Aubrey de Vere, Hereditary Master Chamberlain of England, became ca 1142 Earl of Oxford (d.26 Dec 1194); m.1st by 1139 (div by 1146) Beatrice, dau. of Henry, Constable of Bourbourg, by Sybil de Guisnes; m.2nd ca 1152 Eufeme de Cauntelo (d.1153/4); m.3rd 1162/3 Agnes, dau. of Henry de Essex, Lord of Rayleigh


1a) Aubrey, 2nd Earl of Oxford (d.1214); m.1st Isabel de Bolebec (d.1206/7); m.2nd Alice Bigod


2a) Robert, 3rd Earl of Oxford ( 25 Oct 1221); m.Isabel de Bolebec, aunt of her sister-in-law


1b) Hugh, 4th Earl of Oxford (ca 23 Dec 1263); m.after 11 Feb 1223 Hawise de Quincey


1c) Robert, 5th Earl of Oxford (ca 7 Sep 1296); m.Alice de Sanford


1d) Robert, 6th Earl of Oxford (ca 24 Jun 1257-17 Apr 1331); m.Margaret Mortimer


1e) Thomas ( 1329); m.Agnes de Ros


2d) Alfonso; m.Jane Foliot


1e) John, 7th Earl of Oxford (ca 12 Mar 1312-Rheims 23/24 Jan 1360); 27 Mar 1336 Maud de Badlesmere


1f) John (ca 23 Jun 1350); 1341 Elizabeth de Courtenay (d.7 Aug 1395)


2f) Thomas, 8th Earl of Oxford (ca 1336/7-Great Bentley, Essex Sep 1371); m.Maud de Ufford (d.25 Jan 1413)


1g) Robert, 9th Earl of Oxford, cr 1385 Marquess of Dublin, cr 1386 Duke of Ireland (16 Jan 1362-Louvain 1392); m.1st (div 1387) Philippa de Coucy (d.Oct 1411), grandaughter of King Edward III; m.2nd Agnes Lancecrone; the Pope later declared his divorce from his 1st wife to be null and void


3f) Aubrey, 10th Earl of Oxford (d.23 Apr 1400); m.Alice Fitzwalter (d.29 Apr 1401)


1g) Richard, 11th Earl of Oxford (ca 1385-15 Feb 1417); m.1st ___ Holland, dau of Duke of Exeter; m.2nd 1406/7 Alice Sergeaux (d.18 May 1452)


1h) John, 12th Earl of Oxford (Hedingham Castle 23 Apr 1408-beheaded on Tower Hill 26 Feb 1462); m.1425 Elizabeth Howard


1i) Aubrey (beheaded on Tower Hill 20 Feb 1462); Apr 1460 Lady Anne Stafford ( 1472)


2i) John, 13th Earl of Oxford (8 Sep 1442-Hedingham Castle 10 Mar 1513); m.1st Lady Margaret Neville (d.after 20 Nov 1506); m.2nd 1508/9 Elizabeth, Lady Beaumont, née Scrope (d.26 Jun 1537)


3i) Sir George (d.1503); m.Margaret Stafford


1j) George (d.1498)


2j) John, 14th Earl of Oxford (14 Aug 1499-14 Jul 1526); m.Lady Anne Howard


3j) Dorothy (d.7 Feb 1527); m.John Nevill [later, Lord Latimer] (17 Nov 1493-London 2 Mar 1543)


4j) Elizabeth; m.Sir Anthony Wingfield (ca 1485-15 Aug 1552)


5j) Ursula (d.1560); m.1st George Windsor; m.2nd Sir Edmund Knightly


4i) Sir Richard; m.Margaret Percy


5i) Sir Thomas (d.1489)


6i) Mary


7i) Joan; m.Sir William Norris


8i) Elizabeth; m.?William Bourchier


2h) Robert; m.Joan, Lady Carew, née Courtenay


1i) John; m.Alice, Lady Courtenay, née Kilrington


1j) John, 15th Earl of Oxford (d.Colne 21 Mar 1540); m.1st 1493/4 Christian Foderingey; m.2nd 1507/9 Elizabeth Trussell


1k) John, 16th Earl of Oxford (ca 1516-3 Aug 1562); m.1st Holywell 3 Jul 1536 Lady Dorothy Neville (d.1545/7); m.2nd Belchamp St. Paul, Essex 1 Aug 1548 Margery Golding (d.Earls Colne 2 Dec 1568)


1l) [by 1st m.] Katherine (d.17 Jan 1600); m.Edward Windsor, 3rd Lord Windsor (d.Venice 24 Jan 1575)


2l) [by 2nd m.] Edward, 17th Earl of Oxford (Castle Hedingham 12 Apr 1550-King’s Hold, Hackney 24 Jun 1604); m.1st 19 Dec 1571 Anne Cecil (5 Dec 1556-Greenwich 5 Jun 1588); m.2nd 1591 Elizabeth Trentham (d.1612/3)


[by 1st m.]:


1m) a son (b.1583, d.aged 4 days)


2m) Elizabeth (2 Jul 1575-Richmond 10 Mar 1627); m.Greenwich 26 Jun 1594 William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby (d.29 Sep 1642)


3m) Bridget (6 Apr 1584-1630/1); m.1st Francis Norris, 2nd Lord Norris, of Rycote, 1st Earl of Berkshire (committed suicide at Rycote 29 Jan 1622); m.2nd Hugh Pollard (ca 1610-27 Nov 1666), who later suc his father as 2nd Baronet


4m) Susan (26 May 1587-1629); m.Whitehall 27 Dec 1604 Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery (d.London 23 Jan 1650)


[by 2nd m.]:


5m) Henry, 18th Earl of Oxford (24 Feb 1593-The Hague 1625); m.1 Jan 1624 Lady Diana Cecil (d.27 Apr 1654)


3l) [by 2nd m.] Mary ( 1624); m.1577/8 Peregrine Bertie, 13th Lord Willoughby de Eresby (d.Berwick 25 Jun 1601); m.2nd Sir Eustace Hart (d.18 Sep 1634)


2k) Aubrey; m.Margaret Spring


1l) Hugh; m.Eleanor Walsh


1m) Robert, 19th Earl of Oxford (k.a.Maestricht 7 Aug 1632); m.Beatrice van Hemmema


1n) Aubrey, 20th Earl of Oxford (London 28 Feb 1627-London 12 Mar 1703); m.1st London 18 Jun 1647 Hon. Anne Bayning (1 May 1637-dsp Tower of London 14 Sep 1659); m.2nd ca 1673 Diana Kirke (d.7 Apr 1719)


1o) Charles (d.young)


2o) Charlotte (d.young)


3o) Diana (d.15 Jan 1742); m.17 Apr 1694 Charles Beauclerk, Duke of St.Albans (London 8 May 1670-Bath 10 May 1726)


4o) Mary (ca 1681-1725)


5o) Henrietta (ca 1682-1730)


3k) Geoffrey; m.Elizabeth Hardkyn


1l) John, of Kisby Hall; m.Thomasine Porter


1m) John


2m) Robert


2l) Sir Francis (d.1609); m.Elizabeth Dent (bap 18 Oct 1591-bur 11 Feb 1656), later wife of Earl of Tullibardine


3l) Geoffrey


4l) Horatio, cr Lord Vere of Tilbury (1565-Whitehall 2 May 1635); m.Nov 1607 Mrs Mary Hoby, née Tracy (18 May 1581-Kirby Hall 25 Dec 1671)


1m) Elizabeth (d.Dec 1683); m.London 4 Sep 1626 John Holles, 2nd Earl of Clare (Haughton 13 Jun 1595-Haughton 2 Jun 1666)


2m) Mary (ca 1611-bur 18 Nov 1669); m.1st Sir Roger Townshend, Bt. (d.1 Jan 1637); m.2nd Hackney 21 Jun 1638 Mildmay Fane, 2nd Earl of Westmorland (24 Jan 1602-12 Feb 1666)


3m) Catherine; m.1st Hon. Oliver St.John; m.2nd John Poulett, 2nd Lord Poulett (ca 1615-15 Sep 1655)


4m) Anne (d.Nun Appleton 16 Oct 1665); m.20 Jun 1637 Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord Fairfax (17 Jan 1612-Nun Appleton 12 Nov 1671)


5m) Dorothy, bur 15 May 1688; m.John Wolstenholme (bap 27 Feb 1621-12 Sep 1669), eldest son of Sir John Wolstenholme, Bt.


5l) Frances; m.Sir Robert Harcourt


4k) Elizabeth; m.Thomas, Lord Darcy of Chiche (1506-Wyvenhoe 28 Jun 1558)


5k) Anne (bur 14 Feb 1572); m.1st before 31 Jan 1538 Edmund Sheffield, Lord Sheffield (22 Nov 1521-k.a.Norwich 31 Jul 1549); m.2nd John Brock


6k) Frances (d.30 Jun 1577); m.Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (executed 19 Jan 1547)


2g) John


3g) Alice; m.1st Gui d’Albon; m.2nd Sir John FitzLewes; m.3rd Nicholas Thorley


4f) John


5f) Margaret (d.15 Jun 1398); m.1st Henry, Lord Beaumont (d.17 Jun 1369); m.2nd Sir Nicholas Lovain (d.1375); m.3rd John Devereux, Lord Devereux (d.22 Feb 1393)


3d) Hugh, Lord Vere (1257/9-    ); m.Denise de Munchesny


4d) Joan; m.William de Warenne


5d) Laura (d.1292); m.Reginald de Argentin (d.1307/8)


2c) Aubrey


3c) Richard


4c) Margaret; m.Hugh de Cressi


5c) Maud


6c) Isabel; m.John de Courtenay


2b) Sir Henry, of Great Addington à issue


3a) William, Bp of Hereford (d.1199)


4a) Henry


5a) Adeliza


6a) Sarah