Lords Ruthven and Dirletoun, Earls of Gowrie

Lords Ruthven of Freeland

Lords Ruthven of Ettrick, Earls of Forth and Brentford


also, RUTHVEN (formerly Johnston) & HORE-RUTHVEN

Lords Ruthven of Freeland and Earls of Gowrie






Part 1



William Ruthven, of Ruthven, cr 1488 Lord Ruthven [S], 1528; m.1st by Mar 1483 Isabel, née Livingston, said to be widow of Walter Lindsay; m.2nd Christian Forbes


1a) [ex 1] William, Master of Ruthven, k.a. Flodden 9 Sep 1513; m.1st Catherine Buttergask; m.2nd Jean Hepburn


1b) William, 2nd Lord Ruthven, d.1552; m.1514/20 Janet Halyburton, suo jure 6th Baroness Dirletoun


1c) Patrick, 3rd Lord Ruthven and 7th Lord Dirletoun (ca 1520-13 May 1566); m.1st Janet Douglas, nat. dau of 6th Earl of Angus; m.2nd ca 1557 Janet, dau of John Stewart, 2nd Earl of Atholl, and widow of Alexander, Master of Strathnaver, and of Sir Hew Kennedy of Girvanmains, and also of 1st Lord Methven; issue of 1st m.:


1d) Patrick, Master of Ruthven, d.before 12 Apr 1561; m.Marion, dau of 5th Lord Gray


2d) William, 4th Lord Ruthven and 8th Lord Dirletoun, cr 1581 Earl of Gowrie [S], b. ca 1543, executed 4 May 1584, all his honors being forfeited; m.17 Aug 1561 his stepsister Dorothea, dau of Henry Stewart, Lord Methven


1e) James, 2nd Earl of Gowrie from 1586, when his honors were restored (bap 25 Sep 1575-1588)


2e) John, 3rd Earl of Gowrie, b.1577, killed 5 Aug 1600, by followers of the King, whereupon all his honors were declared forfeited and the name Ruthven was proscribed


3e) Alexander, called Master of Gowrie, killed with his brother 5 Aug 1600


4e) William


5e) Patrick, bur 24 May 1652; in 1641 he was restored in name and lands, though not, apparently, in the peerage titles; nevertheless he called himself Lord Ruthven; m.Elizabeth, née Woodford (d.1624), widow 1st Lord Gerard


1f) Patrick, called Lord Ruthven, or after 1667; m.1st 14 Jul 1656 Sarah Head; m.2nd ca 1667 Jane MacDennell [MacDonald?]


2f) Robert fl 1660


3f) Elizabeth


4f) Mary; m.1st Sir Anthony Van Dyck, the painter (d.9 Dec 1641); m.2nd Sir Richard Pryse, of Gogerddan, Bt. (bur 21 Oct 1651); her dau Justinia van Dyck m. Sir John Stepney, 4th Bt., and carried a claim to the Barony of Dirletoun into that family


6e) Mary; m.1st 24 Jan 1580 John Stewart, 5th Earl of Atholl (22 May 1563-25 Aug 1595); m.2nd ca 1596 John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl (ca 1566-1603); m.3rd James Stewart, gson of 3rd Earl of Buchan


7e) Margaret, d.1618; m.John Graham, 4th Earl of Montrose (1573-14 Nov 1626)


8e) Sophia, Jun 1590; 11 Sep 1586 Ludovic Stuart, 2nd Duke of Lennox (29 Sep 1574-16Feb 1624)


9e) Jean, d.6 Jan 1612; m.11 Nov 1581 James Ogilvy, 6th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie (d.1616/8)


10e) Isabel [or Elizabeth], d.Jan 1617; m.1st (div 1608) Sir Robert Gordon of Lochinvar (ca 1565-d.before 23 Jan 1628); m.2nd Hugh Campbell, Lord Loudoun (d.15 Dec 1622)


11e) Beatrix; 1608 Sir John Home ( 1629)


12e) Lilias


13e) Dorothea; m.before 8 Jun 1609 John Wemyss of Pittecrieff


14e) Barbara, bur 29 Dec 1625


3d) George, k. with the Regent Lennox nr Stirling 1571

4d) Archibald, called Master of Ruthven 1566–75,d. a prisoner Vesteras Castle Feb 1578

5d) James, d.after 1599


6d) Alexander


1e) Cecilia; m.Francis Bruce


7d) Jean, d.Sep 1591; m.1st her stepbrother Henry Stewart, 2nd Lord Methven (d.3 Mar 1572); m.2nd after 3 Oct 1573 Andrew Leslie, 5th Earl of Rothes ( 1611)


8d) Isabel, 1599; 1570 Sir James Colville [later, 1604, Lord Colville of Culross] (d.Sep 1629)


2c) James

3c) Henry

4c) William


5c) Alexander, of Freeland, d.9 Oct 1599; m.Elizabeth Moncreiffe


1d) William, of Freeland, d.20 Oct 1608; m.Isabella Fothringham


1e) Thomas, of Freeland, cr 1651 Lord Ruthven of Freeland, d.6 May 1671; m.Hon. Isabel Balfour; there is some dispute about the terms of the creation of the title and about the remainders; the original patent, if it ever existed, was never enrolled and is now lost; GEC and others have held that the remainder was to issue male of the grantee, and that it expired on the death of the 2nd Lord; others hold that the remainder allowed for nominees and other successors, and it was de facto assumed by the 2nd Lords youngest sister as heir of entail, and then by the 2nd Lord’s niece as heir of line, and they and their successors have been generally accorded the title ever since


1f) David, 2nd Lord Ruthven of Freeland, d.Apr 1701


2f) Anne, 1689; m.Aug 1661 Sir William Cuningham of Cuninghamhead, 2nd Bt. (d.1670); m.2nd 22 Apr 1673 William Cunningham


1g) Sir William CUNINGHAM, 3rd Bt., Apr 1722 took surname RUTHVEN, on succeeding his aunt to the Ruthven estates (ca 1665-dsp Oct 1722); m.Ann, dau of Sir Archibald Stewart of Castlemilk, Bt.; though heir of line, he did not claim the Ruthven of Freeland title on the death of the 2nd Lord, nor did he claim as heir of entail on the death of his aunt Jean, whom he survived by only six months


2g) Isabel


3f) Elizabeth, d. in lifetime of her brother; m.Sir Francis Ruthven of Redcastle, Bt. (see below for him and their daughter, who assumed the Ruthven of Freeland title)


4f) Jean, d.Apr 1722; as heir of entail she assumed, and was generally accorded, the title as 3rd Baroness Ruthven of Freeland on the death of her brother


2e) Maria; 1612 George Hay of Naughton

3e) Elizabeth; m.Sir David Makgill of Rankeillour


2d) Harry

3d) Alexander

4d) Jean; m. ___ Mercer

5d) Barbara; m.Henry Rattray of Rattray

6d) Isabel; m. ___ Reid


6c) Lilian, d.7 Jul 1579; 7 Dec 1543 David Drummond, 2nd Lord Drummond (d.1571)


7c) Catherine; 15 Jun 1551 Colin Campbell of Glenorchy (d.11 Apr 1583)


8c) Cecilia, d.8 Jul 1589; m.1556 David Wemyss of Wemyss


9c) Barbara; 1557 Patrick Gray, 5th Lord Gray (1538-1608)


10c) Janet, d.9 Dec 1593; m.1st before 1544 John Crichton; m.2nd Laurence Mercer of Meikleour


11c) Margaret; 1550 James Johnston


12c) Christian; m.William Lundin of that Ilk


2b) Isobel; m.John Murray of Wallaceton and Tibbermuir


2a) [ex 1] John, of Cultvainy and Drumdrane; m.Libra Livingston


1b) Alexander


3a) [ex 1] Margaret, d.1548; 1499 Alexander Stewart, 2nd Earl of Buchan (d.1505); m.2nd Sir John Erskine (k.a. Flodden 9 Sep 1513); m.3rd before 23 Dec 1518 James Stewart of Ryland ( Edinburgh before 11 Mar 1525; m.4th (annulled 1534) William Wood of Bonnyton


4a) [ex 2] William, of Ballindean; Burke’s says he d.1528, but Scots Peerage shows he must have been living in 1540; m.Agnes Crichton


1b) Sir William, of Ballindean, Dundee Jul 1603; m.Katharine Stewart, dau of 4th Lord Innermeath


1c) William, of Gardyne, took the surname BALLINDEAN or BANDANE when the name RUTHVEN was proscribed, d.after 1634; m.Christian Barclay


1d) William, of Gardyne, resumed surname RUTHVEN, fl 1655, d.beforew 1664


1e) Patrick


1f) William


2e) John


2d) Sir Francis, of Carse, d.1655


3d) Sir John, of Dunglass; m.1st Jean Ramsay; m.2nd Lady Barbara Leslie


1e) [ex 1] John


2e) [ex 1] Helen


3e) [ex 2] Sir William, of Dunglass; m.Lady Catherine Douglas


1f) Mary ( 1694); 1690 Sir Robert Douglas, 1692 4th Bt. (ca 1662-27 Jan 1748)


2f) Barbara; m.Sir Hugh Paterson of Bannockburn, Bt. (d.Oct 1696, or 21 Dec 1701); she was grandmother of Clementina Walkinshaw, mistress of the Young Pretender


3f) Christian, d.1755


4e) Alexander


5e) [ex 2] Sir Francis, of Redcastle, cr Baronet [S] 1666, 1700?; m.Hon. Elizabeth Ruthven (above)


1f) Isobel, d.23 Jun 1732; m.James Johnstone, later Ruthven; after the death of Sir William Cuningham (above) she was heir of line to the 1st Lord Ruthven of Freeland as well of heir of entail, and assumed the title; while Cokayne and others dispute her right to do so, that title has been accorded to her descendants ever since; for her issue see Part 2


2f) Elizabeth; m.James Pitcairn


3f) Anna


4d) James

5d) Margaret


2c) Sir Patrick, cr 1639 Lord Ruthven of Ettrick [S], cr 1642 Earl of Forth [S], cr 1644 Earl of Brentford [E] (ca 1573-2 Feb 1651); m.1st NN; m.2nd Jane Henderson; m.3rd 1633 Klara Berner (d.Aug 1679)


1d) [ex 1?] Elspeth; m.1st William Lundie of that Ilk; m.2nd George Pringle


2d) [ex 1] Christiana; m.1st 1628 Sir Thomas Kerr (d.1637); m.2nd ca 1640 Hon. Sir Thomas Ogilvy (23 Aug 1616-2 Feb 1645)


3d) [ex 2] Alexander, Lord Ruthven, d.before 8 Aug 1641, per Scots Peerage, but between 11 Mar 1642 and 8 Aug 1649, per GEC; m.NN


1e) Patrick, fl 8 Aug 1649, but 1650


4d) [ex 2] Jean/Janet; Jul 1661 James Forrester, formerly Baillie, 2nd Lord Forrester of Corstorphine (29 Oct 1629-26 Aug 1679)


5d) [ex 3] Patrick, Lord Ruthven (1648-4 Sep 1650)


3c) Alexander


4c) Christian, d.before Jun 1634; m.Sir James Lundie


2b) Janet; m.Adam Stewart, nat. son of King James V

3b) Christian

4b) Margaret

5b) Elizabeth


5a) [ex 2] Elizabeth, d.before 20 Jul 1529; m.1st William Hay, 5th Earl of Erroll (d.28 Jul 1522); m.2nd ca 1523 Ninian Ross, 3rd Lord Ross (d.Feb 1556)





Part 2: Ruthven, formerly Johnston; Hore-Ruthven



Isobel Ruthven, 4th Baroness Ruthven of Freeland (see Part 1, above), d.22 Jun 1732; m.James JOHNSTONE, later RUTHVEN, OF GRAITNEY


1a) James JOHNSTONE, later RUTHVEN, 5th Lord Ruthven of Freeland, d.3 Jul 1783; m.1st Janet Nisbet; m.2nd Jul 1736 Lady Anne Stuart (d.28 Nov 1786), dau of 2nd Earl of Bute


1b) James, 6th Lord Ruthven of Freeland (16 Dec 1733-27 Dec 1789); m.8/12 Nov 1776 Lady Mary Elizabeth Leslie (4 Mar 1757-7 Oct 1820)


1c) James, 7th Lord Ruthven of Freeland (17 Oct 1777-27 Jul 1853); m.20 Dec 1813 Mary Hamilton Campbell (d.5 Apr 1885)


2c) Willielma (18 Nov 1778-18 Dec 1839)

3c) Janet Anne (15/25 Apr 1780-31 Oct 1804 [1805, per Lodge 1861])

4c) David (11 Dec 1781-d.young)

5c) Jane, d.1 Mar 1804

6c) Isabella, d.13 Nov 1787

7c) David (22 Aug 1787-7 Sep 1808)


8c) Mary Elizabeth Thornton, 8th Baroness Ruthven of Freeland (ca 1784-13 Feb 1864); m.13 Oct 1806 Walter HORE, later HORE-RUTHVEN (6 Jun 1784-16 Apr 1878); he was son of William Hore (d.1798) by Eleanor Catherine, dau of Sir Simon Bradstreet, Bt., and was grandson of Walter Hore by Lady Anne Stopford


1d) Mary Elizabeth (4 Jan 1808-28 Mar 1805)


2d) Eleanor Catherine (26 Jun 1809-27 Mar 1866)


3d) Anne (21 Sep 1818-1893)


4d) William, d.12 May 1847; m.16 May 1836 Dells Honoria Lowen (d.9 Nov 1883)


1e) Walter James HORE-RUTHVEN, 9th Lord Ruthven of Freeland, cr 1919 Baron Ruthven of Gowrie (14 Jun 1838-28 Feb 1921); m.21 Aug 1869 Lady Caroline Annesley Gore (13 Oct 1848-17 Dec 1914)


1f) Walter Patrick, 10th Lord Ruthven of Freeland (6 Jun 1870-6 Apr 1956); m.1st 23 Apr 1895 Jean Leslie Lampson (3 Jan 1877-8 Dec 1952), sister of Lord Killearn; m.2nd 18 Nov 1953 Judith Gordon Bell


1g) Bridget Helen, 11th Baroness Ruthven of Freeland (27 Jul 1896-1982); m.1st 17 Jan 1918 (div 1947) George Josslyn l’Estrange Howard, 11th Earl of Carlisle (6 Jan 1895-17 Feb 1963); m.2nd 1947 Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (d.1965); her son, the 12th Earl of Carlisle, suc as 12th Lord Ruthven of Freeland


2g) Jean Elisabeth St.Loe (24 Feb 1898-7 Mar 1960); m.21 Jun 1933 Don Francisco Larios (d.26 Nov 1958)


3g) Alison Mary (12 Jun 1902-2 Oct 1974); m.5 Mar 1929 Sir John Leighton Barran, 3rd Bt. (24 Mar 1904-28 Dec 1974)


4g) Margaret Leslie (12 Jun 1902-    ); m.10 Mar 1932 Peter Llewelyn Davies (d.5 Apr 1960)


2f) Beatrix Mary Leslie (4 Jun 1871-24 Mar 1930); m.1st 5 Dec 1888 (div 1894) Charles Lindsay Orr Ewing (8 Sep 1860-24 Dec 1903); m.2nd 28 Dec 1894 (div 1914) Charles Edward Malcolm, of Maxstoke Castle (d.16 Apr 1935); m.3rd 30 Dec 1914 Sir Thomas Octave Murdoch Sopwith


3f) Alexander Gore Arkwright [HORE-] RUTHVEN, cr 1935 Baron Gowrie, of Canberra, cr 1945 Earl of Gowrie and Viscount Ruthven of Canberra (6 Jul 1872-2 May 1955); m.1 Jun 1908 Zara Eileen Pollock (d.19 Jul 1965)


1g) [Alexander Hardinge] Patrick (30 Aug 1913-d.24 Dec 1942 of wounds received in action at Tripoli); m.5 Jan 1939 Pamela Margaret Fletcher (24 Oct 1910-13 Jul 2006)


1h) [Alexander Patrick] Grey[steil], 2nd Earl of Gowrie, suc 1956 as 3rd Lord Ruthven of Gowrie (26 Nov 1939-24 Sep 2021); m.1st 21 Dec 1962 (div 1974) Alexandra Bingley; m.2nd 15 Nov 1974 Adelheid Gfn von der Schulenburg (24 Oct 1943-    )


1i) [Patrick Leo] Brer, 3rd Earl of Gowrie (4 Feb 1964-    ); m.Feb 1990 Julie Goldsmith


1j) Heathcote Patrick Cornelius Hore, Viscount Ruthven of Canberra (28 May 1990-    )


2h) Malise Walter Maitland Knox (14 May 1942-    ); m.1967 Ianthe Hodgkinson à 2 daus


2g) Alistair Malise (2 Aug infant)


4f) Christian Malise (24 Apr 1880-3 May 1969); m.26 May 1925 Hon. Angela Margaret Manners (15 Jun 1889-1 Feb 1970)


1g) Nancy Margaret (10 Mar 1927-20 Aug 1989)


2g) Sarah Constance Anne (16 Oct 1930-    ); m.1 Dec 1962 James Baynard-Smith


3g) James John Malise (17 Aug 1935-24 May 2011); m.19 Jun 1965 [Helen] Dron Craig (d.18 Dec 2002) à 1 son, 1 dau


5f) Philip James Leslie (7 Jun 1882-18 May 1908); m.8 Mar 1906 Lydia Gladys Adams ( 1950)


2e) Charles Edward Stewart (21 Apr 1840-1920); m.20 Sep 1875 Mariana Wood (d.18 Nov 1941)


1f) Charles (19 Aug 1878-26 Feb 1963); m.21 Apr 1910 Elyned Rhoda Wood (d.25 Jan 1965)


1g) Elcha Cecilia (3 Mar 1912-    ); m.7 Jun 1934 (div 1968) William Herbert Harrison


2g) Elyned Barbara (18 Apr 1915-20 May 2014); m.27 Mar 1939 John Legh Barratt


3e) Mary Lowen (1842-4 Feb 1869); m.7 Jun 1860 Rev. Walter H Sutton


4e) Wilhelmina Dells Owena (1845-29 Oct 1933); m.19 Jun 1879 Rev. Charles Bodval Griffith


5e) Maria Frederica (1847-14 Aug 1897)


5d) Rev. James Ruthven, d.Jan 1839

6d) Walter, d.5 Mar 1856

7d) Wilhelmine (1819-14 Oct 1889)

8d) Alexander Leslie Melville, d.11 May 1877

9d) Jane Stewart, d.6 Oct 1917; m.1 May 1858 George O'Grady, of Plattenston (d.11 Nov 1872), nephew of Viscount Guillamore

10d) Georgina Jocelyn (1827-29 May 1901)

11d) James Stopford, d.1827

12d) Cavendish Bradstreet, d.22 Oct 1854 of wounds received before Sebastopol


9c) Charlotte Rebecca, d.19 Mar 1804


2b) William (16 Feb 1735-    )


3b) Anne (3 Oct 1737-28 Oct 1801); m.1762 John Elphinstone, 11th Lord Elphinstone (26 Jan 1737-19 Aug 1794)


4b) Isabel (2 Nov 1738-4 Sep 1775); m.John MacDougall of MacDougall, yr (d.27 Apr 1775)


5b) Stewart James (29 Nov 1739-    )


6b) Wortley Montagu [dau] (9 Sep 1741-4 Mar 1768)


7b) John (29 Mar 1743-14 Dec 1771)


8b) Elizabeth Maria; m.18 Jul 1763 (div 1774) Sir Robert Laurie of Maxwellton, 5th Bt. (d.10 Sep 1804)


9b) Jean (11 Oct 1745-d.young)


10b) Grace (5 Nov 1746-d.young)


11b) Janet (7 Dec 1747-Jun 1785); m.1 Aug 1765 Wade Toby Caulfeild, of Raheenduff and Catcombe (1732-Aug 1800)


12b) Crawford [dau] (15 Jul 1749-d.young)


2a) Anne; m.1st 25 Jul 1724 Hon. Henry Rollo (12 Jun 1705-2 Jul 1745); m.2nd Frederick Bruce