 22 Sep 1923 (div 1930) Josslyn Victor Hay, 22nd Earl of Erroll (11 May 1901-24 Jun 1941); m.4th 22 Nov 1930 (div 1938) Donald Carmichael Haldeman; m.5th 1939 (div 1946) Vincent William Soltau (d.1 Aug 1964)


2h) Avice Ela Murial (25 Jul 1897-1985); m.1st 28 Nov 1918 (div 1931) Sir Stewart Graham Menzies (d.29 May 1968); m.2nd 22 Jul 1931 Frank Fitzroy Fane Spicer (1893-Oct 1973)


3h) Herbrand Edward Dundonald Brassey, 9th Earl De La Warr (20 Jun 1900-28 Jan 1976); m.1st 30 Dec 1920 Diana Leigh (d.29 Mar 1966); m.2nd 1 Mar 1968 Sylvia Margaret Harrison


1i) William Herbrand, 10th Earl de la Warr (16 Oct 1921-1988); m.18 May 1946 Rachel Anne Devas


1j) William Herbrand, 11th Earl De La Warr, b.10 Apr 1948; m.10 Aug 1978 Anne Pamela, Css of Hopetoun, née Leveson


1k) William Herbrand Thomas, Lord Buckhurst, b.13 Jun 1979; m.London 5 Feb 2010 Css Xenia Tolstoy-Miloslavsky


1l) William Lionel Robert, b.24 Jan 2014


2l) Victoria Elizabeth Anne, b.2016


2k) Edward Geoffrey Richard, b.1980; m.6 Apr 2013 Sophia G M Akroyd à 1 son, 1 dau


2j) Thomas Geoffrey, b.1950; m.22 Sep 1979 Catherine Theresa Windsor-Lewis (1948-    ) à 1 son, 1 dau


3j) Arabella Avice Diana (1958-    ); m.12 Oct 1981 (div 1988) Cte Giovanni Emo Capodilista Maldura (1944-    )


2i) Thomas Henry Jordan (13 Nov 1922-k.a.1943)


3i) Katharine Pamela (4 Mar 1926-1 Aug 2010); m.29 Jun 1946 Frank Thomas Robertson Giles (31 Jul 1919-    )


3g) Edeline (10 Sep 1870-15 Dec 1918); m.26 Aug 1890 Gerald Strickland, Lord Strickland, Count Della Catena (24 May 1861-22 Aug 1940)


4g) Leonore Mary (1872-18 Jul 1939); m.10 Jul 1906 John McClean Griffin (d.8 Jan 1957)


5g) Margaret (1881-18 Apr 1963)


4f) Elizabeth (23 Sep 1818-22 Apr 1897); m.18 Jan 1844 Francis Russell, 9th Duke of Bedford (16 Oct 1819-14 Jan 1891)


5f) Mortimer, succeeded to Knole and other Sackville estates of this branch of the Sackville family, but was unsuccessful in claiming the barony of Buckhurst, despite the remainder; cr 1876 Baron Sackville of Knole, with remainder to his younger brothers (22 Sep 1820-1 Oct 1888); m.1st 14 Jan 1847 Fanny Charlotte Dickson (d.19 Jan 1870); m.2nd 12 Jun 1873 Elizabeth Faber (d.23 Jan 1888)


6f) son (30 Dec 1822-9 Jan 1823)


7f) Mary Catherine (23 Jul 1824 [per GEC; Debrett’s 1831, sub de la Warr, says 28 Jul 1824]-6 Dec 1900); m.1st 29 Apr 1847 James Gascoyne-Cecil, 2nd Marquess of Salisbury; m.2nd 5 Jul 1870 Edward Henry Stanley, 15th Earl of Derby (21 Jul 1826-21 Apr 1893)


8f) Lionel, 2nd Lord Sackville (19 Jul 1827-3 Sep 1908); he had issue by Josefa de la Oliva, née Duran, known as Pepita


1g) Maximilien Sackville-West (1858-1936); m.Mary Ann Ellen Norton à issue


2g) Victoria Mary (23 Sep 1862-30 Jan 1936); m.17 Jun 1890 Lionel Sackville-West, 3rd Lord Sackville (below)


3g) Flora (1866-    ); m.1888 Gabriel Salanson (1857-1920)


4g) Amalia Marguerite Albertine (16 Feb 1868-Folkestone 14 Sep 1945); m.Paris 28 Aug 1919 [Richard] William Martin (Paris 22 May 1865-Le Chesnay 13 Jan 1957)


5g) Ernest Henry Jean Baptiste (1869-suicide 1914), claimed to be legitimate and pursued a lengthy but unsuccessful legal proceeding to establish his rights to the Sackville title and properties; his older brother’s birth records listed their mother’s husband as his father, so Maximilien could not make a similar claim


9f) William Edward (27 Oct 1830-30 Sep 1905); m.7 Aug 1860 Georgina Dodwell (d.23 Feb 1883)


1g) Lionel Edward, 3rd Lord Sackville (15 May 1867-28 Jan 1928); m.17 Jun 1890 Victoria Sackville-West (above)


1h) Victoria Mary “Vita” (9 Mar 1892-2 Jun 1962); m.1 Oct 1913 Hon. Sir Harold Nicolson


2g) Charles John, 4th Lord Sackville (10 Aug 1870-8 May 1962); m.1st 5 Jan 1897 Maude Cecelia Bell (d.7 Dec 1920); m.2nd 30 Jan 1924 Mrs Anne Bigelow, née Meredith


1h) Edward Charles, 5th Lord Sackville (13 Nov 1901-4 Jul 1965)


2h) Diana Joan (10 Oct 1906-23 Jun 1975); m.1st 1929 (div 1944) 4th Lord Romilly; m.2nd 1951 Sir Douglas Montgomery Bernard Hall, 2nd Bt.


3g) Bertrand George (1872-1959); m.1908 Eva Adela Mabel Inigo Jones (d.1936)


1h) Cecilie Alice Maud (15 May 1909-29 May 1909)


2h) Elizabeth Margaret (4 Mar 1911-1988); m.8 Jul 1943 Thomas Bradwall Barlow (7 Mar 1900-1988), of the Baronets


3h) Lionel Bertrand, 6th Lord Sackville (30 May 1913-2004); m.1st 9 Oct 1953 Mrs Jacobine Napier Hichens, née Menzies-Wilson (d.1971); m.2nd 23 Apr 1974 (div 1983) Mrs Arlie Roebuck Steward, née Woodhead (d.1991); m.3rd 2 Dec 1983 Jean, née Garton, widow of Sir Edward Imbert-Terry, 3rd Bt.


1i) Teresa (1954-    ); m.1979 [Alastair] Rupert Marlow


2i) Catherine Jacobine (1956-    ); m.1980 (div 1983) Stuart Cooper Bennett


3i) Sophia Anne (1957-    ); m.1988 Guy R Elliott


4i) Victoria Mary (1959-    ); m.1989 Jonathan G F Lang


5i) Sarah Elizabeth (1960-    ); m.1992 [Edward] Simon Rendall


4h) Hugh Rosslyn Inigo (1 Feb 1919-10 Feb 2001); m.29 Jun 1957 Bridget Eleanor Ailsie Cunliffe (2 Oct 1927-    )


1i) Robert Bertrand, 7th Lord Sackville (10 July 1958-    ); m.1st 1985 (div 1992) Catherine Dorothea Bennett; m.2nd 1994 [Margot] Jane MacAndrew


1j) Freya (1998-    )


2j) Arthur George (25 Feb 2002-    )


3j) Edith Albertine (2003-    )


2i) Mary Cecilie (1960-    )


3i) Elizabeth Anne (1962-    ); m.Feb 2003 Matthew Dixon


4i) Jane Eleanor (1964-    ); m.15 Jan 2000 David Hawley


5i) William Lionel Cunliffe (1967-    ); m.1st 1993 (div 1998) Annika Lennartsson; m.2nd 2005 Maria Luisa Pemau Hernandez à 2 daus


4g) Mary Elizabeth; m.John Tracey


5g) Cecilie Victoria, d.10 Mar 1955; m.Sir Robert Albert Cunliffe, 5th Bt. (17 Jan 1839-18 Jun 1905)


10f) Arabella Diana (10 Jan 1835-10 Feb 1869); m.25 Sep 1860 Sir Alexander Bannerman, 9th Bt. (6 Apr 1823-21 Apr 1877)


3d) Francis (24 Sep 1759-17 Jun 1777)


4d) Thomas Holles (27 Sep 1760-1772)


5d) Charlotte (13 Dec 1761-    )


6d) George (31 Dec 1762-1772)


7d) Augustus (1764-d.young)


8d) Septimus Henry (11 Nov 1765-20 Oct 1793)


9d) Amelia, d.Mar 1770


10d) Georgiana; m.23 Nov 1782 Rev. Henry William Buckley [Collins calls him Edward Percy Bulkeley; Edward Percy [or Pery] Buckley, per Debrett’s 1828]


11d) Frederick (1767-22 Mar 1852); m.1st 17 Apr 1792 Charlotte Mitchell (d.13 Jun 1795); m.2nd 31 May 1798 Maria Myddelton (d.23 Oct 1843)


1e) [ex 1] Charlotte Louisa, d.27 Jan 1869


2e) Frederick Richard, of Ruthin Castle (1799-1 May 1862); m.1st 14 Nov 1820 Lady Georgiana Stanhope (15 Feb 1802-14 Aug 1824); m.2nd 11 Sep 1827 Theresa Whitby (d.18 Sep 1886)


1f) Frederick Myddelton (31 Aug 1830-13 Aug 1868)


2f) Georgiana Theresa Ella (28 Dec 1831-8 Feb 1915); m.30 Sep 1875 Warren W R Peacocke, of Efford Park (d.5 Mar 1877)


3f) Florence (2 Nov 1833-1 Jun 1906)


4f) William Cornwallis, 1895 CORNWALLIS-WEST, of Ruthin Castle and Newlands Manor (20 Mar 1835-4 Jul 1917); m.3 Oct 1872 Mary FitzPatrick (d.21 Jul 1920), maternal gdau of 2nd Marquess of Headfort


1g) Mary Theresa Olivia (28 Jun 1873-29 Jun 1943); m.8 Dec 1891 (divorce 1923) Hans Heinrich Fürst von Pless (23 Apr 1861-31 Jan 1938)


2g) George Frederick Myddelton (14 Nov 1874-1 Apr 1951); m.1st 28 Jul 1900 (div 1913) Jennie, née Jerome (1854-29 Jun 1921), widow of Lord Randolph Churchill; m.2nd 6 Apr 1914 Mrs Beatrice Stella Campbell, née Tanner (the actress known as Mrs Patrick Campbell; d.9 Apr 1940); m.3rd 15 Apr 1940 Mrs Georgette Hirsch (d.21 Nov 1972)


3g) Constance Edwina (1876-21 Jan 1970); m.1st 16 Feb 1901 (div 1919) Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, 2nd Duke of Westminster (19 Mar 1879-20 Jul 1953); m.2nd 14 Jan 1920 John FitzPatrick Lewis, RAF (d.17 Dec 1965)


5f) Theresa Lucy Sophia Elphinstone (9 Aug 1839-    )


3e) William John (1800-1811)


10d) Matilda (Mar 1774-3 Feb 1843); m.Henry Wynyard


2c) Charlotte, d.an infant


3c) Henrietta Cecilia (1727 [per Debrett’s 1831; Collins says 1730]-24 Feb 1817); m.1763 James Johnston


4c) Diana (1731-May 1766 [per Debrett’s; Mar 1766, per Collins); m.9 Nov 1756 Sir James John Clavering (d.1777)


5c) George Augustus (1733-7 Feb 1776); m.24 Feb 1764 Lady Mary Grey (17 Apr 1739-1 Mar 1783)


2b) Elizabeth; m.Aug 1724 Thomas Digges, of Chilham Castle


4a) Cecilia; said to have m. William Beaw, Bp of Llandaff (1616-10 Feb 1706)


5a) Anna

6a) Sophia