The family Stuart/Stewart and Fitzalan





Part 4



Dugald Stewart, 1st of Appin (see Part 1) had issue:


1a) Duncan, of Appin, d.9 Jul 1512/9Sep 1513


2a) Alan, of Appin, 1562; m.a dau of Alan Cameron of Lochiel


1b) Duncan, 10 Sep 1547; m.Lady Janet Gordon (d.after 1562)


1c) John, of Appin, 1595; m.1st Katharine Campbell; m.2nd a dau of Ian Macdonald of Clanranald


1d) [by 1st m.] Duncan, of Appin; m.a dau of Archibald Campbell of Lochnell


1e) Duncan, of Appin; m.a dau of Cameron of Lochiel


1f) Duncan, of Appin, 1685; m.Jean Campbell


1g) Margaret; m.Alexander Campbell, of Lochnell


2f) Alan; m.a dau of Maclean of Coll


1g) Robert, of Appin, 1739; m.1st Isabel Macleod; m.2nd Anne Campbell


[by 1st m.]:


1h) Duncan, d.young


2h) Mary; m.Lachlan Maclachlan of Maclachlan


3h) Anne; m.Alexander Macdonald of Glencoe


[by 2nd m.]:


4h) Dugald, of Appin, d.1769; he sold Appin 1765; m.Mary Mackenzie


1i) Anna, d.1772; m.David Loch, of Over Carnbee (d.1780)


5h) Jessie; m.Alexander Macdowell of Keppoch


3f) Donald


4f) a dau; m.Alexander Stewart of Invernahyle (below)


2d) John, of Ardsheal; m.Mary Macdonald


1e) Duncan, of Ardsheal; m.Anne Stewart (below)


1f) John, of Ardsheal; m.Anne Campbell


1g) John, of Ardsheal; m.Elizabeth Stewart (dau of Stewart of Ballechin)


1h) Charles, of Ardsheal, d.Sens 15 Mar 1757; m.1732 Isabel Haldane (28 Mar 1718-8 Apr 1782)


1i) a son


2i) a son


3i) Duncan, of Ardsheal, and from 1769 Chief of Clan Appin, d.1793; m.1767 Anne Erving


1j) Charles, of Ardsheal, Chief of Clan Appin, d.1844; m.Rebecca Sinclair


1k) Charles, of Ardsheal, Chief of Clan Appin (1805-23 Jan 1882)


2k) Annette; m.Robert Stewart


2j) John (3 Feb 1769-3 Feb 1832); m.2 Apr 1789 Sarah Leonard


1k) Duncan (3 Sep 1795-9 Feb 1861); m.Sarah Amelia Darrell


1l) John, 13th Chief of Clan Appin (11 Jan 1822-16 Nov 1890); m.4 Jan 1859 Anne Winslow (d.5 Jan 1907)


1m) Donald Charles (12 Dec 1859-13 Sep 1885)


2m) Robert Bruce, 14th Chief of Clan Appin (23 Apr 1863-19__); m.25 Aug 1932 Nora Peek Balance


3m) Allan Winslow, 15th Chief of Clan Appin (19 Apr 1865-19__); m.28 May 1919 Marjorie Descarrieres Balance


1n) Iain Allan Lorn (14 Feb 1920-19__)


2n) Sir Dugald Leslie Lorn, 16th Chief of Clan Appin (10 Sep 1921-1981)


3n) Fiona Marjorie, b.25 Apr 1924; m.B W M Young


4m) Haldane Campbell (28 Feb 1868-19__); m.3 Apr 1913 Elinor Dorothy Hunt


1n) Lorn Alistair, b.7 Nov 1917


2n) Jean Ellinor, b.17 Feb 1914


2l) Duncan (29 Jan 1825-12 Sep 1887); m.21 Apr 1863 Florence Emma Mackenzie


1m) Duncan Grant Mackenzie (18 Apr 1866-18 Aug 1929); m.NN


1n) Katherine


2m) Malcolm Mackenzie (29 Jun 1871-Sep 1933); m.20 Sep 1919 Elizabeth Smith


3m) Graeme Mackenzie (5 Nov 1877-19__); m.22 Sep 1914 Elizabeth Evans


1n) Duncan Bruce


4m) Florence Mackenzie


5m) Helen Mackenzie, d.1931


6m) Agnes Margaret Mackenzie


7m) Beatrice Lilian Mackenzie


3l) Leonard (7 Dec 1826-19 Jan 1894)


4l) James (24 Dec 1828-16 Mar 1879); m.1st 20 Dec 1859 Julia Bransom Reinagle (dsp); m.2nd 15 Sep 1866 Jane Bell


1m) Grace Gwendoline Haldane; m.19 Dec 1895 George Borrett


5l) Richard Darrell (25 Sep 1830-19 Sep 1865)


6l) Harvey Darrell (5 Aug 1835-20 Dec 1905)


7l) Rev Charles Edward (23 Oct 1839-25 Aug 1905); m.2 Aug 1881 Margaret Katherine Bird (d.9 Oct 1930)


1m) Rev Yorke Darrell (18 Jul 1882-19__)


2m) Duncan Lorne (16 Apr 1884-19__)


3m) Rev Philip Andrew (20 Mar 1886-19__); m.17 Jun 1925 Ruth Borrett


1n) Duncan Charles, b.8 May 1936


2n) Grace Margaret, b.13 Jun 1934


4m) Roger Papillon (14 Oct 1887-19__)


5m) Selwyn Charles (6 Jul 1889-9 Apr 1913)


6m) Olivia Margaret


8l) Sarah Darrell, d.11 Nov 1896; m.7 Sep 1841 A F W Papillon


9l) Frederica Harriet Papillon Leonard, d.20 May 1933


2k) Leonard


3k) James (17 Aug 1805-    ); m.12 Aug 1834 Margaret Emily Stewart


1l) James (19 Aug 1837-1 Nov 1874)


2l) Duncan John (1 Nov 1840-26 Apr 1885)


4k) Emily Clementina; m.10 Mar 1818 Edward Witherington


5k) Anne; m.12 Oct 1819 William Cumming


6k) Sarah Joanna; m.10 Apr 1827 Edward Winslow


3j) Rev James Haldane (1778-22 Oct 1854); m.Mary Dale


1k) William Cadogan


2k) Rev David Dale (1819-31 Jul 1900); m.8 Aug 154 Cecilia Raikes


3k) Rev James Haldane (1821-24 Feb 1879); m.22 May 1866 Emily Leveson-Gower


1l) Mary Emily Haldane


2l) Pamela Frances Haldane


3l) Anne Cecilia Diana


4l) Lilias Leveson Gower, d.1889


5l) Caroline Sophia Campbell; m.11 Jun 1903 Rt Rev Ernest Morell Blackie, Bp Suffragan of Grimsby


6l) Katherine Maria Gresham, d.1886


4k) Anne Erving


5k) Mary Dale


4j) William George Erving, of Lima, Peru


1k) a dau; m.Gen. Pacheco

2k) a dau

3k) a dau


5j) Anne; m.John M’Bak, of Balquidder


6j) Margaret; m.Duncan Stewart of Glenbuckie


7j) Charlotte; m.Charles Alexander Stewart


8j) Sophia; m.John Campbell


4i) a son

5i) a son

6i) a son

7i) a dau

8i) a dau

9i) a dau

10i) a dau


2h) John


3h) Anne; m.Alexander Stewart of Ballachulish


4h) Helan; m.Allan Cameron of Callart


5h) Isabel; m.Alexander Macdonald of Glencoe


6h) Margaret; m.John Glas Stewart, of Benmore


2g) Jessie; m.Macdonnell of Keppoch


2f) Alexander, k.a.1689; m.Isabel Stewart


1g) John, of Acharn; m.Ann Campbell


1h) a son


2h) John Glas Stewart, of Benmore, k.a.Culloden 16 Apr 1746; m.1st Margaret Stewart; m.2nd 1741 Catharine M’Nab


1i) [by 1st m.] John, of Glenbuckie (16 Mar 1730-17__); m.Mary Stewart of Glenbuckie


2i) [by 1st m.] Elizabeth, of Glenbuckie (16 Aug 1735-17__)


3i) [by 2nd m.] Duncan, of Glenbuckie (22 Aug 1744-1831); m.1st Susanna Campbell (dsp); m.2nd 1796 Margaret Stewart


1j) John Lorn, of Glenbuckie, which he sold 1847, and of Knockrioch, 1st of Coll (12 Jul 1800-3 Jul 1878); m.10 Nov 1831 Mary Campbell (d.13 Jun 1840)


1k) Duncan, of Knockrioch (28 Jun 1834-    ); m.1858 Margaret Ferooza McNeill


1l) Lorn McNeill (1859-26 Feb 1927)


2l) Archibald, infant


3l) Duncan Archibald, d.26 Dec 1928


4l) Charles Edward, of Coll, which he inherited from his cousin, William Tarratt Stewart (7 Nov 1869-4 Sep 1932); m.12 Mar 1924 Margaret Jemima Macdonald


5l) Florence, d.1933; m.1896 Norman Macalister (d.8 Dec 1932)


6l) Ferooza


7l) Elizabeth Mary


2k) Archibald Crawford (8 Nov 1835-27 Jul 1874)


3k) John Lorn Stewart, 2d of Coll (22 May 1837-11 Jun 1907)


4k) Mary; m.26 May 1865 Daniel Fox Tarratt (d.20 Apr 1888); their grandson William Tarratt Stewart inherited Coll 1907


5k) Helen; m.William Alexander Campbell


2j) Catharine MacNab (21 Aug 1798-Australia 13 Feb 1867); m.21 Dec 1820 Henry Paul; their grandson, Brig-Gen Ernest Moncreiff Paul Stewart, inherited Coll 1932


3f) a dau

4f) a dau

5f) a dau

6f) a dau


2e) a son

3e) a dau

4e) a dau

5e) a dau

6e) a dau


3d) a dau; m.Alan Cameron of Lochiel


2b) John, ancestor of the Stewarts of Strathgarry; the exact line here is muddy in Burke’s; in the article on the Stewart of Strathgarry Baronets they say the line goes from Donald Stewart, 5th of Invernahyle, described as son of Alan Stewart, 3rd of Appin; at any rate, a descendant of the Strathgarry line, Kenneth Dugald Stewart, was cr a Baronet in 1960


3b) Dugald, of Achnacone


1c) Donald, of Achnacone


1d) Dugald, of Achnacone


1e) Dugald, of Achnacone fl 1629


1f) Donald, of Achnacone fl 11 Jun 1657


1g) Dugald, of Achnacone fl 5 Apr 1712; m.1st Anne Stewart; m.2nd a dau of Stewart of Garth and Drumchary


1h) [by 1st m.] Donald, of Achnacone, d.1779; m.1st 1730 Mary Campbell; m.2nd 1746 Elizabeth Campbell


1i) [by 1st m.] Ann; m.Alexander Macdonald


2i) [by 2nd m.] Susannah (1746-    ); 1768 Alexander Stewart, of Achnacone (below)


2h) [by 1st m.] Alexander, k.a.Culloden 1746


1i) Alexander, of Achnacone, b.before 1746, 1827; 1768 his cousin Susannah Stewart (above)


1j) Alexander, b.1768, d.young in the West Indies


2j) Duncan, of Achnacone (1784-17 Jan 1850); m.23 Mar 1805 Mary Stewart (d.31 May 1820) dau of Duncan Stewart, of Inverlochy


1k) Alexander, of Achnacone (17 Feb 1809-5 Oct 1893); m.11 May 1844 Mary Montague Davidson (d.22 Nov 1874)


1l) Charles Montague Duncan, of Achnacone (10 Mar 1849-3 Apr 1924); m.3 Apr 1894 Amy Evelyn Bruce (d.6 Jun 1954)


2l) Alexander Kenneth, of Achnacone (30 Aug 1852-19__); m.1st 17 Apr 1884 Harriet Mary Low (d.19 Feb 1885); m.2nd 21 Jan 1891 Annie Longton


1m) Alexander Graham, b.13 Feb 1885, infant


2m) Alexander Dugald Lorn (5 Dec 1891-Dublin 9 Sep 1919)


3m) Ian MacAlister (17 Oct 1895-    )


3l) Arthur Fuljames (28 Jul 1854-12 Feb 1866)


4l) Montague MacDonnell (29 Apr 1856-12 Feb 1858)


5l) Douglas Grant (6 Mar 1862- 12 Sep 1933); m.14 May 1891 Florence Barret


1m) Douglas Macdonald, b.8 Apr 1892


6l) Kenneth Trevor (21 Oct 1864-21 Feb 1936); m.14 Feb 1903 Caroline Evelyn Puckle


1m) Charles John Raphael Barnewall, b.17 Jul 1904


2m) Donald Valentine Sebastian James, b.5 Feb 1914


3m) Margaret Cecilia Caroline Mary, b.26 Jun 1906


4m) Philippa Maria Dolores, b.7 Apr 1911


7l) Mary Maria Hay; m.16 Dec 1874 John Stuart, of Kishorn (d.6 Jun 1906)


8l) Annie Jane Borradaile, d.19 Apr 1936; m.1st 17 Jun 1882 George Herbert Dashwood Wilson (d.7 Jan 1892); m.2nd 10 Jun 1896 Frederick William Weller-Poley (d.2 Feb 1927)


2k) John (15 Sep 1810-    )


3k) Donald (31 Mar 1814-    )


4k) Charles Edward (23 Nov 1816-19 Feb 1868)


5k) Archibald (9 Nov 1818-1 Jul 1820)


6k) Mary Isabella (1806-    ); m.Alexander MacDonnell


7k) Jessie (1807-Mar 1823)


8k) Susan (1812-    ); m.Alexander Macdonald


9k) Christina (4 May 1815-21 Dec 1840); m.Thomas Beattie of Crieve and Glen Morven


3j) Isabel; m.Robert Oliver of Cullachy


4j) Susan; m.Rev Neil M’Coll of Minefield


5j) Nancy; m.Rev Donald M’Coll


6j) Robina


7j) Christina; m.N Mackintosh


3h) [by 1st m.] Duncan, k.a.Culloden 1746; m.Anne Stewart


1i) Alexander fl 1777; m.Elizabeth Stewart


1j) Duncan


2i) Donald fl 1777


4h) [by 1st m.] Allan, d.after 20 Nov 1766


1i) Ian


5h) [by 1st m.] Dugald


6h) [by 2nd m.] a dau; m.N Stuart (said to be of the Bute family)


1i) Dugald Stewart; m.Lillias, dau of John Stewart of Ballachulish


4b) James, ancestor of Stewart, of Fasnacloich


5b) Alexander, of Invernahyle, murdered nr Castle Stalker by a party headed by Green Colin, bro of Campbell of Dunstaffnage; m.Margaret Macdonald


1c) Donald, of Invernahyle; m.a dau of John Stewart of Banrannoch


1d) Duncan, of Invernahyle; m.1615 Margaret Campbell


1e) Alexander, of Invernahyle; m.a dau of Duncan Stewart of Appin; he had twelve sons, of whom:


1f) Donald, of Invernahyle; m.18 Jun 1657 Catherine Campbell


1g) Alexander, of Invernahyle; m.1st NN; m.2nd a dau of Macdonald of Fersid


1h) Duncan, of Invernahyle; m.Mary Campbell; his sixth son was:


1i) James; m.Robina Edmonstone


1j) John (10 Feb 1755-    )


1k) John (1795-28 Feb 1841); m.13 Sep 1819 Margaret Pettigrew


1l) Thomas Pettigrew Stewart (14 Jun 1820-7 Mar 1885); m.31 Aug 1869 Eliza Matheson (d.30 Aug 1874)


1m) John Matheson (22 Jun 1872-    ); m.NN; moved to Canada


2m) Angus Matheson, of Ardpatrick (12 Aug 1874-19__); m.18 Dec 1913 Vera Broke Balfour


1n) Dugald (2 Jan 1915-    )


2n) Alexander Balfour (30 Jan 1918-    )


3n) Angus John Archibald (16 Apr 1921-    )


4n) Katherine Bridget (23 Jul 1916-    )


3m) Agnes Campbell


2h) Anne; m.Dugald Stewart of Achnacone


2f) John, of the Lettershuna


1g) Anne; m.John Stewart, of Ardsheal


2g) Janet; m.A Stewart


6b) a dau; m.MacDonnell of Keppoch


7b) a dau; m.Maclean of Ardgour