Dukes of Exeter, Dukes of Surrey, Earls of Kent, etc.




Dukes of Buckingham, Earls of Stafford, etc.




(Note: these families are not related except by marriage, but I include them together because bothare relatively small genealogies and they flourished during the same time period.)




Part 1



Sir Robert de Holand, summoned as Lord Holand 1314 (murdered 7 Oct 1328); m.ca 1311 Maud la Zouche (d.31 May 1349)


1a) Robert, 2nd Lord Holand (d.16 Mar 1373); m.Elizabeth ___


1b) Robert (dvp); m.Joan ___


1c) Maud (d.7 May 1423); m.John Lovel, Lord Lovel (d.10 Sep 1408); the right to the 1314 Barony devolved on their issue


2b) Thomas


3b) Gilbert


4b) John


2a) Thomas, summoned 1353 as Lord Holand, and 1360 as Earl of Kent (d.Dec 1360); m.Joan Plantagenet, Countess of Kent, Baroness Woodstock (d.Wallingford Castle 1385); she m.2nd Edward, Prince of Wales, and was mother of King Richard II


1b) Thomas, 2nd Earl of Kent (d.25 Apr 1397); m.ca 1364 Alice Fitzalan (d.17 Mar 1416)


1c) Thomas, 3rd Earl of Kent, cr 1397 Duke of Surrey (d.Jan 1400); m.ca 1392 Joan de Stafford (d.1442)


2c) Edmund, 4th Earl of Kent (k.a.15 Sep 1408); m.24 Jan 1407 Lucia Visconti (d.14 Apr 1424)


1d) [by Constance Plantagenet, dau.of Edmund, Duke of York] Eleanor; m.James Audley, Lord Audley


3c) Eleanor (d.23 Oct 1405); m.1st Roger Motimer, Earl of March (d.20 Jul 1398); m.2nd Edward Cherleton, Lord Cherleton (d.14 Mar 1421)


4c) Margaret (d.30 Dec 1439); m.1st John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset, Marquess of Dorset (d.21 Apr 1410); m.2nd Pr Thomas of England, Duke of Clarence (29 Sep 1389-k.a.Baugé 22 Mar 1421)


5c) Joan (d.1431); m.1st Pr Edmund of England, Duke of York (5 Jun 1341-Langley 1 Aug 1402); m.2nd William Willoughby, Lord Willoughby (d.4 Dec 1409); m.3rd Henry le Scrope, Lord Scrope of Masham (beheaded at Southampton 5 Aug 1415); m.4th Sir Henry Bromflete, Lord Vesci (d.16 Jan 1469)


6c) Eleanor; m.Thomas Montacute, 4th Earl of Salisbury (d.3 Nov 1428)


7c) Elizabeth (d.4 Jan 1423); m.Sir John Neville (d.ca 1420)


8c) Bridget


2b) Edmund


3b) John, cr 1388 Earl of Huntingdon, cr 1397 Duke of Exeter, but titles forfeited (executed Jan 1400); m.24 Jun 1386 Elizabeth Plantagenet [dau.of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster] (d.24 Nov 1425)


1c) Richard (d.3 Sep 1400)


2c) John, cr 1444 Duke of Exeter (d.5 Aug 1447); m.1st Anne, Dowager Countess of March, née de Stafford (d.Sep 1432); m.2nd Beatriz of Portugal, Dowager Countess of Arundel (d.Bordeaux 23 Oct 1439); m.3rd Anne de Montagu (d.28 Nov 1457)


1d) [by 1st m.] Henry (Tower of London 27 Jun 1430-drowned Sep 1475); m.ca 1447 (div 1472) Anne Plantagenet [dau. of Richard, Duke of York]


1e) Anne; m.Oct 1466 Thomas Grey, later Marquess of Dorset


2d) [by 3rd m.] Anne; m.1st John, Lord Nevill; m.2nd Sir John Nevill


3c) Sir Edward


4c) Constance (d.1437); m.1st Thomas Mowbray, 4th Earl of Nofolk (17 Sep 1385-8 Jun 1405); m.2nd John Grey


4b) Maud; m.1st Hugh de Courtenay; m.2nd Waleran de Luxembourg, Cte de Ligny et de Saint-Pol (1355-château d’Yvoy 22 Apr 1415)


3a) Alan


4a) Sir Otho


5a) Jane; m.1st Sir Edmund Talbot; m.2nd Sir Hugh Dutton; m.3rd Sir John Radclyffe; note: Burke’s Extinct Peerage has Talbot as the first husband and does not mention Radclyffe, but Burke’s Commoners makes Talbot the third husband


6a) Mary; m.Sir John Tempest


7a) Margaret; m.John la Warre


8a) Eleanor; m.John Darcy, Lord Darcy (d.Notton 5 Mar 1366)





Part 2



Edmund [de] Stafford, summoned to Parliament from 1299 as Lord Stafford (15 Jul 1273-d.before 12 Aug 1308); m.by 1298 Margaret Basset (d.17 Mar 1337), dau of Lord Bassett


1a) Ralph, 2nd Lord Stafford (24 Sep 1301-31 Aug 1372), cr 1351 Earl of Stafford; m.1st ca 1326/7 Katherine Hastang (dsp); m.2nd before 6 Jul 1336 Margaret Audley (d.after 28 Jan 1348), dau of Earl of Gloucester; according to modern doctrine Margaret suc her father 1347 as Baroness Audley


1b) Ralph, d.by 1347; m.1344 Maud (d.10 Apr 1362), dau of Henry, Duke of Lancaster, and later wife of Wilhelm, Duke of Bavaria


2b) Hugh, according to modern doctrine he suc his mother as 3rd Lord Audley, and suc his father 1372 as 2nd Earl of Stafford and 3rd Lord Stafford; he d. at Rhodes 16 Oct 1386; m.before 1 Mar 1351 Philippa Beauchamp, dau of Thomas, Earl of Warwick


1c) Ralph, murdered by John de Holand May 1385


2c) Thomas, 3rd Earl of Stafford (b.by 1368, d.4 Jul 1392); m.Anne (d.1438), dau of Thomas, Duke of Gloucester, later wife of his brother (below)


3c) William, 4th Earl of Stafford (21 Sep 1375-6 Apr 1395)


4c) Edmund, 5th Earl of Stafford (2 Mar 1378-k.a.Shrewsbury 21 Jul 1403); m.his brother’s widow, Anne (d.1438), dau of Thomas, Duke of Gloucester (and sister of Humphrey, Earl of Buckingham), and later wife of William Bourchier, Comte d’Eu


1d) Humphrey, 6th Earl of Stafford, was also called Earl of Buckingham (in right of his mother), cr 1444 Duke of Buckingham (ca 1402-k.a.Northampton 10 Jul 1460); m.Anne (d.20 Sep 1480), dau of Ralph Nevill, Earl of Westmorland, and later wife of Lord Mountjoy


1e) Humphrey, Earl of Stafford, k.a.St.Albans 22 May 1455; m.Margaret, dau of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset


1f) Henry, 2nd Duke of Buckingham (4 Sep 1455-executed 2 Nov 1483); m.Katherine, dau of Richard Widville, Earl Rivers (and thus sister of Elizabeth, wife of King Edward IV), and later wife of Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford


1g) Edward, 3rd Duke of Buckingham (3 Feb 1478-executed 17 May 1521); m.ca 1490 Eleanor Percy (d.13 Feb 1530), dau of Earl of Northumberland


1h) Henry (18 Sep 1501-30 Apr 1563), called Earl of Stafford until 1521, restored by Act of Parliament in 1547 as Lord Stafford, with remainder to heirs male, but with the precedency of the old Barony; he m.ca 16 Feb 1519 Ursula Pole (d.12 Aug 1570), dau of Margaret, Css of Salisbury


1i) Henry, d.an infant


2i) Henry, 2nd Lord Stafford, d.1 Jan 1566; m.before 25 Sep 1557 Elizabeth Davy


3i) Thomas, executed 28 May 1557


4i) Edward, 3rd Lord Stafford (17 Jan 1536-18 Oct 1603); m.before 23 Nov 1566 Lady Mary Stanley (d.3 Sep 1609)


1j) Edward, d.27 Jan 1569


2j) Edward, 4th Lord Stafford (bap 20 Sep 1572-25 Sep 1625); m.ca 1595 Isabel Forster (fl 1646)


1k) Edward (bap 9 Jul 1601-6 Apr 1621); m.shortly before 15 May 1617 Anne Wilford (fl 1644)


1l) Henry, 5th Lord Stafford (24 Sep 1621-4 Aug 1637)


2l) Mary, d.13 Jan 1694; m.11 Oct 1637 Sir William Howard (30 Nov 1612-29 Dec 1680); together they were cr Baron and Baroness Stafford in 1640,with precedence from 1299, and later in 1640 he was cr Viscount of Stafford, but was attainted 1680; for the further descent of these titles see sub Norfolk


3j) Ursula; m.Walter Erdeswick


4j) Dorothy (bap 20 Sep 1572-    ); m. ___ Gerveis


5i) Richard; m.Mary Corbet


1j) Roger (ca 1572/5-ca 1640), suc 1637 as 6th Lord Stafford, but because of his poverty the King did not recognize the title, and Roger was forced to resign his rights thereto


2j) Jane; m. “a joiner” and had a son who was “a cobbler”


6i) Walter


7i) Dorothy; m.William Stafford, of Grafton


8i) Elizabeth; m.Sir William Nevill


2h) Elizabeth (ca 1497-30 Nov 1558); m.ca 1512 Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk (1473-25 Aug 1554)


3h) Katherine, d.14 May 1555; m.before Jun 1520 Ralph Nevill, 4th Earl of Westmorland (21 Feb 1498-24 Apr 1549)


4h) Mary; m.ca Jun 1519 George Nevill, 5th Lord Bergavenny (d.1535)


2g) Henry, cr 1510 Earl of Wiltshire (ca 1479-Mar 1523); m.1503/5 Cicely, née Bonville, suo jure Baroness Harington and Bonville (1460-12 May 1529), widow of Thomas Grey, Marquess of Dorset


3g) Elizabeth, d.before 11 May 1532; m.shortly after 23 Jul 1505 Robert Ratcliffe, Lord Fitzwalter, 1529 Earl of Sussex (d.27 Nov 1542)


4g) Anne; m.1st Sir Walter Herbert; m.2nd ca Dec 1509 George Hastings, Earl of Huntingdon (1488-24 Mar 1544)


2e) Sir Henry, d.4 Dec 1471; m.ca 1459 Margaret (31 May 1441-29 Jun 1509), dau of John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, and widow of John de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, and of Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond (and thus mother of King Henry VII), and also later wife of Earl of Derby


3e) Edward


4e) George

5e) William, twin with George


6e) John, cr 1470 Earl of Wiltshire, d.8 May 1473; m.ca 1458 Constance (d.2 Mar 1475), dau of Sir Henry Greene


1f) Edward, 2nd Earl of Wiltshire (7 Apr 1470-24 Mar 1499); m.ca 1494 Margaret (d.1500/4), dau of John Grey, Viscount Lisle


7e) Anne, d.ca 1472; m.1st Aubrey de Vere (executed 20 Feb 1462); m.2nd Sir Thomas Cobham


8e) Joan; m.1st before 4 Mar 1461 (div before 1477) William Beaumont, 2nd Viscount Beaumont (bap 23 Apr 1438-19 Dec 1507); m.2nd Sir William Knyvett


9e) Catherine; m.ca 1467 John Talbot, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (12 Dec 1448-28 Jun 1473)


2d) Philippa, d.young


3d) Anne, d.Sep 1432; m.1st Edmund Mortimer, 5th Earl of March (6 Nov 1391-18 Jan1425); m.2nd Sir John Holland, who was restored 1417 to his father’s title as 2nd Earl of Huntingdon, and who was cr 1444 Duke of Exeter (he d.5 Aug 1447)


5c) Sir Hugh, d.1420; m.Elizabeth, dau of Bartholomew, Lord Bourchier


6c) Margaret, d.9 Jun 1396; m.Ralph Nevill, 4th Lord Neville [1397 Earl of Westmorland] (d.21 Oct 1425)


7c) Katherine, d.8 Apr 1419; m.1383 Michael de la Pole, 2nd Earl of Suffolk (d.18 Sep 1415)


8c) Joan, d.1442; m.ca 1392 Thomas Holland, 3rd Earl of Kent, Duke of Surrey (d.Jan 1400)


3b) Beatrice, d.1415; m.1st 1350 Maurice Fitzgerald, 2nd Earl of Desmond (31 Jul 1336-1358); m.2nd 1359 Thomas, Lord Ros of Hamlake (13 Jan 1337-8 Jun 1384); m.3rd ca 1385 Sir Richard Burley (d.23 May 1387)


4b) Joan, d.before 1397; m.1st John Cherleton, 3rd Lord Cherleton (d.12 Jul 1374); m.2nd before 16 Nov 1379 Gilbert Talbot, 3rd Lord Talbot (ca 1332-ca 1387)


5b) Elizabeth, d.1375; m.1st ca 1347 Fulke le Strange (2 Feb 1331-1349); m.2nd 1349 Sir John de Ferrers [4th Lord Ferrers of Chartley?] (ca 10 Aug 1331-k.a.3 Apr 1367); m.3rd Reynold, Lord Cobham (8 Jun 1348-6 Jul 1403)


6b) Margaret; m.Sir John Stafford


7b) Catherine; m.Sir John Sutton


2a) Sir Richard, of Clifton; m.Maud de Camville


1b) Richard, d.1381; m.NN; per Burke’s Extinct Peerage, he was summoned to Parliament in 1371 as Lord Stafford of Clifton, but I find no such peerage in The Complete Peerage


1c) Edmund, Bp of Exeter, d.1419


2c) Sir Thomas; m.NN


1d) Thomas, dsp


2d) Katherine; m.Sir John Arderne; any 1371 Barony that might have been created descended to her issue