Part 1



Ralph de Neville, 4th Lord Neville, cr 1397 Earl of Westmorland, d.21 Oct 1425; m.1st Margaret (d.9 Jun 1396), dau of Hugh de Stafford, 2nd Earl of Stafford; m.2nd before 29 Nov 1396 Joan, née de Beaufort (d.13 Nov 1440), nat. but legitimized dau. of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and widow of Sir Robert Ferrers


[by 1st m.]:


1a) John, b. by 1387, d.shortly before 20 May 1420; 1394 Elizabeth de Holand (d.4 Jan 1422/3), dau of 2nd Earl of Kent


1b) Ralph, 2nd Earl of Westmorland (b.17 Sep 1406 or 22 Sep 1407, d.3 Nov 1484; m.1st ca 1426 Elizabeth (d.26 Oct 1437), dau of Sir Henry (‘Harry Hotspur') Percy, and widow of 7th Lord Clifford; m.2nd before Feb 1442 Margaret de Cobham (fl 1466, dsps before 26 Apr 1471)


1c) Sir John, d.shortly before 16 Mar 1450; m. before 18 Feb 1440/1 Lady Anne Holand (d.26 Dec 1486), dau of Duke of Exeter, and later wife of Sir John’s uncle John (below), and then of 9th Earl of Douglas


2b) John, summoned to Parliament 1459 and 1460 as Lord Neville (ca 1410-k.a. Towton 29 Mar 1461)

m.before 5 Sep 1452 his nephew’s widow, Anne Holand (see above); he was attainted 1461, which attainder was reversed 1472


1c) Ralph, 2nd Lord Neville 1472 (when his father’s attainder reversed), suc 1484 as 3rd Earl of Westmorland (1456-6 Feb 1499) m.before 20 Feb 1473 Isabel Booth


1d) Ralph, Lord Neville, d.1498; m.1st Mary Paston (19 Jan 1470-ca 25 Dec 1489), whose mother was Anne Beaufort; m.2nd Edith Sandys (d.22 Aug 1529), later wife of Lord Darcy


1e) [ex 1?] son, d.young


2e) Ralph, 4th Earl of Westmorland (21 Feb 1498-24 Apr 1549); m.before Jun 1520 Lady Catherine Stafford (d.14 May 1555), dau of 3rd Duke of Buckingham


1f) Henry, 5th Earl of Westmorland (ca 1524/5-20 Feb 1564); m.1st 3 Jul 1536 Lady Anne Manners; m.2nd Jane Cholmley (d.before Dec 1558); m.3rd before 21 Jun 1560 Margaret, née Cholmley (bur 2 Apr 1570), widow of Sir Henry Gascoigne


[by 1st m.]:


1g) Ralph, d.young


2g) Charles, 6th Earl of Westmorland, attainted 1571 (1542/3-16 Nov 1601); 1563/4 Jane Howard, sister of 4th Duke of Norfolk


1h) son, Lord Neville (1569-21 Apr 1571)

2h) Catherine; m.Sir Thomas Grey, of Chillingham

3h) Eleanor

4h) Margaret; m.Sir Nicholas Pudsey

5h) Anne; m.David Ingleby


3g) Eleanor; m.Sir William Pelham

4g) Katherine; m.Sir John Constable

5g) Mary

6g) Adeline


[by 2nd m.]:


7g) Margaret

8g) Elizabeth


2f) Sir Thomas

3f) Edward

4f) Christopher, of Kirkbymoorside, attainted 1569, dsp; m. Mrs Anne Wandisford, née Fulthorpe

5f) George

6f) Ralph

7f) Cuthbert, d. in Low Countries

8f) Eleanor


9f) Dorothy, d.1545/7; m.3 Jul 1536 John de Vere, 16th Earl of Oxford (ca 1516-3 Aug 1562)


10f) Mary; m.Sir Thomas Danby


11f) Joan


12f) Margaret, d.13 Oct 1559; m.3 Jul 1536 Henry Manners, 2nd Earl of Rutland (23 Sep 1526-17 Sep 1563)


13f) Elizabeth; m.Thomas Dacre, 4th Lord Dacre of Gilsland (d.1 Jul 1566)


14f) Eleanor; m.Brian Stapleton, of Carlton


15f) Anne; 1553 Sir Fulke Greville


16f) Ursula


2d) Anne; m.1st William Conyers, Lord Conyers (21 Dec 1468-1524); m.2nd Anthony Saltmarsh (d.1550)


3b) Sir Thomas; m.Elizabeth, dau of 5th Lord Beaumont


1c) Sir Humphrey, of Brancepeth (ca 1439-executed 29 Sep 1469); m.NN


1d) Arthur, of Scole Acle, 1502; m.NN


1e) Ralph, of Scole Acle and Coveshouses; m.NN


1f) son


1g) Ralph, d.1615


1h) Anne


2e) Lancelot; m.Anne Tempest


2c) Charles, executed with his brother 1469


2a) Sir Ralph, of Oversley; m.Mary de Ferrers (ca 1394-    )


1b) John; m.Elizabeth Newmarch


1c) Joan; m.Sir William Gascoigne


3a) Mathilda/Maud, d.Oct 1438; m.before 6 Aug 1400 Piers de Mauley, 5th Lord Mauley (ca 1378-6 Sep 1415)


4a) Alice; m.1st Sir Thomas Grey, of Heton; m.2nd Sir Gilbert Lancaster


5a) Philippa, d.1453/8; m.Thomas de Dacre, 6th Lord Dacre (27 Oct 1387-5 Jan 1458)


6a) Margaret, d.1464/5; m.1st before 31 Dec 1413 Richard le Scrope, 3rd Lord Scrope (31 May 1394-29 Aug 1420); m.2nd before 5 Nov 1427 William Cressoner, of Sudbury


7a) Anne; m.before 3 Feb 1413 Sir Gilbert de Umfreville


8a) Anastasia, per a recent Burke’s; Burke’s Extinct Peerage has here no Anastasia, but a Margery, said to be Abbess of Barking; Collins also has Margery, and no Anastasia


9a) Elizabeth, a nun


[by 2nd m.]:


10a) Richard (ca 1400-k.a. Wakefield 30 Dec 1460); Feb 1421 Alice, suo jure 5th Countess of Salisbury (ca 1406-1462), dau of Thomas Montagu, 4th Earl of Salisbury; in right of his wife he was recognized as 5th Earl of Salisbury


1b) Richard (22 Nov 1428-k.a. Barnet 14 Apr 1471); he m.1434 Anne (ca Sep 1426-d.shortly before 20 Sep 1492), who apparently suc 1449 as suo jure 16th Countess of Warwick, and he was confirmed in 1449 as Earl of Warwick; nonetheless the couple were cr 1450 Earl and Countess of  Warwick for life, with remainder to Anne’s issue, and with further remainders to her relatives if her issue expired; he suc 1460 as 6th Earl of Salisbury


1c) Isabel (5 Sep 1451-22 Nov 1476); m.11 Jul 1469 George, Duke of Clarence, 1472 Earl of Warwick and Salisbury (21 Oct 1449-k. in Tower of London 18 Feb 1478)


2c) Anne (11 Jun 1456-16 Mar 1485); m.? 1st Aug 1470 Edward, Prince of Wales (13 Oct 1453-k.a.4 May 1471); m.2nd 12 Jul 1472 King Richard III of England (2 Oct 1452-k.a. 22 Aug 1485)


2b) Sir Thomas, k.a. Wakefield 30 Dec 1460; m.Aug 1453 Maud (d.30 Aug 1497), dau of

Sir Richard Stanhope, and widow of 6th Lord Willoughby de Eresby


3b) John, summoned to Parliament 1461 as Lord Montagu, cr 1464 Earl of Northumberland [which title he was forced to resign 1470 when it was restored to the Percys], cr 1470 Marquess of Montagu (ca 1431-k.a. Barnet 14 Apr 1471); m.25 Apr 1457 Isabel Ingaldesthorpe (d.20 May 1476)


1c) George, cr 5 Jan 1470 Duke of Bedford, suc 1471 as 2nd Marquess of Montagu; he was degraded from all his Peerage honours in 1478 as having no sufficient estate, and d.4 May 1483


2c) John, d.young


3c) Anne, 1486; m.Sir William Stonor, of Stonor (1424-23 Apr 1474)


4c) Elizabeth (ca 1464-Sep 1517); m.1st before 1477 Thomas le Scrope, 6th Lord Scrope of Masham (ca 1459-23 Apr 1493); m.2nd ca Oct 1494 Sir Henry Wentworth


5c) Margaret (1466-31 Jan 1528); m.1st Sir John Mortimer ( 12 Nov 1504); m.2nd before 7 Feb 1507 (annulled ca 1507) Charles Brandon [later, Duke of Suffolk] (ca 1484-22 Aug 1545); m.3rd ca Feb 1522 Robert Downes


6c) Lucy; m.1st Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam; m.2nd Sir Anthony Browne


7c) Isabella; m.Sir William Huddleston


4b) George, Archbishop of York (1432/3-8 Jun 1476)


5b) Ralph

6b) Robert


7b) Joan, d.shortly before 9 Sep 1462; m.after 17 Aug 1438 William Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel (23 Nov 1417-1487)


8b) Cicely, d.28 Jul 1450; m.1st 1434 Henry de Beauchamp, 14th Earl and 1st Duke of Warwick (22 Mar 1425-11 Jun 1446); m.2nd ca 1446 John Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester (8 May 1427-18 Oct 1470)


9b) Alice, fl 1503; m.Henry Fitzhugh, 5th Lord Fitzhugh (d.8 Jun 1472)


10b) Eleanor, Nov 1482; m.Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby (ca 1435-29 Jul 1504)


11b) Katherine, d.1503/4; m.1st by 1458 William Bonville, 6th Lord Harington (ca 1442-k.a.Wakefield 31 Dec 1460); m.2nd before 6 Feb 1462 William Hastings, Lord Hastings (executed 13 Jun 1483); her dau Cicely Bonville m.1st the Marquess of Dorset and m.2nd the Earl of Wiltshire


12b) Margaret; m.John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford (8 Sep 1442-10 Mar 1513)


11a) Henry, d.young

12a) Thomas, d.young

13a) Cuthbert, d.young

14a) Robert, Bp of Salisbury, and later of Durham (1404-dspl 8/9 Jul 1457)


15a) William, summoned to Parliament 1429 as Sir William Neville, and later in 1455, in right of his wife, as

Lord Fauconberge, cr 1461 Earl of Kent, d.9 Jan 1463; m.before 28 Apr 1422 Joan Fauconberge, de jure 6th Baroness Faucomberge [Fauconberg] (18 Oct 1406-11 Dec 1490); the earldom became extinct and the 1455 Barony of Fauconberge (if it was a new creation and the 1429 Neville Barony (if it was separate from the Fauconberg one) went into abeyance


1b) Joane; m.Sir Edward Bechom


2b) Elizabeth; m.Sir Richard Strangeways


3b) Alice; m.Sir John Conyers


4b) [illegitimate] Thomas FAUCONBRIDGE, executed 22 Sep 1471


16a) John, d.young


17a) George, summoned to Parliament from 1432 as Lord Latimer, d.30/31 Dec 1469; 1437 Lady Elizabeth Beauchamp (ca 1417-d.before 2 Oct 1480)


1b) Sir Henry, k.a. Edgcote 26 Jul 1469; m.Joan Bourchier (d.7 Oct 1470), dau of 1st Lord Berners


1c) Richard, 2nd Lord Latimer (ca 1468-12/28 Dec 1530); m.1st ca 1490 Anne Stafford; m.2nd ca 1522 Margaret, widow of Sir James Strangwishe [Strangways?]


1d) John, 3rd Lord Latimer (17 Nov 1493-2 Mar 1543); m.1st Lady Dorothy de Vere (d.7 Feb 1527); m.2nd 20 Jul 1528 Elizabeth Musgrave; m.3rd 1533 Katharine, Lady Burgh, née Parr (d.5 Sep 1548), later wife of King Henry VIII and of Thomas, Lord Seymour


1e) John, 4th Lord Latimer (ca 1520-22 Apr 1577); 1545 Lady Lucy Somerset (d.23 Feb 1583); on his death the Barony fell into abeyance


1f) Katherine, d.28 Oct 1596; m.1st 1562 Henry Percy, 8th Earl of Northumberland (1532-20/21 Jun 1585); m.2nd 1588 Francis Fitton (d.17 Jun 1608)


2f) Dorothy, d.23 Mar 1609; m.27 Nov 1564 Thomas Cecil, Earl of Exeter (5 May 1542-8 Feb 1623)


3f) Lucy, d.30 Apr 1608; m.Sir William Cornwallis


4f) Elizabeth, bur 24 Jun 1630; m.1st Sir John Danvers (d.10 Dec 1594); m.2nd Sir Edmund Carey, of Moulton Park


2e) [ex 1] Margaret fl 1542


2d) Margaret (9 Mar 1494-    ); m.Edward Willoughby (dvp), son and heir of 2nd Lord Willoughby de Broke


3d) Dorothy (29 Mar 1496-    ); m.Sir John Dawnay, of Cowick (d.2 Mar 1553)


4d) William, of Penwyn (15 Jul 1497-    ); m.Elizabeth Greville à issue, extinct 1631


5d) Elizabeth (28 Apr 1500-    ); m.Sir Christopher Danby, of Farnley


6d) Susannah (28 Apr 1501-    ); m.Richard Norton


7d) Thomas, of Piggot's Hardley (24 Dec 1502-28 Oct 1544); m.Mary Teye à issue


8d) Marmaduke, of Mark's Teye (1506-28 May 1545); m.Elizabeth Teye à issue


2c) Thomas, of Malvern fl 1540 à issue


3c)Joane; m.Sir James Ratcliffe


2b) Thomas, of Shenstone

3b) Jane

4b) Katherine; m.1st Oliver Dudley (d.1480); m.2nd Sir James Ratcliffe


18a) Edward; he m.1st before 18 Oct 1422 Elizabeth Beauchamp (16 Sep 1415 [16 Dec 1415, per Collins]-18 Jun 1448), who according to modern doctrine was suo jure 3rd Baroness Bergavenny [or Abergavenny], and who, through her mother, was heir to a moiety of the Barony of Le Despenser; on her death he was summoned to Parliament from 1450 as Lord Abergavenny; he m.2nd ca 1448 Katharine Howard, sister of Duke of Norfolk; he d.18 Oct 1476; note that he and his descendants most often spelled their surname “NEVILL”


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Richard, dvpsp


2b) George, 4th Lord Bergavenny (ca 1440-20 Sep 1492); m.1st Margaret Fenne (d.28 Sep 1485); m.2nd Elizabeth ___, widow of Sir Robert Bassett, of Richard Naylor, and of John Stokker


1c) George, 5th Lord Bergavenny, d.1535; m.1st Lady Joan FitzAlan; m.2nd Margaret Brent (dsps); m.3rd ca Jun 1519 Lady Mary Stafford; m.4th Mary Brooke, alias Cobham


[by 1st m.]:


1d) Elizabeth; m.before 16 Jul 1517 Sir Henry Daubeny, 1538 Earl of Bridgewater (Dec 1493-12 Apr 1548)


[by 3rd m.]:


2d) Henry, 6th Lord Bergavenny, d.10 Feb 1587; m.1st before 31 Jan 1556 [probably by 1554, since their dau was born then] Lady Frances Manners (bur Sep 1576); m.2nd Elizabeth Darrell (d.27 Feb 1618, later wife of Sir William Sedley, Bt.


1e) Mary (25 Mar 1554-28 Jun 1626); she claimed the Barony of Bergavenny as opposed to the heir male; in 1604 that Barony was awarded to the heir male and the abeyance in the ancient Barony of Le Despenser was terminated in her favor and she became 3rd [or 5th] Baroness Le Despenser; she m.12 Dec 1574 Sir Thomas Fane, of Badsell (d.13 Mar 1589); the title of Earl of Westmorland was later revived for her descendants


2d) John, d.young

3d) Thomas, dsp


4d) Catherine; m.John St.Leger, of Annersley


5d) Margaret; m.John Cheney


6d) Dorothy, d.22 Sep 1559; m.William Brooke, 10th Lord Cobham (1 Nov 1527-6 Mar 1597)


7d) Joan; m.Sir Henry Pole


8d) Ursula, d.1575; m.Sir Wenham [or Warham] St.Leger, of Ulcombe


9d) Mary, 1576; m.1st 1536 Thomas Fiennes, 9th Lord Dacre (executed 29 Jun 1541); m.2nd ___ Wootton; m.3rd Francis Thursby


2c) William


3c) Sir Edward, of Aldington Park, executed 8 Dec 1538; m.Eleanor, dau of 1st Lord Windsor, and widow of 9th Lord Scrope of Masham


1d) Sir Edward, de jure 7th Lord Bergavenny, d.10 Feb 1589; m.1st Katharine Brome; m.2nd Grisold Hughes (d.15 Jun 1613), later wife of 4th Earl of Cumberland; he was de jure Lord as per the 1604 decision but because of a dispute over the title with the heir general he likely never used the title


1e) Edward, 8th Lord Bergavenny [confirmed 1604], d.1 Dec 1622; m.Rachel Lennard (bur 15 Oct 1616); the 1604 decision awarded him the Barony with precedence of the writ of 1392, though the normal descent of Baronies by writ would have been directly to heirs general, so this decision is an anomaly; Cokayne felt that this should be considered to have cr a new Barony


1f) Henry, 9th Lord Bergavenny, bur 24 Dec 1641; m.1st before 1601 Lady Mary Sackville; m.2nd before 1616 Catherine Vaux (bur 10 Jul 1649), maternal gdau of 1st Lord Teynham


[by 1st m.]:


1g) Sir Thomas, bur 7 May 1628; m. Hon. Frances Mordaunt


1h) Henry, d.1639

2h) Charles, d.1637


3h) Margaret; m.Thomas Brooke, of Madeley; she and her descendants were heirs general to her grandfather, and if the 1604 decision amounted to the creation of a writ for a new Barony, they are heirs to that Barony


2g) Cecily; m. FitzWilliam Coningsby, of Hampton Court


3g) Anne, Abbess at Pontoise

4g) Elizabeth

5g) Mary


[by 2nd m.]:


6g) John, 10th Lord Bergavenny, d.23 Oct 1662; m.Elizabeth Chamberlaine; if the 1604 decision amounted to a new creation, then John’s summons to Parliament may have cr yet another new Barony, since the 1604 one would have descended to the heirs general; also note that about this time the title began being called “Abergavenny” as well as “Bergavenny”


7g) George, 11th Lord Bergavenny, d.2 Jun 1666; m.Mary Gifford (bur 14 Nov 1699), sister of Sir Henry Gifford, Bt., and later wife of Sir Charles Shelley, 2nd Bt.; he is not known to have been summoned to Parliament, so if the 1604 decision cr a new Barony it is not clear whether he was legally a Baron at all, but of course he was accorded the 1392 Barony


1h) George, 12th Lord Bergavenny (21 Apr 1665-26 Mar 1695); m. Hon. Honora Belasyse (d.1 Jan 1707)


2h) Winifred [or Mary, or Bridget], bur 24 May 1687; m.Sir John Shelley, 3rd Bt. (d,25 Apr 1703)


8g) Frances


9g) Catherine; she m.1st Sir Robert Howard, whom a recent Burke’s calls “younger son of 2nd Earl of Suffolk”; however, there seems to have been no such Robert; likely her husband was the Robert who was younger son of the 1st Earl of Berkshire, and who was known to have had four wives, usually not named; she m.2nd Robert Berry, of Ludlow


10g) Elizabeth; m.1651 Thomas Stonor, of Stonor (1626-1683)


2f) Edward, d.1610


3f) Sir Christopher, of Newton St.Loe, bur 7 Jun 1649; m.Mary Darcy


1g) Richard, of Newton St.Loe, d.1643; m.Sophia Carew


1h) George, d.1665; m.Mary Whitelocke


1i) George, 13th Lord Bergavenny, d.11 Mar 1721; m.22 Oct 1698 Anne Walker (d.26 Jun 1748), later wife of 1st Earl De La Warr; note that he was accorded the 1392 Barony, but likely his summons cr yet another new Barony, unless the 1604 decision amounted to a new patent to heirs male


1j) Henry (16 Aug 1701-d. aged 7)


2j) George, 14th Lord Bergavenny (16 May 1702-15 Nov 1723); m.21 Feb 1723 Elizabeth Thornicroft (d.4 Mar 1778)


1k- 2k) two posthumous daus who d. as infants


3j) Edward, 15th Lord Bergavenny, d.9 Oct 1724; m.6 May 1724 Katharine Tatton, later wife of the 16th Lord (below)


4j) Jane (8 Mar 1703-19 Mar 1786); m.John Abel Walter, of Busbridge


5j) Ann (ca 1715-Mar 1737)


2i) Edward, d.12 Sep 1701; m.Hannah Thorp


1j) William, 16th Lord Bergavenny, d.21 Sep 1744; m.1st 20 May 1725 Katharine, née Tatton (d.4 Dec 1729), widow of the 15th Lord Bergavenny; m.2nd 20 May 1732 Lady Rebecca Herbert (d.20 Oct 1758)


1k) George, 17th Lord Bergavenny and 1st Earl of Abergavenny; for him and his issue see Part 2, below


2k) Catherine (20 Jun 1728-19 Jan 1820)


3k) Edward (ca 19 Nov 1729-    )


4k) Harriot (17 Nov 1734-8 Aug 1762)


5k) Mary (13 Jun 1736-24 Jul 1758)


6k) Sophia (14 Mar 1738-29 Dec 1759)


7k) Rev. William (Oct 1741-22 Jul 1810)


2j) Mary; m.Charles Chamberlain Rebow, of Smallfield Place


2g) Anne, d.22 Aug 1660; 1628 John Lucas, Lord Lucas of Shenfield (23 Oct 1606-2 Jul 1671)


4f) John, d.young

5f) Thomas, d.young

6f) Charles, d.young


7f) Elizabeth; m.1st Sir John Grey (bur 7 Oct 1611); m.2nd Sir John Bingley


8f) Mary, bur 15 Jul 1648; m. shortly before 1608 George Goring, 1644 Earl of Norwich (28 Apr 1585-6 Jan 1663)


9f) Catherine; m.Sir Stephen Lessour

10f) Frances, d.young

11f) Margaret, d.young


2e) Francis; m.Mary Lewkenor

3e) George


4e) Henry, of Bathwick; m.Eleanor Poole


1f) Edward, dsp 1622

2f) Henry (ca 1604-   )

3f) Thomas (ca 1606-    )

4f) William (ca 1610-    )

5f) George (ca 1612-    )

6f) Catherine (ca 1603-    )

7f) Frances (ca 1605-    )


5e) Margaret; m.Sir Nicholas Lewkenor


6e) Grisel; m.Sir Henry Poole


7e) Mary; m.Edward Blount, of Kidderminster


2d) Henry, of Billingbere, d.1593; m.Elizabeth Gresham


1e) Sir Henry, of Billingbere (ca 1564-10 Jul 1615); m.Anne Killigrew


1f) Sir Henry, of Billingbere, d.29 Jun 1629; m.Elizabeth Smith


1g) Richard, of Billingbere (ca 1617-1676); m.Anne Heydon


1h) Anne (14 Feb 1647-    ); m.Richard Raynsford, of Dallington; her dau Anne Raynsford m.James Griffin, 2nd Lord Griffin of Braybrooke, and a grandson of that marriage was cr 1st Lord Braybrooke, with remainder to his cousin Richard Aldworth Neville


2h) Mirabell (16 Nov 1650-    )


3h) John, of Billingbere (23 Jul 1652-Dec 1678)


4h) Richard, of Billingbere (12 Oct 1655-1717); m. Hon. Katherine Grey


1i) Grey (23 Sep 1681-24 Apr 1723); m.Elizabeth Boteler (d.16 Nov 1740)


1j) dau, d.young


2i) Henry, of Billingbere, took surname GREY (17 Aug 1683-1740); m. Hon. Elizabeth Griffin, dau of Lord Griffin of Braybrooke


3i) Catherine, d.1720; m.Richard Aldworth, of Stanlake (d.May 1738); her son took surname Neville and his son suc a cousin as 2nd Lord Braybrooke


5h) Elizabeth (6 May 1657-    )


6h) Catherine (23 Jun 1659-    ); note: an online edition of Burke’s has this Catherine as the one who m.Richard Aldworth, but it was actually her niece


7h) Frances (19 May 1664-1 Feb 1723); m.1688 Sir Richard Cocks, 2nd Bt. (ca 1658-21 Oct 1726)


2g) Henry (1620-1694); m.Elizabeth Staverton


3g) Katherine; m.Sir Thomas Lumsford, of Wilye


4g) Mary; m. ___ Borell


5g) Philippa; m. ___ Jepson


2f) William

3f) Charles, d.1626

4f) Richard

5f) Edward, d.1632


6f) Elizabeth; m.1st William Glover; m.2nd Sir Henry Berkeley, of Yardington (ca 1579-1667); m.3rd Thomas Dyke


7f) Frances, 1660; m.1st ca 1610 Sir Richard Worsley, Bt. (ca 1589-27 Jun 1621); m.2nd Jerome Brett


8f) Katherine; m.Sir Richard Brooke, of Norton


9f) Mary; m.Sir Edward Lewknor, of Denham Hall


10f) Dorothy; m.Richard Catelyn, of Wingfield Castle


3d) Catherine; m.Clement Throgmorton, of Hasley


4d) Frances; m.1st Sir Edward Waldegrave, of Borley; m.2nd Lord Chidiock Paulet


5d) Elizabeth; m.Thomas Haynes [Eymes?]


6d) Mary; m.Henry Dineley, of Charlton


4c) Sir Thomas (ca 1480-29 May 1542); m.1st Catherine (d.20 Aug 1527), dau of Lord Dacre of Gilsland, and widow of 8th Lord FitHugh; m.2nd 28 Aug 1532 Mrs Elizabeth Amadas


1d) Margaret, d.25 Dec 1575; m.1st 1 May 1536 Sir Robert Southwell; m.2nd William Plumbe


5c) Richard, Knight of Rhodes, fl 1515


6c) Jane, d.before 26 Oct 1538; m.before May 1520 Henry Pole, Lord Montagu (ca 1492-executed 9 Jan 1539)


7c) Elizabeth; m.Sir Edward Berkeley


3b) Alice; m.Sir Thomas Grey


4b) Catherine; m. ___ Iwarby


[by 2nd m.]:


5b) Margaret, d.30 Sep 1506; m.John Brooke, 7th Lord Cobham (d.9 Mar 1512)


6b) Catherine; m.Robert Tanfield


7b) Anne; sometimes said to have m.John Lestrange, 8th Lord Strange of Knokyn; though per GEC the identity of his two wives is unknown


19a) Cecily (3 May 1415-31 May 1495); 18 Oct 1424 Richard, Duke of York (21 Sep 1411-k.a.Wakefield 30 Dec 1460); parents of Kings Edward IV and Richard III


20a) Joan, a nun


21a) Anne, d.20 Sep 1480; m.1st before 18 Oct 1424 Humphrey Stafford, Duke of Buckingham (ca 1402-k.a. Northampton 10 Jul 1460); m.2nd before 25 Nov 1467 Walter Blount, Lord Mountjoy (ca 1420-1 Aug 1474)


22a) Alianore/Eleanor; m.1st after 23 May 1412 Richard le Despenser (d.7 Oct 1414, aged 14), only son of Earl of Gloucester, and himself, by modern doctrine, 4th Lord Burghersh; m.2nd after Oct 1414 Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland (3 Feb 1393-22 May 1455)


23a) Katharine, fl 1483; m.1st John de Mowbray, 2nd Duke of Norfolk (1392-19 Oct 1432); m.2nd before 27 Jan 1442 Sir Thomas Strangways; m.3rd John Beaumont, Viscount Beaumont (ca 1409-k.a. Northampton 10 Jul 1460); m.4th Sir John Wydville, brother of Elizabeth, consort of King Edward IV





Part 2



George Nevill, 17th Lord Bergavenny (24 Jun 1727-9 Sep 1785; see Part 1, above), was cr 1784 Earl of Abergavenny and Viscount Nevill, of Birling; he m.5 Feb 1753 Mrs Harriet Temple, née Pelham (d.31 Aug 1768), sister of 1st Earl of Chichester


1a) Henry, 2nd Earl of Abergavenny (22 Feb 1755-27 Mar 1843); m.3 Oct 1781 Mary Robinson (d.26 Oct 1796)


1b) Mary Catherine (27 Feb 1783-11 Jul 1807); m.2 Jan 1802 Thomas Myers


2b) Henry George, Viscount Nevill (22 May 1785-8 Apr 1806)


3b) Ralph, Viscount Nevill (21 Dec 1786-20 May 1826); m.2 Feb 1813 Mary Anne Elcock (d.6 Jun 1828)


4b) Henrietta (14 Jul 1788-28 Jul 1827)


5b) Rev. John, 3rd Earl of Abergavenny (25 Dec 1789-12 Apr 1845)


6b) Rev. William, 4th Earl of Abergavenny (28 Jun 1792-17 Aug 1868); m.7 Sep 1824 Caroline Leeke (d.19

May 1873)


1c) Henry (1825-21 Mar 1829)


2c) William, 5th Earl of Abergavenny, cr 1876 Marquess of Abergavenny and Earl of Lewes (16 Sep 1826-12 Dec 1915); m.2 May 1848 Caroline Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone (1826-23 Sep 1892)


1d) Caroline Louisa (25 Dec 1849-4 Jan 1850)


2d) Cicely Louisa (10 Sep 1851-1 May 1932); m.16 Apr 1872 Hon. Charles Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy (11 May 1841-17 Feb 1919)


3d) Reginald William Bransby, 2nd Marquess of Abergavenny (4 Mar 1853-13 Oct 1927)


4d) Henry Gilbert Ralph, 3rd Marquess of Abergavenny (2 Sep 1854-10 Jan 1938); m.1st 12 Sep 1876 Violet Streatfeild (30 Oct 1855-25 Dec 1880); m.2nd 20 Oct 1886 Maud Augusta Denison-Beckett (12 Jun 1864-15 Jul1927); m.3rd 18 Oct 1928 Mary Frances Nevill (below)


1e) Gilbert Reginald (6 Apr 1879-11 May 1891)


2e) Geoffrey (6 Apr 1879-14 Apr 1879)


3e) Joan Marion (16 Jul 1877-4 Jul 1952); m.2 Jun 1898 John Charles Pratt, 4th Marquess Camden (9 Feb 1872-14 Dec 1943)


4e) Marguerite Helen (30 Sep 1887-7 Jun 1975); m.11 Feb 1907 Albert Edward Delaval Astley, 21st Lord Hastings (24 Nov 1882-18 Jan 1956)


5d) George Montacute (23 Sep 1856-10 Aug 1920); m.19 Oct 1882 Florence Mary Soanes (d.19 Dec 1929)


1e) Guy Temple Monacute, 1919 LARNACH-NEVILL, 4th Marquess of Abergavenny (15 Jul 1883-30 Mar 1954); m.30 Oct 1909 Isabel Nellie Larnach (d.5 Nov 1953)


1f) Angela Isabel Nellie (3 Aug 1910-26 May 1980); m.1st 20 Oct 1930 (annulled 1933) Sir Mark Vane Milbank, 4th Bt. (11 Jan 1907-4 Apr 1984); m.2nd 3 Oct 1933 John Digby Thomas Pepys, 7th Earl of Cottenham (14 Jun 1907-12 May 1968)


2f) John Henry Guy NEVILL, 5th Marquess of Abergavenny (8 Nov 1914-23 Feb 2000); m.4 Jan 1938 Mary Patricia Nevill Harrison, DCVO (20 Oct 1915-2005)


1g) Anne Patricia Nevill, b.25 Oct 1938; m.16 Jul 1971 Martin Frank Whiteley (d.17 Mar 1984)


2g) Vivienne Margaret Nevill (15 Feb 1941-10 Sep 2018); m.12 Jul 1962 Alan Lillingston (1935-26 Jul 2014)


3g) Jane Elizabeth Nevill (7 Apr 1944-16 Oct 1946)


4g) Henry John Montagu, Earl of Lewes (2 Feb 1948-2 Apr 1965)


5g) Rose (1950-    ); m.8 Mar 1990 George Mark Somerset Clowes


3f) Rupert Charles Montacute NEVILL (29 Jan 1923-18 Jul 1982); m.22 Apr 1944 Lady Anne Camilla Evelyn Wallop


1g) Guy Rupert Gerard (29 Mar 1945-5 Feb 1993); m.18 Feb 1982 Lady Beatrix Mary Lambton (23 Jul 1949-    )


2g) Angela Isabel Mary (1948-    ); m.12 Mar 1994 William Keating (d.4 Nov 1998)


3g) Christopher George Charles, 6th Marquess of Abergavenny, b.23 Apr 1955; m.23 Oct 1985 Venetia Jane Maynard


1h) George Rupert Gerard (27 Jun 1990-15 Sep 1990)


2h) Sophie Alice Augusta Nevill (27 Jun 1990-    )


4g) Henrietta Emily Charlotte (1964-    ); m.5 Oct 1991 Timothy John Gerald Steven Purbrick


2e) Rupert William (4 Sep 1884-d.on active service 3 Dec 1918)


3e) Marjorie (11 Oct 1886-8 Mar 1945); m.10 Jun 1905 Percy Llewelyn Nevill (below)


6d) Alice Maud (Aug 1858-19 Feb 1898); m.30 Sep 1884 Henry Courtenay Morland (21 Mar 1855-30 Jun 1934)


7d) William Beauchamp (23 May 1860-12 May 1939); m.12 Feb 1889 Luisa Maria Carmen Murrieta del Campo Mello (d.3 Nov 1951)


8d) Richard Plantagenet (13 Jan 1862-1 Dec 1939)


9d) Idina Mary (5 May 1865-21 Feb 1951); m.28 Feb 1889 Thomas Allnutt Brassey, 2nd Earl Brassey (7 Mar 1863-12 Nov 1919)


10d) Rose (7 Dec 1866-2 May 1913); m.1st 14 Jun 1887 (div 1899) John Blundell Leigh (13 Dec 1858-27 Jul 1931); m.2nd 29 Nov 1899 Kenelm Charles Edward Pepys, 4th Earl of Cottenham (18 May 1874-22 Apr 1919)


11d) Violet (7 Dec 1866-28 Mar 1910); m.1st 17 Dec 1889 (div 1897) Henry Arthur Mornington Wellesley, 3rd Earl Cowley (14 Jan 1866-15 Jan 1919); m.2nd 19 Jul 1898 Robert Edward Myddelton, of Chirk Castle (8 Jan 1866-12 Aug 1949)


3c) Augusta (24 Jan 1828-25 Mar 1829)


4c) Caroline Emily (31 May 1829-23 Feb 1887)


5c) Henrietta Augusta (18 Jun 1830-25 Jan 1912); m.10 Jul 1855 Hon. Thomas Edward Lloyd-Mostyn (23 Jan 1830-8 May 1861)


6c) Isabel Mary Frances (6 Sep 1831-18 Dec 1915); m.23 Feb 1854 Rev. Hon. Edward Vesey Bligh (28 Feb 1829-22 Apr 1908)


7c) Ralph Pelham (28 Nov 1832-17 Aug 1914); m.12 Jul 1860 Louisa Marianne Maclean (d.6 Jul 1919)


1d) Constance Emily (12 Dec 1863-4 Jan 1943)


2d) Isabel Louisa (29 Dec 1864-21 Dec 1963); m.15 Oct 1890 Angus Howard Reginald Ogilvy (12 Aug 1860-4 Jul 1906)


3d) Ralph William Plantagenet (12 Apr 1865-18 Jul 1902)


4d) Mary Frances (5 Apr 1869-31 Oct 1954); m.1st 8 Jul 1891 Henry Charles Hardinge, 3rd Viscount Hardinge (1 Aug 1857-30 Apr 1924); m.2nd 18 Oct 1928 3rd Marquess of Abergavenny (above)


5d) Cicely Augusta (6 Mar 1872-14 Oct 1958); m.14 Jan 1902 Philip Wyndham Cobbold (5 Jan 1875-28 Dec 1945)


6d) Eleanor Georgiana (1873-12 Nov 1966); m.15 June 1901 Rowland Francis Meyrick (10 Sep 1867-18 Mar 1953)


7d) Percy Llewelyn (11 May 1877-24 Apr 1927); m.8 Jun 1905 Marjorie Nevill


1e) Joan Helen (26 Apr 1906-18 Mar 1988); m.1st 14 Feb 1935 Charles Austen Field-Marsham (3 Nov 1910-d.on active service Jan 1941); m.2nd 2 Oct 1950 Robert Edward Field-Marsham (3 Aug 1905-23 Nov 1996)


2e) Sylvia Eleanor (6 Oct 1907-20 May 1981)


3e) Ruby Louisa (13 Jul 1909-1 Nov 1962); m.3 Nov 1932 (div 1939) Kenneth Leslie Urquhart


4e) Rosemary (8 Feb 1912-11 Mar 1979); m.17 Nov 1945 (div 1963) Sir John Weston Brooke, 3rd Bt. (26 Sep 1911-19 Jul 1983)


5e) Cicely Rose (23 Jun 1915-Sep 2009); m.29 Apr 1947 Peter Richard Nickols (d.25 Oct 1990)


6e) Michael George Ralph (19 Jun 1917-k.a.No Africa 28 Apr 1943); m.27 Jul 1940 Maureen Ethné Rhodes


1f) David Michael Ralph (20 Jun 1941-    ); m.16 Mar 1972 Katherine Mary Westenra


1g) Guy Michael Rossmore, b.1973; m.2008 Jemima Elizabeth James


1h) George David Roland, b.2010


2h) Frederick Guy James, b.2012


3h) Ralph William James, b.2015


2g) Anna Louise; m.Theodore J S Morgan


3g) Georgina Rose; m.Birling 10 Sep 2011 D Paul Richards


2f) Michael George Rathmore (14 Jul 1943-13 Aug 2021)


2a) Henrietta (24 May 1756-2 Apr 1833); m.9 Sep 1779 Sir John Berney, 7th Bt. (d.Sep/Oct 1825)


3a) Rev. George Henry, of Flower Place (6 Dec 1760-7 Aug 1844); m.12 May 1787 Caroline Walpole (23 Jul 1765-21 Dec 1841), gdau of 1st Lord Walpole of Wolterton


1b) Catherine Caroline (5 Aug 1789-23 Jan 1794)


2b) Rev. George (16 Mar 1792-20 Sep 1825)


3b) Rev. Henry Walpole (10 Nov 1803-3 Mar 1837); m.28 May 1833 Frances (20 May 1808-4 Oct 1892), dau of Sir Edmund Bacon, 9th and 10th Bt.


4b) Reginald Henry, of Dangstein (14 Sep 1807-1 Sep 1878); m.2 Dec 1847 Lady Dorothy Fanny Walpole (31 Mar 1826-24 Mar 1913)


1c) Cecily Rachel (21 Aug 1848-22 Aug 1848)


2c) Meresia Dorothy Augusta (14 Dec 1849-26 Oct 1918)


3c) Edward Augustus (28 Feb 1851-10 Sep 1915); m.7 Aug 1877 Edith Fanny Owen Leggatt (d.15 May 1937)


4c) Mary (7 Feb 1854-9 Feb 1854)


5c) Horace John (22 Oct 1855-10 Jan 1924); m.2 Jan 1880 Annie Harriett Martha Rowe (d.27 Dec 1931)


1d) Frederick Reginald (17 Sep 1880-20 Aug 1949); m.20 Aug 1927 Jeanne Fageol (d.17 Jun



1e) John Robert Ralph (15 Feb 1928-    ); m.30 Jul 1955 Ann Margaret Mary Corble à 4 sons, 2 daus


2e) Anne Mary Frederica Dorothy (17 Jan 1938-    ); m.17 Dec 1960 Ian George Hastie


2d) John Henry Adrian (22 Jan 1882-29 Apr 1942)


3d) Robert Evelyn (9 Jul 1883-2 Mar 1884)


4d) Geoffrey Horace (13 Nov 1894-2 Mar 1895)


6c) William (22 Feb 1858-26 Jan 1860)


7c) Ralph Henry (4 Feb 1865-24 Jun 1930)