The earliest definite ancestor seems to have been Gerard I, Cte d'Auvergne (k.a.Fontenoy 25 Jun 841); he m.a dau.of Emperor Louis the Pious and had issue:


1a) Rainulf, Ct of Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine 852, k.a.Oct 866; 845 a dau.of Ct Rorico de Maine; acc to some sources he married 1stly Rotrud, daughter of Charlemagne


1b) Rainulf II, Ct of Poitou, King of Aquitaine 888, d.3/5 Aug 890; m.Ada N


1c) Rainulf III of Poitou, 901


2c) [illegitimate] Ebles Mancer, Ct of Poitou and Auvergne, Duke of Aquitaine 927, d.934; m.1st after 10 Oct 891 Aremburga N; m.2nd before Feb 911 Emiliana N


1d) [probably by 1st m.] William I (III), dit Tete d'Etoupe, Ct of Poitou, Auvergne and Limoges, Duke of Aquitaine 959/62, d.3 Apr 963; m.935 Adela=Gerloc (d.after 969), dau of Rollo of Normandy; with him the numbering confusion begins; he was the first Duke William of Aquitaine of his family, but there had been two Duke Williams of the house of Autun; thus the ordinal confusion


1e) William II (IV), Duke of Aquitaine, Ct of Poitou, d.995/6; m.Emma (d.after 1003), dau of Cte Thiebaut de Blois


1f) William III (V) "le Grand", Duke of Aquitaine, Ct of Poitou, d.31 Jan 1030; m.1st ca 997 Almodis de Gevaudun (d.after 1005), widow of Boso Cte de la Marche; m.2nd 1011 Sancha ( 1018), dau of Duc Guillaume de Gascogne; m.3rd 1019 Agnes (d.10 Nov 1068), dau of Cte Othon Guillaume de Bourgogne (and later wife of Geoffroy Martel, Cte d’Anjou)


[by 1st m.]:


1g) William IV (VI) "le Gros", Duke of Aquitaine, Ct of Poitou, Saintonge and Guyenne (1004-15 Dec 1038); m.before 1031 Eustachie (d.after 1038), dau of Berlay de Montreuil


[by 2nd m.]:


2g) Eudes, Duc de Gascogne, Ct of Poitou and Guyenne, k.a.10 Mar 1039


3g) Thibaut, d.young


[by 3rd m.]:


4g) Peter-William V (VII) "l'Aigret", Duke of Aquitaine, Ct of Poitou, d.1058; m.before 1041 Ermesinde (d.after 1058), dau of Albert Cte de Longwy, Duke of Upper Lorraine


1h) Clementia of Aquitaine, heiress of Longwy, Frau von Gleiberg, d.after 1129; m.1st shortly before 1-75 Ct Konrad of Luxemburg (d.1086); m.2nd Ct Gerhard of Geldern


2h) ??Agnes of Aquitaine, d.after 13 Jun 1089; m.1st ca 1054 King Ramiro I of Aragón (d.1064); m.2nd 1064 Ct Peter I of Savoy (d.1078)


5g) Guy-William VI (VIII), Duke of Aquitaine, Ct of Poitou, d.25 Sep 1086; m.1st ca 1044 (repudiated 1058) Anne, dau of Cte Audebert de Périgord; m.2nd 1058/9 (repudiated 1068) Matilda, dau of Cte Audebert de la Marche; m.3rd 1068/9 Hildegard, dau of Robert, Duc de Bourgogne


[by 2nd m.]:


1h) [acc. to some sources, by 2d m., though the dates don’t match] Agnes of Aquitaine (1052-6 Jun 1078); m.1069 (div ca 1077) King Alfonso VI of Castile and Leon


[by 3rd m.]:


2h) William VII (IX), Duke of Aquitaine, Ct of Poitou, d.1126/7; m.1st 1089 (div 1090) Ermengarde (d.Jerusalem 1 Jun 1146), dau of Cte Foulcques d'Anjou (and later wife of Alain, Duc de Bretagne); m.2nd 1094 (div 1115) Philippe=Matilda (d.28 Nov 1117), dau of Cte Guillaume of Toulouse, and former wife of King Sancho I of Aragón


1i) [by 2nd m.] William VIII (X), Duke of Aquitaine, Ct of Poitou (1099-9 Apr 1137); m.1st Eleonore (d.after Mar 1130), dau of Vcte Amaury de Châtellerault; m.2nd Emma (dsp), dau of Cte Aymar de Limoges


1j) William, d.1130/7


2j) Eleanor, Dss of Aquitaine, Css of Poitou (1122-31 Mar 1204); m.1st 22/25 Jul 1137 (div 1152) King Louis VII of France; m.2nd 18 May 1152 King Henry II of England (d.6 Jul 1189)


3j) Aelis=Petronelle, d.after 24 Oct 1153; m.1142 (div ca 1151) Cte Raoul de Vermandois (d.1152)


[illegitimate issue of William VII (IX) by Maubergeron or Dangerosse, both of whom m.Vcte Amaury de Chatellerault]:


2i) Raimund de Poitiers, Prince of Antioch, k.a.27 Jun 1149; m.1140 Constance of Sicily, Pss of Antioch (1127-1163); for their descendants see Part 2


3i) Henri de Poitiers, Abbot of Cluny


4i) Guillaume de Poitiers, Cte de Valentinois, d.1187/9; m.N de Beziers; this man may have been son of William VII (IX), as stated, but some sources list his parents as one Ademar and his wife Rixende, sister of Eustache, Cte de Valence; his descendants bore the surname “de Poitiers”


5i) Agnes=Matilda; m.1st before 1117 Vcte Aimery de Thouars (d.1127); m.2nd 1135 King Ramiro II of Aragón (d.1157)


6i) Adelaide; m.Raoul de Faye


3h) Hugues, d.after 1126


4h) Agnes, d.1097; m.King Pedro I of Aragón (d.1104)


5h) Beatrix, d.1110; m.1108 King Alfonso VI of Castile and Leon (d.1109)


6g) Beatrix, 1109; m.Raimon de Melgueil


7g) Adelais; m.1st Cte Gerard d'Armagnac; m.2nd Vcte de Lomagne


2f) Ebles, d.after 997


2e) Adela, 1004; m.970 King Hugh of France (d.996)


2d) Ebles, Bp of Limoges, d.977


2b) Gauzbert, d.892


3b) Ebles, an abbot (857-2 Oct 892)


2a) Cte Gerard de Limousin, 879


1b) Cte Geraud d'Aurillac ( 909)


3a) a dau., m.Fulko de Limoges