The family d’Ibelin




This family managed to establish its many branches all over the eastern Mediterranean as hangers-on to the first-tier nobility. The first ancestor treated here is one Balian, Constable to the Count of Jaffa; in 1141 he inherited the castle of Yebna, from which his family took the Frenchified name, Ibelin. He d.1150/2; m.before 1122 Helvis (d.after 1158) dau.of Baudouin I, Lord of Rama; they had issue:


1a) Hugues d'Ibelin, Lord of Rama, d.1169/71; m.1157 Agnes, Lady of Toron (1133-1184/5) dau.of Joscelin de Courtenay, Ct of Edessa


2a) Baudouin d'Ibelin, Lord of Mirabel and Rama, d.1186/8; m.1st before 1157 (div 1174) Richilde de Bessan; m.2nd 1175 Isabelle (d.1177/8) dau.of Jean Gothman; m.3rd after Apr 1180 Marie (d.after 1228) dau.of Renier, Constable of Tripoli; all kids issue by 1st m.


1b) Thomas d'Ibelin, Lord of Rama, b.before 1175, 1188


2b) Eschiva d'Ibelin, d.1196/7; m.before 29 Oct 1175 Almeric de Lusignan, King of Cyprus and Jerusalem (d.1205)


3b) Estefanie d'Ibelin; m.before Nov 1175 Amaury, Viscount of Nablus


3a) Balian d'Ibelin, Lord of Nablus, d.1193; m.1177 Maria (1154-ca 1217) dau.of Joannes Komnenos, widow of King Amalric I of Jerusalem


1b) Jean d'Ibelin "the Old", Lord of Beirut and Arsur, Constable and Bailiff of Jerusalem, Bailiff of Cyprus, d.1236; m.1st ca 1202 Helvis (dsp ca 1208) dau.of Raymond of Nephim; m.2nd ca 1209 Melisende of Arsur


1c) Balian d'Ibelin, Lord of Beirut, Constable of Cyprus, Bailiff of Jerusalem, d.Askalon 1247; m.1229/30 Eschiva von Mömpelgard, dau.of Gautier, Bailiff of Jerusalem


1d) Balian d'Ibelin, d.young


2d) Hugues d'Ibelin (1231/2-1254/5); m.1250/3 Marie von Mömpelgard, dau.of Odo, Constable of Jerusalem


3d) Jean d'Ibelin, Lord of Beirut, d.1264, bur Nicosia; m.1249/50 Alice, Lady of Beirut (d.after 1277) dau.of Guy de la Roche-sur-l'Ognon, Duke of Athens


1e) Isabelle d'Ibelin, Lady of Beirut, 1283; m.1st 1265 Hugo II de Lusignan, King of Cyprus (d.1267); m.2nd 1272 Haymo le Strange (d.1273); m.3rd 1276 Nicolas d'Aleman, titular lord of Caesarea (d.1277); m.4th after 1277 Guillaume Barlais (d.1304/5)


2e) Eschiva d'Ibelin, Lady of Beirut (1253-1312, bur Nicosia); m.1st 1274 Honfroy de Montfort, Lord of Tyrus (d.1284); m.2nd 1291 Guy de Lusignan, Constable of Cyprus (d.1302/3)


4d) Isabelle d'Ibelin; 1250 Henri de Giblet ( 1271)


2c) Jean d'Ibelin, Lord of Arsur, Constale and Bailiff of Cyprus and Jerusalem (1211/2-1258); 1236 Alice (d.after 1241) dau.of Rohard of Cayphas


1d) Balian d'Ibelin, Constable and Bailiff of Jerusalem (1239-1277); m.1st 1254 (annulled 1258) Plaisance de Poitiers, dau.of Ct Raymond of Tripoli; m.2nd ca 1261 Lucie de Chenechy; all issue by 2nd m.


1e) Jean d'Ibelin, d.1309, bur Nicosia; m.after 1300 Isabelle d'Ibelin


1f) Guy d'Ibelin


2f) Balian, titular lord of Arsur, 1338, bur Nicosia; 1320 Marguerite d'Ibelin


1g) Philippe d'Ibelin, murderer of King Peter of Cyprus, d.1374/6; m.1st Eschiva de Dampierre; m.2nd ca 1355 Alice (d.after 1376) dau.of Fernando de Majorca, Vcde d'Omelas


2g) Guy d'Ibelin, Bp of Limassol, d.1367


3g) Thomas d'Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, d.after 1361


4g) Jean d'Ibelin, a priest


5g) Marie d'Ibelin, d.after 1357; m.1st ca 1340 Hugues de Dampierre-sur-Salon; m.2nd ca 1349 Jean d'Ibelin (d.after 1357)


6g) Simone d'Ibelin, d.after 1350; m.1st ca 1355 Baudouin de Nores; m.2nd Jean Babin


7g) Marguerite d'Ibelin, d.after 1353; m.Balian d'Ibelin


3f) Marguerite d'Ibelin; 1323 Balian d'Ibelin


4f) Lucie d'Ibelin; m.1st ca 1332 Baudouin de Milmars; m.2nd ca 1334 Raymond du Four


5f) Alice d'Ibelin


2e) Jeanne d'Ibelin; m.Baudouin du Morf, Lord of Stambole


3e) Nicole d'Ibelin, 1300; m.Thibaut de Bessan


4e) Ermeline d'Ibelin; m.NN in Apulia


3c) Hugues d'Ibelin, d.1237/9


4c) Baudouin d'Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, d.1266; 1230 Alice, dau.of Gautier de Bessan by Theodora Komnene


1d) Jean d'Ibelin, d.after 1250; 1247 Isabelle, dau.of Aimery du Rivet by Eschiva de Saint-Omer


1e) Gautier d'Ibelin


2e) Baudouin d'Ibelin, Lord of Korakou and Vitzada, d.Limassol 1313, bur Nicosia; m.Marguerite de Giblet


1f) Isabelle d'Ibelin, d.1315, bur Nicosia; 1303 Guy d'Ibelin (d.1308)


2d) Philippe d'Ibelin, Constable of Cyprus, d.1304/5; 1253 Simone von Mömpelgard, dau.of Odo, Constable of Jerusalem


1e) Balian d'Ibelin, Pr of Galilee, d.1315/6; 1292/4 Alice de Lusignan, dau.of King Hugo III of Cyprus


1f) Jacques d'Ibelin, living 1319


2e) Baudouin d'Ibelin


3e) Guy d'Ibelin


4e) Hugues d'Ibelin


5e) Marguerite d'Ibelin


6e) Helvis d'Ibelin


7e) Alice d'Ibelin, Lady of Coletta, d.after 1324; m.before 1293 Gautier de Bessan (d.1315)


8e) Eschiva d'Ibelin, Lady of Saint-Nicolas, d.after 1324; m.1st ca 1290 Gautier de Dampierre-sur-Salon; m.2nd before 1310 Hugues de Lusignan, sn de Crusoche


9e) Marie d'Ibelin, Lady of Askalon and Naumachia, d.after 1324; 1290 Guy d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa


3d) Guy d'Ibelin, d.after 1270; m.Maria, dau.of King Hethum of Armenia


1e) Thomas d'Ibelin, d.after 1307; 1290 Zabel of Saravantikar


1f) Leon d'Ibelin, b.before 1306


2f) Rita d'Ibelin, b.before 1306


2e) Isabelle d'Ibelin, 1306; 1285 Hethum, Lord of Korikos (d.after 1308)


4d) Balian d'Ibelin, d.1284/98; m.Marguerite, dau.of Raymond Visconti


1e) Philippe d'Ibelin, jail in Kerynia 1315; m.Gille de Chappes


2e) Jean d'Ibelin, jail in Kerynia 1318


3e) Alice d'Ibelin, b.before 1306


5d) Hugues d'Ibelin, jail in Kerynia 1315; m.Alice, dau.of Jean Le Thor by Stephanie de Soissons


1e) Baudouin d'Ibelin


2e) Marie d'Ibelin, b.1304/7, d.after 1347; 1325 Baudouin de Bessan


3e) Marguerite d'Ibelin, d.after 1342; 1320 Balian d'Ibelin


6d) Melisende d'Ibelin, d.young


5c) Guy d'Ibelin, Marshal and Constable of Cyprus; m.Philippe, dau.of Aimery Berlais


1d) Baudouin d'Ibelin, Bailiff of Jerusalem, Constable of Cyprus, d.after Aug 1286


2d) Jean d'Ibelin, murdered 1277


3d) Aimery d'Ibelin


4d) Balian d'Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, d.1302, bur Nicosia; m.Alice, dau.of Hethum of Lampron


1e) Guy d'Ibelin, d.1308; m.Isabelle d'Ibelin


1f) Alice d'Ibelin; m.King Hugh IV of Cyprus


2e) Marie d'Ibelin, d.after 1340; m.1st ca 1299 Rupen de Montfort, Lord of Toron and Sur (d.1313); m.2nd N du Plessis


3e) Isabelle d'Ibelin; m.Jean d'Ibelin


4e) Marguerite d'Ibelin, 1320; 1311 Oshin of Korikos, Regent of Armenia (d.1329)



5d) Philippe d'Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus and Jerusalem, d.1318, bur Nicosia; m.1st ca 1280 Marie (dsp), dau.of Vahran of Hanousse by Marie d'Ibelin; m.2nd ca 1295 Marie de Giblet (d.Nicosia 1331, bur there)


1e) Jean d'Ibelin, b.1302, d.after 1317, bur Nicosia


2e) Guy d'Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, Burgher of Venice, 1360; 1319 Marguerite d'Ibelin


1f) Jean d'Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus, d.after 1367


2f) Alice d'Ibelin, d.after 1373; 1350 Jean de Lusignan, titular Pr of Antioch, Regent of Cyprus (d.1375)


3f) Marguerite d'Ibelin


3e) Balian d'Ibelin, 1349; 1323 Marguerite d'Ibelin


4e) Isabelle d'Ibelin, b.1300, d.after 1342; m.1st 1316 Inft Fernando of Majorca, Pr of Achaia (d.1316); m.2nd ca 1320 Hugues d'Ibelin, titular Ct of Jaffa


5e) Helvis d'Ibelin, b.1307, d.after 27 May 1347; m.1330 Duke Heinrich of Braunschweig-Grubenhagen (d.1351)


6d) Isabelle d'Ibelin, d.1324, bur Nicosia; 1255 King Hugo III de Lusignan of Cyprus and Jerusalem (d.1284)


7d) Alice d'Ibelin; m.1270/5 Eudes de Dampierre-sur-Salon


8d) Eschiva d'Ibelin, a nun


9d) Melisende d'Ibelin


10d) Marie d'Ibelin


6c) Isabelle d'Ibelin, a nun


2b) Philippe d'Ibelin, Regent of Cyprus, d.1227; m.1st Maria, dau.of Vahran of Korokos, Marshal of Armenia; m.2nd 1207/10 Alix von Mömpelgard (d.after 1244)


1c) Jean d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa and Askalon, Lord of Rama, Bailiff of Jerusalem, d.Nicosia 1266, bur there; 1237 Maria (b.1220, d.Lampron 1263, bur Sgebra) dau.of Constantine, Lord of Barba'ron by Alix of Lampron


1d) Jacques d'Ibelin, Lord of Jaffa, d.1276; m.1255/60 Marie von Mömpelgard, dau.of Odo, Constable of Jerusalem


2d) Philippe d'Ibelin, d.after 1263


3d) Guy d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, d.1304; 1290 Marie d'Ibelin, Lady of Askalon and Naumachia


1e) Philippe d'Ibelin, jail in Kerynia 1316


1f) Hugues d'Ibelin, justiciarius of Sicily, living 1335


2e) Hugues d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, Seneschal of Cyprus and Jerusalem, 1349; 1320 Isabelle d'Ibelin (d.after 1342)


1f) Balian d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, 1352


2f) Guy d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, 1363; m.NN


1g) Balian d'Ibelin; m.1352 Marguerite d'Ibelin


2g) Jean d'Ibelin, Ct of Jaffa, 1375


3g) Marie d'Ibelin; 1358 Reinier Le Petit, Ct of Jaffa


3e) Balian d'Ibelin, b.1302; m.1st ca 1322 Jeannette de Montfort ( 1325); m.2nd 1325 Marguerite du Four


4e) Marie d'Ibelin (1294-ca 1318); 1307 King Hugo IV de Lusignan of Cyprus (d.1359)


4d) Jean d'Ibelin


5d) Hethum d'Ibelin


6d) Oshin d'Ibelin


7d) Marguerite d'Ibelin, Abbess in Nicosia, d.after 1319


8d) Isabelle d'Ibelin, d.after 1298; 1270 Sempad of Saravantikar (d.after 1298)


9d) Marie d'Ibelin, d.after 1298; m.1st 1269/70 Vahran of Hanousse (d.1270/1); m.2nd Gregorios Tardif (d.after 1298)


2c) Marie d'Ibelin


3b) Helvis d'Ibelin, 1216; m.1st Renaud of Sidon; m.2nd 1204 Guy de Montfort, sn de la Ferte-Alais et de Castres-en-Albegeois (d.1229)


4b) Marguerite, Lady of Ibelin, d.after 1240; m.1st Hugues de Saint-Omer; m.2nd before 1210 Gautier of Caesarea (d.1229)


5b) a dau., taken as a slave to Baghdad 1193


4a) Ermengardis d'Ibelin, Lady of Tiberias, d.1160/7


5a) Stefanie d'Ibelin, d.after 1167