The family of the Dukes of Normandy






An early ancestor of this family was one Eystein Glumra (who, according the Cokayne, was son of Ivar, son of Halfdan the Old); Eystein was father of :


Rognvald, Jarl of Moere ( 890), who m. Hild (dau.of Rolf Nefja) and had issue:


1a) Ivar


2a) Rollo=Robert, Ct of Normandy 911 (ca 846-933); m.1st NN; m.2nd Poppa, dau of Cte Berengar de Bayeux; m.3rd 912 Gisela N (d.919); m.4th (again) Poppa de Bayeux


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Kadline; m.Bjoland, a noble in Scotland


2b) Niederga


[by 2nd m.]:


3b) William I "Longsword", Ct of Normandy, 900, murdered 17 Dec 942; m.1st Sprota, a Norse noblewoman; m.2nd ca 940 Ledgard (d.after 977), dau of Cte Heribert de Vermandois (and later wife of Cte Thiebault de Blois)


1c) [by 1st m.] Richard I, Ct of Normandy, Regent of France 956-60 (933-20 Nov 996); m.956/60 Emma of France (d.after 19 Mar 968); all his issue was illegitimate; the first nine were by Gunnora, the last two by an unknown mother; according to some sources Gunnora was daughter of one Herbastus de Crepon; according to Europäische Stammtafeln her parents are unknown except that they were Danes, but she had siblings whose families soon became prominent in England and France; one of them, Herfast, indeed had a son Osbern de Crepon, father of William Fitzosbern, Earl of Hereford


1d) Geoffroy de Brionne, Cte d'Eu ( 1015)


1e) Gilbert de Brionne, Cte d'Eu, murdered 1040; for his descendants, the de Clares, see Part 2


2d) Richard II, Duke of Normandy, d.28 Aug 1027; m.1st 1000 Judith (982-16 Jun 1017), dau of Conon Cte de Rennes; m.2nd 1017 (repudiated) Astrid, dau of King Svend of Denmark (and later wife of Ulf Jarl); m.3rd Poppa N


1e) Richard III, Duke of Normandy (ca 1011-6 Aug 1027); m.Jan 1027 Adelaide (ca 1009-8 Jan 1079), dau of King Robert II of France (and later wife of Ct Baldwin of Flanders)


1f) Judith (1028-5 Mar 1094); m.1st ca 1046 Tostig, Earl of Northumberland (k.a.25 Sep 1066); m.2nd 1070 Welf von Este, Duke of Bavaria (d.9 Sep 1101)


2f) [illegitimate] Nicolas, Abbot of Saint-Audoin, d.1092


3f) [illegitimate] a daughter; m.N, Vcte de Bayeux


2e) Robert "the Devil", Duke of Normandy, d.22 Jul 1035; he had illegitimate issue by Harlette, dau.of Fulbert "a tanner of Falaise"


1f) William I "the Conqueror", King of England 1066, Duke of Normandy (1027-9 Sep 1087); m.1053 Matilda (ca 1032-3 Nov 1083), dau of Ct Baldwin of Flanders; the exact names and number of their children is in dispute


1g) Robert, Duke of Normandy (ca 1054-7 Feb 1134); m.1100 Sibilla (d.Rome 1103), dau of Cte Goffredo di Conversano


1h) William Clito, Ct of Flanders 1127-8 (1101-k.a.Aalst 27 Jul 1128); m.1st (div) Sibylle (1112-Jerusalem 1165), dau of Cte Foulcques d'Anjou (and later wife of Dietrich of Lorraine); m.2nd 1128 Joanna, dau of Mgve Rainer of Montferrat


2h) Henry (1102-k.while hunting in the New Forest ca 1128)


3h) [illegitimate] Richard, d.1100


4h) [illegitimate] William


5h) [illegitimate] a daughter; m.Elia, sn de Saens


2g) Richard, b.Normandy before 1056, d.1081


3g) King William II "Rufus" of England (Normandy 1056/60-1100)


4g) King Henry I of England (1068-1 Dec 1135); m.1st 11 Nov 1100 Matilda of Scotland (1079-1 Jun 1118); m.2nd 1121 Adelise of Brabant (ca 1104-23 Apr 1151)


1h) William, Duke of Normandy, b.before 5 Aug 1103, drowned in the Wreck of the White Ship 25 Nov 1120; m.Jun 1119 Mahaut d'Anjou (d.1154)


2h) Matilda (7 Feb 1102-10 Sep 1167); m.1st 7 Jan 1114 Emperor Heinrich V (d.23 May 1125); m.2d 22 May 1127 Cte Geoffroy d'Anjou (d.7 Sep 1151)


[King Henry I had the following illegitimate issue]:


[by Ansfride, widow of Anskill]:


3h) Richard, Earl of Suffolk, b.before 1101, the wreck of the White Ship 25 Nov 1120


4h) Fulk, d.young


5h) Emma; m.Guy de Laval


6h) Julianne; m.1103 Eustache de Pacy, sn de Bréteuil (d.1136), nat. son and heir of William de Bréteuil


[by Edith N]:


7h) Maud, drowned in the wreck of the White Ship 25 Nov 1120; m.1103 Cte Rotrou du Perche (d.1144)


[by Edith, dau.of Forn Sigulfsson]:


8h) Robert Fitzedith, d.31 May 1172; m.Matilda d'Avranches (d.1173)


1i) Mary, d.1224; m.Reginald de Courtenay


[by Sibyl Corbet]:


9h) Reinald de Dunstanville, Earl of Cornwall, d.1 Jul 1175; m.Beatrice, dau.of William Fitzrichard


1i) Emma of Cornwall; m.Guy de Laval


2i) Denise of Cornwall; 1150 Richard de Redvers, Earl of Devon (d.1162)


3i) Maud of Cornwall; 1165 Robert de Beaumont, Cte de Meulant


4i) Ursula; m.Walter de Dunstanvill


5i) Sarah of Cornwall; 1156 Boson=Aymar V, Vcte de Limoges (d.1199)


6i) Reginald de Dunstanvill, d.1175


7i) [illegitimate] Henry FitzCount, d.a Crusader 1222


10h) Rochese, 1176; m.before 1146 Henry de la Pomerai (d.before 1167)


11h) William, fl 1120/87; m.Alice N


12h) Gundred, fl ca 1130


13h) Sibyl, d.1122; m.King Alexander I of Scots (d.1124)


[by Nesta of Wales]:


14h) Henry, k.a.1157; m.NN


1i) Amabilis; m.Walter de Ridelisford [this entry is not acknowledged by ES]


2i) Meiler


3i) Robert


[by Isabel de Beaumont]:


15h) Isabel


[by unknown mothers]:


16h) Robert de Caen, Earl of Gloucester, d.31 Oct 1147; m.Maud (d.1157) dau.of Robert Fitzhamon


1i) William FitzRobert, 2d Earl of Gloucester, d.23 Nov 1183; 1150 Hawise de Beaumont (d.24 Apr 1197)


1j) Robert, d.1166


2j) Mabel, d.1188; 1170 Amaury de Montfort, Cte d'Evreux (d.1182)


3j) Amicie, d.1 Jan 1225; 1180 (div before 1200) Richard de Clare, Earl of Hertford


4j) Isabella, Countess of Gloucester, d.14 Oct 1217; m.1st 29 Aug 1189 (div 1199) King John of England; m.2nd 1214 Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Essex (d.23 Feb 1216); m.3rd 1217 Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent (d.12 May 1243)


2i) Roger, Bp of Worcester 1164, d.9 Aug 1179


3i) Richard, Archbishop of Rouen, d.3 Apr 1142


4i) Hamon FitzRobert, k.a.1158


5i) Richard FitzRobert, ancestor of the Sires de Creuilly, of whom I have no details


6i) Robert FitzRobert


7i) Philip FitzRobert


8i) Maud FitzRobert, d.29 Jul 1189; 1141 Ranulph des Gernons, Earl of Chester (d.16 Dec 1153)


9i) Mabel FitzRobert; m.Aubrey de Vere


17h) William de Tracey, 1035; m.NN


1i) Grace; m.John de Sudeley


18h) Gilbert, fl 1142


19h) Maud; m.Duc Conon III de Bretagne (d.1148)


20h) Richilde; m.Guillaume Gouet, sn de Montmirail


21h) Constance=Maud; m.Roscline de Beaumont, Vcte de Maine


22h) Alice; m.1126 Mathieu I de Montmorency (d.1160)


5g) Gundred, d.27 May 1085; m.1070 William de Warenne, Earl of Surrey (d.24 Jun 1089)


6g) Cecilia, Abbess of Fecamp (1055-30 Jul 1126)


7g) Adelis, 1056, 1066


8g) Matilda, 1112


9g) Constance (1061-13 Aug 1090); m.1086 Duc Alain IV de Bretagne (d.13 Oct 1119)


10g) Adela, d.8 Mar 1138; m.1081 Cte Etienne de Blois (d.1102)


11g) Agatha, 1080


2f) Adelaide, d.1081/4; m.1st Cte Enguerrand de Ponthieu (d.1053); m.2nd 1053/4 Lambert de Boulogne, Cte de Lens (d.1054); m.3rd ca 1060 Cte Eudes III de Champagne


3e) Guillaume, a monk at Fécamp, d.1025


4e) Adelaide=Judith, d.after 1037; m.before Sep 1016 Cte Renaud de Bourgogne (d.1057)


[by 3rd m.]:


5e) Guillaume, Cte d'Arquens, a contender for the Norman throne 1035; m.a dau.of Cte Hugues de Ponthieu


6e) [illegitimate] Mauger, Archbishop of Rouen 1037, drowned Guernsey 1055


7e) [illegitimate] Papia; m.Wicbert, Sire de Saint-Valery


3d) Robert, Cte d'Evreux, Archbishop of Rouen, d.1037; m.Herleva N


1e) Robert, Cte d'Evreux, d.1067; m.Adelaide of Barcelona


1f) Guillaume, Cte d'Evreux, d.1118


2f) Agnes d'Evreux; m.Cte Simon de Montfort


2e) Raoul d'Evreux, d.1051


3e) Guillaume d'Evreux; m.Hadewise N, widow of Robert de Grandmesnil


1f) Emma d'Evreux; m.Guillaume d'Auvergne, Cte de Clermont


2f) Judith d'Evreux, d.1076; m.1061 Ct Roger I of Sicily (d.1101)


4d) Guillaume, Cte d'Hiemois et d'Eu, d.shortly before 1040; m.Lesceline de Tourville (d.1057/8)


1e) Hugues, Bp of Limoges 1050/77


2e) Guillaume Bussac, Cte d'Eu et de Soissons, d.after 1076; m.1057/9 Adele de Soissons ( 1105)


1f) Cte Renaud II de Soissons 1082/4


2f) Cte Jean de Soissons, d.shortly after 1115; m.Aveline de Pierrefonde (d.after 1115)


1g) Cte Renaud III de Soissons, in 1141 he became a monk and ceded Soissons to Ives de Nesle; m.Bathilde N (fl 1137)


3f) Manasses de Soissons, Bp of Cambrai and Soissons, d.1 Mar 1108


4f) Ramentrudis; m.Ives de Nesle


3e)Robert, Cte d'Eu, d.1089/93, bur Le Treport; m.1st Beatrice N ( 1085, bur La Treport); m.2nd Matilda de Hauteville (dsp), whom he repudiated


1f) Guillaume II, Cte d'Eu, lord of Hastings; m.1st Beatrice de Builly; m.2nd Helisende Le Goz


1g) Henri, Cte d'Eu, lord of Hastings, d.a monk at Foucarmont 12 Jul 1140, bur there; m.1st Mahaut N (dsp ca 1109); m.2nd Hermentrude N (dsp); m.3rd Marguerite de Sully ( 1145, bur Foucarmont)


1h) Jean, Cte d'Eu, lord of Hastings, d.a monk at Foucarmont 26 Jun 1170, bur there; m.Alice d'Aubigny ( 1188, bur Foucarmont)


1i) Henri, Cte d'Eu, Lord of Hastings, d.1190/1, bur Foucarmont; m.Matilda de Warenne ( 1212, bur Foucarmont)


1j) Raoul, d.1186, bur Foucarmont


2j) Guy, d.1185, bur Foucarmont


3j) Alix, Cts d'Eu, lady of Hastings, d.La Monthe-Saint-Heray 1246; m.before 1191 Raoul de Lusignan, Cte d'Eu (d.1219)


2i) Robert, Acre, bur Jerusalem


3i) Cte Jean d'Eu, d.after 1207, bur Foucarmont


4i) Henry, a canon in Hastings 1195, bur Foucarmont


5i) Adam, 1228


6i) Matilda; m.Henri, sn d'Estouteville (d.1232)


7i) Marguerite; m.N, sn de Saint-Remi


2h) Etienne, England


3h) Beatrice


4h) Mahaut


2g) Robert, fl 1109


1h) Thomas de Bréançon


3g) Guillaume, fl 1101/9; there may have been two sons by this same name


2f) Raoul


3f) Robert


4f) Armand d'Eu; m.Beatrice d'Hauteville


5f) Eremburge, d.after 1087; m.after 1080 Roger de Hauteville, Ct of Sicily (d.1101)


6f) ?Condoha; m.Cte Foulques d'Angouleme


5d) Mauger, Cte de Corbeil; m.Germaine de Corbeil


1e) Guillaume Warlong, d.1067


1f) Frederic de Corbeil, fl 1066


2f) Payan de Corbeil, fl 1066


3f) Renaud de Corbeil, fl 1067


1g) Cte Bouchard de Corbeil, 1101; m.Adelaide de Crecy


1h) Adelaide, heiress of Corbeil; m.Evrard de Puiset, Vcte de Chartres (d.1097)


6d) Emma (ca 985-6 Mar 1052); m.1st ca 1002 King Ethelred II of England (d.1016); m.2nd Jul 1017 King Knut "the Great" of England, Denmark and Norway (d.1035)


7d) Beatrix, d.18 Jan 1035; m.Vcte Ebles de Turenne


8d) Hawise, d.21 Feb 1034; m.996 Duc Geoffroy de Bretagne (d.1008)


9d) Matilda, 1005; m.1003/4 Cte Eudes de Blois


10d) Muriella, 1020; m.Tancred de Hauteville


11d) Fredesende; m.Tancred de Hauteville


4b) Adele=Gerloc, d.after 969; m.935 Cte Guillaume de Poitou, Duc d'Aquitaine (d.963)


3a) Thore, Jarl of Moere; 890 Alof Aarbod, dau.of King Harald of Norway


1b) Bergljot Thoresdatter; m.Sigurd Jarl ( 962)


4a) [illegitimate] Hallad, Jarl of the Orkney Islands


5a) [illegitimate] Turf-Einar, Jarl of the Orkney Islands


1b) Thorfinn Skullcleaver, Jarl of the Orkney Islands; m.Grelad of Caithness


1c) Arnfinn, Jarl of Orkney, murdered; m.Ragnhild, dau.of King Erik of Norway


2c) Hovard, Jarl of Orkney, murdered; m.Ragnhild, dau.of King Erik of Norway


3c) Ljot, k.a.; m.Ragnhild, dau.of King Erik of Norway


4c) Skuli, Jarl of Orkney


5c) Lodver, Jarl of Orkney; m.Edna, dau.of a King of Ireland


1d) Sigurd "the Fat", Jarl of Orkney, k.a.23 Apr 1014; m.Donada of Scotland


1e) Whelp


2e) Summerlid, Jarl of Orkney


3e) Bruce, Jarl of Orkney


1f) Rognvald, Jarl of Orkney


1g) Eilif


4e) Einar Wrongmouth, Jarl of Orkney


5e) Thorfinn, Jarl of Orkney; m.Ingibjorg Finnsdatter


1f) Paul, Jarl of Orkney, d.1098; m.N Hakonsdatter


1g) Hakon, Jarl of Orkney; m.Helga of Dair


1h) Paul, Jarl of Orkney


2h) Ingibjorg; m.Olav Bitling, King of Man


3h) Margaret; m.Madach, Earl of Athol ( 1152)


4h) [illegitimate] Harald, Jarl of Orkney


2g) Herbjorg Paulsdatter


2f) Erlend, Jarl of Orkney; m.Thora


1g) Magnus, Jarl of Orkney


2g) Gunnhild; m.Kol Kalisson of Agdir


3g) Erling, Jarl of Orkney


2b) Arnkel, Jarl of Orkney


3b) Erlend, Jarl of Orkney