Earls Marischal and Earls of Kintore



Earls of Kintore and Lords Falconer of Halkerton


BAIRD of Ury, Viscounts Stonehaven





Part 1



Sir William Keith, descended from a long line of Keiths, hereditary Great Marischals of Scotland; per Cokayne, he died probably in Oct 1444; he m. Mary ___, said to be dau of Sir James Hamilton of Cadzow; note that Scots Peerage calls him 1st Earl Marischal, and says he d. before 16 Mar 1464; this page will follow Cokayne and call his son William the 1st Earl Marischal; however, note that Cokayne, sub Forbes, says that Gille (3a below) was dau of 1st Earl Marischal and his wife, Mary Hamilton


1a) Robert, dvp ca 1446; m.Janet Seton


1b) Janet; m.Andrew Gray, 2nd Lord Gray (d.Feb 1514)


2a) Sir William Keith; he was probably cr before 1451 Lord Keith, and was cr 1458 Earl Marischal; he 1483; m.Mary [Mariot, Muriel] said to be dau of 2nd Lord Erskine; the Scots Peerage article on the Erskines also lists that marriage though it says there is no clear proof that she was dau of Lord Erskine


1b) William, 2nd Earl Marischal, d.1526/7; m.1482 Elizabeth, dau of George Gordon, Earl of Huntly, granddau of King James I


1c) Robert, Lord Keith, d.before 22 Apr 1525; m.shortly before 8 Jan 1506 Elizabeth, dau of John Douglas, Earl of Morton


1d) William, 3rd Earl Marischal, d.7 Oct 1581; Jun 1538 Margaret Keith


1e) William, Lord Keith, d.Dunottar 9/10 Aug 1580; m.1543 Elizabeth, dau of George Hay, Earl of Erroll


1f) George, 4th Earl Marischal (1553-Dunottar Castle 2 Apr 1623); m.1st 1581 Margaret (d.May 1598), du of Lord Home; m.2nd Margaret, dau of James Ogilvy, Lord Ogilvy of Airlie


[by 1st m.]:


1g) William, 5th Earl Marischal, cr Baronet [S] 1625 (ca 1585-Dunottar Castle 28 Oct 1635); m.1609 Lady Mary Erskine


1h) William, 6th Earl Marischal (1614-Inverugie Mar 1671); m.1st 1637 Lady Elizabeth Seton (24 Dec 1621-Dunottar 16 Jun 1650); m.2nd London Apr 1654 Lady Anne Douglas (dsp ca 1689)


1i) William, Lord Keith (Tranent 11 Aug 1638-d. an infant)


2i) Mary; m.1st 29 Oct 1657 Sir James Hope of Hopetoun (d.1661); m.2nd Sir Archibald Murray of Blackbarony


3i) Elizabeth, d.Feb 1664; m.1658 Robert Arbuthnott, 2nd Viscount Arbuthnott (d.16 Jun 1682)


4i) Jean; m.1669 George Ogilvy, 3rd Lord Banff (bap 9 Sep 1649-Nov 1713)


5i) Isabel, d.1690; m.Sir Edward Turnor (ca 1646-3 Dec 1721)


6i) Margaret (16 Jul 1644-d. an infant)


2h) George, 7th Earl Marischal, d.Mar 1694; m.6 Feb 1662 Lady Mary Hay (d.Fetteresso 10 Nov 1701)


1i) William, 8th Earl Marischal (ca 1664-London 27 May 1712); 1690 Lady Mary Drummond (d.Edinburgh 7 Mar 1729)


1j) George, 9th Earl Marischal, attainted 1716 (Inverugie Castle 1693-Potsdam 28 May 1778); in 1761 he became entitled to the earldom of Kintore, but because of his attainder was unable to assume that title


2j) Mary (May 1695-1721); m.1711 John Fleming, 6th Earl of Wigton (ca 1673-10 Feb 1744)


3j) James, attainted 1716 (Inverugie 16 Jun 1696-k.a.Hochkirchen 1758, aged 63


4j) Anne, d.1728; m.1718/9 Alexander Stewart, 6th Earl of Galloway (ca 1694-24 Sep 1773)


3h) Sir Robert; some sources suggest that he married and had issue, who, if true, would be heirs male of the Keiths


4h) Alexander, 1654


5h) John, cr 1677 Earl of Kintore, Lord Keith of Inverurie and Keith Hall, d.12 Apr 1715; m.Tyninghame 24 Apr 1662 Lady Margaret Hamilton (15 Jan 1641- ); the original peerage had a remainder to heirs male of his body; in 1694 he resigned his titles and received a re-grant extending the remainder to his brother George and heirs male of George’s body, and then to heirs general of John’s own body


1i) William, 2nd Earl of Kintore, d.5 Dec 1718; m.1687 Hon. Catherine Murray (d.Kintore Jan 1726)


1j) Catherine Margaret (bap 29 Jun 1690-Edinburgh 1 Mar 1762); m.1703 David Falconer, 4th Lord Falconer of Halkertoun (May 1681-24 Sep 1751); after the death of the attainted 9th Earl Marischal, her descendants inherited the earldom of Kintore and took the surname Keith-Falconer; see Part 3, below


2j) John, 3rd Earl of Kintore (bap 21 May 1699-Keith Hall 22 Nov 1758); m.Edinburgh 21 Aug 1729 Mary Erskine (5 Jul 1714-Edinburgh 19 May 1772)


3j) William, 4th Earl of Kintore (bap 5 Jan 1702-Keith Hall 22 Nov 1761); on his death the right to the earldom of Kintore devolved on 9th Earl Marischal (above), and then later to the descendants of the 4th Earl’s sister


4j) Jean


2i) a son


3i) George


4i) Charles


5i) Jean; m.Sir William Forbes, of Monymusk, 5th Bt. ( 1720)


6i) Margaret; m.Gavin Hamilton of Raploch


6h) Mary; m.1632 John Graham, Lord Kinpont (ca 1613-murdered 6 Sep 1644)


7h) Jean; m.Alexander Forbes, Lord Forbes of Pitsligo (d.26 Oct 1636)


8h) Anne


2g) Anne, d.Kirkwall 30 May 1649; m.Apr 1604 William Douglas, 7th Earl of Morton (ca 1584-7 Aug 1648)


3g) Margaret; 1615 Sir Robert Arbuthnott of Arbuthnott (d.15 Mar 1633)


[by 2nd m.]:


4g) James; m.Margaret Lindsay


1h) Margaret; 1650 Sir John Elphinstone of Elphinstone


2h) Elizabeth; 1641 Sir Archibald Primrose, Bt. (d.27 Nov 1679)


3h) Anne; m.1652 Patrick Smith of Braco


5g) Alexander (bap 10 Oct 1611- )


6g) John


1h) Margaret; m.David Barclay of Mathers


2h) [illegitimate] Gilbert, legitimized 1587


2f) William, k. in Geneva 1577


3f) Robert, dspl; m.NN


4f) John


5f) Christian [or Mary]; m.Robert Arbuthnott of Arbuthnott


6f) Barbara; m.Alexander Forbes of Pitsligo


7f) Margaret; m.1st Sir William Keith of Ludquhairn (see Part 2); m.2nd Sir John Carnegie; m.3rd Sir William Graham


8f) Jean; m.James Gordon of Haddo


2e) Robert, cr 1587 Lord Altrie, d.1592 [per Cokayne; though Scots Peerage says he was living in 1594]; m.Elizabeth Lundie


1f) Elizabeth; m.Alexander Hay of Dalgety


2f) Margaret, d.Jan 1602; m.1st John Erskine of Dun; m.2nd Sir John Lindsay (d.6 Jan 1609)


3e) John


4e) Annabel [Anne, Agnes?], d.Edinburgh 16 Jul 1588; m.1st 8 Feb 1562 James Stewart, Earl of Moray (d.21 Jan 1570); m.2nd 1571/2 Colin Campbell, 6th Earl of Argyll (d.10 Sep 1584)


5e) Elizabeth; m.Sir Alexander Irvine of Drum


6e) Alison, d.Aug 1567; m.1550 Alexander Abernethy, 6th Lord Saltoun (d.Apr 1587)


7e) Mary; m.1575 John Campbell of Cawdor (d.Feb 1591)


8e) Beatrix; m.1558 John Allardice of Allardice (d.May 1596)


9e) Janet; 15 Apr 1557 James Crichton of Frendraught (1541-1612/3)


10e) Margaret; m.John Kennedy of Blairquhan


11e) Isobel, d.Aug 1595; m.Alexander Strachan


12e) Barbara; m.Alexander Forbes of Pitsligo


2d) Robert, d.Paris 12 Jun 1551


1e) [illegitimate] Andrew, cr 1584 Lord Dingwall


3d) Elizabeth; m.27 Mar 1530 George Gordon, Earl of Huntly (1513-22 Oct 1562)


4d) Janet; m.6 Feb 1543 John Lyon, 7th Lord Glamis (d.1558)


5d) Christian; m.Sir Robert Arbuthnott of that Ilk


6d) Beatrice; m.Alexander Fraser, yr, of Philorth (dvp 1564)


2c) William, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513


3c) Gilbert; m.Elizabeth, dau of Lord Forbes


1d) George


2d) Elizabeth


4c) Alexander, of Pittendrum; m.Marion Lundie Keiths of Uras, of Ravelston and of Dunottar, who claimed the hereditary Marischalcy in the 1800s as heirs male


5c) David


6c) George


7c) Janet, d.1546/7; m.Dec 1515 William Graham, 2nd Earl of Montrose (d.24 May 1571)


8c) Elizabeth; m.1st by 1 Mar 1505 Colin Oliphant, Master of Oliphant (k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513); m.2nd soon after 17 Apr 1524 William Sinclair, 4th Lord Sinclair (d.1570)


9c) Agnes; m.Sir Archibald Douglas of Glenbervie


10c) Christian; contracted to Walter Ogilvy of Craigboyne


2b) Anthony


3b) Robert


4b) John, of Craig issue, extinct in the male line 1795; one descendant was:




1e) James KEITH, of Craig fl 1570; m.NN


1f) Robert, of Powburn; m.NN


1g) James [or George], of Powburn, cr Baronet [S] 1663, 1690; m.Grizel Graham; he may have also m. ___ Lammy


1h) James (bap 15 Jul 1663- dvpsp)


5b) Alexander (1460- )


6b) Janet; m.1st by 16 Jan 1478 John Leslie, Master of Rothes ( 23 Jun 1481); m.2nd shortly before 23 Jun 1481 Thomas Stewart, 2nd Lord Innermeath (k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513); Scots Peerage has her as dau of the William Keith who married Mary [?Hamilton], but Cokayne, sub Rothes, clearly call her dau of Mariot Erskine, and the dates make this more likely


[?7b) Burke’s says that Sir William Murray of Tullibardine (d.1525) married Mary, dau of the 1st Earl Marischal; however, no such daughter is listed in the Scots Peerage article on the Earls Marischal, and in the Scots Peerage article on the Atholls no wife is named for Sir William, though he had legitimate children]


3a) John


4a) Alexander


5a) Gille [Egidia]; m.James Forbes, 2nd Lord Forbes (d.1460/2)






Part 2: Keith of Ludquhairn


Sir William Keith, of Ludquhairn; m.Lady Margaret Keith (above); Sir William is said to have been great-grandson “of Andrew Keith, third son of Sir Gilbert Keith, of Innerugy, who was himself grandson of John, second son of Sir Edward Keith, great marishal of Scotland


1a) Sir William, of Ludquhairn, cr Baronet [S] 1629, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, d.before 1660; m.NN


1b) Sir William, dvpsp


2b) Sir Alexander, 2nd Bt., 1680?; m.Margaret Bannerman


1c) Sir William, 3rd Bt., 1700?; m. ___ Smith, later wife of Sir Robert Murray of Abercairny


1d) Sir William, 4th Bt. (ca 1669-18 Nov 1749); m. ___ Newberry


1e) Sir Robert, 5th Bt., d.14 Feb 1771; 1751 Margarete Albertina Conradina von Suchin; nothing more is known of his sons or any collateral heirs, and since his death the title has been dormant


1f) Frederick William (7 Oct 1751- )


2f) Robert George (6 Oct 1752- )





Part 3: Falconer of Halkerton



Sir Alexander Falconer of Halkerton [Halkertoun], d.1645/6; m.26 Dec 1594 Agnes Carnegie, sister of 1st Earl of Southesk


1a) Sir Alexander, of Halkerton (ca 1595-1 Oct 1671), cr 1646 Lord Falconer of Halkerton [S], with remainder to heirs male whatsoever; 1619 (sep. 1627) Hon. Anne Lindsay


1b) Alexander, 2nd Lord Falconer of Halkerton (bap 17 Jun 1620-4 Mar 1684); m. Lady Margaret Ogilvy


1c) David, 3rd Lord Falconer of Halkerton, d.Feb 1724


2c) Alexander, d.before 22 Nov 1712


3c) James


4c) Jane; m.1st 1706 James Forbes of Thornton; m.2nd James Ouchterlony


5c) Helen, d.before 10 Jun 1714


6c) Elizabeth


7c) Euphame; m.John Row


2b) Agnes, d.Mar 1708; m.George Ogilvy, 2nd Lord Banff (d.Mar 1668)


2a) Sir David, of Glenfarquhar; m.Margaret Hepburn


1b) Sir Alexander, of Glenfarquhar, cr Baronet [S] 1670, 1700?; m.NN; in Complete Baronetage, Cokayne says that Sir Alexander was succeeded by his son Alexander, who, he there says, also suc in 1724 as 4th Lord Falconer of Halkerton; however, in Complete Peerage, he notes that possibly the son never existed, and certainly never became Lord Halkerton, noting Corrigenda in Scots Peerage; see footnote in CP


[1c) Alexander, said in some early works to have suc as 4th Lord Falconer of Halkerton; if he exitsed at all, though, he seems to have dvp young]


2c) Elizabeth; m.Sir Charles Ramsay, of Balmain, 3rd Bt. (d.1695)


2b) Sir David, of Newton, d.15 Dec 1685; m.1st Elizabeth Nairn (bur 20 Jan 1676), sister of 1st Lord Nairn; m.2nd 16 Feb 1678 Mary Norvell


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Alexander (6 Aug 1663-d.young)


[by 2nd m.]:


2c) Margaret (13 Feb 1679- )


3c) Mary (26 May 1680- ); m. ___ Fullerton


4c) David, 4th Lord Falconer of Halkerton (May 1681-24 Sep 1751); 1703 Lady Catherine Margaret Keith (see Part 1, above), dau of 2nd Earl of Kintore


1d) Alexander, 5th Lord Falconer of Halkerton (ca 1707-5 Nov 1762); m.25 Jun 1757 Frances Mackworth (28 Aug 1731-3 Mar 1814), maternal gdau of Earl of Gainsborough, and later wife of 7th Viscount Montagu


2d) William, 6th Lord Falconer of Halkerton, d.12 Dec 1776; he m. a woman from Holland


1e) Anthony Adrian, 7th Lord Falconer of Halkerton; in 1778, on the death of the attainted Earl Marischal, he suc as 5th Earl of Kintore and also suc to many of the Keith estates, and took the surname KEITH-FALCONER; he d.30 Aug 1804; 1766 Christina Elisabeth Sighterman


1f) William, 6th Earl of Kintore (11 Dec 1766-6 Oct 1812); m.18 Jun 1793 Maria (d.30 Jun 1826), dau of Sir Alexander Bannerman, 6th Bt.


1g) Anthony Adrian, 7th Earl of Kintore (20 Apr 1794-11 Jul 1844), cr 1838 Baron Kintore of Kintore [UK]; m.1st 14 Jun 1817 Juliet Renny (dsp 9 Jul 1819); m.2nd 27 Aug 1821 (div 1840) Louisa Hawkins (d.1 Nov 1841)


1h) William Adrian, Lord Inverurie (2 Sep 1822-17 Dec 1843)


2h) Isabella Catherine (5 Jun 1824-8 Feb 1870); m.4 Aug 1847 Henry Grant


3h) Francis Alexander, 8th Earl of Kintore (7 Jun 1828-18 Jul 1880); m.24 Jun 1851 Louisa Madeleine Hawkins (d.6 Feb 1916)


1i) Algernon Hawkins Thomond, 9th Earl of Kintore (12 Aug 1852-3 Mar 1930); m.14 Aug 1873 Lady Sydney Charlotte Montagu (14 Oct 1851-21 Sep 1932)


1j) Ethel Sydney, 11th Countess of Kintore (20 Sep 1874-21 Sep 1974); m.16 Feb 1905 John Lawrence Baird, Viscount Stonehaven (27 Apr 1874-19__); for her issue see Part 4, below


2j) Hilda Madeleine (5 Nov 1875-13 Jul 1967)


3j) Ian Douglas Montagu, Lord Inverurie (5 Apr 1877-26 Aug 1897)


4j) Arthur George, 10th Earl of Kintore and 12th Lord Falconer of Halkerton (5 Jan 1879-25 May 1966); m.23 Nov 1937 Helena, Dss of Manchester, ne Zimmerman (d.15 Dec 1971); on his death the Barony of Falconer of Halkerton became dormant


2i) Dudley Metcalfe Courtenay (19 Jan 1854-27 Nov 1873)


3i) Ian Grant Neville (5 Jul 1856-May 1887); m.4 Mar 1884 Gwendolen Bevan (d.24 Oct 1937)


4i) Madeleine Dora (27 Jun 1858-11 Dec 1925); m.12 Jul 1889 Francis Henry Tonge (d.6 Mar 1936)


5i) Blanche Catherine (15 Sep 1859-18 Sep 1922); m.4 Dec 1883 Granville Roland Francis Smith, of Duffield Hall (24 Dec 1860-4 Mar 1917)


6i) Arthur (27 Aug 1863-9 Dec 1877)


7i) Maude (20 Jul 1869- )


4h) Charles James (1 Jul 1832-7 Jan 1889); m.24 Jan 1857 Caroline Diana Aldridge (d.24 Feb 1920)


1i) Diana Mary (8 Nov 1858-2 Apr 1952)


2i) Cecil Edwards (11 Oct 1860-k.a. 10 Nov 1899); m.24 Jun 1899 Georgina Sarah Blagrave (d.4 Mar 1929)


3i) Charles Adrian (12 Dec 1861-23 Feb 1920); m.11 Jun 1887 Williamina Emily Hume Dick (d.17 Aug 1945)


1j) Adrian Wentworth (17 Jun 1888-19 Feb 1959); m.25 Nov 1925 Phyllis Messervy (d.12 Feb 1959)


4i) Florence (18 May 1864-13 Nov 1939); m.5 Aug 1893 Rev. Hesketh France-Hayhurst (d.7 Jan 1925)


5i) Ida Madaleine (2 Mar 1868-2 Jan 1955)


6i) Victor Francis Alexander (27 Oct 1869-k.a. 21 Feb 1900)


7i) Evelyn Millicent (20 May 1874-20 Aug 1914)


8i) Violet Katherine (21 Jul 1875-2 Sep 1881)


9i) Sybil Blanche, d.15 Apr 1966, aged 88; m.7 Feb 1911 Eden Bernard Powell (d.10 Nov 1964)


2g) Mary (2 May 1795-5 Jul 1864)


3g) Alexander (11 Oct 1798-5 Jun 1821)


4g) William (16 Dec 1799-5 Jan 1846); m.24 Jun 1830 Louisa Grant (d.Boulogne 12 Feb 1862)


1h) Dora (1 May 1831-8 Apr 1856); m.20 Nov 1855 Henry John Arthur Manners-Lockwood


2h) Adrian William, of Monkrigg (12 Feb 1837-10 Feb 1887)


2f) Sibella (18 Jan 1768-23 Apr 1792)


3f) Maria Rembertina (8 Feb 1769-24 Aug 1851)


4f) Catherine Margaret (3 Jun 1770-10 Dec 1849)


5f) Francina Constantia (17 Jun 1771-4 Dec 1779)


6f) Jean (3 Jul 1772-d.young)


7f) Christian Elizabeth (31 Dec 1774-Dec 1826)


8f) Helen (30 Aug 1777-d.young)


2e) William, k.a. Quebec


3e) Charles


3d) David, d.4 Sep 1775; m. ___ Lamplugh


4d) John; m. ___ Nairn


5d) George, d.3 May 1780; m. Mrs Hannah Hardy, ne Ivie


1e) George


6d) Catherine, d.1 Dec 1748


7d) Jean, d.16 Feb 1797; m.James Falconer (d.Dec 1779)


8d) Mary, d.27 Sep 1775


9d) Marjory, d.18 Nov 1787; m.28 Apr 1759 George Norvell


5c) Alexander (Jun 1682-Jul 1745); Aug 1722 Mary Hay, 14th Countess of Erroll (d.19 Aug 1758)


6c) Catherine (4 Oct 1683- ); m.4 Jan 1708 Joseph Hume; parents of David Hume


7c) Elizabeth (7 Oct 1684- )


8c) George (20 Nov 1685-1743); m.Janet Marjoribanks issue


3a) Sir John; m.1st Sibil Ogilvy (d.4 Dec 1634); m.2nd Esther Briot 10 children


4a) Sir Patrick


5a) Margaret, d.before 19 Feb 1659


6a) Agnes; m.1st Alexander Keith of Benholm (d.1634); m.2nd 1634 John, Master of Forrester


7a) Jean; m.1637 John Grant of Moyness





Part 4: Baird of Elie and Ury



Alexander Baird, of Lochwood (12 May 1765-23 Dec 1833); m.Aug 1794 Jane Moffat (d.8 July 1851)


1a) William, of Elie (23 Apr 1796-1864); m.14 July 1840 Janet Johnstone (d.15 Nov 1886)


1b) Alexander


2b) William, of Elie (1848-29 Jun 1918); m.1883 Caroline Muriel Burn Callander (d.Dec 1932)


1c) William James (8 Nov 1893- ); m.28 May 1918 Audrey Josephine Helen Porter 1 dau


2c) Ethel Mary (31 Dec 1883-30 Sep 1969); m.27 Feb 1908 James Huntly Dutton, 6th Lord Sherborne (5 Mar 1873-17 Sep 1949)


3c) Janet Muriel, d.15 Jul 1960; m.7 Aug 1926 Henry Cecil Noel (23 May 1868-28 Aug 1931)


3b) John George Alexander, of Muirkirk (31 May 1854-6 Apr 1917); m.10 Nov 1880 Susan Georgiana (d.13 Jul 1951), of Colstoun, dau of Sir James Fergusson, 6th Bt. by his wife, the heiress of the Brouns of Colstoun


1c) Edith Christian BROUN, later BROUN-LINDSAY, of Colstoun; m.26 Jul 1921 George Humphrey Maurice Lindsay, later Broun-Lindsay (23 Oct 1888-23 Jun 1964)


2c) Mary Janet; m.24 Jan 1925 Richard A Dowing-Fullerton


4b) James Douglas (1856-17 Feb 1910)

5b) Henry Robert (1861- )

6b) Edward William David, of Exning House (1864- ); m.Oct 1893 Millicent Bessie Clarke 4 sons, 3 daus

7b) Jane, d.26 Jun 1916; m.1862 James George Hay, of Belton

8b) Janet Ann, d.1868

9b) Charlotte; m. W G Middleton

10b) Mary Elizabeth; m.30 Jun 1880 Frederick Gordon Blair, of Blair (11 Nov 1852- )

11b) Cecilia Margaret; m.6 Jul 1886 Henry Burn-Callander, of Prestonhall


2a) John, of Ury [Urie], Fetteresso, and Lochwood (19 Feb 1798-29 Jan 1870); m.5 Dec 1848 Margaret Findlay (d.14 Jul 1883)


1b) Sir Alexander, of Ury, cr Baronet 1897 (22 Oct 1849-20 Jun 1920); m.16 Jul 1873 Hon. Annette Maria Palk (d.21 May 1884)


1c) Sir John Lawrence, 2nd Bt., cr 1925 Baron Stonehaven, of Ury, cr 1938 Viscount Stonehaven (27 Apr 1874-1941); m.16 Feb 1905 Ethel Sydney, 11th Countess of Kintore (20 Sep 1874-21 Sep 1974; see Part 3, above)


1d) Annette Sydney Helen Mary (19 Nov 1905-1 Feb 1950); m.17 Aug 1925 Michael Henry Mason


2d) James Ian BAIRD, later KEITH, 12th Earl of Kintore, 2nd Viscount Stonehaven and 3rd Baronet (25 Jul 1908-1989); m.5 Mar 1935 Delia Virginia Loyd (d.10 Jan 2007)


1e) Diana Elizabeth Virginia Sydney, b.22 Jun 1937; m.20 Jul 1957 John Francis Holman (d.3 Feb 2015)


2e) Michael Canning William John Keith, 13th Earl of Kintore (22 Feb 1939-31 Oct 2004); m.9 Oct 1972 Mary Plum (d.1 Aug 2006)


1f) James William Falconer Keith, 14th Earl of Kintore, b.15 Apr 1976; m.8 Apr 2006 Carrie Fiona Paxton


1g) Tristan Michael Keith, Lord Inverurie, b.2010


2f) Iona Delia Mary Gaddis, b.1978; m.2008 Mark Hopkins


3e) Alexander David Keith, b.21 Apr 1946


3d) Robert Alexander Greville BAIRD (14 Apr 1910-k.a.17 Jul 1943); m.30 Mar 1939 Dorviegelda Malvina Macgregor (5 Apr 1910-1997) issue


4d) Ariel Olivia Winifred (16 Aug 1916-29 Apr 2003); m.25 Apr 1946 (div 1958) Kenneth Alexander Keith, Lord Keith of Castleacre (30 Aug 1916-1 Sep 2004)


5d) Hilda Ava Fiona Nancy Baird (20 Apr 1919-2001); m.12 Jun 1945 Ronald Fulton Lucas Chance (d.1996)


2c) Evelyn Margaret (25 Apr 1875- ); m.5 Dec 1907 Albert Edward Stanley Clarke (d.8 Jun 1926)


3c) Alexander Walter Frederick (2 Oct 1876-20 Feb 1931); m.16 Feb 1907 Maud Constance Waylen


1d) Alexander William Bertie Gordon (23 Jan 1908-Sep 1872)


4c) Janet Norah (7 Jan 1878-15 Oct 1943); m.1 Oct 1902 Sir Arthur George Ferguson (d.14 Feb 1935)


5c) Edith Annette (6 Jan 1880-20 Oct 1881)


6c) Nina Isabel (20 Mar 1882-10 Aug 1919)


7c) Muriel Jane (4 April 1884-31 Dec 1968); m.17 July 1909 Byron Vyner Noel


2b) John, of Lochwood (17 Feb 1852-8 Jul 1900); m.23 Apr 1878 Constance Amelia Harford (d.13 Aug 1914)


1c) James Alexander (15 Feb 1879-5 May 1936)


2c) Hugh William (24 Jan 1882-22 Oct 1902)


3c) Jean Edith, d.12 Dec 1937; m.30 Aug 1906 Thomas Algernon Raikes (d.Dec 1950)


4c) Margaret Ina


3b) Janet Findlay (12 Nov 1861- ); m.9 Jan 1884 George Chalmers (d.25 Jul 1895 [1893?])


3a) Alexander, of Urie (29 Dec 1799-2 Mar 1862)


4a) James, of Auchmeddon and Cambusdoon (5 Dec 1802-20 Jun 1876); m.1st 10 Feb 1852 Charlotte Lockhart (d.29 Dec 1857); m.2nd 8 Dec 1859 Isabella Agnew Hay (d.7 Dec 1904)


5a) Robert, of Auchmedden (16 Apr 1806-7 Aug 1856)


6a) Douglas, of Closeburn (31 Mar 1808-7 Dec 1854); m.28 Jul 1851 Charlotte Acton (d.30 Sep 1868)


1b) Jane Isabella, d.27 Apr 1943; m.20 Jul 1869 Frederick Ernest Villiers (16 Nov 1840-14 Oct 1922)


2b) Charlotte Marion, d.30 Jan 1937; m.12 Jul 1869 Lowry Egerton Cole, 4th Earl of Enniskillen (21 Dec 1845-28 Apr 1924)


7a) George, of Stichill and Strichen (28 Jul 1810-24 Aug 1870); m.15 Nov 1858 Cecilia Hatton (d.5 Mar 1895), whose grandmother was Lady Isabella Seymour-Conway


1b) George Alexander, of Stichill, Strichen and Auchmedden (30 Sep 1861-18 Mar 1893)


8a) David, of Stichill (1816-1860)


9a) Janet; m.1st Alexander Whitelaw (d.10 Aug 1826); m.2nd 2 Dec 1834 John Weir (d.25 Dec 1885)


10a) Jean, d.6 Oct 1882; m.6 Dec 1831 Thomas Jackson (d.8 Jul 1863)