The Landgraves of Thuringia






   Thuringia was originally a small area between Saxony and Franconia with the large Thuringian forest along its southern border. There had originally been a distinct Thuringian people, but the territory had been amalgamated and assimiliated with Saxony. At the end of the 11th century Ludwig “with the beard” began accumulating various fiefs in the province, and his grandson was named Landgrave of Thuringia. The death of Heinrich Raspe set up a conflict between his nephews the Duke of Brabant and the [Wettin] Margrave of Meissen, the latter eventually gaining Thuringia, while the former received Hesse and adopted the old title of Landgrave.



   Ludwig "mit dem Barte", or "with the beard", was Graf in Thuringia and 1080; he left by his wife Cäcilie von Sangerhausen:


1a) Ludwig "der Salier", Graf von Schauenburg (d.6/8 May 1123; bur Reinhardsbrunn); m.1088 Adelheid (ca 1060-1110; bur Reinhardsbrunn), dau of Lothar-Udo von Stade Mkgf der Nordmark, and widow of Friedrich Gf von Goseck


1b) Hermann ( Burg Hammerstein as prisoner of Emperor Heinrich V 11 Jun 1114)


2b) Ludwig I, Landgrave of Thuringia (ca 1090-12 Jan 1140; bur Reinhardsbrunn); m.Hedwig von Gudensberg (d.1148; bur Reinhardsbrunn), heiress of an important part of Hesse, dau of Giso Gf von Gudensberg


1c) Ludwig II "the Iron", Landgrave of Thuringia (ca 1128-Neuenburg 14 Oct 1172; bur Reinhardsbrunn); m.1150 Jutta (d.7 Jul 1191; bur Reinhardsbrunn) dau.of Duke Friedrich II of Swabia


1d) Ludwig III, Landgrave of Thuringia, Pfalzgraf of Saxony (ca 1152-Cyprus 16 Oct 1190; bur Reinhardsbrunn); m.1st 1172 Margarete, dau.of Dietrich Gf von Kleve; m.2nd ca 1184 Sophia (d.5 May 1198) dau.of Pr Wolodar of Novgorod, and widow of King Waldemar of Denmark


1e) Jutta, d.after 6 Sep 1208; m.before 1190 Dietrich von Wettin, Graf von Groitzsch (d.1207)


2d) Hermann I, Landgrave of Thuringia, Pfalzgraf of Saxony (d.Burg Friedenstein nr Gotha 25 Apr 1217; bur Katharinenkloster, Eisenach); m.1st ca 1182 Sophie (d.1189/90) probably dau.of Friedrich Pfalzgraf von Sommerschenburg, and widow of Heinrich Gf von Wettin; m.2nd 1196 Sofie (d.10 Jul 1238; bur Katharinenkloster, Eisenach) dau.of Duke Otto I of Bavaria


[by 1st m.]:


1e) Jutta (ca 1183-Schleusingen 6 Aug 1235); m.1st Dietrich, Margrave of Meissen (d.17 Feb 1221); m.2nd Leipzig 3 Jan 1223 Poppo Gf von Henneberg (d.21 Aug 1245; bur Vessra)


2e) Hedwig, d.1247; m.1211 Albrecht Gf von Orlamünde (d.1227)


[by 2nd m.]:


3e) Hermann (b.before 1200, d.Eisenach 31 Dec 1216; bur Katharinenkloster, Eisenach)


4e) [St.] Ludwig IV, Landgrave of Thuringia (28 Oct 1200-Otranto 11 Sep 1227); m.1221 [St.] Elizabeth, Pss of Hungary (1207-1231; bur Marburg Elisabethkiche)


1f) Hermann II, Landgrave of Thuringia (Kreuzburg 28 Mar 1222-Kreuzburg 3 Jan 1241); m.1239 Helene (18 Mar 1223-6 Sep 1273; bur Franciscan Church, Wittenberg) dau.of Duke Otto of Braunschweig (and later wife of Duke Albrecht of Saxe-Wittenberg)


2f) Sophie (Wartburg 20 Mar 1224-29 May 1275; bur Villers, Brabant); m.1240 Duke Henry II of Brabant (d.1 Jan 1248)


3f) Gertrud, Abbess at Altenberg nr Wetzlar (1227-13 Aug 1297; bur Kl Altenberg)


5e) Heinrich Raspe, Landgrave of Thuringia (ca 1204-Wartburg 16 Feb 1247; bur Katharinenkloster, Eisenach); he was set up as anti-king to Friedrich II in 1246; m.1st Elisabeth (d.1237), dau of Mgve Albrecht of Brandenburg; m.2nd Wiener Neustadt Feb 1238 Gertrud (d.1241), dau.of Duke Leopold VI of Austria; m.3rd Kreuzburg/Werra 10 Mar 1241 Beatrix (ca 1225-11 Nov 1288; bur Abbaye de Marquette nr Lille) dau.of Duke Henry II of Brabant (and later wife of Guillaume de Ampierre)


6e) Konrad, Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights (ca 1204-Rome 24 Jul 1240; bur Marburg Elisabethkirche)


7e) Irmgard (ca 1197-ca 1244); 1211 Fst Heinrich I of Anhalt (d.1252)


8e) Agnes (ca 1204-before 1247; bur Heiligenkreuz); m.1st 1225 Duke Heinrich of Austria (d.3 Jan 1228); m.2nd Duke Albrecht I of Saxony (d.8 Nov 1260)


3d) Heinrich Raspe III, d.1180


4d) Friedrich Gf von Ziegenhain, d.after 5 Sep 1213; m.before 1186 Lukardis (d.after 1297), dau of Gozmar Gf von Ziegenhain


1e) Sophie, Gfn von Wildungen und Ziegenhain (d.after 26 Feb 1254); m.Burkhard, Burggrave of Magdeburg


2e) Judith, d.6 Oct 1220; m.Friedrich Gf von Brehna (d.1221)


5d) Jutta; m.Hermann Gf von Ravensburg (d.22 Apr 1221)


2c) Heinrich Raspe II, Graf von Gudensburg, d.1180


3c) Ludwig, Graf von Thamsbrück, d.1189


4c) Cäcilie; m.Duke Ulrich II of Bohemia (d.18 Oct 1177)


5c) Jutta; m.1153 King Wladislaw II of Bohemia


6c) Adelheid, Abbess in Eisenach, d.after 1140


7c) Mechtild; m.Dietrich von Ballenstedt (d.1176/83)


3b) Udo, 1125 Bp of Naumburg, drowned 1148


4b) Heinrich Raspe I (murdered 1130; bur Reinhardsbrunn); m.Kunigunde, dau of Rugger Gf von Bilstein, and widow of Giso Gf von Gudensberg


5b) Adelheid (ca 1087-1146); m.Ulrich Gf von Weimar (d.1112)


6b) Kunigunde, d.1118; m.Wichmann Gf in Sachsen


7b) Cäcilie, d.1141; m.Gerlach Gf von Veldenz


2a) Beringer Gf von Sangerhausen (d.before 25 Jul 1110; bur Sangerhausen); m.Bertrada (d.1145) dau.of Konrad Gf von Wettin


1b) Konrad Gf von Hohenstein, d.1145


2b) Kunigunde; m. Thimo von Wippra (d.1120)


3a) Hildegard; m.1st Poppo Gf von Henneberg (k.a.7 Aug 1078); m.2nd Timo von Nordeck


4a) Uta; m.Dietrich Gf von Linderbach


5a) Adelheid; m.Ludwig von Wippra