SAVOY, Section 2





Ct THOMAS II of Savoy, etc (see Section 1) and his second wife had issue:


1a) Thomas III (Aug 1248-16 May 1282); he succeeded his father as Ct of Piedmont and Maurienne 1259; but Savoy bypassed him and went to his next brother after the deaths of Counts Boniface, Peter II and Philip I; m.May 1274 Guye (d.24 Jun 1316), dau of Hugues de Chalon, sn de Salins


1b) Philip, Pr of Piedmont (1278-23 Sep 1334); he became by his marriage Prince of Achaia and Morea; his rule there was marked by despotism and self-interest, and he was finally forced out by the Angevin Kings of Naples; m.1st 2 Feb 1301 Isabelle, Pss of Achaia and Morea (ca 1263-23 Jan 1312), dau o9f Guillaume de Villehardouin, Pr of Achaia and Morea, by Anna Angela Komnena, and widow of Philippe d’Anjou of Sicily, and of Florenz of Hainaut; m.2nd after 7 May 1312 Catherine (d.9 Dec 1337), dau of Humbert de la Tour du Pin, Dauphin de Viennois


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Maria (b.1301, d.after 1308)


2c) Margareta, b.Feb 1303, d.after 8 Dec 1371; m.1324 Renaud Cte de Forez (d.1369)


3c) Amadeus, Bp of Maurienne 1349 and of Lausanne 1354, d.13 Jun 1376


4c) Isabelle, 1370; m.Jean de la Chambre, Ct de Laville


5c) Alice, d.1368; m.1st by 14 Dec 1325 Manfredo del Carretto, Mgve of Savona; m.2d 1354 Antelmo d'Urtières


[by 2nd m.]:


6c) James, titular Pr of Achaia, sovereign Prince of Piedmont (1315-14 May 1367); m.1st 1338 Beatrice (d.10 Feb 1339), dau of Rinaldo d'Este; m.2nd 9 Jun 1339 Sibylle (d.1361/2), dau of Bertrand des Baux; m.3rd 16 Jul 1362 Marguerite (20 Oct 1346-Jan 1402), dau of Edouard de Beaujeu


1d) Philip, titular Pr of Achaia (Aug 1340-Avigliana Oct 1368); m.19 Sep 1362 Alix, dau of Humbert de Thoire


2d) Maria, d.after 1348


3d) Amadeus, titular Pr of Achaia (1363-7 May 1402); m.22 Sep 1380 Catherine (d.1407) , dau of Ct Amadeus of Geneva


1e) Margareta, d.23 Nov 1464; m.17 Jan 1403 Mgve Theodore II of Montferrat (d.2 Dec 1418)


2e) Bona, b.21 Jun 1390, d.after 1392


3e) Matilda, d.Germersheim 14 May 1438; m.Pignerolo 30 Nov 1417 Ludwig III Kfst von der Pfalz (23 Jan 1378-Heidelberg 30 Dec 1436)


4e) Catherine (1400-    )


4d) Louis, titular Pr of Achaia (1364-Pignerolo 11 Dec 1418); m.24 Jul 1403 Bona of Savoy (below)


7c) Thomas, Bp of Turin and Aosta, b.1329, d.after 6 Oct 1360


8c) Edward, Bp of Belley and Sion, Archbishop of Tarantasia, d.1395


9c) Aimone, b.after 9 Jun 1330, d.after 13 Mar 1398; m.Menzia di Ceva (d.after 11 Jan 1434)


10c) Eleonore, d.Oct 1350; m.1333 Manfredo V, Mgve of Saluzzo (d.after 8 Aug 1389)


11c) Jeanne, d.after 3 Nov 1355; 22 May 1330 Cte Ame de Poitiers (d.1349/50)


12c) Beatrix, d.1340; m.10 Sep 1334 Humbert VI de Thoire (d.18 Aug 1372)


13c) Agnes; m.Jan 1343 Jean de la Chambre (d.after 22 Nov 1355)


14c) Elisabeth, Abbess of St.Jacques, Pignerolo


2b) Peter, Archbishop of Lyon 1308, d.Nov 1332


3b) Thomas, a canon in Amiens and Turin, d.after 1340


4b) Amadeus, Archdeacon of Rheims, d.after 1340


5b) William, abbot of St.Michel-de-le-Cluse, 1326


2a) AMADEUS V "the Great", Count of Savoy, Imperial Vicar of Lombardy, etc (Bourget-du-Lac 4 Sep 1249- Avignon 16 Oct 1323); he established suzerainty over the territories of his brothers; m.1st 5 Jul 1272 Sibylle de Baugé, Dame de Miribel (1255-28 Feb 1294), dau of Guy de Baugé; m.2nd Maria (d.after 2 Nov 1338), dau of Duke John I of Brabant


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Bona (ca 1275-1300); m.1st 1280 Jean de Bourgogne, Dauphin de Viennois (1264-Bonneville 24 Sep 1282); m.2nd 5 Jul 1283 Hugues de Bourgogne, sn de Montbauson


2b) John, d.1284


3b) Beatrix, 1291


4b) EDWARD, Ct of Savoy (8 Feb 1284-4 Nov 1329); m.18 Oct 1307 Blanche (ca 1288-28 Jul 1348), dau of Robert II, Duc de Bourgogne


1c) Jeanne (ca 1310-Château de Vincennes 13 Jun 1344); m.Chartres 21 Mar 1329 Jean III, Duc de Bretagne (Chantoceaux 8 Mar 1286-Caen 30 Apr 1341)


5b) Eleanor, d.1324; m.1st 12 Jan 1292 Guillaume de Chalon, Cte d'Auxerre et de Tonnerre (k.a.9 Aug 1304); m.2nd 1305 Dreux IV de Mello (d.1311); m.3rd 1311 Cte Jean I de Forez  (d.3 Jul 1334)


6b) Margaret, d.1339; m.23 Mar 1296 Mgve John I of Montferrat


7b) Agnes, d.4 Oct 1322; 1297 Ct William III of Geneva (d.25 Nov 1320)


8b) Ct AIMONE of Savoy (15 Dec 1291-Montmelian 22 Jun 1343); m.1 May 1330 Yolande (d.4 Dec 1342), dau of Mgve Theodore of Montferrat


1c) Bianca Maria (ca 1331-31 Dec 1387); m.28 Sep 1350 Galeazzo II Visconti, Lord of Milan (d.4 Aug 1378)


2c) Ct AMADEUS VI "the Green Count" of Savoy (Chambery 4 Jan 1334, d.of the plague while on campaign in the kingdom of Naples 1 Mar 1383); m.Paris Aug 1355/Chambery Sep 1355 Bonne (1341-Chateau de Macon 19 Jan 1402), dau of Pierre, Duc de Bourbon


1d) Ct AMADEUS VII "the Red Count" of Savoy (Chambery Feb 1360-1 Nov 1391); ; he acquired Nice, on the Mediterannean, in 1388; m.Paris 18 Jan 1377 Bonne (1362/5-chateau de Carlat 30 Dec 1435), dau of Jean, Duc de Berry (and later wife of Cte Bernard d’Armagnac)


1e) AMADEUS VIII, Duke of Savoy 1417 (Chambery 4 Sep 1383-Geneva 7 Jan 1451); after reigning from 1391 to 1434, and being made a duke by the emperor and adding Piedmont to his domains, he retired to a hermitage on the lake of Geneva (where he styled himself Count of Geneva); in 1439, though a layman, he was elected as anti-pope Felix V by the remnants of the Council of Basel; he was never recognized by the whole church, and abdicated in 1449, whereupon he was made a cardinal; m.Arras 1401 Marie (Dijon 1380-château de Thonon-les-Bains 8 Oct 1422), dau of Philippe II, Duc de Bourgogne


1f) Margaret (13 May 1405-1418)


2f) Anthony, b.and d.1407


3f) Anthony, b.and d.1408


4f) Marie (Jan 1411-Dec 1469); m.2 Aug 1427 Filippo Visconti, Duke of Milan (d.13 Aug 1447)


5f) Amadeus, Pr of Piedmont (26 Mar 1412-17 Aug 1431)


6f) LOUIS I, Duke of Savoy (24 Feb 1413-29 Jan 1465); m.Chambery 12 Feb 1434 Anne (24 Sep 1415-11 Nov 1462), dau of Janus de Lusignan, King of Cyprus


1g) AMADEUS IX, Duke of Savoy (Thonon-les-Bains 1 Feb 1435-Vercelli 30 Mar 1472); m.Clippe 1452 Yolande (Tours 23/24 Sep 1434-Chambery [or, Mont-Caprel] 29 Aug 1478), dau of King Charles VII of France


1h) Louis, b.and d.1453


2h) Anne (Jun 1455-Feb 1480); m.11 Sep 1478 King Federigo IV of Naples (d.9 Nov 1504)


3h) Charles, Pr of Piedmont (15 Sep 1456-Jul/Aug 1471)


4h) Maria, d.27 Nov 1511; m.1st Neuchâtel Oct 1476 Mgve Philipp of Baden-Hachberg (Neuchâtel Jun 1454-Montpellier 9 Sep 1503); m.2nd Jacques d'Assay, sn du Plessis


5h) Louise (28 Dec 1461-24 Jul 1503); m.24 Aug 1479 Hugues de Chalon, sn d'Orbe (d.3 Jul 1490)


6h) PHILIBERT I, Duke of Savoy (Chambery 7 Aug 1465-Lyon 22 Apr 1482); m.1474 Bianca Maria (Pavia 5 Apr 1472-Innsbruck 31 Dec 1510), dau of Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan (and later wife of Emperor Maximilian I)


7h) Bernard (4 Feb 1467-3 Sep 1467)


8h) CHARLES I, Duke of Savoy (Carignano 29 Mar 1468-Pignerolo 13 Mar 1490); m.1 Apr 1485 Blanche (1472-30 Mar 1519), dau of Mgve William of Montferrat


1i) Violante Ludovica (12 Jul 1487-Geneva 13 Sep 1499); she was affianced to her cousin, the later Duke Philibert II


2i) CHARLES II, Duke of Savoy (24 Jun 1489-16 Apr 1496)


9h) James Louis, Mgve of Gex (1 Jul 1470-27 Jul 1485); m.27 Oct 1483 Louise of Savoy (1467-1530)


10h) Claudius Galeazzo (Aug 1472-7 Nov 1472)


2g) Louis, King of Cyprus 1459-62, Ct of Geneva (5 Jun 1436-château- monastery de Ripaille 16 Jul 1482); m.1st 14 Dec 1447 (div 1458) Annabella, dau of James I, King of Scots (and later wife of George Gordon, Earl of Huntly); m.2nd 7 Oct 1459 Charlotte de Lusignan, Queen of Cyprus (1442-16 Jul 1487), dau of John, King of Cyprus, and widow of Juan of Portugal, Duque de Coimbra


3g) Marie (Mar 1437-Dec 1437)


4g) John, d.1440


5g) PHILIP I, Duke of Savoy (Chambery 5 Feb 1438-Turin 7 Nov 1497); m.1st Moulins 6 Apr 1472 Marguerite (ca 1444-château de Pont Ains 24 Apr 1483), dau of Charles de Bourbon, Duc d’Auvergne; m.2nd 11 Nov 1485 Claudine de Brosse, Cts de Penthièvre (d.Chambery 13 Oct 1513); for his issue see Section 3


6g) Margaret (Turin 1439-Bruges 9 Mar 1483); m.1st 2 May 1458 Mgve John IV of Montferrat (d.29 Jan 1464); m.2nd Pierre de Luxembourg, Cte de Brienne, de St-Pol, etc (d.25 Oct 1483)


7g) Peter, Bp of Geneva 1451 (1440-21 Oct 1458)


8g) Janus, Cte de Faucigny, Gov of Nice (8 Nov 1440-22 Dec 1491); m.1st ca 1465 Helene (d.23 Aug 1488), dau of Louis de Luxemoburg, Cte de St.Pol; m.2nd 1488 Madeleine ( 1512), dau of Jean de Brosse, Cte de Penthièvre (and later wife of François de Bretagne, Cte de Vertus


1h) Louise (1467-1 May 1530); m.1st 1483 James Louis of Savoy, Mgve of Gex (d.1485); m.2nd 1487 François de Luxembourg, Vcte de Martigues


9g) Aimone (1 Nov 1442-Mar 1443)


10g) James, d.20 Jul 1445


11g) Charlotte (1445-Amboise 1 Dec 1483); m.Chambery 1451 King Louis XI of France (Bourges 3 Jul 1423-Plesses-lez-Tours 30 Aug 1483)


12g) John Louis, Bp of Geneva 1460 (16 Feb 1447-11 Jun 1482)


13g) Marie (20 Mar 1448-1475); 1466 Louis de Luxembourg, Cte de Brienne, de St-Pol, etc (d.19 Dec 1476)


14g) Bona (Aug 1449-1 Nov 1485); m.9 May 1468 Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan (murdered 26 Dec 1476)


15g) James, Ct of Romont (12 Nov 1450-30 Jan 1486); m.1460 Marie de Luxembourg, Cts de St-Pol (d.1 Apr 1547), dau of Pierre de Luxembourg, Cte de St.Pol (and later wife of François de Bourbon, Cte de Vendôme


1h) Francisca Louise, d.17 Sep 1511; m.3 Aug 1503 Heinrich III Gf von Nassau-Dillenburg (Siegen 12 Jan 1483-Breda 14 Sep 1538)


16g) Anna, b.and d.1452


17g) Francis, Archbishop of Auch, Bp of Geneva (1454-3 Oct 1490)


18g) Agnes, d.15 Mar 1509; m.2 Jul 1466 Francois d'Orleans, Cte de Dunois et de Longueville (d.25 Nov 1491)


19g) Joanna


7f) Bona (Sep 1415-25 Sep 1430)


8f) Margaret (Morges 7 Aug 1420-Stuttgart 30 Sep 1479); m.1st Thonon-les-Bains 1432 Duc Louis III d'Anjou (25 Sep 1403-Cosenza 12 Nov 1434); m.2nd Heidelberg 18 Oct 1445 Ludwig IV Kfst v.der Pfalz (Heidelberg 1 Jan 1424-Worms 13 Aug 1449); m.3rd Stuttgart 11 Nov 1453 Ulrich Gf von Württemberg (1413-Leonberg 1 Sep 1480)


9f) Philip, Ct of Geneva (1417-3 Mar 1444)



2e) Bona (11 Oct 1388-4 Mar 1432); m.24 Jul 1403 Louis of Savoy, titular Pr of Acahai (above)


3e) Joanna (16 Jul 1392-1460); m.26 Apr 1411 Mgve John James of Montferrat (d.13 Mar 1445)


2d) Louis (1362-1365)


3c) John (Sep 1338-1345)


4c) Louis (b.24 Dec 1342, d.young)


5c) Catherine (b.1342, d.young)


[by 2nd m.]:


9b) Maria, 1334; m.9 Sep 1309 Hugues de La Tour du Pin, Baron de Faucigny (d.1329)


10b) Catherine, d.Rheinfelden 30 Sep 1326; m.Basel 26 May 1315 Duke Leopold I of Austria (4 Aug 1290-Strassburg 28 Feb 1326)


11b) Joanna, d.1360; m.Oct 1326 Emperor Andronikos III Palaialogos of Byzantium (d.1342)


12b) Beatrix (1310-20 Dec 1331); m.8 Jun 1328 Duke Heinrich VI of Carinthia, Ct of Tyrol (d.2 Apr 1335)


3a) Louis I of Savoy, Baron de Vaud, b.1250, d.after 10 Jan 1302; m.1st Adeline ( 1278), dau of Duke Matthias II of Lorraine; m.2nd 1278 Jeanne (d.1300), dau of Cte Philippe de Montfort, and widow of Cte Guigues de Forez; m.3rd 1 May 1301 Isabelle d'Aulnay (d.30 Oct 1341), widow of Baldone di Seminara


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Laura, d.1334; m.Cte Jean I de Forez (d.3 Jul 1334)


[by 2nd m.]:


2b) Louis II, Baron de Vaud (ca 1290-1350); m.9 Jul 1309 Isabelle (d.1352/9), dau of Jean de Chalon, sn d’Arlay


1c) Catherine, d.18 Jan 1388; m.1st 1 Oct 1330 Azzo Visconti, Lord of Milan (d.16 Aug 1339); m.2nd Oct 1340 Raoul de Brienne, Cte d'Eu (d.19 Nov 1350); m.3rd Mar 1352 Ct Guillaume I of Namur (d.1 Oct 1391)


2c) John, k.a.21 Jun 1339; m.14 Mar 1329 Marguerite (d.11 Oct 1378), dau of Jean de Chalon, Cte d’Auxerre (and later wife of Henri de Vienne, sn d’Antigny)


3c) Guta, d.1342; m.1st Matthias Gf von Trenczin (d.1318); m.2nd 1321/2 Duke Bolko II of Münsterberg (d.11 Jun 1341)


3b) Peter, k.a.21 Mar 1312


4b) Catherine, d.1305


5b) Blanche, d.after Apr 1323; 1303 Pierre II de Grandson


6b) Isabelle; m.Humbert VII de Montluel


7b) Eleanor, d.24 Mar 1335; m.1294 Cte Rodolphe de Neuchâtel (d.22 Mar 1343)


8b) Margaret, d.7 Apr 1313; m.1st 1 Apr 1293 Jean de Chalon, sn de Vignory; m.2nd 21 Jun 1309 Simon von Saarbrücken (d.1325)


9b) William, sn de Biolley


10b) Joanna, d.after 29 Oct 1360; m.5 Feb 1294 Guillaume de Joinville


11b) Beatrix, d.1338; m.1301 Cte Geoffroy I de Clermont (d.1332/3)


4a) Eleanor, d.24 Aug 1296; m.1270 Louis de Beaujeu (d.23 Aug 1295)


5a) Alix, d.1 Aug 1277