The families of the Early Kings of Scotland








Preface A


According to most sources, the Kings of Scotland descend from Fergus Mor MacEre ( 501), a descendant of the Irish kings of Dalriada, who came with his brothers to establish the Scottish kingdom of Dalriada in Argyll. This kingdom fought with, and intermarried with, the already existing kingdom of the Picts, until united under Kenneth Macalpin.


The information in the prefaces shows the early kings as shown by Marjorie O. Anderson in “Kings and Kingship in Early Scotland”.


1a) Erc, father of:


1b) FERGUS Mór, 1st King of Scots [3? years]


1c) DOMANGART, 2nd King of Scots [5 years, to 506?]


1d) COMGALL, 3rd King of Scots [32? years, to 538?]


1e) CONALL, 5th King of Scots [14 or 15 years, to 574]


1g) CONNAD Cerr, 8th King of Scots [3 months, 629]


1h) FERCHAR , 9th King of Scots [13? years, to 650?]


2d) GABRÁN, 4th King of Scots [22 years, to 558 or 560]


1f) Eoganán


1g) Dúncath


[queried dotted line to DÚNCHAD, 12th King]


1h) DÚNCHAD, 12th King of Scots [10 years, to 660; queried dotted line to FIANNAMAIL]


1i) unknown prince


1j) FIANNAMAIL ua-Dúnchada (nepos Dúnchado), 19th King of Scots [2 years, to 700]


2f) AEDÁN, 6th King of Scots [33 years, to 608?]


1g) EOCHAID Buide, 7th King of Scots [21 or 22 years, to 629]


1h) DOMNALL Brecc, 10th King of Scots [14th years, to 642]


1i) DOMANGART, 13th King of Scots [to 673]


1j) EOCHAID, 17th King of Scots [1? year, to 697]


1k) EOCHAID Angbaidh, 21st King of Scots [30? years, to 733?]


1l) AED Find, 25th King of Scots [30 years, to 778]


1m) Eochaid


1n) AILPIN, 34th King of Scots [3? years, to 842]; see Section 1, below


1o) CINAED, 36th King of Scots [to 858]; See Section 1, below


2l) FERGUS, 26th King of Scots [3 years, to 781] married unknown princess of Picts


1m) CUSAINTIN, 30th King of Scots [9 years, to 820] & 25th King of Picts


1n) ? DOMNALL, 27th King of Scots [24 years, to 805?]


2m) OENGUS, 31st King of Scots [9 years, to 834] & 26th King of Picts


1n) EOGANÁN, 33rd King of Scots [13 years, to 839] & 29th King of Picts


2k) AILPIN, 23rd King of Scots [3? or 4? years, to 736?] (& 16th king of Picts?)


2h) CONALL Crandomna, 11th King of Scots [10 years, to 660]


1i) MAELDUIN, 14th King of Scots [16 or 17 years, to 689]


2i) DOMNALL Donn, 15th King of Scots [8? years, to 696]


2b) Loarn [dotted line to FERCHAR Fota, 16th King of Scots]


[queried dotted line from Loarn to]


1i) FERCHAR Fota, 16th King of Scots [21 years, to 697]


1j) AINBCELLACH, 18th King of Scots [1 year, to 698]


1k) MUIREDACH, 24th King of Scots [3 years, to 736?]


1l] EOGAN, 24½th King of Scots [2? or 3?  years]


2j) EOGAN, 18½th King of Scots [13 or 16  years]


3j) SELBACH, 20th King of Scots [24  years, to 723]


1k) DÚNGAL, 22nd King of Scots [4? years, to 726?]








1m) Tadg married unknown princess of Picts


1n) CONALL, 28th King of Scots [2 years, to 807?] & 24th King of Picts




1m) Aedán


1n) CONALL, 29th King of Scots [4 years, to 811?]




1m) Boanta


1n) AED, 31st  King of Scots [4 years ]




1n) EOGANÁN, 35th King of Scots [undated]




Preface B



1a) unknown princess married Mailcon (possibly MAELGWN, King of Gwynedd)


1b) BRIDEI, 1st King of Picts [30 years, 556? to 586?]


2b) unknown princess married Domelch


1c) GARTNART, 2nd King of Picts [11 or 20 years, 586? to 597?]


2c) unknown princess married unknown prince (son of Uerb)


1d) NECTU (nepos Uerb), 3rd King of Picts [11, 20, or 21 years]


3c) unknown princess married Lutrin


1d) CINIOCH, 4th King of Picts [14 or 19 years, died 631]


2d) unknown princess married Uuid


1e) GARNARD, 5th King of Picts [4 or 8 years, 631 to 635]


2e) BREIDEI, 6th King of Picts [5 (or 6?) years, 635-641]


3e) TALORC, 7th King of Picts [11 or 12 years, 641 to 653]


1f) unknown princess married EANFRITH, King of Bernicia


1g) TALORCEN, 8th King of Picts [4 years, 653 to 657]


2g) unknown princess married firstly ? Lord of Dunnichen


1h) unknown princess married Bile (BELI, King of Dumbarton)


1i) BREDEI, 11th King of Picts [21 years, 671 to 692]


2i) unknown princess married Entifidich (Ainftech)


1j) TARAN, 12th King of Picts [4 or 14 years, 692 to 696]


2j) unknown princess married Urguist


1k) ONUIST, 17th King of Picts [30 years, 729? to 761]


1l) TALORGEN, 23rd King of Picts [2½ or 12½ years, or 5 years, 785? to 787?]


2k) BREDEI, 18th King of Picts [2 or 15 years, 761 to 763]


3k) unknown princess married Uuredech


1l) CINOID, 19th King of Picts [12 years, 763 to 775]


2l) unknown princess married Uuorid


1m) ELPIN, 20th King of Picts [3½ years, 775? to 780]


2m) unknown princess married Talorgen


1n) DREST, 21st King of Picts [1 year, 780? to 781]


3m) unknown princess married Drostan


1n) TALORCAN, 22nd King of Picts [4 or 5 years, 781? to 785?]


4m) unknown princess married Tarl’a (Tadg of Scots)


1n) CANAUL, 24th King of Picts [6 years, to 789] & 28th King of Scots


5m) unknown princess married Uurguist (FERGUS, 26th King of Scots)


1n) CASTANTIN, 25th King of Picts [35 (or 32?) years, or 42 or 45 years, 789 to 820] & 30th King of Scots


1o) DREST, 27th King of Picts [Drest & Talorgen 3 or 4 years, 834 to 837?]


2n) unknown princess married Uuthoil


1o) TALORGEN, 28th King of Picts [Drest & Talorgen 3 or 4 years, 834 to 837?]


3n) UNUIST, 26th King of Picts [12 years, or 10 years, 820 to 834] & 31st King of Scots


1o) UUEN, 29th King of Picts [3 years, 837? to 839] & 33rd King of Scots


4n) unknown princess married Bargoit


1o) UURAD, 30th King of Picts [3 years, 839 to 842?]


1p) BRED, 31st King of Picts [1 year, or 1 month, 842?]


2p) KINETH, 32nd King of Picts [1 year, to 843]


3p) DRUST, 34th King of Picts [3 years, 845? to 848?]


4p) unknown princess married Fochel


1q) BRUDE, 33rd King of Picts [2 years, 843? to 845?]


2h) GARTNAIT, 9th King of Picts [5 or 6½ years, 657 to 663?]


3h) DREST, 10th King of Picts [6 or 7 (or 8?) years, 663? to 671]


4h) unknown princess married Derelei


1i) BREDEI, 13th King of Picts [11 or 31 (or 9? or 10?) years, 696 to 706?]


2i) NECHTON, 14th King of Picts [15 or 19 years, 706? to 724? & 9 months, 729]


3i) unknown princess married firstly ? EOCHAID, 17th King of Scots


1j) DREST, 15th King of Picts [Drest & Elpin 5 years, 724? to 726]


2j) ELPIN, 16th King of Picts [Drest & Elpin 5 years, 726 to 728] (& 23rd King of Scots?) married secondly ? Congus


3j) Talorc




1b) GALAM Cennaleph, King of Picts [4 years (cum Briduo i anno)]





Section 1



Alpin, King of Scots, had issue:


1a) Kenneth I Macalpin, King of Dalriada 841, and King of the Picts (as Ciniath III) in 844, becoming known as King of Scots; he d.859


1b) Constantine I, King of Scots 863, battle with the Danes at Black Cove, Angus 877 (bur Iona)


1c) Donald II, King of Scots 889, d.900, bur Iona


1d) Malcolm I, King of Scots 942, the men of Moray 954, bur Iona


1e) Dubh, King of Scots 962, the men of Moray 967


1f) Malcolm, King of Strathclyde 973-90


2f) Kenneth III, King of Scots 997, k.a.Monzievaird ca 25 Mar 1005


1g) Giric, k.a.Monzievaird with his father


2g) Gillacomgain, k.999


3g) Boite=Bodhe


1h) a son


1i) a son, murdered by King Malcolm III 1033


2h) Gruoch; m.1st Gillacomgain, Mormaer of Moray (burned alive in his hall 1032); m.2nd after 1032 MacBeth, King of Scots (below)


1i) Lulach, King of Scots 1057, Essie by Malcolm, son of King Duncan I 17 Mar 1058, bur Iona


1j) Maelsnectai, Mormaer of Moray, d.1085


2j) a dau; m.Aedh, Mormaer of Moray


1k) Oengus-Aungus, Mormaer of Moray


2k) Malcolm, Mormaer of Moray 1130-4, d.23 Oct 1168; m.a sister of Somerled, Lord of the Isles


1l) Gormflaeth=Hvafleda; m.Harald II Maddadson, Earl of Orkney (d.1206)


3k) Gruaidh; m.William, Earl of Moray (son of King Duncan II)


2e) Kenneth II, King of Scots 971, murdered at Fetteresso 995


1f) Dungal, his cousin Gillacomgain MacKenneth 999


2f) Malcolm II, King of Scots 1005 (ca 954-Glamis 25 Nov 1034)


1g) Bethoc; 1000 Crinan, Mormaer of Athole ( battle with MacBeth 1045 while trying to avenge the murder of his son, King Duncan I); for more on his line see Section II


2g) Donada; m.Sigurd Digri, Jarl of Orkney and Caithness (k.a.Clontarf 23 Apr 1014)


2b) Aedh, King of Scots 877-8, Strathallan by Giric, Regent of Strathclyde


1c) Constantine II, King of Scots 900-42, abdicated 942, d.952


1d) Callach, k.a.Brunanburh 937


2d) Indulf, King of Scots 954, Norse invaders 962


1e) Culen, King of Scots, his kinsman Riderch of Strathclyde 971


1f) Constantine III, King of Scots 995, Kenneth III at Rathinveramon 997


2f) Malcolm


2e) Eochaid, k.with his brother 971


3e) Olav, King Kenneth II ca 977


3d) a dau; m.Olav Sihtricsson, King of York and of Dublin


2c) Donald, King of Strathclyde as Dyfnal V; his descendants reigned there until 1018


3b) a dau; m.Run, King of Strathclyde


1c) Eochaid, King of Scots 878-89, deposed by Donald II


2a) Donald I, King of Scots 859-63







Section II



Dunan, Abthane of Dule was father of:


Duncan, Mormaer of Athol, who was father of:


Crinan, Mormaer of Athole, Abthane of Dule, and Lay Abbot of Dunkeld ( battle with MacBeth 1045); m.Bethoc of Scotland (see Section I) and had issue:


1a) Duncan I, King of Scots 1034, murdered by MacBeth at Bothnagowan 14 Aug 1040, bur Iona; 1030 Sibylla, probably sister of Siward, Earl of Northumbria, and dau of Bjorn Bearsson


1b) Malcolm III Canmore, King of Scots 1058 (ca 1031-k.a.Alnwick 13 Nov 1093); m.1st ca 1059 Ingibiorg, widow of Thorfinn, Earl of Caithness and Jarl of Orkney, dau of Finn Arnesson of Vrjar, Jarl of Halland, by Bergljot, a niece of King Olav II of Norway; m.2nd Dunfermline ca 1069 [St.] Margaret Atheling (Hungary ca 1045-Edinburgh Castle 16 Nov 1093)


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Duncan II, King of Scots May 1094 (when he deposed his uncle, Donald Bane)-Nov 1094 (ca order of his half-brother Edmund and uncle Donald Bane at Mondynes 12 Nov 1094); 1090 Aethelreda, dau of Gospatrick, Earl of Dunbar (below)


1d) William, Earl of Moray, d.1153/4; m.1st Gruaidh, dau of Aedh, Mormaer of Moray (above); m.2nd ca 1138 Alice, dau of Robert de Romilly


[by 1st m.]:


1e) Donald Macwilliam, k.a.Mamgarvia Moor, Speyside 31 Jul 1187, trying to regain the throne


1f) Godfrey Macwilliam, beheaded at Kincardine 1213 after second Macwilliam rising


2f) Donald Macwilliam, Moray 15 Jun 1215 after third Macwilliam rising


3f) a dau; m.N Macewen


1g) Gillespie Macewen, Lord of Badenoch, executed at Forfar 1228 after fourth Macwilliam rising


1h) a son, executed at Forfar 1228


2h) a son, executed at Forfar 1228


3h) a dau, executed at Forfar 1228


2e) Gospatrick Macwilliam, Lord of Airton, Yorkshire, died at a great age after 1208, leaving issue still extant in male line, of whom I have no details


[by 2nd m.]:


3e) William, lord of Egremont, Cumberland, d.young, being accidentally drowned in the Wahrfe at Bolton


4e) Cecily, heiress of Skipton; m.William le Gros, Earl of Aumale (d.20 Aug 1179)


5e) Amabel, heiress of Egremont; m.Reginald de Lucy


6e) Alice, d.1215; m.1st Gilbert Pipard (d.1191/2); m.2nd by 1195 Robert de Courtenay ( 1210)


2c) Malcolm fl 1094


3c) Donald, d.1085


[by 2nd m.]:


4c) Edward, d.Edwardisle, nr Jedburgh 16 Nov 1093, of wounds received at Alnwick three days before


5c) Edmund, a monk, Montacute, Somerset


6c) Ethelred, Lay Abbot of Dunkeld, 1097, bur Kilremont Church


7c) Edgar, King of Scots 1097 (ca 1074-Edinburgh Castle 8 Jan 1107)


8c) Alexander I, King of Scots 1107 (ca 1077-Stirling 23 Apr 1124, bur Dunfermline Abbey); m.Sibylla (d.Loch Tay 12 Jul 1122, bur Dunfermline Abbey), nat dau of King Henry I of England


1d) [illegitimate] Malcolm, twice tried to overthrow King David I


9c) David I, King of Scots 1124 (ca 1080-Carlisle 24 May 1153); m.1113/4 Matilda (d.1130/1, bur Scone) dau of Waltheof, Earl of Northampton and Huntingdon, great-niece of King William I of England


1d) Malcolm, d.young


2d) Henry, Earl of Huntingdon (ca 1115-12 Jun 1151, bur Kelso); m.1139 Ada de Warenne (d.1178)


1e) Malcolm IV, King of Scots 1153 (20 Mar 1142-Jedburgh 9 Dec 1165)


2e) William I the Lion, King of Scots 1165 (1143-Stirling 4 Dec 1214); m.Woodstock 5 Sep 1186 Ermengarde de Beaumont (d.11 Feb 1234, bur Balmerino Abbey)


1f) Alexander II, King of Scots 1214 (Haddington 24 Aug 1198-Island of Kerrera 8 Jul 1249, bur Melrose Abbey); m.1st York 19 Jun 1221 Joan of England (22 Jul 1210-nr London 4 Mar 1238); m.2nd Roxburgh 15 May 1239 Marie de Coucy


1g) Alexander III, King of Scots 1249 (Roxburgh 4 Sep 1241-k.of fall from horse between Burntisland and Kinghorn 19 Mar 1286); m.1st York 26 Dec 1251 Margaret of England (Windor 29 Sep 1240-Cupar Castle 26 Feb 1275, bur Dunfermline Abbey); m.2nd Jedburgh 14 Oct 1285 Yolande de Dreux (ca 1269-2 Aug 1322)


1h) Alexander (Jedburgh 21 Jan 1264-Lindores Abbey 28 Jan 1284, bur Dunfermline Abbey); m.Roxburgh 15 Nov 1282 Marguerite of Flanders (d.1331)


2h) David (20 Mar 1273-Stirling Castle Jun 1281, bur Dunfermline Castle)


3h) Margaret (Windsor 28 Feb 1261-Tönsberg 9 Apr 1283); m.Bergen ca 31 Aug 1281 King Eric II of Norway (d.15 Jul 1299)


1i) Margaret, “the Fair Maid of Norway”, Queen of Scots 1286 (b.Norway before 9 Apr 1283, Orkney ca 26 Sep 1290); after the death of Queen Margaret the succession was disputed among thirteen claimants, whose claims were submitted to arbitration by King Edward I of England. The claimants were: Count Floris of Holland, descended from Ada of Huntingdon; Patrick, Earl of Dunbar, descended from a nat dau of King William the Lion; William de Vesci, descended from a nat dau of King William the Lion; William de Ros, descended from a nat dau of King William the Lion; Robert de Pinkeny, descended from an alleged nat dau of Henry, Earl of Huntingdon; Nicholas de Soules, descended from a nat dau of King Alexander II; Patrick Galithly, whose father was nat son of King William the Lion; Roger de Mandeville, descended from a nat dau of King William the Lion; John Comyn, lord of Badenoch, a descendant of King Donald Bane; John, Lord Hastings, a great-grandson of David, Earl of Huntingdon; John Baliol a great-grandson of David, Earl of Huntingdon; Robert de Brus a great-great-grandson of David, Earl of Huntingdon; and King Eric of Norway, father of Queen Margaret


2g) [illegitimate] Marjorie; m.Alan Durward


1h) Ermengarde; m.N de Soules


1i) Nicholas de Soules, a 1290 claimant


2f) Margaret, dsps 1259; m.York 1221 Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent (d.12 May 1243)


3f) Isabella, dsp after 1253; m.1225 Roger le Bigod, Earl of Norfolk (d.3 Jul 1270)


4f) Marjorie, dsp 17 Nov 1244 (bur London); m.Berwick 1 Aug 1235 Gilbert Marshal, Earl of Pembroke (d.27 Jun 1241)


5f) [illegitimate] Ada; m.Patrick, Earl of Dunbar (below)


6f) [illegitimate] Margaret; m.Eustace de Vesci


1g) William de Vesci


1h) William de Vesci, dspl 1297, a 1290 claimant


7f) [illegitimate] Isabella; m.Robert de Ros


1g) William de Ros, of Hamlake


1h) Robert de Ros, Lord de Ros


1i) William, Lord de Ros, d.15 Aug 1316, a 1290 claimant


8f) [illegitimate] Henry Galithly


1g) Patrick Galithly, a 1290 claimant


9f) [illegitimate] Aufrica; m.William de Say


1g) Aufrica de Say; m.Robert Wardone


1h) Agatha Wardone; m.N de Mandeville


1i) Roger de Mandeville, a 1290 claimant


10f) [illegitimate] Isabella; m.Robert de Brus


3e) David, Earl of Huntingdon (ca 1144-Jerdelay 17 Jun 1219, bur Sawtrey Abbey, Hunts); m.26 Aug 1190 Maud of Chester (d.6 Jan 1233)


1f) Robert, d.young, bur Lindores Abbey


2f) Henry, d.young


3f) John le Scot, Earl of Huntingdon, Earl of Chester 1232 (ca 1207-6 Jun 1237); m.1222 Helen of Wales


4f) Margaret, 6 Jan 1233; m.1209 Alan, lord of Galloway (d.1234)


1g) ?[might be dau of Alan’s first marriage] Helen; 1234 Roger de Quincey, Earl of Winchester


2g) Christian, dsp shortly before 29 Jul 1246; Apr 1236 Guillaume de Forez, Cte d’Aumale (d.Amiens 23 May 1260)


3g) Devorguilla, d.28 Jan 1290; m.1233 John Baliol (d.1269)


1h) Hugh Baliol (ca 1240-Holy Land 1271); m.Agnes de Valence


2h) Alan Baliol, 1272


3h) Alexander Baliol, 13 Nov 1278; 26 May 1275 Eleonore, a cousin of Queen Eleonore of England


4h) John Baliol, King of Scots 1292, being selected from among the claimants by King Edward I of England; having rebelled abainst Edward’s overlordship, he was deposed 1296; 1250, d.Bailleul-en-Gouffern, Normandy Apr 1313; 7 Feb 1281 Isabella de Warenne


1i) Edward Baliol, de facto King of parts of Scotland 1332 and 1333-8, surrendered all claims to Edward III of England 1356, England 1363


2i) Henry Baliol, k.a.Anna 16 Dec 1332


5h) Cecily, d.1289


6h) Ada; m.1266 William Lindsay


7h) Alianore; m.John Comyn of Badenoch


8h) Margaret; m.N de Multon


5f) Isabella, d.1251; m.Robert de Bruce, lord of Annandale (d.1245); for their issue see Section III


6f) Matilda


7f) Ada; m.Henry Hastings


1g) Henry, Lord Hastings


1h) John, 2d Lord Hastings, d.1313; a 1290 claimant


4e) Ada, d.after 1205; m.1161 Floris III, Count of Holland (d.Tyrus 1 Aug 1190)


5e) Margaret, d.1201; m.1st 1160 Conon IV, Duc de Bretagne (d.20 Feb 1171); m.2d Humphrey de Bohun (d.1181)


6e) Matilda, d.1152


3d) Claricia


4d) Hodierna


10c) Edith=Matilda (Dunfermline 1079-1 Jun 1118); m.Westminster Abbey 11 Nov 1100 King Henry I of England (d.1 Dec 1135)


11c) Mary, d.31 May 1116, bur Bermondsey Abbey; m.1102 Eustache Cte de Boulogne


2b) Donald III Bane, King of Scots 1093-4 and 1094-7 (ca 1033-Rescobie 1099); m.NN


1c) Bethoc; m.Uchtred of Tynedale


1d) Hexthilda; m.1st Richard Comyn; m.2d Malcolm, Earl of Athol (below)


1e) William Comyn


1f) Richard Comyn


1g) John Comyn


1h) John Comyn, of Badenoch, a 1290 claimant


3b) Melmare; m.NN


1c) Madach-Maddad, Earl of Atholl, 1152; m.1st NN; m.2nd Margaret, dau of Harald, Jarl of Orkney


[by 1st m.]:


1d) Malcolm, 2nd Earl of Athol, 1198; m.Hexthild of Tynedale (above)


1e) Henry, 3rd Earl of Athol, d.shortly before Jan 1211; m.Margaret N


1f) Isabel, Css of Athol, 1231; m.1st by 1211 Thomas of Galloway; m.2d Alan de Lundin


1g) Patrick, 5th Earl of Athol, burnt to death by Walter Bisset at Haddington 1242


2f) Fernelith, Css of Athol, 1250; 1242 David Hastings; their dau. Ada, m.John of Strathbogie, and carried the Athol title into that family


[by 2nd m.]:


2d) Harald Maddadsson, Jarl of Orkney, Earl of Caithness (1130-1206); m.1st Aufrica, sis of Duncan, Earl of Fife; m.2nd Hvafleda=Gormflaeth, dau of Malcolm, Mormaer of Moray


1e) [by 1st m.] David, Jarl of Orkney, d.1214


2e) [by 2nd m.] John, Jarl of Orkney, d.1231


2a) Maldred, lord of Allerdale, Regent of Strathclyde; m.Ealdgyth, dau of Uhtred, Earl of Northumbria


1b) Gospatrick, Earl of Northumberland, Earl of Dunbar, 1075; m.NN


1c) Dolfin


2c) Gospatrick, 2d Earl of Dunbar, k.a.Battle of the Standard 22 Aug 1138; m.NN; he was ancestor of the subsequent Dunbars, Earls of Dunbar, Earls of March, Earls of Moray, Dunbars of Mochrum, Bt., etc


3c) Waltheof, lord of Allerdale, Abbot of Crowland 1125-38


4c) Aethelreda; m.Duncan II, King of Scots


2b) Maldred, ancestor of the Nevilles of Raby





Section III



Robert de Bruce, lord of Annandale, and his wife, Isabella of Huntingdon (see Part 2) had issue:


1a) Robert, lord of Annandale, a 1290 claimant (ca 1210-Lochmaben Castle before 3 May 1294); m.1240 Isabella de Clare (2 Nov 1226-after 10 Jul 1264)


1b) Robert, lord of Annandale, Earl of Carrick 1271-92 (1253-before 14 Jun 1304); m.1271 Margaret of Carrick ( 27 Oct 1292)


1c) Robert I, King of Scots 1306 (Writtle, nr Chelmsford 11 Jul 1274-Cardross 7 Jun 1329, bur Dunfermline Abbey); m.1st ca 1295 Isabella of Mar; m.2nd 1302 Elizabeth de Burgh (d.Cullen 26 Oct 1327, bur Dunfermline Abbey)


[by 1st m.]:


1d) Marjorie, d.2 Mar 1316; m.1315 Walter, High Steward of Scotland


[by 2nd m.]:


2d) David II, King of Scots (Dunfermline 5 Mar 1324-Edinburgh Castle 22 Feb 1371); m.1st Berwick 17 Jul 1328 Joan of England (Tower of London 5 Jul 1321-Hertford 7 Sep 1362); m.2nd Inchmurdach ca 20 Feb 1364 (div 1370) Margaret Drummond (d.soon after 31 Jan 1375)


3d) John, d.young, bur Restennet Priory


4d) Matilda, d.Aberdeen 20 Jul 1353; m.Thomas Isaac


5d) Margaret, 1346; 28 Sep 1345 William, 5th Earl of Sutherland (d.1370/1)


2c) Edward, Earl of Carrick, King of Ireland 1316, k.a.Dundalk 14 Oct 1318


1d) [illegitimate by Isabel of Strathbogie] Alexander Bruce, Earl of Carrick 1330, k.a.Halidon Hill 19 Jul 1333; m.Eleanor Douglas


2d) [illegitimate] Thomas, ancestor of Bruce of Clackmannan


3c) Sir Thomas, executed at Carlisle 9 Feb 1307


4c) Alexander, Dean of Glasgow, executed at Carlisle 9 Feb 1307


5c) Nigel, executed at Berwick Sep 1306


6c) Isabella, d.1358; 25 Sep 1293 King Eric II of Norway (d.15 Jul 1299)


7c) Mary; m.1st ca 1312 Sir Neil Campbell of Lochow ( 1316); m.2d 1316 Sir Alexander Fraser


8c) Christian, 1356; m.1st Gratney, 7th Earl of Mar ( Sep 1305); m.2nd Sir Christopher Seton; m.3rd Sir Andrew Moray of Bothwell


9c) Matilda, d.after Sep 1323; m.Hugh, 4th Earl of Ross (k.a.19 Jul 1333)


10c) Margaret; m.Sir William de Carlyle


2b) William; m.Elizabeth de Sully


3b) Richard, 26 Jan 1287


2a) Sir Bernard, of Conington and Exton; m.Constance de Morteyn; note: some sources have him as son of his brother Robert and Isabel de Clare]


1b) Bernard, of Conington and Exton, d.23 Nov 1300; m.Agatha N


1c) Bernard, of Conington and Exton, 6 Jun 1330; m. Agnes N (d.shortly before 18 Oct 1336)


1d) Bernard, of Conington and Exton, b.24 Jul 1311, 10 Dec 1336; m.Matilda Crophill ( Dec 1350)


2d) John, of Conington and Exton, b.13 Jun 1317, 10 May 1346; m.Margaret Hardreshule


1e) Bernard, b.posthumously ca 2 Feb 1347, 1 Nov 1347


2e) Agnes; m.1st by 24 Feb 1358 Sir Hugh Wesenham (d.Nov 1375); m.2nd Robert Lovetot (d.Sep 1393)


3e) Jane, d.28 Jun 1421; 24 Feb 1358 Sir Nicholas Greene


4e) Elizabeth, a nun


5e) Elen, a nun


2b) John; m.NN


1c) Bernard, of Thrapston, d.after 1376/7


1d) Elen fl 1376/7


3a) Beatrice; m.Hugo de Neville