Early Kings of Norway





Part 1


   A predecessor kingdom to the kingdom of Norway was called Haithabu. The family ruling there starts with a group of 4 siblings whose parents are unknown:


1a) Sigurd, 1st King of Haithabu (750-798)


1b) Onund, b.790


2a) Harald, 2nd King of Haithabu, b.750, k.a.in the Irish Sea 804; m.Imhild, dau.of Ct Warnechin von Engern by Kunhilde of Rügen


1b) Halfdan, 3rd King of Haithabu, k.a.Walcheren 810


1c) Hemming, b.795, k.a.Walcheren 837


2c) Ali=Anulo, 9th King of Haithabu, b.before 800, k.a.Haithabu 812


1d) Rörik, King of Dorestad and Sylt, cr a Frankish Duke (820-882)


3c) Harald Klak, 10th  King of Haithabu, King of Rustringen and Jutland, Regent in the lands of the Stormarn and Obotrites, b.800, k.a.Walcheren 844


1d) Godefrid, 15th King of Haithabu, King of Dorestad and Rustringen, murdered 885/6; m.882 Gisela, dau.of Emperor Lothar II


1e) Reinhilde, d.917; m.ca 900 Dietrich II of Saxony


2d) Rolf (820-870)


3d) Guthorm, k.a.854


4d) Gisla (830-after 854); m.King Erik of Haithabu (below)


4c) Rörik, 11th King of Haithabu, King of Friesland (Frisia), b.800, k.a.844


1d) Knut, 16th King of Haithabu, King of Northumberland (820-894)


5c) Ragnfrid, 12th King of Haithabu, King of Westfold, k.a.814


2b) Harald, 4th King of Haithabu, murdered 804


3b) Holger Danske (780-807)


3a) Halfdan Mildi, King of Westfold (750-802); m.Lif, dau.of King Dag of Westmare


1b) Sigurd, 5th King of Haithabu, k.a.Bardowick 810


1c) Ragnvald, k.a.808


2c) Hemming, 7th King of Haithabu, d.812


3c) Sigurd, 8th King of Haithabu, k.a.812


4c) Hakon, k.a.812


5c) Agantyr, d.812


2b) Godefrid, 6th King of Haithabu, King of Westfold, Hedeland, Vaermland, Westmare and Hedemarken, murdered 810


1c) Olav, King of Westfold (780-827)


1d) Ragnvald, King of Westfold


2c) Erik, 13th King of Haithabu, k.a.854


1d) Erik, 14th King of Haithabu (800-after 870)


1e) Erik, last King of Haithabu, b.830, d.after 891; m.Gisla, dau.of King Harald (above)


2d) Sigurd, 15th (co-)King of Haithabu, k.a.862


3d) Ragnhild "the Rich"; m.King Harald Schönharr of Norway (d.940) [See Part 2, below]


3c) Godefrid, k.a.814


4c) Rolf, b.790, k.a.836


5c) Ragnar, b.790, k.a.836


4a) Geva, b.755; m.ca 775 Duke Wittekind of Saxony (d.810)








Part 2



   The main family of early Norwegian kings was founded by one Gudröd Halfdansson Veidelkonge, King of Westfold. He was father of:


   Halfdan "the Black", King of Westfold 830/70; m.1st Ragnhild, dau.of King Harald Gullskiegg of Sogn; m.2d Ragnhild, dau.of King Sigurd Hjort Helgasson of Ringerike; by her he was father of:


   Harald "Schönhaar" King of Norway, abdicated ca 930; b.860, d.940; m.1st Asa, dau.of Hakon Ladejarl; m.2nd Gyda, dau.of King Eirik of Hoerdeland; m.3rd Svanhild, dau.of Eystein, Jarl iin Hedemarken; m.4th Snefried, dau.of Finnen Svase; m.5th Alvhild, dau.of Ring Dagsson of Ringerike; m.6th Ragnhild "the Rich", dau.of King Erik of Haithabu [See Part 1, above]. He left issue:


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Guttorm, King of Viken


2a) Halfdan "the Black", King of Tröndelagen


3a) Sigroed, King of Tröndelagen


4a) Halfdan Hvide, d.in Estonia


[by 2nd m.]:


5a) Alof Aarbod; m.ca 890 Thore Ragnvaldsson Tause Möre-Jarl, brother of Ct Rollo of Normandy


1b) Bergljot Thoresdotter; m.Sigurd Jarl (d.962); for their descendants, See Part 3, below


6a) Rörek


7a) Siggtrygg


8a) Frode


9a) Thorgils


[by 3rd m.]:


10a) Olav, King in Vigen


1b) Tryggve Olavsson, King in Vigen and Romerike, murdered 968; m.ca 960 Astrid, dau.of Eirik Bjordaskalle; for their descendants, See Part 4, below


11a) Bjorn, King in Westfold


1b) Gudröd Bjornsson; m.Cecilie N


1c) Harald Grenske, King of Westfold, d.995; m.Asta Gudbransdotter


1d) [St.]Olav Haraldsson, King of Norway 1016-28, b.995, k.a.29 Jul 1030; m.Feb 1019 Astrid, illegitimate dau.of King Olof of Sweden


1e) Wulfhild, d.24 May 1071; m.Nov 1042 Duke Ordulf of Saxony (d.1072)


2e) [illegitimate by Alvhild N] Magnus "the Good", King of Norway 1035 and of Denmark 1042 (1024-25 Oct 1047)


1f) [illegitimate] Ragnhild; m.1062 Hakon Ivrsson, Jarl [See Part 3]


12a) Ragnar Rykkil, King in Hedemarken and Gudbransdalen


1b) Agnar Ragnarsson


1c) Ragnar Agnarsson


[by 4th m.]:


13a) Sigurd Hrise, King of Hadaflyke


1b) Halfdan Sigurdsson, King of Hadaflyke; for his descendants, See Part 5, below


14a) Halfdan


15a) Gudröd Ljome


16a) Ragnvald Rettilbein, King of Hadeland


1b) a son


1c) Eyvind Kelda, drowned 998


[by 5th m.]:


17a) Ring, King of Hedemarken and Gudbrandsdalen


1b) Dag Ringsson, King of Hedemarken ca 960


1c) Rörek, King of Hedemarken, d.1021


2c) Ring, King on Hedemarken


1d) Dag Ringsson


2d) Emund Ringsson, an official in Polotzk


3c) Ragnhild, m.Raud, from Oesterdalen


18a) Dag, King of Hedemarken and Gudbrandsdalen


19a) Gudröd Skirja


20a) Ingegerd


[by 6th m.]:


21a) Eirik "Blood-axe", King of Norway and Northumbria, b.895, murdered 954; m.Gunhild (d.after 970) probably dau.of King Gorm of Denmark


1b) Ragnvald Eiriksson, murdered 940


2b) Gorm Eriksson, k.a.before 960


3b) Guttorm Eriksson, k.a.before 960


4b) Harald Eiriksson "Gray-skin" King of Norway, k.a.970


5b) Ragnfred, co-king in Norway, d.after 970


6b) Erling Eriksson, co-king in Norway, murdered before 970


7b) Gudröd, co-king in Norway, murdered 999


8b) Sigurd Eriksson Sleva, co-king in Norway, murdered before 970


9b) Ragnhild; m.1st Arnfin Torfinsson, Jarl of Orkney; m.2nd Havard Torfinsson, Jarl of Orkney; m.3rd Ljot Torfinsson, Jarl of Orkney




22a) Ingeborg; m.Halfdan Jarl


1b) Gunhild; m.Fin Skjalge


1c) Eyvind Skaldaspiller, a poet, d.990


1d) Harek von Thjotta, murdered 1040; m.Ragnhild, dau.of Arne Arnmodsson


1e) Einar Fluga von Thjotta


2e) Fin Herkesson,d.after 1028


1f) Hakon Finsson


1g) Ulvhild; m.1st Inge, King of Sweden; m.2nd King Niels of Denmark (d.1134); m.3rd King Sverker of Sweden (d.1156)


3e) Sven Harkesson


2c) Njal Finnesson


1d) Astrid; m.Ragnvald "the Old"


23a) Haakon "the Good" Adalstenfostre King of Norway, k.a.960


1b) Thora







Part 3



   One Hakon Grjotgardsson Ladejarl, d.900, had issue:


1a) Sigurd Jarl, d.962; m.Bergljot Thoresdotter [See Part 2, above] granddaughter of King Harald Schönhaar of Norway


1b) Hakon Jarl "the Mighty", Reichsverweser of Norway, murdered 995; m.Thora, dau.of Skage Skoptisson


1c) Sven Hakonsson Jarl, d.1016; m.Holmfrid, dau.of King Erik Segersaell of Sweden


1d) Sigrid; m.1015 Aslak Erlingsson (d.1028)


2d) Gunhild, d.after 1060; m. (div) King Svend of Denmark (d.1076)


2c) Heming


3c) Bergljot, d.after 1050; m.Einar Thambarskelfir (k.a.1050)


4c) Eirik Hakonsson, Reichsverweser of Norway, Jarl in Northumbria, d.1023/4; m.ca 996 Gyda, dau.of King Svend of Denmark


1d) Hakon Eiriksson, Jarl in Norway (998-1030); m.ca 1029 Gunhild, dau.of Wyrtgeorn of the Wends


1e) Bodil Hakonsdotter; m.Ulf, Jarl in Denmark, called "Galicienfahrer" [traveller to Galicia]


1f) Thrugot Ulfsson; m.Thorgunna, dau.of Vagn Ageson


1g) Thorkil, called Svend Thorgunnason; m.Inge N


1h) Svend, Bp of Viborg, d.in Jerusalem 1153


2h) Christian Svendson, d.1140


1i) Eskil, Bp of Roskilde, Archbishop of Lund, then a monk at Clairvaux, d.1181


1j) Asa Eskilsdotter; m.Karl Eriksson, Jarl of Halland


2i) Aage Christiernsen


1j) Sven Aggesen, Danish historian


3i) Svend Christiernsen


1j) Asser, a priest in Lund


2j) Christian Svendson, living 1176


3h) Asser, Archbishop of Lund, d.5 May 1137


4h) Eskil Svendson, d.Jerusaelm 1153


5h) Aage Svendson


2g) Astrad Thorgunasson, living 1080


3g) Bodil, d.Mount of Olives, nr Jerusalem 1103; m.1st Bjorn N; m.2nd before 1086 King Erik of Denmark (d.1103)


5c) Ragnhild; m.1st Skopti Skagasson; m.2d Eiliv


6c) a dau., mother of:


1d) Ivar Hvide, ca 1027


1e) Hakon Ivarsson, Jarl, d.after 1045; m.Ragnhild, dau.of King Magnus of Norway


1f) Sunniva Hakonsdotter


1g) Hakon Sunivasson; m.Ragnhild, illegitimate dau.of King Erik of Denmark (they were thus parents of King Erik III of Denmark)


2f) a dau., m.Paul Thorfinsson, Jarl of Orkney


7c) Sigurd


8c) Erland, k.a.995


9c) Erling, k.a.986


2a) Grjotgard


1b) Ramveig; m.Thorgrim Hardrefsson


3a) Asa; m.King Harald Schönhaar of Norway (d.940)







Part 4



   Tryggve Olafsson, King in Vigen and Romerike [See Part 2, above] had issue:


1a) Olav Tryggvesson, King of Norway 995 (968-1000); m.1st Geira, a Wendish princess; m.2nd Gyda of Ireland; m.3rd ca 995 Gudrun Skeggesdotter; m.4th 998 Thyra (d.1000) dau.of King Harald of Denmark


1b) Tryggve Olavsson, k.a.1033


2b) Harald Olavsson (999-1000)


2a) Ingibjorg Tryggvesdotter; m.1000 Jarl Ragnvold Ulfsson


3a) Astrid Tryggvesdotter; m.996 Erling Skjalgsson (k.a.1028)


1b) Aslak Erlingsson, of Sole, d.1028; m.1015 Sigurd Svendsdotter; they left descendants extinct in the male line in the third generation; one son was:


1c) Sven Askelsson, who m.Ragnhild, dau.of King Svend of Denmark


2b) Skjalg Erlingsson, d.1062


3b) Sigurd Erlingsson


4b) Lodin Erlingsson, d.after 1098


5b) Thorer Erlingsson


6b) Ragnhild Erlingsdotter; m.Thorberg Arnesson, of Giske


1c) Eystein-Orre, k.a.25 Sep 1066


2c) Ogmund Thorbergsson


1d) Skopti Ogmundsson, of Giske, d.1103; he had descendants, including a daughter:


1e) Thora; m.Asulf Skulesson, of Rein [See Part 5, below]


3c) Thora Thorbergsdotter, concubine of King Harald Hardrade of Norway and of King Svend II of Denmark


4c) Jorunn; m.Ulf Ospaksson Stallare (d.1066)








Part 5



   Halfdan Sigurdsson, King of Hadaflyke [See Part II], was father of:


   Sigurd Syr, King of Ringeringe, d.1018; m. Asta, da.of Gudbrand Kula; they had issue:


1a) Harald Hardrade, King of Norway 1047 (1015-k.a.at Stamfordbridge 23 Sep 1066); m.ca 1045 Elisabeth=Jaroslawa, dau.of Gr Pr Jaroslaw of Kiev


1b) Ingegerd; m.1st King Oluf Hunger of Denmark (d.1095); m.2nd King Filip of Sweden (d.1118)


2b) Maria, d.25 Sep 1066


3b) [illegitimate by Thora Thorbergsdotter (See Part IV)] Magnus Haraldsson, King of Norway 1066, d.28 Apr 1069


1c) [illegitimate] Hakon Toresfostre, co-King of Norway 1093, d.Feb 1095


4b) [illegitimate by Thora Thorbergsdotter] Olav "the Gentle", King of Norway 1069, d.22 Sep 1093; m.ca 1070 Ingrid, dau.of King Svend of Denmark


1c) [illegitimate] Magnus "Bear-Foot", King of Norway 1095, k.a.in Ireland 24 Aug 1103; m.ca 1101 Margreta, dau.of King Inge of Sweden; all issue illegitimate:


1d) Eystein Magnusson, co-King of Norway 1103, d.1122/3; m.Ingeborg Guttormsdotter


1e) Marie Eysteinsdotter; m.Gudbrand Skafhogsson (k.a.4 Feb 1161)


1f) Olav Ugjave, a contender for the throne in 1170, d.1173


2d) Sigurd "Jerusalemfahrer", co-King of Norway 1103 (1090-d.insane Oslo 26 Mar 1130); m.1st 1102 Biadmuin, dau.of King Muikertach of Ireland; m.2nd Malmfrid, dau.of Gr Pr Mstislaw of Kiev


1e) [by 2d m.] Christine, d.1178, concubine of King Sigurd Haraldsson Mund; m.Erling Skakke [See Part III]


2e) [illegitimate] Magnus "the Blind", King of Norway 1130-35, b.1115, murdered 12 Nov 1139; m.1133 (repudiated later that year) Christine of Denmark, dau.of King Knut Lavard of South Jutland


3d) Olav Magnusson, co-King of Norway 1103 (1093-22 Nov 1115)


4d) Harald Magnusson Gille, King of Norway 1130, murdered at Bergen 14 Dec 1136; m.Ingrid (d.after 1161) dau.of Ragnvald Ingesson


1e) Inge Haraldsson, King of Vigen, co-King of Norway 1142; b.1135, k.a.4 Feb 1161; he may have had two sons: Harald Ingesson, k.a.15 Jun 1184; and Jon Kuflung, a contender for the throne in 1185, k.a.1188


2e) [by Thora Guttormsdatter] Sigurd Haraldsson Mund, co-King of Norway 1136, murdered 10 Jun 1155


1f) [by Thora N] Hakon "Broad-Shoulders" King of Norway 1157, d.7 Jul 1162


2f) [by ?] Sigurd Markusfostre, King of Norway 1162, executed 29 Sep 1163


3f) [by Kristin Sigurdsdatter] Harald Sigurdsson, murdered 1172


4f) [by ?] Erik Kongsson, d.1190; m.Asta N (d.1190)


1g) Magnus Eriksson, d.1190


5f) [by ?] Cecilie Sigurdsdotter; m.1st Folkvid Lagmand; m.2d ca 1184 Baard Guttormsson, of Rein


6f) [by Gunhild N] Sverre Sigurdsson, King of Norway 1184, d.9 Mar 1202; m.1st Astrid Rösdotter; m.2nd 1185 Margareta (d.1209) dau.of King Erik II of Sweden


[by 1st m.]:


1g) Cecilie; m.1st Einar Prest (d.1205); m.2nd Gregorius Kik (d.1223)


2g) Ingeborg; m.Karl Sverkersson of Sweden (d.1198)


[by 2nd m.]:


3g) Sigurd Lavard, d.1200


1h) [illegitimate] Guttorm Sigurdsson, King of the Birkebeiner, d.11 Aug 1204


4g) Hakon Sverkersson, King of the Birkebeiner, d.1 Jan 1204


1h) [illegitimate by Inge, from Varteig (d.1234)] Hakon Hakonsson "the Old" King of Norway 1223 (1204-5/16 Dec 1263); m.25 May 1225 Margareta Skulesdotter (d.1270)


1i) Olav Hakonsson, b.1227, d.by 1240


2i) Hakon, co-King of Norway 1240 (10 Nov 1232-Apr/May 1257); m.1251 Richiza (d.by 13 Dec 1288), dau.of Birger Magnusson, Regent of Sweden


1j) Sverre Magnus Hakonsson, d.1261


3i) Magnus IV, King of Norway 1257 (1 May 1238-9 May 1280); m.11 Sep 1261 Ingeborg (1244-1287) dau.of King Erik IV of Denmark


1j) Olav (1262-15 Mar 1267)


2j) Magnus, b.and d.1264


3j) Eirik Magnusson, King of Norway 1280 (1268-13 Jul 1299); m.1st Sep 1281 Margaret of Scotland (28 Feb 1261-9 Apr 1283); m.2nd before 25 Sep 1293 Isabella Bruce (d.1358)


1k) [by 1st m.] Queen Margaret of Scotland, b.before 9 Apr 1283, d.16 Nov 1290


2k) [by 2nd m.] Ingeborg (1297-after 1353); m.Waldemar, Duke of Finland (murdered Feb 1318)


4j) Hakon V Magnusson, King of Norway 1299 (1270-8 May 1319); m.1st Isabelle (d.1295/6) dau.of Jean, Cte de Joigny; m.2nd 1299 Euphemia (d.1 May 1312) dau.of Pr Wizlaw II of Rügen


1k) [by 2nd m.]Ingeborg; m.1st 29 Sep 1312 Duke Erik of Sweden (d.1318); m.2nd 1327 Knut Porsa, Duke of South Halland (d.30 May 1330); by her 1st husband she was ancestress of subsequent Kings of Norway and Sweden


2k) [illegitimate] Agnes; m.before 1312 Hafthor Jonsson (d.1319)


4i) Christine (1234-1262); m.31 Mar 1258 Infant Felipe of Castile (d.1274)


5i) [illegitimate] Sigurd Kongsson, b.before 1225, d.1254


6i) [illegitimate] Cecilia, drowned 1248; m.1st 1241 Gregorius Andersson (d.3 Jan 1246); m.2nd 1248 Harald Olafsson, King of Man (drowned 1248)


5g) Kristin, d.1213; m.1209 Filip Simonsson, King of the Baglers (d.1217)


6g) Erling


3e) [illegitimate] Brigida; m.1st Karl Sunasson, Jarl in Vaestergotland; m.2nd King Magnus Henriksson of Sweden (d.1161); m.3rd Birger Brosa, Jarl in Sweden (d.1202)


4e) [by Beathack N] Eystein Haraldsson, co-king of Norway 1142, murdered 21 Aug 1157; m.Ragna Nikolasdatter (d.after 1161)


1f) Eystein Meyla, King of the Birkebeiner, pretender to Norwegian throne, k.a.Jan 1177


2f) Thorleif Bredskjegg


5e) [by ?] Magnus Haraldsson, co-king of Norway 1142, d.1145


6e) [by ?] Maria; m.ca 1155 Dimon Halkelsson (k.a.4 Feb 1161)


7e) [by ?] Margreta; m.ca 1155 Jon Halkelsson


5d) Ragnhild; m.Harald Kesja of Denmark


6d) Thora, d.1175; m.Loft Saemundsson, later a priest in Iceland


2a) Halfdan Sigurdsson


1b) Thorberg; m.Fin Arnesson, Jarl in Halland (d.1065)


3a) Guttorm Sigurdsson


4a) Gunhild; m.ca 1025 Kettil Kalf, of Ringenes


5a) Ingerid; m.Nefstein N