Part 1: Wentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse; Strafford



William Wentworth, of Wentworth Woodhouse, d.1477; m.Isabel Fitzwilliam


1a) Sir Thomas, of Wentworth Woodhouse, d.5 Dec 1548; m.Mrs Beatrix Drax, née Woodruffe


1b) William, of Wentworth Woodhouse, d.4 Jul 1549; m.Catherine Beeston


1c) Thomas, of Wentworth Woodhouse, d.14 Feb 1587; m.Margaret Gascoigne


1d) Sir William, of Wentworth Woodhouse, cr Baronet 1611 (bap 3 Jul 1562- bur 10 Sep 1614); m.by 1591 Anne Atkinson (bur 23 Jul 1611)


1e) Sir Thomas, of Wentworth Woodhouse, 2nd Bt., cr 1628 Baron Wentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse, and Baron of Newmarch and Oversley, cr later in 1728 Viscount Wentworth, cr 1640 Baron of Raby [with remainder after his own issue male to his younger brothers and their issue male], and also cr 1640 Earl of Strafford; attainted 1641 (London 13 Apr 1593- executed 12 May 1641); m.1st Londesborough 22 Oct 1611 Lady Margaret Clifford (bur 21 Sep 1622); m.2nd London 24 Feb 1625 Lady Arabella Holles (d.York 5 Oct 1631); m.3rd ca Oct 1632 Elizabeth Rodes (d.Hooton Roberts 19 Apr 1688)


[by 2nd m.]:


1f) William, Lord Raby (Wentworth Woodhouse 8 Jun 1626-16 Oct 1695); in 1641 he was cr Earl of Strafford, Viscount Wentworth, Baron Wentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse, Baron of Newmarch and Oversley and Baron of Raby, thus giving him all the titles of his father, but with a later date of precedency; in 1661 his father’s attainder was reversed, thus giving him all his father’s titles with the original dates of precedency; he m.1st 27 Feb 1655 Lady Henrietta Mary Stanley (17 Nov 1630-London 27 Dec 1685); m.2nd 18/19 Sep 1694 Henriette de La Rochefoucauld (d.11 Nov 1732); on his death all his titles became extinct except the Barony of Raby, which passed to his heir male, as below; the vast Wentworth Woodhouse estates were left to his nephew Thomas Watson, later Watson-Wentworth (see below, Part 2)


2f) Anne (8 Oct 1629-2 Jan 1696); m.London 13 Nov 1654 Edward Watson, 2nd Lord Rockingham (see Part 2, below)


3f) Arabella; m.Hon. Justin MacCarty, 1689 Viscount Mountcashell (d.Barèges 1 Jul 1694)


[by 3rd m.]:


4f) Thomas


5f) Margaret


2e) Sir William, of Ashby Puerorum, k.a. Marston Moor 2 Jul 1644; m.11 Jul 1627 Elizabeth Savile (d.9 Nov 1660)


1f) Sir William (ca 1636-Jun 1692); m.1667 Isabella Apsley


1g) William, d.1693


2g) Thomas (Stanley Hall 1672-Wentworth Castle 15 Nov 1739); in 1695 he succeeded his cousin as 3rd Lord Raby and 4th Baronet; he was cr 1711 Earl of Strafford and Viscount Wentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse and of Stainborough [with remainder, after his own issue male, to his brother Peter and his issue male]; in 1722 he was cr by the Pretender Duke of Strafford; he m. at Bradenham, Bucks, 6 Sep 1711 Anne Johnson (d.19 Sep 1754); notwithstanding his title, he had not inherited the magnificent Wentworth Woodhouse estates (see above); feeling piqued at the loss of what he considered his birthright, he purchased the Stainborough estate a few miles away and erected a spectacular new house there, which came to be called Wentworth Castle


1h) Anne (1713-1797); m.28 Apr 1733 William Conolly, of Castletown (d.3 Jan 1754); their dau m. George Byng, whose descendants were later made Earls of Strafford; other children included Thomas Conolly, husband of Lady Louisa Lennox; Jane, wife of George Robert Fitzgerald; Caroline, wife of Earl of Buckinghamshire; and Harriet, wife of Rt. Hon. John Staples


2h) William, 2nd Earl of Strafford [and 2nd Jacobite Duke of Strafford], etc. (1722-Wentworth Castle 10 Mar 1791); m.28 Apr 1741 Lady Anne Campbell (d.Wentworth Castle 7 Feb 1785); most of his estates went to his sisters, though Wentworth Castle itself went to his cousin, the 3rd Earl


3h) Lucy, d.27 Apr 1771; m.1747 Sir George Howard (17 Jun 1718-16 Jul 1796)


4h) Henrietta, d.12 Apr 1786; m.1743 Henry Vernon, of Hilton Park (13 Sep 1718-    ); her grandson eventually succeeded to the Wentworth Castle estate and took the name Vernon-Wentworth


3g) Peter, of Henbury, d.10 Jan 1739; m.Juliana Horde


1h) William, d.16 Jun 1776, aged 76; m.Susanna Slaughter


1i) Frederick Thomas, 3rd Earl of Strafford, 5th Lord Raby, and 6th Baronet (Henbury 25 Feb 1742-Nottingham 6 Aug 1799); m.Silton, Dorset 17 Sep 1772 Elizabeth Gould (d.Henbury 1 May 1811)


2i) George


3i) Caroline


4) Augusta Anne, d.1802; m.30 May 1772 John Hatfield Kaye, of Hatfield Hall; she had inherited Wentworth Castle on the death of her brother, and left it to the grandson of Lady Henrietta Vernon (above)


2h) Harriet, d.5 Dec 1776; m.Thomas Arundel


4g) Paul, k.a.Namur 1695


5g) Allan, k.a.Liège 23 Oct 1702


6g) Frances Arabella, d.London 16 Mar 1724; m.Sep 1686 Walter Bellew, 2nd Lord Bellew (d.1694)


7g) Anne; m.James Donelan


8g) Isabella; m.Francis Arnudel


9g) Elizabeth, d.21 Mar 1750, aged 69; m.Hounslow 2 Jun 1722 John Arundell, 4th Lord Arundel of Trerice (21 Nov 1701- bur 13 Aug 1768)


10g – 11g) 2 more daus


2f) Anne, d.1707; m.Edward Skinner


3e) Sir George, d.ca 1666; m.Anne Ruisshe


1f) Ruisshe, of Sarre (ca 1651-8 Jun 1686); m.1680 Susanna Adye (d.23 Sep 1681)


1g) Mary, d.29 May 1718; m.Thomas Howard, 6th Lord Howard of Effingham (1682-10/13 Jul 1725)


4e) Mary; m.Sir Richard Hooton


5e) Anne; m.Sir George Savile (dvp 1614), eldest son of Sir George Savile, of Thornhill, Bt.


6e) Elizabeth; m.Lowton Hall 1636 James Dillon, 3rd Earl of Roscommon (ca 1605-8 Nov 1649)


2d) Elizabeth; m.Thomas Danby, of Farnley


3d) Barbara


4d) Margaret; m.1st Michael Darcy (dvp 13 Dec 1588), eldest son of John, 2nd Lord Darcy; m.2nd Jasper Blythman


5d) Catherine; m.Thomas Gargrave, of Nostel Priory


2b) Gervase


3b) Michael, of Mendham Priory; m.Isabel Whitley


1c) Thomas, of Mendham Priory and of Whitley; m.Susan Hopton


1d) Michael à Wentworths of Woolley


4b) Thomas; m.Grace Gascoigne à issue


5b) Bryan


6b) Elizabeth; m.Ralph Denham


7b) Isabel; m.Nicholas Wombwell


8b) Beatrice; m.Thomas Worrall


2a) Ralph


3a) George


4a) William


5a) Elizabeth; m.1st Thomas Lea; m.2nd Henry Arthington







Part 2: Watson; Watson-Wentworth; Rockingham



Edward Watson, of Rockingham Castle, Northants, m.Dorothy Montague and had issue:


1a) Sir Edward, of Rockingham Castle (d.1616); m.Apr 1567 Anne Digby (d.17 Feb 1611)


1b) Sir Lewis, of Rockingham Castle, cr Baronet 1621, cr 1645 Lord Rockingham (1584-5 Jan 1653); m.1st 1609 Hon. Catherine Bertie (d.15 Feb 1611); m.2nd 3 Oct 1620 Eleanor Manners (d.London 23 Oct 1679)


1c) Edward, 2nd Lord Rockingham (30 Jun 1630-22 Jun 1689); m.London 13 Nov 1654 Lady Anne Wentworth (8 Oct 1629-2 Jan 1696)


1d) Lewis, 3rd Lord Rockingham, cr 1714 Earl of Rockingham, Viscount Sondes, and Baron of Throwley (29 Dec 1655-Rockingham 19 Mar 1724); m.Jul 1677 Lady Catherine Sondes (d.21 Mar 1696); she was heiress to the estates of her family


1e) Edward, Viscount Sondes (1686-20 Mar 1722); m.21 Mar 1709 Lady Catharine Tufton (24 Apr 1693-13 Feb 1734)


1f) Lewis, 2nd Earl of Rockingham (ca 1714-4 Dec 1745); m.10 Apr 1736 his cousin Katherine (d.17 Dec 1766), dau of Sir Robert Furnese, 2nd Bt.


2f) Thomas, 3rd Earl of Rockingham (30 Dec 1715-Rockingham 26 Feb 1746)


3f) Edward


4f) Catherine; m.Edward Southwell (1705-1755)


2e) George (d.1735)


3e) Mary; m.Wray Saunderson (heir presumptive to his grandfather, 5th Viscount Castleton, but predeceased him)


4e) Anne (d.young)


5e) Arabella, d.5 Sep 1727; m.Sir Robert Furnese, of Waldershare, 2nd Bt. (1 Aug 1687-7 Mar 1733)


6e) Margaret (1696-London 24 Feb 1752); m.London 8 Apr 1725 John Monson, Lord Monson (ca 1693-London 18 Jul 1748); their second son inherited most of the estates of the 3rd Earl of Rockingham, and was cr Lord Sondes


2d) Edward


3d) Eleanor (Rockingham 26 Feb 1659-Stonelwigh 23 Jul 1705); m.Rockingham 23 Oct 1679 Thomas Leigh, 2nd Lord Leigh of Stoneleigh (1652-12 Nov 1710)


4d) Thomas, took surname Watson-Wentworth on inheriting the estates of the Wentworth family (17 Jun 1665-6 Oct 1723); m.Alice (1673-    ), dau of Sir Thomas Proby, Bt.


1e) Thomas, cr 1728 Lord Malton, cr 1734 Earl of Malton, Viscount Higham, Baron Wath and Baron Harrowden, 6th Lord Rockingham 1746, cr 1746 Marquess of Rockingham (Tidmington, Worcs 13 Nov 1693-Wentworth-Woodhouse 14 Dec 1750); m.22 Sep 1716 Lady Mary Finch (d.30 May 1761)


1f) son (d. Leyden Aug 1734)


2f) son


3f) son


4f) William, Viscount Higham (1728-16 Aug 1739)


5f) Charles, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham, cr 1750 Earl Malton, Prime Minister (13 May 1730-1 Jul 1782); m.London 26 Feb 1752 Mary Bright (d.Hillingdon House 19 Dec 1804), gdau of John Liddell, later Bright [son of Sir H Liddell, 3rd Bt., and heir of his mother’s father, Sir John Bright, Bt.]


6f) Anne (d.London 29 Aug 1769); m.London 22 Jun 1744 William Fitzwilliam, 3rd Earl Fitzwilliam (15 Jan 1720-10 Aug 1756); their family inherited the great estates at Wentworth Woodhouse and added the surname Wentworth


7f) Mary; m.31 May 1764 John Milbanke (ca 1725-1806), son of Sir Ralph Milbanke, 4th Bt.


8f) Henrietta Alicia (1737-    ); m.21 Oct 1764 William Sturgeon (1741-1831), said to have been her footman


5d) George


6d) Arabella, d.14 Jan 1735; m.Sir James Oxenden, 2nd Bt. (ca 1643-29 Sep 1708)


7d) Anne


8d) Margaret


2c) Grace (d.1658); m.Edward Barkham [later, 2nd Bt.] (d.1688)


3c) Frances; m.Edward Dineley, of Charleton; their dau Helen m.Sir Edward Goodere, Bt.


4c) Eleanor; m.Sir Charles Dymoke, of Scrivelsby (d.ca 1688)


2b) Edward (d.1658)


3b) Anne; m.Sir Charles Norwich


4b) Emma; m.John Grant


5b) Mary; m.Sir Anthony Mayney, of Linton


6b) Elizabeth, bur 26 Jun 1637; m.1st Sir John Needham, of Lichborough; m.2nd Sir Edward Tyrell, Bt. (d.2 Jul 1656)


7b) Catherine; m.Thomas Palmer, of Carlton


2a) Catherine; m.Arthur Broke






Part 3


(This family is related to that in Part 1)


George Wentworth, of West Bretton, bur 7 Jun 1638; m.Mary Ashburnham; this family is said to be a cadet of the Wentworths of Wentworth Woodhouse


1a) William, d.22 Oct 1642


2a) Sir Thomas, of Bretton (ca 1615-5 Dec 1675), cr Baronet 1664, with a special remainder, failing his own issue male, to his brother Matthew and his issue male; he m.Grace Popeley (d.30 Mar 1698), later wife of 8th Earl of Eglinton


3a) Sir Matthew, 2nd Bt., d.1 Aug 1678; m.1st 23 Sep 1641 Judith Horn (dsp, bur 10 Mar 1643); m.2nd before 1663 Mrs Judith Thorpe, née Rhodes; m.3rd 18 Sep 1676 Anne Osbaldeston (bap 19 Mar 1656-    )


1b) [ex 2] Sir Matthew, 3rd Bt. (ca 1665-Feb 1706); m.22 May 1677 Elizabeth Osbaldeston (bap 13 Apr 1658-bur 22 Jan 1694), sister of his stepmother


1c) Matthew, d.1692


2c) Sir William, 4th Bt. (bap 29 Oct 1686-1 Mar 1763); m.23 Jun 1720 Diana (bur 14 Apr 1742), dau of Sir William Blacket, Bt. à 9 children, of whom:


1d) Sir Thomas, 5th Bt., took surname BLACKETT (bap 12 Apr 1726-10 Jul 1792)


1e) [illegitimate] Diana; m.Thomas Richard Beaumont; she inherited most of her father’s estates and left issue


2e) [illegitimate] Sophia; m.William Lee, of Grove Hall


3e) [illegitimate] Louisa; m.William Stackpoole


2d) Diana; m.Godfrey Bosvile; the Gunneston [or Gunthwaite] estate was inherited by her son, and then her dau, the wife of Lord Macdonald


3d) Elizabeth; m.James Watson


4d) Julia; m.1760 Rev. John de Chair


5d) Arabella


3c) Thomas (ca 1693-Nov 1747); m.3 Jul 1720 Elizabeth Lord


4c) Grace; m.Thomas Staines, of Sowerby


5c) Anne; m.Thomas Hassell, of Thorp


6c) Elizabeth





Part 4


(This family is related to those in Parts 1 and 3)



Roger Wentworth, of Nettlestead, d.ca 1452; m.by 25 Jun 1423 Margery (d.20 Apr 1478), by modern doctrine de jure 3rd Baroness le Despenser, dau of Sir Philip de Despenser, de jure 2nd Lord, and gdau of 1st Lord le Despenser (who was summoned to Parliament 1387), and widow of John de Roos, Lord Roos


1a) Sir Philip, of Nettlestead, dvm, executed 18 May 1464; m.Mary, dau of John de Clifford, Lord Clifford


1b) Sir Henry, of Nettlestead, suc his grandmother 1478 as de jure 4th Lord le Despenser, d.1499/1501; m.1st Anne Say; m.2nd ca 1494 Elizabeth Neville (ca 1464-dsps Sep 1517), dau of Marquess of Montagu, and widow of 6th Lord Scrope of Masham


1c) [ex 1] Sir Richard, of Nettlestead, de jure 5th Lord le Despenser, d.17 Oct 1528; m.Anne Tyrrell


1d) Sir Thomas, of Nettlestead, de jure 6th Lord le Despenser, cr 1529 Lord Wentworth (though it is unknown whether the creation was by writ of summons, or by patent, or by other means);he was b.1501 and d.3 Mar 1551; he m.ca 1520 Margaret Fortescue


1e) Thomas, 2nd Lord Wentworth, and de jure 7th Lord le Despenser (1525-13 Jun 1584); m.1st 9 Feb 1546 Mary Wentworth (dsp ca 1554; below); m.2nd 1555/6 Anne Wentworth (below)


1f) William (1555/6-7 Nov 1582); m.26 Feb 1582 Elizabeth Cecil (1 Jul 1564-Apr 1583), dau of Lord Burghley


2f) Henry, 3rd Lord Wentworth, and de jure 8th Lord le Despenser (1558-16 Aug 1593); m.ca 1585 Anne Hopton (bur 10 May 1625), later wife of Sir William Pope, Bt. [himself later cr Earl of Downe]


1g) Thomas, 4th Lord Wentworth, and de jure 9th Lord le Despenser (1591-25 Mar 1667), cr 1626 Earl of Cleveland; m.1st shortly before 1612 Anne Crofts (d.16 Jan 1638); m.2nd before 25 Oct 1638 Lucy (d.23 Nov 1651), dau of Sir John Wentworth, Bt. (see Part 5)


1h) Thomas, called to the House of Lords 1640 in his father’s Barony, whereby he became 5th Lord Wentworth (bap 2 Feb 1613-1 Mar 1665); m. before 21 March 1658 Philadelphia Carey (d.4 May 1696)


1i) Henrietta Maria, who possibly suc her father in 1665 as 6th Baroness Wentworth, or, if the Barony reverted in 1665 to the 4th Lord then she suc in 1667; she suc in 1667 as de jure 10th Baroness le Despenser; she was long-time mistress of the Duke of Monmouth, and dsp, unmarried, 23 Apr 1686; note that though it is unknown how the Wentworth barony was originally created, it has always been treated as one by writ, descendible to females but subject to abeyances in the case of co-heirs


2h) Anne, 7th Baroness Wentworth and de jure 11th Baroness le Despenser (bap 29 Jul 1623-7 May 1697); m.11 Jul 1638 John Lovelace, 2nd Lord Lovelace of Hurley (ca Feb 1616-14 Nov 1670)


1i) John LOVELACE, 2nd Lord Lovelace, dvm 1693; m.Martha, dau of Sir Edmund Pye, Bt.


1j) Martha LOVELACE, 8th Baroness Wentworth and de jure 12th Baroness le Despenser (ca 1667-dsp 18 Jul 1745); m.11 Mar 1693 Sir Henry Johnson, of Friston Hall and Bradenham (ca 1661-29 Sep 1719)


2i) Margaret LOVELACE (ca 1644-14 Apr 1671); m.1660 Sir William Noel, 2nd Bt. (1642-13 Apr 1675); the further descent of the Wentworth and le Despenser Baronies can be followed through the Noel family and their descendants; they are now held by the Earl of Lytton


3h) [ex 2] Katherine, dsp, bur 21 May 1670; m.ca 1661 William Spencer, of Cople


3f) Cecily; m.Sir Robert Wingfield


2e) Jane, d.16 Apr 1614; m.Henry Cheney, Lord Cheney of Toddington (bur 3 Sep 1587);she left Toddington to her great-nephew, the Earl of Cleveland (above)


2c) Margery; m.Sir John Seymour


3c) Elizabeth; m.1st Sir Roger D’Arcy; m.2nd Sir John Wyndham, of Felbrigg


2a) Henry


1b) son


1c) Sir John, of Gosfield, d.15 Sep 1567


1d) Mary, d.ca 1554; m.9 Feb 1546 Thomas, 2nd Lord Wentworth (above)


2c) son?; the 2nd Lord Wentworth m. 2ndly Anne Wentworth, said to have been cousin of Mary, his first wife, though whether she was a first cousin is unclear





Part 5


Sir John Wentworth, of Gosfield, cr Baronet 1611 (ca 1583-Oct 1631); m.Catharine Finch (bur 26 Sep 1639)


1a) son, d.young


2a) Cicely, bur 1 Feb 1668; m.1619 William Grey, Lord Grey of Warke (d.29 Jul 1674)


3a) Lucy, d.23 Nov 1651; m.1638 Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Cleveland (see Part 4)


4a) dau

5a) dau




Part 6


Thomas Wentworth, of North Elmshall, d.10 May 1653; m.Agnes, dau of Sir Henry Bellingham, Bt.


1a) Sir John, of North Elmshall, d.4 Jun 1671; m. Mrs Catherine Lister, née Norcliffe, later wife of Earl of Winchilsea


1b) Thomas, of North Elmshall (bap 26 Feb 1670-8 Aug 1689)


2a) Henry, of Brodsworth (ca 1647-bur 28 Oct 1684); m.Susan Bradshaw


1b) Sir John, of North Elmshall, cr Baronet 1692 (bap 18 Nov 1673-25 Apr 1720); m.1st 1692 Hon. Mary Lowther (dspm 16 Apr 1706); m.2nd by 1710 Lady Elizabeth Cavendish (bur 29 Aug 1741)


1c) [ex 1] Catherine; m.Hugh Cholmeley, of Whitby Abbey


2c) [ex 2] Sir Butler Cavendish, 2nd Bt. (ca 1710-3 Dec 1741); m.Bridget (d.3 Sep 1774), dau of Sir Ralph Milbanke, 4th Bt.


3a) Dorothy; m.Edward Gower





Part 7


Sir John Wentworth, cr Baronet 1795 (ca 1737-8 Apr 1820); m.by 1774 his first cousin Frances Wentworth (d.14 Feb 1813)


1a) Sir Charles Mary, 2nd Bt. (18 Jan 1775-10 Apr 1844)