Earls of Eglinton

Earls of Mount-Alexander



also, SETON

Earls of Winton

Earls of Dunfermline






Part 1



Alexander Montgomerie, cr ca 1445 Lord Montgomerie, 1470; m.Margaret Boyd


1a) Alexander, Master of Montgomerie, d.1452; m.Elizabeth Hepburn


1b) Alexander, Master of Montgomerie (ca 1445-ca 1468); 1459 Catherine, dau of Lord Kennedy; note that Burke’s 1959 has him as 2nd Lord Montgomerie, but Cokayne and Scots Peerage agree that he died before his grandfather


1c) Hugh, 2nd Lord Montgomerie, cr 1507 Earl of Eglintoun [later more often spelled Eglinton] (1459/60-Sep 1545); m.Dollar 21 Apr 1478 Helen, dau of Colin Campbell, Earl of Argyll


1d) John, Master of Eglinton, k. at Edinburgh 30 Apr 1520; m.1498 Elizabeth Edmonstoun [Edmonstone]


1e) Archibald, Master of Eglinton, d.soon after Nov 1526


2e) Hugh, 2nd Earl of Eglinton, d.Monkredding 3 Sep 1546; m.1531 Mariot, dau of Lord Seton (see Part 2)


1f) Hugh, 3rd Earl of Eglinton, d.3 Jun 1585; m.1st 1545 (div 1562) Lady Jean Hamilton, dau of Earl of Arran; m.2nd 1562 Agnes (d.21 Jan 1590), dau of Sir John Drummond [by Margaret, nat. dau of King James IV], and widow of Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun, and later wife of 3rd Lord Drummond


1g) Hugh, 4th Earl of Eglinton (1563- murdered nr Stirling 18 or 20 Apr 1586); m.1st 1576 Gille (d.1583/6), dau of Lord Boyd; m.2nd Helen Kennedy


1h) Hugh, 5th Earl of Eglinton (1584-4 Sep 1612); m.1604 (annulled 1612) Margaret Montgomerie (below); in 1611 he re-settled his peerages, failing issue male of his own body, on his cousins Alexander, Thomas and John Seton, and the heirs male of their bodies bearing the surname Montgomerie; this settlement was done without asking for royal approval, but its details were confirmed by the king in 1615; see Part 3 below for the succeeding earls


2g) Robert, d.Aug 1596; m.Jane (d.shortly before 15 Dec 1610), dau of Sir Matthew Campbell, and later wife of Ludovic Stewart, Duke of Lennox


1h) Margaret, d.1615/6; m.1st 1604 (annulled 1612) Hugh Montgomerie, 5th Earl of Eglinton (above); m.2nd by 24 Mar 1615 Robert Boyd, 7th Lord Boyd (d.28 Aug 1628)


2h) Agnes, d.1612


3h) Isabel, d.1613


3g) Margaret, d.9 Apr 1624; m.1583 Robert Seton, 6th Lord Seton, 1600 Earl of Winton (ca 1552-22 Mar 1603; see Part 2) ; see Part 3, below, for their issue


4g) Agnes, 28 Nov 1601; m.1583 Robert Sempill, 4th Lord Sempill (d.25 Mar 1611)


2f) William, 20 Mar 1593


1g) [illegitimate] William; m.Marion Cunyngham


3f) Agnes; m.12 Jan 1555 Thomas Kennedy of Bargeny


4f) Margaret; m.Hugh Montgomerie of Stane


5f) Jean; m.Matthew Stewart


3e) a son


1f) John


4e) Christian; m.James Douglas of Drumlanrig


[these next two daus mentioned in some sources, but not in Scots Peerage:


5e) Janet; m.George Campbell of Cessnock


6e) Elizabeth; m. J Blair]


2d) William, of Greenfield; m.Elizabeth Francis


1e) Arthur, of Greenfield issue?


2e) Hugh, of Auchinhude


1f) Neil, of Broomlands; m.Janet Lindsay


1g) Hugh; m.Margaret Calderwood


1h) George, of Broomlands (1614-7 May 1700); m.1st Anne Barclay; m.2nd Margaret Wallace


[by 1st m.]:


1i) Hugh


2i) William


3i) Jean


[by 2nd m.]:


4i – 7i) 4 sons


8i) [5th son by 2nd m.]: John, of Wrae and Auchinhood, d.1721; 1685 Penelope Barclay


1j) George, of Wrae; m.Abigail Turner 5 sons, of whom the second was:


1k) George, of Thundersley Hall and Chippenham Hall (30 Aug 1712-29 Mar 1766); m.1739 Catherine Sawbridge


1l) Katy (24 Dec 1739- ); m.12 Nov 1756 Crisp Molineux, of Garboldisham Hall family Molineux-Montgomerie of Garboldisham


9i -10i) 1 more son, 1 dau


3d) Neil, of Lainshaw, killed Jun 1547; m.Margaret Mure


1e) John, dsp by 10 Feb 1561; m.Margaret, dau of Lord Boyd


2e) Neil, of Lainshaw; m.Jean, dau and heiress of Lord Lyle issue, Montgomerys of Lainshaw, including a branch in Sweden; they carried a claim to the barony of Lyle into more recent times


3e) Christian


4e) Elizabeth


5e) Helen


4d) Hugh, may have been k.a. at Pinkie; Burke’s says he m. a dau of Lord Lyle, but that is likely a mistake for his nephew


5d) Robert, Bishop of Argyll; he had natural sons Michael, Robert and Hew, legitimized 1543


[6d) Alexander; not listed in Scots Peerage]


7d) Mariot [Margaret]; 20 Jul 1517 William Sempill, 2nd Lord Sempill; per Cokayne, she must have died by 1523, when Sempill married a second wife, but Burke’s Peerage says she m. 2ndly one John Campbell


8d) Matilda; m.Colin Campbell of Ardkinglass


9d) Isabel; m.John Mure of Caldwell


10d) Helen; m.John Blair of Blair


11d) Agnes, d.26 Oct 1596; m.John Ker of Kersland


12d) Janet; m.George Campbell of Cessnock (k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513)


13d) Katherine; m.George Montgomerie of Skelmorlie (below)


2c) John; m. ___ Ramsay


3c) James


4c) Helen [or Euphame]; m.Sir James Bruce of Airth


5c) Marjory; m.William, Master of Somerville (d.1491)


2b) Robert, of Braidstane


1c) Robert, of Braidstane


1d) Robert, of Braidstane


1e) Adam, of Braidstane; m. a dau of Colquhoun of Luss; for his issue see Part 4, below


3b) Hugh issue; said in Burke’s Peerage to be ancestor of the extant Montgomerys of Beaulieu, though in the LG articles of that family no such ancestry is claimed; Hugh’s dau Marion m.1st Thomas Crawford, and m.2nd the 2nd Lord Sempill


4b) Margaret; 14 Jul 1467 Alexander Home, Lord Home (d.1490/1)


2a) George, of Skelmorlie, d.1505; he was ancestor of:




1c) Cuthbert, of Skelmorlie, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513


1d) George, of Skelmorlie; m.Catherine Montgomerie (above)


1e) Robert Montgomery, of Skelmorlie, d.1583; m.Dorothy, dau of Lord Sempill


1f) Sir Robert, of Skelmorlie, cr Baronet [S] 1628, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, d.Nov 1651; m.Margaret (d.1624), dau of Sir William Douglas of Drumlanrig


1g) Sir Robert, 2nd Bt., 22 May 1654; m.Lady Mary Campbell; note that Burke’s has him as dying in his father’s lifetime, but Cokayne has him as 2nd Baronet


1h) Sir Robert, 3rd Bt., d.7 Feb 1684; m.Anna Scott


1i) Sir James, 4th Bt., d.London Sep 1694; m.1678 Lady Margaret Johnstone (14 Aug 1654-bur 18 Oct 1726)


1j) Sir Robert, 5th Bt., d.Limerick 15 Aug 1731; m.Frances Stirling (d.Skelmorlie 9 Jun 1759)


1k) Lilias, d.18 Nov 1783; m.11 Jun 1735 Alexander Montgomery of Coylsfield (below, Part 3); she was heiress of the large estates of the 6th Bt.


2k – 3k) 2 more daus


2j) William


2i) Sir Hugh, 6th Bt., d.14 Jan 1735; m.1687 Lilias Gemmel; he had purchased the Skelmorlie estates from his nephew, but being childless left them to his nephew’s daughter Lilias; on his death the Baronetcy became dormant


3i) Archibald


4i) John


2h) Henry


3h) Margaret; Burke’s extinct Baronetage says that she m.Sir James Halkett, Bt., but Cokayne has him as unmarried


3a) Thomas


4a) Margaret; m.1438 John Stewart, Lord Darnley, 1488 Earl of Lennox (d.1495)


5a) Elizabeth; 25 Mar 1460 John Kennedy, 2nd Lord Kennedy (d.1508)


6a) Agnes; m.1470 William Cunningham of Glengarnock





Part 2



George Seton, cr ca 1451 Lord Seton, d.1478/80; m.1st by 8 Jan 1437 Margaret, dau of John Stewart, Earl of Buchan; m.2nd ca Jan 1461 Christian Murray; he was a great-nephew of the Seton who married the Gordon heiress and was ancestor of the succeeding Gordons, who were actually Setons in the male line


1a) [ex 1] John, Master of Seton, 19 Jul 1476; m.1459 Christian, dau of Lord Lindsay of the Byres


1b) George, 2nd Lord Seton, d.1507/8; m.1469 Marion, dau of Colin Campbell, Earl of Argyll


1c) George, 3rd Lord Seton, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513; 25 Jan 1507 Lady Jane Hepburn (d.after 10 May 1558)


1d) George, d. an infant


2d) George, 4th Lord Seton, d.Culross 17 Jul 1549; m.1st ca 1527 Elizabeth, dau of Lord Hay of Yester; m.2nd ca Feb 1539 Marie Pierres ( 1576)


[by 1st m.]:


1e) George, 5th Lord Seton (1531-8 Jan 1586); m.1550 Isabel Hamilton (d.13 Nov 1604)


1f) George, Master of Seton, 1562


2f) Robert, 6th Lord Seton, cr 1600 Earl of Wintoun [usually spelled Winton] (ca 1552-22 Mar 1603); m.19 May 1583 Lady Margaret Montgomerie (d.9 Apr 1624; see Part 1); for their issue see Part 3, below


3f) Sir John, 11 Jun 1594; m.8 Sep 1588 Anne, dau of Lord Forbes Setons of Barns


4f) Alexander, cr 1598 Lord Fyvie, cr 1605 Earl of Dunfermline [with remainder to heirs male] (1555-Pinkie 16 Jun 1622); m.1st ca 1590/2 Lilias, dau of Lord Drummond (d.8 May 1601); m.2nd 1601 Hon. Grizel Leslie (d.6 Sep 1606); m.3rd 1607 Hon. Margaret Hay (d.30 Dec 1659)


[by 1st m.]:


1g) Anne; m.1610 Alexander Erskine, Viscount Fentoun (d.11 Feb 1633)


2g) Isabel (1 Aug 1594-Lethington Castle 2 Nov 1638); 18 Jun 1610 John Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale (d.18 Jan 1645)


3g) Margaret (15 Jun 1596- )


4g) Margaret (8 Aug 1599-20 Feb 1630); m.Holyrood Abbey Church 5 Jun 1614 Colin Mackenzie, Earl of Seaforth (d.15 Apr 1633)


5g) Sophia; m.Dunfermline 16 Feb 1612 David LIndsay, Lord Lindsay of Balcarres (d.Mar 1641)


[by 2nd m.]:


6g) Charles, Lord Fyvie, d.young


7g) Lilias


8g) Jean, d.21 Aug 1625; m.1624 John Hay, Earl of Tweeddale (1595/6-25 May1653)


[by 3rd m.]:


9g) Grizel (26 Dec 1609- )


10g) Charles, 2nd Earl of Dunfermline (Nov 1615 [Scots Peerage says 26 Dec 1609, citing a source, but Cokayne cites another source showing 1615 more likely]-Seton House ca 11 May 1672); m.1632 Lady Mary Douglas (d.Fyvie ca 1659)


1h) Charles, Lord Fyvie (13 Jun 1640-k.a. at sea, v.p., 1672)


2h) Alexander, 3rd Earl of Dunfermline (12 Jun 1642-Edinburgh1677)


3h) James, 4th Earl of Dunfermline, his honors were forfeited by Parliament 1690; he St.-Germain-en-Laye 26 Dec 1694); m.1682 Lady Jean Gordon


4h) Henrietta (Fyvie Jun 1652-1699/1700); m.1st Sep 1670 William Fleming, 5th Earl of Wigtown (d.8 Apr 1681); m.2nd by 1689 William Lindsay, 18th Earl of Crawford and Lindsay (Apr 1644-6 Mar 1698); Scots Peerage, sub Dunfermline, says she died 8 Apr 1681, which is actually the date of death of her first husband; her last child by second marriage was bap 1692; Cokayne, sub Wigtown, says she d. between 30 Nov 1699 and 19 Apr 1700


11g) Mary, d.young


5f) Sir William, d.Jul 1635; m.Agnes Stirling


1g) Sir William, d.1662


6f) Margaret, d.1616; m.Niddry Castle 1 Aug 1574 Claud Hamilton, Lord Paisley (d.1621)


2e) John; m.Isabel Balfour Setons of Cariston


3e) James


4e) Jean, infant


5e) Marion, d.of poison at Dunrobin 23 Jun 1567; m.1st 1548 John Graham, 4th Earl of Menteith (d.Jan 1565); m.2nd John Gordon, 11th Earl of Sutherland (1525-d.of poison at Dunrobin 23 Jun 1567)


6e) Margaret, d.Jan 1565; m.Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig; may have m. 2nd David Hamilton


7e) Eleanor, 1603; m.1557 Hugh Somerville, 6th Lord Somerville (d.24 Mar 1597)


8e) Beatrix; m.Sir George Ogilvy, of Dunlugus


[by 2nd m.]:


9e) Robert


10e) James, 29 Jan 1563


11e) Marie (ca 1541- fl 1615), one of Mary, Queen of Scots’, four Maries


3d) Archibald, d.young


4d) Mariot, d.1558/61; m.1st (annulled ca 1531) the Master of Borthwick; m.2nd 1531 Hugh Montgomerie, 2nd Earl of Eglinton (see Part 1); m.3rd Alexander Graham


2c) Robert, Milan; m.NN


1d) William


2d) Alexander; m.Jonet Sinclair, heiress of Northrigg Setons of Northrigg


3c) John


4c) Martha; m.Sir William Maitland


5c) Katherine, d.aged 78


2b) John fl 1491


3b) Alexander fl 1501


4b) Margaret; m.Robert Lyle, 2nd Lord Lyle (d.1497/9)


2a) [ex 2] Christian; 15 Jul 1478 Hugh Douglas of Borg





Part 3



Robert Seton, 6th Lord Seton, cr 1600 Earl of Wintoun [usually spelled Winton] (ca 1552-22 Mar 1603; see Part 2, above); m.19 May 1583 Lady Margaret Montgomerie (d.9 Apr 1624; see Part 1, above)


1a) Robert, 2nd Earl of Winton, d.after 28 Dec 1636; he had resigned his honors in 1606, though not in effect until 1607; he was deemed insane and was kept confined for the rest of his life; he had m. 1 Feb 1603 Hon. Anna Maitland (d.6 Jul 1609)


2a) George, suc in 1607 as 3rd Earl of Winton (Dec 1584-Seton 15/17 Dec 1650); m.1st 26 Apr 1609 Lady Anne Hay (d.1623/5); m.2nd by 1628 Hon. Elizabeth Maxwell


[by 1st m.]:


1b) George, Lord Seton (22 Jul 1610- d.young)


2b) Anne (18 Dec 1611- d.young)


3b) George, Lord Seton (15 May 1613-Seton 4 Jun 1648); m.1639 Lady Henrietta Gordon (d.Jun 1651)


1c) George, 4th Earl of Winton (4 May 1642-6 Mar 1704); m.1st 4 Sep 1662 Lady Mary Montgomerie (d.1 Jun 1677; see below); m.2nd by 6 Mar 1680 Christian Hepburn (d.18 Nov 1703), who had been his mistress for some years before the marriage


1d) [ex 1] Mary (bap 24 Nov 1666-d.aged 3)


2d) George, 5th Earl of Winton, born to his father’s second wife some years before they married, which marriage operated to legitimize him under Scots law; found guilty of treason 1716, whereby his honors were forfeited; he d. at Rome 19 Dec 1749


3d) Christopher, d.Seton 5 Jan 1705


2c) Alexander (21 Jan 1644-1669/73)


3c) Christopher (15 Apr 1645-1687/97)


4c) Francis, d.aged 2


4b) Margaret (25 Mar 1615-1637)


5b) Christopher (2 Mar 1617-30 Jun 1618)


6b) Elizabeth (13 Jun 1618- d. an infant)


7b) Alexander, cr 1651 Viscount of Kingston (1621-Whittinghame 21 Oct 1691); m.1st Jean Fletcher; m.2nd ca 1661 Elizabeh Douglas (d.1668), heiress of Whittinghame; m.3rd Hon. Elizabeth Hamilton; m.4th Edinburgh 3 Aug 1686 Lady Margaret Douglas (Sep 1651-Whittinghame 12 Oct 1692)


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Jean (Seton 24 Apr 1651- ); m.James Douglas, 3rd Lord Mordington (1651-ca 1706/7)


2c) Charles, Master of Kingston (Seton 4 Apr 1653-7 Jun 1682)


3c) George (Seton 29 Jul 1654-London May 1678)


4c) Alexander (Seton 4 Nov 1655-4 Oct 1676)


[by 2nd m.]:


5c) Archibald, 2nd Viscount of Kingston (Whittinghame 5 Oct 1661-1714)


6c) Arthur (Whittinghame 30 Dec 1665-23 Oct 1691)


7c) John (Whittinghame 11 Oct 1666-29 Apr 1674)


8c) James, 3rd Viscount of Kingston, attainted 1716 (Whittinghame 29 Jan 1667-ca 1726); m.1714 Lady Anne Lindsay, Dowager Css of Kellie (bap 20 May 1674-Edinburgh 4 Feb 1743)


9c) Isabel (Whittinghame 18 Nov 1656-13 Jun 1677); dates per Scots Peerage; however, Burke’s has her from second marriage and says she d.aged 8; furthermore, if she was born at Whittinghame the she is most likely from second marriage


10c) Barbara (Westfield 4 Sep 1659-5 Nov 1679); dates per Scots Peerage; however, Burke’s has her from second marriage, and says she d. aged 16


11c) Elizabeth (Whittinghame 21 Apr 1668- ); m.23 Nov 1695 Hon. William Hay, of Drumelzier (Dec 1649-1726); their son inherited Whittinghame


8b) Elizabeth (24 Dec 1621-16 Jun 1650); m.1637 William Keith, 6th Earl Marischal (1614-Inverugie Mar 1671)


9b) Francis (1 May 1623- d.young)


[by 2nd m.]:


10b) Christopher, d.young


11b) Robert, d.young


12b) Christopher (28 Jun 1631-Jul 1648)


13b) William (8 Jan 1633-Jul 1648)


14b) Anne (30 Sep 1634- d.after 23 Feb 1686); m.Winton Apr 1654 John Stuart, 2nd Earl of Traquair (d.Apr 1666)


15b) Sir John, of Garletoun, cr Baronet 1664 (29 Sep 1639-Feb 1686); m.Christian Home


1c) Sir George, 2nd Bt., d.1718/20; 1685 (div 1705) Barbara Wauchope (23 May 1667- )


1d) George (ca 1685-Versailles 9 Mar 1769); he was attainted in 1716 and thus unable to succeed to the Baronetcy; in 1749 he would have suc as 6th Earl of Winton, but for the 5th Earl’s attainder as well as his own attainder


2d) James, 1 Dec 1769


3d) John, a Jesuit (9 Nov 1695-Edinburgh 16 Jul 1757)


4d) Andrew (ca 1700-Camp Randasso, Sicily 10 Oct 1719)


5d) Margaret, d.Jun 1730


6d) Barbara, 1 Dec 1769


7d) Mary; m.1733 John Arrat; she had issue which, if extant, may be heirs of line to the Barony of Seton


2c) John (ca Germany 1715); m.Frances Neale


1d) Ralph [but for the attainders, 4th Bt. and also 7th Earl of Winton] (27 Jun Newcastle, bur there 31 Dec 1782)


2d) John (22 Jun 1707-Jan 1775); m.Mary Newton (bur 20 Dec 1783)


1e) John [but for the attainders, 5th Bt. and also 8th Earl of Winton] (Dec 1755-3 Aug 1796); m.16 Feb 1786 Mary Hughes


1f) John, bur 28 Nov 1786


2f) John Joseph, Nov 1788


3f) Mary, infant


4f) Mary Catherine (2 Jun 1796-30 Oct 1870); m.26 Jan 1816 John Broadbent (d.16 Apr 1868); her descendants, who took the surname Seton-Broadbent, my be heirs of line of the Barony of Seton


2e) Robert (ca 1758- bur 22 Apr 1778)


3e) Barbara, d.1784; m.Thomas Douglas


3c) Robert, a Jesuit (ca 1669-Deeside 6 Feb 1732)


4c) Alexander, 12 Jan 1705


5c) Christopher, d.young


6c) Charles, d.young


7c) Margaret


8c) Christian fl 1687


9c) Elizabeth, d.young


10c) Isobell, d.young


16b) Sir Robert, of Windygoul, cr Baronet [S] 1671 (Tranent 10 Nov 1641-Nov 1671)


17b) Ann, d.young


18b) Sophia (2 Feb 1630-d.young)


19b) Isabel fl 1687; m.1640 Francis Sempill, 6th Lord Sempill (d.3 Nov 1644)


20b) Ann (30 Sep 1634- fl 23 Feb 1686); m.Winton Apr 1654 John Stuart, 2nd Earl of Traquair (d.Apr 1666)


21b) Jean (26 Jan 1636- )


22b) Mary, d.15 Jan 1698; m.10 Dec 1676 James Dalzell, 3rd Earl of Carnwath (d.1683)


3a) Alexander, suc 1612, confirmed 1615, as 6th Earl of Eglinton under the 1611 re-grant, and took the surname MONTGOMERIE (1588-Eglintoun 7 Jan 1661); m.1st 22 Jun 1612 Lady Anne Livingston (d.12 Nov 1632); m.2nd 1642/4 Hon. Margaret Scott, Dowager Lady Ross (d.Hull 3 Oct 1651)


1b) Hugh, 7th Earl of Eglinton (30 Mar 1613-Eglintoun Feb 1669); m.1st 1631 Lady Anne Hamilton (d.Struthers 16 Oct 1632); m.2nd 1635 Lady Mary Leslie


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Anne; m.1st Robert Seton (d.1655); m.2nd ca 1658 James Ogilvy, 3rd Earl of Findlater (d.1711)


[by 2nd m.]:


2c) Alexander, 8th Earl of Eglinton, d.London 1701; m.1st London Jan 1658 Lady Elizabeth Crichton ( 1675); m.2nd 2 Feb 1679 Grace, Lady Wentworth, ne Popeley (dsp 30 Mar 1698); m.3rd London 6 Dec 1698 Katherine (bur 6 Aug 1700), dau of Sir William St.Quintin, and widow of Henry Sandys, of Sir John Kaye, Bt., and of Michael Wentworth; issue by 1st m.:


1d) Alexander, 9th Earl of Eglinton (ca 1660-Eglintoun 18 Feb 1729); m.1st 1676 Hon. Margaret Cochrane; m.2nd Lady Anne Gordon (bap 18 Jul 1675-bur 16 Dec 1708); m.3rd 1709 Susanna (d.Auchans 18 Mar 1780), dau of Sir Archibald Kennedy, Bt.


[by 1st m.]:


1e) Hugh, Master of Montgomerie (bap 29 Dec 1680-Glasgow 1696)


2e) Alexander, d.1696


3e) Catherine, d.Dec 1757; 1694 James Stewart, 5th Earl of Galloway (d.16 Feb 1746)


4e) Elizabeth (21 Jan 1684-d.young)


5e) John (6 Mar 1688- d.young)


6e) Jean (1 Dec 1689-Edinburgh 20 Feb 1745); m.29 Dec 1711 Sir Alexander Maxwell of Monreith, 2nd Bt. (d.23 May 1730)


7e) Eupheme, d.1 Dec 1738; m.13 Apr 1697 George Lockhart of Carnwath (d.17 Dec 1735);her dau Eupheme Lockhart m. 6th Earl of Wigtown


8e) Grace, d.Jan 1713; m.19 Jan 1710 Robert Dalzell, Earl of Carnwath (ca 1687-4 Aug 1737)


[by 2nd m.]:


9e) Mary (20 Nov 1704-Jun 1777); m.May 1731 Sir David Cunynghame of Milncraig, 3rd Bt. (1 Aug 1700-Livingstone 10 Oct 1767)


[by 3rd m.]:


10e) Elizabeth (4 Jul 1710-Edinburgh 9 Feb 1800 [19 Feb?]); m.1749 Sir John Cuninghame of Caprington, 3rd Bt. (ca 1696-30 Nov 1777)


11e) Helen (16 Jan 1712-Edinburgh 14 Jan 1747); m.4 Jan 1745 Hon. Francis Stuart


12e) Susan, d.Blackadder 27 Jul 1754; m.John Renton, of Lamerton


13e) Margaret, d.30 Mar 1799; m.24 Apr 1739 Sir Alexander Macdonald of Sleat, 7th Bt. (1711-23 Nov 1746)


14e) Frances, d.soon after 26 Jan 1755


15e) Christian, d.Abercairny 19 Jul 1748; m.Feb 1737 James Moray of Abercairny (18 Dec 1705-1777)


16e) James, Lord Montgomerie (19 Apr 1718-Edinburgh 1 Sep 1724)


17e) Alexander, 10th Earl of Eglinton (10 Feb Mungo Campbell 24 Oct 1769)


18e) Archibald, 11th Earl of Eglinton (18 May 1726-Eglintoun Castle 30 Oct 1796); m.1st Kilwinning 30 Mar 1772 Lady Jean Lindsay (Kilbirnie 6 Nov 1756-Eglintoun Castle 22 Jan 1778); m.2nd London 9 Aug 1783 (div 1788) Frances Twysden; on 3 Oct 1796 he probably suc as heir male of the earldom of Winton, which was then and remains under forfeiture


1f) Mary (5 Mar 1787-London 2 Jun 1848); m.1st London 28 Mar 1803 Archibald Montgomerie, Lord Montgomerie (Bourtree Hill 30 Jul 1773-Alicante 4 Jan 1814; see below); m.2nd 30 Jan 1815 Sir Charles Montolieu Lamb, 2nd Bt. (Nantcribba Hall 8 Jul 1785-Beauport 21 Mar 1864)


2f) Susanna (London 26 May 1788 [or 20 May 1788]-Colchester 16 Nov 1805)


19e) Grace, d.Edinburgh 15 Jun 1751; m.12 Mar 1751 Charles Byne


20e) Charlotte, d.Hamilton 7 Oct 1732


2d) Hugh, 1725


3d) John, 5 Jul 1693; m.Jean Gibson


4d) Mary, d.Apr 1742; m.1683 Sir James Agnew of Lochnaw, 4th Bt. (d.Edinburgh 9 Mar 1735)


5d) Margaret, 15 Jun 1687


3c) Francis, of Giffen, d.Jan 1729; m.1st Margaret Leslie, 3rd Countess of Leven (dsp 6 Nov 1674); m.2nd Elizabeth, Lady Primrose, ne Sinclair (17 Jun 1650- )


1d) John (bap 11 Sep 1680-New York 1 Jul 1731 [per History of Parliament; Scots Peerage says he d.1760]); m.1704 Lady Mary Carmichael


1e) Beatrix


2d) Alexander, d.of wounds received at battle of Almanza 1711


3d) Elizabeth, d.29 Jun 1753; m. Hon. Patrick Ogilvy


4d) Mary (7 Feb 1690- )


4c) Mary, d.1 Jun 1677; m.4 Sep 1662 George Seton, 4th Earl of Winton (4 May 1642-6 Mar 1704; see above)


5c) Margaret, 22 Feb 1686; m.soon after 25 Nov 1666 James Campbell, 2nd Earl of Loudoun (d.1684)


6c) Christian, 1687?; m.16 Feb 1672 Hon. John Elphinstone [later, 1704, 4th Lord Balmerinoch (Balmerino)] (26 Dec 1652-13 May 1736)


7c) Eleanor, d.Kilwinning Sep 1687; m.David Dunbar (dvp), son of Sir David Dunbar of Baldoon, Bt.


8c) Anne; m.Sir Andrew Ramsay of Abbottshall, Bt. (d.1709)


2b) Sir Henry, of Giffen (26 Jun 1614-3 May 1644); m.21 Sep 1640 Lady Jane Campbell, Dowager Viscountess Kenmure (bur 26 Feb 1675)


3b) Alexander (8 Nov 1615-Jul 1642)


1c) [illegitimate] Katherine


4b) James, of Coylsfield, d.18 Oct 1675 [or Mar 1674, per Scots Peerage]; m.Jun 1659 Margaret Macdonald


1c) Alexander, of Coylsfield, d.3 Mar 1679


2c) Hugh, of Coyslfield, d.Mar 1735; m.1st 29 Apr 1693 Jean Primrose; m.2nd 20 Sep 1708 Mrs Katherine Hamilton, ne Arbuckle


[by 1st m.]:


1d) Mary, d.Edinburgh 10 Aug 1763; 19 Jun 1723 William Hamilton of Letham (d.1734/5)


2d) Helenor, d.Ayr 30 Oct 1782; m.28 Dec 1725 Thomas Garvine


3d) Jean, d.30 Oct 1768; m.1st 1728 John Burnet; m.2nd 1736 John M’Dermeit

[by 2nd m.]:


4d) Alexander, of Coylsfield, d.28 Dec 1783; m.11 Jun 1735 Lilias (d.18 Nov 1783), dau and heiress of Sir Robert Montgomerie of Skelmorlie (above, Part 1)


1e) Frances, d.Craigton 30 Jul 1763; m.1758 James Ritchie


2e) Katherine (30 Jul 1737- )


3e) Hugh, 12th Earl of Eglinton, cr 1806 Baron Ardrossan [UK] (5 Nov 1739-Eglintoun Castle 15 Dec 1819); m.1772 Eleanor Hamilton (d.Eglintoun Castle 17 Jan 1817)


1f) Archibald, Lord Montgomerie (Bourtree Hill 30 Jul 1773-Alicante 4 Jan 1814); m.London 28 Mar 1803 Lady Mary Montgomerie (1787-1848; see above)


1g) a son, b.and d.18 Dec 1803


2g) a son, infant


3g) Hugh, Lord Montgomerie (Coylsfield 24 Jan 1811-Eglintoun Castle 13 Jul 1817)


4g) Archibald William, 13th Earl of Eglinton, cr 1859 Earl of Winton [UK] (Palermo 29 Sep 1812-4 Oct 1861); m.1st Lambeth Palace 17 Feb 1841 Mrs Theresa Howe-Cockerell, ne Gleadowe-Newcomen (d.Eglintoun Castle 16 Dec 1853), nat. dau of 2nd Viscount Newcomen; m.2nd Dublin 4 Nov 1858 Lady Adela Capel (4 Mar 1828-Edinburgh 31 Dec 1860); his earldom of Winton was a new creation; though he was almost certainly the heir male of the old earldom of Winton (and probably also that of Dunfermline), which was still under forfeiture, that forfeiture was never reversed


1h) Archibald William, 14th Earl of Eglinton and Winton (York 3 Dec 1841-Eglintoun Castle 30 Aug 1892); m.London 6 Dec 1862 Lady Sophia Adelaide Theodosia Anderson-Pelham (London 26 Jul 1840-21 Sep 1886)


1i) Sophia Constance (28 Nov 1863-7 Mar 1942); m.15 Jan 1885 Samuel Hynman Allenby, later Montgomerie (28 Oct 1856-15 Jun 1915)


2i) Theresa (17 Jul 1866-Asfordby, Leics 5 Mar 1953); m.15 Jul 1886 John Cross (d.6 Jun 1936)


3i) Gertrude (26 Jul 1867-Sep 1936); m.7 Feb 1893 Ernest Bruce Acland Lawford


4i) Diana (19 Mar 1870-27 Oct 1914); m.1st 14 Dec 1889 (div 1894) Sir Claud Alexander, 2nd Bt. (24 Feb 1867-18 Mar 1945); m.2nd 30 Aug 1894 Harold Kenneth Allison


2h) Egidia (17 Dec 1843-13 Jan 1880); m.4 Jul 1861 Frederick William Brook Thellusson, 5th Lord Rendlesham (9 Feb 1840-9 Nov 1911)


3h) Seton Montolieu (15 May 1846-26 Nov 1883); m.11 Jun 1870 Nina Janet Bronwen Williams (d.9 Apr 1939)


1i) May Egidia (4 Apr 1874-2 Dec 1874)


2i) Alswen Dorothy Rose, d.23 Dec 1943


3i) Viva Seton, d.14 Apr 1959


4h) George Arnulph, 15th Earl of Eglinton and Winton (London 23 Feb 1848-10 Aug 1919); m.Craigends 13 Nov 1873 Janet Lucretia Cuninghame (d.6 Oct 1923)


1i) Georgiana Theresa (8 May 1876-21 Aug 1938); m.25 Apr 1895 William Mure, of Caldwell (17 Jan 1870-14 Jun 1912)


2i) Edith Mary (21 Jul 1877-8 Sep 1947); m.22 Jul 1901 Algernon Richard Trotter (20 Jun 1870-23 Dec 1945)


3i) Archibald Seton, 16th Earl of Eglinton and Winton (23 Jun 1880-22 Apr 1945); m.1st 1 Jun 1908 (div 1922) Lady Beatrice Susan Dalrymple (2 Sep 1881-10 May 1962); m.2nd 16 Aug 1922 Marjorie McIntyre (d.7 Dec 1963)


1j) Barbara Susan (23 Aug 1909- ); m.4 Feb 1930 Christopher Gerald Gore (25 Dec 1903-11 Jun 1954)


2j) Janet Egidia (3 May 1911-30 Dec 1999); m.18 Apr 1934 Lord Robert Crichton-Stuart (12 Dec 1909-1976)


3j) Betty Mary Seton (8 May 1912-15 Oct 1996); m.25 Feb 1933 George Vane Hay-Drummond (30 Apr 1910-1984)


4j) Archibald William Alexander, 17th Earl of Eglinton and Winton (16 Oct 1914-1966); m.10 Nov 1938 Ursula Joan Watson (d.1987)


1k) Archibald George Montgomerie, 18th Earl of Eglinton and Winton (27 Aug 1939-14 Jun 2018); m.7 Feb 1964 Marion Carolina Dunn-Yarker


1l) Hugh Archibald William, 19th Earl of Eglinton and Winton, b.24 Jul 1966; m.1st 1991 (div 1998) Sara Alexandra Redpath; m.2nd 2001 Carol Anne Robinson


1m) Helena Evelyn Grace, b.2003


2m) Beatrice Elizabeth Joan, b.2005


3m) Rhuridh Seton Archibald, Lord Montgomerie, b.2007


2l) William John, b.1968; m.1999 Mrs Clare Mackenzie


1m) Georgia Lauren Helen


2m) Max Archie Luke


3l) James David, b.1972; m.1998 Philippa Williams issue


4l) Robert Seton, b.1975


2k) Susanna (19 Oct 1941- ); m.25 May 1963 David Dundas Crawford


3k) Elizabeth Beatrice (29 Aug 1945- ); m.27 May 1976 (div 2001) Christopher Miles Barne (12 May 1941-18 Oct 2012)


4k) Egidia Seton (29 Aug 1945-30 Jan 1957)


5j) George Seton (29 Sep 1919-14 Aug 1934)


6j) Roger Hugh (1 Jul 1923-7 Aug 2011)


7j) Anne, d.19__; m.8 Dec 1942 (div 1951) Gordon Alexander Smith


4i) William Alexander (29 Oct 1881-9 May 1903)


5i) Francis Cuninghame (25 Jan 1887-16 Mar 1950); m.4 Aug 1910 Alice Dudley Arthur (d.24 Nov 1951), niece of Lord Glenarthur


1j) Henry Hugh Arnulph (11 Jun 1911-16 May 1947)


2j) Thomas (14 Mar 1914-k.a.No Africa 18 Aug 1942)


5h) Sybil Amelia Adela (24 Aug 1859-3 Feb 1932)


6h) Hilda (7 Dec 1860-18 Jun 1928); m.23 Feb 1881 [22 Feb 1881?] Tonman Mosley, Lord Anslow (16 Jan 1850-20 Aug 1933)


2f) Roger, d.Port Royal Jan 1799


3f) Alexander, d.young


4f) Jane (1775-23 Feb 1860); m.1828 Edward Archibald Hamilton (d.1849)


5f) Lilias, d.Vevey 10 Sep 1845; m.1st 1796 Robert Dundas Macqueen (d.1816); m.2nd Eglinton Castle 21 Aug 1817 Richard Alexander Oswald of Auchincruive (d.1841)


6f) Mary, d.young


4e) Robert (bap 8 Feb 22 Aug 1752)


5e) Lillias (12 Feb 1743-3 Jul 1827); m.1762 John Hamilton of Sundrum


6e) Alexander, of Annick Lodge (24 May 1744-8 Jul 1802); m.20 Oct 1784 Elizabeth Taylor (d.13 Feb 1839)


1f) William Eglinton, of Annick Lodge (15 Apr 1789-14 Jun 1852); m.7 Jan 1824 Susanna Fraser Anderson (d.1884)


1g) Alexander, of Annick Lodge, and Eaglesham, Wanganui, NZ (10 Nov 1824-16 Nov 1890); m.1860 Elizabeth Wright (d.1921)


1h) Betty, d.25 May 1930; m.1879 William Donald Anderson


2h) Margaret (1862-1940); m.1880 James Winthrop Anderson (d.Dec 1927)


3h) Alexander (1865-1905); m.1892 Emily Bashford


1i) Alexander James (1892-1 Jul 1945); m.1919 Winifred Jane Gifford (d.1993) issue


2i) Archibald William (1894-1969); m.1942 Barbara Mary Linton issue


3i) Mary Elizabeth (1895- ); m.1924 Jack Staite


4i) Kathleen Minna (1897- ); m.1925 Rex Cameron Bailey


5i) John Eglinton (1899-1971); m.1921 Irene Agnes Cameron (d.1959) issue


6i) George Arnold (1901-1980); m.1945 Peggy Patricia Greener (d.1991) issue


7i) Alexander Edward (1905-1 Nov 1960)


4h) Roger Arnulph (20 Oct 1866-26 Oct 1936); m.27 Apr 1893 Annie Mason (d.1958)


1i) [Annie Hylda] Winifred (24 May 1894-21 Feb 1970)


2i) Roger Oswald (13 Oct 1896-4 Dec 1965); m.1940 Beryl Victoria Clark (d.13 Oct 1999) issue


3i) Hew Seton (23 Jun 1898-12 Aug 1969); m.1938 Violet Muriel Rait (d.1976) issue


4i) Sybil Alexandra (29 Oct 1902-1986); m.5 Aug 1925 David Rayney Jackson (d.21 Nov 1968)


5h) Hew Winton (1872-1920); m.25 Sep 1906 Mary Laura de Greenlaw


1i) Ian Hew; m.1st (div 1948) Elizabeth Isabella Gregg Stratford; m.2nd 1948 Marjorie Thelma Brookes issue


2i) Barbara; m.1942 Ernest Clement Dawson


6h) Archibald William Eglinton (1874-5 Dec 1951); m.1901 Elizabeth Grace Blair (d.1956)


1i) Nancy Edith (1903- )


2i) Winton Archie (1907-19 Dec 1938)


3i) Betty Sybil; m.26 Sep 1936 Frank Barnard Wingfield


7h) John Eglinton (1878-Jun 1930); m.1st 1910 Edith Lilian Young (d.24 May 1921); m.2nd Dec 1928 Sarah Mitchell issue


8h) Minna, d.May 1931; m.1887 Harry Yates Lethbridge


9h) Mary Seton, d.18 Jul 1960; m.1885 Joseph Henry Richard Tripe (d.1932)


10h) Hilda, d.7 Apr 1944; m.1897 George Yates Lethbridge (d.1929)


11h) Sybil Susannah (23 Sep 1879-1963); m.25 Apr 1905 William Arthur Izard (d.1939)


2g) John Eglinton (23 Dec 1825-10 Sep 1902)


3g) Roger (22 Oct 1828-25 Oct 1880)


4g) Thomas George (23 Apr 1830-31 Jan 1878); m.11 Feb 1865 Jane Farrington (d.20 Jul 1916)


1h) Hastings Seton (6 Jan 1872-Nov 1949)


2h) Egidia Oswald, d.24 Dec 1952


3h) Beatrice Laura, d.2 Sep 1943


5g) Susanna Anderson, d.4 Mar 1880; m.7 Feb 1861 Sir John Tilley


6g) Elizabeth (1834-20 Feb 1924)


7g) Mary, d.1914; m.8 Aug 1872 John Thomas Anderson (d.2 Apr 1894)


8g) Archibald William (14 Oct 1838-26 Dec 1877)


2f) Alexander (30 Jul 1790-26 Dec 1863)


3f) Hugh (10 May 1792-1864); m.Jane Rumley


4f) Elizabeth, d.14 Apr 1822; m.24 Dec 1804 David Boyle (26 Jul 1772-4 Feb 1853)


5f) Hamilla, d.10 Mar 1852; m.Alexander West Hamilton of Pinmore


6f) Charlotte; m.16 Feb 1826 Rev. Thomas Procter


7f) Frances


7e) Thomas (2 Mar 1746-Dumfries, Virginia 13 Aug 1792)


8e) Margaret (bap 10 Dec 1748- (; m.4 Jul 1769 John Dalrymple Hamilton of Bargany


9e) Archibald (3 Jun 1751-5 Jan 1831); m.Marie Chantrey


1f) William, d.23 Oct 1852


2f) Edmund, d.19 Aug 1861; m.1829 Isabella Anne Sullivan (d.8 Jun 1878)


3f – 4f) 2 more sons


10e) James (26 Feb 1755-13 Apr 1829); m.1810 Harriet Elizabeth Jackson


11e) Anne (6 Feb 1761- )


5d) Margaret, d.London 6 Jul 1759; Mar 1739 John Hamilton


6d) Katherine fl 1789


3c) Margaret; m.1681 John Chalmers


4c) Mary; m.David Kennedy


5c) Elizabeth; m. ___ Dunbar


6c) Anna (bap 20 Jul 1662- d.young)


5b) Robert, d.Dec 1684; m.1662 Hon. Elizabeth Levingstone


1d) Alexander


2d) James


3d) a dau


6b) Margaret (20 Feb 1617-Edinburgh 27 Jan 1665); m.1st 1641/2 John Hay, Earl of Tweeddale (1595/6-25 May 1653); m.2nd William Cunningham, 9th Earl of Glencairn (ca 1610-30 May 1664)


7b) Helenor (26 Jul 1618-d.young)


8b) Anne fl 1649


4a) Sir Thomas; m.Agnes Drummond


1b) Margaret; m.George Seton of Cariston (d.1688)


5a) Sir John; m.1620 Margaret Kellie issue, extinct in male line with the death of his grandson George on 11 Jan 1718


6a) Isabel (30 Nov 1593- ); m.1st 19 Apr 1608 James Drummond, Earl of Perth (ca 1580-18 Dec 1611); m.2nd Hon. Francis Stewart, eldest son of 1st Earl of Bothwell





Part 4


Adam Montgomery, of Braidstane (see Part 1, above); m. a dau of Colquhoun of Luss


1a) Adam, of Braidstane; m. Margaret, dau of John Montgomery of Hasilheads


1b) Sir Hugh, cr 1622 Viscount Montgomery, d.Newtown, co Down 15 May 1636; m.1st ca 1587 Elizabeth Shaw (d.Nov 1625); m.2nd Sarah (bur 29 Mar 1636), dau of Lord Herries of Terregles, and widow of Earl of Wigtoun and of Sir James Johnston; all issue by 1st m.:


1c) Hugh, 2nd Viscount Montgomery, d.1642; m.Kensington 3 Aug 1620 Lady Jean Alexander, dau of Earl of Stirling


1d) Hugh, 3rd Viscount Montgomery, cr 1661 Earl of Mount-Alexander (ca 1625-Dromore 15 Sep 1663); m.1st Dec 1648 Hon. Mary Moore (1631-16 Jun 1655); m.2nd 1661 Catherine (d.Dublin 8 Oct 1675), dau of Arthur Jones, Viscount Ranelagh, and widow of Sir William Parsons, 2nd Bt.


1e) [ex 1] Hugh, 2nd Earl of Mount-Alexander (24 Feb 1651-12 Feb 1717); m.1st 1672 Lady Catherine Dillon (d.26 Jan 1674); m.2nd Hon. Eleanor Berkeley


2e) [ex 1] Henry, 3rd Earl of Mount-Alexander (ca 1652-22 Oct 1731); m.1672 Hon. Mary St. Lawrence (d.26 Aug 1705)


1f) Hugh, 4th Earl of Mount-Alexander, d.27 Feb 1745; m.1703 Elinor Barnewall (d.Dec 1746)


2f) Thomas, 5th Earl of Mount-Alexander, d.7 Apr 1757; m.1725 Marie Anglique Madeleine de la Cherois (d.14 Aug 1771)


3e) [ex 2] Catharine, d.6 Jan 1692; 1685 Sir Francis Hamilton, of Castle Hamilton, 3rd Bt. (d.4 Feb 1714)


4e) [ex 2] Elizabeth; m.Raphael Hunt, of Dollardstown


2c) Sir James, of Rosemount; m.Katherine Stewart


1d) William, of Rosemount


1e) James, of Rosemount; m.Elizabeth Edmonstone


1f) William, of Rosemount, d.1743; m.Isabella Campbell, sister of 4th Duke of Argyll issue


3c) Mary; m.Robert Maclellan, Lord Kirkcudbright (d.18 Jan 1639)


4c) Jean; m.Patrick Savage, or Portaferry


2b) Rt. Rev. George, Bishop of Meath, d.1620; m.Susan Steynings


1c) Jane, 1678; m.1615 Nicholas St. Lawrence, 10th Lord Howth (ca 1597-1643/4)


3b) Patrick


4b) John, d.1596


2a) Robert


1b) John; m. ___ Stewart; he, his wife, and all but one of their children were murdered by robbers who attacked their house in Ireland


1c) Hugh


1d) Hugh; m. a dau of Sir Robert M’Clelland, and had several daus and one son:


1e) William; m.Mary Macgill


1f) William, of Grey Abbey, d.1755; m.1st 1719 Catherine Hall (d.1723); m.2nd 1725 Elizabeth Hill (d.1789) 6 sons, 3 daus, of whom:


1g) [ex 1] William, of Grey Abbey, d.Nov 1799; m.1749 Susanna Jelly 4 sons, 1 dau, of whom:


1h) Rev. Hugh, of Grey Abbey (1754-Grey Abbey 30 Mar 1815); m.1782 Hon, Emilia Ward 7 sons, 2 daus, of whom:


1i) William, of Grey Abbey, d.3 May 1831; m.Mar 1817 Lady Amelia Elizabeth Parker (d.5 Feb 1881)


1j) Hugh, of Grey Abbey (26 Jun 1821-29 May 1894); m.20 Oct 1846 Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Herbert (d.15 May 1906) 5 sons, 4 daus, of whom:


1k) William Edward, of Grey Abbey (18 Jul 1847-11 Jun 1927); m.22 Jun 1891 Alberta Victoria Ponsonby (5 May 1862-15 Oct 1945)


2k) Robert Arthur, of Grey Abbey (7 Sep 1848- ); m.11 Jan 1881 Maria Maud Gosling


3k) George Fitzmaurice (27 Jan 1861- ); m.1905 Mildred Mary Clayton


1l) Hugh, of Grey Abbey (1906- )


2i) Arthur Hill, d.1867; m.May 1825 Lady Matilda Anna Parker (d.25 May 1883) issue


2f) Lucy, d.1701


2d) John; m.NN