Earls of Findlater; Earls of Airlie, etc.





Part 1



Sir Walter Ogilvy of Auchterhouse, k.a.Glenbrierachan [Glasklune] 1392; m.Isabel Ramsay


1a) Sir Alexander, of Auchterhouse, d.after 14 Jul 1421


1b) George issue


2b) Sir Patrick, of Auchterhouse; m.by 1413 Christian Keith


1c) Sir Alexander, of Auchterhouse, d.1470/3


1d) Margaret; m.by Mar 1467 James Stewart, Earl of Buchan


2c) Walter; m.ca 1438 Margaret of Fenton


3c) Christian; m.Sir John Wemyss


4c) Margaret; m.Sir John Oliphant


3b) Sir Andrew, of Inchmartin, d.after 1461; m.by 29 Feb 1440 Marjory Glen, sister of his aunt


1c) Sir David, of Inchmartin, d.by 6 Jan 1506; m.Mariota Hay


1d) James, of Inchmartin, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513; m.Isabella Oliphant


1e) Patrick, of Inchmartin; m.1st Mariota Stewart, dau of Lord Innermeath; m.2nd Elizabeth Kynnaird


1f) William, of Inchmartin, d.by 1566; m.Janet, dau of Lord Gray


1g) Patrick, of Inchmartin, d.by 24 May 1623; m.1st 1561 Marjorie (d.Jun 1582), dau of Lord Gray, and widow of Patrick, Master of Ruthven; m.2nd Mrs Elizabeth Stewart, ne Butter; m.3rd Geills Seytoun (d.5 Feb 1601)


1h) Patrick, d.21 Nov 1592; m.Margaret Halyburton, later wife of Earl of Kinnoull


1i) Sir Patrick, of Inchmartin, d.30 Mar 1651; m.Anne Campbell


1j) Sir Patrick, of Inchmartin, 1652 suc his father-in-law as 2nd Earl of Findlater and 3rd Lord Ogilvy of Deskford, d.May 1659; m.Lady Elizabeth Ogilvy (below); for his issue see Part 2, below


2j) William, bur 6 Nov 1669


1k) Patrick

2k) William

3k) Elizabeth; m.George Nisbet


2i) Andrew

3i) Marjory; m.1605 Andrew Winton

4i) Elizabeth

5i) a dau


2h) William


1i) Patrick


3h) James

4h) Thomas


2g) Thomas

3g) Andrew

4g) John

5g) Elizabeth; m.1573 John Sandilands


2f) John

3f) Andrew

4f) Alexander

5f) David

6f) Christian; m.1544 James Moncur

7f) Margaret; m.Sir Patrick Hay of Megginch


2e) Thomas

3e) Andrew

4e) Jonet; m.John Kinnaird of that Ilk

5e) Agnes; m.Thomas Gourlaw of Ballindane

6e) Egidia; m.John Moncreiff of that Ilk


4b) David, d.by 1440; m.Christian Glen


1c) Alexander

2c) Margaret; m.Silvester Rattray of that Ilk

3c) Christian; m. ___ Lindsay

4c) Marjorie; m.Walter Tulloch of that Ilk


5b) Marjory; m.ca 1423 David Lindsay, 3rd Earl of Crawford (d.17 Jan 1446)


2a) Sir Walter, of Lintrathen, d.1440; m.1st Isabel [Durward?]; m.2nd Isabel Glen


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Sir John, of Lintrathen; m.1st Marian Seton; m.2nd by 1447 Margaret, Dowager Css of Moray; Scots Peerage says that there is no authority for the first marriage, though other sources imply that the children were from that marriage


1c) [ex 1?] Sir James, of Airlie and Lintrathen, cr 1491 Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, d.ca 1504; m.1st Elizabeth Kennedy; m.2nd Helen Graham; m.3rd Jean Lyle (d.ca 1525); Cokayne notes there is little proof of the first marriage, though the son seems to be from it


1d) John, 2nd Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, d.by 9 Jan 1506; m.1st by 14 Oct 1472 Mariot/Marion ___; m.2nd Jean, dau of Lord Graham


1e) [ex 2] James, 3rd Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, d.1513/24; m.Isobel Lindsay, dau of Earl of Crawford


1f) James, 4th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, d.1547/8; m.Helen, dau of Lord Sinclair


1g) James, Master of Ogilvy, k.a., vp, at Pinkie 10 Sep 1547; m.Katherine Campbell


1h) James, 5th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie (ca 1541-Farnell Oct 1606); m.Jean (25 Apr 1541- ), dau of Lord Forbes


1i) James, 6th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, d.1616/8; m.1st Holyrood House 11 Nov 1581 Lady Jean Ruthven (d.6 Jan 1612); m.2nd 1613 Elizabeth Napier


[by 1st m.]:


1j) James, 7th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, cr 1639 Earl of Airlie and Lord Ogilvy of Alith and Lintrathen (1586-1664/5); m.1610 Lady Isabel Hamilton; for his issue see Part 3, below


2j) William


3j) John; m.Agnes Napier 3 daus


4j) Archibald


5j) Jean


6j) Margaret


7j) Elizabeth; m.1620 George Gordon of Gight


[by 2nd m.]:


8j) James


2i) Sir John,d.by 1644; m.1st Elizabeth Crichton; m.2nd ___ Brown issue


3i) David; m.1st Martha MacCalzean; m.2nd 1599 Nicholas Guthrie


1j) [ex 1] Euphemia

2j) [ex 1] Anna

3j) [ex 2] John

4j) [ex 2] James


4i) William


5i) Archibald


6i) Patrick; m.Isabella Murray


1j) George, apparently an Imperial Baron, d.Vienna 7 Jun 1661; m.Euphrasia Veronika von Reichsperg 2 sons, 5 daus, of whom:


1k) Georg Benedikt Frhr Ogilvy de Muirton, d.Danzig Oct 1710; m.Maria Anastasia von Brumath issue


2j) James; m.1653 Catherine Nairne 2 sons, 4 daus, of whom:


1k) James, of Cluny


1l) David, of Cluny


1m) Margaret, d.1767; m.1722 Hon. John Ogilvy, called Earl of Airlie (see below)


3j) Jean; m.John Ogilvy


7i) Francis; m.1st Helen Gardin; m.2nd Elizabeth Adamson


1j) Sir James; m.Margaret Guthrie issue


2j) Jean; m.Patrick George


8i) George; m.Elspeth Montgomerie


1j) James


9i) Margaret; m.1st George Keith, 4th Earl Marischal (d.2 Apr 1623); m.2nd Sir Alexander Strachan, Bt.


2h) Archibald


3h) Alexander


4h) Katherine [Agnes?]; m.John Erskine of Dun


5h) Helen; m.Sir John Ogilvy of Inverquharity


2g) Thomas, d.by 1577; m.1st Janet Fraser; m.2nd (annulled) Beatrix Chisholm


1h) [ex 1] Archibald


2h) [ex 2] Thomas


3g) John; m.Katherine Strachan


1h) John; m.1574 Elizabeth Betoun Ogilvys of Inverkeiler


2h) Isabel, d.7 Feb 1578; m.Robert Guthrie


4g) Archibald


5g) Alexander; m.Margaret Monypenny


6g) Helen; m.James Stewart, 5th Lord Innermeath (d.14 Feb 1586)


7g) Marion [Mariota]; m.1537 Patrick Gray, 4th Lord Gray (d.1584)


8g) Margaret; m.Sir David Graham of Fintry


9g) Anne [Agnes?]; m.Sir Thomas Erskine


2f) John


3f) Archibald


4f) Mary [Margery]; m.David [or John] Lyon


5f) Isobel; m.David Strachan


6f) Beatrix; m. ___ Garden of Leys


7f) Margaret


2e) Anthony


3e) Margaret [Elizabeth?]; m.William Wood


4e) Janet [Elizabeth?]; m. ___ Lichton [Leighton]


2d) Archibald

3d) Walter; said to be ancestor of Ogilvys of Balfour

4d) Alexander; m.Nicholas Stratoun

5d) Malcolm

6d) John

7d) Isabella; m.Alexander Stewart

8d) [ex 3] Janet; m.,or contracted to, Alexander Gordon

9d) [ex 3] Mariota, d.1575; mistress of Cardinal Betoun


2c) David

3c) Thomas

4c) Christian; m.Sir Alexander Forbes of Pitsligo

5c) Elizabeth; m.Sir Patrick Keith

6c) Marion; m.Henry Stewart of Rosyth

7c) Margaret; m.Sir Gilbert Ramsay


2b) James


[by 2nd m.]:


3b) Walter; m.Margaret Sinclair, heiress of Deskford and Findlater


1c) Sir James, of Deskford and Findlater, d.13 Feb 1510; m.1st Margaret Innes; m.2nd Margaret Chaumes; he had issue by 1st m.:


1d) James, d.1 Feb 1506; m.Agnes Gordon, dau of Earl of Huntly


1e) Alexander, of Deskford and Findlater; m.1st Janet Abernethy, dau of Lord Saltoun; m.2nd by 1535 Elizabeth Gordon, granddau of Earl of Huntly


1f) James, of Deskford and Findlater, d.after 19 Feb 1574; m.1st Janet Gordon; m.2nd 1558 Marion Livingstone (dsp 13 Feb 1577)


1g) Alexander, d.by 27 Jun 1562; m.by 1557 Barbara Ogilvy


1h) Walter, cr 1615 Lord Ogilvy of Deskford, d.1625/7; m.1st Agnes (3 Oct 1559- ), dau of Lord Elphinstone; m.2nd 1582 Lady Mary Douglas, dau of Earl of Morton


[by 1st m.]:


1i) Christian; m.Sir John Forbes of Pitsligo


[by 2nd m.]:


2i) James, 2nd Lord Ogilvy of Deskford, cr 1638 Earl of Findlater, d.1652; m.1st 1610 Lady Elizabeth Wemyss, ne Leslie; m.2nd Lady Marion Cunningham (dsp, bur Jan 1661); the earldom had a reaminder to heirs male of his body, but in 1641 his honors and received a re-grant thereof, with remainder to his son-in-law Sir Patrick Ogilvy, and Sir Patrick’s heirs male


1j) Elizabeth; m.Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Inchmartin, who suc as 2nd Earl of Findlater (above)


2j) Anne, d.Jan 1661; m.1637 William Cunningham, 9th Earl of Glencairn (ca 1610-30 May 1664)


3i) Alexander; m.Katherine Grant issue


4i) William


5i) Alexander


6i) Anne [Margaret?]; m.1st 1598 James Douglas, 5th Earl of Buchan (d.26 Aug 1601); m.2nd 1608 Andrew Gray, 7th Lord Gray (d.1663)


7i) Mary; m.1613 Sir John Grant of Freuchie


2h) Marjorie


2g) Margaret; m.Robert Munro of Foulis


2f) Janet [Margaret?]; m.John Gordon of Pitlurg


3f) Marion; m.1st Robert Innes, yr of Innermarkie; m.2nd Sir A Robertson


2e) James

3e) John

4e) Patrick

5e) George

6e) Elizabeth; m.Sir James Dunbar


2d) Gilbert


3d) John


4d) Walter


1e) Alexander


5d) Alexander, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513


6d) George


7d) Jonet; m.Alexander Abercromby of Birkenbog


8d) Marion; m.Patrick Gordon of Haddo


9d) Catherine; m.William Crawford


10d) Mary; m.Alexander Urquhart


11d) Elizabeth [Margaret?]; m.1484 John Grant of Freuchie


2c) Sir Walter, of Boyne; m.27 Mar 1491 Margaret Edmonstone


1d) George, of Boyne


1e) Walter, of Boyne issue


2d) Sir William, of Stratherne; m.Alison Roull


1e) John, k.a.Pinkie 10 Sep 1547; m.Elizabeth Dunbar


1f) Alexander, d.1555


2f) Margaret; m.Thomas Menzies


3f) Marjorie; m.Alexander Keith


4f) Elspeth; m.Patrick Dunbar


3d) James, d.Paris 30 May 1518


4d) Sir Walter, of Dunlugus, d.29 Nov 1558; m.Alison Home (d.25 Jul 1557)


1e) Sir George, of Dunlugus and Banff, d.ca 1621; m.Beatrix, dau of Lord Seton


1f) Sir Walter, of Banff and Dunlugus, d.1625 or soon after; m.Helen Urquhart


1g) Sir George, of Banff and Dunlugus, cr Baronet [S] 1627 [with remainder to heirs male whatsoever] cr 1642 Lord of Banff [S] [with remainder to heirs male forever bearing the name Ogilvy], d.11 Aug 1663; m.1st by 9 Mar 1611 Margaret Irvine; m.2nd Mary [or Janet] Sutherland


[by 1st m.]:


1h) Helen; m.1629 James Ogilvy, 2nd Earl of Airlie (ca 1615-1703)


[by 2nd m.]:


2h) George, 2nd Lord Banff, d.Mar 1668; m.Hon. Agnes Falconer (d.Mar 1708)


1i) George, 3rd Lord Banff (bap 9 Sep 1649-d.in a fire at his house at Inchdruer Nov 1713); m.1669 Lady Jean Keith


1j) George, 4th Lord Banff (bap 4 Aug 1670-1718); m.11 Jan 1712 Helen (d.22 Oct 1742), dau of Sir John Lauder, 2nd Bt.


1k) George (bap 20 Feb 1714- d.an infant)


2k) George (bap 28 Nov 1715- d.an infant)


3k) John George, 5th Lord Banff (18 Feb 1717-drowned nr Cullen 29 Jul 1738); m.London 18 Aug 1735 Mary Ogilvy (d.31 Jan 1784)


4k) Alexander, 6th Lord Banff (bap 12 Jul 1718-Lisbon Nov 1746)


2j) Anne


3j) Isobel; m.1722 George Barclay


4j) Mary (3 Mar 1679-Banff 20 Apr 1756); m.1st John Joass; m.2nd 1723 Rev. William Hunter


2i) Sir Alexander, of Forglen, cr Baronet 1701, d.30 Mar 1727; m.1st 1681 Mary Allardice; m.2nd 18 Jan 1702 Mary (d.Edinburgh 24 Mar 1748), dau of David Leslie, Lord Newark, and widow of Sir Francis Kinloch, Bt.; issue by 1st m.:


1j) George, d.Jun 1723; m.19 Feb 1710 Jean Meldrum


2j) Alexander, dvp; m.7 Aug 1714 Jean Frend [Frand?]


1k) Sir Alexander, 2nd Bt,, 1746 7th Lord Banff, d.Forglen 1 Sep 1771; m.Edinburgh 2 Apr 1749 Jean Nisbet (d.Forglen 29 Aug 1790)


1l) Alexander, Master of Banff, d.1763


2l) William, 8th Lord Banff, d.Forglen 4 Jun 1803; the Barony of Banff and the Baronetcy became dormant; claims have been made, but none established


3l) Archibald, d.1763


4l) David, d.Clifton 10 Aug 1796


5l) Jane, d.1771; m.Sir George Abercromby, 4th Bt. (1750-18 Jul 1831); her descendants inherited Forglen


6l) Sophia


7l) Janet, d.Kinnoull 24 Oct 1835, aged 82; m.9 Oct 1797 Rev. John Willison


8l) Mary, d.Dec 1789; m.23 Aug 1780 Alexander Murray, of Ayton, of the Murray of Ochtertyre Baronets


9l) Grace; m.William Douglas


2k) Bridget


3j) Mary, d.1738


4j) Agnes; m.28 Jan 1705 Sir Alexander Reid, of Barra, 2nd Bt. (d.5 Feb 1750)


5j) Ann, d.May 1719; m.Andrew Hay


6j) Helen; m.13 Mar 1712 James Smollett


7j) Margaret (12 Mar 1700- )


3i) Jean (bap 5 Jan 1651- )


4i) Agnes (bap 29 Dec 1651- ); m.Francis Gordon


5i) Margaret (bap 8 Oct 1654- )


6i) Helen, d.9 Jan 1714; m.25 Apr 1694 Sir Robert Lander (d.Jun 1709)


7i) Mary; m.1680 John Forbes


8i) Isobel


9i) Marjory


10i) Janet (Inchdrewer 1668-Jul 1743); m.1694 John Leith, of Leith Hall (d.1727)


3h) Margaret; m.John Lyon


4h) Jean; m. ___ Gordon


5h) Mary; m.1st Walter Innes; m.2nd Alexander Sutherland


2g) Walter, d.by 14 Mar 1629


3g) Beatrix; m.Alexander Seton of Pitmedden


4g) Isabelle; m.James Ogilvy of Boyne


5g) Mary; m.1614 Ninian Dunbar


2f) George, of Carnousie [Carnowseis], d.ca 1625; m.1st Margaret Ogilvy (d.11 Dec 1599); m.2nd Barbara Fraser


[by 1st m.]:


1g) Sir George, of Carnousie, cr Baronet 1626, d.1668 or after; m.Jean Gordon; he is not known to have had issue; in the 1800s some Ogilvys claimed this baronetcy as well as the Barony of Banff, and possibly asserted a claim to the earldom of Findlater and barony of Ogilvy of Deskfird; possibly they descended from one of Sir George’s brothers, but the line has not been traced


2g) John; m.Jean Seton

3g) Thomas

4g) Elspeth; m.George Meldrum

5g) Helen; m.William Gray

[by 2nd m.]:

6g) Alexander; m.Marie, dau of James Ogilvy of Boyne

1h) James; m.Christian Stewart


3f) James, d.29 Jan 1617; m.Elspeth Abernethy


4f) Robert; m.Janet Baird


5f) Janet; m.William Forbes of Tolquhoun (d.1602)


6f) Elizabeth; m.1st Henry Urquhart of Cromarty; m.2nd William Leslie; m.3rd Thomas Menzies


2e) Walter, of Carnousie [Carnowseis]; m.Helen Stewart, dau of Lord Innermeath


1f) Margaret

2f) Helen


3e) John fl 1606

4e) Thomas

5e) James, d.by 1589; m.Agnes Gordon

6e) Magdalen; m.ca 1559 Alexander Fraser of Philorth

7e) Marie; m.William Abernethy

8e) a dau; m.Alexander Gordon of Cluny


5d) John


6d) Jonet; m.William Gordon, son of 2nd Earl of Huntly


7d) Elizabeth, d.Sep 1518; m.William Leslie of Balquhain


4b) David


5b) Alexander


6b) Patrick


7b) George


8b) Giles; m.Robert Arbuthnot of Arbuthnot


9b) Isabel, d.1484; m.1st Patrick Lyon, Lord Glamis (d.1459); m.2nd Gilbert Kennedy, Lord Kennedy (d.ca 1480?)


3a) John, of Inverquharity issue, Ogilvy of Inverquharity Baronets, for whom see Part 4







Part 2



Sir Patrick Ogilvy, of Inchmartin, 1652 suc his father-in-law as 2nd Earl of Findlater and 3rd Lord Ogilvy of Deskford, d.May 1659 (see Part 1, above); m.Lady Elizabeth Ogilvy (see Part 1, above)


1a) James, 3rd Earl of Findlater, d.1711; m.1st ca 1658 Lady Anne Seton, ne Montgomerie; m.2nd Oct 1703 Mary (d.by Aug 1705), dau of Duke of Hamilton, and widow of Sir James Livingston, Bt., and of Alexander Livingston, Earl of Calendar; issue by 1st m.:


1b) Walter, Lord Deskford (ca 1660- d.by Jun 1698)


2b) James, cr 1698 Viscount of Seafield and Lord Ogilvy of Cullen, cr 1701 Earl of Seafield, Viscount of Reidhaven and Lord Ogilvy of Deskford and Cullen, suc 1711 as 4th Earl of Findlater (11 Jul 1663-15 Aug 1730); m.1687 Anne Dunbar (1672-Cullen 14 Aug 1708); the new titles had an extended remainder to heirs male of his body and then to heirs of entail


1c) James, 5th Earl of Findlater and 2nd Earl of Seafield (ca 1689-Cullen House 9 Jul 1764); m.1st ca 1714 Lady Elizabeth Hay; m.2nd Dec 1723 Lady Sophia Hope (31 May 1702-London 25 Apr 1761)


1c) James, 6th Earl of Findlater and 3rd Earl of Seafield (ca 1714-suicide at Cullen House 3 Nov 1770); m.Huntingtower 9 Jun 1749 Lady Mary Murray (Huntingtower 3 Mar 1720-Banff Castle 29 Dec 1795)


1d) James, 7th Earl of Findlater and 4th Earl of Seafield (Huntingtower 10 Apr 1750-Dresden 5 Oct 1811); m.Brussels 1779 Christina Theresa Josepha Css Murray (d.London 24 May 1813); on his death the Findlater and Ogilvy of Deskford titles became dormant; the Seafield titles of 1698 and 1701 devolved on the grandsons of his aunt Margaret, Lady Grant


2d) John, d.1763


2c) Margaret, d.20 Feb 1757; m.31 Oct 1735 Sir Lodovic Grant, 7th Bt. (d.18 Mar 1773); her descendants succeeded as 5th and subsequent Earls of Seafield


3c) Anne, d.Hopetoun House 8 Feb 1759; m.Cullen House 14 Sep 1733 John Hope, 2nd Earl of Hopetoun (7 Sep 1704-12 Feb 1781)


2c) William (6 May 1699- d.young)


3c) George, d.Jan 1732


4c) Elizabeth, d.Bath 24 Sep 1778; m.1710 Charles Maitland, 6th Earl of Lauderdale (ca 1688-15 Jul 1744)


5c) Janet, d.25 Dec 1720; m.1st Hugh Forbes (dvpsp, son and heir of Sir William Forbes, 3rd Bt.); m.2nd 1719 William Duff of Braco [later, 1759, Earl of Fife] (1697-30 Sep 1763)


3b) Patrick, d.Inchmartin 20 Sep 1737; m.1st Elizabeth, Lady Abercrombie, ne Baird; m.2nd Elizabeth Montgomerie (d.29 Jun 1753); issue by 2nd m.:


1c) James (24 Jul 1709- )


2c) Francis (11 Sep 1710- )


3c) Patrick (24 Mar 1712- ); m.Mary Ogilvy


4b) Hew (bap 30 Jul 1668- )


5b) Mary


6b) Anne, d.27 Aug 1735; m.1692 George Allardice of that Ilk


2a) Elizabeth





Part 3



James Ogilvy, 7th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, cr 1639 Earl of Airlie and Lord Ogilvy of Alith and Lintrathen (1586-1664/5; see Part 1, above); m.1610 Lady Isabel Hamilton


1a) James, 2nd Earl of Airlie (ca 1615-1703); m.1st 1629 Hon. Helen Ogilvy (above); m.2nd 1668 Mary, Dowager Marchioness of Huntly, ne Grant; issue by 1st m.:


1b) James (bap 6 Aug 1633- d.young)


2b) David, 3rd Earl of Airlie, d.1717; m.1696 Lady Grizel Lyon


1c) James, Lord Ogilvy, d.Edinburgh 12 Jan 1731; m.6 Dec 1730 Anne Erskine (d.Edinburgh 27 Nov 1735); he was attainted in 1715, whereby he was unable to assume the peerage


2c) John (1699-Cortachy 24 Jul 1761); m.1722 Margaret Ogilvy (d.1767; see Part 1, above); at the time, he was considered to be 4th Earl of Airlie, his succession not being affected by his brother’s attainder; however, a subsequent ruling was to the effect that the attainder, because the attainted person survived the existing holder, did forfeit the peerage until it was restored in 1826 (though similar rulings in other cases seemed to reach a different result); his successors until 1826 generally used the title and were so regarded, but see notes for each


1d) David (Cortachy 16 Feb 1725-Cortachy 3 Mar 1803); m.1st Margaret Johnstone (30 Oct 1724-1757); m.2nd 1770 Anne Stewart (d.Airlie Lodge 27 Dec 1798); he himself was attainted in 1746, but received a pardon in 1783; he generally styled himself Lord Ogilvy until 1783 and Earl of Airlie from 1783; he had issue by 1st m.:


1e) Margaret (Boulogne 23 Jun 1748-Balindean 23 Mar 1775); m.25 Nov 1769 John Wedderburn (21 Feb 1729-13 Jun 1803), who would have been 6th Bt. but for an attainder


2e) David (4 Dec 1751-Kinnalty House 6 Apr 1812); per Cokayne, he was insane and never assumed the titles


3e) Joanna (Paris 1755/6-France 1826)


2d) Walter, of Clova (1733-Cortachy 10 Apr 1819); m.1st Margaret Fullarton (d.Balnaboth 3 Jun 1780); m.2nd Forfar 12 Nov 1780 Jean Ogilvy (d.Cortachy 11 Jun 1818); he was generally considered at the time to be Earl of Airlie; issue by 2nd m.:


1e) Margaret, d.Arbuthnott House 12 Dec 1870; m.Cortachy 15 Jun 1805 John Arbuthnott, 8th Viscount Arbuthnott (16 Jan 1778-10 Jan 1860)


2e) John, d.Berbice 1809


3e) Susan, d.2 May 1787


4e) David, restored 1826 as Earl of Airlie (16 Dec 1785-London 20 Aug 1849); m.1st 7 Oct 1812 Clementina Drummond (d.London 1 Sep 1835); m.2nd Edinburgh 15 Nov 1838 Margaret Bruce (d.Brighton 17 Jun 1845); the numbering of the Earls of Airlie is very much askew, due to the two attainders; for example, Burke’s 1959 and Scots Peerage call him 6th Earl of Airlie [counting John (1699-1761) as 4th Earl and Walter (1733-1819) as 5th Earl; Cokayne, and a Burke’s online edition ca 2002/7, call him 4th Earl of Airlie [counting him as the first earl since 1717]; the numbering used by Debrett’s 2011 edition makes him 9th Earl of Airlie [which counts all who had the right to the title (with or without attainders), even the attainted son of the 3rd Earl, who clearly could not hold the title]; for the purposes of this page, he will be called 4th Earl


1f) Jean Graham Drummond (27 Feb 1818-Arbuthnott House 4 Mar 1902); m.Cortachy 5 Jun 1837 John Arbuthnott, 9th Viscount Arbuthnott (4 Jun 1806-26 May 1891)


2f) Clementina Drummond (22 Jun 1819-16 Oct 1848); m.17 Jul 1838 James Rait


3f) Margaret Arbuthnott, d.an infant


4f) Walter (Paris 21 Sep 1823-Paris 27 Mar 1824)


5f) David Graham Drummond, 5th Earl of Airlie (London 4 May 1826-Denver, Colorado 25 Sep 1881); m.Alderley 23 Sep 1851 Hon.Henrietta Blanche Stanley (3 Jul 1830-5 Jan 1921)


1g) Henrietta Blanche (8 Nov 1852-23 Mar 1925); m.28 Sep 1873 Sir Henry Montague Hozier (20 Mar 1838-28 Feb 1907)


2g) Clementina Gertrude Helen (19 Jun 1854-30 Apr 1932); m.31 Dec 1874 Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford, Lord Redesdale (24 Feb 1837-17 Aug 1916)


3g) David William Stanley, 6th Earl of Airlie (20 Jan 1856-k.a.Pretoria 11 Jun 1900); m.19 Jan 1886 Lady Mabell Gore (d.7 Apr 1956)

1h) Kitty Edith Blanche (5 Feb 1887-17 Oct 1969); m.1st 18 Sep 1906 (div 1925) Brig-Gen Sir Berkeley Vincent; m.2nd 1 Jun 1926 Ralph Gerald Ritson (d.25 Oct 1966)


2h) Helen Alice Wyllington (21 Nov 1890-Dec 1973); m.1st 25 Nov 1909 Hon.Clement Bertram Ogilvy Freeman-Mitford (k.a.13 May 1915); m.2nd 11 Jul 1918 (div 1931) Henry Courtney Brocklehurst (k.a.in Burma 1942); m.3rd 21 Feb 1933 Harold Bligh Nutting (d.7 Jul 1954)


3h) Mabell Griselda Esther Sudley (22 Jan 1892-4 Nov 1918)


4h) David Lyulph Gore Wolseley, 7th Earl of Airlie (18 Jul 1893-28 Dec 1968); m.17 Jul 1917 Lady Alexandra Coke (d.6 Mar 1984)


1i) Jean (21 Sep 1918-23 Sep 2004); m.24 Jan 1942 Alexander David Frederick Lloyd, 2nd Lord Lloyd (1912-5 Nov 1985)


2i) Margaret (23 Jul 1920-22 Jan 2014); m.11 Jul 1946 Sir Iain Mark Tennant (11 Mar 1919-25 Sep 2006)


3i) Griselda (12 Jun 1924-1977); m.6 Nov 1948 (div 1968) Peter Edward Gerald Balfour (9 Jul 1921-19 Jul 2013)


4i) David George Patrick Coke, 8th Earl of Airlie (17 May 1926- ); m.23 Oct 1952 Virgina Fortune Ryan


1j) Doune Mabell, b.1953; m.16 Apr 1977 (div 1995) Hereward Charles Wake (b.22 Nov 1952)


2j) Jane Fortune Margaret, b.1955; m.30 Aug 1980 Franois Nairac


3j) David John, Lord Ogilvy, b.1958; m.1st 1981 (div 1990) Hon. Geraldine Harmsworth (1957- ); m.2nd 1991 Tarka Kings


1k) Augusta Amadeus Caroline, b.1981


2k) David Huxley, Master of Ogilvy, b.1991


3k) Joseph Skene, b.1995


4k) Michael Mir, b.1997


4j) Bruce Patrick Mark, b.1959


5j) Elizabeth Clementina, b.1965; m.Jonathan Patrick Fortune Baring (b.1965)


6j) Patrick Alexander, b.1971


5i) Sir Angus James Bruce (London 14 Sep 1928-London 26 Dec 2004); m.Westminster Abbey 24 Apr 1963 Pss Alexandra of Great Britain, etc (1936- )


1j) James (Thatched House Lodge, Richmond, 29 Feb 1964- ); m.Saffron Walden 30 Jul 1988 Julia Rawlinson (b.Cambridge 28 Oct 1964)


1k) Flora Alexandra, b.1994; m.2020 Timothy Vesterberg


2k) Alexander Charles, b.1996


2j) Marina (Thatched House Lodge 31 Jul 1966- ); m.Richmond Park, Surrey 2 Feb 1990 (div 1997) Paul Julian Mowatt (b.Hendon 28 Nov 1962)


6i) James Donald Diarmid (28 Jun 1934- ); m.1st 2 Jul 1959 (div) Magda Ducas; m.2nd 1980 Lady Caroline Child-Villiers issue


5h) Bruce Arthur Ashley (15 Mar 1895-29 Sep 1976); m.28 Apr 1931 Primrose O'Brien (d.9 Dec 1961)


6h) Patrick Julian Harry Stanley (26 Jun 1896-k.a.9 Oct 1917)


4g) Maude Josepha (16 Nov 1859-3 Apr 1933); m.12 Oct 1886 Theodore George William Whyte (7 Oct 1846-29 Mar 1903)


5g) Lyulph Gilchrist Stanley (Airlie Lodge, London 25 Jun 1861-Boulder, Colorado 4 Apr 1947); m.Loveland, Colorado 27 Aug 1902 Edith Gertrude Boothroyd (d.Denver, Colorado Apr 1908)


1h) Jack David Angus (La Salle, Colorado 18 Jun 1903-1993); m.1940 Dorothy Stanley


2h) Blanche Edith Maude (La Salle, Colorado 27 Sep 1905-26 Mar 1915)


6g) Griselda Johanna Helen (20 Dec 1865-12 Feb 1934); m.22 Dec 1897 James Cheape, of Strathtyrum and Lathockar (9 Oct 1853-21 Jul 1943)


6f) Maria Anne (23 Jul 1827- )


7f) Helen Susannah Catherine Gertrude (8 Nov 1831-26 Apr 1862); m.31 May 1859 George Augustus Pepper, later Pepper-Staveley, of Woldhurstlea (26 Apr 1823-23 Oct 1890)


8f) William Henry Bruce (26 Feb 1840-20 Apr 1912); m.4 Apr 1866 Sarah Boyder (d.19 Dec 1887)


9f) James Bruce (1 Dec 1841-15 May 1888)


10f) John Bruce (16 Jun 1845-17 Dec 1904)


11f) Donald Bruce (16 Jun 1845-16 Dec 1890)


5e) Anne (1788-Mar 1848)


6e) Jean, d.Cortachy 25 Nov 1807; Lodge says she was born 1786, though Lodge, Debrett’s 1828 and Scots Peerage all place her after Anne


7e) Donald, of Clova (bap 10 May 1780, per Burke’s, but b.May 1788 per Scots Peerage and b.27 May 1788 per History of Parliament; d.30 Dec 1863); m.8 Feb 1815 Maria Morley (d.9 Apr 1843)


1f) Jean (10 Nov 1815-24 Sep 1868); m.19 Dec 1839 Sir John Forster Fitzgerald (1784-24 Mar 1877), brother of the 1st and 2nd Fitzgerald Baronets


2f) Maria Dorothea, d.27 Jun 1895


3f) Harriet Anne Mary, d.22 Apr 1849; m.18 Sep 1844 Duncan Stewart Robertson (d.20 Oct 1856)


4f) Walter (20 Aug 1822-30 Apr 1894); m.1879 Ellen Smith


1g) Dorothea Sophia Elizabeth (15 Aug 1880- )


2g) Walter Donald Duncan (5 Nov 1883- )


5f) Donald (28 Jun 1824-19 Apr 1885); m.26 Sep 1867 Anne Sarah Ogilvy (d.8 Jun 1932)


6f) David (11 Apr 1826-20 Jul 1857)


7f) Julia Clementina (12 Dec 1829-12 Aug 1857); m.12 Jun 1855 Kenneth Bruce Stuart


8e) Charles, d.Balnaboth 28 Mar 1791


9e) Mary, d.1 Oct 1868


10e) William (bap 19 Sep 1793-10 Apr 1871)


12e) Helen (Balnaboth 12 Feb 1798-Rosebank 27 Apr 1868); m.30 Apr 1823 John Wedderburn (8 Jan 1798-2 Apr 1839), of the Baroets


3d) Elizabeth


4d) Helen; m.1730 Roger Robertson


3c) Helen, d.ca 1721


3b) Anne [Mary?]; m.1660 Sir John Wood, of Bonyngtoun, Bt. (ca 1638-Jan 1693)


4b) Margaret; m.1st Alexander Falconer, 2nd Lord Falconer of Halkerton (bap 17 Jun 1620-4 Mar 1684); m.2nd Patrick Lyall


5b) Marian; m.1st 1667 James Elphinstone, Lord Coupar (d.Jan 1669); m.2nd 31 Jul 1669 John Leslie, Lord Lindores (d.1706)


6b) Helen; m.3 Mar 1686 Sir John Gordon of Park, Bt. (d.Feb 1713)


7b) Elizabeth (bap Mar 1650- )


2a) Sir Thomas (23 Aug 1616-k.a. Inverlochy 2 Feb 1645); m.Lady Christian Kerr, ne Ruthven


1b) Christian; m.ca 1665 Sir James Ramsay of Bamff, 2nd Bt. (d.1730)


2b) Clara; m.1664 Robert Fletcher


3a) Sir David, of Clova; m.1667 Margaret, dau of John Hamilton, Lord Bargeny, and widow of John Kennedy of Culzean


1b) David, of Clova, d.1726


4a) Helen; m.1642 Sir John Carnegy of Balnamoon


5a) Margaret; m.1631 Patrick Urquhart of Meldrum


6a) Isabel (5 Apr 1618- )





Part 4: Ogilvy of Inverquharity



John Ogilvy, of Inverquharity (see above, Part 1), was ancestor of:


Sir John Ogilvy, of Inverquharity; m.1559 Helen, sister of 5th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie (above)


1a) Sir John, of Inverquharity; m.1580 Elizabeth Ogilvie


2a) James; m.NN


1b) Sir John, of Inverquharity, d.ca 1624; m.1586 Matilda Fothringham


1c) Sir John, of Inverquharity, cr Baronet [S] 1626, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, fl 1647, d.before 1663; m.1622 Anne Irvine, gdau of Robert Douglas, Earl of Buchan


1d) Alexander, executed 23 Oct 1646


2d) son, dvpsp


3d) Sir David, 2nd Bt. (ca 1630-d.by 1679); m.1662 Margaret, dau of Sir James Erskine of Dun


1e) Sir John, 3rd Bt., d.by 1735; m.1697 Margaret Ogilvy


1f) Sir John, 4th Bt., d.Feb 1748; m.1st 1720 Helen Mercer; m.2nd Anne Carnegie (d.1 Dec 1750)


[by 1st m.]:


1g) Sir John, 5th Bt. (ca 1732-15 Mar 1802); m.1754 Charlotte Tulliedeph; he sold Inverquharity in 1790, and the family thenceforward were of Baldovan


1h) Sir Walter, 6th Bt., d.21 Aug 1808


2h) Sir John, 7th Bt., d.1819


3h) David, k.a. Egypt 21 Mar 1801


4h) Sir William, 8th Bt. (ca 1765-1823); m.1802 Sarah Morley (d.26 May 1854)


1i) Sir John, 9th Bt. (17 Mar 1803-29 Mar 1890); m.1st 7 Jul 1831 Juliana Barbara Howard-Molyneux-Howard (31 Mar 1812-27 Dec 1833); m.2nd 5 Apr 1836 Lady Jane Elizabeth Howard (25 Jul 1809-28 Jul 1861)


[by 1st m.]:


1j) Sir Reginald Howard Alexander, 10th Bt. (29 May 1832-12 Mar 1910); m.27 Jul 1859 Hon. Olivia Barbara Kinnaird (d.6 Aug 1871)


1k) Angus Howard Reginald (12 Aug 1860-4 Jul 1906); m.15 Oct 1890 Isabel Louisa Nevill (29 Dec 1864-21 Dec 1963)


1l) Sir Gilchrist Nevill, 11th Bt. (6 Sep 1892-k.a.29 Oct 1914)


2l) Olivia Frances Isabel (6 Oct 1891-30 Sep 1955); m.21 Jan 1914 Gerald Robert Foster (d.9 Apr 1962)


2k) Sir Herbert Kinnaird, 12th Bt. (29 Jun 1865-1 Mar 1956); m.15 Dec 1904 Lady Christian Augusta Bruce; he had an adopted son, Henry Iain Ogilvy (23 Aug 1919-22 Sep 1940)


3k) Frederick Charles Ashley (9 Aug 1866-18 Dec 1909); m.1 Jun 1904 Gertrude Lilian Sherbrooke (d.13 Feb 1971), later wife of 9th Earl of Elgin and Kincardine


1l) Ann Howard (2 May 1905-20 Aug 1997); m.2 Jun 1932 John Gurney (d.Feb 2000)


4k) Gilbert Francis Molyneux (9 Apr 1868-17 Jun 1953); m.11 Jun 1912 Marjory Katharine Clive (d.28 Dec 1961)


1l) Sir David John Wilfrid, 13th Bt. (3 Feb 1914-1992); m.31 Dec 1966 Penelope Mary Ursula Hills


1m) Sir Francis Gilbert Arthur, 14th Bt. (22 Apr 1969- ); m.12 Oct 1996 Dorothy

Margaret Stein


1n) Robert David, b.8 Jul 1999


2n) Calum John, b.20013


3n) Hamish Walter, b.2003


2l) John Augustine (28 Aug 1915-1993); m.31 Jan 1942 Margaret Vivienne Lyndall Gregg (d.Aug 2001)


1m) Angus William (6 Mar 1945-1989); m.1st 7 Jun 1968 (div 1980) Sally Margaret Long; m.2nd 1980 Helen Massingham four sons


2m) Diana Lyndall (2 Dec 1946- )


3l) Katharine Olivia Mary (18 Dec 1916- ); m.26 Sep 1947 William Packe (d.19 Mar 2003)


4l) Margaret Clare (27 Mar 1919-1971); m.29 Jun 1950 [Hugh] Glencairn Balfour-Paul


5l) Hester Mary (9 Jun 1921- ); m.21 Dec 1951 David Scott of Glenaros (d.5 Mar 1996)


5k) Violet Olivia Juliana (22 Mar 1864-14 Oct 1941)


2j) Juliana, d.6 Jan 1917; m.27 Jul 1858 Sir Nelson Rycroft, 4th Bt. (11 Mar 1831-30 Mar 1894)


[by 2nd m.]:


3j) Henry Thomas, took surname NISBET HAMILTON OGILVY (3 May 1837-5 Dec 1909); m.11 Sep 1888 Mary Georgina Constance Hamilton (d.25 Jun 1920)


4j) Rev. Charles William Norman (6 Oct 1839-7 Jun 1903); m.2 Jun 1870 Hon. Emily Priscilla Maria Ponsonby (d.12 May 1926)


1k) Alice Jane Marion (17 Mar 1871-13 May 1926)


2k) Diana Maria Elizabeth (17 Mar 1871-26 Mar 1955)


5j) Fanny Henrietta


6j) Mary Margaret, d.17 Oct 1850


7j) Edith Isabel, d.8 Oct 1893


8j) Eveline Constance Maud, d.22 Feb 1898


2i) Walter (1804-21 May 1879); m.26 Sep 1861 Caroline Pretyman (d.14 Oct 1894)


3i) William, d.1837


4i) James Balfour, d.14 Jul 1848; m.1833 Anne Kinloch


1j) Arthur James (15 Apr 1834-30 Jun 1914); m.8 Aug 1861 Mary Camilla Letitia Needham (d.1891); to Tasmania


1k) Kenneth Arthur (17 Aug 1863-15 Aug 1943)


2k) Mary Louisa, d.17 Jun 1945


3k) Bertha Florence (18 Jul 1867-29 Mar 1947); m.Jan 1891 William Mosey (d.13 Nov 1926)


4k) Clara Camilla


2j) William Lewis Kinloch (30 Apr 1840-3 Feb 1900); m.22 Oct 1889 Lucy Wickham (d.15 Nov 1946)


1k) William Wickham (31 Jan 1896-d.23 Mar 1918 of wounds received in action)


2k) Charlotte Helen, d.198_; m.27 Apr 1926 Sir Edgar Bonham-Carter (d.24 Apr 1956)


3j) Anne


5i) David (22 Sep 1809-8 Oct 1876); m.17 Mar 1835 Caroline Helena Carter (d.7 Jan 1911)


6i) George Keith, d.20 Sep 1846


7i) Thomas (7 Nov 1810-16 Jun 1871); m.16 Apr 1846 Georgina Bosanquet (d.May 1884)


8i) Alexander Charles


9i) Charlotte, d.18 Jan 1897


5h) James, d.in the East Indies


6h) Alexander (17 Sep 1770-2 Nov 1846); m.2 Jan 1804 Marcia Anne Napier

(d.1 Apr 1861)


1i) David (9 Feb 1813-13 Oct 1879); m.6 Jul 1843 Eliza Ann Harris Dick


1j) Alexander William (9 Sep 1848-28 Aug 1887)


2j) Walter Tulliedeph (9 Aug 1852-13 Nov 1927); m.1st 1 Jun 1878 Eleanor May Edith Lumley Haworth (d.20 Apr 1902); m.2nd 1903 Einnefred Maskew (d.3 Mar 1909); m.3rd 1910 Christina McLeod (d.23 Dec 1955)


1k) Angus Edward (9 Mar 1880-15 Jun 1928); m.29 Mar 1910 Margaret Alice Stuart-Menteth (d.20 Sep 1956)


1l) Walter Tulliedeph (21 Feb 1911-1987); m.1st 11 Dec 1947 Christina Alexandrine Sutherland Polson (d.10 Nov 1949); m.2nd 30 Dec 1950 Audrey Kingsley Weeks (d.11 Jun 2020) 2 daus


2l) Angus Duncan (24 Oct 1920-19__)


3l) Margaret Alyson (19 Apr 1914-5 Oct 1914)


2k) David (14 Jul 1881-2 Jun 1949); m.10 Jul 1906 Vere Grace Fawcett (d.16 Jan 1966)


1l) Vere Edith (8 May 1912- ); m.17 May 1932 Charles Herbert Harberton Eales (k.on active service 1941)


3k) Walter Tulliedeph (6 Jan 1883-24 Jan 1912); m.8 Mar 1910 Nora Archdale (d.11 Aug 1958)


1l) Rev. Walter Tulliedeph (16 Jan 1912-k.a.25 Mar 1945)


2l) Mary Archdale (20 Dec 1910- ); m.30 Sep 1933 Bryan Stuart Potter (d.24 Jun 1989)


4k) Gilbert Mark Haworth (1887-10 Jun 1945); m.11 Jan 1915 Mildred Scott (d.13 Jan 1925)


1l) Mildred Cecil (1916- ); m.3 May 1944 Thomas Duerdin-Dutton


5k) [ex 1] Marcia Napier


6k) [ex 1] Hilda Edith


7k) dau (1909- )


8k) Earna (1909- ); m.1931 W J Forrester (d.1975)


3i) Angus (25 Jan 1855-8 Feb 1928); m.15 Nov 1886 Rosa Serena Dick (d.24 Jan 1923)

1j) Abercromby Graham (1 Oct 1889- ); m.17 Jan 1923 Sibyl Mary Green


1k) Bruce John (2 Nov 1923-1947)


2k) Barbara Elizabeth Graham (19 Apr 1928-1951)


2j) Agnes Isabel


4i) Marcia Napier; m.24 Sep 1874 Horace Bell


5i) Violet Isabel, d.6 Sep 1954; m.8 Dec 1879 Herbert Collingridge (d.1931)


2i) Charlotte, d.14 Apr 1883; m.1st 3 Jan 1833 William Macfarlane (d.1838); m.2nd 29 Dec 1842 Mark Napier (d.22 Nov 1869)


7h) Thomas, d.in India


8h) Ramsay, k.a. at taking of St Lucia


9h) Adam, d. in West Indies


10h) Mary Charlotte


2g) David, d.30 May 1781


3g) Thomas


[by 2nd m.]:


4g) Charles


5g) Anne; m.Rev. Charles Roberts


2e) Anne; m.James Carnegie, of Kinnoull (d.Dec 1693)


3e – 7e) three more sons, two more daus


4d) George


5d) Helen; m.Sir William Ogilvy of Barras, 2nd Bt. (bur 25 Jul 1707)


6d) Anna; m.David Ogilvy of Clova


2c – 5c) four daus


3a) Janet; m.Donald Farquharson


4a) Catherine; m.David Sibbald