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Earls of Dirletoun

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Baronets of various creations




Part 1



Aymer Maxwell


1a) Sir Herbert; his descendant [Burke’s says in the 6th generation; Scots Peerage has a probable descent but ackhowledges that it is unclear]:




Herbert, of Caerlaverock, cr 1445 Lord Maxwell [S], d.1453/4; m.1st a dau of Sir Herbert Herries of Terregles; m.2nd Catherine, ne Seton, widow of Sir Alan Stewart of Darnley


[by 1st m.]:


1aa) Robert, 2nd Lord Maxwell, d.1485/6; m.Janet Forrester


1bb) John, 3rd Lord Maxwell, d.22 Jul 1484; 1454 Lady Janet Crichton; note that he predeceased his father, but is generally called 3rd Lord (e.g., in Scots Peerage) because his father had resigned the territorial barony to him, and both sat together in the Scots Parliament; Cokayne does not call him Lord Maxwell, and thus his numbering of subsequent Lords differs from other sources


1cc) John, 4th Lord Maxwell (b.shortly after 1454, k.a. Flodden 9 Sep 1513); m.1491/2 Agnes, dau of Sir Alexander Stewart of Garlies; for his issue see Part 2, below


2cc) George

3cc) Robert fl 1485


4cc) James; he is said to have been ancestor of the Maxwells of Cavens; Scots Peerage notes that his immediate successors are unknown but that “… the next possessor of the estate on record is…”:



aa1) Herbert Maxwell, of Cavens, d.24 Mar 1573; m.NN


bb1) William; m.Margaret, dau of Sir James Douglas of Drumlanrig; he had several children [see Scots Peerage for details], of whom:


cc1) Robert, of Kirkhouse, k. 1583; m.Nicolas Murray; he had several children [see Scots Peerage for details], of whom:


dd1) James, cr 1638 Lord Innerwick [S], cr 1646 Earl of Dirletoun, Lord Kingston and Elbottle [S], d.19 Apr 1650; m.Elisabeth de Bosy [or de Boussoyne, or Busson de Podolsko]


ee1) Elizabeth, bur 2 Sep 1659; m.1st 26 May 1638 William Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Hamilton (d.12 Sep 1651); m.2nd 19 Jun 1655 Thomas Dalmahoy (d.24 May 1682)


ee2) Diana, d.Jun 1675; m.2 Apr 1639 Charles Cecil, Viscount Cranborne (1619-Dec 1660)


5cc) Homer Maxwells of Portrack

6cc) John

7cc) Thomas Maxwells of Gleneslin

8cc) William fl 1495

9cc) Christian fl 1497

10cc) [parentage uncertain, per Scots Peerage] Janet; m.William Carlyle, 2nd Lord Carlyle (d.1524/5)


2bb) Thomas; m.Agnes Maxwell Maxwells of Kirkconnel


3bb) David fl 1485

4bb) Robert fl 1468

5bb) Aymer fl 1473

6bb) Agbes; m.John Glendoning [Glendenning]

7bb) Christian

8bb) [illegitimate?] John

?9bb) Nicol?


2aa) Edward; ancestor of the Maxwell of Monreith Baronets, for whom see Part 3 [generations omitted]


3aa) Gavin


4aa) Katherine; 1440 Gilbert Kennedy, Lord Kennedy ( 1479?)


[by 2nd m.]:


5aa) George issue

6aa) David


7aa) Adam issue; likely the Adam Maxwell, who m. Marion Stewart, per Scots Peerage, sub Blantyre, where he is called “third son of Herbert, first Lord Maxwell” (he seems to have been third son by 2nd m.)


8aa) John

9aa) William

10aa) Janet

11aa) Mariot



2a) Sir John


1b) Sir Robert, of Pollok


1c) Sir John, of Pollok, 1360


1d) Sir John, of Pollok; m.1st Isabel Lindsay, niece of King Robert II; m.2nd Elizabeth de Saint Michel (dsp)


1e) Sir John, of Pollok; m. ___ Montgomery


1f) Thomas, of Pollok; for him and his descendants see Part 4, below


2e) Sir Robert Maxwells of Calderwood; he was ancestor of Sir John Maxwell, of Calderwood (d.1571), ancestor of the lords Farnham, for whom see Part 5, below


3e) William, of Aikenhead issue


4e) Janet; m.Thomas Murray


5e) Agnes; m.Sir Gilbert Kennedy






Part 2



John Maxwell, 4th Lord Maxwell (see Part 1) had issue:


1a) Robert, 5th Lord Maxwell (ca 1493/4-9 Jul 1546); m.1st Janet (dsp), dau of Douglas of Drumlanrig; m.2nd Agnes (d.Feb 1557), nat. dau of James Stewart, Earl of Buchan, and widow of Lord Home and of the Earl of Bothwell, and later wife of Cuthbert Ramsay


1b) Robert, 6th Lord Maxwell, d.13 Sep 1552; m.Lady Beatrix Douglas


1c) Robert, 7th Lord Maxwell, d.1553/5


2c) John, 8th Lord Maxwell, cr 1581 Earl of Morton and Lord Carlyle and Eskdaill, k. 6/7 Dec 1593; m.17 Feb 1572 Lady Elizabeth Douglas (d.Feb 1637); He was given the Earldom of Morton after the attainder of its previous holder, but that attainder being reversed in 1586, and the territorial earldom reverting to the heir of the previous holder, this title did not descend to, or at least was never used by, his sons


1d) John, 9th Lord Maxwell, executed 21 May 1613; m.Lady Margaret Hamilton


1e) son, dvpsp


2d) Robert, 10th Lord Maxwell, cr 1620 Earl of Nithsdale, Lord Maxwell, Eskdale and Carleill [S] [with remainder to heirs male whatsoever], d.May 1646; m.28 Oct 1619 Elizabeth Beaumont (d.1671), cousin of the Duke of Buckingham; his new titles were cr with precedence from 1581, and are regarded as replacements for his father’s Earldom of Morton


1e) Robert, 2nd Earl of Nithsdale (1 Sep 1620-5 Oct 1667)


2e) Jean, bur 28 Sep 1649


3e) Elizabeth, d.young


3d) James; had a dau, Jean


4d) Elizabeth; m.John Maxwell, Lord Herries (d.1631; see below)


5d) Margaret; m.John Wallace, of Craigie


6d) Jean


7d) Agnes; m.William Douglas of Greenlaw


8d) [illegitimate] John


3c) [illegitimate] Robert, of Castlemilk


2b) John, “Lord Herries” (ca 1512-20 Jan 1583); m.Agnes, suo jure 4th Baroness Herries of Terregles (ca 1534-14 Mar 1594)


1c) William, 5th Lord Herries (ca 1555-10 Oct 1603); m.Catherine Kerr (d.Mar 1600)


1d) John, 6th Lord Herries, d.1631; m.Hon. Elizabeth Maxwell (above)


1e) John, 7th Lord Herries, suc 1667 as 3rd Earl of Nithsdale, d.1677; m.1626 Elizabeth Gordon, sister of Viscount Kenmure


1f) Robert, 4th Earl of Nithsdale (ca Jan 1628-d.shortly before 23 Mar 1683); m.1669 Lady Lucy Douglas (d.8 Jan 1713)


1g) William, 5th Earl of Nithsdale (1676-20 Mar 1744), attainted 1716, whereby all his titles were forfeited; m.1699 Lady Winifred Herbert (d.May 1749)


1h) William, Lord Maxwell, called Earl of Nithsdale, d.2 Aug 1776; m.1st 1731 Lady Catherine Stuart (4 Mar 1705-16 Jun 1765); m.2nd 11 Aug 1767 Anne Fox (d.6 Mar 1773)


1i) Mary, d.21 Dec 1747


2i) Winifred (ca 1736-13 Jul 1801); m.17 Oct 1758 William Haggerston-Constable, later Maxwell-Constable (d.20 Jun 1797); her descendants inherited the right to the Barony of Herries of Terregles, later restored in their favor, and also eventually inherited Traquair


2h) Anne, d.3 May 1735; m.13 Sep 1731 John Bellew, 4th Lord Bellew (1702-18 Aug 1770)


2g) Mary, d.22 Sep 1759; m.6 Jan 1694 Charles Stuart, 4th Earl of Traquair (1659-13 Jun 1741)


3g) Anne, d.young


2f) John, d.1658; m.Elizabeth Glendoning


1g) Elizabeth; m.Robert Maxwell of Kirkhouse


3f) William, of Kelton, d.1684; m.1674 Hon. Agnes Gordon


2e) James; m.Margaret Vans Maxwells of Breconside, Terraughtie, Munches and Carruchan

3e) William

4e) Alexander

5e) Robert

6e) Edward; m.Margaret Glen issue

7e) Frederick, d.1632

8e) Michael

9e) Elizabeth; 1628 George Seton, 3rd Earl of Winton (Dec 1584-15/17 Dec 1650)


2d) Sir William; m.Barbara Johnstone


1e) John

2e) Edward

3e) Alexander


3d) Sir Robert

4d) Edward

5d) James

6d) Agnes; m.James Maitland of Lethington

7d) dau; m. “Lord Urchell” [probably John Graham of Orchell]

8d) Margaret; m.Robert Glendinning

9d) Grisel


2c) Sir Robert; m.1st Elizabeth Gordon; m.2nd Sara [or Grisel] Johnstone


1d) Sir Robert, of Orchardtoun, cr Baronet [S] 1663, fl 1669, d.before 1673; m.1640 Hon. Anne [or Marion, Mary] Maclellan (d.1650)


1e) Sir Robert, of Orchardtown and Ballycastle, 2nd Bt., d.1693; m.1st 1668 Anne (d.15 Jan 1689 [per Cokayne article Clanbrassill; or Oct 1688, per Cokayne article Maxwell]), dau of Henry Carey, 2nd Earl of Monmouth, and widow of James Hamilton, Earl of Clanbrassill; m.2nd Margaret Maxwell (d.1754/8); Burke’s Extinct Baronetcies has no genealogy for this family; Cokayne says it became extinct with 2nd Bt. but notes that other sources mention subsequent Baronets, up to one Sir Robert Maxwell, Bt., of Orchardtown, who d.21 Sep 1786, said to have been 7th and last Bt.


2d) Anne; [John Maclellan, 3rd Lord Kirkcudbright, is said to have m.before 1642 Anne, dau of Sir Robert Maxwell of Orchardtown; Scots Peerage, sub Kirkcudbright, says that she was dau of Sir Robert Maxwell by Hon. Mary Maclellan, but since that Sir Robert did not marry Mary Maclellan until 1640, Anne must have been sister, not daughter, of that Sir Robert


3c) Edward, d.29 Sep 1598; m.Margaret Baillie Maxwells of Newlaw and Breoch, Baillies of Lamington


4c) James


5c) John; had a dau, Jane


6c) Elizabeth; m.1st Sir John Gordon of Lochinvar; m.2nd Sir Alexander Fraser of Philorth


7c) Margaret, d.8 Jan 1617; 1592 Mark Kerr, Earl of Lothian (ca 1553-8 Apr 1609)


8c) Agnes; m.Sir John Charteris of Amisfield


9c) Mary, d.28 Oct 1592; m.William Hay, 6th Lord Hay of Yester (ca 1561-10 Mar 1591)


10c) Sarah, d.29 Mar 1636; m.1st Sir James Johnstone of that Ilk (d.6 Apr 1608); m.2nd before 21 Oct 1611 John Fleming, Earl of Wigtown (1566/7-Apr 1619); m.3rd before 28 Nov 1626 Hugh Montgomery, Viscount Montgomery of Ards (ca 1560-15 May 1636)


11c) Grisel; 1584 Thomas Maclellan of Bombie (d.Jul 1597); parents of Lord Kirkcudbright


12c) Nicolas; 1593 Sir William Grierson of Lag


3b) Margaret, d.1593; m.1st Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus (ca 1490-Jan 1557); m.2nd Sir William Baillie of Lamington


4b) [illegitimate] son Maxwells of Logan


2a) Herbert Maxwells of Clowden

3a) John fl 1524

4a) Edward fl 1540

5a) dau [Mary]; m. __ Johnstone

6a) Agnes; m.Robert Charteris of Amisfield

7a) dau; m. ___ Jardine of Applegirth

8a) Katherine; m. Ninian Glendoning





Part 3



Edward Maxwell, son of 1st Lord Maxwell (see Part 1) was ancestor by several generations of:



Sir William Maxwell, of Monreith, cr Baronet [S] 1681, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever (ca 1635-Apr 1709); m.1st Oct 1685 Joanna Macdouall (dsp?); m.2nd Elizabeth, dau of Sir Thomas Hay of Park, Bt.


1a) William, drowned 1707


2a) Sir Alexander, 2nd Bt., d.23 May 1730; m.29 Dec 1711 Lady Jean Montgomerie (1 Dec 1689-20 Feb 1745)


1b) Sir William, 3rd Bt. (ca 1715-22 Aug 1771); m.Magdalen Blair


1c) Sir William, 4th Bt., d.Feb 1812; m.1776 his cousin Katharine Blair (d.2 Apr 1798)


1d) Sir William, 5th Bt. (5 Mar 1779-22 Aug 1838); m.23 Apr 1803 Catharine Fordyce (d.19 Jul 1857)


1e) Sir William, 6th Bt. (2 Oct 1805-29 Mar 1877); m.10 Jun 1833 Helenora (d.27 Oct 1876), dau of Sir Michael Shaw-Stewart, 5th Bt.


1f – 3f) three sons, dvpsp


4f) Sir Herbert Eustace, 7th Bt. (8 Jan 1845-30 Oct 1937); m.20 Jan 1869 Mary Fletcher-Campbell (d.3 Sep 1910)


1g) William (29 Sep Fort Gibbs, Mashonaland 12/19 Jun 1897)


2g) Aymer Edward (26 Oct 1877-d.on active service 9 Oct 1914); m.20 Oct 1909 Lady Mary Percy (d.18 Mar 1965)


1h) Christian (31 Jul 1910-19__)


2h) Sir Aymer, 8th Bt. (7 Dec 1911-1987)


3h) Eustace (24 Feb 1913-12 Apr 1971); m.18 May 1940 (div 1949) Dorothy Vivien Bellville (d.20 Jul 2002)


1i) Diana Mary (1942- )


2i) Sir Michael Eustace George, 9th Bt., b.28 Aug 1943


4h) Gavin (15 Jul 1914-7 Sep 1969); m.1 Feb 1962 (div 1964) Lavinia Joan Lascelles (27 Jun 1923-3 Nov 2020)


3g) Ann Christian (5 Sep 1871-5 Apr 1937); m.12 Nov 1901 Sir John Stirling-Maxwell of Pollok, 10th Bt.


4g) Winifred Edith (19 Jul 1873-30 Oct 1968); m.11 Nov 1897 Alastair Erskine Graham (18 Jul 1863-5 Sep 1932)


5g) Beatrice Mary (24 Jan 1875-11 Apr 1938); m 10 Oct 1901 Ernest Robert Walker


5f) Edward Adolphus Seymour (20 Oct 1849-25 Aug 1866)

6f) Catherine Shaw Stewart, d.27 Jul 1911


7f) Anne Murray, d.27 Apr 1920; m.24 Apr 1856 Robert Hathorn Johnston-Stewart, of Physgill (2 Sep 1824-10 Jul 1899)


8f) Alan Eglantine, d.Sep 1921


9f) Eleanora Louisa, d.19 Mar 1908; m.4 Feb 1885 Henry Macdowall, of Garthland (d.3 Apr 1927)


2e) Eustace, d. Australia 1857

3e) Edward Herbert (30 Jul 1822-24 Feb 1885); m.20 Nov 1865 Agnes Morgan Hay (d.23 Feb 1926)

4e) Catherine Helen, d.28 Sep 1882; m.28 Feb 1824 H Hathorn, of Castlewigg

5e) Jane Elizabeth Norah, d.15 Mar 1846

6e) Eglantine Amabel, d.1830

7e) Louisa Cornwallis, d.24 Apr 1880; m.25 Jul 1833 Caledon George Du Pr, of Wilton Park

8e) Charlotte Queensberry, d.28 Aug 1889; m .Filippo Calandra di Roccolino

9e) Georgiana Gordon, d.26 Mar 1858


2d) Alexander


3d) Hamilton, d.17 Jun 1829; m.Mary, dau of Sir Robert Grierson, 5th Bt.


1e) William Robert, d.Mar 1892; m.Caroline Delacombe

2e) son

3e) Alexander Charles; m.Amelia Helena Porch

4e – 7e) four daus


4d) Anne; m.11 Jun 1799 William Murray of Touchadam

5d) Madeline; m.1801 James Du Pr, of Wilton Park

6d) Jane; m.5 Jul 1803 John Maitland of Balgrennan and Freugh (1779-20 May 1811)

7d) Mary, d.Feb 1812

8d) Susan, d.17 Jun 1853

9d) Charlotte, d.young


2c) Hamilton, d. India 1800

3c) Dunbar, d.1775

4c) Catharine; m.28 Jan 1767 John Fordyce, of Ayton

5c) Jane (1748-14 Apr 1812); m.23 Oct 1767 Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon (1743-17 Jun 1827)

6c) Eglantine; m.Sep 1772 (div) Sir Thomas Dunlop-Wallace, claimant as 5th Bt. (d.1835)


2b) Alexander (7 Mar 1718- dvpsp)


3b) James (31 Jul 1724- ); m.his cousin Elizabeth Maxwell (below)


1c) James, d.1810, aged 37


2c) Sir Murray, d.26 Jun 1831; m.9 Sep 1798 Grace Callander Waugh (d.23 Jun 1857)


1d) John Balfour, d.31 Jan 1874; m.NN


1e) Harriet Anne, d.6 Jun 1883

2e) Rose Frances; m.11 Sep 1879 George E H Cates


2d) Mary; m.1st 12 Jun 1828 Charles Hallowell Carew (d.2 Aug 1880); m.2nd 2 Jul 1850 Petrie Waugh


3c) Keith, d.15 Apr 1823

4c) John


5c) Archibald Montgomerie, d.21 May 1845; m.30 Oct 1823 Mary Atlee


1d) Mary Madelina, d.8 Jan 1907


6c) Stuart

7c) Eglinton

8c) Margaret; m. Rev. W Rose

9c) Eliza

10c) Catherine

11c) Susan


4b) Margaret; m. ___Carruthers of Dormont

5b) Elizabeth; m.John Crawford Balfour of Powmill

6b) Catharine; m.William Booth

7b) Susan, d.22 Feb 1792; m.her cousin Alexander Hay (ca 1750- ), son of Sir Thomas Hay of Park, 3rd Bt.


3a) John; m.Mary McGhie


1b) William; m.NN


1c) Elizabeth; m.James Maxwell (above)


4a) Isabel; m.William Stewart of Castlestewart

5a) Elizabeth; m.Andrew Heron (d.1730)

6a) Jean

7a) Agnes

8a) Mary, d.24 Dec 1767; m.1708 her cousin Thomas Hay, of Park (dvp 1737)





Part 4



Thomas Maxwell of Pollok, fl 1440 (see Part 1 above) had issue:


1a) John, of Pollok fl 1452, 1490


1b) John, of Pollok; m. Lady Elizabeth Stewart, dau of Earl of Lennox


1c) John, of Pollok, d.1517; m.Margaret Blair


1d) John, of Pollok; m.Elizabeth Houston


1e) Elizabeth, heiress of Pollok (1523-17 Feb 1592); m.1535 her cousin John Maxwell of Cowglen (below)


2d) Katherine; m.1515 John Fullerton of that Ilk


2c) Robert, Bp of Orkney


3c) George, of Cowglen; m.Janet Maxwell


1d Sir John, of Cowglen (1524-20 Feb 1577); m.his cousin Elizabeth Maxwell, heiress of Pollok (above)


1e) Sir John, of Pollok, k.a. 5 Dec 1593; m.1st 1569 Margaret Cuninghame; m.2nd 1592 Marjory Edmondstone


1f) Sir John, of Pollok, cr Baronet [S] 1630, apparently with remainder to heirs male whatsoever (ca 1583-1 Nov 1647); m.1st Isabel (d.1612), dau of Hugh Campbell, Lord Campbell of Loudoun; m.2nd before 1615 Grizel Blair, gdau of Lord Sempill; on his death the Baronetcy became dormant, it apparently being unknown who was his heir male; he left his estates to a distant cousin, who was cr a Baronet in 1682 (see below), who might have been his heir male, as well


1g) Isabel, d.1612


2f) Agnes; m.1611 John Boyle of Kelburn


2e) William, of Cowglen


4c) William, of Carnwaderick; m.Janet Culheart


1d) John, of Carnwaderick


2a) Hugh; ancestor of:




John Maxwell, of Auldhouse; m. ___ Dunlop


1aa) Rev. George, of Auldhouse, d.Nov 1648; m.1st Janet Miller; m.2nd Jane Mure; m.3rd Janet Douglas


[by 1st m.]:


1bb) John, of Auldhouse, 1666; m.1621 Elizabeth Stewart


1cc) Sir George, of Auldhouse and of Pollok, d.Apr 1677; m.1646 Annabella, sister of Sir Archibald Stewart of Blackhall, 1st Bt.; he inherited Pollok on the death of his cousin Sir John Maxwell, Bt. (above), and may have been his heir male and thus entitled to the 1628 Baronetcy, but proof of extinction of senior lines was impossible


1dd) Sir John Maxwell of Auldhouse, and of Pollok, cr Baronet [S] 1682 (Jan 1648-4 Jul 1732); m.1671 Marion Stewart (d.1706); the Baronetcy was cr with remainder to heirs male of his body, but he received a new Patent in 1707 extending the remainder to heirs of entail whatsoever, and was succeeded as below; he was a Lord of Session as Lord Pollok


2dd) George, 14 Aug 1688


3dd) Marian (8 Aug 1649- ); m.1st Dec 1674 James Stewart of Rosyth; m.2nd ca 1706 Sir Charles Murray of Dreghorn, Bt.


4dd) Annabella (bap 24 May 1657- ); m.1st ca 28 Nov 1679 John Cathcart of Carleton; m.2nd ca Jan 1686 Sir Robert Pollok of Pollok


5dd) Margaret, d.1685; 30 Sep 1684 Alexander Maxwell of Calderwood (below)


2cc) Zacharias, of Blawerthill, d.Apr 1698; m. Mrs Jean Colquhoun, ne Maxwell


1dd) Sir John, of Pollok, 2nd Bt. (1686-24 Dec 1752); m.1st 8 Apr 1709 Lady Anne Carmichael ( 1720); m.2nd Aug 1727 Barbara Stewart; m.3rd 27 Dec 1739 Margaret Caldwell


1ee) Sir John, 3rd Bt. (7 Mar 1720-14 Sep 1758)


2ee) [ex 1] Beatrix, d.5 Apr 1795


3ee) [ex 2] George, of Blawerthill, d.1758


4ee) Sir Walter, 4th Bt. (15 Feb 1732-29 Apr 1762); m.10 Feb 1760 Darcy Brisbane (d.2 Jul 1810)


1ff) Sir John, 5th Bt. (27 Nov 1761-25 Jul 1762)


5ee) Sir James, 6th Bt. (26 Mar 1735-3 May 1785); m.1764 Frances Colhoun (d.21 Mar 1818), later wife of Sir John Shaw-Stewart, 4th Bt.


1ff) Sir John, 7th Bt. (31 Oct 1768-30 Jul 1844); m.1788 Hannah Anne Gardiner (d.21 Jul 1841)


1gg) Harriet Anne (26 Mar 1789-18 Oct 1841)


2gg) Sir John, 8th Bt. (12 May 1791-6 Jun 1865); m.14 Oct 1839 Lady Matilda Harriet Bruce (d.31 Aug 1857)


3gg) Elizabeth (1793-5 Sep 1822); m.1 Jun 1815 Archibald Stirling of Keir (d.9 Apr 1847)


1hh) Sir William Stirling of Keir (8 Mar 1818-15 Jan1878); as heir of entail, he suc his uncle in 1865 as 9th Baronet under the renewed Patent of 1707 and took the name STIRLING-MAXWELL OF KEIR; m.1st 26 Apr 1865 Lady Anne Maria Leslie-Melville (d.8 Dec 1874); m.2nd 1 Mar 1877 Caroline, Hon. Mrs G N Norton (d.15 Jun 1877)


1ii) Sir John STIRLING-MAXWELL OF KEIR, 10th Bt. (6 Jun 1866-30 May 1956); m.12 Nov 1901 Ann Christian (d.5 Apr 1937), dau of Sir Herbert Eustace Maxwell of Monreith, 7th Bt.; on his death the Baronetcy became dormant


1jj) Dame Anne,11th Baronetess (8 Sep 1906- ); m.22 Apr 1930 John Moreton-Macdonald, later Maxwell-Macdonald, of Largie,of the Earls of Ducie


2ii) Archibald STIRLING-MAXWELL OF KEIR, later STIRLING OF KEIR (14 Sep 1867-18 Feb 1931); m.14 Apr 1910 Hon. Margaret Mary Fraser issue


2hh) Hannah Anne, d.18 Jul 1843


3hh) Elizabeth, d.12 Sep 1845


2ff) Robert (17 Jul 1770-1796); m.Margaret, dau of Sir William Cunningham, Bt.


3ff – 4ff) two daus


6ee) [ex 2] Jean; m.25 Aug 1757 James Montgomery of Lainshaw (d.1767)


[by 2nd m.]:


2bb) William, of Kirkconnel and Springkell in Annandale, 1695; m.1637 Jane Stewart ( 1683)


1cc) Sir Patrick, of Springkell, cr Baronet [S] 1683 (ca 1640-Apr 1723); m.1st ___ Dacre-Appleby (dsp); m.2nd by 1703 Hon. Mary Gordon; for his issue see Part 5, below


2cc) Robert

3cc) Agnes; m.27 Jan 1657 Dr John Colquhoun

4cc) Mary; m.1680 John Maxwell of Broomholm


[by 3rd m.]:


3bb) Hugh Maxwells of Dalswinton


2aa) Patrick fl 1585; m.Elizabeth Boyd issue






Part 5



Sir Patrick Maxwell of Springkell, 1st Bt. (see Part 4, above) had issue:


1a) Sir William, 2nd Bt. (10 Aug 1703-14 Jul 1760); m.11 Oct 1725 Catherine (d.29 Sep 1761), dau of Sir William Douglas of Kelhead, 2nd Bt.


1b) Sir William, 3rd Bt. (1 Dec 1739-4 Mar 1804); m.26 Mar 1764 Margaret (d.Mar 1816), dau of Sir Michael Stewart, 3rd Bt.

1c) William (22 Jan 1765-19 Aug 1784)


2c) Helenora (13 Dec 1765- ); m.28 Jan 1788 Claud Alexander, of Ballochmyle (1752-1809); grandparents of Sir Claud Alexander, Bt.


3c) Catherine (7 Jan 1767-10 May 1849); m.24 Sep 1787 her cousin Sir Michael Shaw-Stewart of Blackhall, 5th Bt. (10 Feb 1766-25 Aug 1825)


4c) Michael Stewart (21 Jul 1768-19 Oct 1803)


5c) Patrick, drowned at Nova Scotia 10 Jul 1790


6c) Sir John Shaw, 4th Bt., took surname HERON-MAXWELL OF SPRINGKELL (29 Jun 1772-29 Jan 1830); m.4 Jan 1802 Mary (d.18 Jun 1856), only child and heiress of Patrick Heron of Heron, by Lady Elizabeth Cochrane


1d) William (24 Oct 1803-27 Jun 1810)


2d) Sir Patrick, 5th Bt. (1 Jan 1805-27 Aug 1844)


3d) Sir John, 6th Bt. (7 Mar 1808-22 Aug 1885); m.7 Nov 1833 Caroline Stewart (1813-22 Oct 1896), of the Earl of Galloway


1e) Sir John Robert, 7th Bt. (4 Jun 1836-12 May 1910); m.7 Aug 1866 Caroline Harriette Howard-Brooke (d.20 Feb 1900), of the Brooke Baronets


1f) Sir Ivor Walter, 8th Bt. (13 Nov 1871-19 Feb 1928); m.7 Dec 1910 Norah Henrietta Parker


1g) Jean Norah (28 Dec 1911-1981); m.6 Jul 1938 Anthony Sancroft-Baker


2g) Helen Naomi (25 Jun 1913-1983); m.1st 2 Mar 1938 Francis Cecil Harold Allen (d.23 Jan 1939); m.2nd 31 Dec 1957 (div 1967) Howard Dale Thomas


3g) Sir Patrick Ivor, 9th Bt. (26 Jul 1916-1982); m.9 Dec 1942 Dorothy Geraldine Emma Mellor


1h) Sir Nigel Mellor, 10th Bt., b.30 Jan 1944; m.1972 Mary Elizabeth Angela Ewing (d.2010)


1i) David Mellor, b.22 May 1975


2i) Claire Louise, b.1977


2h) Colin Mellor (1952- ); m.1976 Angela Nister 2 daus


3h) Paul Mellor (1957- )


4g) Rachel Mary (30 Aug 1922- ); m.6 Dec 1947 Roy Martin Macnab (d.2004)


2f) Maud Lucia, d.14 Jan 1952; m.20 Jul 1893 William Marshall Cazalet (8 Jul 1865-22 Oct 1932)


3f) Gwendoline, d.9 Jan 1948; m.16 Jul 1889 Richard Bayley Chenevix Trench (23 Oct 1861-5 Apr 1933)


4f) Kathleen Edith Heron, d.23 Oct 1950


5f) Muriel, d.27 May 1956


2e) Robert Charles (1845-1846)


3e) Robert Charles (7 Aug 1848-31 Jan 1938)


4e) Arthur Wellington (14 Sep 1852-3 Dec 1923); m.28 Apr 1896 Alicia Blanche Buckle (d.27 Feb 1942)


5e) Spencer Horatio Walpole (7 Dec 1855-20 Jun 1907); m.24 Jan 1891 Beatrice Maude Emilia Eastwick (d.7 Mar 1927)


6e) Caroline Mary, d.20 Nov 1922


7e) Mary Katherine Dundonald, d.10 May 1934


8e) Louisa Susan Marlborough, d.13 Jan 1920; m.23 Jun 1863 Sir James Robert Walker, 2nd Bt. (19 Oct 1829-12 Jun 1899)


9e) Edith Elphinstone, d.24 Jul 1920; m.1st 23 Nov 1882 Aucher Cornwall Taylor (d.1896); m.2nd 18 Sep 1900 Rev George Napier (d.8 Jun 1902)


10e) Beatrice Ethel, d.27 Aug 1939


4d) Rev. Michael MAXWELL-HERON (8 Nov 1809-4 Apr 1873); m.24 Feb 1834 Charlotte Frances Burgoyne (d.28 Dec 1886)


1e) John Heron, of Heron and Kiroughtree (5 Sep 1836-26 Jan 1899); m.12 Nov 1868 Marguerita Stancomb (d.6 Sep 1925)


1f) Guy Heron (8 Jun 1871-29 Jan 1944); m.1st 24 Jan 1922 Hilda Parker (d.10 Aug 1924); m.2nd 25 Apr 1928 Dorothea Rose Harrison (d.8 Dec 1960)


2f) Basil Charles Montague (18 Jun 1878-1916); m.1905 Mary O’Byrne (d.6 Feb 1957)


1g) Guy John Ewen (1905-22 Feb 1968); m.1st 21 Jul 1928 (div 1957) Vera Ismay Pereira; m.2nd 1957 Mrs Moira Kathleen James, ne Brown


2g) Rita Steuart Mary (1905- ); m.2 Jul 1927 Antony William Hamilton Nelson


3f) Violet Bridget Heron, d.5 Sep 1929; m.23 Nov 1898 Arthur Charles Wombwell


2e) Frederick William Burgoyne (13 Feb 1838-31 Aug 1918); m.4 Jul 1882 Mrs Louisa Annie Harrison, ne Paterson (d.29 Aug 1924)


1f) Charlotte Margaretta; m.25 Jan 1911 Charles Albert Carey (d.8 Sep 1925)


3e) Harriet, d.26 Jun 1925


4e) Stuart Mary, d.23 Apr 1888


5d) Charles Douglas (10 Oct 1813-17 May 1824)


6d) Robert Heron (24 Nov 1815-3 Feb 1828)


7d) Edward HERON-MAXWELL-BLAIR OF TEVIOT BANK (2 Mar 1821-4 Sep 1890); m.20 Oct 1847 Elizabeth Ellen Stopford Blair (d.28 Jun 1901)


1e) John Shaw (31 Mar 1850-2 Aug 1899)


2e) William Henry Stopford HERON-MAXWELL-BLAIR OF TEVIOT BANK, later HERON-MAXWELL OF TEVIOT BANK (14 Jun 1852-23 May 1927); m.26 Feb 1884 Adeline Helen Hanbury (d.11 May 1941)


1f) Helen Alice, d.4 Feb 1932


2f) Elizabeth Marion; m.7 Oct 1919 Edmund Joseph Stapleton-Bretherton (d.29 Aug 1946)


3f) Nora, d.24 Dec 1935


4f) Mary Adeline; m.10 Jun 1921 Cecil George Arkwright


3e) Patrick HERON-MAXWELL-BLAIR OF TEVIOT BANK, later HERON-MAXWELL OF TEVIOT BANK (8 Mar 1866-2 Feb 1949); m.1st 26 Nov 1898 Constance Violet (d.24 Aug 1915), dau of Sir John Ralph Blois, 8th Bt.; m.2nd 1919 Hilda Adelaide Eleanor Hanbury-Tracy (d.7 Jun



1f) John Edward Blois (19 Sep 1899- Kenya 20 May 1925)


2f) Margaret Violet (9 Jun 1901-5 Feb 1962); m.23 Jun 1927 John P T Fisher


3f) Patrick Archibald (14 Sep 1903-10 Jan 1935)


4e) Mira, d.21 Jun 1931


5e) Stuart Mary, d.1891; m.16 Dec 1880 John Clarence Pierson (d.29 May 1902)


6e) Jane Elizabeth, d.13 Apr 1921


7e) Helenora Catherine, d.23 Mar 1941; m.30 Apr 1892 George Stehn


8e) Elizabeth Alice, d.27 Jul 1879


9e) Margaret Emily, d.31 Dec 1949; m.10 Jan 1901 Harold William Kemble (d.1920)


10e) Georgina Florence; m.15 Nov 1904 Ralph Brunton Umfreville (d.29 Jan 1937)


8d) Elizabeth, d.14 Feb 1821; m.27 Sep 1819 Sir James Dalrymple-Hay, 2nd Bt.


9d) Margaret Stewart, d.17 Jun 1882


10d) Jane Stuart, d.27 Dec 1886; m.15 Aug 1827 John Shaw-Stewart


11d) Mary, d.16 Nov 1876; m.27 Apr 1836 Sir James Dalrymple-Horn-Elphinstone, 2nd Bt.


12d) Helenora Catherine, d.2 Nov 1889; m.6 Nov 1838 Hew Drummond Elphinstone-Dalrymple


2b) Catherine, d.15 Apr 1763


2a) Grace, d.19 May 1788; m.John Henderson


3a) Mary; m.James Douglas, son of Sir William Douglas of Kelhead, 1st Bt.


4a) Henrietta; m.William Douglas, of Dornoch


5a) Charlotte; m. ___ Lyon


6a) Elizabeth






Part 6



Sir John Maxwell, of Calderwood, d.1571 (see Part 1); m.1st Elizabeth, dau of Sir James Hamilton of Finart; m.2nd Elizabeth Stewart; sons by 1st m.:


1a) Sir James, of Calderwood, d.1622; m.1st Helen Porterfield (d.1573); m.2nd 1579 Isabel, dau of Sir Alexander Hamilton of Innerwick; m.3rd Lady Margaret Hamilton, ne Cunningham


[by 1st m.]:


1b – 2b) two daus


[by 2nd m.]:


3b) son


4b) Sir James, of Calderwood, cr Baronet [S] 1627, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, or shortly after 1670; m.1st Jean Hamilton (dspm), dau of his stepmother; m.2nd 1637 Mary Couttes


1c) [ex 1] dau


2c) Sir William, 2nd Bt. (ca 1640-30 Apr 1703); m. before 9 Nov 1666 Jean Maxwell (below)


1d) Alexander, dvpsp; m.Margaret, dau of Sir George Maxwell of Pollok


5b) Sir Alexander, of Saughton; m.Janet Moodie; note: I cannot be certain who his mother was, but he is called paternal uncle of the 2nd Bt.; this position seems most likely


1c) Jean; m.Sir William Maxwell, 2nd Bt. (above)


6b) Nicola, d.Jan 1643; m.Alexander Lockhart of Cleghorn (d.1630)


7b – 11b) five daus


[by 3rd m.]:


12b) John, k.a. Dunbar 1650; m.Elizabeth Elphinstone


1c) Sir William, 3rd Bt., d.before 23 Mar 1716; m.Margaret Wood; it is said that he never assumed the title


1d) Sir William, 4th Bt., d.1750; m.Christian Stewart


1e) Sir William, 5th Bt., d.2 Jan 1789; m.before 1747 Grizel Peadie


1f) Sir William, 6th Bt. (7 Jan 1748-12 Aug 1829); m.5 May 1807 Hannah Leonora Pasley


2e) John


3e) Alexander; m.Mary Clerk


1f) Sir William, 7th Bt. (4 Dec 1754-16 Mar 1837); m.2 Jul 1792 Isabella Wilson (d.1 Oct 1829)


1g) Sir William Alexander, 8th Bt. (30 Apr 1793-4 Apr 1865); m.15 Jun 1847 Mrs Catherine Cameron Gill, ne Logan (d.13 Oct 1866)


2g) Robert Wilson, d.31 Jan 1851


3g) Henry, d.29 Jan 1853


4g) Sir Hugh Bates, 9th Bt. (14 Feb 1797-9 Feb 1870); m.1 May 1827 Mary Anne Barbara Hunter (d.18 Jul 1875)


5g) Sir William, 10th Bt. (11 Aug 1828-4 Dec 1885); m.20 Apr 1880 Jane Baird (d.24 May 1942)


13b – 17b) one more son, four more daus


2a) Very Rev. Robert, Dean of Armagh; m.1st Susan Armstrong; m.2nd Isabel Seton (dsp)


1b) Rt. Rev. Robert, Bp of Kilmore and Ardagh, d.1672; m.Margaret Echlin


1c) John, of Farnham, d.1713


2c) James; m.Jane Maxwell (below)


1d) Rev. Robert, of Farnham, d.1737


2d – 4d) three daus


3c) Rev. Henry; m.Anne Stewart


1d) John, of Farnham, cr 1756 Baron Farnham, of Farnham [I], d.6 Aug 1759; m.Jun 1719 Judith Barry (bap 15 Dec 1699-5 Apr 1771)


1e) Robert, 2nd Lord Farnham, cr 1760 Viscount Farnham [I], cr 1763 Earl of Farnham [I], d.16 Nov 1779; m.1st 11 Oct 1759 Henrietta, Dowager Css of Stafford, ne Cantillon (d.30 Aug 1761); m.2nd 1 Dec 1771 Sarah, ne Cosby ( 1795), sister of Lord Sydney of Leix and widow of Arthur Upton


1f) [ex 1] John, Lord Maxwell, d.7 Aug 1778


2f) [ex 1] Henrietta, d.6 Mar 1852; m.1780 Denis Daly, of Dunsandle (1747-10 Oct 1792)


2e) Barry, 1771 BARRY, 1779 again MAXWELL, 3rd Lord Farnham, cr 1781 Viscount Farnham [I], cr 1785 Earl of Farnham [I], d.7 Oct 1800; m.1st 1751 or 1757 Margaret King (d.4 Dec 1766); m.2nd 5 Aug 1771 Grace Burdett (1734-8 Mar 1816)


[by 1st m.]:


1f) John James, 2nd Earl of Farnham (5 Feb 1759-23 Jul 1823); m.1784 Grace Cuffe (d.10 Feb 1856)


2f) Anne, d.1801; m.Dec 1787 Richard Fox, of Fox Hall (1760-1833)


3f) Judith, d.17 Aug 1818

[by 2nd m.]:


4f) Grace, d.19 Jun 1866; m.22 May 1802 Sir Ralph St.George Gore, 7th Bt. (d.20 Mar 1842)


5f) Elizabeth, d.Jan 1782


3e) Rt. Rev. Henry, Bp of Dromore, d.7 Oct 1798; m.1759 Margaret Foster (bap 21 Feb 1737-3 Apr 1778), sister of Lord Oriel


1f) John MAXWELL-BARRY, 5th Lord Farnham (18 Jan 1767-20 Sep 1838); m.4 Jul 1789 Lady Juliana Lucy Annesley (1771-10 Oct 1833)


2f) Rev. Henry, 6th Lord Farnham, d.19 Oct 1838; m.5 Sep 1798 Lady Anne Butler (3 Aug 1776-29 May 1831)


1g) Henry, 7th Lord Farnham (Dublin 9 Aug fire caused by railway accident nr Abergele, Wales 20 Aug 1868); m.3 Dec 1828 Hon. Anna Frances Esther Stapleton (d.with husband)


2g) Sarah Juliana (14 Dec 1801-17 Dec 1870); m.18 Mar 1828 Alexander Saunderson, of Castle Saunderson (22 Jul 1783-Dec 1857)


3g) Somerset Richard, 8th Lord Farnham (Dublin 18 Oct 1803-Farnham 4 Jun 1884); m.1st 30 May 1839 Dorothea Pennefather (d.30 Nov 1861); m.2nd Mildmay Park 31 May 1864 Mary Anne Delap (d.Farnham 1 Nov 1873)


4g) Harriet Margaret (16 Feb 1805-Castle Ward 4 Jul 1880); m.1st 14 Feb 1826 Edward Southwell Ward, 3rd Viscount Bangor (Mar 1790-1 Aug 1837); m.2nd 1841 Andrew Savage Nugent (1809-1889)


5g) John Barry (16 May 1807-2 Mar 1833)


6g) Charles Robert (May 1808-17 Apr 1824)


7g) Anne (25 Jun 1809-Dec 1857); m.17 Oct 1836 William M Bayly (d.Sep 1840)


8g) Edward William (Nov 1812-10 Dec 1838)


9g) James Pierce, 9th Lord Farnham, suc 1885 as 11th Baronet of the 1627 creation (1813-Malvern 26 Oct 1896)


10g) Richard Thomas (19 Feb 1815-22 Jan 1874); m.7 March 1848 Charlotte Anne Elrington (d.1 Mar 1910)


1h) Somerset Henry, 10th Lord Farnham (7 Mar 1849-Dublin 22 Nov 1900); m.5 Aug 1875 Lady Florence Jane Taylour (21 Jun 1855-Howth 16 Aug 1907)


1i) Barry Somerset (6 Aug 1876-Castle Saunderson 20 Sep 1897)


2i) Arthur Kenlis, 11th Lord Farnham (2 Oct 1879-5 Feb 1957); m.8 Oct 1903 Aileen Selina Coote (d.1 Feb 1964)


1j) Somerset Arthur (20 Jan 1905-d.Dec 1942 of wounds received at El Alamein); m.15 Oct 1930 Angela Susan Roberts (1909-10 Apr 1953)


1k) Barry Owen Somerset, 12th Lord Farnham (7 Jul 1931-22 Mar 2001); m.19 Jan 1959 Diana Marion Gunnis


2k) Simon Kenlis, 13th Lord Farnham, b.12 Dec 1933; m.5 May 1964 Karol Anne Prior-Palmer (d.3 Jul 2014)


1l) Robin Somerset, b.15 Sep 1965; m.1993 Tessa M Shepherd


1m) Isabella, b.1995


2m) James David Somerset, b.1996


3m) Archie George Kenlis, b.20 Oct 1999


2l) Mark Erroll, b.1968


3l) Lorna Suzanna Katherine, b.1968; m.1999 Robert Gerard Salisbury Woods


3k) Sheelin Virginia, b.5 Dec 1937; m.1 Oct 1959 David Francis Dudley Knollys, 3rd Viscount Knollys (b.12 Jun 1931)


2j) Marjory Florence (24 Apr 1906-5 May 1939); m.10 July 1929 Lancelot Merivale Gibbs (23 Dec 1889-8 Dec 1966)


3j) Verena Aileen (4 Aug 1907-29 May 1995); m.1st 3 Feb 1934 Charles Lambart Crawley (1 May 1908-24 July 1935); m.2nd 12 Feb 1938 Sir Mark Vane Milbank, 4th Bt. (11 Jan 1907-4 Apr 1984)


4j) Barry Charles William (16 Jul 1909-22 Apr 1916)


5j) Arthur Edward (18 Oct 1913-13 Apr 1916)


3i) Zoe Emma (29 Jul 1881-24 Nov 1968)


4i) Stella Frances (19 Sep 1886-11 Dec 1966)


5i) Edward Saunderson John (20 Nov 1889-6 Sep 1907)


6i) Sir Denis Crichton (26 Sep 1892-16 Jan 1970); m.11 Jul 1923 Theodora Mary Hickling (d.1986)


1j) Lea Elizabeth Crichton, b.5 Aug 1926; m.5 Feb 1953 (div 1973) Ivor Mabberley (d.2000)


2h) Isabella Sarah (Apr 1852-15 May 1902); m.11 Apr 1894 James Hugh Moore Garrett


3h) Henry Edward (27 Nov 1857-2 Mar 1919); m.10 Aug 1887 Edith Augusta Emily Cosby (d.3 Feb 1944)


1i) Richard Sydney Somerset (29 May 1893-12 Jul 1967)

2i) Ismay Alice (19 May 1888-3 Mar 1955)


4h) Harriet Elizabeth, d.19 Nov 1875


5g) Anne Frances, d.5 Apr 1937; m.15 Apr 1885 Thomas Cosby Burrowes (1856-20 Feb 1925)


11g) Robert Thomas (Nov 1817-13 Sep 1841)


12g) William George (1821- )


4e) Anne, d.16 Feb 1813; m.1754 Owen Wynne, of Hazlewood (d.10 Mar 1789)


2d) Robert; m.Grace Leavens


1e) Rev. Henry, dsp; m.1772 Hon. Anna Maria Acheson

2e) son, dsp

3e) son, dsp

4e) Mary; m. Maxwell Close

5e) Isabella; m.Hector Graham; their dau m. Earl of Norbury

6e) Anne; m.Robert Bowyer

7e) Margaret; m.John Tew


3d) Jane; m.Henry Maxwell, of Finnebrogue (below)


4c) William Maxwells of Falkland

5c) Jane; m.Rev. Simon Chichester

6c) Margaret; m.Henry Maxwell (below)


2b) Henry, of Finnebrogue; m.Jane Echlin


1c) Robert, of Finnebrogue; m.Jane Chichester


1d) Henry, of Finnebrogue, d.12 Feb 1730; m.1st Jane Maxwell (dsp), sister of Lord Farnham (above); m.2nd Dorothea Bryce


1e) Patrick, d.1749


2e) Robert, of Finnebrogue; m.1st NN; m.2nd NN; m.3rd Anne Maxwell; one of his wives was presumably the Anne Ward, of the family later Viscounts Bangor, who is said to have m. Robert Maxwell, of Finnebrogue


1f) Edward, of Finnebrogue

2f) John

3f) Robert

4f) William Henry Nassau

5f) Dorothea; m.John Waring, later WARING-MAXWELL; their son was: John Waring-Maxwell, of Finnebrogue; m.NN and had: Anne, d.5 May 1861; m.9 Sep 1809 Rev. William Perceval (9 Apr 1787-20 Apr 1880) Perceval-Maxwell, of Finnebrogue


3e) Edward, of Ballyrolly; m.NN


1f) Edward Phineas, of Ballyrolly (1745-21 Feb 1818); m.30 Oct 1781 Frances Tapson (d.21 Jul 1828)


1g) Edward, of Ballyrolly, d.19 Aug 1826; m.1st 20 Aug 1817 Emilia Walker (d.26 Jul 1822); m.2nd 21 Jan 1826 Rosina Hogg


1h) Rev. Edward, of Ballyrolly (1 Jun 1818-8 Mar 1900); m.1st 13 Feb 1843 Mary Hogg Nicholson (d.29 Dec 1889); m.2nd Mrs Elizabeth Clissold


1i) Theodore, of Ballyrolly (29 Mar 1847- ); m.9 Sep 1873 Elizabeth Eyre Ashby


1j) Arnold Ashby (1874-10 Mar 1965)


4e) Margaret; m.James Adair


2d) son, dsp

3d) son, dsp

4d) Isabella; m.Alexander Hamilton, of Knock


2c) Jane; m.James Maxwell (above)


3b) James; m.Jane Norris


1c) Henry; m.Margaret Maxwell (above)


1d) dau


2d) Margaret; m.1st Sir Robert Maxwell; m.2nd James Butler


2c) son


4b) Elizabeth; m. Very Rev. Robert Berkeley, Dean of Clogher (d.1654)


5b) Phoebe