Earls of Marchmont and Lords Polwarth

Earls of Dunbar

Earls of Home

and other lines




(Note: I have made no effort to trace the relationships among the various lines shown here, all or most of which are surely related.)




Part 1a: Lords and Earls of Home


Sir Alexander Home of Home and Dunglass, k.a. Verneuil 17 Aug 1424; m.Janet/Jean Hay


1a) Sir Alexander, cr 1473 Lord Home [S], d.1490/1; m.1st before 1424 Marion Lauder; m.2nd before 14 Jul 1467 Margaret Montgomerie


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Alexander, Master of Home, d.ca 1456 [Scots Peerage says before 30 Jul 1468]; m.ca 1448 Agnes [Elizabeth] Hepburn, sister of 1st Lord Hailes


1c) Alexander, 2nd Lord Home, d.9 Sep 1506; m.1st (div) Isabel Douglas; m.2nd before 22 Mar 1493 Nicole Ker


1d) Alexander, 3rd Lord Home, executed 8 Oct 1516,whereby his honors were forfeited; m.1513/4 Agnes (d.Feb 1557), nat. dau of James Stewart, Earl of Buchan, and widow of Earl of Bothwell, and later wife of 4th Lord Maxwell


1e) [illegitimate, per Burke’s, but legitimate, per Scots Peerage] Janet; m.by 24 Aug 1531 Sir John Hamilton, nat. son of Earl of Arran


[children of 3rd Lord Home, of whom the son, and possibly the daus,were by Katharine Stirling]:


2e) John


1f) Alexander


3e) Alison; m.Henry Wardlaw of Torrie

4e) Isabel/Elizabeth


2d) George, 4th Lord Home (restored 1522), d.ca 1549; m.before 30 Oct 1531 Mariot, dau of Patrick Haliburton, 5th Lord (Haliburton of) Dirletoun


1e) Alexander, 5th Lord Home, d.11 Aug 1575; in 1573 he was convicted of treason and his honors were forfeited; m.1st before 4 Feb 1558 Margaret Ker (d.before 5 Dec 1565); m.2nd before 3 May 1568 Agnes, Lady Logan, dau of Lord Gray


1f) [ex 1] Margaret, d.May 1598; m.1581 George Keith, 4th Earl Marischal (1553-2 Apr 1623)


2f) Alexander, 6th Lord Home (restored 1578), cr 1605 Earl of Home and Lord Dunglas, Jedburgh and Coldingham [S], with remainder to heirs male whatsoever (ca 1566-5 Apr 1619); m.1st 9 Jan 1586 Lady Christian Douglas, dau of 6th Earl of Morton and widow of Laurence, Master of Oliphant; m.2nd before 28 Jun 1607 Mary (2 Oct 1586-24 May 1645), dau of 9th Lord Dudley; issue of 2nd m.:


1g) James, 2nd Earl of Home (ca 1607-13 Feb 1633); m.1st ca 1622 Hon. Catherine Cary (ca 1609-d.before 8 May 1626); m.2nd Lady Grace Fane (1603-1633)


2g) William, d.young


3g) Margaret, d.1683; m.ca 1627 James Stuart, 4th Earl of Moray (d.4 Mar 1653)


4g) Anne; m.1632 John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale (24 May 1616-24 Aug 1682)


3f) [ex 2] Isabel; m.Sir James Home of Eccles


2e) Andrew fl 1589


3e) Margaret; m.by 20 Mar 1564 Sir Alexander Erskine of Gogar (d.by 3 Apr 1592)


3d) David,murdered by Ninian Chirnside

4d) John, Abbot of Jedburgh 4 nat. sons

5d) Patrick

6d) William, executed with his brother, the 3rd Lord

7d) Andrew


8d) Elizabeth; said to have m.1st Thomas Hay, Master of Yester, but if so it may have been a child marriage which was not valid (both subsequently married others); she m.2nd by 28 Apr 1490 James Hamilton, Lord Hamilton, 1503 Earl of Arran; Arran divorced her in 1504 on the grounds that her first husband, though now dead, was living when Arran married her


9d) Mariot; m.1493 John Lindsay, 6th Earl of Crawford (k.a. Flodden 9 Sep 1513)


10d) Nichola; m.1st Andrew Herries, 2nd Lord Herries (ca 1477-k.a. Flodden 9 Sep 1513); m.2nd Patrick Hepburn, son of Earl of Bothwell


2c) John, of Ersiltoun, d.ca 22 Jun 1493; m.ca 1472 Margaret Ker


1d)Mungo, of Ersiltoun, d.1513; m.1507 Elizabeth Stewart, dau of James, Earl of Buchan


1e) Sir John, of Cowdenknows, d.ca Nov 1573; m.Margaret Ker


1f) Sir James, d.22 Apr 1592; m.ca 1562) Katherine, dau of John Home of Blackadder


1g) Sir John, d.ca 1629; m.1st Marie Sinclair, dau of John, Master of Caithness; m.2nd ca 1608 Lady Beatrice Ruthven


1h) Sir James, d.ca 30 Mar 1620; m.Lady Anne Home (d.1621), dau of 1st Earl of Dunbar (below)


1i) James, 3rd Earl of Home, d.Dec 1666; m.before 13 Jul 1640 Lady Jean Douglas (d.Jun 1694)


1j) Alexander, 4th Earl of Home, d.1674; m.19 Apr 1671 Lady Anne Sackville (17 Jun 1650-22 Aug 1672)


2j) James, 5th Earl of Home, d.1687; m.Lady Anne Ramsay


3j) Charles, 6th Earl of Home, d.22 Jul 1706; m.ca 1680 Anne, dau of Sir William Purves, Bt.


1k) Alexander,7th Earl of Home; for him and his issue see Part 1b, below


2k) James, of Ayton, d.6 Dec 1764; m.Elizabeth [or Janet] Haig (d.21 Oct 1777)


1l) Marion, d.30 Oct 1763; m. 9th Earl of Home (below)


2l) Jane; m.James Hunter of Monfodd


3l – 4l) two more daus


3k) George, d.20 Sep 1777; m.NN(d.5 Oct 1795) two daus


4k) Jean; m.1703 Patrick Hume, Lord Polwarth (below)


5k) Marjory, d.9 May 1686


6k) Margaret; m.1735 Alexander Bothwell, called Master of Holyroodhouse


4j) William

5j) Isabel


2h) Sir Henry; m. ca 1674) Katherine Nisbet

3h) John

4h) Sir Alexander; m.Margaret Edmonstone

5h) Mark

6h) Margaret; m.1st ca 1601 Sir Mark Ker; m.2nd ca 1607 David Home, eldest son of Sir George Home of Wedderburn

7h) Katherine; m.1st Sir John Home of Duns; m.2nd Sir John Home of Blacater

8h) Marie


2g) Sir James; m.Isobel, dau of 5th Lord Home (above)


1h) Sir George; m.Jean Home

2h) Alexander


3g) Harie; m.Margaret Sinclair issue


2f) Alexander fl 27 Sep 1595; m.Janet Hamilton


1g) William


3f) Mark fl 20 Aug 1566

4f) William; m.1st ca 1568 Marion Pringle; m.2nd ca 1577 ___ Eamestoun

5f) Isobel; contracted to m. George Cranstoun or a brother

6f) Margaret;m.William Turnbull


2e) Alexander fl 5 May 1534

3e) Helen; m.James Hamilton of Innerwick (k.a.Pinkie 10 Sep 1547)

4e) Isobel; m.William Haig of Bemersyde (k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513)


2d) John, k.a. Flodden 9 Sep 1513


2b) John fl 17 Mar 1477


3b) George, of Aton fl 23 Feb 1490 issue


4b) Sir Patrick, of Fastcastle fl 25 Jun 1467; m.1st NN; m.2nd Isobel Forman


1c) [ex 1] Cuthbert, k.a. Flodden 9 Sep 1513; m.Elizabeth Martin


1d) Elizabeth; m.Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig

2d) Alison; m.Walter Ogilvy of Dunlugus

3d) Katherine, d.before Feb 1533


2c) [ex 1] Adam; m.Janet Edmonstone


1d) Thomas

2d) Edward


3c) [ex 2] John

4c) Alison; m.Sir William Sinclair of Roslin

5c) Helen


[by 2nd m.]:


5b) Sir Thomas, of Langshaw fl 10 Jun 1505; m.1st Janet Rynd; m.2nd Alison Colquhoun


1c) [ex 1] Nicholas; m.Mariota Bothwell


6b) Nicholas

7b) David


8b) [1.8.Elizabeth; m.Sir Alexander Seton of Touch; per Burke’s; she is not mentioned in Scots Peerage]


[2a] – 5a) Burke’s has here two sons: Thomas, of Tyninghame, fl 20 Jun 1443, and George, ancestor of the Homes of Spott; Scots Peerage has four sons: George (with no mention of issue), John, Patrick and Nicholas]


6a) Katherine; m.1st John Sinclair of Herdmanston; m.2nd Archibald Douglas; of her 2 daus by 1st m, one m. George Home of Wedderburn and one m. Patrick Home


7a) Elyne/Helen; m.1st ca 1448 Sir Adam Hepburn, Master of Hailes (d.1479); m.2nd before 15 Jul 1480 Alexander Erskine, 3rd Lord Erskine, de jure 14th Earl of Mar (d.1508/9)






Part 1b



Alexander Home, 7th Earl of Home (see Part 1a), d.1720; m.Lady Anne Kerr (d.1727)


1a) Charles, Master of Home, Lord Dunglas, dvpsp


2a) William, 8th Earl of Home, d.Gibraltar 28 Apr 1761; m.Hampstead 25 Dec 1742 Mrs Elizabeth Lawes, ne Gibbons (d.London 15 Jan 1784)


3a) James, d.young

4a) Alexander, d.young


5a) Alexander, 9th Earl of Home, d.Edinburgh 5 Oct 1786; m.1st Hon. Primrose Elphinstone (Elphinstone 27 Jan 1725-18 Dec 1759); m.2nd Marion Home (d.The Hirsel 30 Oct 1765); m.3rd Yarmouth 10 Feb 1768 Abigail Browne Ramey (d.Scrotty Hall 5 Feb 1814)


1b) William, Master of Home, Lord Dunglas (27 Nov 1757-k.of wounds received at Guildford, American War 15 Mar 1781)


2b) Alexander, 10th Earl of Home (11 Nov 1769-21 Oct 1841); m.Dalkeith Huse 9 Nov 1798 Lady Elizabeth Scott (London 10 Oct 1770-the Hirsel 29 Jun 1837)


1c) Cospatrick Alexander, 11th Earl of Home (Dalkeith House 27 Oct 1799-d.near the Hirsel 4 Jul 1881); m.Ditton Park 1832 Hon. Lucy Elizabeth Montagu-Scott (14 Nov 1805-15 May 1877)


1d) Charles Alexander, 1877 DOUGLAS-HOME, 12th Earl of Home, b.the Hirsel 11 Apr 1834, d.there 30 Apr 1918; m.Howick, Northumberland 18 Aug 1870 Maria Grey (b.23 Feb 1849, d.the Hirsel 25 May 1918)


1e) Mary Elizabeth Margaret (12 Nov 1871-21 Apr 1951); m.5 Sep 1895 Richard Charles Meade, Lord Gillford (10 Jun 1868-14 Oct 1905)


2e) Charles Cospatrick Archibald, 13th Earl of Home (29 Dec 1873-11 Jul 1951); m.London 14 Jul 1902 Lady Lilian Lambton (d.1966)


1f) Alexander Frederick, 14th Earl of Home; renounced title and served as Prime Minister as Sir Alec; subsequently created Lord Home of the Hirsel (2 Jul 1903-9 Oct 1995); m.3 Oct 1936 Elizabeth Hester Alington


1g) Lavinia Caroline, b.11 Oct 1937


2g) Meriel, b.27 Nov 1939; m.30 Mar 1964 Adrian Marten George Darby (b.25 Sep 1937)


3g) Diana, b.18 Dec 1940; m.8 Jun 1963 (div 1976) James Archibald Wolfe Murray (25 Apr 1936-5 Jun 2011)


4g) David Alexander Cospatrick, 15th Earl of Home, b.20 Nov 1943; m.10 Oct 1972 Jane Margaret Williams-Wynne (b.20 Feb 1949)


1h) Iona Katherine, b.1980; m.St.Andrew’s Church, Kelso 5 Apr 2008 Hon. James Thomas Wingfield Hewitt (b.29 Sep 1979)


2h) Mary Elizabeth, b.1982; m.London 26 Jun 2010 Christopher Gurth Clothier


3h) Michael David Alexander, Lord Dunglass, b.30 Nov 1987; m.2017 Sally A Underhill


2f) Bridget (4 May 1905-25 Dec 1980)


3f) Henry Montagu (21 Nov 1907-1980); m.1st 7 Jul 1931 (div 1947) Lady Margaret Spencer; m.2nd 16 Jun 1947 Vera Bugge Jensen (d.1963); m.3rd 1966 Felicity Jonsson


1g) Cecil Robin (8 May 1932-15 Oct 1968); m.9 Jul 1959 (div 1965) Sandra Paul 1 son


2g) Fiona Margaret, b.7 Jan 1936; m.1st 25 Sep 1962 (div 1981) Gregory Martin; m.2nd 1993 Sir Ian James Fraser


3g) Charles Cospatrick (1 Sep 1937-1985); m.28 Jan 1966 Jessica Gwynne 1 son, 1 dau


4g) George Erik Montagu (6 Oct 1948-Milan 9 Dec 1999)


5g) Peregrine Montagu, b.1967


4f) Rachel (10 Apr 1910-4 Apr 1996); m.1937 Lord William Montagu-Douglas-Scott (17 Jan 1896-30 Jan 1958)


5f) William (3 Jun 1912-1992); m.26 Jul 1951 Rachel Leila Brand, Bss Dacre


1g) James Thomas Archibald, 28th Lord Dacre (16 May 1952-8 May 2014); m.1979 Christine Stephenson


1h) Emily, 29th Baroness Dacre, b.7 Feb 1983; m.7 Feb 2015 Charles William Beamish


2g) Sarah, b.1954; m.1977 Nicholas Charles Dent


3g) Gian Leila, b.1958


4g) Dinah Lilian, b.1964; m.1989 Harry Marriott


6f) Edward Charles (1 Mar 1920-17 Feb 2006); m.24 Jul 1946 Nancy Rose Straker-Smith (29 Aug 1923-19 Apr 2005) 3 sons


7f) George Cospatrick, b.2 Sep 1922, k.a.14 Jun 1943


3d) Beatrix Lucy (14 May 1876-6 Nov 1940); m.1899 Sir Henry Herbert Philip Dundas, 3rd Bt. (1866-1930)


4d) Margaret Jane (26 Sep 1880-9 Sep 1955); m.10 Dec 1908 Reginald Walsh, 5th Lord Ormathwaite (17 Jul 1868-13 Feb 1944)


5d) Isobel Charlotte (28 Dec 1882-8 Jan 1934)


2d) Henry (Jun 1835-10 Apr 1836)

3d) James Archibald (20 Jan 1837-28 Oct 1909)

4d) Montagu Cospatrick (9 Jun 1840-1 Jun 1859)

5d) William Sholto (25 Feb 1842-22 Dec 1916)

6d) Elizabeth Eleanora (12 Jul 1844- )

7d) Ada (8 Sep 1846-1 Jun 1932); m.10 Apr 1880 Hon. Henry Robert Hepburne-Scott (6 Jan 1847-4 Mar 1914)

8d) Cospatrick (2 May 1848-25 Apr 1912)

9d) Charlotte Lucy (23 Feb 1850- )

10d) George Douglas (4 Oct 1853-18 May 1913)


2c) William Montagu Douglas (22 Nov 1800-22 Jul 1822)


3c) Henry Campbell (17 Feb 1802-16 Mar 1802)


3b) son (26 Nov 1768-d.young)


4b) Eleanor (12 Dec 1759-10 Apr 1837); m.1784 Thomas Dundas (d.West Indies 3 Jun 1794)


5b) Caroline (27 Nov 1768-30 Apr 1794)


6b) Charlotte (20 Jul 1773-4 Dec 1866); m.16 Apr 1797 Ven. Charles Baillie Hamilton (27 Nov 1764-19 Jun 1820)


6a) George, d.young

7a) Anne, d.an infant

8a) Jane, d.1 Jul 1787





Part 2a: Home of Blackadder; Earls of Dunbar, etc



Sir David Home of Wedderburn, k.a. Flodden 9 Sep 1513; m.Isobel Hoppringle [Hoppringil]


1a) George, k.a. Flodden 9 Sep 1513


2a) David, of Wedderburn; ancestor of the LG Families Milne Home, later Home-Robertson, of Wedderburn, including:



Sir David Home of Wedderburn, cr Baronet [S] ca 1638, k.a. Dunbar 3 Sep 1650; m.Margaret, Lady Ker,ne Hoome


a1) George, k.a. Dunbar 3 Sep 1650; m.1635 Katharine Morison


b1) Sir George, 2nd Bt., though he may not have used the title (1641-ca 1716); m.Isobel Liddell


c1) George, convicted of treason and thus unable to inherit the title, d.1720; m.NN issue


3a) Alexander, of Manderston, d.by May 1565; m.Barbara ___


1b) Alexander, of Manderston, d.by 1593; m.1552 Janet/Jean Home


1c) Alexander, of Manderston, d.1608/10; m.Christian Erskine


1d) Sir George, de jure 3rd Earl of Dunbar, d.1637/51; m.1st Isobel Home; m.2nd 4 Sep 1610 Mrs Helen Morison, ne Arnot


1e) [ex 1] Sir Alexander, de jure 4th Earl of Dunbar, dspm 1675; m.1616 Margaret Morison, dau of his stepmother's former husband; in 1651 Charles II confirmed the earldom to him, but this apparently did not act as official recognition of the title


2e) [ex 1] George, d.by 24 Sep 1663


1f) Alexander, de jure 5th Earl of Dunbar; in 1689 William III confirmed the earldom to him, but this apparently did not act as official recognition of the title; it is said that his family resided in the Netherlands and probably became soon extinct, whereupon the right to the earldom devolved on more distant collateral heirs male


2f) George

3f) Albert

4f) Machtilla

5f) Marcia


3e) [ex 1] Janet; m.John Home of Renton (below)

4e) [ex 2] Sir John

5e) [ex 2] David

6e) [ex 2] William

7e) [ex 2] Anna


2c) David, k. in a quarrel 1584; m.Katherine, ne Lauder, widow of Swinton of that Ilk


1d) John


3c) John, de jure 2nd Earl of Dunbar, but never assumed the title, dspm on or after 23 Aug 1628; m.Christian Cockburn; note that Scots Peerage concludes he was likely older than his brother George, though possibly younger; it might actually make more sense for George to be older though, if John suc him instead of James or James’ son


1d) Nicola; m.Robert Dickson of Stanefauld


4c) George, cr 1604 Baron Hume of Berwick [E], with remainder to his heirs forever, cr 1605 Earl of Dunbar [S], with remainder to his heirs male; he d.20 Jan 1611; he m.Elizabeth, dau of Gordon of Gight, and maternal gdau of Cardinal Betoun; on his death, the right to the 1604 Barony vested in his daughters but has remained dormant; the Earldom also became dormant and was never assumed by his successors


1d) Anne, d.1621; m.Sir James Home (above, Part 1)


2d) Elizabeth, d.19 Aug 1633; m.Mar 1612 Theophilus Howard, 2nd Earl of Suffolk (1584-3 Jun 1640)


5c) James, of Steill, d.by 1622 (though if he or his son were living after 20 Jan 1611 surely they would have inherited the right to the earldom of Dunbar)


1d) John


6c) William, d.by 1616; m.Mary Quhytlaw


1d) Jean


7c) Janet; m.ca 1574 John Cockburn of Ormiston


8c) Alison; m.ca 1590 Alexander Hamilton of Innerwick


2b) Patrick, of Renton; m.1558 Janet Ellem, heiress of Renton


1c) Alexander, of Renton, d.before 11 May 1624; m.1601 Margaret Cockburn


1d) Sir John, of Renton, d.Jul 1671; m.1st Janet, dau of Sir George Home of Manderston (above); m.2nd Margaret Stewart, gdau of Earl of Bothwell


1e) Sir Alexander, of Renton, cr Baronet [S] between 1672 and 1678, d.28 May 1698; m.Agnes [or Margaret] Scot


1f) Sir Robert, 2nd Bt., fl 1716, d.before Mar 1733; m.Jean Dalmahoy


1g) Sir Alexander, 3rd Bt., d.17 Feb 1737


2g) Sir John, 4th Bt., d.1 Jan 1788


2f) Elizabeth; m.John Stirling, of the Stirling of Glorat Baronets


2e) Sir Patrick, of Lumsden, cr Baronet [S] 1697 (ca 1650-Feb 1723); m.Jean Dalmahoy (d.23 Jan 1756)


1f) Sir John, 2nd Bt., d.21 Dec 1756; m.Margaret (d.12 Feb 1746), dau of Sir Robert Baird, Bt.


1g) Sir James, 3rd Bt., d.26 Dec 1783; m.NN (d.11 Nov 1777)


1h) John, d.1765


2h) Margaret; m. ___ Baird


3h) Mary, d.4 Jul 1785; m.21 Jun 1775 Sir Alexander Purves, 5th Bt.


3e) Charles


2d) George, dsp 1676/9; m.Margaret Home


3b) John

4b) George

5b) Agnes; m.Patrick Home of Polwarth


4a) John, of Easter Blackadder; m.1518 Beatrix Blackadder


1b) son


1c) John, of Blackadder, d.1608


1d) Sir John, of Blackadder; m. ___ Haldane


1e) Sir John of Blackadder, d.1655; m.Mary Dundas


1f) Sir John of Blackadder, cr Baronet [S] 1671, d.in France 23 Jan 1675; m.1660 Mary Dundas (d.1672); for his issue see Part 2b, below


5a) Robert; m.Margaret Blackadder

6a) Andrew

7a) Bartholomew

8a) Patrick; ancestor of the LG Family Logan Home of Broomhouse

9a) Margaret; m.1523 John Swinton of that Ilk

10a) Isobel; m.William Cockburn of that Ilk

11a) Mariota; m.James Towers of Inverleith






Part 2b



Sir John Home [or Hume], of Blackadder, cr Baronet [S] 1671, d.in France 23 Jan 1675 (see Part 2a, above); m.1660 Mary Dundas (d.1672)


1a) Sir John, 2nd Bt., d.4 Apr 1706; m.Catherine (d.6 Jun 1755), dau of Sir Robert Pringle, Bt.


1b) Sir John, 3rd Bt., d.ca 1730?; m.Anne Nisbet


1c) Sir William, 4th Bt., d.ca 1735?


2c) Sir John, 5th Bt., bur 9 Apr 1737


4c) Margaret, d.11 Feb 1772; m.8 Dec 1728 Hon. John Hamilton (d.27 Dec 1779)


2b) Sir James, 6th Bt., d.28 Mar 1755; m.Catherine Livingstone (d.30 Aug 1788)


1c) Sir George, 7th Bt., d.2 May 1803; m.13 Sep 1785 Helen Buchanan


1d) Sir James, 8th Bt. (17 Mar 1790-12 Mar 1836); m.12 Jul 1828 Anna Stirling (d.8 Jun 1866)


1e) Sir John, 9th Bt. (4 Aug 1829-26 Mar 1849)


2e) Sir George, 1878 HOME-SPEIRS, 10th Bt. (3 Sep 1832-20 Jul 1887); m.9 Mar 1858 Anne Oliphant Speirs (d.26 Jun 1907)


1f) Sir James, 11th Bt. (28 Sep 1861-1 Aug 1931); m.30 Aug 1892 Amy Eliza Green (d.28 Jul 1927)


2f) Robert Graham Speirs (26 May 1864- d. at sea off Australia Dec 1882)


3f) Sir John HOME-SPEIRS, later HOME, 12th Bt. (9 Jul 1872-19 Oct 1938); m.21 Dec 1898 Hon. Gwendolina Hyacinth Roma Mostyn (d.22 Mar 1960)


1g) Sir David George, 13th Bt. (21 Jan 1904-1992); m.5 Jan 1933 Sheila Stephen


1h) Hermione (25 Feb 1934-18 Jun 2016); m.6 Jun 1959 Sir David Peter Michael Malcolm of Balbedie, 11th Bt. (7 Jul 1919-30 Nov 1995)


2h) John (1 Jun 1936-1988); m.6 Jul 1966 Mrs Nancy Helen Macgregor, ne Elliott


1i) Sir William Dundas, 14th Bt. (19 Feb 1968- ); m.30 Sep 1995 Dominique Maryl Fischer


1j) Thomas John (24 Nov 1996- )


2j) Petra Sydney (1998- )


2i) Georgina Helen (1969- ); m.2002 Peter Trevelyan-Clark


3h) Patrick (4 Jul 1941- ); m.1984 Catherine Mary Henderson 1 son, 1 dau


4h) Anne (14 Aug 1942-1986); m.1st 3 Nov 1962 (div) Michael Franks; m.2nd (div) NN


4f) Catherine, d.19 Jul 1916; m.23 Nov 1891 Rev. Alwyne Compton Howard Rice


5f) Anna Beatrice, d.20 Jun 1937; m.19 Jan 1886 Alfred Harold Middleton (d.2 Feb 1905)


6f) Alice Georgina, d.10 Nov 1950; m.12 Jun 1890 James Mackenzie (d.3 Jan 1928)


2d) George (Sep 1792-d. at Jamaica Oct 1812)


3d) Catherine, d.25 Aug 1803


4d) Helen





Part 3: Lords Polwarth and Earls of Marchmont



Sir Patrick Hume, of Polwarth, cr Baronet [S] 1625, d.Apr 1648; m.1636 Christian Hamilton, later wife of Lord Jedburgh


1a) Sir Patrick, 2nd Bt., cr 1690 Lord Polwarth [S], with remainder to heirs male of his body and then to the heirs of such heirs, cr 1697 Earl of Marchmont, Viscount Blasonberrie, Lord Polwarth of Polwarth, Redbraes and Greenlaw, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever (13 Jan 1641-2 Aug 1724); m.29 Jan 1660 Grizel Ker/Carre


1b) Patrick, Lord Polwarth (11 Nov 1664-25 Nov 1709); m.1st 2 Dec 1697 Elizabeth (d.11 Dec 1701), dau of Sir John Hume, Bt.; m.2nd Apr 1703 Lady Jean Home


2b) Grizel (25 Dec 1665-6 Dec 1746); m.17 Sep 1692 George Baillie, of Jerviswood


3b) Christian (7 May 1668-1688)


4b) Robert (10 Jul 1669-27 Oct 1692)


5b) Juliana (16 Aug 1673- ); m.1698 Charles Bellingham


6b) Alexander, 2nd Earl of Marchmont, took surname HUME-CAMPBELL (1 Jan 1675-27 Feb 1740); m.29 Jul 1697 Margaret (d.16 Mar 1722), dau and heiress of Sir George Campbell of Cessnock


1c) Anne (3 Aug 1698-2 Apr 1784); m.Sir William Purvis, Bt. (d.18 Jun 1762)


2c) Grizel (9 Mar 1701-1724)


3c) George, Lord Polwarth (17 Jan 1704-13 Oct 1724)


4c) Patrick (1706-1724)


5c) Hugh, 3rd Earl of Marchmont (15 Feb 1708-10 Jan 1794); m.1st 1 May 1731 Anne Western (d.9 May 1747); m.2nd 30 Jan 1748 Elizabeth Crompton (d.12 Feb 1797); on his death the Baronetcy and also the Earldom and titles created therewith became dormant, and though claims have been made none has been proved; the 1690 Barony of Polwarth was allowed to his descendants in the female line


[by 1st m.]:


1d) Patrick, Lord Polwarth, d.young


2d) Anne, d.27 Jul 1790; m.2 Oct 1755 Sir John Paterson, 3rd Bt. (d.14 Jan 1782)


1e) Anne PATERSON, of Eccles, d.11 Mar 1822; m.17 Feb 1778 Sir Philip Anstruther, later Paterson, 4th Bt. (d.5 Jan 1808); according to an 1835 decision, Anne was de jure 4th Baroness Polwarth


3d) Margaret, d.7 Jan 1765; m.20 Sep 1763 James Stuart


4d) Diana, de jure 5th Baroness Polwarth (1733-23 Jul 1827); m.18 Apr 1754 Walter Scott of Harden (d.25 Jan 1793); her son was in 1835 allowed the Barony of Polwarth


1e) Anne (10 Feb 1755-15 Mar 1819)


2e) Hugh SCOTT, 1820 HEPBURNE-SCOTT, confirmed 1835 as 6th Lord Polwarth (10 Apr 1758-29 Dec 1841); m.29 Sep 1795 Harriet Gfn von Brhl (25 Oct 1772-19 Aug 1853)


1f) Charles Walter (1 Aug 1796-d.young)


2f) Harriet Diana (9 Jun 1798-1 Jun 1816)


3f) Maria Amabel, d.27 Jan 1844; m.May 1834 George C D Lewis


4f) Henry Francis HEPBURNE-SCOTT, 7th Lord Polwarth (1 Jan 1800-16 Aug 1867); m.11 Nov 1835 Lady Georgina Baillie-Hamilton (1816-2 Apr 1859)


1g) Mary Lilias (9 Jul 1837-13 Dec 1839)


2g) Walter Hugh, 8th Lord Polwarth (30 Nov 1838-13 Jul 1920); m.1st 30 Jan 1863 Lady Mary Hamilton-Gordon (28 Apr 1844-13 Feb 1914); m.2nd 14 Jan 1915 Katherine Grisell Baillie (1854-14 Aug 1938)


1h) Walter George, 9th Lord Polwarth (7 Feb 1864-24 Aug 1944); m.23 Nov 1888 Edith Frances Buxton (d.25 Mar 1930)


1i) Walter Thomas, Master of Polwarth (22 Apr 1890-7 Sep 1942); m.3 Nov 1914 Elspeth Glencairn Campbell (d.5 Aug 1964)


1j) Henry Alexander, 10th Lord Polwarth (17 Nov 1916-4 Jan 2005); m.1st 4 Jun 1943 (div 1969) Caroline Margaret Hay (29 Jun 1916-1982); m.2nd 8 Aug 1969 Jean Bontine Cunninghame Graham (20 May 1928-24 Aug 2018)


1k) Sarah Margaret, b.7 Oct 1944; m.23 Apr 1977 Hamish Macnab of Barravorich


2k) Diana Mary, b.30 Jun 1946; m.30 Jun 1977 Richard James Bradshaw


3k) Andrew Walter, 11th Lord Polwarth, b.30 Nov 1947; m.20 Mar 1971 Isabel Anna Surtees


1l) William Henry, Master of Polwarth, b.21 Mar 1973; m2008 Donna Louise Carlier


1m) Harry Walter, b.21 Mar 2010


2m) Rose Florence, b.2012


2l) Robert Mungo, b.1974; m.2002 Charlotte Diana Festing 1 son, 1 dau


3l) Georgina May, b.1979


4l) Caroline Rose, b.1983


4k) Mary Jane, b.1955; m.7 Jun 1980 Hon James McMoran Wilson (b.6 Aug 1952)


2j) Francis Michael (29 Sep 1920-19 Sep 2010); m.8 Feb 1946 Marjorie Hamilton Ross (d.31 Dec 2017) 2 sons, 1 dau


2i) Helen Victoria (7 May 1891-1982); m.3 Jan 1919 George Freeland Barbour (d.18 Nov 1946)


3i) Alexander Noel (14 Oct 1892-k.a.16 May 1915)


4i) Margaret Mary (1 Jun 1895- ); m.7 Jan 1928 Douglas Benzies (d.12 Jul 1948)


5i) Rev. Patrick John (25 Apr 1899-1982); m.1st 25 Aug 1925 Cona Violet Fielding-Smith (d.12 Nov 1961); m.2nd 17 Apr 1963 Margaret Mary Riddle (d.1982) 2 daus


6i) Edith Christian (20 Aug 1901- ); m.30 Dec 1926 George Theodore Herbert Capron


7i) Grizel Francis Catherine (28 Nov 1903-25 Jan 1955)


2h) Henry James (9 Apr 1866-4 Jun 1926); m.8 Jun 1893 Elizabeth Booth (d.2 Apr 1940)


3h) Georgina Mary (31 Dec 1868-15 Apr 1947)


4h) George (15 May 1871-10 Feb 1942); m.10 Apr 1895 Annie Mary Smith (d.9 Jan 1938)


5h) Robert (1 May 1873-11 Oct 1950); m.28 Sep 1915 Elsa Margaret Berry Hart (d.2 May 1961)


6h) Charles Francis (18 Aug 1874-30 Oct 1956); m.12 Jan 1905 Elma Driver


1i) Elma Katherine (16 Sep 1905- )


7h) Lillian (23 Dec 1875-17 Feb 1953)


8h) Mary Harriet (21 May 1877-25 Jun 1964)


9h) Grisell Katherine (25 Apr 1879-17 Mar 1945); m.25 Apr 1924 Arthur Thomas Sutton (d.15 Dec 1932)


10h) Katherine Grace (19 Oct 1885-27 Jan 1928)


3g) Helen Georgina (Feb 1840-21 Mar 1868)


4g) Katharine (Oct 1842-30 Jan 1899)


5g) Harriet Frances (Mar 1845-18 Mar 1925); m.17 Oct 1872 Hon. Henry Baillie-Hamilton (20 Aug 1832-20 Nov 1895)


6g) Henry Robert (6 Jan 1847-4 Mar 1914); m.10 April 1880 Lady Ada Home (8 Sep 1846-1 Jun 1932)


1h) Lucy Georgina (11 Feb 1881-24 Sep 1960)


2h) James Cospatrick (24 May 1882-20 Jul 1942); m.1907 Lady Isobel Alice Kerr (25 Sep 1881-26 Dec 1975)


1i) Michael Henry (4 Jan 1909-2002); m.1st 28 Oct 1931 Frances Elizabeth Collier; m.2d 24 Nov 1949 (div 1986) Rohilla Ada May Smith 2 sons, 1 dau


2i) Walter Schomberg (14 Sep 1910-11 Feb 1998); m.15 Feb 1945 Deborah Castle (d.1993) 2 sons


3i) Francis William (8 Dec 1915-28 May 1992)


3h) Mary Helen Charlotte (21 Jan 1885-29 Sep 1922); m.11 Nov 1909 Reginald George Chetwynd-Talbot (25 Jan 1881-1939)


4h) Francis William (19 Aug 1886-d.4 May 1915 of wounds received in action)


5f) Rev. William Hugh (11 May 1801-11 Apr 1868); m.Jul 1833 Eleanor Sophia Baillie-Hamilton (1801-4 Sep 1853)


1g) Diana Alicia (29 Sep 1836-6 May 1878); m.13 Jun 1861 John Almarus Digby (29 May 1826-13 Jul 1885)


3g) Charlotte Elizabeth Sophia (18 Mar 1838-18 Jun 1920); m.8 Dec 1863 Sir George Hugh Wyndham (18 Nov 1836-10 Feb 1916)


3g) Eleanor Blanche Wilhelmina (14 Jul 1839-26 Dec 1914)


4g) William George (11 Feb 1841-21 Jul 1881)


5g) Harriet Diana (11 Feb 1841- )


6g) Alicia Maria (14 Oct 1842-25 Jan 1869)


6f) Elizabeth Anne, d.21 Aug 1873; m.3 Oct 1835 Charles Wyndham (10 Sep 1796-18 Feb 1866), son of 3rd Earl of Egremont


7f) Rev. George William (11 Aug 1804-9 Jun 1830)


8f) Francis (31 Jan 1806-9 Mar 1884); m.22 Jul 1835 Julia Frances Laura Boultbee (1815-7 Feb 1868), maternal niece of 4th Earl of Egremont


1g) Georgina Laura (30 Apr 1838-9 Jun 1856)


2g) dau (May 1843-1844)


3g) Frances Margaret Julia, d.8 Jul 1925; m.23 Jun 1874 Joseph William Baxendale, of Hursley Park (6 Oct 1848-23 Jun 1915)


9f) Ann, d.15 Aug 1880; m.27 Dec 1831 Hon. Charles Baillie, Lord of Session as Lord Jerviswood (3 Nov 1804-23 Jul 1879)


[by 2nd m.]:


5d) Alexander, called Lord Polwarth, cr 1776 Baron Hume of Berwick (30 Jul 1750-9 Mar 1781); m.16 Jul 1772 Lady Amabel Yorke, who suc in 1797 as 5th Bss Lucas of Crudwell, and was cr 1816 Countess de Grey of Wrest (22 Jan 1751-London 4 May 1833)


6c) Alexander (15 Feb 1708-19 Jul 1760); m.16 Jul 1737 Elizabeth Pettis (d.6 Sep 1770)


7c) Jean (1 Jul 1709 [1710, per Scots Peerage]-10 Oct 1770); m.Jan 1743 James Nimmo


8c) Margaret (29 May 1711-1724)


7b) Andrew (19 Jul 1676-16 Mar 1730); m.1700 Elizabeth Douglas


1c) John (1711-28 Sep 1738); m.1734 Margaret Drummond (d.17 Aug 1781)


2c) Patrick, d. before 1732


3c) Elizabeth, d.12 Mar 1784; m.Charles St.Clair, of Herdmanston


4c) Helen; m.1734/5 Andrew Wauchope of Niddrie


8b) Anne (4 Nov 1677-Jan 1699); m.1698 Sir John Hall of Dunglass, Bt.


9b) Jean (22 Mar 1683-10 Dec 1751); m.1703 James Sandilands, 7th Lord Torphichen (d.10 Aug 1753)


2a) Alexander (1644-Moscow 1675)

3a) Julian; m.1668 Richard Newton of that Ilk

4a) Anne; m.Alexander Home





Part 4: HOME [Hume], of North Berwick


Note: Burke’s has a 1671 Baronetcy Hume of Castle Hume, cr ca 1671 and extinct ca 1750; per Cokayne, this is a mistake for this 1638 Baronetcy


Sir George Home [Hume], of North Berwick, cr Baronet [S] ca 1638, d.ca 1657; m.Mary Maynard; in Lodge, his father Sir John is said to have been 2nd son of Patrick Home of Polwarth


1a) Sir John, of Castle Hume, 2nd Bt., d.1695; m.Sydney Hamilton (d.10 Jan 1685), maternal gdau of Lord Strabane


1b) James, d.1689

2b) John, d.1690


3b) Sir Gustavus, 3rd Bt. (ca 1670-25 Oct 1731); m.11 Sep 1697 Lady Alice Moore (bap 29 Dec 1679-13 Apr 1750)


1c) Moore (2 Oct 1704-1 Aug 1721)

2c) Gustavus, dvpsp

4c) George Lewis (Sep 1715- d.young)

4c) Mary; m.18 Aug 1736 Nicholas Loftus, later Hume-Loftus, 1763 2nd Viscount Loftus of Ely, 1766 Earl of Ely (d.31 Oct 1766)

5c) Lucy (bap 2 Nov 1713-d.young)

6c) Alice; m.George Rochfort, of Rochfort


4b) Claud, d.young

5b) Hester; m.James Crichton

6b) Catharine; m.Sir Henry Caldwell, 2nd Bt.

7b) Sidney, bur 4 Mar 1684

8b) Elizabeth, d.11 Dec 1701; m.2 Dec 1697 Patrick Hume, Lord Polwarth (11 Nov 1664-25 Nov 1709)

9b) Anne; m.Hugh Caldwell

10b) Mary; m.Robert Johnston


2a) Rev. George, d.ca 1699; m.Dorothy ___


1b) Sir Charles, 4th Bt., d.Apr 1747






Part 5: HOME, of Well Manor Farm



Sir Everard Home, cr Baronet 1813 (6 May 1746-31 Aug 1832); m.3 Nov 1792 Jane Tunstall (d.26 May 1841)


1a) Sir James Everard, 2nd Bt. (25 Oct 1798-1853)


2a) Rev.William Archibald (17 Jun 1800-2 Feb 1848)


3a) Jane (23 Sep 1793- ); m.1822 Henry Forbes


4a) Mary Elizabeth (19 Jun 1795- ); m.28 Oct 1815 [per 1835 Debrett’s; Burke’s says 1813] Charles Powlett Rushworth


5a) Harriet Catharine (7 Jul 1796- )


6a) Charlotte (26 Dec 1802- ); m.3 Nov 1823 Bernard Yeoman





Part 6: HUME, of Wormleybury



Sir Abraham Hume, of Wormleybury, cr Baronet 1769 (ca 1703-10 Oct 1772); m.2 Oct 1746 Hannah Frederick (d.23 Jan 1771), sister of Sir John Frederick, 4th Bt.


1a) Sir Abraham, 2nd Bt. (20 Feb 1749-24 Mar 1838); m.25 Apr 1771 Lady Amelia Egerton (25 Nov 1754-8 Aug 1809)


1b) Amelia (23 Jan 1772 [per Cokayne; 29 Jan 1772, per Betham and Debrett’s 1835]-15 Jan 1837); m.28 May 1793 Charles Long, Lord Farnborough (1760-17 Jan 1838)


2b) Amelia Sophia (31 Jul 1788-21 Feb 1814); m.24 Jul 1810 John Cust, 2nd Lord Brownlow [later, 1815, Earl Brownlow] (19 Aug 1779-15 Sep 1853)


2a) Alexander EVELYN, of St.Clere; m.Francesm dau of William Evelyn, of St.Clere


3a) Hannah, d.6 May 1827; m.21 Jan 1774 James Hare (bap 9 Apr 1747-17 Mar 1804)