Earls of Linlithgow

Earls of Callendar

Viscounts Kilsyth

Earls of Newburgh




Part 1



Sir John Livingston, of Callendar, k.a. Homildon Hill 14 Sep 1402; m.1st a dau of Menteith of Kerse; m.2nd ca 1381 Agnes, dau of Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Sir Alexander, of Callendar, d.1451; m. a dau of Dundas of Dundas


1b) James, cr 1458 Lord Livingston (of Callendar) [S], d.1467; m.Marian ___


1c) James, 2nd Lord Livingston, d.1497


2c) Alexander; m.NN


1d) James, 3rd Lord Livingston, d.before 2 Mar 1503; m.1st by 1472 Beatrice [or Elizabeth], dau of Lord Fleming; m.2nd Agnes Houston; Scots Peerage, sub Livingston, des not mention the 1st marriage, though it mentions it sub Fleming; sub Livingston it says that the children were by Agnes Houston; GEC says that his son William was by the first marriage


1e) William, 4th Lord Livingston, d.1514 [per Scots Peerage; GEC says before 21 Apr 1518]; 1501 (sep. 1516) Agnes Hepburn


1f) Alexander, 5th Lord Livingston, d.1549/51; m.1st Janet Stewart (dsp); m.2nd Agnes, dau of John Douglas, 2nd Earl of Morton; m.3rd Jeanne de Piedefer


1g) John, Master of Livingston, dvpsp, k.a. at Pinkie 10 Sep 1547; m.Janet, dau of 3rd Lord Fleming, gdau of King James IV, later wife of John Sandilands of Calder


2g) William, 6th Lord Livingston, d.1592; m.before 1 Oct 1553 Agnes, dau of 3rd Lord Fleming, gdau of King James IV; Scots Peerage says that it is unknown whether Janet survived her husband; GEC says that she appears to have been murdered shortly before 18 Oct 1597


1h) Alexander, 7th Lord Livingston, cr 1600 Earl of Linlithgow, Lord Livingston and Callendar [S], d.24 Dec 1621; 1584 Lady Helen Hay


1i) John, Master of Livingston, d.before 17 Aug 1610 [per GEC; before 14 Feb 1614, per Scots Peerage]


2i) Alexander, 2nd Earl of Linlithgow, d.1648; m.1st ca 1611 Lady Elizabeth Gordon (d.Jul 1616); m.2nd ca 1620 Lady Mary Douglas


1j) George, 3rd Earl of Linlithgow (Jul 1616-1 Feb 1690); m.1st 30 Jul 1650 Elizabeth (d.Oct 1659), dau of Patrick Maule, Earl of Panmure, and widow of John Lyon, Earl of Kinghorne; m.2nd Jun 1677 Mrs Agnes Scott, ne Wauchope; issue of 1st m.:


1k) George, 4th Earl of Linlithgow, d.7 Aug 1695; m. Hon. Henrietta Sutherland


2k) Alexander, suc his uncle 1685 as 3rd Earl of Callendar, d.Dec 1692; m.Lady Anne Graham ( 14 Feb 1709)


1l) James, 4th Earl of Callendar, suc his uncle 1695 as 5th Earl of Linlithgow, attainted 1716, dspms 25 Apr 1723; 1707 Lady Margaret Hay; the attainder was never reversed, and all his titles became extinct


1m) Anne (bap 18 Jan 1709-16 Sep 1747); m.15 Jun 1724 William Boyd, 4th Earl of Kilmarnock (beheaded 18 Aug 1746); her son suc Anne’s maternal aunt as Earl of Erroll


2m) James, Lord Livingston (13 Nov 1710-30 Apr 1715)


2l) Henriette, d.25 May 1738


3l) Mary, d.26 Mar 1734; m.1717 James Graham of Airth


3k) Henrietta, Oct 1683; m.Jul 1666 Robert Makgill, 2nd Viscount of Oxfurd [or Oxenford] (20 May 1651-Dec 1705)


2j) Alexander, suc his uncle 1674 as 2nd Earl of Callendar, dspl Aug 1685; 1663 Lady Mary Hamilton (d.1705), later wife of 3rd Earl of Findlater


1k) [illegitimate] Sir Alexander Livingston, of Glentirran, cr Baronet [S] 1685, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, d.Jul 1698; he m. ___ Bartlewick


1l – 4l) 4 sons, dvpsp


5l) Sir James, 2nd Bt., d.30 Apr 1771; m.Helen (d.29 Mar 1767), dau and heiress of Sir James Campbell of Ardkinglass, 2nd Bt.


1m) Sir James CAMPBELL of Ardkinglass, 3rd Bt., d.21 Nov 1788; he took surname CAMPBELL ca 1752 on inheriting estates of mother’s family; m.1752 Katherine Campbell


1n) Sir Alexander, 4th Bt., d.1810; m.1792 Marianne Cheape (d.23 Oct 1849), later wife of Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne


2m) Mary; m.John Callander, of Craigforth; her descendant inherited Ardkinglass


3j) [ex 2] Margaret, d.2 Nov 1674; m.1st Sir Thomas Nicolson of Carnock, 2nd Bt. (10 Jun 1628-24 Jul 1664); m.2nd Sir George Stirling of Keir (d.Jun 1667); m.3rd 6 Feb 1668 Sir John Stirling of Keir


4j) [ex 2] Eleanor


3i) James, cr 1633 Lord Livingston of Almond [S],with remainder to heirs male forever, cr 1641 Earl of Callendar, Lord Livingston and Almond [S]; in1647 he obtained power of nomination of successors to his honors, which he seems to have exercised; however, in 1660 he obtained a novodamus granting the remainder to his issue male, and then to 1) his nephew Alexander Livingston, 2) his great-nephew Alexander Livingston, 3) Alexander Livingston, son of Sir Alexander Livingston of Dalderse; he was bur 25 Mar 1674; he had 1633 Margaret (d.30 Dec 1659), dau of James Hay, Lord Hay of Yester, and widow of Alexander Seton, Earl of Dunfermline


4i) Anne, d.12 Nov 1632; m.22 Jun 1612 Alexander Montgomerie, 6th Earl of Eglinton (1588-7 Jan 1661)


5i) Margaret, 10 Dec 1651; m.1609 John Fleming, 2nd Earl of Wigtown (d.7 May 1650)


2h) John, d.young


3h) Henry, d.young


4h) Sir George, 1616; m.Margaret ___


1i) William, d.1649; m.NN


1j) Sir Alexander, d.May 1690; m.Susanna Walker


1k) [Sir] Alexander, de jure 2nd Bt. (suc his first cousin, twice removed, Sir James Livingston of Westquarter, below), but did not assume the title, d.13 Nov 1720; m.1683 Henrietta Scott


1l) [Sir] George, of Bedlornie, de jure 3rd Bt., did not assume the title; m.1722 Frances Kerr, dau of Lord [or Hon.] John Kerr [there is some confusion over which John was her father]


2l) [Sir] Alexander, de jure 4th Bt., did not assume the title, d.1766; m.1st Christian Hay; m.2nd Margaret Murray


3l) James, d.1740


4l) [Sir] William, de jure 5th Bt., did not assume the title, d.22 Feb 1769; m.Helen Parker


5l) Robert, d.1759; m.Isabella Baillie


1m) Sir Alexander, 6th Bt., assumed the title a few years after 1769; claimed Earldom of Callendar 1784; d.8 Apr 1795; m.1st Ann Atkinson (d.27 Dec 1778); m.2nd 1782 Jane Cranstoun (19 Feb 1745-7 Jul 1830), gdau of 5th Lord Cranstoun 7 sons by 1st m., 2 sons by 2nd m., of whom:


1n) Alexander Small, d.1790


2n) [3rd son] Sir Thomas, 7th Bt. (20 Nov 1769-1 Apr 1853); m.24 Aug 1809 Janet (d.1831), dau of Sir James Stirling, Bt.


3n) George Augustus, k.a.

4n) David, k.a.

5n) Francis


6n) Thurstan, dspl; m.1st Susanna Dupuis; may have m.2nd 1808 Mrs Catherine Anne Ticehurst, ne Dupuis


1o) [ex 2] Alexander, claimed the Baronetcy, but was deemed to be illegitimate, there being questions about his parents’ marriage; b.13 Jun 1809, d.20 Jan 1859


6l – 7l) two more sons


5h) William, of Westquarter, d.2 May 1607; per Scots Peerage he m.Mary Baillie and had a son William who m.Helen Livingston, but per GEC it was this William who m. Helen Livingston


1i) Sir William, of Westquarter


2i) Sir James, of Westquarter, cr Baronet [S] 1699, with remainder to his eldest son and his heirs male successive, d.27 Nov 1701; m.28 Jun 1690 Mary (d.1705), dau of 2nd Duke of Hamilton, and widow of Alexander Livingston, 2nd Earl of Calendar, and later wife of 3rd Earl of Findlater; [note: early Burke’s editions said that this Baronetcy was created 1625 for Hon. George Livingston, but that is incorrect; there was a Livingstone Baronetcy cr on the 1625 date but it was a different one]


6h) Jean, d.15 Sep 1621; 1575/7 Alexander Elphinstone, 4th Lord Elphinstone (28 May 1552-14 Jan 1638)


7h) Margaret; m.1st 1581 Sir Lewis Bellenden; m.2nd 1595/8 Patrick Stewart, 2nd Earl of Orkney (1568/9-beheaded 6 Feb 1615)


3g) Thomas, of Haining fl 1606; m.1st Agnes Crawfurd; m.2nd Elizabeth Forrester; he had 7 sons and 2 daus by 1st m. and was ancestor of the Livingstons of Haining


4g) Elizabeth; m.1544 John Buchanan of that Ilk


5g) Janet, d.4 Oct 1599; m.before 1 Jul 1547 Sir Alexander Bruce of Airth


6g) Mary, d.after Apr 1579; m.6 Mar 1565 John Sempill, son of Lord Sempill (d.Apr 1579)


7g) Magdalen; m.1st 7 Jan 1562 Arthur Erskine ( 1571), brother of Earl of Mar; m.2nd 1577 Sir James Scrymgeour of Dudhope (d.13 Jul 1612)


8g) Helen; 1553 James Wetherspune


9g) Marion, d.13 Feb 1577; 1558 James Ogilvy of Findlater (d.after 19 Feb 1574)


2f) James

3f) William


4f) Margaret; m.John, 4th Lord Hay of Yester ( 1556)


2e) Elizabeth; m.Robert Callandar


3c) David


4c) Elizabeth, 1506; m.before 1464 John Macdonald, Earl of Ross and Lord of the Isles (ca 1435- )


5c) Euphemia; m.1st before 2 Apr 1472 Malcolm Fleming (dvp ca 1477), eldest son of Lord Fleming; m.2nd William Fleming of Bord


6c) Marion; m.before 1478 William Crichton, 3rd Lord Crichton (d.before 23 Oct 1493)


2b) Alexander, executed 22 Jan 1450; m.Elizabeth Hepburn issue, including the Livingstons of Dunipace, presumably including:





Sir David Livingstone, of Dunipace, cr Baronet [S] 1625, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, d.1631/4; m. before 3 May 1609 Barbara Forrester


1a) John, apparently survived his father, but having inherited nothing from him apparently never assumed the title; the Baronetcy became dormant and seems never to have been claimed again


3b) Janet; m.Sir Robert Bruce of Airth


4b) Elizabeth


2a) Robert issue, including Livingstons of Westquarter and Kinnaird


3a) John issue, including Livingstons of Barnton


4a) James


[by 2nd m.]:


5a) William, of Kilsyth, d.1459; m.Elizabeth de Caldcotis [Caldecott?]


1b) Edward, of Kilsyth, d.1482; he is said to have m. a dau of Lord Erskine, but Scots Peerage states that this may be a mistake


1c) William, of Kilsyth, k.a. Flodden 9 Sep 1513; per Scots Peerage there is much confusion about the identity of his wife


1d) William, of Kilsyth, d.before 21 Jul 1545; 1504 Jonet Bruce


1e) William, dvp; m.Marion Forrester


1f) William, of Kilsyth, d.1595/6; m.Lady Christian Graham


1g) Sir William, of Kilsyth, d.1626/7; m.1st Antoinette de Bord; m.2nd ca 1615 Margaret Houston


[by 1st m.]:


1h) Sir William, dvp 1614/5; 1607 Lady Anna Fleming


1i) William, of Kilsyth (bap 27 Jun 1609-13 Jun 1633); m.16 Dec 1626 Hon. Margaret Ramsay


1j) William, of Kilsyth, d.Jan 1647


2j) Margaret; m.Andrew Rutherfurd


3j) Christian, d.Mar 1664; 1646 James Makgill, Viscount of Oxfurd (d.5 May 1663)


2h) Christian; 1606 George Forrester, Lord Forrester of Corstorphine (d.1652)


[by 2nd m.]:


3h) Sir James, of Kilsyth (25 Jun 1616-7 Sep 1661), cr 17 Aug 1661 Viscount of Kilsyth and Lord Campsie [S], with remainder to heirs male; 1639 Eupheme Cunningham


1i) James, 2nd Viscount of Kilsyth, d.1706


2i) William, 3rd Viscount of Kilsyth (29 Mar 1650-12 Jan 1733); m.1st 1692/3 Jean (ca 1662-16 Oct 1695), dau of William Cochrane, Lord Cochrane, and widow of John Graham, Viscount Dundee; m.2nd Barbara Macdougall; on his death his titles became extinct or dormant


1j) [ex 1] William, infant


2j) [ex 2] Barbara, d.young


3i) Elizabeth; 1662 Hon. Robert Montgomerie (d.Dec 1684)


4i) Anne (12 Jan 1648- )


4h) Margaret; m.Robert Montgomery of Haslehead


2g) Christian; m.John Lawson of Boghall

3g) Agnes

4g) Elizabeth


2e) Alexander

3e) Robert

4e) William (secundus?)

5e) James

6e) John

7e) Elizabeth; m.Gabriel Cunningham of Craigends

8e) Isabel; m.John Campbell of Achinone

9e) Margaret; m.1st Ninian Bruce of Kinnaird; m.2nd Alexander Baillie of Jerviswood


2d) John

3d) William (secundus)


2c) Alexander

3c) Patrick

4c) Robert


2b) William

3b) Alexander





Part 2


(Scots Peerage notes that this line is said to descend from a younger son of Sir John Livingston of Callendar,but that there is no proof for this descent.)



Sir John Livingstone [or Levingston], of Kinnaird, cr Baronet [S] 1627, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, d.Mar 1628; m.Janet Sproxton [per Complete Peerage sub Gorges; Sproxtoune, per Complete Baronetage, sub Newburgh, and Scots Peerage; Thoxton, per Complete Baronetage; Sproxbourne, per Burke’s] (bur 15 May 1666), widow of William Marwood, later wife of Lord Gorges


1a) Sir James, 2nd Bt., cr 1647 Viscount Newburgh, with remainder to heirs male of his body, cr 1660 Earl of Newburgh, Viscount of Kynnaird and Lord Levingston of Flacraig, with remainder to heirs whomsoever (ca 1622-4 Dec 1670); m.1st ca 1648 Catherine (dspm at The Hague before Jul 1650), dau of Theophilus Howard, Earl of Suffolk, and widow of George Stuart, Lord d’Aubigny; m.2nd Anne (bap 10 Aug 1637-bur 26 May 1692), dau of Sir Henry Poole, Bt.


1b) Charles, 2nd Earl of Newburgh (ca 1662/6-6 Apr 1694); m.1692 Hon. Frances Brudenell (d.23 Feb 1736), later wife of Lord Bellew


1c) Charlotte Maria, 3rd Countess of Newburgh (1694-7 Aug 1755); m.1st 1713 Hon. Thomas Clifford (12 Dec 1687-21 Feb 1719); m.2nd 24 Jun 1724 Hon. Charles Radcliffe, titular 5th Earl of Derwentwater (3 Sep 1693-8 Dec 1746); on her death the Earldom of Newburgh descended to her issue, and the Baronetcy became dormant


[by 1st m.]:


1d) Anne Clifford (1715-28 Apr 1793); m.John Joseph Mahony, Count Mahony


1e) Cecilia Carlotta Francisca Anna Mahony (bap 28 Dec 1740-18 Feb 1789); m.18 May 1747 Benedetto Pr Giustiniani; on the death of the 5th Earl of Newburgh that title passed to Cecilia’s descendants


2d) Frances Clifford; m.20 Sep 1738 William Middleton


[by 2nd m.]:


3d) James Bartholomew Radcliffe, 4th Earl of Newburgh (Vincennes 23 Aug 1725-Slindon 2 Jan 1786); m.Slindon 11 Nov 1749 Barbara Kemp (d. Midhurst 12 Sep 1797)


1e) Anthony James, 5th Earl of Newburgh (Slindon 20 Jun 1757-29 Nov 1814); m.London 30 Jun 1789 Anne Webb (Hatherop, Glocs 14 Feb 1763-Slindon 16 Aug 1861 [4 Aug 1861 per Sheffield Independent 13 Jan 1863; 3 Aug 1861 per Burke’s 1868), sister of Sir Thomas Webb, 6th Bt.


2e) Anne (1758-26 Nov 1785)


4d) James Clement (Rome 5 Nov 1727-Bath 18 May 1788); m.21 Oct 1771 Clementina Parry (d.1811)


5d) Charles


6d) Charlotte, d.London 11 Mar 1800 [22 Mar 1800, per Scots Peerage], "usually stated to have died unmarried" CP IX.518a; There is a long-standing tradition in the family of Cadman of Westbourne House, that their maternal ancestor George Goodwin (1749-1835) was the son of George Goodwin (d.1757) and Lady Charlotte Radclyffe, who reputedly were married. However, there is no evidence to support such a marriage, and there is evidence that the younger George Goodwin's mother was in fact named Ann; m.? Perth 2 Apr 1747 George Goodwin (d.1757)


7d) Barbara Joanna (bap 18 Mar 1728-bur 7 Aug 1769)


8d) Anne Thomasina (12 Jan 1730-bur 31 May 1734)


9d) Mary Frances Guillelma (Rome 5 Apr 1732 [Aug 1732, per Scots Peerage]-27 Aug 1798); m.11 Feb 1755 Francis Eyre, of Hassop (1732-7 Oct 1804)


2a) Dorothy; m.23 Nov 1641 Charles Stanhope, Lord Stanhope of Harrington (1595-1675)