Earls, Marquesses and Dukes of Ormond [Ormonde]

Earls of Carrick and Glengall

Lords Dunboyne, Mountgarrett, Caher, etc.




Theobald Butler, or Le Botiller, 4th Hereditary Chief Butler of Ireland (ca 1242-26 Sep 1285); m.Joan (d.1303) dau of John FitzGeoffrey


1a) Theobald, 5th Hereditary Chief Butler of Ireland (22 Feb 1269-14 May 1299)


2a) Edmund, 6th Hereditary Chief Butler of Ireland (d.13 Sep 1321); m.1302 Joan Fitzgerald, dau of 1st Earl of Kildare


1b) James, 7th Hereditary Chief Butler of Ireland, cr 1328 Earl of Ormond (ca 1305-1338); m.1327 Eleanor (d.7 Oct 1363) dau of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford


1c) John, d.an infant


2c) James, 2nd Earl of Ormond (Kilkenny 4 Oct 1331-Knocktopher Castle 1382); m.Elizabeth (d.24 Mar 1390) dau of John Darcy, Lord Darcy de Knayth


1d) James, 3rd Earl of Ormond (d.Gowran Sep 1405); m.by 17 Jun 1386 Anne, dau of John de Welles, Lord Welles


1e) James, 4th Earl of Ormond (ca 1392-Ardee 23 Aug 1452); m.1st ca 1413 Joan (d.1430) dau of William Beauchamp, Lord Abergavenny; m.2nd Elizabeth (dsp 6 Aug 1452) dau of Gerald Fitzgerald, 5th Earl of Kildare, and widow of John Grey, Lord Grey of Codnor


1f) James, cr 1449 Earl of Wiltshire, 5th Earl of Ormond, attainted 1461 (beheaded 1 May 1461); m.1st by 4 Jul 1438 Avice Stafford (Woodsford, Dorset 4 Dec 1423-3 Jun 1457); m.2nd Eleanor Beaufort (d.16 Aug 1501)


2f) John, 6th Earl of Ormond, attainted 1461/2, attainder reversed 1470s (d.in Holy Land ca 1477)


3f) Thomas, 7th Earl of Ormond (d.3 Aug 1515); m.1st by 11 Jul 1445 Anne Hankeford (1431-13 Nov 1485), maternal gdau of John Montagu, Earl of Salisbury; m.2nd by Nov 1496 Lora, dau of Sir Edward Berkeley, widow of Sir Thomas Montgomery and of John Blount, Lord Mountjoy; per GEC he seems to have been summoned to Parliament ca 1488 as Lord Ormond, which Barony fell into abeyance between his daus


1g) [ex 1] Anne; m.1st James St.Leger; m.2nd Ambrose Griseacre


2g) [ex 1] Margaret; m.Sir William Boleyn; their son took the title Earl of Ormond during a period when the Butlers resigned it at the request of the King


3g) [ex 2] Elizabeth, d.1510


4f) Elizabeth (d.8 Sep 1473); m.by Mar 1445 John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (ca 1413-k.a.10 Jul 1460)


5f) Anne


2e) Sir Richard, of Polestown; m.Catherine O’Reilly


1f) Sir Edmund (d.13 Jun 1464); m.Katherine O’Carroll


1g) Sir James (d.16 Apr 1467); m.Sabh, dau of Donel Reagh MacMorrogh Kavanagh


1h) Piers, 8th Earl of Ormond, resigned title at request of the king, and cr 1528 Earl of Ossory, restored as Earl of Ormond 1538 [per, GEC, though T Boleyn, Earl of Ormond, lived until 1539] (ca 1467-26 Aug 1539); m.ca 1485 Margaret (d.9 Aug 1542) dau of Gerald Fitzgerald, 8th Earl of Kildare; for his issue, see Part 2 below


2h) John


1i) Margaret; m.Edmoind Blanchville


3h) Margaret; m.Sir George Fleming, of Stephenston


4h) dau; m.Sir Alexander Plunket


[2g) Walter; note that Collins, and also Burke’s Extinct Baronetage have this Walter here, and says that he was ancestor of the Butler of Polestown Baronets; however, Cokayne’s Complete Baronetage and the modern Burke’s Peerage agree that the descent is through the 3rd Earl’s third son as below]


3g) John


1h) Pierce


1i) Richard


2h) John Oge


1i) William, executed during Queen Elizabeth’s reign


2f) Katherine; m.Richard Poer (d.3 Oct 1483)


3e) Edmund; m.Catherine Forstall


1f) Walter; NOTE: Burke’s Extinct Baronetage describes the eventual 1st Baronet of Polestown (below) as son of Edmund, son of Sir Richard, son of Walter, son of Edmund, son of Walter, which last Walter was there said to be son of Sir Edmund, himself the son of Sir Richard, himself the son of the 3rd Earl of Ormonde; however, Cokayne’s Complete Baronetage and the modern Burke’s Peerage agree that the descent is through the 3rd Earl’s third son, and describes the 1st Baronet as son of Edmond, himself being “s. and heir of Richard, s. and heir of (another) Walter Butler, 2d s. of (another) Edmund Butler, all of Polestown aforesaid, which Edmund last named was 3d s. of James, 3d Earl of Ormonde”


1g) Edmund, of Polestown.. “s. and heir of Richard, s.and heir of (another) Walter Butler, 2d s. of (another) Edmund Butler, all of Polestown aforesaid, which Edmund last named was 3d s. of James, 3d Earl of Ormonde”


1h) Walter, of Polestown


1i) Sir Richard, of Polestown (d.20 Aug 1619)


1j) Edmond, of Polestown (d.21 Apr 1636); m.Ellice Shortall (d.1651)


1k) Sir Walter, of Polestown, cr Baronet 1645 (d.Polestown ca May 1650); m.Hon Elizabeth Butler (d.31 Aug 1686)


1l) Sir Richard, 2nd Bt. (d.1686); m.by 1675 Elizabeth ___ [Blanchville?]


1m) Sir Walter, 3rd Bt. (1679-8 Oct 1723); m.1st Apr 1697 Lucy Butler (d.1703; below); m.2nd ca 1706 NN


1n) [ex 1] Richard (dvp)


2n) [ex 2] Mary, a nun


3n) [ex 2] Sir Edmund, 4th Bt. (ca 1708-Paris 1762)


2m) dau; m.Pierce Aylward, of Shankill


3m) Hester; m.1698 James Butler, of Cournellane


2k) Ellice; m.Murtogh Cavanagh


2i) Thomas


3i) Joan


2h) Peter, of Roscrea; m.Catharine de Burgo


1i) Edward (dsp)


2i) Walter (dsp)


3i) Theobald (d.Poland 1634)


3h) Theobald


4h) Richard


4e) Catherine; m.Thomas Fleming, 2nd Lord Slane


5e) [illegitimate] James; he was ancestor of Pierce Butler, ancestor of the Lords Caher, but the intervening generations are unknown; for Pierce Butler and his issue, see Part 3 below


2d) Thomas


1e) Elizabeth; m.Thomas De La Feld


2e) Eleanor; m.Robert De La Feld


3d) Eleanor (d.1392); m.Gerald Fitzmaurice, 3rd Earl of Desmond (d.1398)


4d) Katharine; m.Thomas Fleming, 2nd Lord Slane (d.1434/5)


[5d?) Collins omits Katharina and instead puts here one Joan, said to be wife of Teige O’Carrol, “Prince of Elye”]


3c) Pernel (d.ca 1368); m.by 8 Sep 1352 Gilbert Talbot, 3rd Lord Talbot (ca 1332-23 Oct 1356)


2b) John à issue, including the later extant Earls of Carrick and Viscounts Ikerrin, for whom see Part 4 below, though the intervening generations are unclear


3b) Lawrence


4b) Joan; m.1321 Roger Mortimer


5b) dau; m.Sir Thomas Dillon


3a) Thomas, feudal Lord of Dunboyne (ca 1271-k.a.1329); m.Synolda, dau of William Le Petit, Lord of Dunboyne and Molyngar


1b) Peter, 2nd feudal Lord of Dunboyne (d.1370); m.Katherina, dau of John de Bermingham


1c) William, 3rd feudal Lord of Dunboyne (k.a.1406); m.Elizabeth, dau of Nicholas le Poer


1d) Peter, 4th feudal Lord of Dunboyne (d.26 Mar 1415)


2d) Edmond, 5th feudal Lord of Dunboyne (d.1419)


3d) James, 6th feudal Lord of Dunboyne (d.1445); m.Morina O’Brien


1e) Edmond, 7th feudal Lord of Dunboyne; m.Catherine Butler


1f) James, 8th feudal Lord of Dunboyne (d.10 Jan 1533); m.Eleanor, dau of M’Cartie Reagh


1g) James, 9th feudal Lord of Dunboyne (d.15 Jan 1538); m.Joan Butler (below), dau of 8th Earl of Ormond


1h) Edmond, 10th feudal Lord of Dunboyne, cr 1541 Baron of Dunboyne (d.1567); m.by 1551 Cecilia, dau of Cormac Oge Macarty; for his issue, see Part 5 below


2h) Peter; m.1st Elinor Grace; m.2nd Lady Honora Fitzgerald


3h) Theobald


4h) Rev. Thomas (d.1571)


5h) Joan; m.Rowland Eustace, 2nd Viscount Baltinglass (d.31 Mar 1578)


6h) Ellen; m.David Roche, 5th Lord Roche of Fermoy (d.1581/2)


2f) Ellen; m.Sir Christopher Barnewall, of Crickstown


4a) John


1b) Paul


5a) Richard

6a) Gilbert

7a) Nicholas, elected Archbishop of Dublin, but was never consecrated

8a) James

9a) Matilda

10a) Joanna





Part 2



Piers Butler, 8th Earl of Ormond and Ossory (see Part 1, above) had issue:


1a) James, cr 1536 Viscount Thurles, 1539 9th Earl of Ormond and Ossory (d.London 28 Oct 1546); m.by 21 Dec 1532 Joan (d.2 Jan 1565) dau of James Fitzmaurice Fitzgerald, 10th Earl of Desmond


1b) Thomas, 10th Earl of Ormond and Ossory (1531-Carrick 22 Nov 1614); m.1st ca 1559 Hon. Elizabeth Berkeley (1534-Bristol 1 Sep 1582); m.2nd 1582 Hon. Elizabeth Sheffield (d.Nov 1600); m.3rd 1601 Helen (d.1642), dau of Viscount Buttevant and widow of Hon. John Power, and later wife of Viscount Somerset of Cashel


1c) James, Viscount Thurles (1583-1590)


2c) Elizabeth (d.10 Oct 1628); m.1st Theobald Butler, Viscount Butler of Tulleophelim (below); m.2nd Richard Preston, Lord Dingwall, Earl of Desmond (d.28 Oct 1628); her daughter Elizabeth inherited the Barony of Dingwall and married the Duke of Ormonde


3c) [illegitimate] Thomas (d.12 Jan 1606)


4c) [illegitimate] Piers (d.1601); m.Hon. Katherine Fleming


1d) Edward, cr 1646 Viscount of Galmoye (d.1653); m.Hon. Anne Butler, dau of 2nd Viscount Mountgarret (below)


1e) Piers (k.1650); m.Hon. Margaret Netterville


1f) Edward, 2nd Viscount Galmoye (ca 1627-ca 1667); m.Eleanor White


1g) Piers, 3rd Viscount Galmoye, attainted 1697 (21 Mar 1652-Paris 18 Jun 1740); m.1st Anne Mathew; m.2nd Mar 1695 Henriette, Lady Waldegrave, née Fitzjames (d.3 Apr 1730)


1h) Edward (k.a.Malplaquet 11 Sep 1709)


2g) Richard; m.Lucy, née Kavanagh (d.1708), widow of Sir Laurence Esmonde, 2nd Bt.


1h) James, who notwithstanding the attainder assumed the title as 4th Viscount Galmoye (d.France 1771)


2h) Francis Piers


1i) [illegtimate by Catherine-Julie de Vallory] Piers Louis Antoine, claimed title as 5th Viscount Galmoye (d.1826)


3h) Sophia; m.William Hay


2f) Nicholas (d.1653)


3f) Richard (dspm 1678)


4f) James (dsp)


5f) Edmund (k.a. Aughrim 12 Jul 1691); m.Catharine Crisp


1g) Piers (d.Jan 1717); m.Domvile Hartpole


1h) Edmond (d.6 Feb 1759); m.Anne Skellerin


1i) Piers, who would have suc as 5th Viscount Galmoye if the attainder had been reversed (d.1795); m.Mary Mandevile


1j) Edmond Theobald Mandevile (d.24 Jan 1815); m.Elizabeth Nevile


1k) Piers Theobald (d.19 Aug 1824)


2k) Garret, petitioned unsuccessfully for restoration (d.25 Mar 1860)


3k) William (d.1848); m.1833 Maria (d.27 Mar 1892),dau of Sir Joshua Meredyth, 8th Bt.


1l) Piers Mandevile (d.9 Feb 1857)


2l) Maria Elizabeth (d.24 Nov 1871); m.20 Aug 1867 John Kilkelly


4k) Theobald; m.1840 Eliza Neville à issue


6f) Frances; m.Hervey Morres, of Castle Morres (d.1722)


7f) Eleanor; m.William Grace, of Ballylinch Castle and Barrowmount; ancestors of the Gamon,later Grace, Baronets


2e) Thomas


1f) Anna; m.William Cook, of Painstown


2d) Jane; m. Hon. Walter Murray


2b) Sir Edmund; m.Hon. Eleanor Eustace


1c) Piers (executed at Kilkenny 1596); m.Mary Butler


1d) Ellen, d.Dec 1620; m.John O’Carroll, chief of the name


2c) Sir James, beheaded


3c) John


4c) Theobald, cr 1603 Viscount Butler of Tulleophelim (d.Dec 1613); m.Feb 1603 Lady Elizabeth Butler (above)


5c) Joan (d.1631); m.Thady Fitzpatrick, 4th Lord of Upper Ossory (d.Dec 1627)


6c) Katherine; m.William FitzJohn Eustace, of Castlemartin


7c) [illegitimate] Thomas, of Cloughgrenan, cr Baronet 1628, d.ca 1640?; m.1618 Mrs Anna Bagenal, née Colclough à issue, extant Baronets


3b) John, of Kilcash (d.10 May 1570); m.Katherine, dau of Cormac MacCartie


1c) Walter, 11th Earl of Ormond and Ossory (1569-Carrick 24 Feb 1633); m.Hon. Helen Butler (d.28 Jan 1632)


1d) Thomas, Viscount Thurles (drowned 15 Dec 1619); m.1st by 1610 Elizabeth Poyntz (d.Thurles May 1673)


1e) James, 12th Earl of Ormond and Ossory, cr 1642 Marquess of Ormonde, cr 1660 Earl of Brecknock and Lord Butler of Lanthony, cr 1661 Duke of Ormonde (Clerkenwell 19 Oct 1610-Kingston Hall, Kingston Lacy 21 Jul 1688); m.Dec 1629 Lady Elizabeth Preston, 2nd Baroness Dingwall (25 Jul 1615-London 21 Jul 1684)


1f) Thomas (1632-1633)


2f) Thomas, Earl of Ossory, summoned to Parliament 1666 as Baron Butler of Moore Park (Kilkenny 8 Jul 1634-Arlington House, London 30 Jul 1680); m.in Holland 1659 Amelia van Nassau (d.1688)


1g) James, 3rd Lord Dingwall, suc 1688 as 2nd Duke of Ormonde and 2nd Lord Butler of Moore Park, etc., attainted 1715 (Dublin Castle 29 Apr 1665-Avignon Nov 1745); m.1st Burlington House 20 Jul 1682 Lady Anne Hyde (d.25 Jan 1685); m.2nd Badminton 3 Aug 1685 Lady Mary Somerset (d.19 Nov 1733)


1h) [ex 1] Mary (d.1688)


2h) Thomas, Earl of Ossory (London 24 Sep 1686-26 Feb 1689)


3h) [ex 2] Elizabeth (d.20 Apr 1750)


4h) [ex 2] Mary (d.2 Jan 1713); m.21 Oct 1710 John Ashburnham, 3rd Lord [later, Earl of] Ashburnham (1687-London 10 Mar 1737)


2g) Charles, 3rd Duke of Ormonde if, as is argued, his brother’s Irish titles were never subject to attainder, cr 1693 Earl of Arran, Viscount of Tullogh and Baron Butler of Cloughgrenan, cr 1694 Baron Butler of Weston, cr 1722 Jacobite Duke of Arran (4 Sep 1671-London 17 Dec 1758); m.Oatlands, Weybridge 3 Jun 1705 Hon. Elizabeth Crew (d.21 May 1756); the right to the Baronies of Dingwall and Butler of Moore Park, subject to the attainder, descended to the issue of his sister Henrietta


3g) Elizabeth, d.5 Jul 1717; m.10 Jul 1673 William George Richard Stanley, 9th Earl of Derby (ca 1655-5 Nov 1702)


4g) Emilia, d.1760


5g) Henrietta (d.11 Oct 1724); m.12 Jan 1697 Henry d’Auverquerque [de Nassau], Earl of Grantham (ca 1672-5 Dec 1754)


3f) Richard, cr 1662 Earl of Arran, Viscount of Tullough and Baron Butler of Cloughgrenan, with remainder to his brother John (15 Jun 1639-London 25 Jan 1686); m.1st by 16 Mar 1667 Lady Mary Stuart, de jure 5th Baroness Clifton (1651-4 Jul 1668); m.2nd before 7 Jun 1673 Dorothy Ferrers (d.30 Nov 1716)


1g) James, Lord Tullogh (1674-1676)


2g) Thomas, Lord Tullogh (d.1681)


3g) Thomas, Lord Tullogh (d.1685)


4g) Charlotte (ca 1679-6 Feb 1732); m.6 May 1688 Charles Cornwallis, 3rd Lord Cornwallis (bap 1655-29 Apr 1698)


4f) Elizabeth (Kilkenny 29 Jun 1640-Wellingborough Jul 1665); m.ca 1660 Philip Stanhope, 2nd Earl of Chesterfield (London 28 Jan 1714)


5f) John, cr 1676 Earl of Gowran, Viscount Clonmore and Baron of Aghrim (1643-Paris Aug 1676); m.Jan 1676 Lady Anne Chichester (d.14 Nov 1697)


6f) Mary (1646-31 Jul 1710); m.Kilkenny Castle 26 Oct 1662 William Cavendish, Duke of Devonshire (25 Jan 1641-Devonshire House 18 Aug 1707)


2e) John, d.Naples 1636


3e) Richard, of Kilcash (d.1701); m.Lady Frances Tuchet


1f) Walter (d.1700); m.Lady Mary Plunkett


1g) Thomas, of Kilcash (d.1738); m.Margaret, Dowager Viscountess Magennis, née Lady Margaret Burke (d.19 Jul 1744)


1h) Richard, d.1711


2h) Walter


3h) John, 15th Earl of Ormonde and Ossory [but did not assume the titles] (d.24 Jun 1766); m.19 Apr 1763 Bridget Stacey


4h) Mary; m.Brian Kavanagh, of Borris (d.1741)


5h) Honora (d.1730); m.Nov 1720 Valentine Browne, 3rd Viscount Kenmare (1695-30 Jun 1736)


6h) Helen; m.1st Richard Esmonde (d.1738), son of Sir Laurence Esmonde, 2nd Bt.; m.2nd Richard Butler


7h) Margaret; m.George Mathew


8h) Katherone; m.James Mandeville


2g) John; m.Frances Butler


1h) Walter, 16th Earl of Ormonde and Ossory [but did not assume the titles] (10 Jun 1703-2 Jun 1783); m.ca 1732 Eleanor Morres (d.Kilkenny Castle 31 Dec 1793)


1i) John, 17th Earl of Ormonde and Ossory [confirmed 1791] (10 Dec 1740-Kilkenny Castle 30 Dec 1794); m.14 Feb 1769 Lady Susan Frances Elizabeth Wandesford (8 Jun 1754-Dublin 3 Apr 1830)


1j) Walter, 18th Earl of Ormonde and Ossory, cr 1801 Baron Butler of Lanthony, cr 1816 Marquess of Ormonde (4 Feb 1770-Ulcombe Place, Kent 10 Aug 1820); m.Exmouth 17 Mar 1805 Anna Maria Catherine Price-Clarke (d.Belsize House, Hampstead 19 Dec 1817)


2j) John Wandesford (1772-1796)


3j) James Wandesford, 19th Earl of Ormonde and Ossory, cr 1821 Baron Butler of Lanthony, cr 1825 Marquess of Ormonde (15 Jul 1774-Dublin 18 May 1838); m.Ballycastle 12 Oct 1807 Grace Louisa Staples (23 Jan 1779-Drumcondra Castle 3 May 1860)


1k) John, 2nd Marquess of Ormonde (Dublin 24 Aug 1808-d.while bathing nr Loftus Hall 25 Sep 1854); m.London 19 Sep 1843 Frances Jane Paget (2 May 1817-Ulcombe Rectory 26 Aug 1903)


1l) James Edward William Theobald, 3rd Marquess of Ormonde (Kilkenny Castle 5 Oct 1844-Kilkenny Castle 26 Oct 1919); m.2 Feb 1876 Lady Elizabeth Harriet Grosvenor


1m) Beatrice Frances Elizabeth (28 Dec 1876-29 Feb 1952); m.19 Feb 1901 Sir Reginald Pole-Carew (1 May 1849-19 Sep 1924)


2m) Constance Mary (26 Mar 1879-20 Apr 1949)


2l) Mary Grace Louise (7 Mar 1846-17 Jan 1929); m.11 Jul 1877 Hon William Henry Fitzwilliam (26 Dec 1840-10 Jul 1920)


3l) James Hubert Henry Thomas (29 Aug 1847-1867)


4l) James Arthur Wellington Foley, 4th Marquess of Ormonde (23 Sep 1849-4 Jul 1943); m.8 Mar 1887 Ellen Sprague Stager (d.17 Jun 1951)


1m) Evelyn Frances (20 Dec 1887-15 Apr 1978); m.11 May 1910 Hon Edmund Rupert Drummond


2m) James George Anson, 5th Marquess of Ormonde (18 Apr 1890-21 Jun 1949); m.23 Feb 1915 Hon Sybil Inna Mildred Fellowes


1n) James Anthony, Viscount Thurles (18 Aug 1916-8 May 1940)


2n) Moura Rosamond (2 Dec 1920-26 May 1959); m.1st 30 Apr 1940 (div 1948) Charles Robert Cecil Weld-Forester; m.2nd 3 Aug 1948 Cte Guy Jacques van den Steen de Jehay (24 Aug 1906-    )


3m) James Arthur Norman Butler, 6th Marquess of Ormonde (25 Apr 1893-17 Apr 1971); m.26 Jan 1924 Jessie Carlos Clarke (d.3 Dec 1969)


1n) Jane (9 Jan 1925-1992); m.12 Oct 1945 (div 1952) Peter Heaton


2n) Martha (14 Jan 1926-8 Aug 2010); m.14 Sep 1950 Sir Ashley Charles Gibbs Ponsonby, 2nd Bt


4m) Eleanor Rachel (24 Apr 1894-28 May 1969); m.1st 17 Aug 1915 Edward Brassey Egerton (3 Mar 1889-1 Sep 1916); m.2nd 1 Jul 1961 Ven. William Henry Prior (d.17 Nov 1969)


5l) Rev James Theobald Bagot John (24 Aug 1852-16 Jun 1929); m.28 Jul 1885 Annabella Brydon Gordon (d.6 May 1943)


1m) James Walter Theobald Gordon (19 May 1886-2 May 1945); m.17 Aug 1926 Alice Theodora Aked


2m) Violet Mary Emily Maud (22 Apr 1889-30 Sep 1973); m.11 Apr 1912 Ronald Victor Okes Hart-Synnot (d.20 Apr 1976)


3m) Sybil Frances Christina Lilah (10 Feb 1891-1970); m.3 Jul 1913 Arthur Henry Francis Edwardes


4m) Victoria Blanche Constance Theodora (28 Sep 1897-15 Jun 1952); m.28 Oct 1920 Charles Belleville West (d.13 Oct 1929)


5m) James Hubert Theobald Charles Butler, 7th Marquess of Ormonde (19 Apr 1899-25 Oct 1997); m.1st 2 Mar 1935 Nan Gilpin (d.8 Sep 1973); m.2nd 1976 Elizabeth Barden (d.1980)


1n) Constance Ann, b.13 Dec 1940; m.23 Oct 1965 Henry Lea Soukop


2n) Violet Cynthia Lilah, b.31 Aug 1946; m.1st 6 Mar 1971 (div 2002) Donald L Robb; m.2nd 14 Dec 2002 Russell Raymond Hammer


6l) Blanche Henrietta Maria (5 Feb 1854-6 Feb 1914); m.14 Jun 1882 Hon Cuthbert Ellison Edwardes (16 Jan 1838-8 Sep 1911)


2k) Harriet Eleanor Wandesford (11 Dec 1810-28 Sep 1885); m.16 May 1831 Robert Fowler


3k) Anne Wandesford (20 Dec 1812-27 Nov 1849); m.7 Apr 1838 John Wynne, of Hazlewood (d.19 Jun 1865)


4k) Walter Wandesford (14 Jan 1814-18 Jul 1861)


5k) James Wandesford (18 May 1815-13 Dec 1893); m.3 Apr 1856 Lady Rachel Evelyn Russell (1826-21 Feb 1898)


1l) James Francis (13 Sep 1857-5 Jun 1933)


2l) Grace Louisa (5 Oct 1858-    ); m.Rev.Robert Oliver Thompson


3l) Georgina Maud Sita (7 Feb 1862-13 Apr 1863)


4l) Julian George (14 Aug 1864-    )


6k) Louisa Grace Wandesford (18 Jul 1816-8 Nov 1896); m.26 Sep 1840 Thomas Fortescue, Lord Clermont (9 Mar 1815-29 Jul 1887)


7k) Richard Molesworth Wandesford (30 Jan 1818-3 Feb 1838)


8k) Charles Wandesford (7 Feb 1820-30 Oct 1857)


9k) Elizabeth (4 Mar 1822-1 Oct 1892)


10k) Mary Charlotte (22 Jul 1823-10 Oct 1840)


4j) Elizabeth (1777-14 Dec 1823); m.24 Mar 1799 Thomas Kavanagh, of Borris (10 Mar 1767-20 Jan 1837)


5j) Charles Harward, took surname Butler-Clarke-Southwell-Wandesforde (6 Nov 1780-7 Nov 1860); m.1st 12 Oct 1812 Lady Sarah Butler (d.7 Jul 1838; below); m.2nd 10 Aug 1842 Lucy, Dowager Countess of Carrick, née French, widow of his first wife’s brother (d.13 Oct 1884)


1k) John (2 Sep 1813-26 Jun 1856); m.16 Nov 1841 Emily Selina Frances McClintock (d.29 Jan 1909)


2k) Sarah (Jul 1814-21 Dec 1892); m.19 Sep 1836 Rev. John Prior (d.21 Dec 1867)


3k) Henry (3 Oct 1815-18 Mar 1885)


4k) Walter (1 Aug 1825-1853); m.5 Apr 1849 Hannah Hutton (d.1868)


1l) Charles, d.2 Jul 1881


6j) Eleanor (1788-27 Sep 1859 [per GEC; other sources have 28 Sep or Oct 1859]); m.11 Aug 1808 (div 1826) Cornelius O’Callaghan, Viscount Lismore (2 Oct 1775-30 May 1857)


2i) Frances; m.Morgan Kavanagh, of Ballyhale


3i) Susan; m.1755 Thomas Kavanagh, of Borris (1727-1790)


4i) Eleanor, celled “Lady of Llangollen


3g) Christopher, Archbishop of Cashel (18 Jan 1673-4 Sep 1757)


4g) Mary; m.James Tobin


5g) Frances; m. ___ Gould


6g) Lucy, d.1703; m.1697 Sir Walter Butler, of Polestown, 3rd Bt. (above)


7g) Ellen; m.Maurice Fitzgerald


2f) John (d.1715); m.Katherine, Lady Plunkett, née Aylmer


1g) Richard; m.Mrs Helen Esmonde, née Butler


2g) Mary; m.William Galwey


3f) Thomas


4f) Mary (d.Clonyn 28 Mar 1737); m.ca 1665 Christopher Nugent, Lord Delvin


5f) Frances (d.1709); m.Sir Patrick Barnewall, of Crickstown, 3rd Bt.


6f) Lucia (d.17 Apr 1685); m.Sir Laurence Esmonde, 2nd Bt. (1634-1688)


7f) Elizabeth; m.Sir Redmond Everard, 2nd Bt. (d.20 Feb 1686)


4e) Eleanor; m.before 1648 Donough MacCarty, Earl of Clancarty (1594-4 Aug 1665)


5e) Ellen; m.1634 Sir Andrew Aylmer, 2nd Bt.


6e) Mary; m.Sir George Hamilton, of Donalong, Bt. (ca 1607-1679)


7e) Elizabeth, d.6 Sep 1675; m.1st James Purcell; m.2nd John Fitzpatrick, of Castletown (d.1693)


2d) James, d.in France


3d) Ellen; m.Hon. James Butler (below)


4d) Joan; m.1st George Bagenal, of Dunleckney; m.2nd Theobald Purcell, Baron of Loughmoe; m.3rd Sir Thomas Esmond, Bt. (d.ca 1665 [or 1674?])


5d) Margaret; m.by 1619 Barnaby Fitzpatrick, 5th Lord of Upper Ossory (d.ca 1638)


6d) Katherine; m.Hon. Piers Poer


7d) Ellena; m.Pierce Butler, Viscount Ikerrin (below)


8d) Mary; m.Sir George Hamilton, of Roscrea


9d) Elizabeth; m.[1st ? John Fitzgerald of Dromana; m.2nd ] Richard Bourke, 6th Earl of Clanricarde (d.Aug 1666)


10d) Ellis, d.10 Feb 1625; m.Sir Terence Mac-Brian-Arragh, Bt. (d.28 Mar 1626)


2c) Joan; m.1st Nicholas Shortall; m.2nd Sir Oliver Shortall


3c) Eleanor; m.Thomas Prendergast


4b) Walter; m.Jane, dau of O’Brien Goragh à issue, extinct in male line, including:


1c) Elizabeth [or Ellis]; m.by 1628 Laurence Esmond, Lord Esmond of Limerick (d.26 May 1645)


5b) James; m.Margaret Tobin


1c) James (dsp)


6b) Edward; m.1st Lady Eleanor Fitzgerald; m.2nd Lady Margaret Bourke


1c) James (dsp)


7b) Piers; m.Hon. Katherine le Poer à issue, extinct in male line


2a) Richard, cr 1550 Viscount Mountgarret (d.20 Dec 1571); m.1st Eleanor Butler; m.2nd Catherine Barnewall; m.3rd 1541 (div 1541) Anne Plunkett


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Edmund, 2nd Viscount Mountgarrett (d.24 Nov 1602); m.Hon. Grizel Fitzpatrick


1c) Richard, 3rd Viscount Mountgarret (ca 1578-1651); m.1st shortly before 8 Oct 1596 Lady Margaret O’Neill; m.2nd by 1618 Thomasine [Elizabeth], Lady Freeman, née Andrews (dsp 1625); m.3rd by 23 Jul 1631 Margaret, Lady Spencer, née Brainthwaite (d.London 16 Dec 1655)


1d) Edmund [“Roe”], 4th Viscount Mountgarret (d.1679); m.1st Lady Dorothy Tuchet (d.Park’s Grove, nr Ballyragget 10 Feb 1635); m.2nd 1635 Mrs Anne Thatcher, née Tresham (d.1636); m.3rd 1637 Mrs Elizabeth Conyers (d.18 Feb 1673), née Simeon, half-sister of Sir James Simeon, Bt., and niece of 5th Lord Vaux of Harrowden


[by 1st m.]:


1e) Richard, 5th Viscount Mountgarret (d.Ormskirk 27 Feb 1707); m.1st Sep 1661 Emilia Blundell (d.1682); m.2nd Mrs Margaret Butler, née Shee


1f) Edmund, 6th Viscount Mountgarret (Crosby 17 Jul 1663-Dublin 25 Jul 1735); m.1st Mary Buchanan; m.2nd 9 Aug 1715 Mrs Elizabeth Grace, née Bryan (d.London 13 Jun 1736)


1g) Richard, 7th Viscount Mountgarret (d.Dublin 14 May 1736); m.19 Oct 1711 Catherine O’Neill (d.15 Apr 1739)


2g) James, 8th Viscount Mountgarret (d.13 May 1749); m.Jan 1736 Hon. Margaret Barnewall (d.Jun 1764)


3g) Edmund, 9th Viscount Mountgarret (d.Dublin 6 Mar 1751); m.Anne Purcell (d.Dublin Oct 1773)


1h) Edmund, 10th Viscount Mountgarret (d.9 Feb 1779); m.1744 Charlotte (d.Paris 27 Mar 1778), dau of Sir Simon Bradstreet, Bt.


1i) Edmund, 11th Viscount Mountgarret (14 Jul 1745-Dublin 16 Jul 1793); m.7 Oct 1768 Lady Henrietta Butler (below) (15 Aug 1750-Mount Juliet 16 Jun 1785)


1j) Edmund, 12th Viscount Mountgarret, 1793 Earl of Kilkenny (6 Jan 1771-Ballyconra 16 Jul 1846); m.8 Jun 1793 Mildred Fowler (d.30 Dec 1830)


2j) Somerset Richard (Dec 1771-18 Apr 1826); m.Mrs Jane Kelly, née French


3j) Henry (16 Feb 1773-6 Dec 1842); m.3 Sep 1811 Anne Harrison (d.19 May 1857)


1k) Anne Henrietta (15 Oct 1813-15 May 1866); m.26 Aug 1863 James Little


2k) Henry Edmund, 13th Viscount Mountgarret (24 Jan 1816-London 26 Aug 1900); m.London 11 Mar 1844 Frances Penelope Rawson (Tong 21 Apr 1825-London 19 Oct 1886), gdau of John Plumbe Tempest, of Tong


1l) Henry Edmund, 14th Viscount Mountgarret (18 Dec 1844-2 Oct 1912); m.1st 1 Oct 1868 Mary Eleanor Charlton (d.12 May 1900),sister of Sir Thomas Meyrick, formerly Charlton, Bt.; m.2nd 5 Feb 1902 Robina Marion Hanning-Lee (d.13 Dec 1944)


1m) Elinor Frances (25 Nov 1869-8 Dec 1943); m.1st 28 Feb 1889 Andrew Sherlock Lawson (22 Feb 1855-20 Aug 1914), brother of Sir John Lawson, Bt.; m.2nd Jan 1918 Alfred James Bethell (2 Oct 1862-28 Oct 1920)


2m) Ethel Mary (11 Jun 1871-27 Jan 1926); m.2 Mar 1897 Henry Rimington-Wilson (11 Jan 1854-17 May 1915)


3m) Kathleen Grace (1 Feb 1875-30 Aug 1875)


4m) Edmund Somerset, 15th Viscount Mountgarret (1 Feb 1875-22 Jun 1918); m.1 Jun 1897 Cecily Grey (30 Mar 1877-8 Apr 1961)


5m) Piers Henry Augustine, 16th Viscount Mountgarret (28 Aug 1903-2 Aug 1966); m.1st 15 Oct 1931 (div 1941) Eglantine Marie Elizabeth Christie; m.2nd 14 Nov 1941 Elise Margarita (3 Jun 1906-8 Aug 1968), dau of Sir John Barran, 2nd Bt.


1n) Sarah Elizabeth Ann (b.26 Dec 1932; m.5 Nov 1955 (div 1976) Geoffrey Kenneth Sefton Raynar


2n) Richard Henry Piers, 17th Viscount Mountgarret, probably entitled to title of 26th Earl of Ormonde, but claim not proven (8 Nov 1936-7 Feb 2004); m.1st 20 May 1960 (div 1969) Gillian Margaret Buckley (b.14 Jan 1936); m.2nd 29 Apr 1970 (div 1983) Jennifer Susan Melville Wills; m.3rd 25 May 1983 Angela Ruth Porter


1o) Piers James Richard, 18th Viscount Mountgarret, probably 27th Earl of Ormonde, b.15 Apr 1961; m.1st 2 Sep 1995 (div 2000) Laura Brown Gary Williams; m.2nd 30 Dec 2006 Fenella Mary Fawcus


1p) Alexa Stirling Hadley (b.1997)

2p) Morgan Dickens Somerset (b.1999)


2o) Edmund Henry Richard (b.1962); m.1988 (div 1989) Adelle I Lloyd


3o) Henrietta Elizabeth Alexandra Butler (b.1964); m.1991 (div 1992) Robert Cluer


2l) Frances Sarah (20 Nov 1845-23 Feb 1916); m.29 Sep 1892 Edward Arthur Whittuck (d.10 Mar 1924)


3k) Juliana Jemima (15 Mar 1817-19 Feb 1873); m.20 Sep 1842 Thomas Clifton Wilkinson (11 Dec 1815-1889)


4k) Charlotte (24 Aug 1820-23 Oct 1894); m.20 Jun 1865 John Stedman Christie


4j) Pierce (6 May 1774-13 Jun 1846); m.1800 Anne March (d.1872)


1k) Pierce Somerset (26 Jan 1801-28 Jul 1865); m.3 Feb 1835 Mrs Jessy Anne Warren (d.4 Apr 1888) à issue, 2 daus, d.unm


2k) Charlotte (25 Jul 1803-11 Jun 1880)


3k) Rev Edmund John (8 Jul 1804-3 Apr 1873); m.11 Aug 1832 Eliza Kettlewell (d.23 Aug 1836)


1l) Anne; m.22 Dec 1880 John Hewson

2l) Eliza

3l) dau


4k) Henry (21 Jun 1805-13 Apr 1881); m.16 Apr 1846 Clara Taylor (d.28 Dec 1901)


1l) Pierce Henry (25 Jul 1847-12 Aug 1847)

2l) Somerset James (2 Feb 1849-10 Aug 1922)

3l) Henry (11 Oct 1850-9 Aug 1884)

4l) Walter Theobald (11 Feb 1853-16 Oct 1931)

5l) Isabel Harriet, d.1 Apr 1935

6l) Mildred Anne, d.11 Oct 1941


5k) Somerset (1808-21 Jan 1850)


6k) Anne (24 Jun 1809-6 Jan 1882)


7k) Thomas (1810-1848)


8k) William (8 Aug 1814-24 May 1847); m.15 Apr 1841 Catherine Walsh (d.Dec 1844)


1l) Walter (Dec 1842-1850)


9k) Walter (10 Feb 1821-22 Oct 1900); m.Sep 1852 Maria Emily Farrell (d.21 Apr 1902)


1l) Theobald (22 Oct 1853-1917); m.1st 15 Apr 1882 (div) Jane Stuart (d.30 Jan 1931); m.2nd 1894 Elizabeth Marie Therese Frazscher (d.1953)


1m) Kathleen Dorothea (20 Feb 1883-24 Jun 1950); m.2 Apr 1913 Stephen Percy Groves (d.15 Dec 1947)


2m) Theobald Stuart (26 Jun 1884-19__); m.4 Sep 1919 Edith Sarah Chilton


1n) James Stuart (28 Mar 1928-12 Aug 1937)


3m) Pierce Cyril Somerset, d.14 Apr 1966; m.31 Mar 1923 Kerstein Maria Samuelson (d.21 Apr 1967)


1n) Kerstin Ellen Lisbeth (b.1923)


2n) Pierce Torsten, b.24 Nov 1927; m.4 Jun 1952 Dagmar Hakansson (d.7 Jul 1968)


1o) Jenny Maria (b.1953)


2o) Anne Kerstin (b.1956)


3o) Pierce Richard (b.1962)


3n) Carl Somerset, b.16 Feb 1929


4n) Lars Theobald, b.24 Nov 1939; m.18 Jun 1959 Ulla Bergh


1o) Pierce Anders (b.1963)

2o) Anna Christina (b.1962)


4m) Dorothea Beatrice (1897-19__); m.1928 Edward de Fine Sucht (d.1957)


2l) Walter (22 Sep 1855-1919)

3l) Beatrice Amelia, d.Oct 1928

4l) Isabella Lily


10k) Harriet, d.14 Sep 1836


5j) Charlotte Juliana (6 Aug 1778-26 Oct 1830); m.7 Aug 1799 John Carrington Smith (8 May 1766-    )


2i) Rev. Richard (d.1795)


3i) Simon (d.19 May 1797); m.18 Jan 1795 Eliza Lynch


1j) Edward Lynch (1796-    )


4i) Elinor (d.28 Apr 1762)


5i) Anna Emilia (d.1786); m.William Jephson


4g) Emilia; m.1712 Hugh O’Reilly, of Ballinlough Castle; ancestors of Nugent of Ballinlough Baronets


2f) Richard (1666-    ); m.1690 ___, Lady Hamilton à issue


3f) James (1675-    ) à issue


2e) James (d.young)


3e) Margaret


4e) Elizabeth; m.___ Sutton


[by 3rd m.]:


5e) Edward, of Ballyragget (d.1691); m.Elizabeth Matthew


1f) Edmund, of Ballyragget (d.13 Oct 1694); m.Rose O’Neill


2f) George, of Ballyragget (d.19 Sep 1702); m.Hon. Catherine King


1g) James (dvp); m.Frances Dillon


1h) Robert, of Ballyragget (d.Jun 1788); m.1st Hon. Mary Bellew; m.2nd Hon. Elizabeth Langdale


2h) James, Archbishop of Cashel


3h) George (d.30 jan 1813); m.1st Mary Norris; m.2nd Mary Kavanagh


1i) Mary Lucinda (d.2 Dec 1831); m.17 May 1801 Charles Browne Mostyn (d.11 Mar 1821); their son became 6th Lord Vaux of Harrowden upon termination of the abeyance


2g) Rev. Edmund


3g) Gerald Alexander


4g) Mary; m.Ralph Standish, of Standish


5g) Frances; m.Nov 1740 Sir James Stanley, of Alderley, 4th Bt. (d.1747)


6e) Elizabeth


2d) Edward (executed at Kilkenny 1652); m.Mary Fitzpatrick


3d) Richard


4d) Elizabeth; m.Sir Walter Butler, of Polestown, Bt. (above)


5d) Ellice; m.Andrew Fitzpatrick


6d) Margaret (d.6 Aug 1635); m.Sir Richard Belling


7d) Ellen; m.Philip Purcell


8d) Joan (d.1633); m.1st Sir Richard Masterston; m.2nd Sir Philip Paulet


2c) James; m.Hon. Catherine Fleming


1d) Edmund


3c) Edward


4c) John


5c) Pierce


6c) Theobald à issue


7c) Helen (d.28 Jan 1632); m.Watler, 11th Earl of Ormond (above)


8c) Ellen; m.Lucas Shee; their dau m. Sir Thomas Hurly, Bt.


9c) Eleanor; m.Morgan MacBryan Kavanagh


10c) Mary; m.Bryan O’Connor


11c) Elizabeth; m.Walter Dalton


12c) Margaret; m.Oliver Grace


13c) Anne; m.Edward Butler, Viscount Galmoye (above)


14c) Jane; m.William O’Farrell


2b) Pierce; m.Margaret Devereux à issue


3b) John à issue


4b) Thomas à issue


5b) Ellinor; m.1st Thomas Tobin; m.2nd Gerald Blanchville; m.3rd Thomas Butler, 2nd Lord Caher (below)


6b) Ellice; m.Walter Walsh


7b) Margaret; m.Sir Nicholas Devereux


8b) Ellen; m.Sir Oliver Shortall


[by 2nd m.]:


9b) Barnewall


3a) Thomas, k. 1532


1b) Margaret; m.1st Rory O’More of Leix; m.2nd Sir Maurice Fitzgerald


4a) Margaret; m.1st Thomas Fitzgerald [bro of 10th Earl of Desmond]; m.2nd ca 1533 Barnaby Fitzpatrick, Lord of Upper Ossory (d.1575)


5a) Katherine (d.17 Mar 1553); m.by 1526 Richard Power, Lord Power (k.a.1539); m.2nd by Feb 1550 James Fitzjohn, 13th Earl of Desmond (d.14 Oct 1558)


6a) Eleanor; m.Thomas Butler, Lord Caher (below)


7a) Joan; m.James Butler, feudal lord of Dunboyne (above)


8a) Ellice; m.1st ___ MacMorrish; m.2nd Gerald FitzJohn Fitzgerald of Dromana, Lord of the Decies


9a) Margaret; m.R de Burgh


10a) Helen (d.2 Jul 1597); m.by 1533 Donogh O’Brien, 2nd Earl of Thomond (d.1 Apr 1553)






Part 3



Pierce Butler (see Part 1, above) had issue:


1a) Thomas; m.Lady Ellice Fitzgerald


1b) Edmund; m.Catherine le Poer


1c) Thomas, cr 1543 Baron Caher, with remainder to heirs of his body (d.1558); m.1st Lady Eleanor Butler (above); m.2nd Ellen Fiztgerald


1d) [ex 1] Edmund, 2nd Lord Caher (d.1560); m.Lady ___ Fitzgerald


2d) [ex 2] Ellenor; she and her sister’s son surrendered their rights to the Caher Barony in favor of their cousin


3d) [ex 2] Johan; m.Thomas Prendergast


2c) Piers; m.___ Butler, dau of Lord Dunboyne


1d) Theobald, cr 1583 Baron of Caher (d.Caher 28 Apr 1596); m.Mary Cusack


1e) Thomas, 2nd Lord Caher (d.31 Jan 1627); m.1st by Oct 1598 Mrs Eleanor Blancheville, née Butler (above); m.2nd Ellice Fitzgerald (d.16 Jan 1645), later wife of Sir Thomas Esmond, Bt.


1f) Margaret (d.Dublin 1632); m.Edmund Butler, Lord Dunboyne (below)


2e) Edmund; m.Eleanor Butler


1f) Thomas, 3rd Lord Caher (d.ca 1648); m.Feb 1625 Ellinor Power


1g) Edmund; m.Hon. Eleanor Butler (below)


1h) Piers, 4th Lord Caher (d.30 Jan 1677); m.1663 Elizabeth Mathew (d.1704)


1i) Elinor, d.ca 1707; m.after Feb 1687 Sir John Everard, 3rd Bt. (k.a. Aughrim 12 Jul 1690)


2i) Margaret; m.Theobald Butler, 5th Lord Caher (below)


3i) Anne


4i) Mary; m.Robert Walsh


2g) Ellin/Eleanor (11 Feb 1638-27 May 1721); m.ca 1665 Sir John Morres, 3rd Bt. (29 Aug 1620-26 Oct 1720)


3e) Piers


4e) Richard


1f) Thomas (d.1680)


1g) Ellen; m.Theobald Stapleton


2f) Piers; m.Catherine O’Brien


1g) Theobald, 5th Lord Caher (d.27 Sep 1700); m.1st Mary Everard; m.2nd Hon. Margaret Butler (above)


1h) [ex 1] Thomas, 6th Lord Caher (d.York 29 May 1744); m.Dublin 24 Jul 1709 Frances Butler (d.1733)


1i) James, 7th Lord Caher (1 Aug 1711-Lyon 6 Jun 1786); m.Jan 1739 Christian Moore


2i) Theobald (d.young)


3i) Piers, 8th Lord Caher (d.Paris 10 Jun 1788)


4i) Jordan


5i) Thomas


6i) John


7i) Mary


8i) Margaret; m.Andrew Kennedy


2h) [ex 1] Mary; m.James Long


3h) [ex 1] Joanna; m.1st James Butler, of Caherbane; m.2nd after Jan 1722 Sir Walter Esmonde, 6th Bt. (d.Feb 1766)


4h) [ex 2] son


5h) [ex 2] dau, a nun at Ypres


6h) [ex 2] dau, a nun at Ypres


5e) James (d.17 Apr 1630); m.1st Honor Walsh; m.2nd Margaret ___


1f) Theobald, of Knocklofty; m.1630 NN


1g) James, of Glengall (d.ca 1737); m.NN


1h) Theobald


2h) Richard; m.Jane Butler


1i) James, 9th Lord Caher (d.East Indies Jul 1788); m.Sarah Nichols (ca 1741-Caher 18 Apr 1814)


1j) Richard, 10th Lord Caher, cr 1816 Earl of Glengall and Viscount Caher (13 Nov 1775-Caher Castle 30 Jan 1819); m.London 13 Aug 1793 Emily Jeffereys (d.London 2 May 1836)


1k) Richard, 2nd Earl of Glengall (Cork 17 May 1794-Cowes 22 Jun 1858); m.London 20 Feb 1834 Margaret Lauretta Mellish (d.London 2 Apr 1864)


1l) Margaret (27 Nov 1834-21 Feb 1915); m.2 Aug 1858 Hon. Richard Charteris (25 Jul 1822-16 Mar 1874)


2l) Matilda (20 Oct 1836-18 Mar 1861)


2k) Harriet Anne (1 Jan 1799-Paris 14 Sep 1860); m.London 8 Dec 1822 George Hamilton Chichester, 3rd Marquess of Donegal (10 Feb 1797-20 Oct 1883)


3k) Charlotte (9 May 1809-23 Mar 1846); m.28 Dec 1835 Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot


4k) Emily Arabella Georgiana; m.1st 26 Jul 1836 Richard Pennefather, of Knockevan (1809-Jul 1849); m.2nd 30 Sep 1852 Henry Aitcheson Hankey


2j) James (d.young)


3j) Jane (1 Aug 1779-Fornham Hall 2 Nov 1846); m.Baronscourt, co Tyrone 28 Oct 1815 Thomas Manners-Sutton, Lord Manners (24 Feb 1756-London 31 May 1842)


3h) Ellen; m.___ Ryan


4h) Anastasia; m.___ Murphy


5h) Elinor; m.___ Mcenery


6h) Mary ;m.___ Fiztgerald


2f) Thomas

3f) Richard

4f) Mary

5f) Catharine

6f) Ellinor


6e) John


1f) Edward

2f) John

3f) Walter


7e) Ellen; m.Richard Butler, of Ballyboe


8e) Mary; m.Sir Cormac M’Carthy, of Blarney







Part 4



Described as descended in eight generations from John Butler, brother of the 1st Earl of Ormond, though the intervening generations are unclear, was:



Sir Pierce Butler, cr 1629 Viscount of Ikerrin (d.ca 1661); m.Lady Ellen Butler (above)


1a) James (d.London 1638); m.Hon. Ellen Butler (below)


1b)  Pierce, 2nd Viscount Ikerrin (3 Sep 1637-ca 1686); m.Eleanor Bryan


1c) James, 3rd Viscount Ikerrin (d.London 26 Oct 1688); m.ca 1672 Mrs Eleanor Warden, née Redman (d.1687)


1d) Pierce, 4th Viscount Ikerrin (Kilkenny 1679-Freke Castle 4 Jan 1711); m.1st 14 Oct 1697 Hon. Alicia Boyle (d.28 Oct 11700); m.2nd London 28 Apr 1703 Olivia, Lady Colville, née St.George (d.1724)


1e) James, 5th Viscount Ikerrin (6 Dec 1698-drowned in London 1712)


2d) Thomas, 6th Viscount Ikerrin (Kilkenny 1683-7 Mar 1720); m.Fulham 6 Jul 1713 Margaret Hamilton (d.May 1743)


1e) James, 7th Viscount Ikerrin (1714-20 Oct 1721)


2e) Somerset Hamilton, 8th Viscount Ikerrin, cr 1748 Earl of Carrick (6 Sep 1718-15 Apr 1774); m.18 May 1745 Lady Juliana Boyle (d.Kilmuury 22 Feb 1804)


1f) Henry Thomas, 2nd Earl of Carrick (19 May 1746-Mount Juliet 20 Jul 1813); m.7 Aug 1774 Sarah Taylor (d.Salt Hill, Kingstown 14 Aug 1841)


1g) Anne (3 Aug 1776-29 May 1831); m.8 Sep 1798 Rev. Henry Maxwell [later, 6th Lord Farnham] (d.19 Oct 1838)


2g) Somerset Richard, 3rd Earl of Carrick (28 Sep 1779-Dublin 4 Feb 1838); m.1st London 1 Sep 1811 Anne Wynne (d.Mount Juliet 22 Oct 1829); m.2nd 12 Feb 1833 Lucy French (d.Mount Juliet 13 Oct 1884)


1h) Sarah Juliana (29 Jul 1812-Coorheen House 28 Apr 1905); m.8 Dec 1832 William Thomas Le Poer Trench, 3rd Earl of Clancarty (21 Sep 1803-26 Apr 1872)


2h) Anne Margaret (22 Oct 1829-15 May 1901); m.7 Feb 1861 George Whitelocke Whitelocke-Lloyd, of Strancally Castle (30 May 1830-14 May 1910)


3h) Henry Thomas, 4th Earl of Carrick (19 Feb 1834-16 Apr 1846)


4h) Somerset Arthur, 5th Earl of Carrick (Roan More 30 Jan 1835-22 Dec 1901)


5h) Lucy Maria (9 Nov 1837-25 Jul 1896); m.Mount Juliet 19 Mar 1863 John Thomas William Massy, 6th Lord Massy (30 Aug 1835-Killakee 28 Nov 1915)


3g) Henry Edward (3 Dec 1780-7 Dec 1856); m.1st 6 Jan 1812 Jane Gowan (d.30 Aug 1834); m.2nd 29 Nov 1836 Frances Mauleverer Toulson (d.27 Jun 1844)


1h) Henry Thomas (1812-k.a.Inkerman 5 Nov 1854); m.18 Jul 1839 Elizabeth Tomes


2h) Charles George (1823-18 Dec 1854); m.29 May 1850 Jane Elizabeth Prosser (d.22 Mar 1900)


1i) Charles Henry Somerset, 6th Earl of Carrick (5 Aug 1851-6 Apr 1909); m.1st Dublin 8 Jan 1873 Kathleen Emily Hamilton Ross (d.London 21 Jun 1888); m.2nd 1896 Emily Jones (d.1915)


1j) Charles Ernest Alfred French Somerset, 7th Earl of Carrick (15 Nov 1873-2 Nov 1931); m.16 Nov 1898 Ellen Rosamond Mary Lindsay (d.15 Jun 1946)


1k) Rosamond Kathleen Margaret (31 Aug 1899-    ); m.1st 12 Feb 1919 (div 1925) Lionel Gallwey Robertson (d.21 Jan 1926); m.2nd 9 Jun 1925 (div 1947) Bryan Mortem Gibbs (d.23 Jan 1965)


2k) June Beatrice (11 Jun 1901-    ); m.1st 31 Oct 1923 (div 1934) John Sills Charlton; m.2nd 27 Dec 1934 Anthony Gordon Dobson


3k) Theobald Walter Somerset Henry, 8th Earl of Carrick (23 May 1903-31 Jul 1957); m.1st 14 Aug 1930 (div 1938) Mrs Marion Caher Edwards, née Donoghue; m.2nd 18 Oct 1938 Mrs Margaret Drum, née Power (d.24 Jul 1954); m.3rd 21 Oct 1954 Ruth McEnery


1l) Brian Stuart Theobald Somerset Caher, 9th Earl of Carrick (17 Aug 1931-1992); m.1st 20 Aug 1951 (div 1976) Mary Belinda Turville-Constable-Maxwell (d.1993); m.2nd 1986 Gillian Irene Grimes


1m) David James Theobald Somerset, 10th Earl of Carrick (9 Jan 1953-Jan 2008); m.1975 Philippa Janice Victoria Craxton


1n) Arion Thomas Piers Hamilton, 11th Earl of Carrick (b.1975); m.NN


1o) dau

2o) dau


2n) Piers Edmund Theobald Lismalyn (b.1979)

3n) Lindsay Simon Turville Somerset (b.1979)


2m) Juliana Mary Philomena (b.1960)


4k) Horace Somerset Edmond (23 May 1903-26 Aug 1962); m.20 Jun 1928 Barbara Hood (d.1977)


1l) Georgina Caroline Eve (22 Sep 1931-22 May 2017); m.1st 1954 (div 1961) David Goldberg; m.2nd 11 Oct 1961 (div 1968) Renato Candido Attilio Fratini; m.3rd 7 May 1969 James Alan Short (d.2001)


5k) Guy Somerset Lionel (5 Nov 1905-1983); m.1st 14 Jun 1939 (div 1961) Mrs Patricia Ann Tennant, née Dunne; m.2nd 1961 Mrs Janet Frances Parker, née Preston (d.1984)


1l) Rupert Lionel Somerset (b.1940); m.1968 Jenifer Mary Rush


1m) Piers Somerset Patrick (b.1970)

2m) Eli Somerset James (b.1971); m.2008 Leonie S N Bennett

3m) Matthew Somerset Guy (b.1972)

4m) Sebastian Somerset Lionel (b.1979)


2l) Dermot Somerset Launcelot (b.1941); m.1st 1970 (div 1983) Lorna Ailsa Graham Menzies; m.2nd 1986 Mrs Victoria Marsland Nabarro, née Owen


1m) Tara Siobhan Somerset (b.1974)


6k) Godfrey Claude Somerset Pierce (22 Nov 1907-    )


7k) Pierce Alan Somerset David (12 Nov 1909-11 Jan 1964); m.1st 9 Jun 1933 (div 1957) Leri Llewellyn-Jones; m.2nd 2 Jul 1957 Dorothea Bennett


1l) Helen Sarah Ann (b.1936); m.1957 (div 1969) Anthony Thomas Colley


2l) David Llewellyn Somerset (1937-2017)); m.1966 Anne Haigh


1m) Michael Somerset (b.1969)

2m) Hilary Mary (b.1971)


2j) Kathleen (20 Dec 1876-29 Apr 1953); m.24 Mar 1897 Walter Charles Lindsay


2i) Mary Emily (17 Oct 1852-10 Feb 1933); m.22 Feb 1876 Rev. George Platt Dew (d.1915)


3h) Rev. Pierce (27 Feb 1826-8 Feb 1868); m.30 Jul 1861 Catherine Twisden Smith-Marriott (d.3 Nov 1904) à issue, extant in male line


4h) James Armagh (1827-k.a.Silistria 22 Jul 1854)


5h) Fanny Hester (Aug 1840-    )


6h) Edward John (Jul 1842-    )


4g) Rev. Pierce (18 Jan 1782-21 May 1808); m.17 May1806 Maria Sophia Vernon (1786-4 Jun 1847)


1h) Elizabeth Anne; m.6 Apr 1825 Francis Hawkesworth Fawkes


5g) Juliana (20 Sep 1783-Green Park, Rostrevor 22 Jun 1861); m.Mount Juliet 20 Oct 1800 Somerset Lowry-Corry, 2nd Earl Belmore (11 Jul 1774-18 Apr 1841)


6g) Harriet (11 Dec 1784-25 Jul 1865); m.1st Francis Savage, of Hollymount and Ardkeen; m.2nd 27 Aug 1829 Matthew Forde, of Seaforde (17 May 1785-5 Aug 1837)


7g) Sarah (31 Jul 1787-1839); m.1812 Hon. Charles Harward Butler, later Butler-Clarke-Southwell-Wandesforde (above)


8g) Rev. James (26 Apr 1791-Aug 1834)


2f) James (5 Aug 1747-Dec 1747)


3f) Margaret (23 Jan 1748-Apr 1775); m.3 Oct 1772 Arma Lowry-Corry [later, Earl Belmore] (7 Apr 1740-Bath 2 Feb 1802); in 1828 Debrett’s she, and not Henrietta, is said to have been twin with Pierce


4f) Pierce, took surname Butler-Cooper (15 Aug 1750-5 May 1826); m.27 Dec 1774 Catherine Rothe (1757-20 Feb 1833), great-niece and heiress of Sir William Cooper, Bt.


5f) Henrietta (15 Aug 1750-Mount Juliet 16 Jun 1785); m.7 Oct 1768 Edmund Butler, 11th Viscount Mountgarret (above)


2c) Elizabeth (d.Dec 1757); m.14 Jun 1688 Sir John Meade, Bt. (1642-12 Jan 1707)


2a) Margaret; m.Barnaby Fitzpatrick, 7th Lord of Upper Ossory (d.1696)


3a) Ellen; m.James Butler, 4th Lord Dunboyne (below)





Part 5



Edmund, 1st Lord Dunboyne (see Part 1) had issue:


1a) James, 2nd Lord Dunboyne (d.8 Feb 1625); m.1st ca 1580 Hon. Margaret Fitzpatrick; m.2nd Lady Margaret O’Brien


[by 1st m.]:


1b) John (murdered 7 Jan 1602); m.Hon. Joan Fitzpatrick


1c) Edmund, 3rd Lord Dunboyne (d.17 May 1640); m.1st by 1627 Hon. Margaret Butler (above); m.2nd Lady Ellen Cressy, née Fitzgerald (d.1660)


1d) James, 4th Lord Dunboyne (d.1662); m.Hon. Ellen Butler (above)


1e) Margaret; m.Barnaby Fitzpatrick, 7th Lord of Upper Ossory (d.1696)


2d) Ellen; m.Gerald Grace, of Ballylinch Castle


3d) Eleanor; m.Hon. Edmund Butler (above); m.2nd George Mathew


2b) Piers (d.1626); m.Ellen Sutton


1c) Edmund (d.1641); m.Honora Gould O’Mulryan


1d) Pierce, 5th Lord Dunboyne, attainted (d.3 May 1690); m.Catherine Hurly


1e) James, called 6th Lord Dunboyne (d.Jan 1701); m.ca 1686 Elizabeth Everard


1f) Piers, called 7th Lord Dunboyne (d.1718); m.Anna Cadell


2f) Edmund, called 8th Lord Dunboyne (d.Nov 1732); m.Mrs Anne Nagle, née Grace


1g) James, called 9th Lord Dunboyne (d.12 Dec 1768)


2g) Piers, called 10th Lord Dunboyne (d.20 Aug 1773); m.Dublin 3 Jun 1773 Maria Macnamara


1h) Piers Edmund Creagh, called 11th Lord Dunboyne (d.Dec 1785)


3g) John, called 12th Lord Dunboyne, 1763-86 R.C. Bp of Cork (ca 1720-7 May 1800); m.1787 Maria Butler (d.Aug 1860)


4g) Edmund (dsp 1783)


5g) Catherine; m.William O’Brien Butler


2c) Pierce (dsp)


3c) William à issue, extinct in male line


[by 2nd m.]:


3b) James; m.Lady Ellen Butler (above)


1c) Thomas; m.Ellen Dwyer


1d) Ct Richard Butler (d.in Bohemia 1686)


2c) Walter (dsp)


4b) Edward; m.Elizabeth Dobbin


1c) James; m.Janet Cantwell


1d) Edward


1e) Most Rev. James, R.C. Archbishop of Cashel (d.1774)


2e) Michael (d.15 Aug 1776); m.Mary O’Leary


1f) James (d.22 May 1784); m.Bridget Sheehy


1g) James, 13th Lord Dunboyne, title confirmed with reversal of attainder 1827 (25 Jul 1780-Château d’Echingen 6 Jul 1850); m.1st 17 Aug 1799 Eleanor O’Connell (d.15 Mar 1817); m.2nd London 19 Dec 1843 Mary Anne Vincent Vaughan (d.1847); for his issue see Part 6, below


5b) Thomas, of Pollardstown, d.24 Apr 1637; m.Ellice Fitzpatrick


1c) James

2c) Margaret

3c) Mary

4c) Ellen

5c) Ellice


6b) Theobald; m.Margaret, Lady Arthur, dau of Sir Valentine Blake, Bt. à issue, including:


1c) James, of Killoskehan and Drom; m.Margaret Burke


1d) James; m.Marjory Dalton


1e) Richard (ca 1710-    ); m.Margaret O'Brien


1f) Theobald; m.1st 1751 Bridget Butler; m.2nd Elizabeth Lee


1g) William, of Drom and Wilford, d.3 Jan 1812; m. Hon. Caroline Massy (d.1837)


1h) Theobald (ca 1790-1837); m.1815 Anne Kearney


1i) William (1819-1870); m.1842 Catherine Lloyd (d.1904)


1j) Charles James BUTLER-KEARNEY, of Three Castles (1851-1933); m.1873 Georgina Hannah Clarke (d.1919)


1k) Charles James, b.and d.1874


2k) Theobald William (1876-2 Jan 1936); m.26 Aug 1914 Hester Louisa Edith Davis Gilbert (d.11 Apr 1972)


1l) James Davies Theobald (16 Apr 1916-8 Jul 2002); m.1st 31 Mar 1951 (div 1954) Gillian Mary Soltau Anketell; m.2nd 9 Apr 1970 Juliet Mary Hunt


2l) Catherine Mary (21 Mar 1918-12 Nov 1999)


3k) Trench Frank (1877-7 Feb 1956); m.1920 Shirley Sequeira (d.1971)


1l) Jean (1920-    )

2l) Norma (1924-    )


4k) Mary Violet (1884-1 Mar 1958); m.1916 Mervyn Hampden Corsellis (d.Jan 1961)


2j) Anne; m.William Butler (below)


2f) Pierce, d.1774 à three daus


3f) James, of Park, d.1774; m.Elizabeth Butler (d.1774)


1g) William, d.1800; m.Anne Butler (above)


1h) James, of Park (1785-    ); m.1813 Gertrude, dau of Sir John Carden, Bt.


1i) William, of Park (1814-1875); m.1857 Mary Jacoson (d.1901)


1j) Charles Herbert Jackson (10 Nov 1870-22 May 1937); m.20 Jan 1900 Margaret Daisy Batten (d.21 May 1939)


1k) George Herbert (21 Feb 1901-1955); m.1 May 1929 Irene Rose Sparnon à 2 sons


2k) Frederick William Webb (2 Sep 1903-19 Nov 1946); m.24 May 1934 Nancy Anne O'Mahony à 2 sons


2j) Henry John BUTLER-LLOYD (1874-1945); m.1st 1897 Catherine Davoran (d.1907); m.2nd 1908 Jane Headech (d.1956)


1k) William Francis (1899-1956); m.1930 Mary Margaret Fitzgerald à 1 son, 1 dau


2k) Anne (1908-    );m.1930 Walter Thompson


3k) Henry John (1910-19__); m.1947 Kathleen Leacky à 1 son, 1 dau


4k) James (1912-    )

5k) Charles (1913-    )


3j) Kathleen (1868-1959); m.1894 Edmund Jacob (d.1930)


2c) Rev. Pierce, d.1710; m.Alice Langton


1d) Theobald (ca 1690-    ); m.1st Maria O'Hara (dsp 1714); m.2nd 14 Aug 1722 Mary Whitwell


1e) James, of Priestown (ca 1746-    ); m.Dorothea, dau of Sir Richard Steele, Bt.


1f) Rev. Richard, d.1841; m.1792 Martha Rothwell (d.1855)


1g) Rev. James, of Priestown (1793-1872); m.1818 Isabella Rothwell (d.1876)


1h) Richard, d.1851

2h) Thomas, of Priestown (1822-    )


3h) James, of Brownstone Park (1825-1899); m.7 Jun 1864 Mary Elizabeth Alley (d.1906)


1i) James Tottenham, of Priestown (4 Jun 1868-    ); m.1906 Geraldine Osborne (d.8 Jan 1966)


2i) Frances Isabel (1875-25 Nov 1957); m.22 Jul 1896 Ernest Pitman (d.7 Aug 1948)


3i) Augusta Madeline (1877-1 Feb 1960)


4h) Emma, d.11 Nov 1899; m.3 Dec 1889 Vincent Gernon


2g) Very Rev. Richard, Dean of Clonmacnoise (14 Oct 1794-17 Jul 1862); m.14 Aug 1826 Harriet Edgeworth (d.1889)


3g) Thomas Lewis, d.1868


4g) Whitwell, of Staffordstown (1798-12 Jul 1877); m.1833 Elizabeth Garnet (d.May 1865)


1h) Whitwell, of Staffordstown, d.16 Nov 1881


2h) Richard John (1840-14 Oct 1908); m.1878 Georgina Eleanor Rothwell (d.1888)


1i) Richard John (1879-28 Apr 1964); m.1 Sep 1909 Grace Pauline Englehart


2i) Synolda Elizabeth (1881-    ); m.5 Aug 1903 Rev. Arthur Cowan Digby French (d.1950)


3i) Ethel Georgina (1884-1954); m.23 Oct 1911 Edward Apsley Parker White (d.1948)


4i) Harriet Cecilia (1886-15 Mar 1965); m.1924 Thomas Coghlan (d.1947)


5i) George Whitwell (1888-7 Oct 1960); m.1918 Ada Isabel Deering Cary (d.29 Sep 1961)


1j) Mary Isabel (1919-    ); m.1943 Carass Frederick Bladon Topham (d.1999)


2j) John Radcliff (18 Nov 1921-Mar 1994)


3j) [Eileen] Synolda (1926-    )


3h) Mary

4h) Elizabeth


5g) Rev. Edward, of Llangoed Castle (1800-Feb 1877); m.1st 1830 Henrietta Skreyne (d.1832); m.2nd 1835 Anne Elizabeth Woodville (d.1845); m.3rd 1846 Blanche Perring (d.1867); m.4th 1868 Mary Elizabeth Rothwell (d.1913)


1h) Bagot, b.and d.1832


2h) Theobald William (1838-1928); m.1871 Anne Robina Brikenden (d.1925)


3h) Edward, of Llangoed Castle (1851-1928); m.1887 Emily Frances Battiscombe (d.1951)


1i) Emily Blanche (1889-19 Nov 1957)


2i) Judith Eileen (1895-    )


4h) Katherine May Dorothea (1870-15 Dec 1954); m.27 Apr 1899 Sir Ivor Algernon Atkins (d.26 Nov 1953)


6g) John, of Maiden Hall, d.1890; m.1863 Mary Barton


1h) George (1859-8 Apr 1941); m.25 Jan 1898 Harriet Neville Clarke (d.18 Jul 1939)


1i) Hubert Marshal, of Maiden Hall ( 23 Oct 1900-1991); m.2 Jun 1930 Susan Margaret Guthrie (d.1996) à 1 dau


2i) [George] Gilbert (16 Feb 1910-    ); m.24 Feb 1940 Noreen Helen Pomeroy Colley (d.11 Oct 1997) à 1 son, 1 dau


3i) Cicely Marion (3 Feb 1899-    ); m.15 Dec 1947 Herbert Victor Atherton Doudney


4i) Joanna Vernon (22 Feb 1903-    ); m.12 Jul 1938 Gerald Lenox-Conyngham


2e) Whitwell, of Waterville (1743-1807); m.1760 Belinda Yeilding


1f) James, of Waterville (1780-Jun 1863); m.1817 Agnes Day (d.May 1839)


1g) James, of Waterville (28 May 1820-26 Oct 1887); m.28 Oct 1847 Anne Margaret Davis (d.30 Mar 1903)


1h) James Edward, of Waterville (23 Jan 1856-20 Nov 1905); m 24 Feb 1897 Mary Goyne Stevens (d.25 Apr 1938)


1i) James Whitwell (19 Oct 1897-1971); m 24 Mar 1927 Hilda Winifred Haines (d.1978) à 2 sons, 1 dau


2h) Theobald, d.1946; m.Elizabeth Bailey (d.1949)


1i) Theobald Richard FitzWalter, of Highgate (24 May 1894-9 Mar 1976); m.28 Jul 1948 Laura Rachel Mary Nash


2i) Susan Elizabeth Aileen (1 Oct 1881-19 May 1956); m.27 Nov 1927 Arthur King, of Merlin


3i) Arabella Agnes Muriel (29 Aug 1883-1979); m.17 Oct 1911 Sir William Seeds (d.2 Nov 1973)


4i) Mary Gwenda, d.Sep 1904

5i) Synolda, d.31 Mar 1906


2h) John Edward (15 Nov 1858-2 Nov 1880)

4h) Elizabeth Agnes

5h) Belinda Beatty; m.22 Jun 1875 Rev. William Spottswood Green

6h) Mary Pratt

7h) Agnes Arabella, d.30 Jan 1909

8h) Margaret Mackenzie John


6b) Joan; m.1st Edmud Fitzgibbon; m.2nd Thomas Fitzgerald, The Knight of Glin


7b) Elinor; m.Sir John Fitzgerald, of the Decies


2a) Eleanor (d.1636); m.1st Gerald Fitzjames Fitzgerald, Earl of Desmond (ca 1533-murdered 11 Nov 1583); m.2nd 1597/8 Sir Donogh O’Connor Sligo (d.11 Aug 1602)




Part 6


James Butler, 13th Lord Dunboyne, title confirmed with reversal of attainder 1827 (25 Jul 1780-Château d’Echingen 6 Jul 1850; see Part 5, above); m.1st 17 Aug 1799 Eleanor O’Connell (d.15 Mar 1817); m.2nd London 19 Dec 1843 Mary Anne Vincent Vaughan (d.1847)


1a) Roselinda Eleanor (9 Jul 1800-19 Jun 1859); m.13 Jun 1819 John Marshall (d.21 Sep 1858)


2a) Edward (26 Jan 1804-d.an infant)


3a) Theobald, 14th Lord Dunboyne (11 Feb 1806-22 Mar 1881); right to title confirmed by House of Lords 1860; m.14 Nov 1832 Julia Celestina Maria Brander (d.25 Dec 1897)


1b) Julia Anne (3 Oct 1834-19 Nov 1895)


2b) Dorinda Celestina Louisa (18 Mar 1836-9 Sep 1852)


3b) Rosalinda Ellen Maria (30 Jul 1837-25 Feb 1853)


4b) James FitzWalter, 1860 CLIFFORD-BUTLER, 15th Lord Dunboyne (20 May 1839-17 Aug 1899); m.12 Jun 1860 Marion Clifford (d.15 Jun 1919)


1c) Rosalinda Catherine Sophia (25 Apr 1861-21 Apr 1953); m.30 Apr 1883 William Henry Brooke Peters, of Harefield (d.27 Oct 1913)


5b) Theobald FitzWalter (19 Jul 1840-19 Nov 1877)


6b) Synolda Julia (18 Aug 1841-16 Feb 1848)


7b) Robert St.John FitzWalter, 16th Lord Dunboyne (20 Jan 1844-29 Aug 1913); m.9 Feb 1869 Caroline Maude Blanche Probyn (d.11 Jan 1927)


1c) Lavinia Alice Julia (17 Dec 1869-24 Sep 1965); m.25 Aug 1891 Rev. John Hutchinson Hindson, of Bradwall Hall (d.1916)


2c) Maude Celestina (9 Jun 1872-10 Dec 1952); m.16 Oct 1895 Robert Charles Donner, of Bowden (d.28 Feb 1926)


3c) FitzWalter George Probyn, 17th Lord Dunboyne (20 Mar 1874-9 May 1945); m.26 Jul 1915 [Dora] Isolde Butler Tower (d.26 May 1977)


1d) Patrick Theobald Tower, 18th Lord Dunboyne (27 Jan 1917-19 May 2004); m.29 Jul 1950 Anne Marie Mallet


1e) John FitzWalter, 19th Lord Dunboyne (31 Jul 1951-11 Jul 2013); m.26 Apr 1975 [Diana] Caroline Williams


1f) Genevieve Synolda (b.1977)


2f) Imogen Katharine (b.1979); m.Dario Marangio


3f) Richard Pierce Theobald, 20th Lord Dunboyne (5 Jul 1983-    ); m.[engaged 2012] Anneka Eileen Anketell-Jones


1g) Bridget Gigny Synolda (2015-    )


2g) Rosamond Joy (2017-    )


3g) Caspian Fitzwalter (6 Oct 2020-    )


4f) Cleone Isolde (b.1986)


2e) Mary Synolda (1954-    ); m.1984 Alastair Henry Walton


3e) Betty Quenelda (1956-    ) m.1985 Edward Roland Haslewood Perks


4e) Victoria Morina (1959-    ); m.1986 Christopher J P Eveleigh


2d) [Doreen] Synolda Tower (17 Feb 1918-16 Aug 2008); m.16 Jun 1945 John Atholl Duncan (d.19 May 1983)


3d) Maureen Maude Tower (12 Jun 1919-12 Jan 2007); m.6 Apr 1946 Robert Caradoc Rose Price (d.1988)


4d) Isolde Sheila Tower 24 Apr 1925-    ); m.23 Apr 1949 Victor Robert Penryn Monk Monck (d.1987)


4c) Leslie James Probyn (22 Apr 1876-31 Dec 1955); m.24 Jul 1907 Mary Christal (9 Sep 1882-            27 Feb 1951), dau of Sir John Heathcoat-Amory, Bt.


1d) Anne Christal (6 Jan 1909-1981); m.11 Dec 1948 Gerald Frederic Wigram (30 Dec 1916-17 May 2009)


2d) James Dighton (9 Jan 1911-1987); m.23 Oct 1943 Mrs Pamela Sugden, née Pickwoad (d.1987) à 2 sons


3d) Bridget Mary (8 Dec 1912-13 Jun 1956)


5c) Blanche Amy Charlotte (3 Aug 1878-28 Jan 1961)


6c) Rosalinda Laetitia (24 Jan 1881-1 Aug 1940); m.2 Apr 1910 John Colthurst Bowen-Colthurst


7c) Robert Thomas Rowley Probyn (8 Oct 1882-14 Dec 1938); m.15 Jul 1913 Grace Theodosia Farquhar Kinloch (d.6 Apr 1971)


8c) Theobald Patrick Probyn (3 Jul 1884-18 Oct 1970); m.6 Dec 1933 Hon. Vera Elizabeth Sanders


4a) St.John, of Portrane and Walshestown (24 Jun 1808-17 Mar 1878); m.1st 14 Feb 1832 Mrs Anne Maria Fitzpatrick, née Burke (d.7 Nov 1859); m.2nd 9 Dec 1863 Mrs Anne Parnther (d.14 Oct 1869); m.3rd 21 Apr 1873 Marianne Jane Taylor (24 Oct 1809-16 Apr 1874), of the Earls of Bective


1b) Maria Rosalinda (12 May 1837-19 Oct 1923); m.19 Oct 1887 William Henry Peters, of Harefield (d.2 Jan 1896)


2b) James Henry Edward, 1867 ARCEDECKNE-BUTLER (3 Jul 1838-5 Feb 1871); m.20 Jun 1867 Minna Locke (d.11 Aug 1925)


1c) St.John Henry (15 Oct 1868-20 Nov 1914); m.7 Aug 1895 Maud Geraldine Money (d.17 Jan 1948)


1d) St.John Desmond (30 Nov 1896-4 Feb 1959); m 15 Jul 1929 Ethel Helen Nesbit Walker (d.9 Aug 1953)


1e) [St.John] Patrick (15 Sep 1930-    ); m.1st 28 Jan 1956 [Jane] Frances Elizabeth Mary Massie (d.1983); m.2nd 1991 [Jacqueline] Jean Morris à 4 sons


2e) Michael Francis Peel (18 Sep 1933-1993); m.7 Jan 1961 Jacqueline Carpenter-Garnier à 1 son, 1 dau


3e) Christal Synolda (10 Feb 1938-    ); m.23 Sep 1961 Geoffrey William Medcalf


2c) James FitzWalter (23 Oct 1869-29 Aug 1928)


3b) St.John, b.and d. 29 Jun 1842


4b) Charles Arcedeckne (6 Dec 1843-1 Nov 1865)


5b) Emily Anne (18 Apr 1848-Apr 1862)


5a) Henry BUTLER-JOHNSTONE, of Corehead and Auchen Castle (28 Aug 1809-1 Apr 1879); m.14 May 1834 Isabella Margaret Munro-Johnstone (d.1873)


1b) Isabella Margaret Alicia Eleanor (28 Mar 1836-14 Feb 1844)


2b) Henry Alexander MUNRO-BUTLER- JOHNSTONE (7 Dec 1837-17 Oct 1902); m.1st 17 Nov 1877 Maria Irma, Countess de Soyres (d.16 Jul 1880); m.2nd 29 Dec 1896 Mrs Elaine Lloyd, née Johnson


3b) Hugh Hector (23 Jan 1841-12 Mar 1852)


6a) James, of Lamberton Park (8 Nov 1810-11 Feb 1891); m.3 Oct 1836 Emilia Mary (d.18 Nov 1897), dau of Sir William FitzGerald, 2nd Bt.


1b) James William FitzGerald (10 Oct 1837-12 May 1873); m.4 May 1858 Ada Gwynne (d.10 May 1913)


1c) Ada Emily Gwynne, d.11 Aug 1898; m.22 Jan 1881 James Bower Dunn, later Bower (d.1920)


2c) Synolda Ellen Le Petit (9 Jan 1861-1890); m.17 Jan 1884 John Winston Thomas Spencer, later Munro-Spencer (27 Sep 1849-27 Nov 1916)


3c) James William FitzGerald, b. and d.1865


4c) Alexandra Amy Geraldine, d.1 May 1931; m.1st 28 Jul 1887 William George Gould (d.21 Jan 1911); m.2nd 21 Jul 1920 Henry Beaufort Wilmot Beaumont Inglefield


2b) Emily Sarah FitzGerald (13 Dec 1838-5 Jan 1925); m.17 May 1865 Walter Harvey Thursby-Pelham, of Cound Hall (29 Dec 1830-15Dec 1874)


3b) Edward FitzGerald (Feb 1841-9 Mar 1842)


4b) Isabella Georgina (15 May 1843-24 Mar 1933); m.16 Apr 1868 Henry Maurice William Oppenheim (d.4 May 1912)


5b) Rosalinda Eleanor (9 Sep 1850-17 Nov 1876); m.5 Sep 1875 Frederick Robert Knollys (23 Aug 1846-17 Oct 1926)


6b) St.John George (29 Oct 1853-15 Mar 1905); m.30 Dec 1890 Agnes Howard


7a) Sir Edward, of Harefield (29 Oct 1811-22 Oct 1858); m.1st 16 Mar 1839 Emma Jane Baily (d.4 Dec 1840); m.2nd 1 Feb 1844 Urania Elizabeth Paulet (Aug 1820-2 Dec 1858)


1b) Arthur Francis Baily (29 Nov 1840-7 Jan 1841)


2b) Arthur Paulet (21 Mar 1845-23 Dec 1872); m.6 Oct 1870 Emily Maria Goodden (d.5 Jul 1930), later wife of Sir Henry Bernhard Samuelson, 2nd Bt.


8a) Charles Lennox (29 Nov 1813-5 Mar 1885); m.1st 24 Oct 1835 Eliza Holland (d.31 Dec 1866); m.2nd 16 Oct 1872 Constance Isabel Walcot (d.17 Dec 1923)


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Lindsey Holland (22 Aug 1836-13 Jul 1887)


2b) Ellen Caroline (11 Jul 1837-10 Feb 1922); m.19 Dec 1867 Edward Allesley Boughton Ward-Boughton-Leigh, of Brownsover Hall


3b) Eliza Emily (17 Jul 1838-18 Dec 1928); m.21 Apr 1858 James Hatherell (d.25 Dec 1887)


4b) Rosalinda Emma Jane (3 Dec 1840-20 Sep 1842)


5b) Charles Lennox (5 Oct 1841-8 Feb 1865)


6b) Edward Arthur, of Winsford Hall (3 Jul 1843-16 Apr 1916); m.28 May 1872 Clara Maria Francis (d.16 Oct 1912)


1c) Arthur Lennox (22 Feb 1873-31 Dec 1939); m.10 Sep 1908 his cousin Ada Rose Ward-Boughton-Leigh (d.14 Apr 1962)


2c) Charles Edward (7 May 1874-17 Nov 1960); m.25 Oct 1919 Alice Elizabeth Worship (d.1984)


1d) Clarence Francis (29 Aug 1920-2006); m.14 Mar 1944 Pamela Constance Drakard (d.29 Apr 1991) à 2 daus


2d) Rosalinda Maria (10 Dec 1921-    ); m.20 Nov 1946 Douglas Kyrle Redgrave (d.9 Aug 1992)


3d) Brian Charles (24 Jan 1924-1992); m.15 Sep 1952 Joyce Caroline Hitchcock à 1 dau


3c) Henry Francis (30 May 1877-1969); m.15 Sep 1908 Ethel Isabel Harriet Marion Pardoe


1d) Sheila Francis (31 Aug 1914-    ); m.9 Jan 1940 Andrew McKenzie Stevens


7b) Cecil (15 Feb 1846-6 Dec 1901); m.21 Apr 1887 Alice Woolsey (d.21 Feb 1939)


1c) Cecilia Frances, d.31 Oct 1961; m.17 Sep 1912 Ronald Edmund Barrow (d.30 Jun 1942)


[by 2nd m.]:


7b) Beatrice Constance Charlotte, d.18 Jan 1959; m.5 Nov 1904 Guy Bernard Campbell Ward (4 Nov 1875-24 Mar 1933)