Earls of Caithness; Lords Sinclair




Part 1



William Sinclair, lord of Roslin [Rosslyn], 1358; m.Isabella, dau and heiress of Malise, Earl of Strathearn, Orkney and Caithness


1a) Henry Sinclair, cr 1379 Earl of Orkney, 1400; m.Jean Halyburton


1b) Henry, 2nd Earl of Orkney, 1 Feb 1421; 17 Nov 1407 Jill, dau of Sir William Douglas of Nithsdale by Egidia=Jill, dau of King Robert II


1c) William, 3rd Earl of Orkney; cr 1449 Lord Sinclair; in 1470 he resigned the earldom of Orkney to the king of Scotland, having previously in 1455 been created Earl of Caithness; he 1479/80; he m.1st Elizabeth, dau of Archibald, Earl of Douglas [by Margaret, dau of King Robert III], and widow of Sir Thomas Stewart and of John Stewart, Earl of Buchan; m.2nd by 15 Nov 1456 Marjory Sutherland; m.3rd Janet Yeman; having resolved to disinherit his eldest son, in 1476 he resigned the Earldom of Caithness and it was re-granted to his younger son William, and the heirs male and female of that William’s body; he left the Rosslyn estates to his son Oliver; the Sinclair Barony, not having been resigned, went to his eldest son


[by 1st m.]:


1d) William, 2nd Lord Sinclair, d.soon after 14 Jul 1487; m.1458 Christian, dau of George Leslie, Earl of Rothes


1e) Henry, 3rd Lord Sinclair, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513; 4 Dec 1488 Margaret Hepburn (d.1542), sister of Earl of Bothwell


1f) William, 4th Lord Sinclair, d.1570; m.1st soon after 17 Apr 1524 Elizabeth Keith (d.after 24 Nov 1549), dau of Earl Marischal, and widow of Master of Oliphant; m.2nd ? Agnes [or Mariota] Bruce


1g) Henry, 5th Lord Sinclair (1527/8-21 Oct 1601); m.1st ca Jun 1547 Janet (d.8 Apr 1569), dau of Lord Lindsay of the Byres; m.2nd Elizabeth (10 Nov 1545- fl 1607 ), dau of Lord Forbes


[by 1st m.]:


1h) James, Master of Sinclair, d.9 May 1593; m.1577 Lady Isabel Leslie, dau of Earl of Rothes


1i) Henry, 6th Lord Sinclair (Mar 1581-1602)


2i) James, 7th Lord Sinclair, d.1607


3i) Patrick, 8th Lord Sinclair, d.1615/7; m.Margaret Cockburn


1j) John. 9th Lord Sinclair (bap 29 Oct 1610-10 Nov 1674); m.1631 Lady Mary Wemyss (bur 1 Jul 1657)


1k) Catherine, Mistress of Sinclair, d.13 Jul 1666; m.Glasgow 15 Apr 1659 John St.Clair, of Herdmanston


1l) Henry St.Clair, 10th Lord Sinclair (bap 3 Jun 1660-bur 14 Mar 1723); m.30 Dec 1680 Barbara Cockburn; he inherited the estates of his maternal grandfather, and probably was entitled to the Barony, if it descended to heirs general; he was granted a charter in 1677 creating him Lord Sinclair, with the old precedency, with remainder to his brother John, and then to his paternal uncles Robert, George and Matthew and their heirs male; on his death the title became dormant because his son and heir had been attainted in 1715


1m) John St.Clair, Master of Sinclair, attainted 1715 (bap 5 Dec 1683-Dysart 2 Nov 1750); m.1st Lady Margaret Stewart, Dowager Css of Southesk (d.Edinburgh 22 Jul 1747); m.2nd Arnhall 24 Apr 1750 Amelia Murray (17 May 1732-Marlee 24 Apr 1777)


2m) James St.Clair, d.Dysart 30 Nov 1762; m.Janet, Lady Baird, ne Dalrymple (31 Mar 1698-8 Jan 1766); he would have been 11th Lord Sinclair but for his brother’s attainder; he bought the estates of Rosslyn, etc., which he entailed on the heirs male of his sisters; on his death, the Sinclair Barony, because of the 1677 Charter, went to his paternal cousin, who was not descended from the preceding Barons, and the claim of these paternal cousins was eventually recognized by the House of Lords; to the extent that the heirs named in the 1677 Charter could not have superseded the original heirs of line, the Barony never having been resigned, the heirs of line are shown below


3m) William Sinclair, d.1762; note: this son is not mentioned in Burke’s Peerage, but is in the Extinct Peerage and LG, and in Scots Peerage; in the LG he is not given a wife, so apparently his issue is illegitimate; if they were not, presumably they would have inherited the claims to the title Lord Sinclair


4m) David, d. Aix-la-Chapelle 1712


5m) Henry, d.1756


6m) Matthew, d.1747


7m) Grizel St.Clair, d.22 Aug 1737; m.John Paterson of Preston Hall, nephew of Sir William Paterson, Bt.


1n) James Paterson, later St.Clair, d.1789; inherited Rosslyn which he left to his Erskine cousin; he may have been entitled to suc 1782 to the 1687 Paterson Baronetcy but never claimed the title


2n) Margaret Paterson; m1744 John Thomson


1o) Rachel Thomson, dsp; m. ___ Macdonald


2o) Grizel-Maria Thomson,; m.John Anstruther; any claim to the original Sinclair Barony, if it descended to heirs general, descended to her issue, it never having been resigned, in spite of the 1677 charter


8m) Catherine St.Clair (14 Jan 1685- ); m.Sir John Erskine, of Alva, 3rd Bt. (ca 1673-12 Mar 1739); her son inherited Rosslyn


9m) Mary [Margaret?] St.Clair, d.23 Oct 1756; m.Sir William Baird, Bt. (bap 12 Nov 1654-17 Feb 1737)


10m) Elizabeth St.Clair, d.1721; m.David Wemyss, 4th Earl of Wemyss (bap 29 Apr 1678-15 Mar 1720)


11m) Ann


2l) John


2j) Henry, d.Dysart 5 Sep 1670


4i) Catherine


5i) Margaret [Mary?]; m.William Sinclair, Master of Caithness, Lord Berriedale (below); note that Cokayne, sub Caithness says Lord Berriedale m. Mary, dau of 3rd Lord Sinclair, but this is impossible from the dates


2h) Patrick; m.Catherine Boswell issue, extinct in male line 1710


3h) Sir Andrew, d.1625; m.Kirstine Kaas issue


4h) Magnus


5h) Helen, 19 Mar 1580; m.Andrew Kinninmount of Kinninmount


[by 2nd m.]:


6h) Henry, bur 17 May 1589


7h) Laurence; m. NN


8h) William, k. at Ostend 1608


9h) Elizabeth, d.Oct 1654; m.1597 Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy, Bt. (d.23 Jun 1631)


10h) Jane


11h) Barbara


2g) [ex 1] Margaret


3g) [ex 2] Magnus, d.Dysart 16 Jul 1586; m.Marion Bruce (d.Jul 1575)



2f) Catherine, 1526; m.Sir David Wemyss of Wemyss


3f) Helen, d.1552/62; m.James Ogilvy, 4th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie (d.1547/8)


4f) Jean, 1562; m.Alexander Lindsay, Master of Crawford (d.shortly before 5 Jul 1542)


5f) Agnes, d.1572/5; m.1533/4 (div 1543) Patrick Hepburn, 3rd Earl of Bothwell (d.Sep 1556); they were parents of the third husband of Queen Mary


6f) Elizabeth


7f) [illegitimate] Rev. William, 1585 issue


2e) Sir William, 13 May 1527; m.Helen Gordon issue


3e) Magnus


4e) Elizabeth; m.John Glendonwyn


2d) Katherine; m.(div 1478) Alexander Stewart, Duke of Albany (ca 1454-1485)


[by 2nd m.]:


3d) Sir Oliver; ancestor of a line of Sinclairs [or St.Clairs] of Rosslyn, until Sir William Sinclair of Rosslyn resigned Rosslyn in 1652 to another line of Sinclairs or St. Clairs, very distantly related; eventually it passed through the Lords Sinclair to the Erskines and St.Clair-Erskines, who became Earls of Rosslyn


4d) William, 1476 2nd Earl of Caithness [upon his father’s resignation and the re-grant of the title], k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513; m.Mary Keith


1e) John, 3rd Earl of Caithness, k.a.Stenness 18 May 1529; m.Elizabeth Sutherland


1f) William, infant


2f) George, 4th Earl of Caithness, d.Edinburgh 9 Sep 1582; m.Lady Elizabeth Graham


1g) John, Master of Caithness, d.1573; m.1565/7 Lady Jean Hepburn, dau of Earl of Bothwell and widow of Lord Darnley


1h) George, 5th Earl of Caithness (1566-Caithness Feb 1643); m.soon after 29 Jul 1585 Lady Jean Gordon


1i) William, dvp afyer Sep 1623, Master of Caithness, called Lord Berriedale [the family adopted the Berriedale title though there seems no record of it ever being legally created]; m.Mary [or Margaret], dau of Lord Sinclair (above)


1j) John, Master of Berriedale, d.Sep 1639; m.1633/4 Lady Jean Mackenzie (d.31 Mar 1648)


1k) George, 6th Earl of Caithness, d.Thurso Castle May 1676; m.Roseneath 22 Sep 1657 Lady Mary Campbell; he granted his lands and honors to Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy, who in fact was cr Earl of Caithness in 1677 and married the 6th Earl’s widow; this Campbell earl later relinquished the title and was cr Earl of Breadalbane and Holland after the 6th Earl’s heir male was declared to be 7th Earl of Caithness in 1681


2k) James, d.young


3k) William, d.young


2i) Francis; m.Hon. Elizabeth Fraser


1j) George, 7th Earl of Caithness [probably legally in 1677 and then confirmed 1681], d.Keiss 1698


2j) Jane; m.Sir James Sinclair of Mey, 3rd Bt. (below)


3i) John, k.a. Neumarkt 1632


4i) Elizabeth; 1621 George Lindsay, 14th Earl of Crawford (murdered in 1633)


[?5i) Isabel; John Mackay, 2nd Lord Reay, is said to have m.1636 Isabel, dau of George, Earl of Caithness; if true, her father must have been the 5th Earl, but she seems slightly too old to be the right one; Scots Peerage also mentions this marriage and parentage, sub Reay, but lists no such daughter sub Caithness]


6i) [illegitimate] Francis issue


7i) [illegitimate] John


2h) James, of Murchill; m.1st Elizabeth, dau of Robert Stewart, Earl of Orkney; m.2nd Mrs Grizel Dunbar, ne Crichton; issue was by 1st m.


1i) Sir James, of Murchill; m.1st Margaret Dundas (dsp); m.2nd Jean Stewart, niece of 1st Earl of Galloway


1j) John, 8th Earl of Caithness, d.1705; m.Jean Carmichael


1k) Alexander, 9th Earl of Caithness, d.Haimer Castle 9 Dec 1765; m.Durham 15 Feb 1738 Lady Margaret Primrose (d.7 Oct 1785)


1l) Dorothea (4 Apr 1739-Hermitage House, nr Leith 30 Sep 1818); m.Edinburgh 5 Jun 1759 James Duff, 2nd Earl of Fife (28 Sep 1729-24 Jan 1809)


2k) John, d.Edinburgh 5 Jun 1755; m.Lady Anne Mackenzie (d.21 Oct 1740)


3k) Francis, d.2 Mar 1762; m.Janet Morrison


4k) Archibald


5k) Janet, d.1720; m.1714 David Sinclair (d.1760)


2j) David, 1716; m.1st ___ Sinclair; m.2nd Jun 1700 Janet Ewing


1k) [ex 1] James, 1754


2k) [ex 1] Elizabeth; m.NN


3k) [ex 2] a son, born before marriage, d. an infant


4k) David (Feb 1701-ca 1760); m.21 Oct 1744 Margaret More [or McKay]


1l) James, d.11 Jan 1788; he claimed the earldom after the death of the 9th Earl, but the earldom was awarded to a more distant cousin, as below, apparently because James’ father David was believed to have been born a bastard, though legitimized by subsequent marriage; it is not at all clear that David had been born a bastard, though, and possibly James’ claim to the title should have been recognized


4k) Donald, d.1768; his identity is unsure; he left issue who made no claim to the earldom


3j) Jean


4j) Mary; m.1st George Sinclair of Forss; m.2nd William Sutherland


5j) Anne; m.Alexander Sinclair of Stemster


6j) Barbara; m.James Cunningham


7j) Katherine; m.Walter Innes


2i) Francis; m.1621 Janet Sutherland


1j) James


3i) Agnes; m.John Mackay


4i) Elizabeth; m.1613 Sir John Lucas


3h) Sir John, 21 Dec 1627; m.Janet Sutherland


1i) William, drowned ca 1618


2i) Alexander, 1623


3i) John, 1634


4i) James, of Ratter; m.Janet Bruce


1j) William, of Ratter; m.1st 1642 Elizabeth, dau of Sinclair of Ulbster; m.2nd Mrs Jean Sinclair, ne Cunningham


1k) [ex 1] John, of Ratter, d.1714; m.Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Sinclair of Mey


1l) John, of Ratter, d.3 Dec 1733; m.Janet Sinclair


1m) John, of Ratter, d.Edinburgh 1734


2m) Jacobina (bap 9 Apr 1717- )


3m) William, 10th Earl of Caithness (2 Apr 1727-Edinburgh 29 Nov 1779); his right to the earldom was declared in 1772; he m.Barbara Sinclair (d.Bath 20 Feb 1793)


1n) John, 11th Earl of Caithness, suicide in London 8 Apr 1789


2n) William, d.New York 23 Oct 1776


3n) James fl 1775


4n) Alexander, d.young


5n) David, d.young


6n) Isabella


7n) Janet, d.29 Mar 1806; m.31 Jul 1784 James Traill; they inherited Ratter [Rattar]


2l) William, of Freswick, d.1769; m.Katherine Sutherland


1m) John, of Freswick, dsps 1784; m.1st Margaret Dalrymple; m.2nd Margaret Moray


1n) William, dvp


2n) a dau


2m) Jean; m.Alexander Sinclair of Barrock


3m) a dau


3l) Barbara; m.John Sinclair of Forss


4l) Frances; m.James Sinclair, of Latheron (below)


5l) Margaret; m.1st Alexander Sinclair of Brabster; m.2nd Alexander Gibson


6l) Katharine; m.George Manson


2k) [ex 2] James, of Freswick


3k) [ex 2] Robert, of Freswick, d,by 1696


4k) [ex 2] David, of Freswick, d.1712; m.1st 1695 Barbara, dau of Sir William Sinclair of Mey; m.2nd 1702 Sophia Stewart


5k) [ex 2] Anne; m.1st Robert Sinclair, of Durran (below); m.2nd John Campbell


6k) [ex 2] Janet; m.John Sinclair of Ulbster


2j) John


3j) Janet; m.Walter Bruce


4j) Margaret; m.1655 John Smith


5j) Elizabeth; m.William Bruce


5i) Francis


6i) Thomas


7i) Elizabeth; m.John Cunningham


4h) Marie; m.Sir John Home


2g) William, of Mey, k.1573 by his older brother; he had illegitimate issue by Margaret Mowat:


1h) Patrick, acquired Ulbster from the 5th Earl of Caithness


2h) John, of Ulbster; m.1st Jean Chisholm (d.1614); m.2nd Katherine, dau of Robert Stewart, Earl of Orkney issue, the Sinclairs of Ulbster, later Baronets and now Viscounts Thurso


3g) George, of Mey, d.1616; 1583 Margaret, dau of Lord Forbes


1h) Sir William, of Mey, 1643; m.1600 Katherine Ross (d.5 Jul 1603)


1i) Sir James, of Mey and Canisbay, cr Baronet 1631 [with remainder to heirs male whatsoever], d.20 Apr 1662; m.1628 Elizabeth Leslie; for his issue see Part 2, below


2h) Sir John, of Dunbeath, said to have been created Baronet 1631, though there seems no proof of that, 1650; m.1st by 31 Jul 1634 Christian Mowat; m.2nd Catherine (1619- ), dau of Lord Lovat 3 daus by 1st m., of whom:


1i) Margaret; m.Hugh Rose of Kilravock


3h) Alexander, of Latheron, 1638; m.Jean Cunningham; for his issue see Part 3, below


4h) Janet; m.Walter Innes


5h) Margaret; m.1608 Alexander Sinclair of Forss


6h) Barbara; m.1610 Alexander Keith of Pittendrum


7h) Elizabeth; m.William Dunbar of Hempriggs


8h) Anne


4g) David


5g) Barbara [or Beatrix]; 1567 (div 1572) Alexander Gordon, 12th Earl of Sutherland (1552-6 Dec 1594)


6g) Elizabeth; m.1st Alexander Sutherland of Duffus; m.2nd Huistean Mackay (d.11 Sep 1614)


7g) Margaret, 1604; m.1579 William Sutherland of Duffus (d.1616)


8g) Barbara; m.Alexander Innes of Innes


9g) Agnes, d.6 Nov 1619; 1581 Andrew Hay, 8th Earl of Erroll (d.8 Oct 1585)


10g) Janet; m.Robert Munro of Foulis; she is not listed in Scots Peerage


11g) [illegitimate] Henry; probably ancestor of Sinclair of Lybster


3f) Janet; m.Alexander Ross of Balnagown


4f) [illegitimate[ David; m.Margaret Calder of Dun


1g) John, of Dun issue

2g) William, of Forss issue

3g) Alexander

4g) Henry

5g) John

6g) George

7g) David


2e) Alexander, of Dunbeath; m.Elizabeth Innes


1f) William; m.twice issue, 5 sons, now extinct


2f) Oliver


3f) Isabel; m.Gilbert Gordon of Gorty


3e) [illegitimate] William, legitimated 1543


5d) Alexander


6d) George


7d) Robert


8d) Arthur


9d) Eleanor; 19 Apr 1475 John Stewart, Earl of Athol (d.15 Sep 1512)


10d) Marian [Elizabeth?]; m.Sir John Houstoun, of Houstoun


11d) Margaret; m.David Boswell of Balmuto


12d) Elizabeth [Marjory?], d.1508; m.Sir Andrew Leslie, Master of Rothes ( 3 Aug 1473); she is not listed in Scots Peerage


13d) Sir David; listed in Burke’s Extinct Peerage, but Scots Peerage says he was undoubtedly illegitimate


14d) John, Bishop of Caithness; listed in Burke’s Extinct Peerage, but per Scots Peerage there is no real record of him, and if he existed he might be illegitimate


[?2c) Beatrix; 7 Mar 1426 James Douglas, 7th Earl of Douglas and Earl of Avondale (d.1443); note that it is uncertain whether she was dau of 1st or 2nd Earl of Orkney


2b) John


3b) William


4b) Elizabeth; m.Sir John Drummond of Stobhall, brother of Annabella, wife of Robert III


5b) Mary; m.Thomas Somerville


6b) Jean; m.Sir John Forester


7b) Marjory; m.David Menzies of Weem


[?8b) Beatrix; 7 Mar 1426 James Douglas, 7th Earl of Douglas; note that some genealogies have her as dau of 2nd Earl of Orkney, as above; Cokayne says that it is uncertain which one was her father]






Part 2



Sir James Sinclair, of Mey and Canisbay, cr Baronet 1631 [with remainder to heirs male whatsoever], d.20 Apr 1662 (see Part 1, above); m.1628 Elizabeth Leslie


1a) Sir William, 2nd Bt., 1685; m.1648 Lady Margaret Mackenzie


1b) Sir James, 3rd Bt. ( fl 1704, 1710? ); m.Lady Jane Sinclair (above)


1c) Sir James, 4th Bt. ( 1730?); m.Hon. Mary Sutherland


1d) Sir James, 5th Bt. (26 Apr 1715-4 Oct 1760); m.Nov 1735 Margaret Sinclair


1e) Sir John, 6th Bt., d.26 Mar 1774 [per Burke’s; Cokayne says Apr 1774]; m.Hon. Charlotte Sutherland


1f) Sir James, 7th Bt., suc 1789 as 12th Earl of Caithness (Barrogill Castle 31 Oct 1766-Barrogill Castle 16 Jul 1823); m.Thurso Castle 2 Jan 1784 Jean Campbell (d.Edinburgh 2 Apr 1853)


1g) Janet, d.24 Feb 1867; m.10 May 1805 James Buchanan, of Ardenconnel (26 Jan 1776-21 Dec 1860); parents of Sir Andrew Buchanan, Bt.


2g) Helen (22 Sep 1786-Barrogill Castle 1 Oct 1803)


3g) John, Lord Berriedale (20 Jul 1788-Barrogill Castle 1 Jun 1802)


4g) Alexander, 13th Earl of Caithness (Barrogill Castle 24 Jul 1790-Edinburgh 24

Dec 1855); m.Mortlake, Surrey 22 Nov 1813 Frances Harriet Leigh (Edinburgh 23 Aug 1854)


1h) James, 14th Earl of Caithness (Edinburgh 16 Dec 1821-New York 28 Mar 1881); m.1st London 17 Jul 1847 Louisa Georgiana (27 Feb 1827-Barrogill Castle 31 Jul 1870), dau of Sir George Richard Philips, 2nd Bt.; m.2nd Edinburgh 6 Mar 1872 Marie, Dss de Pomar, ne de Mariategui (1830-Paris 3 Nov 1895)


1i) Fanny Georgiana Elizabeth (26 Oct 1854-11 Oct 1883)


2i) George Philips Alexander, 15th Earl of Caithness (London 30 Nov 1858-Edinburgh 28 May 1889)


2h) William Leigh Canning (1825-3 Jan 1834)


3h) Alexander Eric George (20 May 1827-21 Aug 1857)


5g) Charlotte Anne (11 Mar 1792-7 Apr 1854); m.20 May 1810 Alexander Murray M’Gregor (d.18 Jul 1822)


6g) James (24 Oct 1797-18 Jan 1856); m.1818 Elizabeth Tritton (d.Jan 1856)


7g) Patrick Campbell (14 Jul 1800-13 Mar 1834); m.Isabella M’Gregor (1804-3 Mar 1853)


8g) Eric George (19 Aug 1801-26 Sep 1829)


9g) John (4 Jul 1808-8 Jan 1861); m.22 Oct 1833 Maria Petronella Church

(d.26 Feb 1878)


2f) Margaret, d.Darkland 1803, aged 36; m.1 Sep 1782 Rev William Leslie, of Balnageith


2e) William; m.Elizabeth Sinclair


1f) John, k.a.Waterloo 18 Jun 1815


2f) Williamina


2d) William


3d) Kenneth


4d) Margaret


2c) Margaret [Barbara?]; m.Francis Sinclair


2b) George (2 Aug 1653- ); m.Margaret Moncreiff


1c) Margaret (15 Nov 1687- )


3b) Elizabeth; m.John Sinclair of Ratter (above)


4b) Barbara; m.David Sinclair of Freswick (above)


5b) Mary (29 Mar 1660- )


2a) John, dspl


3a) Robert, of Durran; m.Anne, dau of William Sinclair of Ratter (above)


1b) John, of Durran, d.1728; m.Elizabeth Sinclair


1c) Robert, d.1725


2c) John, d.1727


3c) James, of Durran, d.1793; m.1st 1744 Elizabeth Dunbar; m.2nd Dorothea Bruce


[by 1st m.]:


1d) James (bap 19 Jul 1745, d.young)


2d) Patrick, of Durran (bap 26 Jun 1747-1794); m.Anne Sutherland


1e) Patrick, d.young


2e) James, k.a.21 Jul 1801


3e) Catherine, of Durran, d.1849; m.John Worth


3d) George (bap 11 Feb 1749-6 Dec 1779); m.19 Sep 1775 Elizabeth Sutherland


1e) John Sutherland (1778-12 Apr 1841); m.1st 22 Jun 1802 Mariane Gamble; m.2nd 23 Jan 1817 Frances Ramsay (d.20 Jan 1823); m.3rd 13 Oct 1824 Euphemia Buchan [she was in her issue heiress to Buchan of Auchmacoy] (27 Dec 1798-19 Dec 1872)


[by 1st m.]:


1f) George Sutherland (2 Nov 1803-16 Jan 1834)


2f) John (6 Feb 1803 [per Burke’s 1914, but must be wrong]-22 Jun 1828)


3f) Francis Sutherland (28 Aug 1809-1809)


4f) Elizabeth Isabella, d.18 Jun 1815


[by 2nd m.]:


5f) Mary Norman, d.28 Nov 1880


6f) Davidona Frances Stewart, d.young


7f) Amelia Anne, d.9 Dec 1863; m.Robert Ellis Dudgeon


[by 3rd m.]:


8f) James Augustus, 16th Earl of Caithness (31 May 1827-London 20 Jan 1891);

m.Aberdeen 27 Apr 1855 Janet MacLeod (23 Sep 1829-London 5 Feb 1906)


1g) John Sutherland, 17th Earl of Caithness (Aberdeen 17 Sep 1857-30 May 1914)


2g) Norman MacLeod, later took surname Buchan of Auchmacoy, 18th Earl of Caithness (4 Apr 1862-25 Mar 1947); m.21 Dec 1893 Lilian Higford (d.11 Aug 1933)


1h) Olivia BUCHAN, 17th of Auchmacoy (15 Oct 1894-13 Dec 1973); m.6 Oct 1920 Stephen Lloyd Trevor (d.22 Jan 1959)


1i) David William Sinclair Buchan, 18th of Auchmacoy (18 Sep 1929-16 Jul 2015); m.8 Feb 1961 Hon. Blanche Susan Scott-Ellis issue


2h) Diana (21 Apr 1898-27 Apr 1963)


3h) Lucy (27 Feb 1902-18 Dec 2002); m.27 Feb 1928 Sir Thomas Innes of

Learney (26 Aug 1893-16 Oct 1971)


4h) Teresa (27 Feb 1902-22 Nov 1904)


5h) Augusta Lilian (29 Jan 1910-17 Apr 1988)


3g) Rev. Charles Augustus (11 May 1865-9 Mar 1944); m.25 Oct 1899 Mary

Ann Harman (d.22 Nov 1938)


1h) Janet (14 Oct 1900-19__); m.29 Apr 1931 Rev Noel Braithwaite Chard

(d.28 Nov 1936)


2h) Nicola Marianne (5 Apr 1904-1975); m.27 Sep 1928 John Vernon Morley (14 Dec 1901-1976)


3h) James Roderick, 19th Earl of Caithness (29 Sep 1906-8 May 1965); m.1st 29 Apr 1933 Grizel Margaret Miller-Cunningham (d.2 Sep 1943); m.2nd 17 Aug 1946 Madeleine Gabrielle de Pury (d.1990)


1i) Jean Elizabeth (11 Feb 1936- ); m.3 Jun 1961 David Peere Williams-Freeman


2i) Margaret Nicola (11 Sep 1937-26 Feb 2021); m.1st 29 Aug 1959 David Colin Kirkwood Brown; m.2nd 9 Jul 1983 John James Maxwell Glasse (d.15 Nov 2015)


3i) Fiona Catharine (27 Oct 1941- ); m.10 Jan 1969 Michael Stephen Whitfield (b.28 Jun 1941)


4i) Bridget Sarah (18 May 1947-23 Apr 2011); m.1976 Nicholas Anthony Oppenheim


5i) Malcolm Ian, 20th Earl of Caithness, b.3 Nov 1948; m.9 Jan 1975 Diana Caroline Coke (11 Jan 1953-8 Jan 1994)


1j) Iona Alexandra, b.1978; m.20 Sep 2014 Alexander J F Garton


2j) Alexander James Richard, Lord Berriedale, b.26 Mar 1981


4h) Margaret Alison (29 Nov 1910-23 Sep 1997)


5h) Euphemia Meredith (22 Oct 1915-18 Feb 2000)


4g) George Arthur (28 Apr 1874-29 Jul 1934); m.30 Mar 1921 Gerda Andren

(d.28 Nov 1965)


5g) Margaret Helen, d.13 May 1926


6g) Euphemia Wilhelmina, d.11 Jan 1941


7g) Meredith Isabel, d.11 Dec 1959


8g) Mary Jessie, d.22 Jan 1945


9f) Thomas Buchan (21 Feb 1829-30 Apr 1838)


10f) Charles Home (4 Mar 1837-12 Aug 1910); m.23 Apr 1868 Mary Louisa Paton (d.11 Jan 1917)


1g) Euphemia Helen (26 Feb 1873-9 Apr 1945); m.7 Feb 1907 Horace Adrian Duncan


2g) Mary Esm (4 Feb 1875-7 Dec 1949); m.27 Aug 1921 Thomas Edward Holman (d.16 Nov 1942)


11f) Euphemia Margaret, d.12 Oct 1836


12f) Nicola Helen Meredith, d.24 Nov 1855


4d) Robert, d.Bombay 1793


5d) Margaret (bap 19 May 1744- ); m.Patrick Honyman, of Graemsay


6d) Catherine; m.1788 Alexander Robertson, of Bishopmiln


7d) Elizabeth; m.1775 William Robertson


[by 2nd m.]:


8d) John, 1789


4c) George


5c) Jean, d.1819; m.1793 James Sinclair-Sutherland


2b) Anne; m.? James Sutherland; m.? John Sinclair, of Barrock; note: BP, sub Caithness, has her marrying James Sutherland only; however, sub S. of Dunbeath, BP has John S of Barrock marrying Anne, dau of Robert S of Durran; if so, then she is ancestress of the Sinclair Baronets of Dunbeath from 1842


4a) George, of Olrig; m.Elizabeth Sinclair


1b) Alexander, of Olrig, a duel 1710; m.Katherine Budge


1c) Donald, of Olrig; m.Finella Sinclair


1d) Charles, of Olrig; m.Hon. Elizabeth Sutherland


1e) Donald, of Olrig, d.9 Mar 1772


2e) Finella, of Olrig; m.Archibald Cullen


3e – 4e) 2 more daus


5a) Anne, d.1699; m.Sir George Mackenzie of Tarbat, Earl of Cromartie (1630-New Tarbat 27 Aug 1714)


6a) Elizabeth,d.1722; m.Sir William Sinclair of Dunbeath (above)





Part 3


Alexander Sinclair, of Latheron, 1638 (see Part 1); m.Jean Cunningham


1a) William, of Dunbeath, d.1690; m.1656 Elizabeth Sinclair (above)


1b) son, dvp


2b) John, of Latheron; m.Isabel Mackenzie


1c) James, of Latheron, d.1775; m.1728 Frances Sinclair (above)


1d) James, of Latheron, d.1788


3b) William, d.1699; m.Mrs Helen Mackay, ne Munro


4b) Sir James, of Dunbeath, cr Baronet 1704 [with remainder to heirs male forever], d.28 Sep 1742 [per Cokayne; Burke’s says 28 Dec 1742]; m.1st Isabel Muir; m.2nd Isabel Lumsden


1c) [ex 1] Sir William, 2nd Bt., d.Edinburgh 2 Aug 1767; m.Charlotte, dau of Hon. James Sutherland, later Dunbar; he sold Dunbeath to William Sinclair of Freswick


1d) Alexander, dvp; m.Hon. Elizabeth Sutherland


1e) Sir Alexander, 3rd Bt., d.on passage from Jamaica to Malaga 1786


2c) [ex 1] Sir Benjamin, 4th Bt., d.Edinburgh 26 Oct 1796; m.Jean Sinclair


1d) Sir John, 5th Bt., d.1 Oct 1842; m.1st Fort St. George, Madras 8 Dec 1802 Mary Anne Notley (d.Seringapatam Oct 1806); m.2nd 1825 Sarah Charlotte Carter (d.Edmonton, Middlesex 26 Dec 1866)


1e) Jane, d.Oct 1892; m.Patrick Wallace


2d – 3d) daus


3c) [ex 2] Jean; m.Robert Campbell (10 Feb 1726-1782)


5b) Jean; m.1682 Sir George Sinclair of Clyth


6b) Catherine; m.Sir Patrick Dunbar, of Northfield, 3rd Bt. (1677-5 Apr 1763)


2a) John, of Brabster; m.Elizabeth, dau of Sinclair of Ulbster


1b) Alexander, of Brabster; m.Margaret, dau of John Sinclair of Ratter


1c) George, of Brabster; m.Janet Sutherland


1d) Anne; m.1762 Robert Sutherland


3a) George, of Barrock; m.1st Anne Dunbar; m.2nd Mrs Elizabeth Innes, ne Murray; m.3rd Elizabeth Cumming


1b) [ex 1] John, of Barrock; m.1st Anne, dau of Robert Sinclair of Durran; m.2nd Janet Dunbar


1c) [ex 1] Alexander, of Barrock; m.Jean, dau of William Sinclair of Freswick


1d) John, of Barrock; m.Anne Longmire


1e) Sir John, 6th Bt. (Penrith 16 Sep 1794-Edinburgh 21 Apr 1873); m.Jul 1821 Margaret Learmonth (d.Edinburgh 29 Nov 1879)


1f) John (2 May 1822-k.a. Jhansi 5 Apr 1858)


2f) Alexander Young (16 Feb 1824-3 Feb 1871); m.26 Jun 1861 Margaret Crichton Alston (d.12 Mar 1909)


1g) Sir John Rose George SINCLAIR OF BARROCK later of DUNBEATH, 7th Bt. (10 Aug 1864-3 Nov 1926); m.7 Jan 1885 Edith Dunbar (d.10 Jun 1934)


2g) Norman Alexander (29 Jul 1869-11 May 1904); m.29 Jan 1898 Edith Lilian Hamilton (d.28 Apr 1951), of the Lords Belhaven and Stenton


1h) Sir Ronald Norman John Charles Udny Sinclair of Dunbeath, 8th Bt. (30

Jun 1899-19 Oct 1952); m.5 Jan 1926 Reba Blair Inglis


1i) Sir John Rollo Norman Blair Sinclair of Dunbeath, 9th Bt. (4 Nov 1928-1990)


2i) Georgina Margaret Snowdrop (1932- ); m.3 Dec 1955 (div 1968) John Leonard Maddocks


3i) Susan Lilian Primrose, cr 1970 [Life] Baroness Masham of Ilton (14 Apr 1935- ); m.David Yarburgh Cunliffe-Lister, 2nd Earl of Swinton (21 Mar 1937-26 Mar 2006)


2h) Alexander Robert (26 Sep 1901-1972); m.7 Jul 1928 Vera Mabel Baxendale (d.1981)


1i) Roona Fidelity (12 Sep 1932- ); m.11 Jul 1959 Ernle Money-Kyrle (d.Nov 1999)


2i) Sir Patrick Robert Richard Sinclair of Dunbeath, 10th Bt. (21 May 1936-6 Mar 2011); m.14 Sep 1974 Susan Catherine Beresford Davies


1j) Sir William Robert Francis, 11th Bt., b.1979


2j) Helen Margaret Gwendolen, b.1984


3g) Margaret, d.2 Jul 1932; m.4 Nov 1884 George Felix Standish Sinclair (d.10 Jun 1943)


3f) George (29 Jan 1826-23 Mar 1871); m.15 Jun 1859 Agnes Learmonth (d.17 Mar 1876)


1g) John, cr 1909 Baron Pentland (7 Jul 1860-11 Jan 1925); m.12 Jul 1904 Lady Marjorie Adeline Gordon


1h) Henry John, 2nd Lord Pentland (6 Jun 1907-1984); m.11 Sep 1941 Lucy

Elisabeth Smith


1i) Mary (21 Nov 1942- ); m.1976 Jon Anderson Rothenburg


2h) Margaret Ishbel


2g) Charles George (1862-17 Mar 1935)


3g) George Henry (1866-10 Jan 1922)


2d) William


2c) [ex 2] John


2b – 3b) [ex 2] two sons, who had issue


4b) [ex 3] a dau


4a) Margaret; m.Sir William Dunbar of Hempriggs, Bt. (d.1711)





Part 4: Sinclair of Stevenston; it is unclear how, if at all, this family is related to the one set out in previous sections; Burke’s asserts that this line descends from the family Sinclair of Longformacus, but Cokayne is skeptical about that, and in fact lists a different father of the 1st Bt. than Burke’s does



Sir John Sinclair, of Stevenston, cr Baronet [S] 1636, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, d.1648/9; m.Margaret Macmath


1a) John, d.1643; 1638 Isabel, dau of 6th Lord Boyd


1b) Sir John, 2nd Bt. (26 Jul 1642-d.before Jul 1652)


2b) Sir Robert, 3rd Bt. (15 Oct 1643-Jul 1713); m.1st 10 Sep 1663 Lady Helen Lindsay; m.2nd Anne, Lady Carmichael, ne Scott


1c) [ex 1] Sir John, 4th Bt., d.1726; m.1698 Martha (d.15 May 1752), dau of Sir John Lockhart, a Lord of session as Lord Castlehill, and widow of Cromwell Lockhart 8 sons, 5 daus, of whom:


1d) Sir Robert, 5th Bt., d.25 Oct 1754; m.Sep 1733 Isabella Kerr


1e) Sir John, 6th Bt., d.13 Feb 1789; m.12 Feb 1760 Mary Blair


1f) Sir Robert, 7th Bt., d.4 Aug 1795; m.2 Apr 1789 Lady Madelina Gordon (d.1 Jun 1847)


1g) Sir John Gordon, 8th Bt. (31 Jul 1790-12 Nov 1863); m.15 Jun 1812 Anne de Courcy (d.23 Sep 1857), gdau of Lord Kingsale


1h) Sir Robert Charles, 9th Bt. (25 Aug 1820-5 May 1899); m.1st 1851 Charlotte Anne Coote (d.7 Jul 1874); m.2nd 5 Dec 1876 Louisa Hugonin (d.29 Jan 1931)


2h) John Michael de Courcy (22 Nov 1823-15 Jun 1862)


3h) Gordon Cornwallis (13 Aug 1835-21 Mar 1866)


4h) Anne Elizabeth, d.14 Jun 1860


5h) Madalina, d.11 Nov 1910; m.15 Oct 1839 Hon. Dudley Pelham (d.13 Apr 1851)


6h) Georgina, d.2 Jan 1870


7h) Mary, d.26 Oct 1856


8h) Susan Hay (7 Sep 1834-6 Apr 1912); m.12 Jun 1867 Wilbraham Oates Lennox, later Lennox-Sinclair (4 May 1830-7 Feb 1897)


2e) James, of Castlehill, took surname LOCKHART; m.1773 Mary Aemelia Nisbet


1f) Robert, of Castle Hill, d.2 Nov 1850;m.1st 9 Oct 1804 Eliza Newman (d.Apr 1816); m.2nd 30 Jun 1817 Charlotte Simpson Mercer (d.18 Mar 1869)


[by 1st m.]:


1g) James Sinclair (11 Sep 1808-1873)


2g) Robert Alexander (5 May 1812- )


3g) John Hamilton (2 Mar 1814- )


4g) Mary Amelia


5g) Eliza Anne; m.1825 John Percy Henderson


6g) Susan; m.William Dalglish


7g) Anne Nisbet; m.Thomas McCall


[by 2nd m.]:


8g) William Mercer (1818-drowned 1849)


9g) Sir Graeme Alexander, 10th Bt., took surname SINCLAIR-LOCKHART on inheriting the title (23 Jan 1820-20 Mar 1904); m.1861 Emily Udny Brember (d.8 Jun 1904)


10g) George Duncan (1821- ); m.Elizabeth Amanda Thomas


1h) Sir Robert Duncan SINCLAIR-LOCKHART, 11th Bt. (12 Nov 1859-7 Nov 1918); m.26 Dec 1895 Flora Louisa Jane Beresford Nation Power (d.9 Aug 1937)


1i) Sir Graeme Duncan Power, 12th Bt. (29 Jan 1897-15 Feb 1959); m.9 May 1932 (div 1947) Jeanne Hamilton Ferguson


2i) Sir John Beresford, 13th Bt. (4 Nov 1904-11 Mar 1970); m.22 Oct 1949 Winifred Ray Cavaghan


3i) Sir Muir Edward, 14th Bt. (23 Jul 1906-1985); m.18 May 1940 [Olga] Ann White-Parsons


1j) Sir Simon John Edward Francis, 15th Bt. (22 Jul 1941- ); m.24 Jan 1973 Mrs Felicity Edith Waymouth, ne Stewart


1k) Robert Muir (12 Sep 1973-2001)


2k) James Lachlan, b.12 Sep 1973


3k) Fiona Mary, b.1979


2j) Sara Ann May (13 Nov 1942- ); m.1968 (div) Nicholas Welcome Willcock


4i) Robert Nation (3 Mar 1910-1944)


5i) Bruce (20 Feb 1911-14 Nov 1965); m.23 Dec 1940 (div 1949) Joan Marian Belle Quilliam


1j) Sally Elizabeth (28 Feb 1942- ); m.21 Nov 1964 Stuart William Veitch


6i) Elizabeth Sinclair (26 Feb 1903- ); m.1929 Walter Raleigh Grace (d.26 Sep 1950)


2h) Charlotte Elizabeth Mercer, d.19 Jan 1884; m.14 Mar 1883 Edward Richardson (d.23 Mar 1915)


11g) Charlotte; m.James Baird

12g) Frances Charlotte Mercer

13g) Louisa; m. ___ McGrigor

14g) Elenora Jane

15g) Margaret Douglas

16g) Roberta Amelia

17g) Barbara Forbes, d.1909; m.1859 Alexander Whitelaw (d.1 Jul 1879)


3e) Christian; m.Sir John Inglis, Bt.


2d) James, took surname LOCKHART; m.Charlotte Boyle 3 daus


3d) George, of Castlehill, took surname LOCKHART, judicial title “Lord Woodhall”, d.5 May 1764


2c) [ex 1] Jean; m. Sir C Gilmour, Bt.


2a) James; m.Jean Durham (d.19 Jul 1645) three children, one of whom might have been to Sir James Sinclair [St.Clair] of Kinnaird who is said to have been cr a Baronet ca 1675





Part 5: Sinclair of Longformacus



Sir Robert Sinclair, of Longformacus, cr Baronet [S] 1664, d.1678; m.1st Elizabeth Douglas; m.2nd 1672 Lady Margaret Alexander 3 sons, 4 daus, of 1st m., 2 daus of 2nd m., of whom:


1a) Sir John, 2nd Bt., fl 1696, 1698?; m.Jean Towers


1b) Sir Robert, 3rd Bt., d.28 Sep 1727; m.Christian Cockburn, gdau of 4th Earl of Haddington 2 sons, 4 daus, of whom:


1c) Sir John, 4th Bt., d.5 Dec 1764; m.Sydney Johnstone (d.25 May 1777)


1d) Sydney, d.20 Oct 1759; m.Sir William Dalrymple


2c) Sir Harry, 5th Bt., d.25 Jun 1768


3c) Jean, d.1 Feb 1782; m.Mar 1733 Sir Charles Gilmour, 2nd Bt. (d.9 Aug 1750)


4c) Christian, d.15 Jul 1790; 1760 Sir John Inglis, 4th Bt. (ca 1716-5 Apr 1799)


2a) George; m.NN


1b) Robert; m.Lilias Anderson


1c) Sir John, 6th Bt., d.7 Jan 1798; m.Elizabeth Allen


1d) Sir John, 7th Bt., believed to have dspm before 1843