Part 2



Raimund de Poitiers, Pr of Antioch (see Part 1) had issue:


1a) Bohemund III "the Stutterer", Prince of Antioch, d.1201; m.1st 1168/70 Orgueilleuse d'Harenc (d.after Mar 1175, perhaps 1175); m.2nd 1175/7 (div 1180) Theodora, dau of Ioannes Dukas Komnenos (and later wife of Gautier de Béthune, lord of Bessan); m.3rd 1181 (probably div ca 1199) Sibylle N; m.4th ca 1199 Isabelle N


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Raimund, 1187 Ct of Tripoli, d.May/Jun 1199; m.1194/5 Alix (b.1182/3, d.after 1234), dau of Rupen of Armenia


1c) Raimund Rupen, "Rex Iunior" of Armenia, Pr of Antioch, b.1199, prison 1221/2; m.before 1210 Helvis de Lusignan, Pss of Cyprus


1d) Maria de Poitiers, heiress of Toron, b.1215; m.after 6 Jul 1240 Philippe de Montfort, Lord of Tyrus and Toron (d.1270)


2d) Eschive de Poitiers


2b) Bohemund IV "the One-Eyed", Pr of Antioch, Ct of Tripoli, d.Mar 1233; m.1st before 21 Aug 1198 Plaisance de Giblet (d.1217); m.2nd Tripoli Jan 1218 Melisende de Lusignan, Pss of Cyprus (1197/9-    )


1c) Raimund de Poitiers, Bailiff of Antioch (1195-murdered at Tortosa 1213)


2c) Bohemund V, Pr of Antioch, Ct of Tripoli, d.Jan 1252; m.1st shortly before 11 Aug 1225 (annulled after 5 Jul 1227) Adela=Alix de Champagne (d.1246); m.2nd 1235 Lucienne di Caccamo-Segni, a great-niece of Pope Innocent III; both children were by 2nd m.


1d) Bohemund VI, Pr of Antioch, Ct of Tripoli (ca 1237-11 May/Jul 1275); m.1254 Sibylle of Armenia (d.1290)


1e) Bohemund VII, Ct of Tripoli, titular Pr of Antioch 1275/87; m.Marguerite de Brienne


2e) Isabeau de Poitiers


3e) Lucia, Css of Tripoli 1287/8, 1299; 1275 Narjod de Toucy, sn di Terza, Admiral of Sicily (d.1293)


4e) Marie de Poitiers, 1280; m.Nicolas de Saint-Omer (d.1294)


2d) Plaisance, Regent of Cyprus and Jerusalem (ca 1236-27 Sep 1261); m.1st 1250 Henry de Lusignan, King of Cyprus (d.8 Jan 1253); m.2nd before 7 Dec 1254 (annulled 1258) Balian d'Ibelin, lord of Arsur


3c) Philip, King of Armenia 1222-4, d.of poisoning while in prison 1226; m.Jun 1222 Queen Zabel of Armenia (1212/3-23 Jan 1252)


4c) Henri de Poitiers, drowned at sea 27 Jun 1276; m.1233 Isabeau de Lusignan, Pss of Cyprus; their descendants all took the surname "de Lusignan"


1d) Hugh III de Lusignan, King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (ca 1235-6 Jan 1284); m.1255 Isabeau d'Ibelin (d.2 Jul 1324)


1e) King John I of Cyrpus and Jerusalem, d.20 May 1285


2e) Bohemond de Lusignan, d.13 Nov 1281


3e) Henry II, King of Cyprus and Jerusalem, d.31 Aug 1324; m.12 Oct 1317 Constanza of Aragón (d.after 19 Jun 1344)


4e) Amaury de Lusignan, Pr of Tyrus, Regent of Cyprus and Constable of Jerusalem, murdered 5 Jun 1310; m.1292/3 Pss Zabel of Armenia (d.before 9 Apr 1323)


1f) Hugues de Lusignan, sn de Crusoche, Armenia 1318/23; m.before 1310 Eschive d'Ibelin (d.after 1324)


2f) Henri de Lusignan, murdered in Armenia 1322/3


3f) Guy de Lusignan, King of Armenia (as Constantine II) 1342/4, murdered 17 Apr 1344; m.1st ca 1318 N Kantakuzene; m.2nd 1330/2 Theodora Syrgiannaina (d.1347/9)


1g) Zampea=Maria, d.1382/7; m.after 26 Feb 1349 Manuel Kantakuzenos (d.1380)


4f) Jean de Lusignan, Regent of Armenia, d.7 Aug 1343; m.NN


1g) Bohemund de Lusignan, d.Venice 1364/5


2g) [illegitimate] Leon de Lusignan, King of Armenia 1374-5, sn de Madrid Villareal y Andugar, d.Paris 23/29 Nov 1393; m.1369/72 Marguerite de Soissons (d.Cairo 1379/81)


1h) Marie de Lusignan, d.Cairo before 4 Jul 1381


2h) [illegitimate] Guido de Armenia, a canon in Autun, Bayeus, Paris and Arras d.after 1405


5f) Bohemund de Lusignan, lord of Korikos, murdered 17 Apr 1344; m.1340 Euphemia of Neghir (b.7 May 1325, d.Jerusalem after 1381)


1g) [illegitimate] Barthelemy de Lusignan, co-Regent of Armenia 1373


6f) Marie de Lusignan, d.after 1309; m.1305/6 King Leon III of Armenia (murdered 1307)


5e) Aimery de Lusignan, Constable and Regent of Cyprus, 1316


6e) Guy de Lusignan, Constable of Cyprus, 1300; m.1291 Eschive d'Ibelin, lady of Beirut (d.1312)


1f) King Hugh IV of Cyprus, titular King of Jerusalem, d.10 Oct 1359; m.1st 1307/10 Marie d'Ibelin (d.1316/8); m.2nd 1318 Alice d'Ibelin (d.after 6 Aug 1386)


1g) Guy de Lusignan, constable of Cyprus (1315/6-1343); m.31 Jan 1330 Marie de Bourbon (ca 1315-Naples 1387)


1h) Hugh de Lusignan, titular Pr of Galilee, a Roman senator, lord of Arnecha and Leondaki, d.1385/6; m.after autumn 1365 Marie de Morpho (d.after 1383)


2g) King Peter I of Cyprus and Armenia, titular King of Jerusalem (1328-murdered 16 Jan 1369); m.1st 1342 Eschive de Montfort; m.2nd 1353 Leonor of Aragón (d.Barcelona 1416/7)


1h) King Peter II of Cyprus (ca 1357-13 Oct 1382); m.Sep 1378 Valenza Visconti ( 1393)


1i) a daughter (1379/80-ca 1382)


2h) Marguerite de Lusignan, 1397; engaged to Carlo Visconti, she m.1385 Jacques de Lusignan, Ct of Tripoli


3h) Eschive de Lusignan, 1369


3g) Jean de Lusignan, titular Pr of Antioch, Regent of Cyprus (1329/30-murdered 1375); m.1st 1343 Constanza of Aragon (d.after 19 Apr 1344); m.2nd 1350 Alice d'Ibelin (d.after 1373)


1h) Jacques de Lusignan, titular Ct of Tripoli, d.1395/7; m.1385 Marie de Lusignan (above)


1i) Jean de Lusignan, Ct of Tripoli, d.1428/32


2i) Pierre de Lusignan, titular Ct of Tripoli, Regent of Cyorus, constable and seneschal of Jerusalem, d.10 Feb 1451; 1415 Isabelle de Lusignan, Pss of Cyprus


1j) [illegitimate] Phoebus, legitimized by the pope 1428, Marshal of Armenia, lord of Sidon, d.Rome after Jul 1485; m.NN ŕ issue


3i) Eleonore de Lusignan, 1414; 1406 Henri de Lusignan, Pr of Galilee (d.1427)


4i) Loysia de Lusignan; probably m.Eudes de Lusignan (d.1421)


2h) [illegitimate by Alice Giblet] Jean, titular lord of Beirut, d.after 1410; m.1385 Marguerite de Morpho


1i) Jean, titular lord of Beirut, 1456


4g) King James I of Cyprus, titular King of Armenia and Jerusalem, d.9 Sep 1398; m.1365 Helvis of Braunschweig (d.15 Jan 1422)


1h) King Janus I of Cyprus and Armenia, titular king of Jerusalem (Genoa 1374/5-29 Jun 1432; m.1st (annulled 1407/9) after Jan 1400 Anglesia Visconti (d.Reggio 12 Oct 1439); m.2nd by proxy at Melun 2 Aug 1409 and in person at Nicosea 25 Aug 1411 Charlotte de Bourbon (d.of the Plague 1422, bur Nicosia); all issue by 2nd m.


1i) King John II of Cyprus, titular Pr of Antioch (16 May 1418-28 Jul 1458); m.1st by proxy at Casale 17 Apr 1440 and in person at Nicosea 3 Jul 1440 Amadea of Montferrat (d.13 Sep 1440); m.2nd 1441/2 Helene Palaiologina (d.11 Apr 1458)


1j) [by 2nd m.] Queen Charlotte of Cyprus (1442/3-Rome 16 Jul 1487); m.1st 1456 Infant Joăo of Portugal, Duque de Coimbra (murdered 22 Jul 1457); m.2nd 7 Oct 1459 Louis of Savoy (d.16 Jul 1482)


2j) [by 2nd m.] Cleopha, d.young


3j) [illegitimate by Marieta de Patras] King James II of Cyprus (1438/9-6/10 Jul 1473); proxy at Venice 10 Jun 1468 and in person at Famagusta Dec 1472 1472 Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus 1474-89 (1454-Venice 1 Jul 1510)


1k) King James III of Cyprus (28 Aug 1473-26 Aug 1474)


2k) [illegitimate ] Eugene, d.Venice after 1523; m.NN


3k) [illegitimate ] Janus, d.after 1533; m.N de Toro


4k) [illegitimate ] Charlotte, 1469; m.after 1463 Sor de Naves


5k) [illegitimate ] Charla (Apr prison in Padua 24 Jul 1480); she was either married or engaged to Alonso, batard d'Aragona (1460-1510)


2i) Jacques de Lusignan, 24 May 1426


3i) Anne de Lusignan (1419-11 Nov 1462); proxy Nicosia 4 Oct 1433 and in person at Chambery 12 Feb 1434 Duke Louis I of Savoy (d.29 Jan 1465)


4i) Marie de Lusignan, d.after 29 Apr 1437


5i) [illegitimate] Aloysius (1408-after 1421)


6i) [illegitimate] Guy de Lusignan, legitimized by the poe 1428, d.after 1433; m.before 1432 Isabelle Babin


1j) Jacqua, b.1432


2j) Eleonore, b.28 Sep 1433


7i) [illegitimate] a daughter; m.1427 Garceran Suarez de los Cernadilla, Admiral of Cyprus


2h) Philippe de Lusignan, constable of Cyprus, d.1428/32


1i) [illegitimate ] Lancelot, Cardinal, Patriarch of Jerusalem, d.after 1450


3h) Henri de Lusignan, titular Pr of Galilee, a military leader in Egypt, k.a.Chirokhitia 7 Jul 1427; 1406 Eleonore de Lusignan


1i) [illegitimate ] Philippe de Lusignan, 1466; m.Eschive de Nores (d.after 1468), mistress of King James II ŕ issue


2i) [illegitimate ] Helvis de Lusignan; m.Hector de Chevides (d.1461)


3i) [illegitimate ] Mariette de Lusignan, d.after 1474; m.Onofrio di Requesens, seneschal of Cyprus ( 1474)


4h) Eudes de Lusignan, seneschal of Jerusalem; in the service of the King of Aragon, d.Palermo 1421; m.after 19 Mar 1406 Loysia de Lusignan


5h) Hugues de Lusignan, Regent of Cyprus, Cardinal, Archbishop of Nicosia, d.Geneva Aug 1442


6h) Guy de Lusignan, constable of Cyprus


7h) a dau., d.Rhodes 1374


8h) Jacqua de Lusignan, d.1396/8


9h) Eschive de Lusignan, d.after 1406; m., probably, Ct Sclavus von Asperg


10h) Marie de Lusignan (ca 1381-4 Sep 1404, bur Naples); m.1402 King Ladislaus of Naples and Hungary (d.1414)


11h) Agnes de Lusignan, Abbess of Wunstorf (ca 1382-Venasco 1 Mar 1459)


12h) Isabelle de Lusignan; 1415 Pierre de Lusignan, Ct of Tripoli


5g) Thomas de Lusignan, d.15 Nov 1340


6g) Perrot de Lusignan, d.29 Jun 1353


7g) Eschive de Lusignan, d.of the Plague 1363; m.1337/9 (separated 1341) Infant Fernando of Majorca, Baron de Omelas


8g) Marguerite de Lusignan; m.1347/9 Gautier de Dampierre-sur-Salon, seneschal of Cyprus (d.after 1373)


2f) Isabelle de Lusignan, d.after 1340; 1322 Eudes de Dampierre, constable of Jerusalem


7e) Marie de Lusignan, b.1273, d.Tortosa 10/22 Sep 1322; m.1315 King Jaime II of Aragón and Sicily (d.1327)


8e) Marguerite de Lusignan, d.1296; m.9 Jan 1288 King Thoros of Armenia (murdered 23 Jul 1298)


9e) Alice de Lusignan, d.after Mar 1324; m.1292/5 Balian d’Ibelin, titular Pr of Galilee and Bethlehem (d.1315/6)


10e) Helvis de Lusignan, d.after Mar 1324


11e) Isabelle de Lusignan, 1319; m.1285/90 Constantine of Neghir, lord of Partzerpert (d.1308)


2d) Marguerite de Lusignan, lady of Tyrus, d.a nun in Cyprus 30 Jan 1308; m.1268 Jean de Montfort, lord of Toron and Tyrus (d.27 Nov 1289)


5c) Marie de Poitiers; may have m.1220 Thoros of Armenia


6c) Orgueilleuse, d.young


[by 2nd m.]:


7c) Helvis de Poitiers


8c) Marie de Poitiers, Pretender to the throne of Jerusalem, d.after 10 Dec 1307


[by 2nd m.]:


3b) Constance de Poitiers, d.young


4b) Manuel de Poitiers (1176-27 Jun 1211)


[by 3rd m.]:


5b) Alix de Poitiers; m.Dec 1204 Guy Embriaco de Giblet ( 1233)


6b) Guillaume de Poitiers, fl 1194


[by 4th m.]:


7b) Bohemund de Poitiers, lord of Boutron, d.1244; m.N Plivane, heiress of Boutron


1c) Jean de Boutron, prison after 18 Oct 1244


2c) Guillaume, lord of Boutron, Constable of Jerusalem, fl 1262; m.Agnes de Sidon-Sagette


1d) Jean, lord of Boutron 1258/77; 1258 Lucie de Giblet


3c) Jacques de Boutron; m.Clarence Hazart


1d) Rostain, lord of Boutron 1282


2d) Guillaume de Boutron


3d) Alix de Boutron; m.Guillaume de Farabel, sn de Puy, constable of Tripoli 1282


4c) Isabelle de Boutron; m.Meillour de Ravendel, sn de Makaclee


2a) Baldwin de Poitiers, k.a.Myriokephalon 1176


3a) Maria, 1145, a nun 1182 (apparently strangled and thrown into the sea); m.1161 Emperor Manuel I Komnenos of Byzantium (d.1180)


4a) Philippa de Poitiers, 1148, d.1178, concubine to Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos; m.Humphrey, lord of Toron (k.a.22 May 1179)