The present members of this family bear the surname Innes-Ker. The children of the Dukes of Roxburghe enjoy the prefix Lord/Lady before their Christian names.




Part 1



William Ker, of Cessford (d.Feb 1600), 1564 Janet Tweedie, née Douglas, and had issue:


1a) Robert, cr 1600 Lord Roxburghe, cr 1616 Earl of Roxburghe and Lord Ker of Cessford and Caverton (ca 1570-18 Jan 1650); resigned titles 1643 and received new grant of them, with remainder to his nominated heirs; because of his nominations and various stipulations he made, the titles devolved as below; m.1st Newbottle 5 Dec 1587 Margaret Maitland; m.2nd Somerset House 3 Feb 1614 Jean Drummond (d.7 Oct 1643); m.3rd Lady Isobel Douglas (d.16 Dec 1672)


[Note: the nominations made pursuant to the regrant provided for descent of the titles, including the later Ducal title, in the following order:

1)      to his grandson William Drummond and his issue male, so long as William married his cousin Jean Ker; such issue male of William Drummond expired in 1805 with the death of the 4th Duke

2)      to the younger sons, and their issue male, of William Drummond’s sister, the Countess of Wigtown, again so long as such son would marry Jean Ker [this proviso presumably applied only if William Drummond did not marry her]; the Wigtown heirs male were extinct by 1747

3)      to the issue male of the daughters of Harry, Lord Ker; as of 1805, the 5th Duke of Roxburghe seems to have been the only issue male of the daughters of Harry, Lord Ker; his issue male is extant and currently in possession of the titles;

4)      and finally to the heirs male of the 1st Earl of Roxburghe; the first in line as of the 1660s were the Kers of Fawdonside, descended from a brother of the great-grandfather of the 1st Earl; it seems unknown whether issue male in this line survived after the 1600s; if that line is extinct, then the next heirs male would succeed]


[by 1st m.]:


1b) William, Lord Ker (d.Bourges ca 1617)


2b) Jean (d.Oct 1622); m.1613 John Drummond, 2nd Earl of Perth (ca 1584-11 Jun 1662); they had several children; a younger son was:


1c) William Drummond, who succeeded in 1650 as 2nd Earl of Roxburghe, etc, and took the surname Ker (d.2 Jul 1675); 1655 Jean Ker (below)


1d) Robert, 3rd Earl of Roxburghe (ca 1658-drowned 6 May 1682); m.10 Oct 1675 Lady Margaret Hay (d.Broomlands 22 Jan 1753, having been a widow more than 70 years)


1e) Robert, 4th Earl of Roxburghe (ca 1677-Brussels 13 Jul 1696)


2e) JOHN, 5th Earl of Roxburghe, cr 1707 Duke of Roxburghe, Marquess of Bowmont and Cessford, Earl of Kelso, etc, with the same remainder as the Earldom of Roxburghe (ca 1680-Floors 27 Feb 1741); m.London 1 Jan 1708 Lady Mary Finch, Dowarger Marchioness of Halifax (London 18 May 1677-London 21 Sep 1718)


1f) ROBERT, 2nd Duke of Roxburghe, cr 1722 Earl Ker of Wakefield (ca 1709-Bath 20 Aug 1755); m.16 Jun 1739 Essex Mostyn (d.Bowmont Lodge, Berks 7 Dec 1764)


1g) JOHN, 3rd Duke of Roxburghe (London 23 Apr 1740-London 19 Mar 1804)


2g) Essex (9 Mar infant)


3g) Essex (25 Mar 1744-Sep 1819)


4g) Mary (17 Mar 1746-Mar 1818)


5g) Robert (27 Aug 1747-20 Mar 1781)


3e) William (d.7 Jan 1741)


2d) Harry


3d) William, d.1684


4d) John, suc.his cousin as 2nd Lord Bellenden 1671, and took surname Bellenden (d.Mar 1707); m.10 Apr 1683 Lady Mary Moore, Dowager Countess of Dalhousie (d.17 Mar 1726)


1e) John, 3rd Lord Bellenden (Dalhousie Castle 1685-Westmill, Herts 16 Mar 1741); m.Radwell, Herts 3 Sep 1722 Mary Parnell (bap 26 Jun 1702-23 Nov 1792)


1f) Jean (26 Jun 1724-27 May 1763); m.8 Jan 1741 Ephraim Miller


2f) Ker, 4th Lord Bellenden (22 Oct 1725-Woolwich 2 Mar 1753); m.Erith 13 Mar 1749 Elizabeth Brett (d.Fareham, Hants 21 Jan 1798)


1g) John Ker, 5th Lord Bellenden (Woolwich 22 Aug 1751-Edinburgh 20 Oct 1796); m.Leith 26 Jun 1787 Sarah Cumming (d.London 21 Nov 1794)


3f) Mary (16 Oct 1726-26 Jan 1727)


4f) Caroline (29 Mar 1728-1 Apr 1802); m.18 Mar 1760 John Gawler (d.24 Dec 1703)


5f) Maria (1 Aug 1729-15 May 1805); m.John Eatt


6f) Margaret (1 Oct 1730-10 Jul 1732)


7f) Diana (17 Dec 1731-Feb 1799); m.6 Nov 1758 John Bulteel


8f) Alice (3 Feb 1733-19 Oct 1796)


9f) Robert, 6th Lord Bellenden (7 Apr 1734-Bath 13 Oct 1797)


10f) Henrietta (25 Oct 1740-    )


2e) Robert (5 Mar 1689-    )


3e) William (ca 1702-1759); m.16 Apr 1726 Jacomina Farmer


1f) WILLIAM, suc 1797 as 7th Lord Bellenden, and 1804 as 4th Duke of Roxburghe (bap 20 Oct 1728-Floors Castle 22 Oct 1805); m.1st London 7 Dec 1750 Margaret Burroughs (d.Paris 17__); m.2nd Allington, Dorset 29 Jun 1789 Mary Bechinoe (d.Richmond 9 Apr 1838); on his death the Dukedom and associated titles remained dormant for seven years, until the right thereto under the special remainders was determined as below


2f) Jacomina Caroline; m.4 Apr 1749 Thomas Orby Hunter, of Waverly Abbey (ca 1716-20 Oct 1769)


4e) James; m.Mary, dau of Sir Maynard Jenoure, 3rd Bt.


1f) James ( 28 Jan 1763)


2f) Elizabeth; m.Edward Kelly


3f) Jemima fl 1762


4f) Mary; m.Sir Richard Murray, Bt.


5e) Sir Henry (d.7 Apr 1761)


6e) Margaret


7e) Mary (d.18 Dec 1736); m.1720 John Campbell [later, 4th Duke of Argyll] (d.London 9 Nov 1770)


5d) Jean (d.May 1747); m.Colin Lindsay, 3rd Earl of Balcarres (d.Balcarres 1722)


3b) Isabel; m.1618 James Scrimgeour, 2nd Viscount Dudhope (d.23 Jul 1644 of wounds received at Marston Moor 2 Jul 1644)


4b) Mary (d.Leuchars Apr 1650); m.1st James Halyburton, of Pitcur (d.1620); m.2nd 1629 James Carnegie, 2nd Earl of Southesk (d.Kinnaird Jan 1669)


[by 2nd m.]:


5b) Harry, Lord Ker (d.Edinburgh 1 Feb 1643); m.Glamis 4 Feb 1638 Lady Margaret Hay (d.1695)


1c) Jean; 1655 William Drummond, later Ker, 2nd Earl of Roxburghe (above)


2c) Anne (d.Nov 1673); 1660 John Fleming, 4th Earl of Wigtown (d.Apr 1668)


3c) Margaret; m.18 Jul 1666 Sir James Innes, of Innes, 3rd Bt. ( 1700; see Part 1-A, below)


1d) Robert Innes, the Youger, of That Ilk (dvp)


2d) Sir Henry Innes, 4th Bt. (ca 1670-12 Nov 1721); m.Sep 1694 Jean Forbes


1e) Sir Robert (dvp)


2e) Duncan (5 Oct 1697-d.young)


3e) Sir Henry Innes, 5th Bt. (d.31 Oct 1762); m.9 Oct 1727 Anne Grant (d.Elgin 9 Feb 1771)


1f) Henry, the Younger, of That Ilk ( 1759)


2f) Sir JAMES Innes, 6th Bt., suc 1805 as 5th Duke of Roxburghe, etc., but did not assume title until it was confirmed by House of Lords in 1812; took surname Innes-Norcliffe 1769, and Innes-Ker 1807 (Innes House, co. Elgin 10 Jan 1736-Floors Castle 19 Jul 1823); m.1st London 19 Apr 1769 Mary Wray (24 Mar 1730-20 Jul 1807); m.2nd 28 Jul 1807 Harriet Charlewood (d.Brighton 19 Jan 1855)


1g) JAMES Henry Robert, 6th Duke of Roxburghe, etc., for whom see Part 2, below


3f) Robert (d.9 Aug 1795)


1g) Anna


4e) John (d.18 Feb 1777)


5e) Margaret (d.1771); m.1721 George Innes


6e) Anne (1702-7 Jul 1771); m.James Stephen


7e) Jean (d.1729)


3d) Hugh ( Flanders)


4d) Marjorie; m.Thomas Macdougal, of Mackerston


5d) Mary; m.Rev. John Urquhart (d.31 Oct 1721)


4c) Sophia


2a) Sir Mark, of Ormistoun (d.Sep 1603)


3a) Margaret (d.1589); m.1st James Pringle, of Woodhouse; m.2nd Sir David Home, of Wedderburn


4a) Mary; 1586 Walter, Lord Scott of Buccleuch (d.Branxholme 15 Dec 1611)


5a) Elizabeth; m.20 Apr 1601 Sir James Bellenden (d.3 Nov 1606)


1b) William, cr 1661 Lord Bellenden (1604/5-1671); shortly before he died he resigned his peerage in favor of his cousin John Ker (above) and his heirs of entail


2b) Margaret; m.Henry Erskine, Master of Cardross (d.1628)







Part 1-A


Sir Robert Innes, of that Ilk, cr Baronet [S] 1625, d.17 Nov 1658; m.Lady Grizel Stewart


1a) Sir Robert, 2nd Bt., d.Feb 1689; m.Jean, dau of James Ross, 5th Lord Ross


1b) Sir James Innes, 3rd Bt.; m.Lady Margaret Ker (see above, Part 1; for them and their issue)


2b) Grizel, d.1742; 1682 Sir James Calder, Bt. (d.1711)


2a) John


3a) William; m.N Durie


1b) George (Apr 1671-    ); m.1721 Margaret Innes


1c) Henry, d.18 Nov 1806


2c) George


3c) Harriet; m.Thomas Ewing


4a) Margaret, d.20 May 1676; m.Hugh Rose of Kilravock (d.1687)


5a) Mary; m.1668 Duncan Forbes of Culloden (2 Mar 1644-20 Jun 1704)


6a) Jean, d.11 Feb 1684; m.Hugh Rose of Clava


7a) Grizel (20 Jul 1654-    ); m.1673 Sir James Calder, of Muirton, Bt


8a) Janet=Elizabeth, d.1695; m.Arthur Forbes, of Echt (d.1728)


9a) dau; m.N Sutherland






Part 2





JAMES Henry Robert Innes-Ker, 6th Duke of Roxburghe, Marquess of Bowmont and Cessford, Earl of Roxburghe, Earl of Kelso, Earl Innes, etc, see Part 1, above (Floors Castle 12 Jul 1816-Genoa 23 Apr 1879); m.London 29 Dec 1836 Susanna Stephania Dalbiac (Hemingford 28 Aug 1814-London 7 May 1895)


1a) Susan Harriet (13 Nov 1837-13 Oct 1909); m.5 Aug 1857 Sir James Grant-Suttie, 6th Bt. (25 May 1830-30 Oct 1878)


2a) JAMES Henry Robert, 7th Duke of Roxburghe, etc (Floors Castle 5 Sep 1839-Floors Castle 23 Oct 1892); m.London 11 Jun 1874 Lady Anne Spencer-Churchill (Blenheim 14 Nov 1854-London 20 Jun 1923)


1b) Margaret Frances Susan (13 May 1875-15 Dec 1930); m.25 Jul 1898 James Alexander Orr Ewing (22 Feb 1857-k.a.Kheis, So Africa 28 May 1900), of the Baronets


2b) HENRY John, 8th Duke of Roxburghe, etc (Broxmouth Park 25 Jul 1876-Wilton 29 Sep 1932); m.New York 10 Nov 1903 Mary Goelet (New York 6 Oct 1878-London 26 Apr 1937)


1c) GEORGE Victor Robert John, 9th Duke of Roxburghe, etc (Chesterfield House, London 7 Sep 1913-Edzell, Kincardineshire 26 Sep 1974); m.1st Westminster Abbey 24 Oct 1935 (div 1953) Lady Mary Hungerford Crewe-Milnes (London 23 Mar 1915-2 Jul 2014); m.2nd Caxton Hall Register Office, London 5 Jan 1954 Margaret Elisabeth McConnell (23 Dec 1918-London 2 Jun 1983)


1d) GUY David, 10th Duke of Roxburghe, etc (Edinburgh 18 Nov 1954-Floors Castle 29 Aug 2019); m.1st Church of St.Mary the Virgin, Eccleston nr Chester 10 Sep 1977 (div 1990) Lady Jane Grosvenor (b.8 Feb 1953); m.2nd 1992 Virginia Mary Williams-Wynn


1e) Rosanagh Viola Alexandra (b.Western General Hospital, Edinburgh 16 Jan 1979); m.26 Jul 2008 James Walter Grimston, Viscount Grimston (b.6 Jan 1978)


2e) Charles Robert George, 11th Duke of Roxburghe (b.Edinburgh 18 Feb 1981); m.London 22 Jul 2011 (div) Hon. Charlotte Susanna Aitken (b.1982) 


3e) Edward Arthur Gerald (b.1984); m.29 Jul 2017 Celia Brook


4e) Isabella May (b.1994)


5e) George Alastair (b.1996)


2d) Robert Anthony (b.1959); m.12 Mar 1996 Katherine Pelly


1e) Eliza Henrietta (b.1997)


2e) James Mark (b.1999)


3b) Victoria Alexandrina (London 16 Nov 1877-Iping, Sussex 22 May 1970); m.London 17 Aug 1901 Charles Hyde Villiers (Sep 1862-London 23 May 1947)


4b) Isabel (14 Jan 1879-12 Oct 1905); m.23 Jun 1904 [later, Hon.] Guy Greville Wilson (19 May 1877-1 Feb 1943)


5b) Alastair Robert (Floors Castle 2 Nov 1880-London 1 Mar 1936); m.London 10 Oct 1907 Anne Breese (d.London 30 Oct 1959)


1c) Alastair James (London 4 Oct 1908-k.a.Carpiquet Jul 1944); m.Montreal 7 Sep 1939 Benedicta Caverhill


2c) David Charles (7 Jan 1910-London 17 Aug 1957); m.London 15 Nov 1939 (div 1948) Christa de Paravicini (1913-1984), later wife of Sir Hervey Bruce, 6th Bt.


1d) Mary Anne (Grantham 29 Apr 1941-1988/9); m.Newmarket 21 Apr 1979 Robert Armstrong (b.Leeds 15 Jan 1944)


3c) Eloise Jean Horatia (London 5 Sep 1915-22 Jan 1996); m.15 Mar 1940 Reginald Baron Black (b.Belfast 24 Mar 1907)


6b) Evelyn Anne (Floors Castle 7 Feb 1882-Knaresborough 27 Sep 1957); m.London 23 Nov 1907 William Fellowes Collins (Ramsay St.Mary, Hunts 17 Sep 1865-Cundall, Yorks 15 Feb 1948)


7b) Robert Edward (Floors Castle 22 Jul 1885-Brighton 19 Jul 1958); m.1st London 27 Oct 1920 (div 1935) Charlotte Josephine Cooney (London 23 May 1887-Epping 6 Dec 1958); m.2nd London 28 Jul 1939 Eleanor Marie Woodhead (1887-Brighton 2 Feb 1958)


3a) Charlotte Isabella (8 Aug 1841-24 Apr 1881); m.28 Oct 1862 George Russell (21 Sep 1830-1911)


4a) Charles John (Floors Castle 31 Dec 1842-19 Nov 1919); m.London 15 Jan 1866 Blanche Mary Williams (d.1 Jul 1914)


1b) Charles James (19 Jan 1867-13 Apr 1906)


2b) Bertram Harry (London 5 Apr 1870-1 Apr 1951)