The original house of Welf descended from one Graf Welf, and ended in 1055, whereupon the heiress of the house married Azzo II d'Este, an Italian lord. From their marriage descended Dukes of Bavaria and Saxony, and the later Dukes of Braunschweig and Kings of Hanover and Great Britain. It also included one short-term tsar of Russia: Ivan VI. From Azzo's second marriage descended the family known as d'Este, which ruled Modena and Ferrara in Italy. Interestingly, when Pr Augustus, Duke of Sussex, had children in the 19th century by a marriage which was not apparently legal for dynastic purposes in Britain or in Germany, they took the surname of d'Este. The family name took on political significance during the battles between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines. Those who generally opposed the Hohenstaufen emperors were known as Guelphs, since that family usually led them, and the Hohenstaufen supporters were known as Ghibellines, from the Italian name of the Hohenstaufen castle, Waiblingen.




Part 1.


Welf, a Graf in Swabia, 825; by his wife, Heilwig, later Abbess of Chelles, he had issue:


1a) Rudolf I, Cte de Ponthieu, d.866; m. Hruodun N (d.after 867)


1b) Conrad, Ct of Paris and Sens, d.882


2b) Welf, Abbot of Sainte-Colombe-de-Sens, d.881


3b) Hugo, Rector of Saint-Saulve, Valenciennes, in 867


4b) Rudolf II Gf in Augstgau


2a) Conrad I Ct of Paris and Auxerre, d.after 862; m.Aelis, dau.of Ct Hugo of Tours


1b) Welf I Gf im Argengau und Linzgau, d.before 876; NOTE: probably son of Conrad, but possibly son of his brother Rudolf


1c) Conrad Gf im Linzgau


2c) Eticho Gf im Ammergau, d.after 911; bur Ammergau


1d) Gf Heinrich "with the Golden Wagon"; m.Atha von Hohenwart (d.after 975)


1e) Eticho Gf in Bavaria; bur Konstanz Cathedral


2e) [St.] Conrad, Bp of Constance, d.26 Nov 975


3e) Gf Rudolf, bur Altdorf; m.NN


1f) Rudolf II Gf von Altdorf; m.Ita, dau.of Kuno Gf von Öhningen


1g) Heinrich Gf von Altdorf, 1000


2g) Welf II Gf von Altdorf, d.10 Mar 1030, bur Altdorf; 1015 Irmtrud, dau.of Friedrich Gf von Luxemburg


1h) Welf III, Duke of Carinthia, Mgve of Verona, d.Burg Bdman 13 Nov 1055


2h) Kunigunde, 1020, d.before 1055; 1035 Azzo II, Marchese d'Este (d.1097); for their issue, see Part 2


3g) Richardis, d.Burg Persenbeug 12 Jun 1045, bur Ebersberg; m.Adalbero Gf von Ebersberg (d.27 Mar 1045)


2b) Conrad, Cte d'Auxerre, Margrave of Transjurania; m.Waldrada N


1c) Rudolf I, proclaimed as King of Burgundy 888, d.912; m.Willa, possibly dau.of King Boso of Burgundy


1d) King Rudolf II of Burgundy and Italy, d.11 Jul 937, bur St.Maurice; 922 Bertha, dau.of Duke Burchard II of Swabia


1e) King Conrad "the Peaceful" of Burgundy, d.19 Oct 993, bur Saint André-de Bas, Vienna; m.1st Adelana N; m.2nd ca 964 Matilda (d.981/2) dau.of King Louis IV of France


[by 1st m.]:


1f) Kuno, d.after 966


2f) Gisela, d.21 Jul 1007; m.Duke Heinrich II of Bavaria


[by 2nd m.]:


3f) King Rudolf III of Burgundy, d.5/6 Sep 1032, bur Lausanne Cathedral; m.1st before 994 Agaltrudis N (d.1008/11); m.2nd 1011 Ermengarde (d.after 1057) widow of Ct Rotbald of Provence


4f) Matilda; her marriage is unknown, but she was grandmother of Ct Gerold of Geneva


5f) Bertha, d.after 1016; m.1st Cte Eudes de Blois (d.995/6); m.2nd 997 King Robert II of France (d.1031)


6f) Gerberga; m.1st Hermann Gf von Werl; m.2nd ca 998 Duke Hermann II of Swabia (d.1003)


7f) [illegitimate by Aldiud N] Bouchard, Archbishop of Lyon, d.1030



2e) Rudolf, living 961/2


3e) Bouchard, Archbishop of Lyon, d.957/9


4e) Adelaide, d.16 Dec 999; m.1st 947 Lothar d'Arles, King of Italy (d.Turin 22 Nov 950); m.2nd 951 Emperor Otto I (d.7 May 973)


2d) Ludwig Gf im Thurgau; m.Edgifa, dau.of King Edward I of England


1e) Heinrich Gf in der Vaud


3d) Waldrada; m.923 Duke Bonifacius of Spoleto (d.953)


4d) Judith


2c) Adelaide; m.Richard le Justicier, Duke of Burgundy


3b) Hugo Abbas, Cte d'Auxerre, de Tours, et d'Angers, Margrave of Neustria, d.Orléans 12 May 886, bur St.Germain, Auxerre


4b) Rudolf, Abbot of St-Riquier


3a) Judith, d.843; m.819 Emperor Louis I (d.840)


4a) Hemma, d.876; m.827 Emperor Louis II (d.876)