Earls of Thomond; Barons Inchiquin





Part 1


Turlough O’Brien, Prince of Thomond, d.1528; m.1st Raghnailt Macnamara; m.2nd Shile (dsp 1490), dau of Dermod MacCarthy Reagh, Lord of Carbery; m.3rd Lady Ellen Butler, ne Fitzgerald


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Conor, Prince of Thomond, d.1539/40; m.1st Anabel de Burgh; m.2nd by 1517 Lady Ellice Fitzgerald


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Donogh, cr 1543 Baron of Ibrackan, suc his uncle in 1550 [under special remainder] as 2nd Earl of Thomond, for Life; he surrendered that title in 1552 and was then cr Earl of Thomond, with remainder to his own issue male; he d.1 Apr 1553; he m. by 1533 Lady Helen Butler (d.2 Jul 1597)


1c) Conor, 2nd Earl of Thomond (ca 1535-Jan 1581); m.1st ca 1559 Eveleen, ne Mac Carthy (d.1560), widow of 13th Earl of Desmond; m.2nd Ownye/Una O’Brien (d.1589)


1d) Donough, 3rd Earl of Thomond, d.5 Sep 1624; m.1st after Sep 1577 Hon. Any/Helen Roche (dspm 1583); m.2nd after 6 Nov 1585 Lady Elizabeth FitzGerald (d.12 Jan 1617)


1e) [ex 1] Margaret; m.ca 1590 Charles MacCarty, Viscount Muskerry (bur 27 May 1640)


2e) Henry, 4th Earl of Thomond (ca 1588-d.shortly before 22 Apr 1639); m.13 Jul 1608 Hon. Mary Brereton (bap 28 Dec 1580-Apr 1640)


1f) Mary, bur 31 May 1686; m.1st 24 Jun 1627 Charles Cokayne, Viscount Cullen (4 Jul 1602-bur 19 Jun 1661); m.2nd George Blount, of Sodington (d.May 1732)


2f) Margaret, d.1681; m.Aug 1639 Edward Somerset, 2nd Marquess of Worcester (d.3 Apr 1667)


3f) Elizabeth, d.1656/9; m.1st 21 Aug 1636 Dutton Gerard, 3rd Lord Gerard of King’s Bromley (4 Mar 1613-22 Apr 1640); m.2nd Philip Wenman, 3rd Viscount Wenman (17 Aug 1610-29 Apr 1686)


4f) Anne; m.her cousin 6th Earl of Thomond (below)


5f) Honora; m.1st 2 Mar 1657 Sir Francis Englefield, 3rd Bt. (d.May 1665); m.2nd Hon. Sir Robert Howard, of Vasterne (d.3 Sep 1698)


3e) Barnaby, 5th Earl of Thomond (ca 1590-bur 15 Nov 1657); he was cr 1645 Marquess of Billing, but the patent never passing the Seal he never assumed the title; m.17 Jul 1615 Mary, ne Fermor (bap 12 Mar 1592-bur 13 Apr 1675), widow of 8th Lord Crichton of Sanquhar


1f) Henry, 6th Earl of Thomond (ca 1620-2 May 1691); m.1st 1641 Lady Anne O’Brien (above); m.2nd 1660 Sarah, Lady Reynolds (bap 19 Sep 1639 [per Cokayne; 24 Aug 1639, per Burke’s]-bur 16 Nov 1715), dau of Sir Francis Russell, 2nd Bt.


[by 1st m.]:


1g) Henry, Lord Ibrackan [sometimes called Lord O'Brien], d.1 Sep 1678; m.1661 Lady Katherine Stuart, suo jure 7th Baroness Clifton (bap 5 Dec 1640-2 Nov 1702)


1h) Donogh, called Lord O'Brien (bap 16 Sep 1663-drowned 6 May 1682); m.26 May 1679 Lady Sophia Osborne (d.8 Dec 1746)


2h) George, dsp before his grandfather


3g) Mary (7 May 1662-24 Nov 1683); m.John Fitzgerald, 18th Earl of Kildare (1661-9 Nov 1707)


4f) Catherine, 8th Baroness Clifton (29 Jan 1673-11 Aug 1706); m.10 Jul 1688 Edward Hyde, 3rd Earl of Clarendon (28 Nov 1661-31 Mar 1723)


[by 2nd m.]:


2g) Henry Horatio, called Lord O'Brien (ca 1670-10 Jul 1690); m.24 Jun 1686 Lady Henrietta Somerset (d.10 Aug 1715)


1h) Henry, 7th Earl of Thomond, cr 1714 Viscount Tadcaster [GB] (14 Aug 1688-20 Apr 1741); m.14 Jun 1707 Lady Elizabeth Seymour (d.2 Apr 1734); his estates were inherited by his wife’s nephew, Percy Wyndham, later cr Earl of Thomond; the Thomond and Ibrackan titles would have devolved on his cousin, Charles O’Brien, who, being under the attainder of his grandfather, could not succeed (see below)


2h) Mary, d.30 Aug 1716


3g) Elizabeth, d.3 Jun 1688


4g) Auberie Anne Penelope, d.2 Dec 1703; m.6 Aug 1691 Henry Howard, Lord Howard de Walden, [later, 6th Earl of Suffolk (1670-19 Sep 1718)


5g) Mary, d.9 Nov 1735; m.Sir Matthew Dudley, 2nd Bt. (d.13 Apr 1721)


2f) Penelope; m.1644/5 Henry Mordaunt, 2nd Earl of Peterborough (bap 18 Oct 1623-19 Jun 1697)


2d) Teig, of Dromore and Bohneill, d.after 1641; m.1st Mrs Margaret Talbot, ne Talbot; m.2nd by 13 Aug 1599 Slany O'Brien (above); m.3rd Joan O’Shaughnessy


[by 1st m.]:

1e) Connor,dsp

2e) Donogh, dsp

3e) Margaret


[by 2nd m.]:

4e) Teig, dvpsp

5e) Dermot, of Bohneill, d.ca 1649; m.Una O'Brien


1f) Teig (1644-dsp after 1650)

2f) Donogh, dsp after 1664


6e) Murtough, dspm after 1664; m.Joan MacMahon


7e) Turlough, of Ballyslattery, d.1689; m.Margaret O'Brien (below)


1f) Connor, of Dromore, dsp 24 Feb 1707 drowned while crossing from England to Ireland

2f) Una


3d) Daniel, cr 1662 Viscount Clare [or O’Brien of Clare] and Baron Moyarta [I], d.ca 1666; m.soon after 1600 Lady Catherine Fiztgerald, widow of 6th Viscount Roche of Fermoy


1e) Connor, 2nd Viscount Clare (ca 1605-ca 1670); m.Honora O'Brien


1f) Daniel, 3rd Viscount Clare, d.ca 1691; he was outlawed and attainted 1691 and his titles forfeited; he m. Hon. Philadelphia Dacre (bap 29 Jan 1644- )


1g) Daniel [but for the attainder, 4th Viscount Clare, and was so called]; he was mortally wounded at Battle of Marsaglia 4 Oct 1693 and died soon thereafter


2g) Charles [but for the attainder, 5th Viscount Clare, and was so called], mortally wounded at Ramillies 1706, and d.23 May 1706; he m.9 Jan 1697 Charlotte Bulkeley, gdau of 1st Viscount Bulkeley


1h) Charles [but for the attainder, 6th Viscount Clare, and was so called, and also from 1741 8th Earl of Thomond, and he assumed that title] (bap 17 Mar 1699-9 Sep 1761); m.1755 Marie Genevive Louise Gauthier de Chiffreville (d.6 Apr 1763)


1i) Charles [but for the attainder, 9th Earl of Thomond and 5th Viscount Clare, and was so called] (1757-29 Dec 1774); on his death the Thomond, Ibrackan, Clare and Moyarta titles, still under attainder, became extinct


2i) Charlotte Antoinette Marie Septimanie (1 Feb 1759-4 May 1808); m.22 Aug 1775 Antoine de Choiseul, Duc de Praslin (6 Apr 1756-28 Jan 1808)


2f) Margaret; m.Hugh O'Reilly

3f) Ellen; m.Sir Roger O'Shaughnessy, of Gort

4f) Honora; m.John FitzGerald, 13th Knight of Kerry

5f) Catherine; m.1st Garrett FitzGerald, of Castle Ishen; m.2nd John MacNamara, of Moyriesk

6f) Sarah; m.Daniel O'Sullivan Beave

7f) Mary; m. ___ Power, of Dunhill


2e) Murrough; m.Eleanor Wingfield


1f) Honora


3e) Teig; m.Honora FitzGerald


1f) Donogh, fl 1694


4e) Margaret


4d) Mary; m.Turlough Roe MacMahon, of Clonderalaw


5d) Margaret; m.James Butler, 2nd Lord Dunboyne (d.8 Feb 1625)


6d) Honora, d.1600; m.ca 1594 Thomas Fitzmaurice, 17th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw (1574-3 Jun 1630)


2c) Turlough, of Fomerla; m.1st Honora O'Shaughnessy; m.2nd ___ O’Mulrian


1d) [ex 1] Any; m.Thomas Power, of Coolfin

2d) Murrough, d.after 1605

3d) Connor, d.after 1605


3c) Teig, dspl 1567; m.after 1565 his cousin Mre O'Brien


4c) Margaret, d.1568; m.1st by 1550 her cousin 2nd Lord Inchiquin (below); m.2nd 1553 Richard Bourke, 2nd Earl of Clanricarde (d.24 Jul 1582)


5c) Honora, d.1579; m.1st ___ MacNamara; m.2nd (div) Donogh O'Brien, of Lemenagh


6c) Mre, d.after 1609; m.1st ___ O'Shaughnessy; m.2nd Donal Reagh MacNamara Reagh


7c) Mary; m. Hon. Theobald Bourke (k.vp 19 Aug 1578)


2b) Sir Donal, d.10 Oct 1579; claiming his rights under traditional succession law he claimed to be Earl of Thomond and head of O’Brien family, but was eventually defeated; he m.1st ___ Macnamara; m.2nd Slany, ne O’Brien (below), widow of 11th Lord Kerry


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Teig, dvpsp 1559


2c) Honora, d.1558; m.Connor O'Connor Kerry, of Carrigafoyle


3c) Mre, d.1599; m.1st Mahon McTurlough Mantagh O'Brien, of Aran (d.1565); m.2nd Teig O'Brien (above)


[by 2nd m.]:


4c) Sir Turlough, of Duagh and Ballinalackan (ca 1546-1 Aug 1623); m.1st Anabel Lynch; m.2nd (div) Hon.Slany O’Brien (below); m.3rd Joan Bourke


[by 1st m.]:

1d) Teig, dvpsp; m. ca 1595 Margaret Burke

2d) Donal, of Duagh; m.Ellen FitzGerald, dauof the Knight of Glin O'Briens of Duagh, later of Ennistymon, of Glencolumkill

3d) Donogh, of Newtown; m.Mary Burke issue

4d) Slany; m.1st Connor McDonogh O'Brien, of Lemenagh; m.2nd William Lynch, of Aquirk; m.3rd Donel O'Dowd, of Ardnaglass

5d) Mre; m.Murrough O'Brien, of Ballycorick

[by 3rd m.]:

6d) Mary; m.Donal O'Brien


3c) Murtough, of Tullagh, d.31 Aug 1593; m.Mary French issue

4c) Connor, of Inchovea; m. ___ MacMahon issue

5c) Donogh, dvpsp after 1567

6c) Margaret; m.Donal O'Sullivan Beave

7c) Sawney; m.Teig Caoch MacMahon, of Carrigaholt

8c) Finola [or Penelope]; m.1st (repudiated by him 1580) Thomas Fitzmaurice, 15th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw; m.2nd Owney O'Loughlin

9c) Aine, d.1591; m. Turlough Roe MacMahon, of Clonderalaw


3b) Margaret; m.1st Fearganainm O'Carroll, Lord or Chief of Ely; m.2nd Owney O'Loughlin, Chief of Burren; m.3rd ___ Bourke


4b) Slany; m.Sir Donogh O'Grady, of Tomgraney


5b) Mre; m.Mahon McBrien O'Brien, of Castletown


[by 2nd m.]:


6b) Sir Turlough, dspm 1557


7b) Teig, of Ballycorick, d.1583 O'Briens of Ballycorick


8b) Murrough, of Caherminnaun, d.25 Feb 1591 O’Briens of Caherminnaun


9b) Murtough, of Dromline, d.1593




2a) Donogh, d.1531 issue, O'Briens of Ballyportry and of Binral


3a) Murrough, cr 1543 Earl of Thomond [I], for Life, with special remainder to his nephew Donogh O’Brien [Above], also for Life; he was on the same date cr Baron of Inchiquin [I]. with remainder to his own issue male; he d.shortly before 28 Oct 1551; he m.Eleanor Fitzgerald, dau of the Knight of Glin


1b) Dermod, 2nd Lord [or Baron of] Inchiquin, d.1557 [per Cokaye; Burke’s says 31 Jan 1552]; m.before 1550 his cousin Lady Margaret O’Brien (above)


1c) Murrough Macdermot, 3rd Lord Inchiquin (1550- k.20 Apr 1573 by Dermot Reagh O'Shaughnessy at the instigation of 3rd Earl of Clanricarde); m.Margaret Cusack


1d) Murrough, 4th Lord Inchiquin (ca 1561/2-k.a. Erne 29 Jul 1597); m. Hon. Annabel/Mabel Nugent


1e) Dermod, 5th Lord Inchiquin (Oct 1594-29 Dec 1624); m.by 1614 Ellen FitzGerald


1f) Murrough, 6th Lord Inchiquin, cr 1654 Earl of Inchiquin and Baron O’Brien of Burren [I] (ca 1614-9 Sep 1674); m.ca 1 Oct 1635 Elizabeth St.Leger (d.22 May 1685)


1g) William, 2nd Earl of Inchiquin (ca 1640-Jan 1692); m.1st 1665 Lady Margaret Boyle (bur 27 Dec 1683); m.2nd Elizabeth (bap 25 Mar 1651-3 Feb 1718), dau of 6th Lord Chandos, and widow of 3rd Lord Herbert of Chirbury, and later wife of 4th Lord Howard of Escrick


1h) William, 3rd Earl of Inchiquin (ca 1666-24 Dec 1719); m.1st Margaret O’Brien (dsp 1688); m.2nd Apr 1691 Mary Villiers (d.17 Apr 1753)


1i) William, 4th Earl of Inchiquin (ca 1700-18 Jul 1777) m.1st 29 Mar 1720 Anne Hamilton, 1737 2nd Countess of Orkney (d.7 Dec 1756); m.2nd 12 Oct 1761 Hon. Mary Moore (11 Nov 1731-ca 1793)


1j) Mary, 3rd Countess of Orkney (ca 1721-10 May 1790); m.5 Mar 1753 the 5th Earl of Inchiquin [later, Marquess of Thomond] (below)


2j) Anne (11 Jun 1721-19 May 1808); her DOB s per sources but seems to conflict with that of her sister


3j) William, Lord O’Brien (1725-4 Apr 1727)


4j) George, Lord O’Brien (8 Aug 1727-26 Apr 1728)


5j) Frances (2 Dec 1728-17 Aug 1740)


6j) Elizabeth (8 Nov 1729-15 Dec 1741)


7j) Augustus, Lord O’Brien, d.young


8j) Murrough, Viscount Kirkwall (Nov 1731-20 Sep 1741)


2i) Charles, dsp


3i) James, d.17 Dec 1771; m.Mary Jephson


1j) Murrough, 5th Earl of Inchiquin, cr 1800 Marquess of Thomond [I]. with remainder to his issue male and then to his brothers and theirs; cr 1801 Baron Thomond of Taplow [UK] (1726-10 Feb 1808); m.1st 5 Mar 1753 Mary O’Brien, 3rd Css of Orkney (above); m.2nd 25 Jul 1792 Mary Palmer (d.7 Sep 1820)


1k) Mary, 4th Countess of Orkney (4 Sep 1755-30 Dec 1831); m.21 Dec 1777 Hon. Thomas Fitzmaurice (Jul 1742-28 Oct 1793); the Orkney title descended to her issue


2j) John


3j) Edward, d.Mar 1801; m.Mary Carrick


1k) Murrough


2k) William, 2nd Marquess of Thomond and 6th Earl of Inchiquin, cr 1826 Baron Tadcaster of Tadcaster [UK] (ca 1765-21 Aug 1846); m.16 Sep 1799 Elizabeth Trotter (d.3 Mar 1852)


1l) Susan Maria, d.25 Mar 1857; m.12 Aug 1824 Hon. George Frederick Hotham (20 Oct 1799-19 Oct 1856)


2l) Sara, d.9 Feb 1859; m.3 Apr 1830 William Stanhope Taylor, gson 3rd Earl Stanhope


3l) Mary, d.13 Jul 1853; m.11 Oct 1836 Richard White, 2nd Earl of Bantry (16 Nov 1800-16 Jul 1868)


4l) Elizabeth, d.9 May 1870; m.22 Dec 1835 Sir George Stucley Stucley, Bt. (17 Aug 1812-13 Mar 1900)


3k) James, 3rd Marquess of Thomond and 7th Earl of Inchiquin (ca 1768-3 Jul 1855); m.1st 25 Nov 1800 Eliza Bridgeman Willyams (d.14 Feb 1802); m.2nd Mrs Jane Horsford, ne Ottley (d.8 Sep 1843); m.3rd 5 Jan 1847 Mrs Anne Fane, ne Flint (d.22 Oct 1874)


4k) Edward, d.9 Mar 1824; m.1st 1805 Diana Hotham (dsp 26 Nov 1810); m.2nd 11 Apr 1815 Gertrude Grace Methuen (d.1 May 1817), sister of [1838] Lord Methuen; m.3rd 16 Apr 1822 Lady Elizabeth Susan Somerset (23 Jun 1798-16 Apr 1876)


1l) Gertrude Matilda (31 Jul 1816 [per 1828 Dewbrett’s; Lodge 1861 says 31 Jan 1816]-17 Dec 1869); m.17 Jun 1840 Rev. Thomas Plumptre Methuen


2l) Mary Catherine (16 Apr 1817-10 May 1885); m.20 Jan 1842 Rev. John Hamilton Forsyth


3l) Henry William (28 Dec 1822-d.young)


5k) John, dsp


6k) Murrough


7k) Mary, d.23 Jan 1840; m.1st 2 Feb 1780 Sir Richard Eyre Cox, 4th Bt. (ca 1765-6 Sep 1783); m.2nd Rt. Hon. William Saurin


8k) Harriet, d.1 May 1851; m.Sir Joseph Wallis Hoare, 3rd Bt. (9 Mar 1775-26 Nov 1852)


4j) Anne, d.19 Jan 1745; m.23 Mar 1744 Most Rev. Michael Cox, Archbishop of Cashel (2 Nov 1689-28 May 1779)


5j) Henrietta, d.17 Nov 1797; m.1st Terence O'Loughlen; m.2nd 5 Oct 1769 Sir William Vigors Burdett, 2nd Bt. (8 Jun 1715-17 Dec 1798)


4i) Henrietta, d.1730; m.22 Aug 1717 Robert Sandford, of Castlerea


5i) Mary (12 Feb 1692-10 Feb 1780); m.7 Mar 1709 Robert Fitzgerald, 19th Earl of Kildare (4 May 1675-20 Feb 1744)


2h – 3h) two sons, d.young

4h) Margaret


2g) Charles, k.a. at sea Siege of Maastricht


3g) John, of Inchiquin, dsp ca 1699; m.Honora Geoghegan


4g) Elizabeth, d.Sep 1688; m.1st Richard Southwell (dvp Feb 1680), eldest son of Sir Thomas Southwell, Bt.; m.2nd John MacNamara, of Cratloe


5g) Honora; m.Theobald Bourke, 3rd Lord Bourke, Baron of Brittas (d.1705/6)


6g) Mary; m.1st Hon. Henry Boyle (d.1693); m.2nd Sir Thomas Dilkes; m.3rd John Irwin


2f) Henry, dsp 1645


3f) Christopher, of Ennistymon, dsp ca 1662; m. Mrs Honora Clancy, ne MacMahon


4f) Honora; m.Anthony Stoughton, of Rattoo


5f) Mary; m. Most Rev. Michael Boyle, Archbishop of Armagh (ca 1609-10 Dec 1702)


2d) Slany fl 30 Oct 1640; m.1st (div) Sir Turlough O'Brien (above); m.2nd Murtough O'Brien, of Arra, Bp of Killaloe; m.3rd William Dungan


2b) Teige McMurrough, of Smithstown, d.12 Dec 1577; m.Mre O’Brien (d.1599)


1c) Turlough, of Smithstown (1571-12 Jul 1584)


2c) Honora (1571-d.after Jan 1657); m.Richard Wingfield, of Robertstown


3c) Slany (1575- ); m.her cousin Hon. Teige O’Brien (above)


4c) Aine/Amy (1578-2 Sep 1606); m.after 13 Aug 1600 Donogh McMahon O'Brien, of Cloonooaun (d.in exile in Spain 20 Mar 1612)


3b) Donogh McMurrough, of Lemenagh and Dromoland, executed 6 Sep 1581; m.1st (div) Lady Honora O’Brien (above); m.2nd Slany MacNamara Finn


1c) Connor McDonogh, of Lemenagh, d.2 Jan 1604; m.Slany O’Brien


1d) Donogh, of Lemenagh (1595-10 Jan 1635); m.Honora Wingfield


1e) Connor McDonogh, of Lemenagh (1617-1651); m. Mrs Mary Rua Neylan, ne MacMahon


1f) Sir Donough, of Leminnegh, and of Dromoland, cr Baronet [I] 1686 (1642-17 Nov 1717); m.1st 1674 Lucia (d.1676), dau of Sir George Hamilton, Bt.; m.2nd 1677 Mrs Elizabeth Grey, ne Deane (d.16 Feb 1684); for his issue see Part 2, below


2f) Teig


1g) Connor (fl 1689)

2g) Donogh (fl 1689)


3f) Honora; m.Donogh O'Brien, of Ballynalacken

4f) Mary; m.Donogh McNamara

5f) Slany


2e) Dermod

3e) Teig

4e) Turlough

5e) Murrough; m.Aine O'Brien

1f) Teig/Timothy, of Smithstown; m.Joan Cuffe

6e) Donogh

7e) Margaret; m.Turlough O'Brien, of Ballyslattery

8e) Mary fl 1650


2c) Margaret; m.Brian Duff O'Brien, of Carrigogunnell


4b) Honora; m.Sir Rory O'Shaughnessy


5b) Aine; m.1st William O'Kelly, of Mullaghmore (d.1542); m.2nd John Burke fitz Thomas, of Derrymaclaughna


6b) Margaret (ca 1535- fl 1616 ); m.1st (div) Richard Bourke, 2nd Earl of Clanricarde (d.24 Jul 1582); m.2nd ___ MacNamara; m.3rd Ross O'Loughlen


7b) Slany, d.1569; m.1st Patrick Fitzmaurice, 11th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw (d.1547); m.2nd Sir Donal O'Brien, of Duagh


8b) Ranelt, mistress of Turlough O'Brien, Bp of Killaloe


9b) dau; m.Connor Crne O'Brien, of Shallee and Tobermaly


4a) Teig, dsp, k. by 8th Earl of Ormonde

5a) Dermod

6a) Mre, d.1527; m.Donogh McMahon O'Brien

7a) Ranelt


[by 3rd m.]:


8a) Margaret; m.1st Mulrony McShane O'Carroll, Lord or Chief of Ely; m.2nd Connor Carrach O'Connor

9a) Any; m.Cuvea MacNamara

10a) Honora; m.John Burke, of Benmore

11a) Slany, d.1579; m.Brian MacMahon, of Carrigaholt






Part 2


Sir Donough O'Brien, of Leminnegh, and of Dromoland, cr Baronet [I] 1686 (1642-17 Nov 1717; see Part 1, above); m.1st 1674 Lucia (d.1676), dau of Sir George Hamilton, Bt.; m.2nd 1677 Mrs Elizabeth Grey, ne Deane (d.16 Feb 1684)


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Lucius, d.6 Jan 1717; m.1701 Catherine Keightley, maternal gdau of Earl of Clarendon


1b) Sir Edward, 2nd Bt. (7 Apr 1705-26 Nov 1765); m.ca 1730 Mary Hickman (d.20 Feb 1760)


1c) Sir Lucius Henry, 3rd Bt. (2 Sep 1731-15 Jan 1795); m.26 May 1768 Anne Ffrench


1d) Sir Edward, 4th Bt. (17 Apr 177313 Mar 1837); m.12 Nov 1799 Charlotte Smith (d.28 Sep 1856)


1e) Sir Lucius, 5th Bt., suc a cousin 1855 [recognized by House of Lords 1862] as 13th Lord Inchiquin (5 Dec 1800-22 Mar 1872); m.1st 21 Feb 1837 Mary FitzGerald (d.26 May 1852); m.2nd 25 Oct 1854 Louisa Finucane (d.13 Feb 1904)


[by 1st m.]:


1f) Juliana Cecilia (5 Mar 1838-26 Aug 1925); m.30 Jul 1858 William Edward Armstrong MacDonnell (d.14 Nov 1883)


2f) Edward Donough, 14th Lord Inchiquin (14 May 1839-9 Apr 1900); m.1st 21 Aug 1862 Hon. Emily Holmes Court (d.3 Jan 1868); m.2nd 29 Jan 1874 Hon. Ellen White (d.2 Mar 1913)


1g) Geraldine Mary (16 Jun 1863-3 Feb 1951); m.1st 8 Jun 1886 Thomas George Stacpoole Mahon, of Corbally (d.10 Oct 1906); m.2nd 21 Oct 1908 John Blood, of Ballykilty (d.25 Aug 1912)


2g) Lucius William, 15th Lord Inchiquin (21 Jun 1864-9 Dec 1929); m.14 Jan 1896 Ethel Jane Foster (d.5 Jun 1940)


1h) Donough Edward Foster, 16th Lord Inchiquin (5 Jan 1897-19 Oct 1968); m.13 Dec 1921 Hon. Anne Molyneux Thesiger (d.10 Aug 1973)


1i) Deirdre Jane Frances (6 Nov 1924- ); m.23 Apr 1954 Horace Beecher Chapin (d.19 Feb 1992)


2i) Grania Rachel (31 May 1928- ); m.17 Jul 1973 Hugh William Lindsay Weir


2h) Phaedrig Lucius Ambrose, 17th Lord Inchiquin (4 Apr 1900-1982); m.19 Feb 1945 Vera Maud Winter


3h) Fionn Myles Maryons (28 Oct 1903-2 Aug 1977); m.21 Jun 1939 Josephine Reine Bembaron (d.27 Oct 2011)


1i) Conor Myles John, 18th Lord Inchiquin (17 Jul 1943- ); m.1988 Helen O'Farrell


1j) Slaney Alexandra Anne (1989- )


2j) Lucia Josephine Mary (1991- )


2i) Fiona Jane (23 Jul 1941- ); m.24 Apr 1965 Romano Louis Marie Joseph Ghislain Obert de Thieusies


4h) Katharine Beryl (19 Apr 1898- ); m.9 Apr 1929 John Francis Patrick Gallagher (d.22 Aug 1955)


5h) Griselda Etheldreda Clodagh (19 Oct 1906- ); m.14 Mar 1953 David Clifford Christopherson


6h) [Finola] Helga Laetitia Monica (22 Sep 1910-14 Jun 1975); m.7 Sep 1968 Howell Effingham Davis (d.1 Apr 1974)


3g) Murrough (8 Nov 1866-6 Sep 1934); m.21 Nov 1906 Marguerite Lewis (d.6 Nov 1958)


1h) Murrough Richard (25 May 1910-2000); m.1st 3 Jun 1942 (div 1951) Irene Clarice, ne Richards, formerly wife of 10th Marquess of Queensberry and of Sir James Hamet Dunn, Bt.; m.2nd 11 Feb 1952 Mrs Joan Barnato, ne Jenkinson (d.28 Dec 2004)


1i) Conor John Anthony (1952- ); m.1982 Vivian Rouse


1j) Fionn Murrough (1987- )


2j) Slaney Victoria (1989- )


2i) Melissa Jane (1956- ); m.1st 1979 Nicholas Simunek; m.2nd Jorge de Paiva Raposo


2h) Edward Cecil (6 Apr 1915-21 Jan 2009); m.1st 30 Aug 1943 (div 1968) Elizabeth Margaret Acland (d.18 Sep 1998); m.2nd 1991 Phyllis Elsie Margaret Heber-Jones 2 daus


4g) Edward Donough (28 Dec 1867-27 Dec 1943); m.4 Apr 1899 Lady Beatrice Mary Hare (1870-1960)


1h) Terence (20 Feb 1900-19 Feb 1970); m.1st 25 Jul 1928 (div 1946) Irene Harle; m.2nd 5 Apr 1947 Marjorie Day


2h) Enid Moira (4 Feb 1903- ); m.1st 2 May 1928 (div 1940) Rowland Frank Taaffe Finn; m.2nd 1 Mar 1941 Walter William Wilkinson


5g) Donough (29 Aug 1870-23 Sep 1953); m.1st 21 Jan 1914 Patricia Alice Fedora Dowdeswell (d.15 Oct 1926); m.2nd 1 Oct 1928 Rose Ades (d.7 Jun 1978)


6g) Clare (17 Jan 1875-21 Sep 1950); m.26 Jul 1904 Noel Armar Lowry-Corry


7g) Moira (13 Apr 1876-20 Nov 1957); m.1st 24 Jul 1901 (div 1912) Sir Frederick Edward William Hervey-Bathurst, 5th Bt.; m.2nd 19 Sep 1918 George Russell Peckham (d.Jan 1961)


8g) Eileen (7 Jul 1877-4 Mar 1967)


9g) Maud (19 Sep 1878-8 Nov 1956)


10g) Beatrice (23 Dec 1882-10 Oct 1976); m.1st 16 Mar 1905 (div 1924) Senatore Guglielmo Marconi (d.20 Jul 1937); m.2nd 3 Mar 1924 Liborio Marignoli (d.24 Jan 1948)


11g) Lilah (18 Oct 1884- ); m.1st 12 Sep 1914 Hon. Coulson Churchill Fellowes; m.2nd 6 Mar 1925 Nobile Riccardo Assanti (d.Feb 1957)


12g) Henry Barnaby (9 Jan 1887-7 Jan 1969); m.1st 23 Apr 1925 Lady Helen Baillie-Hamilton (d.17 Sep 1959); m.2nd 16 Nov 1964 Mrs Edith Lawrie Steele (d.7 Nov 1996)


1h) Desmond Barnaby (27 Aug 1926-1969); m.3 Feb 1955 Cherry Angela Mary Seely (d.1992) 2 daus


2h) Michael George (22 Dec 1928-2008); m.23 Apr 1955 Susan Mary Matilda Speir 2 sons, 2 daus


13g) Doreen (4 Mar 1888-10 Jun 1960); m.21 Dec 1907 (div 1927) Hon. Richard Coke (20 Aug 1876-14 Jun 1964)


14g) Desmond (14 May 1895-k.a.1915)


3f) Charlotte Anne (28 Dec 1840-31 Jan 1918); m.23 May 1866 Rev. George Stopford Ram (d.19 Nov 1889)


4f) Mary Grace (9 Aug 1842-28 Jun 1912); m.23 Apr 1874 Abel John Ram (d.8 Aug 1920)


5f) Ellen Geraldine (6 Mar 1844-13 Apr 1860)


6f) Augusta Louisa Jane (25 Apr 1848-15 Jan 1861)


[by 2nd m.]:


7f) Anastasia Kathleen Lucia (20 Jan 1856-1 Apr 1938); m.23 Oct 1879 Charles Arthur Madan Warde (d.21 Apr 1912)


8f) Lucius Murrough (2 Aug 1857-16 Feb 1939); m.19 Sep 1907 Mrs Rose Elizabeth MacNeill, ne Somers (d.30 Jul 1926)


9f) Nora Louisa Jane (13 May 1859-26 Jun 1927); m.17 Jul 1895 Richard Hugo Douglass (d.28 Mar 1939)


10f) Blanche Louisa (12 Jul 1860-19 Jan 1945); m.23 Jul 1896 Rev. Paget Lambart Bayly


11f) Alicia Amabel (12 Jul 1860-28 Jul 1939)


12f) Louisa Anna Maria (20 Apr 1863-28 Jan 1940)


12f) William Henry Ernest Robert Turlough (20 Apr 1863-7 Nov 1943); m.1 Jun 1901 [Henrietta] Ethne Browne (d.18 Dec 1950)


1g) [Ethne] Lucia (27 Jun 1902-1989); m.14 Dec 1932 Valentine Brice Jephson Jackson (d.7 Jul 1976)


2g) Turlough George Henry (11 Dec 1907-30 Nov 1976); m.1 Apr 1939 (div 1966) Catherine Senter 1 son, 1 dau


2e) William Smith, of Cahirmoyle (17 Oct 1803-18 Jan 1864); m.19 Sep 1832 Lucy Caroline Gabbett (d.13 Jun 1861)


1f) Edward William, of Cahirmoyle (24 Jan 1837-21 Jan 1909); m.1st 8 Sep 1863 Mary Spring Rice (23 Sep 1842-25 Apr 1868); m.2nd 31 Jan 1880 Julia Mary Marshall (d.2 Mar 1907)


[by 1st m.]:


1g) William Dermod (10 Jun 1865-5 Oct 1945); m.8 Mar 1902 Mabel Emmeline Smyly (d.8 Dec 1942)


1h) Brendan Edward (11 Jan 1903-1984); m.10 Oct 1936 Pamela Kathleen Helen Wilmer (d.1982) 2 sons


2h) David Lucius (6 Aug 1904-1988); m.1st 7 Oct 1929 (div 1946) Mary Katherine Drummond (d.1987), dau of Sir Arthur Herbert Drummond Steel-Maitland, Bt.; m.2nd 1954 Shirley Hurford 3 sons, 1 dau


3h) Mary Elinor (1 Feb 1907- ); m.3 Jan 1934 Bruce Martin Flegg


4h) Rosaleen Brigid (29 Jan 1909-25 Mar 2002); m.19 May 1936 Andrew Ganly (d.1982)


5h) [Horace] Donough (24 Jun 1911- ); m.1st 23 Jul 1941 (div 1949) Pamela Charlotte Goodbody; m.2nd 25 Nov 1950 Lucy Ann Stafford-O'Brien 3 sons, 1 dau


2g) Ellen Lucy, d.2 Apr 1925


3g) Lucy Mary, d.23 Apr 1926; m.24 Jan 1894 Arthur Beresford Cane (d.21 Dec 1939)


[by 2nd m.]:


4g)Edward Conor Marshall (3 Nov 1880-1952) m.10 Oct 1928 Katharine Frances Clausen (d.27 Jul 1936)


5g) Aubrey Ulick Marshall (7 Jun 1882-k.a.1 Nov 1914)


6g) Katharine Jenny, d.13 Jan 1951


7g) Margaret Ernestine, d.1968; m.20 Jul 1915 Hugh Murrough Vere O'Brien


2f) William Joseph (21 Feb 1839-8 Apr 1867)


3f) Lucy Josephine (22 Jul 1840-3 Apr 1907); m.26 Jun 1862 Very Rev. John Gwynn, Dean of Derry


4f) Very Rev. Lucius Henry, Dean of Limerick (13 Aug 1842-25 Sep 1913); m.30 May 1872 Emily Mary Hannah Montgomery (d.3 Jun 1942)


1g) Donough Richard (6 Jan 1876-2 Jul 1938); m.26 Mar 1914 Cicely Maud Carus-Wilson (d.1981)


1h) Lucia Elizabeth (12 Mar 1915-21 Jan 1918)


2h) Patricia Cicely (17 Mar 1918-19 Jan 1991); m.14 Sep 1939 Rev. John Godwin Benson


3h) Oona Charlotte (14 Sep 1919-27 Sep 1932)


4h) Geraldine Mary (27 Feb 1922- ); m.25 Sep 1948 David Coote Hely-Hutchinson (5 Nov 1918-26 Apr 1994)


2g) Charles Murrough (3 Aug 1877-1939); m.1903 Agnes Purdom Wilson (d.1970)


1h) Lucius James (1904-1991); m.1932 Evelyn Storey


2h) Donough Robert (1910-1991); m.1940 Rita Denny Musson 1 son, 1 dau


3h) Eileen Moira Agnes (1912- ); m.1939 Dan Stephenson Heelas (d.1985)


3g) William Lucius Robert (28 Jan 1889- ); m.1st 7 May 1913 Jean Graham Pollok (d.31 Aug 1946); m.2nd 1957 Mrs Violet Fairbrother Mayer


1h) Mary Lockhart (10 Feb 1914- )


2h) Eileen Graham (10 Dec 1915- ); m.3 Aug 1940 [Robert] David Eastham


4g) Lucy Mabel, d.16 Jun 1957; m.9 Dec 1902 Francis Carmichael Purser (d.28 Feb 1934)


5g) Eileen


6g) Honor Alice, d.14 Jul 1947; m.1909 Walter McClellan Crosbie (d.2 Apr 1951)


7g) Charlotte Grace; m.31 Jul 1912 John Charles Metge


5f) Robert Donough (25 Nov 1844- )


6f) Charlotte Grace (25 Sep 1846-3 Jun 1909)


7f) Charles Murrough (24 Jan 1849-13 Jan 1877); m.27 Jul 1871 Mary Watt (d.19 Mar 1941)


1g) Brian (12 Jul 1872-29 Oct 1915); m.1903 Mary Henrietta Hime (d.Nov 1968)


1h) Charles Murrough (7 Dec 1903-2000); m.2 Oct 1930 Elizabeth Joyce Peacocke (d.1988) 2 sons


2h) Mary Grainne (Jan 1905- ); m.1935 Ian Galbraith Robson (d.1977)


3h) Brian (Mar 1908-Nov 1968); m.1 Dec 1938 Dorothea Simms (d.1980) 2 sons, 2 daus


2g) Aline Mary, d.1945; m.1898 George Murray Knox, later Knox-Peebles (d.1926)


3g) Lucy Grace, d.1954; m.1897 Sam Wright Knox (d.23 Aug 1929)


3e) Edward (6 Dec 1806-19 May 1840); m.15 Aug 1839 Louisa Susan Massy-Dawson (1815-20 Mar 1908)


1f) Edward Arthur (1 Sep 1840-3 Oct 1912); m.2 Jan 1877 Josephine Edith Morey (d.26 May 1916)


4e) Robert (15 Oct 1809-5 Mar 1870); m.14 Feb 1835 Elinor Jane Alicia Lucy (d.5 Mar 1889), dau of Sir Aubrey de Vere, 2nd Bt.


1f) Aubrey Stephen (4 May 1837- ); m.10 Aug 1871 Lucy Harriette Wynne (d.11 Feb 1932)


1g) Robert Stephen Vere, 1899 DE VERE, of Curragh Chase (23 Jul 1872-15 Sep 1936); m.26 Sep 1906 Isabel Catherine Moule


2g) Eva Mary, d.15 Aug 1892


2f) Robert Vere, of Ballyalla, and Monare (20 Oct 1842-30 May 1913); m.10 Jul 1883 Florence Mary Arnold Forster Arnold (d.8 Jul 1936)


1g) Aubrey William Vere (29 Nov 1885-7 Oct 1925)


2g) Hugh Murrough Vere, of Monare (15 Jul 1887-31 May 1955); m.20 Jul 1915 Margaret Ernestine O’Brien (d.1968)


1h) Murrough Vere (15 Dec 1919- ); m.4 Jun 1945 Zsuznna Eva Szerna Krolyi 1 son, 3 daus


2h) Turlogh Robert Vere (16 Nov 1923-22 Feb 1933)


3h) Elinor Vere (30 May 1918- ); m.1956 Reginald Wiltshire (d.1968)


3g) Jane Elinor Vere; m.19 Jun 1928 Godfrey V M Hardy (d.21 Oct 1945)


4g) Florence Margaret Vere


3f) Mary Ellen Vere, d.19 Jun 1924; m.2 Jan 1868 Charles Spencer Perceval


4f) Charlotte Alice Vere, d.9 Mar 1903


5f) Eleanor Grace Katharine, d.7 Apr 1920; m.25 Oct 1876 William T Monsell (d.1887)


5e) Henry (15 Apr 1813-12 Feb 1895); m.23 May 1839 Harriet Godley (d.1 May 1872)


1f) Edward (26 Jul 1840-1894); m.1867 Mary Lamb (d.4 Jun 1939)


1g) Murrough Charles (1868-1955); m.1901 Margaret Eleanor Barber (d.1958)


1h) Muriel Oclanis (1904- ); m.30 Aug 1932 Hamilton Stewart McKee


2g) Aubrey John (5 Dec 1870-31 Aug 1930); m.27 Oct 1906 Annie Winifred D’Arcy (d.10 May 1936)


1h) Turlough Aubrey (30 Sep 1907-7 Nov 1997); m.14 Jul 1945 Phyllis Mary Tew (d. 21 Mar 1986) 2 sons, 1 dau


2h) Edward Donough (21 Nov 1909-9 Jan 1979); m.1st 12 Feb 1936 Sylvia Inchbold Denny (d.10 Sep 1950); m.2nd 26 Feb 1952 Leonora Thayne Railton 3 sons, 2 daus


3h) Moira Winifred Oclanis (18 Nov 1912-28 Jan 2001); m.1st 7 Dec 1932 [John] Michael Orpen Barstow (d.1976); m.2nd 24 Mar 1990 George Baillie Barstow (d.1991)


4h) Winifred Mary Sheila (27 May 1918- )


3g) Edward (20 Sep 1872-20 Mar 1965); m.1898 Mary Elma Travers Hunter (d.19 Nov 1952)


4g) Claudine Oclanis, d.Dec 1947; m.15 Oct 1888 Charles James Bamber (d.9 Jan 1940)


5g) Oclanis, d.27 Sep 1944; m.8 Sep 1902 Hubert Calvert (d.9 May 1961)


6g) Eileen; m.30 Oct 1915 Gilbert Kennedy (d.1918)


2f) Murrough John (10 Jun 1842-22 Feb 1914); m.16 Sep 1873 Eleanor Waller (d.26 Oct 1916)

1g) Henry Eoghan (1876-9 Sep 1967); m.10 Jan 1905 Frances Victoria Lucy Smythe (d.15 Feb 1969)


1h) Brian Eoghan (1907-k.a.Aug 1940); m.10 Feb 1936 Elizabeth Strahan 1 dau


3f) Katherine, d.16 Aug 1912; m.16 May 1867 Rev. Frederick Bransby Toulmin (d.26 Mar 1924)


4f) Annabella Charlotte, d.20 Feb 1907; m.14 Sep 1871 John Watt Smyth


5f) Olivia Henrietta, d.21 May 1863


6f) Angelina Rose Geraldine, d.18 Aug 1941; m.4 Jun 1873 John Gerald Wilson, of Cliffe Hall (k.a.8 Mar 1902)


7f) Grace Amy Frances, d.28 Dec 1890; m.26 May 1890 Reginald McKerrell (d.4 Dec 1925)


6e) Grace, d.10 Mar 1871

7e) Anne, d.20 Jul 1872; m.26 Oct 1837 Rev. Arthur Martineau (d.11 Nov 1872)

8e) Harriet, d.25 Mar 1883; m.21 Sep 1839 Rev. Charles Monsell (d.1851)

9e) Katherine Lucia, d.31 Jan 1865; m.20 Apr 1837 Rt Rev. Hon. Charles Amyand Harris, Bp of Gibraltar (4 Aug 1813-16 Mar 1874)


2d) Lucius; m.Julia Humphreys


3d) Robert (25 Oct 1776-21 Jan 1838); m.1st Anne O'Brien (below); m.2nd Mrs ___ Bermingham (dsp 11 Aug 1836)


1e) Lucius (1807- )

2e) Robert (1808- )

3e) Edward (1811-d.young)

4e) George (1821- ); m. NN issue

5e) Nancy

6e) Catherine Maria, d.12 Apr 1900; m.13 Jan 1847 Robert Wogan Studdert, of Cullane (d.27 May 1897)

7e) Henrietta

8e) Lucy; m.1854 Very Rev. George Henry Johnson (d.1881)


4d) Donough Acheson (1780-22 Oct 1847); m.1822 Marianne Lydia Semple (d.1 Jan 1843) 2 daus

5d) Henry; m.Harriet Mann

6d) Connor, d. in West Indies

7d) Nichola Maria, d.1848; m.1 Jan 1799 her cousin Robert Ffrench, of Monivea Castle (d.Jan 1851)

8d) Henrietta; m.Joseph Mann

9d) Katherine, d.31 Mar 1819; m.1813 Gerald FitzGerald, of Coolanowle (d.Apr 1845)

10d) Lucy, d.3 Dec 1857

11d) Anne Maria, d.24 Dec 1846; m.11 Sep 1810 Ven. William Spooner (d.2 Sep 1857)

12d) Charlotte Sophia (1787-31 Aug 1838); m.Feb 1806 Rev. Hon. Gerard Thomas Noel (2 Dec 1782-24 Feb 1851)


2c) Donough; m.Mary Henn issue


3c) Edward, d.Dec 1787; m.Charlotte Hickman


1d) Edward

2d) James, of Castle Fergus (1775-5 Oct 1822); m.Margaret Stronge issue

3d) Henry

4d) Connor

5d) Murrough (178701814); m.31 Jul 1810 Matilda Norman1


1e) Edward Morrough (1814-4 Jan 1895)

2e) Harriet Matilda (28 Feb 1812-11 Jan 1904); m.1 Jun 1836 Nesbit Sealy Heffernan


6d) Marian; m.1796 Rev. Thomas Ross (d.1818)

7d) Anne; m.her cousin Robert O'Brien (above)

8d) Charlotte

9d) Harriet; m.Cornelius O’Callaghan


4c) Anne; m.22 Aug 1758 Richard Dawson, of Ardee; parents of 2nd Lord Cremorne

5c) Mary; m.John Quin

6c) Catharine; m.1760 Charles MacDonnell

7c) Lucy; m.Nov 1766 Thomas Arthur, of Glanomera (d.1803)

8c) Harriet


[by 2nd m.]:


2a) Henry, of Stonehall, d.15 Jan 1724 m.1699 Susanna Stafford (d.Mar 1743), heiress of Blatherwycke


1b) Stafford, d.young


2b) Henry, of Blatherwycke and Stonehall (1 Mar 1708-17 Mar 1757); m.Nov 1730 Margaret Stamer


1c) Susanna; m.Edward O'Brien, of Ennistimon


3b) Donogh/Donatus, of Blatherwycke; m.Mary Beckett


1c) Donatus


2c) Henry, of Blatherwycke, d.1811; [m. or relationship] Margaret Flenary; note: Burke’s Commoners merely says that he had issue by her, without saying that they married; Burke’s Peerage 1914 calls his dau. Letitia merely “sister of Stafford O’Brien” and does not mention her parents; a more recent Burke’s Peerage calls Letitia “bastard daughter” of Henry; 1906 Burke’s LG begins the lineage with Henry’s son Stafford without mentioning his parents; thus it seems that Henry was not married to Margaret Flenary, but that she was mother of his listed children


1d) Stafford, of Blatherwycke (29 Oct 1783-3 Mar 1864); m.7 Jun 1808 Hon. Emma Noel (d.19 Nov 1873)


1e) Augustus, of Blatherwycke Park, d.15 Nov 1857


2e) Henry Stafford STAFFORD-O’BRIEN, of Blatherwycke Park (22 Feb 1814-1880); m.31 Aug 1841 Lucy Nevile


1f) Horace Stafford, of Blatherwycke Park (25 Jul 1842-7 Oct 1929); m.21 Oct 1869 Eleanor Elizabeth Georgiana Holmes, maternal gdau of Viscount Valentia


1g) Egerton Augustus, of Blatherwycke Park (4 Feb 1872- ); m.18 Sep 1912 Violet Alice Grace Tryon


1h) Robert Guy Stafford (29 Jun 1915- )


2g) Horace Henry (27 Aug 1883-1944)

3g) Eleanor Horatia, d.5 Oct 1918

4g) Matilda Finola

5g) Lucy Mary

6g) Honor; m.Frank Jackson


2f – 7f) six other sons

8f) Lucy Violet; m.28 Jun 1876 Rev. Charles Henry Frost

9f) Alianore Emma Matilda; m.1881 James Gordon Brickenden


3e) Algernon

4e) Emma

5e) Angelina Mary, d.29 Apr 1836; m.7 May 1833 Rev. Hon. Augustus Fitzroy (9 Dec 1809-12 Feb 1869)

6e) Fanny

7e) Lilly

8e) Sophia; m. G N Hoare


2d) Mary Anne; m.Thomas Hotchkin

3d) Margaret; m.John Slater Wilkinson

4d) Letitia; m. Hon. Thomas Orde-Powlett

5d) Frances; m. Robert Crawfurd, of Newfield

6d) Eleanor, d.10 Jun 1843; m.12 Aug 1808 Arthur Annesley, 10th Viscount Valentia (30 Nov 1785-30 Dec 1863)


3c) Lucius

4c) Stafford, d.1795

5c) William

6c) Spersto

7c) Susanna; m. Rev. Bacon Bedingfeld, of Ditchingham Hall

8c) Mary; m. Smith Kirkham

9c) Eleanor; m. James Tufton Phelp, of Coston House


4b) Rev. William, d.1751

5b) Elizabeth; m.John Rice

6b) Anne; m.Edward Butler

7b) Susanna; m.1st Jun 1722 James Rice, of Mount-Rice; m.2nd Augustine Ievers

8b) Catherine; m.10 Jun 1727 Patrick French

9b) Mary; m.1752 Capt James Campbell

10b) Frances, d.21 Oct 1753; m. Hyacinth Darcy


3a) Honora

4a) Elizabeth