The family Piast (Poland, Silesia, etc.)





Part 3



The senior branch inherited Silesia, which they subdivided relentlessly until it comprised several small states. Within a couple generations the Silesians drifted away from their Polish loyalties and came under the Bohemian (and, more generally, the German) ambit.



Wladislaw II, Pr of Cracow and Silesia [See Part 1] (1105-30 May 1159); m.1120/5 Agnes (d.1160/3) dau.of Mgve Leopold III of Austria. They had issue:


1a) Boleslaw I, Duke of Silesia (1127-8 Dec 1201); m.1st 1142 Swinislawa (d.1155/63) dau.of Pr Wsewelod of Kiev; m.2nd Christina N (d.1204/8); of his children, Jaroslaw and Olga, and perhaps Berta, were by 1st m.


1b) Jaroslaw, Duke of Oppeln, Bp of Breslau 1198, b.after 1142, d.22 Mar 1201


2b) Olga (1155/60-1175/80)


3b) Berta, d.after 1162


4b) Boleslaw (1157/63-1175/81)


5b) Konrad (1158/68-1175/90)


6b) Johann (1161/69-before 1174)


7b) Heinrich I, Duke of Silesia, Cracow and Great Poland (1165/70-19 Mar 1238); m.1188/92 [St.] Hedwig (d.14 Oct 1243) dau.of Berthold VI von Diessen und Andechs, Duke of Meranien


1c) Boleslaw (1190/4-1206/8)


2c) Agnes (1190/1200-before 1214)


3c) Sophia (1190/1200-before 1214)


4c) Konrad (1191/8-1213)


5c) Heinrich II, Duke of Silesia, Cracow and Great Poland (1196/1204-k.a.Liegnitz 9 Apr 1241); m.1214/18 Anna (d.26 Jun 1265) dau.of King Otakar Premysl I of Bohemia


1d) Boleslaw II, Duke of Liegnitz (1220/5-26/31 Dec 1278); m.1st 1242 Hedwig (d.21 Dec 1259) dau.of Heinrich Gf von Anhalt; m.2nd after 1260 Alenta=Eufemia, dau.of Duke Sambor II of Pomerelia


1e) Agnes (1243/50-13 Mar 1265); m.1260/4 Ulrich I Gf von Württemberg (d.1265)


2e) Heinrich V, Duke of Liegnitz (1245/50-22 Feb 1296); m.1277/9 Elisabeth (d.28 Sep 1304) dau.of Duke Boleslaw of Great Poland


1f) Hedwig, d.1343/7; m.1289/95 Otto of Brandenburg (d.1295)


2f) Euphemia, d.Jun 1347; 1300 Otto II, Duke of Carinthia, Ct of Tyrol and Goerz (d.1310)


3f) Anna, Abbess of St.Clara in Breslau (1284-2/3 Oct 1343)


4f) Elisabeth, Abbess of St.Clara in Breslau, d.1357/8


5f) Helena, a nun at St.Clara in Gnesen, d.after 1299


6f) Boleslaw III, Duke of Breslau, Liegnitz and Brieg (23 Mar 1291-21 Apr 1352); m.1st 1308/10 Margareta (Apr/May 1296-7/8 Apr 1322) dau.of King Wenzel II of Bohemia; m.2nd 1326 Katharina Subic (dsp 1358); for their descendants See Part 4


7f) Heinrich VI, Duke of Breslau (18 Mar 1294-24 Nov 1335); m.1310 Anna (d.1327) dau.of Albrecht I of Austria, German King


1g) Elisabeth (1311/2-Feb 1328); m.1322 Duke Konrad I of Öls (d.1366)


2g) Euphemia (1312-13-after 1384); m.1324/5 Duke Boleslaw I of Falkenberg


3g) Margareta, Abbess of St.Clara in Breslau, d.1379/85


8f) Wladislaw, Duke of Liegnitz (6 Jun 1296-after 1352); m.after 13 Aug 1325 (div before 13 Jan 1329) Anna, dau.of Duke Boleslaw II of Masovia


3e) Jadwiga, d.after 1280; m.1265/70 Duke Konrad II of Masovia (d.1294)


4e) Bolko I, Duke of Jauer and Schweidnitz (1252/6-9 Nov 1301); m.4 Oct 1281 Beatrix (1270-1312/6) dau.of Mgve Otto V of Brandenburg


1f) Jutta (1285/7-15 Sep 1320); m.1299 Duke Stephen II of Lower Bavaria (d.1310)


2f) Bolko (1285/90-30 Jan 1300)


3f) Bernhard, Duke of Schweidnitz (1288/91-6 May 1326); 1310 Kunigunde (d.9 Apr 1333) dau.of King Wladislaw I Lokietek of Poland


1g) Duke Bolko II of Schweidnitz (1309/12-28 Jul 1368); m.after 1 Jun 1338 Agnes (d.2 Feb 1392) dau.of Duke Leopold I of Austria


2g) Konstanze (1309/14-1360/3); m.1324/6 Duke Primko of Glogau (d.1331)


3g) Elisabeth (1309/15-1348); m.before 6 May 1326 Duke Boleslaw II of Oppeln (d.1356)


4g) Duke Heinrich II of Schweidnitz, d.1343/5; m.1338 Katharina N ( 1355)


1h) Anna, heiress of Schweidnitz and Jauer (1339-11 Jul 1362); m.27 May 1353 Emperor Karl IV (d.1378)


5g) Beata, b.1320/7, d.after 9 Apr 1331


4f) Beatrix (1290-25 Aug 1322); m.1308/11 Emperor Ludwig IV, Duke of Bavaria (d.1347)


5f) Heinrich I, Duke of Jauer (1292/6-1346); m.1319 Agnes (1305-1337) dau.of King Wenzel II of Bohemia


6f) Bolko II, Duke of Münsterberg (1300-11 Jun 1341); m.1321/2  Guta (d.1342) dau.of Louis of Savoy, Baron de Vaud


1g) Nikolaus, Duke of Münsterberg (1322/7-23 Apr 1358); m.before 23 Oct 1343 Agnes (d.16 Jul 1370) dau.of Landgrave Hermann von Leuchtenberg


1h) Bolko III, Duke of Münsterberg (1344/8-13 Jun 1410); m.1369/70 Euphemia (d.26 Aug 1411) dau.of Duke Boleslaw of Kosel


1i) Nikolaus (1371/85-9 Nov 1405)


2i) Johann, Duke of Münsterberg (1380/90-27 Dec 1428); m.1406/8 Elisabeth (d.22 Feb 1424) dau.of Emmerich N


3i) Heinrich, d.11 Mar 1420


4i) Euphemia (1370/85-17 Nov 1447); m.1397 Friedrich Gf von Oettingen (d.1423)


5i) Katharina (1390/1400-23 Apr 1422); 1410 Duke Premko of Troppau (d.1433)


6i) Agnes, 1443


7i) Hedwig, d.young


8i) Elisabeth, d.young


2h) Heinrich (1346/50-1370/85)


3h) a dau., d.1368/73, m.Duke Ziemowit III of Masovia (d.1381)


4h) Agnes, Abbess of St.Klara in Strehlen, d.1424/34


5h) Guta, Abbess of St.Klara in Breslau, d.1413


6h) Katharina, a nun at St.Klara in Strehlen


2g) Margareta, d.after 1368


7f) Elisabeth, b.and d.before 1300


8f) Margareta, b.and d.before 1300


9f) Anna, Abbess of St.Clara in Strehlen, d.1332/4


5e) Bernhard (1253/7-25 Apr 1286)


6e) Konrad, d.young


7e) Katharina, d.after 1270


2d) Mieszko (1223/7-1241/2)


3d) Heinrich III, Duke of Breslau (1227/30-3 Dec 1266); m.1st 2/8 Feb 1252 Judyta (d.1257/60) dau.of Duke Konrad I of Masovia and Kujavia; m.2nd before 3 Dec 1266 Helena (d.1309) dau.of Duke Albrecht I of Saxony


1e) Heinrich IV, Duke of Breslau (1257/8-23 Jun 1290); m.1st 1277/80 a dau.of Duke Wladislaw of Oppeln; m.2nd 1287/8 Mechtild ( 1298) dau.of Mgve Mechtild of Brandenburg


2e) Hedwig (1252/6-before 14 Dec 1300); m.1st 1271/2 Landgrave Heinrich of Thuringia (d.1282); m.2nd 1283 Otto Gf von Anhalt (d.1304/5)


4d) Konrad I, Duke of Glogau, Bp of Passau (1228/31-1273/4); m.1st 1249 Salomea (d.1267/74) dau.of King Wladislaw Odonicz of Great Poland; m.2nd 1271/4 Sophia (d.24 Aug 1318) dau.of Mgve Dietrich of Meissen; for their descendants See Part 5


5d) Wladislaw, Bp of Bamberg 1257 (1237-27 Apr 1270)


6d) Gertrud (1218/20-1244/7); 1232 Duke Boleslaw I of Masovia (d.1248)


7d) Konstanze, d.1253/7; m.1239 Duke Kasimir of Kujavia (d.1267)


8d) Elisabeth, d.16 Jan 1265; m.1244 Duke Premislaw I of Posen and Gnesen (d.1257)


9d) Agnes, Abbess of Trebnitz, d.after 1277


10d) Hedwig, Abbess of St.Clara in Trebnitz, d.3 Apr 1318


6c) Gertrud, Abbess of Trebnitz (1200-1268)


7c) a son, b.1208, d.1214/7


8b) Wladislaw, b.after 1180, d.before 1199


9b) Adelheid, b.after 1165, d.after 1213; m.1177/82 Duke Diepold II of Bohemia (d.1190)


2a) Miezko I, Duke of Oppeln and Ratibor (1132/46-16 May 1211); m.1170/78 Ludmilla N (d.after 1210); for their descendants See Part 6


3a) Konrad, Duke of Glogau (1146/57-1180/90)


4a) Albert, d.1168/78


5a) Richeza (1130/40-1185); m.1st 1152 King Alfonso VII of Castile and León (d.1157); m.2nd 1161 Ct Ramon Berenguer V of Provence (d.1166); m.3rd after 1166 Albrecht Gf von Everstein