Earls of Cromarty, Seaforth, etc.






Alexander Mackenzie, d.1488; m.1st Anna Macdougall; m.2nd Margaret M’Coull


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Kenneth, of Kintail, d.7 Feb 1492; m.1st (div) Margaret Macdonald, dau of Earl of Ross; m.2nd Agnes Fraser


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Sir Kenneth, k.a. Torwood 1499


[by 2nd m.]:


2b) John, of Kintail, d.1561; m.Elizabeth Grant


1c) Kenneth, of Kintail, d.6 Jun 1568; m.1538 Elizabeth, dau of John Stewart, Earl of Athol


1d) Murdoch, d.young


2d) Colin, of Kintail, d.Redcastle 14 Jun 1594; m.Barbara Grant


1e) Kenneth, of Kintail, cr 1609 Lord Mackenzie [of Kintail], d.27 Feb 1611; m.1st Jean Ross (d.9 May 1604); m.2nd by 12 Mar 1607 Isabel Ogilvy


[by 1st m.]:


1f) Colin, 2nd Lord Mackenzie, cr 1623 Earl of Seaforth [with remainder to heirs male whatsoever], d.Chanonry, co Ross 15 Apr 1633; m.Holyrood Abbey Church 5 Jun 1614 Lady Margaret Seton (8 Aug 1599-20 Feb 1630)


1g) Jean, d.31 Mar 1648; m.1st 1633/4 John Sinclair, Master of Berriedale (d.Sep 1639); m.2nd by 1644 Alexander Sutherland, Lord Duffus (d.31 Aug 1674)


2g) Anne, d.1707; m.1st Apr 1640 Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Balcarres (6 Jul 1618-30 Ag 1659); m.2nd 28 Jan 1670 Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll (26 Feb 1629-30 Jun 1685)


2f) John; m.Isobel McKenzie


1g) Margaret; m.Sir Norman Macleod of Bernera


3f) Kenneth


4f) Barbara (fl 1617, but d. before 1631); m.Aug 1610 Donald Mackay, 1628 Lord Reay (Mar 1591-Bergen 1649)


5f) Janet; m.Sir Donald Macdonald of Sleat, Bt. (d.Oct 1643)


[by 2nd m.]:


6f) Alexander, d.1614


7f) George, 2nd Earl of Seaforth, d.Schiedam, Holland Aug 1651; m.1628 Hon. Barbara Forbes (Drumminor 17 Jan 1607- d.after 1666)


1g) Kenneth, 3rd Earl of Seaforth, d.Chanonry 16 Dec 1678; 1660 Isabel Mackenzie (bur 18 Feb 1715; below)


1h) Kenneth, 4th Earl of Seaforth, cr 1690 [Jacobite] Marquess of Seaforth, and Earl, Viscount and Baron Fortrose (bap 8 Dec 1661-Paris Jan 1701); m.Lady Frances Herbert (d.Paris 18 Dec 1732)


1i) William, 5th Earl [and 2nd Jacobite Marquess] of Seaforth, attainted 1716, d.Isle of Lewis 8 Jan 1740; m.22 Apr 1715 Mary Kennet (d.Paris Aug 1739)


1j) Kenneth, called Lord Fortrose [Jacobite 3rd Marquess of Seaforth, and, but for his father’s attainder, 6th Earl of Seaforth] (1717-London 18 Oct 1761); m.11 Sep 1741 Lady Mary Stewart (d.London 10 Apr 1751)


1k) Kenneth, called Lord Fortrose [Jacobite 4th Marquess of Seaforth, and, but for the attainder, 7th Earl of Seaforth], cr 1766 Viscount Fortrose and Baron Ardelve, cr 1771 Earl of Seaforth (15 Jan 1744-d.Aug 1781 on passage to the Indies); m.1st London 7 Oct 1765 Lady Caroline Stanhope (11 Mar 1747-9 Feb 1767); m.2nd Harriet Lamb aka Powell (d.11 Dec 1779)


1l) Caroline (London 7 Jul 1766-1847); m.Louis Peter Francis Malcolm Drummond, Comte de Melfort (d.1833)


2k) Margaret; m.Edinburgh 4 Jun 1785 William Webb


3k) Mary, d.29 Jan 1826; m.Henry Howard (d.10 Sep 1811)


4k) Agnes; m. J Douglas


5k) Catherine; m.1 Mar 1773 Thomas Griffin Tarpley


6k) Frances; m.Joseph Wall


7k) Euphemia, d.14 Feb 1817; m.William Stewart, of Castle Stewart


2j) Ronald (ca 1721-    )


3j) Nicol (ca 1728-    )


4j) Frances, d.7 Jan 1796; m.Edinburgh 11 Mar 1744 Hon. John Gordon [but for an attainder, 8th Viscount Kenmure] (1713-16 Jun 1769)


2i) Alexander; m.Elizabeth Paterson (d.3 Feb 1764)


1j) William, d.Stamford 12 Mar 1770; m.Mary Humberston


1k) Thomas Frederick, took surname Mackenzie-Humberston [Jacobite 5th Marquess of Seaforth, and, but for the attainder, 8th Earl of Seaforth], k.a.Gehria, India 30 Apr 1783


2k) Francis Humberston [Jacobite 6th Marquess of Seaforth, and, but for the attainder, 9th Earl of Seaforth and 10th Lord Mackenzie of Kintail], cr 1797 Lord Seaforth, Baron Mackenzie of Kintail (9 Jun 1754-Edinburgh 11 Jan 1815); m.22 Apr 1782 Mary Proby (d.Edinburgh 27 Feb 1829); on his death all his titles, including the Jacobite ones, became extinct


1l) Mary Frederica Elizabeth (27 Mar 1783-Brahan Castle 28 Nov 1862); m.1st 6 Nov 1804 Sir Samuel Hood, Bt. (27 Nov 1762-24 Dec 1814); m.2nd 21 May 1817 James Alexander Stewart, later Stewart-Mackenzie, of Glaserton; her grandson from 2nd m. was cr Lord Seaforth in 1921


2l) William Frederick, d.young


3l) George Leveson Boucherat, d.young


4l) William Frederick (21 Jul 1791-25 Aug 1814)


5l) Francis John, d.1813


6l) Frances Catherine, d.24 Feb 1840


7l) Caroline, d.24 Apr 1823


8l) Charlotte Elizabeth, d.1 Sep 1857 [per Scots Peerage; 1 Sep 1858 per Lodge]


9l) Augusta Anne, d.16 Mar 1856


10l) Helen Anne; m.2 Jan 1821 Joshua Henry Mackenzie (1778-17 Nov 1852)


3k) Frances Cerjat, d.1 May 1843; m.Sir Vicary Gibbs (d.8 Feb 1820)


4k) Maria Rebecca; m.Alexander Mackenzie


5k) Elizabeth


6k) Helen, d.15 Jan 1802; m.1786 Alexander Mackenzie Fraser


2j) Isabella, d.Baldoon 6 Apr 1725; m.14 Mar 1719 Basil Hamilton of Baldoon (9 Sep 1696-14 Nov 1742)


3j) Jane; m.Alexander Mackenzie


4j) Mary; m.Dougal Stewart


5j) Elizabeth


6j) Maria; m.Nicholas Price, of Saintfield


3i) Mary, d.3 Apr 1740; m.1st John Caryll; m.2nd Francis Sempill (d.9 Dec 1748), recognized by Jacobites as 10th Lord Sempill (though that title actually had descended to the heir general)


2h) John, of Assynt; m.1697 Sibyl Mackenzie


1i) Kenneth, of Assynt; m.Frances Mackenzie


1j) William (ca 1730-    )


3h) Margaret, d.Aug 1706; m.James Sutherland, 2nd Lord Duffus (d.24 Sep 1705)


4h) Anne, d.Edinburgh 12 Nov 1734


5h) Isabel; m.1st Roderick Macleod of Macleod (d.Aug 1699); m.2nd Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell (1682-20 Mar 1765)


6h) Mary; m.Alexander Macdonnell of Glengarry, cr 1716 [Jacobite] Lord Macdonald (d.1721)


2g) George; m.Mary Skene


1h) Margaret; m.Donald Macdonald of Clanranald (d.1730)


3g) Colin, attainted 1690; m.Jean Laurie (bur 5 Jan 1671)


1h) Robert


2h) George (10 Dec 1669-Fortrose 28 Nov 1725)


3h) Barbara; m.Patrick Oliphant


4g) Roderick


5g) Jean [or Mary]; m.1st 1647 John Erskine, 20th Earl of Mar (d.Sep 1668); m.2nd Andrew Fraser, 3rd Lord Fraser (d.22 May 1674)


6g) Margaret; m.1648 Sir William Sinclair, of Mey, 2nd Bt. ( 1685)


7g) Barbara; m.John Urquhart, of Craigston


8f) Thomas, of Pluscardine; m.1st Jean, dau of Grant of Freuchie, and widow of Sutherland of Duffus; m.2nd Jean Cockburn, widow of Alexander Dunbar; his male issue was proved extinct by 1829


1g) Colin; m.Margaret Heatley


2g) George


3g) a dau; m.Alexander Chisholm


4g) a dau


9f) Simon, of Lochslinn, d.Jan 1666; m.1st 1634 Elizabeth Bruce; m.2nd Agnes Fraser, widow of Alexander Mackenzie of Ballone and of Sir James Stewart


1g) Sir George, of Rosehaugh (Dundee 1636-London 8 May 1691); m.1st 1662 Elizabeth Dickson (bur 13 Aug 1669); m.2nd 14 Jan 1670 Margaret Hallyburton; he had 5 sons, 4 daus, of whom:


1h) Agnes (2 Jan 1663-bur 26 Jul 1693); 1680 James Stuart [later, 1703, Earl of Bute] (d.4 Jun 1710); her grandson eventually inherited Rosehaugh and took the additional surname Mackenzie


2h) [ex 1] Elizabeth; m.1st Sir Archibald Cockburn; m.2nd Sir James Mackenzie of Royston, Bt. (below)


3h) [ex 2] George, of Rosehaugh, d.Oct 1707; m.NN


1i) a dau


2g) Simon, d.1664; m.1663 Jane Mackenzie (below)


1h) Simon, of Allangange, drowned Feb 1730; m.1st 22 Aug 1693 Isobel Mackenzie; m.2nd 28 Aug 1718 Susanna Fraser; his male-line descendants seem to have become extinct in 1907; they had been recognized in 1829 as heir male of the 1st Lord Mackenzie


3g) Thomas; m.1667 Annabella Mackenzie


4g) Colin; m.9 Mar 1677 Helen Clerk


5g) Alexander


6g) Jean; m.1656 Robert Douglas


10f) Sibylla; m.1st John Macleod of Macleod; m.2nd Hon. Alexander Fraser (1626-27 Jun 1671); m.3rd Patrick Grant


2e) Sir Roderick, of Tarbat (1579-Sep 1626); m.1605 Margaret Macleod


1f) Sir John, of Tarbat, cr Baronet [S] 1628 [with remainder to heirs male whatsoever], d.10 Sep 1654; he bought the Cromarty estates in 1649 from Sir Robert Innes; he 1630 Margaret Erskine (d.after Jun 1693), niece of Viscount Fentoun


1g) Sir George, 2nd Bt., cr 1685 Viscount of Tarbat, Lord Macleod and Castlehaven, cr 1703 Earl of Cromarty, Viscount of Tarbat, Lord Macleod and Castlehaven (1630-New Tarbat 17 Aug 1714); in 1704 he resigned the Baronetcy in favor of his younger son Kenneth; he m.1st 1654 Anne Sinclair (d.1699); m.2nd 29 Apr 1700 Margaret, Countess of Wemyss (d.May 1705)


1h) Roderick, d.young


2h) John, 2nd Earl of Cromarty (ca 1656-Castleleod 20 Feb 1731); m.1st 1685 (div 1698) Lady Elizabeth Gordon; m.2nd 25 Apr 1701 Hon. Mary Murray (28 Aug 1717); m.3rd 1717 Hon. Anne Fraser (d.10 Aug 1734)


[by 2nd m.]:


1i) George, 3rd Earl of Cromarty; in 1746 he was convicted of treason and attainted (ca 1703-London 28 Sep 1766); m.23 Sep 1724 Isabel Gordon (d.Edinburgh 23 Apr 1769); he had also inherited the rights to the 1628 Baronetcy and also the 1704 Baronetcy of his great-uncle James, but because of the attainder could not inherit them


1j) Isabella (30 Mar 1725-28 Dec 1801); m.Ballincrieff 8 Jan 1760 George Murray, 6th Lord Elibank; she inherited the Cromarty estates [after the 1796 death of her cousin Kenneth]; her daughter:


1k) Hon. Maria Murray Mackenzie, eventually sole heiress of Cromarty estates; m.3 May 1790 Edward Hay, later Hay-Mackenzie, of Newhall (brother of Marquess of Tweeddale); her granddaughter Anne Hay-Mackenzie was cr Countess of Cromarty and was m. to the Duke of Sutherland


2j) John Mackenzie, Lord Macleod, [but for the attainder, 4th Earl of Cromarty] cr Ct Cromarty in Sweden 1749 (1727-Edinburgh 2 Apr 1789); m.Putachie 4 Jun 1786 Hon. Margery Forbes (d.Dunkeld 3 Oct 1842)


3j) William, d.1736, aged 7


4j) George, d.Madras 4 Jun 1787


5j) Mary; m.1st 23 Jun 1750 N Clarke; m.2nd Aug 1757 Thomas Drayton; m.3rd Charlestown 17 Jun 1762 John Ainslie (d.10 Jan 1774); m.4th Henry Middleton


6j) Anne, d.Charlestown 18 Jan 1768; m.1st Edmond Atkins (d.8 Oct 1761); m.2nd Charlestown 16 Feb 1764 John Murray


7j) Caroline (6 May 1746-Crailing 3 Oct 1791; m.1st London 5 Sep 1760 N Drake; m.2nd Walter Hunter, of Polmood and Crailing (d.15 Jan 1796); her dau m. Lord Forbes


8j) Jean


9j) Margaret, d.Glasgow 29 Mar 1773; m.21 Mar 1769 John Glassford, of Dougalstoun


10j) Augusta; m.6 Mar 1770 (div 1791) Sir William Murray of Ochtertyre, 5th Bt. (23 Oct 1746-6 Dec 1800)


2i) Roderick; m.___


1j) Kenneth, of Cromarty [but for the attainder, 5th Earl of Cromarty], d.London 4 Nov 1796; m.Jane Petley


1k) Mary Ann


3i) William, East Indies by a hurricane


4i) Patrick


5i) Gideon, d.1714


6i) Mary, d.May 1726


7i) Anna, d.25 Dec 1777


8i) Helen fl 1714


[by 3rd m.]:


9i) James, d.young


10i) Norman, sea


11i) Hugh


12i) Aemilia, d.Ardlamont 19 Jan 1801; m.22 Sep 1740 Archibald Lamont of that Ilk (1707-1767)


3h) Sir Kenneth, 3rd Bt. (1658-13 Sep 1728); he was cr 1704 a Baronet [S], with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, with the precedence of the 1628 Baronetcy, on his father’s resignation; his father also gave him the Cromarty estates; he m.1701 Anne Campbell, dau of Sir Colin Campbell, of Aberuchill, Bt.


1i) Sir George, 4th Bt. (1702-20 May 1748); m.Elizabeth Reid (d.24 Aug 1807); he sold the Cromarty estate 1741 to William Urquhart


2i) Colin (bap 6 Jan 1703-   )


3i) James (20 Feb 1709-    )


4i) Campbell (8 Nov 1710-    )


5i) Gerard (27 Sep 1712-    )


6i) Sir Kenneth, 5th Bt., d.14 Sep 1763; on his death the right to the Baronetcy (and also that of his uncle James) devolved on George, former Earl of Cromarty (above), who had been attainted


7i) Katherine, d.17 Jun 1755; m.1st James Callander; m.2nd Adam Murray


8i) Margaret, 12 Aug 1742


4h) Sir James, of Royston, cr Baronet [S] 1704 [with remainder to heirs male whatsoever] (1671-Edinburgh 9 Nov 1744); 1707 Elizabeth, Lady Cockburn, née Mackenzie (above)


1i) George (18 Oct 1708-15 May 1744); m.20 Jan 1743 Isabella Stewart


2i) Anne, d.1741; m.Sir William Dick, formerly Cuninghame, 2nd Bt. (12 Jun 1701-14 Jan 1746)


3i) Elizabeth; m.13 Jan 1725 Sir John Stewart, of Grandtully, 3rd Bt. (29 Sep 1687-14 Jun 1764)


5h) Margaret; m.David Bruce of Clackmannan


6h) Elizabeth; m.1692 Sir George Broun, of Colstoun, 2nd Bt. (d.1718)


7h) Jean (Edinburgh 11 Jul 1661-    ); m.Jul 1682 Sir Thomas Stewart, of Balcaskie, Bt.


8h) Anne, d.21 Oct 1740; m.Hon. John Sinclair (d.5 Jun 1755)


2g) John, d.1662


3g) Roderick, of Prestonhall, d.4 Jan 1712; m.1st 28 Apr 1674 Mary Burnet; m.2nd Margaret Halyburton (dsp Jan 1713)


1h) Alexander, of Fraserdale, took surname Fraser, attainted 1715, d.Leith 3 Jun 1755; m.1702 Hon. Aemilia Fraser (d.Leith 22 Aug 1763), dau of 9th Lord Lovat [on her father’s death she had originally been recognized as Baroness Lovat, but after some years the title was determined to belong to heirs male]; they had at least one son; if male issue still extant, they are entitled to claims to the 1628 and 1704 Baronetcies, subject to the attainder of the 3rd Earl of Cromarty; if male issue is extinct, then such claims devolved eventually on the Mackenzie of Scatwell Baronets after the Mackenzies of Ardloch


1i) Hugh FRASER, d.Edinburgh 9 Nov 1770


2h) Elizabeth (bap 9 Aug 1675-    )


3h) John (bap 27 Jul 1678-    )


4h) George (bap 25 Jan 1681-    )


4g) Alexander, of Ardloch and Kinnellan, 1736; m.Barbara Mackenzie


1h) Roderick, d.young


2h) John, of Ardloch; m.Sibella Mackenzie


1i) Alexander, of Ardloch; m.Margaret Sutherland


1j) James; m. ___ Mackenzie


1k) a son, dvp


2j) Robert, d.26 Apr 1809; m.1st ___ Mackenzie (dsp); m.2nd Katherine Sutherland


1k) Sir Alexander Mackenzie, d.1841; assumed in 1826 the 1628 and 1704 Baronetcies


2k) Sir James Sutherland Mackenzie (1805-24 Nov 1858); assumed the 1628 and 1704 Baronetcies


3k) Margaret; m. J H Hughes


3j) George, sea 1825


4j) Kenneth; m.1st ___ Mackenzie; m.2nd Eliza Mackay


[by 1st m.]:


1k) Alexander,d.1816


2k) Kenneth, d.1831


3k) Rorie, d.Ceylon 1832


4k) John, d.Assynt Jan 1836; m.Georgina Thomson


[by 2nd m.]:


5k) John, d.5 Jan 1882; may have inherited rights to the 1628 and 1704 Baronetcies, but never assumed them


6k) Robert (1800-    )


7k) James (1805-    )


8k) Charles (1811-    )


9k) Royston; m.Hughina Scoble à issue, who all dvpsp


2i) Kenneth


3i) John


3h) James; m.Isabella Mackenzie


1i) Alexander; m.Henrietta Mackenzie


2i) Simon


1j) Alexander


3i) George; m.Ann Mackenzie


1j) James, d.1809, aged 109, per Burke’s


4i) Colin; m.Janet Mackenzie


5g) Kenneth (bap 26 Nov 1648-    ); m.Isabel Auchinleck


1h) Kenneth (bap 22 Dec 1674- dsp )


6g) James


7g) Margaret; m.1st Roderick Macleod of Macleod (ca 1635-Jan 1664); m.2nd Sir James Campbell of Lawers


8g) Anne, d.10 Nov 1670; m.Tarbat Jul 1659 Hugh Fraser, 8th Lord Lovat (2 May 1643-27 Apr 1672)


9g) Isabel, bur 18 Feb 1715; 1660 Kenneth Mackenzie, 3rd Earl of Seaforth (above)


10g) Barbara; m.1670 Alexander Mackenzie of Gairloch


11g) Catherine; m.1667 Sir Colin Campbell of Aberuchill, Bt. (d.16 Feb 1704)


2f) Kenneth, of Scatwell, d.3 Mar 1662; m.1st 1634 Margaret Munro; m.2nd Janet Ross


[by 1st m.]:


1g) John, d.13 May 1677; m.Anne Mackenzie


1h) Lilias; m.Colin Mackenzie


2g – 4g) 3 daus


[by 2nd m.]:


5g) Alexander, of Scatwell, d.18 Mar 1680; m.Janet Ross (d.Mar 1699)


6g) Sir Kenneth, of Scatwell, cr Baronet [S] 1703, d.1730; m.1st Lilias Mackenzie (d.21 Oct 1703); m.2nd 1707 Christian Mackenzie (dsp); m.3rd 1718 Abigail Urquhart à issue; the extant Mackenzie of Scatwell Baronets, who are likely the heirs male of the 1st Lord Mackenzie [title forfeited by attainder] and to the 1628 and 1704 Baronetcies; for them, see Part 2, below


7g – 8g) 2 daus


3f) Colin; m. ___ Mackenzie àissue


4f) Alexander, of Ballone, d.Munlochy 1645; m. ___ Fraser à issue, including:


1g)  Jane; m.Simon Mackenzie (d.1664; above)


5f) Charles, d.Chanonry 1629


6f) James, d.Inchrorie 1647


7f) Margaret m.Sir James Macdonald of Sleat, 2nd Bt. (d.8 Dec 1678)


8f) [illegitimate] John


3e) Colin, d.Kinchulladrum May 1650; m.1st Catherine Macleod; m.2nd Isobel, dau of John Mackenzie of Gairloch à Mackenzies of Kinnock


1f) [ex 1] Kenneth


2f) [ex 1] Colin


4e) Alexander; m.1st 1611 Jean, dau of Sir Thomas Fraser, and widow of Sir James Stewart of Kilcoy; m.2nd Margaret Dunbar à Mackenzies of Kilcoy


1f) Roderick


2f) Margaret; m.Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Findon


5e) Murdoch


6e) Katherine, d.May 1593; m.Dingwall Sep [or Dec] 1589 Simon Fraser, 6th Lord Lovat (7 Apr 1570-3 Apr 1633)


7e) Janet; m.Lachlan Maclean of Duart


8e) Mary; m.Sir Donald Macdonald of Sleat (d.1616)


9e) Agnes


10e) Margaret


11e) [by Mary, dau of Roderick Mackenzie of Davochmaluag] Alexander, d.Pittonachtie Mar 1650; m.1st Annabella Mackenzie; m.2nd Christian Munro à Mackenzies of Applecross, Mackenzie of Coul Baronets, etc.


3d) Roderick; m.Finguella Monro à Mackenzies of Redcastle


4d) Dugald


5d) Janet [or Mary]; m.1st Angus Macdonald of Glengarry; m.2nd Alexander Chisholm of Chisholm


6d) Agnes; m.1567 Lachlan Mackintosh of Mackintosh


7d) Margaret, d.Jun 1570; m.1556 Walter Innes


8d) Catherine, d.Daan 12 Apr 1592; m.Alexander Ross of Balnagowan


9d) Elizabeth; m.Walter Urquhart of Cromarty


10d) Marjory; m.1574 Robert Monro of Foulis


3b) Alexander à Mackenzies of Davochmaluag


4b) Roderick, d.17 Mar 1553 à Mackenzies of Achilty


5b) Kenneth à Mackenzies of Suddie


6b) Agnes; m.Roderick Macleod of Lewis


7b) Catherine; m.Hector Munro of Foulis


2a) Duncan à Mackenzies of Hilton


[by 2nd m.]:


3a) Hector; m.a dau of Ranald MacRanald of Moydart à Mackenzies of Gairloch


4a) a dau; m.Allan Macleod of Gairloch






Part 2



Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, of Scatwell, cr Baronet [S] 1703, d.1730 (see Part 1, above); m.1st Lilias Mackenzie (d.21 Oct 1703); m.2nd 1707 Christian Mackenzie (dsp); m.3rd 1718 Abigail Urquhart; his issue are likely the heirs male of the 1st Lord Mackenzie [title forfeited by attainder] and to the 1628 and 1704 Baronetcies


[by 1st m.]:


1a) George, d.1705


2a) Sir Roderick, 2nd Bt. (ca 1687-24 Apr 1750); m.1710 Janet (d.10 Feb 1761), dau of Grant of Grant


1b) Sir Lewis, 3rd Bt. (1715-13 Sep 1756); m.1739 Isabel Mackenzie (d.4 May 1786); whose issue were heirs to Findon and Mountgerald


1c) Sir Roderick, 4th Bt, d.11 Jun 1811; m.7 Apr 1764 Catherine Colquhoun (d.11 Mar 1804)


1d) Lewis, d.1810; m.22 Feb 1794 Grace Lockhart


2d) Sir James Wemyss, 5th Bt. (10 Aug 1770-8 Mar 1843); m.26 Mar 1810 Henrietta Wharton Mackenzie (d.14 Nov 1840)


1e) Sir James John Randoll, 6th Bt. (20 Jun 1814-28 Feb 1884); m.1st 10 Oct 1838 Lady Anna Wentworth Fitzwilliam (14 May 1819-29 Apr 1879); m.2nd 5 Aug 1879 Mary Anne McNeill


3d) Katharine Morison, d.1819


4d) Helen, d.1790


2c) Colin (13 Apr 1749-3 Feb 1814); m.Janet Sprot


1d) Colin, d.17 Apr 1841


2d) Mark, d.26 Mar 1856


3d) Lewis (20 Aug 1788-30 May 1853); m.16 Oct 1820 Nancy Bancroft (d.22 Jan 1870)


1e) Lewis Mark, of Findon and Mountgerald (17 Dec 1821-22 Jan 1856)


2e) Augustus Colin, of Findon, d.8 Jan 1865


3e) Sir James Dixon, 7th Bt (22 Apr 1830-24 Jun 1900); m.5 Oct 1858 Julia Stanley Clutsam (d.18 Feb 1898)


1f) Sir James Kenneth Douglas, 8th Bt. (31 Aug 1859-5 Dec 1930); m.24 Nov 1888 Stephanie Corinne Espinet (d.6 Dec 1921)


1g) Sir Lewis Roderick Kenneth, 9th Bt. (8 Aug 1902-10 Dec 1972)


2g) Corinne Maud, d.20 Oct 1940


2f) Alice Nancy, d.6 Jul 1917


3f) Julia Marion, d.5 Jan 1881


4f) Louise Augusta, d.9 May 1944; m.12 Dec 1901 Baron Arild Rosenkrantz


5f) Lillian Geraldine, d.25 Dec 1935


6f) Evelyn, d.9 Oct 1957


4e) Ernest Bancroft, d.25 Jul 1861


5e) Nancy Copley, d.11 Jan 1905; m.17 Jun 1854 Thomas Anthony Lister, of Gargrave (d.1873)


6e) Julia Louisa, d.10 Apr 1911; m.22 Dec 1864 Baron Iver Holger Rosenkrantz (d.1873)


3c) Lewis, d. in West Indies


4c) George (6 Apr 1748-9 Apr 1840); m.20 Feb 1775 Joan Campbell (d.20 Oct 1825)


1d) Lewis (1778-26 May 1807); m.6 Apr 1801 Jane Logan (d.1843)


1e) Margaret, d.1840; m.1836 Rev. Stair McQuhae (d.8 Mar 1872)


2d) John (3 Sep 1779-14 Nov 1824); m.11 Apr 1814 Marie Barbier Deshayeux (d.24 May 1852)


1e) George Salvador, drowned 1844


2e) John Francis Campbell (3 Aug 1820-1892); m.6 Aug 1850 Annabella Fullerton Stirling (d.9 May 1906)


1f) John Campbell (12 Jan 1852-26 Nov 1875)


2f) Edmund Lyons (25 Jan 1858-19 Sep 1945); m.18 Jul 1888 Julia Coles (d.25 Jan 1937)


1g) Julia Mary Louise (Estouteville, Virginia 24 Oct 1889-Chicago 16 Apr 1982); m.4 Dec 1919 Frederick Brewer de Hamel Krom (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 3 Dec 1893-Mt. Holly, New Jersey 18 Mar 1973)


2g) Kenneth Roderick (2 Aug 1891-27 Nov 1960); m.18 Feb 1954 Elizabeth Carrington Settle


1h) Sir Roderick Campbell, 10th Bt. (15 Nov 1954-Virginia 1981)


3g) Grace Stuart (14 Apr 1897-29 Jan 1903)


3f) Frank (11 Dec 1859-4 Feb 1911)


4f) Kenneth Lester (7 Oct 1862-27 May 1899); m.1892 Grace Stuart Hall (d.13 Mar 1902)


5f) Annie, d.1906; m.4 Sep 1878 Rev Edward Moore


6f) Louise, d.1944; m.10 Aug 1899 Rev Charles Dennis Mason-Cox (d.1935)


7f) Laura Maynard, d.1950; m.1896 William Reginald Karslake (d.1911)


3e) François (16 Sep 1823-18 Mar 1893); m.4 Apr 1854 Julia Mercer (d.Dec 1884)


1f) George Frederic Campbell (22 Oct 1855-6 Feb 1909); m.31 Dec 1885 Emily Mary Boulton (d.12 Jan 1953)


1g) Geraldine, d.9 Aug 1923; m.15 May 1918 Marcel Pierre Léonce Potez (d.1 Nov 1921)


2g) Olive, d.6 Jul 1964; m.1st 28 Apr 1908 (div 1925) Rev. Henry Tregarthen Percy Smith; m.2nd 25 Oct 1925 Leslie Frederick Jackson (d.17 Apr 1944)


3g) Norah


2f) François Donald (16 Sep 1860-26 Jan 1910); m.12 May 1904 Edith (d.25 Oct 1957)


3f) John Roderick Kenneth (29 Apr 1869-26 May 1958); m.27 May 1893 Kathleen Elizabeth Coulson


1g) Sir Roderick Edward François, 11th Bt. (11 Dec 1894-1986); m.3 Dec 1938 Marie Evelyn Campbell Parkinson (d.1993)


1h) Sir Roderick McQuhae, 12th Bt. (17 Apr 1942-    ); m.1970 Bss Nadezhda von Rorbas


1i) Gregory Roderick McQuhae, b.8 May 1971


2i) Nina Adelaïda, b.1973


2h) Marie Isobel Campbell, b.17 Oct 1939; m.14 Mar 1964 Richard Christopher Allerton


3h) Fiona Louise, b.24 Nov 1943; m.22 Nov 1969 Timothy Patrick Havers


2g) Iris Louisa Ida (17 Jan 1897-1982)


3g) Phyllis Marion (7 Aug 1899-Jan 1997); m.29 Jun 1922 James Millar Begg (d.22 Feb 1954)


4f) Julie Louise Clara, d.Mar 1946


5f) Lilias Fynuola, d.Aug 1946


4e) Lilias


5e) Louisa Georgina (Gibraltar 2 Mar 1815-12 Jan 1894); m.1843 Rev Stair McQuhae (27 Mar 1795-8 Mar 1872)


3d) George

4d) Jane, d.1868; m.William Forrester Bow


5c) Lilias, d.1777


2b) Alexander; m.Lilias Mackenzie


1c) Roderick; m. twice but dsp

2c) Alexander, d.1847; m.Isabella Forsyth


3b) Janet; m.Sir Alexander Mackenzie of Gairloch, 2nd Bt. (d.9 Jun 1766)


4b) Elizabeth; m.Colin Mackenzie of Mountgerald


5b) Margaret; m.James Cuthbert of Milncraig


3a) Simon, of Scotsburn, d.23 Jul 1761; m.1st Jean Mackenzie; m.2nd Vere Campbell


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Roderick, of Scotsburn; m.1st ___ Mackenzie (dsp); m.2nd Anne Chisholm (d.1816)


1c) Alexander, of Scotsburn, d.1843; m.1812 Jane Henderson


1d) Charles Roderick, d.1893; m.28 Mar 1846 Madeline, dau of Rev. Sir W Murray of Dunerne, 9th Bt.


2c) Lilias; m.28 Oct 1825 James Walker of Dalry


2b – 3b) two daus


[by 2nd m.]:


4b) Charles


5b – 6b) two daus


4a) Margaret; m.1st Aeneas MacLeod of Cadboll; m.2nd Roderick Mackenzie of Applecross


5a) Isabel; m.1st Kenneth Bayne of Tulloch; m.2nd Roderick Chisholm of Chisholm


6a) Elizabeth; m.William Mackenzie of Belmaduthy


7a) Margaret; m.James Cuthbert


[by 3rd m.]:


8a) Kenneth


9a) Jean; m.Kenneth Mackenzie of Dundonnell


10a) Anne; m.1750 Thomas Mackenzie of Ord