The family Piast (Poland, Silesia, etc.)





Part 1



One Ziemomysl ( 964) had 3 sons: an unnamed one who d.963; Czcibor, who d.after 24 Jun 972, and:


Mieszko, who was baptized in 966 and was Prince of Poland; he was 922, d.25 May 992; m.1st NN; m.2nd Dobrava (d.977) dau.of King Boleslaw I of Bohemia; m.3rd 979/80 Oda (d.1023) dau.of Dietrich Gf von Haldensleben, Mkgf der Nordmark; he left issue:


[by 2nd m.]:


1a) Boleslaw I "the Brave", Pr of Poland, became King 1025 (ca 967-17 Jun 1025); m.1st (div 985/6) a dau.of Mgve Rikdag of Meissen; m.2nd (div 987) N, possibly a dau.of Pr Géza of Hungary; m.3rd 987 Emnilde (d.1017) dau.of the Sorb chieftain Dobromir; m.4th 3 Feb 1018 Oda (d.1025) dau.of Mgve Ekkehard of Meissen


[by 1st m.]:


1b) a dau., b.984/5; m.996/7 N, Pr of Pomerania


[by 2nd m.]:


2b) Bezprym, Pr of Poland (987/7-1032)


[by 3rd m.]:


3b) Mieszko II Lambert, King of Poland (990-10 May 1034); 1013 Richeza (d.1063; bur Köln) dau.of Ezzo Pfgf von Lothringen, Gf im Auelund and Bonngau


1c) Kazimierz I Karol, Pr of Poland (25 Jul 1016-19 Mar 1058); 1041 Dobronega (d.1087) dau.of Gr Pr [St.] Wladimir of Kiev


1d) King Boleslaw II "the Liberal" of Poland (1042-1081); m.before 1069 NN


1e) Mieszko (1069-1089); m.1088 a Russian princess


2d) Wladislaw I Herman, Pr of Poland (1043-4 Jun 1102); m.1st ca 1080 Judith (d.25 Dec 1086) dau.of King Wratislaw II of Bohemia; m.2nd ca 1089 Jutta (1047-ca 1100) dau.of Emperor Heinrich III


1e) [by 1st m.] Boleslaw III "Wrymouth", Pr of Poland (1086-28 Oct 1138); m.1st 1103 Sbislawa (d.1109/12) dau.of Gr Pr Swjatopolk of Kiev; m.2nd 1115 Salome (d.27 Jul 1144) dau.of Heinrich Gf von Berg-Schelkingen; I now quote from Heraldry of the Royal Families of Europe, by Jiri Louda and Michael Maclagan:

   "Before his death [Boleslaw III] arranged a careful division of his domains among his numerous sons. The scheme...was designed to obviate discord and to establish one definitely senior prince, the holder of the capital of Cracow. Unhappily his intentions were not fulfilled. An age of political partition set in. The 'seniorate' did survive, but with minimal authority, save for control of the capital...and the province of 'Little Poland'. But Great Poland, to the northwest, was generally in different hands, while Silesia remained in the possession of the eldest line for some five hundred years. Eventually Cracow was seized by Casimir whom his father had bequeathed nothing, but after his death there was further confusion. This was  the more unfortunate as Poland was confronted by difficult and ruthless neighbors. Conrad, Duke of Masovia, invited the aid of the Teutonic Knights...against the heathen Prussians; by the end of the 13th century the Order had occupied Pomerania and cut Poland off from the Baltic."  Not until the time of Wladislaw IV in 1331 did Poland begin its resurgence.


[by 1st m.]:


1f) Wladislaw II, Prince of Cracow and Silesia; for his descendants, See Part 3


2f) dau., m.Wsewelod, Pr of Murom


[by 2nd m.]:


3f) Leszek, b.1115/6, d.before 1138


4f) Ryksa, b.1116/7, d.after 25 Dec 1155; m.1st 1129/30 King Magnus "the Strong" of Västergötland, co-king of Denmark (d.1134); m.2nd 1135 Wladimir, Pr of Novgorod (d.after 1139); m.3rd after 1143 King Sverker of Sweden (d.1156)


5f) a dau., b.before 1119; m.before 1132 Konrad Gf von Plötzkau, Mkgf der Nordmark (d.1133)


6f) Kasimierz (1122-19 Oct 1131)


7f) Boleslaw IV, 1138 Pr of Masovia and Kujavia, 1146 Pr of Cracow (1122-5 Jan 1173); m.1st 1137 Wjertschoslawa (d.after 1148) dau.of Gr Pr Wsewelod of Novgorod; m.2nd Maria N (d.after 1167)


1g) [by 1st m.] Boleslaw (1156-1172)


2g) [by 1st m.] a dau., m.Wasilko, Pr of Druck


3g) [by 2nd m.] Leszko, Pr of Masovia and Kujavia (1160/5-1186)


8f) Gertrud, a nun at Zwiefelten (1123/4-7 May 1160)


9f) Mieszko III "the Old", Pr of Cracow 1173-7, 1190, and 1199-1202, Pr of Great Poland 1138-1202 (1126/7-13 Mar 1202); m.1st 1136/40 Elisabeth (1128-ca 1155) dau.of King Béla II of Hungary; m.2nd 1151/4 Ewdokija, dau.of Gr Pr Isjaslaw II of Kiev


[by 1st m.]:


1g) Odon, Pr of Posen and Kalisch, d.20 Apr 1194; m.after 1184 Wjatcheslawa (d.after 1200) dau.of Pr Jaroslaw of Halicz


1h) Wladislaw, 1194 Pr of Kalisch, 1227 Pr of Posen, 1229 Pr of Great Poland (1190-5 Jun 1239); m.1218/20 Jadwiga N (d.29 Dec 1249)


1i) Przemysl I, 1247 Pr of Posen, 1249 Pr of Kalisch, 1250 Pr of Gnesen (1221-4 Jun 1257); m.1244 Elisabeth (d.16 Jan 1265) dau.of Duke Heinrich II of Silesia, Cracow and Great Poland


1j) Konstancja (1245/6-8 Oct 1281); m.1260 Mgve Konrad of Brandenburg (d.1304)


2j) Eufrozyna, Abbess of St.Klara in Trebnitz, d.1278/98


3j) Anna, Abbess at Owinsk, b.1253, d.after 26 Jun 1295


4j) Eufemia, a nun at St.Klara, Breslau (1253-5 Sep 1298)


5j) Przemysl II, King of Poland 1295-6, Pr of Great Poland, Cracow, etc (14 Oct 1257-murdered 8 Feb 1296); m.1st ca 1273 Luitgarde (b.1261, murdered 1283) dau.of Pr Heinrich I of Mecklenburg; m.2nd 1285 Richeza (d.1288/93) dau.of King Waldemar of Sweden; m.3rd before 19 Apr 1293 Margareta (d.1315) dau.of Mgve Albrecht III of Brandenburg


1k) Ryksa Elzbieta (1 Sep 1288-19 Oct 1335); m.1st 26 May 1303 King Wenzel II of Bohemia (d.21 Jun 1305); m.2nd shortly after 8 Sep 1306 Duke Rudolf III of Austria, King of Bohemia (d.4 Jul 1307)


2i) Boleslaw "the Pious", Pr of Kalisch, Gnesen and of Great Poland, b.after 1221, d.13 Apr 1279; m.1256 Jolante=Helene (1244-after 1303) dau.of King Béla IV of Hungary


1j) Elzbieta (1261/3-28 Sep 1304); m.1273/9 Duke Heinrich V of Liegnitz (d.1296)


2j) Jadwiga (1266-10 Dec 1339); 1279 King Wladislaw I Lokietek of Poland (d.1333)


3j) Anna, a nun at St.Clara, Gnesen, b.1278


3i) Salomea, b.before 1236, d.1267/74; m.1249 Duke Conrad of Glogau


4i) Eufemia, d.after 1281; m.1251 Duke Wladislaw of Oppeln (d.1281/2)


2h) Ryksa, d.after 1238


3h) Euphrosyne, d.1235; m.Duke Swantopolk II of Pomerelia


2g) Stefan, 1180


3g) Wierzchoslawa Ludmilla, b.before 1153, d.1223; 1160 Frederick of Lorraine-Bitsch (d.1204)


4g) Elzbieta (1152-2 Apr 1209); m.1st 1173/7 Duke Sobeslaw II of Bohemia; m.2nd Mgve Konrad II of Niederlausitz (d.1210)


5g) Judith, b.before 1154, d.after 12 Dec 1201; m.1173/7 Bernhard Fst von Anhalt, Duke of Saxony (d.9 Feb 1212)


[by 2nd m.]:


6g) Boleslaw, 1194 Pr of Kujavia (1159-13 Sep 1195); m.1187/9 Doboslawa of Pomerania


1h) Eudoxia, d.1270; 1208 Heinrich Gf von Schwerin (d.1228)


7g) Mieszko, Pr of Kalisch (1160/5-2 Aug 1193)


8g) Wladislaw III "Thinboned", Pr of Cracow (1161/7-3 Nov 1231); m.before 1195 Lucia, dau.of Jaromir Fst von Rügen


9g) Salomea; m.before 1177 Pr Ratibor of Pomerania (d.1183)


10g) Anastasia, b.before 1164, d.after 31 May 1240; 1177 Duke Bogislaw of Pomerania (d.1187)


10f) Hendrik, Pr of Sandomir (1127/31-18 Oct 1166)


11f) Kazimierz II "the Just", Pr of Cracow; for his descendants, See Part 2


12f) Dobronega Ludgarde, b.before 1129, d.after 1147; 1142 Dietrich, Mgve of Niederlausitz (d.1185)


13f) Judith, b.after 1130, d.1170/6; m.1148 Mgve Otto I of Brandenburg (d.1184)


14f) Agnieszka, b.1137/8, d.after 1182; m.1151/2 Gr Pr Mstislaw II of Kiev (d.1172)


[by 2nd m.]:


2e) a dau., b.after 1088; m.before 1108 Gr Pr Jaroslaw I of Wladimir (d.1123)


3e) Agnes, Abbess of Gandersheim, then of Quedlinburg (1090-1126/7)


4e) Adelajda (1090/1-1127); m.before 1118 Dietrich Gf von Vohburg, Mkgf der Nordmark (d.1146)


5e) [illegitimate] Zbigniew, Pr of Poland


3d) Mieszko (1045-1065)


4d) Otto, d.1048


5d) Swietoslawa (ca 1048-1 Oct 1126); m.1062/3 King Wratislaw II of Bohemia (d.1092)


2c) Ryksa, d.after 1052; 1042 King Béla of Hungary (d.1063)


3c) Gertruda, d.4 Jan 1108; 1043 Gr Pr Isjaslaw of Kiev (d.1078)


4b) Otto, b.1000, murdered 1033


5b) a dau., b.988


6b) Regelinda (989-after 1014); m. Mgve Hermann of Meissen (d.1038)


7b) a dau., d.after 14 Aug 1018; m.before 15 Jul 1015 Gr Pr Swjatopolk of Kiev (d.1019)


8b) [by 4th m.] Matylda, d.after 1035; m.1035 Otto von Schweinfurt, Duke of Swabia (d.1057)


2a) Swietoslawa=Sygrida=Gunhild, d.after 2 Feb 1014; m.1st 980/90 King Erik Segersall of Sweden (d.995); m.2nd 998 King Sven I of Denmark, Norway and England (d.1014)


[by 3rdm.]:


3a) Mieszko; m.NN


1b) Dytryk, Pr of Poland, d.after 7 Jul 1032


4a) Swietopolk, b.after 980, d.after 25 May 992


5a) Lambert, b.after 981, d.after 25 May 992