Earls of Peterborough



William Mordaunt, of Turvey; m.Margaret Peeke


1a) Sir John, of Turvey


[note: Collins, Burke’s and other sources, including first edition of Cokayne, say the first son was one William, who succeeded his father but dsp; later editions of Cokayne state that this has been found to be a fiction]


1b) Sir John, of Turvey, cr 1532 Lord Mordaunt [unclear whether by summons, patent, etc.] (ca 1480/5-Turvey 18 Aug 1562); m.1499 Elizabeth Vere


1c) John, 2nd Lord Mordaunt (1508-Turvey Apr/Oct 1571); m.1st before 24 Feb 1526 Ela FitzLewis (ca 1500-2 Jun 1543); m.2nd 1545 Mrs Joan Wilford, ne Fermor (bur 1592); all issue by 1st m.


1d) Lewis, 3rd Lord Mordaunt (21 Sep 1538-Drayton Manor House 16 Jun 1601); m.Elizabeth Darcy (bur 1590)


1e) Henry, 4th Lord Mordaunt, d.13 Feb 1609; Oct 1593 Margaret ( 1645), dau of Lord Compton and sister of 1st Earl of Northampton


1f) John, 5th Lord Mordaunt, cr 1627 Earl of Peterborough (bap 18 Jan 1599-19 Jun 1643; note: in the stub sub Mordaunt, Cokayne says he was born, not baptized, on 18 Jan 1599, and that he died 18 Jun 1644, but in full article sub Peterborugh it gives the dates listed here); he 7 Apr 1621 Elizabeth (Arundel House 19 Jan 1603-bur 18 Nov 1671), dau of William Howard, Lord Howard of Effingham


1g) Henry, 2nd Earl of Peterborough (bap 18 Oct 1623-19 Jun 1697); m.1644/5 Lady Penelope O’Brien


1h) Elizabeth


2h) Mary, dsp 16 Nov 1705; m.1st 8 Aug 1677 (div 1700) Henry Howard, 7th Duke of Norfolk (11 Jan 1654-2 Apr 1701); m.2nd 1701 Sir John Germaine, Bt. (d.11 Dec 1718); if the 1532 Barony was cr by summons, then she was de jure 7th Baroness Mordaunt; she left the Mordaunt estates at Drayton to her husband, who in turn left them to his second wife, who in turn left them Lord George Sackville


2g) John, cr 1659 Viscount Mordaunt of Avalon and Baron Mordaunt of Ryegate (18 Jun 1626-5 Jun 1675); 1656 Elizabeth Carey (d.5 Apr 1679), granddaughter of Earl of Monmouth


1h) Charles, 1675 2nd Viscount Mordaunt, cr 1689 Earl of Monmouth, 1697 3rd Earl of Peterborough, 7th or 8th Lord Mordaunt [cr 1532] (ca sea off Lisbon 25 Oct 1735); m.1st ca 1678 Carey Fraser (d.13 May 1709), dau of Sir Alexander Fraser, Bt.; m.2nd Anastasia Robinson (bur 1 May 1755)


1i) John, Lord Mordaunt (ca 1681-Winchester 6 Apr 1710); 1707 Lady Frances Powlett (d.30 Jul 1715)


1j) Charles, 4th Earl of Peterborough & 2nd Earl of Monmouth, etc (ca 12 Oct 1708-1 Aug 1779); m.1st by 1735 Mary Cox (d.18 Nov 1755); m.2nd London 5 Dec 1755 Robiniana Browne (d.Bath 6 Dec 1794)


[Cokayne notes that “[T]wo sons, Charles and John, and two (perhaps three) daughters of Lord Peterborough were bap. At St. George’s Chapel, Mayfair, between 1749 and 1753. Presumably they all d. in infancy or were illegitimate.”]


1k) Frances (Apr 1736-Oct 1798); m.Rev. Samuel Bulkeley


2k) Mary Anastasia Grace, 1814 suc her brother as 11th Baroness Mordaunt [if the 1532 Barony was cr by writ] (5 Jun 1738-London 22 Jun 1819); on her death, any claim to that Barony devolved on the descendants of her great-aunt, the Dss of Gordon


3k) Charles Henry, 5th Earl of Peterborough and 3rd Earl of Monmouth, etc. (London 16 May 1758-Dauntsey, Wilts 16 Jun 1814)


4k) Poulet (1759-d.young)


2j) John (ca 1709-1 Jul 1767); m.1st 9 Oct 1735 Mary (d.12 Sep 1749), dau of Viscount Howe, widow of Earl of Pembroke; m.2nd Elizabeth Hamilton (d.15 Sep 1797), later wife of 8th Lord Dormer


2i) Henry (ca 1682-Bath 24 Feb 1710)


3i) Henrietta, d.Prestonhall 11 Oct 1760; 1707 Alexander Gordon, 2nd Duke of Gordon (ca 1678-28 Nov 1728); their descendants eventually inherited the Barony of Mordaunt


2h) Harry (ca 1663-4 Jan 1720); m.1st Margaret Spencer (d.22 Jul 1706), nat. dau of Sir Thomas Spencer, 3rd Bt.; m.2nd Penelope Tipping


[by 1st m.]:


1i) Charles


2i) Harry, suicide 7 May 1724


3i) Sir John (1697-23 Oct 1780)


4i) Thomas


5i) Herbert


6i) Eliza Lucy, bur 29 Nov 1765; m.Fulham 14 Mar 1724 Sir Wilfrid Lawson, of Isell, 3rd Bt. (1697-13 Jul 1737)


7i) Margaret


[by 2nd m.]:


8i) Penelope, d.Dec 1737; m.Sir Monnoux Cope, of Hanwell, 7th Bt. (d.24 Jun 1763)


3h) Lewis, d.2 Feb 1713; m.1st Anne Martin; m.2nd Mary Collyer


1i) [ex 1] Charles; m.1st Elizabeth, ne Lawrence (d.15 May 1725), widow of 4th Lord Mohun and of Edward Griffith, of Ballincar; m.2nd Hon. Anne Howe; all issue by 2nd m.


1j) Charles Lewis, d.15 Jan 1808, aged 78


2j) Osbert, d.13 Feb 1809, aged 79


3j) Harry


1i) [ex 2] Anne Maria; m.Stephen Poyntz; their dau m. Earl Spencer


2i) [ex 2] Sophia, d.22 Dec 1752; m.6 Jun 1739 Sir Roger Martin, of Long Melford, 3rd Bt. (1689-4 Jun 1762)


4h) Osmund, k.a.Battle of the Boyne 1 Jul 1690


5h) Rev. George, d.28 Jul 1728; m.1st Catherine Spencer (d.26 May 1714); m.2nd Elizabeth (d.1720), dau of Sir John D’Oyly, Bt.; m.3rd Elizabeth Collyer


1i) [ex 2] Anna Maria; m.Rt Rev Jonathan Shipley, Bp of St Asaph


2i) [ex 3] Mary; m.Valentine Morris


3i) [ex 3] Elizabeth, d.1785; m.Midgham, Berks 30 Apr 1747 Sir William Milner, of Nun-Appleton, 2nd Bt. (ca 1725-8 Nov 1774)


6h) Charlotte, d.1716/20; m.1st Benjamin Albin; m.2nd Sir Joseph Alston, 3rd Bt. (ca 1665-bur 29 Jan 1716)


7h) Carey


8h) Sophia; m.James Hamilton, of Bangor


9h) Anne; m.James Hamilton, of Tollymore; parents of Earl of Clanbrassil


3g) Elizabeth; m.21 Jul 1646 Thomas Howard, 2nd Lord Howard of Escrick (1625-24 Aug 1678)


2f) Henry


3f) Francis; m.Frances Gostwick


4f) Lewis


5f) Frances


6f) Elizabeth; m. Hon. Sir Thomas Nevill (bur 7 May 1628)


2e) Mary; m.Sir Thomas Mansel


3e) Katherine; m.John Heveningham


4e) Elizabeth


2d) Elizabeth; m.George Monnoux


3d) Anne; m.Clement Tanfield


4d) Margaret; m.William Acklam


5d) Ursula; m.Edward Fairfax


2c) William; m.Agnes Booth


3c) George; m.Cecilia Harding


1d) Edmund


4c) Anne; m.1st James Rodney; m.2nd John Fisher


5c) Elizabeth; m.Silvester Danvers


6c) Margaret; m.Edward Fettiplace


7c) Winifred; m.John Cheyney


8c) Editha; m.John Elmes


9c) Dorothy; m.Thomas More


2a) William; m.1495 Anne Huntingdon


1b) Robert; m.Barbara L’Estrange, heiress of Massingham


1c) Henry; m.Anne Poley; note: this is the descent given in Burke’s; Betham has an additional generation saying that Robert and Barbara Mordaunt had a son, Philip, who with his wife, ___ Calthorp, had four sons who succeeded to the family estates in turn, the youngest of whom was this Henry


1d) Sir L’Estrange Mordaunt, of Massingham, cr Baronet 1611 (1572-1627); m.1st Margaret de Charles; m.2nd Mrs Frances Sotherton, ne Cheeke


1e) Sir Robert, 2nd Bt., d.23 Aug 1638; 1615 Amy Southerton (bur 26 Mar 1668)


1f) Sir Charles, 3rd Bt. (ca 1615-10 Jul 1648); 1638 Catharine Tollemache ( 1653)


1g) Sir Charles, 4th Bt. (ca 1638-24 Apr 1665); m.1663 Elizabeth Johnson ( 1687)


2g) Tollemache, dvp


3g) Sir John, 5th Bt., d.6 Sep 1721; m.1st 13 Jun 1678 Anne Risley (d.Jun 1692); m.2nd 1695 Penelope Warburton; m.3rd ? 1 Jul 1715 Mrs Elizabeth Floyd ( 1734); this third marriage listed in Cokayne and Burke’s but not in History of Parliament or in Betham


[by 1st m.]:


1h) Penelope, d.young


[by 2nd m.]:


2h) Sir Charles, 6th Bt. (ca 1698-11 Mar 1778); m.1st 1 Dec 1720 ___ Conyers (dspm Mar 1726); m.2nd 7 Jul 1730 Sophia Wodehouse (d.Apr 1738)


[by 1st m.]:


1i) Penelope


2i) Dorothy


[by 2nd m.]:


3i) Sir John, 7th Bt. (ca 1735-18 Nov 1806); m.3 Jan 1769 Elizabeth Prowse (25 Sep 1749-5 Oct 1826)


1j) Sir Charles, 8th Bt. (ca 1771-30 May 1823); m.1807 Marianne Holbech (d.1842); Betham says that Charles m. on 16 Nov 1793 Louisa Chester, but this marriage does not seem to be mentioned in other sources


1k) Sir John, 9th Bt. (24 Aug 1808-27 Sep 1845); m.7 Aug 1834 Caroline Sophia Murray (10 Jul 1814-28 Mar 1913)


1l) Sir Charles, 10th Bt. (28 Apr 1836-15 Oct 1897); m.1st 7 Dec 1866 (div 1875) Harriet

Sarah Moncreiffe (d.9 May 1906); m.2nd 24 Apr 1878 Mary Louisa Cholmondeley (d.10 Jun 1947)


1m) [ex 1] Violet Caroline, d.29 May 1928; m.19 Apr 1880 Thomas Henry Thynne, 5th Marquess of Bath (15 Jul 1862-9 Jun 1946)


2m) Sir Osbert L'Estrange, 11th Bt. (27 Jan 1884-23 Feb 1934_


3m) Adela (27 Jan 1879- ); m.8 Jun 1916 John Cecil Macrae (d.20 Aug 1940)


4m) Irene (27 Dec 1880-24 Oct 1969); m.24 Jul 1907 Sir Robert Caradoc Hamilton, 8th Bt,


5m) Lilian (8 Jan 1882-18 Mar 1969); m.21 Jun 1904 Rev Mildmay Francis Hall (d.21 Nov 1948)


6m) Cicely (4 Jun 1889- )


7m) Winifred (5 Mar 1891- ); m.31 Jan 1923 John Wilding Arundel Geare


2l) John Murray (30 Dec 1837-21 Dec 1923); m.15 May 1866 Elizabeth Evelyn Cotes (d.15 Sep 1914)


1m) Sir Henry John, 12th Bt. (12 Jul 1867-15 Jan 1939)


2m) Eustace Charles (6 Sep 1870-21 Jun 1938); m.12 Jun 1906 Cicely Marion Tubb (d.13 Nov 1974)


1n) Sir Nigel John, 13th Bt. (9 May 1907-4 Aug 1979); m.7 Feb 1938 Anne Tritton (d.1990)


1o) Sir Richard Nigel Charles, 14th Bt. (12 May 1940- ); does not use title; m.1964 Myriam Atchia


1p) Kim John, b.1966


2p) Michele, b.1965


2o) David Arthur John (17 Dec 1942- ); m.14 Jan 1969 Elizabeth Aske Luke issue, 2 daus


3o) Peter Anthony Charles (6 Sep 1946- ); m.1972 Angela Mary Hubbard issue, 1 son, 1 dau


4o) Tessa Anne (10 Oct

1947- ); m.25 Apr 1974 David Anthony Nutting


2n) Henry Caryl Charles (12 Dec 1921-19 Jan 1973); m.18 Apr 1964 Doris Ellen (Helen) Cruchley


3n) Evelyn Margarette (17 Sep 1908- ); m.3 Dec 1936 George William Anthony Tufton


4n) Ursula Marion (7 Apr 1913- ); m.2 Nov 1933 Charles Edwin Awdry (d.16 Nov 1965)


5n) Cynthia Violet (8 Apr 1918- )


3m) Gerald John (20 Jan 1873-5 Mar 1959); m.8 Feb 1900 Grace Adeline Impey (d.11 Apr 1965)


1n) Eustace John (27 May 1901-1988); m.25 Jan 1934 Anne Frances Gilmour (d.27 Nov 1976)


1o) David John (24 Aug 1937- ); m.1990 Catharine Hilary Mayne


2o) Gerald Charles (16 Jul 1939- ); m.1965 (div 1981) Carol Elspeth Villiers issue


3o) Angela Mary (4 Nov 1934- ); m.18 Aug 1955 David Neil Carr


2n) Robin Charles (22 Feb 1909- ); m.Jan 1939 Mrs Brita Grose, ne Thoren


1o) Timothy John, b.1949; m.1976 Hearther Gowing issue


2o) Kristina Birgitta, b.1946; m.1967 Christopher Ardagh McVeigh


3n) Catherine Evelyn (30 Oct 1903- ); m.20 Aug 1947 Samuel Geirnaert


4n) Joan Helen (26 May 1905- )


4m) Mabel Louisa, d.4 Aug 1958; m.10 Nov 1904 Rupert Palmer Colomb (d.24 May 1955)


5m) Gertrude Catherine, d.1 Oct 1938; m. 9 May 1911 Leonard Thales Pease (d.24 Jul 1936)


3l) Rev. Osbert (4 Dec 1842-25 Sep 1923); m.14 Oct 1879 Jessie Louisa Snow (d.27 Jan 1933)


1m) David Osbert (16 Jun 1892-1894)


2m) Caroline, d.Jul; 1918; m.11 Sep 1906 Roderick Pryor (d.26 Jul 1930)


3m) Bridget, d.7 Feb 1958


4l) Henry (12 Apr 1845-1853? [Betham says he d.1846])


5l) Mary Augusta, d.1 Jul 1924; m23 Dec 1879 Rev Humphrey Farran Hall (d.1910)


6l) Alice, d.25 Jul 1917; m.5 Oct 1864 Rev. Hon. Walter Berkeley Portman (1 Dec 1836-22 Mar 1903)


2k) Mary (2 Nov 1811-11 Jun 1851); m.14 Mar 1841 Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 11th Bt. (d.29 May 1898)


3k) Emma (1 Jan 1813-1 Mar 1874)


2j) Rev. John, d.27 Sep 1806


3j) Elizabeth


4j) Sophia


5j) Mary, d.17 Jul 1821; m.1802 John Erskine (d.10 Feb 1817)


6j) Catherine, d.7 May 1852; m.26 Oct 1811 Rev. Francis Mills (29 Jun 1759-23 Apr 1851)


7j) Charlotte, d.May 1848; m.15 Apr 1800 Richard Hippisley Tuckfield


8j) Susan, d.5 Feb 1830; m.30 Aug 1814 William Eliot, 2nd Earl of St. Germans (1 Apr 1767-19 Jan 1845)


4i) Rev. Charles, d.22 Jan 1820; m.1774 Charlotte Musgrave


1j) Rev. Charles; m.1812 Frances Harriet Sparrow (d.1866)


1k) Rev. Charles, dsp 1861; m.___


2k) John, d.15 Nov 1881; m.1st 1843 Harriet Maria Cumberlege (d.1849); m.2nd Isabel Balmain


1l) James Sparrow (14 Nov 1843-19 Dec 1927); m.1872 Harriet Theresa Gibbs (d.1925)


1m) John Francis Cumberlege (15 Feb 1881-27 May 1936)


2m) Charles Stanley [Sparrow?] (4 Jun 1886-4 May 1946); m.1915 Edith Violet Wood


3m) Harriet Emily, d.19 Mar 1956


4m) Mildred Dorothea, d.23 Mar 1949; m.1915 Robert Wyndham Humphrey Marciel Bland (d.18 Jul 1942)


5m) Helen Mary, d.24 Jan 1958


2l) Francis Lionel (1845-16 May 1918); m.1889 Sara Elliot Marshall (d.1939)


1m) Elizabeth Morris (5 Feb 1891- ); m.2 Apr 1918 D Drayton Burrill


2m) Mildred Cumberlege (31 Oct 1893- ); m.1st 29 Jun 1916 David Ogden Rogers (d.14 May 1928); m.2nd 19 Jun 1929 Arthur Spencer Kittle (d.16 May 1953)


3l) John (19 Apr 1848-1899)


4l) Mildred (1846-22 Sep 1926); m.3 Sep 1868 Rev George Henry Gibbs


5l) Harry (1852-22 Jul 1929); m.1875 Annie Cautley (d.26 Apr 1928)


1m) Osbert Cautley (26 May 1876-1949); m.1906 Constance Katherine Young (d.1964)


1n) Anthony Osbert (1907- )


2m) Christopher John (11 Dec 1879-5 Jul 1954); m.1st 24 Aug 1907 Helena Charlotte Young; m.2nd 25 Apr 1916 Mary Patricia Cautley (d.1975)


1n) Richard John (10 Jun 1908-17 Feb 1998); m.1st 16 Jul 1930 Gertrude Anna Katherine “Nancy” Toler (d.1986); m.2nd 1988 Sarah Anne “Sally” Williams


1o) [Thomas] Christopher John (15 Dec 1934- ); m.7 Nov 1959 Belinda Madeline Gouldsmith issue, 2 daus


2o) Rosemary Jane (10 May 1931- ); m.18 Dec 1957 Lyndon Bolton


3o) Nicola Anna Mary (1944- )


2n) Guy Michael (2 Mar 1917-23 Jan 1945)


3n) Barry Stephen Clare (13 May 1925-Jul; 1998); m.18 Feb 1950

Joan Poppleton


1o) Guy Roger, b.1952; m.1980 Deborah Anne Norton issue, 1 son, 2 daus


2o) Ann Patricia, b.1956; m.1978 John Quartly


4n) Katherine Patricia (27 Nov 1918- ); m.21 Mar 1950 David Isard (d.1980)


3m) Harry Cumberlege (1882- ); m.27 Jun 1914 Ruth Thompson


4m) Julian Musgrave; m.12 Oct 1910 Zo Barrow (d.19 Feb 1951)


5m) Penelope Catherine; m.1903 Charles Pell Hall


6l) Charles (Feb 1854-Feb 1931); m.NN


7l) Philip Musgrave (Feb 1858-21 Oct 1935);m. M Matthew


8l) Harriet Isabel, d.13 May 1953; m.William Foord Kelcey (d.1922)


9l) Katherine, d.6 Jun 1953; m.Albert Edward Masters (d.1901)


3k) James


4k) Henry, d.1842


5k) Charlotte; m.Rev. John Matthew


2j) Charlotte


5i) Sophia


6i) Mary


3h) John, d.Sep 1723


4h) Penelope; m.Joseph Herne (d.19 Dec 1723)


5h) Catherine; m. Dr. Dobson


6h) dau, dvp


7h) dau, dvp


4g) Henry, d.young


5g) Catharine


6g) Elizabeth


7g) Amy


2f) Robert; m.Elizabeth Rouse


1g) John Lewis; m. ___, dau of ___ Harrington, and widow of Sir William Thorold,Bt.


2g) Elizabeth; m.Robert Throckmorton


3f) William; m. N Butler issue


4f) Anne/Amy; m.Sir Giles Estcourt, Bt. ( 1650?)


5f) Anne; m. ___ Pickering


2e) Henry, of Congham; m.Barbara Calthorpe


1f) L’Estrange, of Congham; m.Barbara Catlin


1g) Henry, of Congham


2g) Barbara; m.John Brown


3a) Joan; m.Giles Strangways, of Melbury


4a) Elizabeth; m.Sir Whiston Browne