SAVOY, Section 1






Count Humbert, Ct of Nyon, Ct of Aosta, Ct of Maurienne, etc (d.1 Jul 1047/1051); 1020 Auxilia (possibly daughter of Arnold Gf von Lenzburg)


1a) Ct Amadeus, fl 1051; 1030 Adelaide N


1b) Humbert, 1051


2b) Aimone, Bp of Belley, d.1060


2a) Burchard, Archbishop of Lyon 1030, d.1068


1b) Aymon, fl 1041


3a) Aimon, Bp of Sion, 1054


4a) ODO, Margrave of Turin and Susa, Ct of Chablais, Ct of Savoy, d.1 Mar 1060; 1046 Adelaide of Susa, heiress of Turin (ca 1015-27 Dec 1091), dau of Mgve Udalric Manfred, and widow of Mgve Henry of Montferrat, and of Duke Hermann of Swabia


1b) Ct PETER I of Savoy, d.9 Aug 1078; m.1064 Agnes de Poitou (d.after 13 Jun 1089), widow of King Ramiro I of Aragón


1c) Agnes, d.after 1110; m.1080 Friedrich Gf von Lützelburg, Mgve of Susa (d.29 Jun 1092)


2c) Alice, 1111; m.1099 Mgve Boniface of Vasto and Saluzzo


2b) Ct AMADEUS II of Savoy, Mgve of Susa, d.26 Jan 1080; m.,possibly, Joanna, dau.of Ct Gerold of Geneva


1c) Adelaide, d.1090; m.Manassès de Coligny


2c) Auxilia fl 1094; m.ca1080 Humbert de Beaujeu


3c) Ct HUMBERT II of Savoy, Susa, Turin and Maurienne, d.14 Oct 1103; 1090 Gisela (d.after 1133) dau.of Cte Guillaume de Bourgogne


1d) Adelaide (1092-18 Nov 1154); m.1st Paris 1115 King Louis VI of France (1081-château Bethizy 1 Aug 1137); m.2nd 1141 Mathieu de Montmorency (d.1160)


2d) Ct AMADEUS III of Savoy, etc; he received recognition of his titles by the Emperor 1111 (ca 1095-Nicosia 30 Aug 1148); m.1123 Matilda d'Albon (d.after Jan 1145) dau.of Cte Guigues VI d'Albon, Dauphin de Viennois


1e) Ct HUMBERT III of Savoy, etc (4 Aug 1136-4 Mar 1189); m.1st 1151 Faidiva ( 1154), dau of Cte Alphonse-Jourdan of Toulouse; m.2nd ca 1155 (div before 1162) Gertrude, dau.of Dietrich of Lorraine, Ct of Flanders; m.3rd 1164 Klementia, dau of Duke Konrad von Zähringen, and former wife of Duke Heinrich of Saxony; m.4th ca 1175 Beatrix (d.1230), dau of Gérard Cte de Mâcon


[by  3rd m.]:


1f) Alice Agnes (1166-1174)


2f) Sophie (1165-3 Dec 1202); m.Azzo VI d'Este (d.18 Dec 1212)


3f) Eleonore; m.Azzo VI d'Este (d.18 Dec 1212)


[by 4th m.]:


4f) Ct THOMAS I of Savoy, etc (Carbonara 20 May 1178-Moncalieri 1 Mar 1223); he supported the Hohenstaufens and was appointed Imperial Vicar, a position he used to extend his lands both sides of the Alps; towards France he gained Vaud and Bugey, and to the east Carignano and other lands; 1196 Beatrix (d.13 Apr 1236), dau.of Ct William I of Geneva


1g) Ct AMADEUS IV of Savoy, etc, Duke of Chablais and Aosta (1197-13 Jul 1253); m.1st 1222 Anne (ca 1192-1243), dau of Hugues III, Duc de Bourgogne; m.2nd 1244 Cecile (d.21 May 1275), dau of Barral des Baux, Vcte de Marseille


[by 1st m.]:


1h) Beatrix, 1259; m.1st 1233 Manfredo III, Mgve of Saluzzo (d.29 Oct 1244); m.2nd 21 Apr 1247 King Manfredo of Sicily (k.a.Benevento 26 Feb 1266)


2h) Margareta, d.1254; m.1st 1235 Mgve Boniface VI of Montferrat (d.1353/5); m.2nd Aymar de Poitiers, Cte de Valentinois


[by 2nd m.]:


3h) Ct BONIFACE of Savoy (1 Dec 1244-1263)


4h) Beatrix, d.23 Feb 1292; m.1st 21 Oct 1258 Pierre de Chalon (d.1272/4); m.2nd Juan Manuel of Castile (d.Dec 1283)


5h) Eleonore; m.1269 Guichard de Beaujeu


6h) Constance, fl 1263


2g) Humbert (1198-Hungary 1223)


3g) THOMAS II, Ct of Savoy (apparently as regent or co-ruler with his nephew) and Piedmont, Margrave of Turin and Ivrea; Ct of Flanders and Hainault 1237/44 (1199-1259); m.1st 2 Apr 1237 Joanna, Css of Flanders and Hainault (1188-Marquette 5 Dec 1244); m.2nd 1251? [sic; they had kids before this year, so either the year is in error or the kids were legitimized by the subsequent marriage of their parents] Beatrice Fieschi (d.8/9 Jul 1283); for his issue see Section 2


4g) Aimone, sn de Chillon, de Villeneuve et de Chablais, d.of leprosy 1242


5g) Aimone, sn de Valley, d.1238


6g) William, Bp of Valence 1226 and of Liège 1238, d.of poisoning 1 Nov 1239


7g) Boniface, Prior of Nantua


8g) Humbert


9g) Amadeus, Bp of Maurienne 1230, d.1268


10g) Ct PETER II of Savoy 1263-8, Earl of Richmond (after accompanying his niece, Eleanor of Provence, to England) (1203-1268); m.1234 Agnes de Faucigny (d.11 Aug 1268)


1h) Beatrix of Savoy, Dame de Faucigny (ca 1237-21 Apr 1310); m.1st 1253 Guigues VII, Dauphin de Viennois (d.1269); m.2nd 2 Apr 1273 Gaston de Moncada, Vcte de Béarn (d.26 Apr 1290)


11g) PHILIP I, Ct of Savoy 1268-85; Archbishop of Lyon 1246-67 (1207-16 Aug 1285); m.11 Jun 1267 Adelheid von Andechs (d.8 Mar 1279)


12g) Boniface, Archbishop of Canterbury 1241, Primate of England, d.14 Jul 1270


13g) Beatrice, d.Dec 1266; m.Dec 1220 Ct Raimund Berengar V of Provence (d.19 Aug 1245)


14g) Alix, Abbess of St.Pierre, Lyon 1250


15g) Agatha, Abbess of St.Pierre, Lyon


16g) Margareta (1212-4 Sep 1270); m.1st 1 Jun 1218 Hartmann Gf von Kyburg ( 1250); m.2nd Eberhard von Laufenburg, Gf von Kyburg (d.1284)


17g) Avita; m.1237 Baldwin de Rivieres, Earl of Devon (d.13 Nov 1261)


5f) a dau, d.aet 7


2e) John, a priest


3e) Peter, a priest


4e) William


5e) Elisa; 1140 Humbert de Beaujeu (d.1174)


6e) Agnes, 1172; m.Ct William I of Geneva (d.25 Jul 1195)


7e) Matilda, d.Coimbra 4 Nov 1157; m.1146 King Affonso I of Portugal (d.6 Dec 1185)


8e) Margareta, a nun, d.after 1157


9e) Isabelle


10e) Juliane, Abbess of St-Andre-le-Haut, Vienne, d.31 Dec 1194


3d) William, Bp of Liège, d.1130/1


4d) Humbert, d.1131


5d) Guido, Abbot in Namur and a canon in Liège


6d) Reinald, Abbot of St.Maurice, Aosta, d.after 1150


7d) Agnes, d.after 1180; m.Archambault VI de Bourbon (d.1171)


4c) Odo


3b) Odo, Bp of Asti 1073/9, 1102


4b) Bertha (21 Sep 1051-27 Dec 1087); m.13 Jul 1066 Emperor Heinrich IV (d.Liège 7 Aug 1106)


5b) Adelaide (b.after 1052, d.1079); m.1st Cte Guigues d'Albon; m.2nd 1067 Rudolf von Rheinfelden, Duke of Swabia, German King (d.1080)