Earls of Huntingdon

Earls of Pembroke

Lords Hastings, of various creations





Part 1



Sir Henry de Hastinges, of Ashill, d.shortly before 5 Mar 1269; m.Joan, sister and coheir of Sir George de Cauntelo, through

whom the early Lords Hastings became feudal Lords of Bergavenny


1a) Sir John, summoned to Parliament from 1290 as Lord Hasting(e)s, d.10 Feb 1313; m.1st 1275 Isabel de Valence (d.5 Oct 1305), dau of William, Earl of Pembroke; m.2nd Isabel le Despenser (d.4/5 Dec 1334), dau of Hugh, Earl of Winchester


[by 1st m.]:


1b) William (4 Oct 1282-d.shortly before 1 Mar 1311)


2b) John, 2nd Lord Hastings (29 Sep 1286-20 Jan 1325); m.Juliane de Leybourne (d.1367), later wife of Thomas le Blount and then of William de Clinton, Earl of Huntingdon


1c) Laurence, 3rd Lord Hastings (20 Mar 1320-29/30 Aug 1348); in 1339 he was confirmed as Earl of Pembroke, as heir of his grandmother’s family; he m. shortly after 29 May 1328 Agnes de Mortimer (d.25 Jul 1368), dau of 1st Earl of March


1d) John, 2nd Earl of Pembroke and 4th Lord Hastings (29 Aug 1347-16 Apr 1375); m.1st 1359 Margaret (20 Jul 1346-d.after 1 Oct 1361), dau of King Edward III; m.2nd in or after Jul 1368 Anne de Mauny (d.3 Apr 1384), dau of Walter, Lord Mauny; by modern doctrine she suc 1372 as 2nd Baroness Mauny


1e) John, 3rd Earl of Pembroke and 5th Lord Hastings [and, by modern doctrine, 3rd Lord Mauny] (11 Nov 1372-30/31 Dec 1389); m.1st 24 Jun 1380 (div ca 1383) Elizabeth (d.24 Nov 1425), dau of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and later wife of Duke of Exeter and of Lord Fanhope; m.2nd Philippa Mortimer (1375-1400), dau of 3rd Earl of March and granddau of Lionel, Duke of Clarence, and later wife of Earl of Arundel and of Lord St.John of Basing; at his death the Earldom of Pembroke and the Barony of Mauny expired; the Barony of Hastings remained dormant until 1841, as further described below


3b) Elizabeth; m.Roger Grey, Lord Grey of Ruthin (d.6 Mar 1353)


[by 2nd m.]:


4b) Thomas, dsp 1333


5b) Sir Hugh, of Sutton Scotney (ca 1310-29/30 Jul 1347); m.by 18 May 1330 Margery Foliot (d.8 Aug 1349)


1c) John, of Elsing nd Fenwick (ca 1328-31 Aug 1393); according to the decision of 1841, he suc the 3rd Earl of Pembroke in 1389 as de jure 6th Lord Hastings


2c) Sir Hugh, d.ca 1369; he is said to have m. Margaret de Everingham


1d) Sir Hugh, d.6 Nov 1386; m.before 1 Nov 1376 Anne, dau of 1st Lord Le Despenser


1e) Hugh, of Elsing and Fenwick, de jure 7th Lord Hastings, d.2 Nov 1396; m.Constance Blount (d.23 Sep 1432)


2e) Sir Edward, of Elsing and Fenwick de jure 8th Lord Hastings (bap 21 May 1382-6 Jan 1438); m.1st Muriel de Dinham; m.2nd Margery Clifton (d.1456), later wife of Sir John Wyndham


1f) [ex 1] John, of Gressenhall, Elsing and Fenwick, de jure 9th Lord Hastings (ca 1411-9 Apr 1477); m.after 21 Apr 1434 Anne (d.1471), dau of Thomas Morley, 5th Lord Morley


1g) Sir Hugh, of Gressenhall, Elsing and Fenwick de jure 10th Lord Hastings (ca 1447-7 Jun 1488); m.before 12 Apr 1455 Anne Gascoigne


1h) Sir John, of Gressenhall, Elsing and Fenwick, de jure 11th Lord Hastings (ca 1466-12 Jul 1504); m.1st before Mar 1490 Isabel Babthorpe (dsp 1495); m.2nd Katherine Aske


2h) George, of Gressenhall, Elsing and Fenwick, de jure 12th Lord Hastings (ca 1474-11 Jun 1511); m.ca 1493 Joan Brabason


1i) John, de jure 13th Lord Hastings (ca 1498-10 Feb 1514)


2i) Sir Hugh, de jure 14th Lord Hastings (ca 1505-29 Dec 1540); m.24 Apr 1523 Katherine Le Strange [Lestraunge] (d.2 Feb 1558)


1j) John, de jure 15th Lord Hastings (27 Jul 1531-8 Jan 1542); on his death, according to modern doctrine, the Barony of Hastings went into abeyance among his sisters and their issue


2j) Anne; m.William Browne, of Elsing, brother of 1st Viscount Montagu


3j) Elizabeth (1533-1580); m. Hamon Le Strange (d.7 Oct 1580); her ½ moiety of the Barony descended to her descendant Sir Henry le Strange, 6th Bt., on whose death in 1760 it was further divided between his sisters (Mrs Armyne Sttyleman, whose family inherited Hunstanton and took the name Le Strange; and Lucy, wife of Sir Jacob Astley, 3rd Bt.) and their heirs; the Barony was called out of abeyance in 1841 in favor of Sir Jacob Astley, 6th Bt., who became 16th Lord Hastings, and it remains in that family.


3i) Martyn, dsp 25 Oct 1574


2a) Sir Edmund, summoned to Parliament from 1299 as Lord Hastings; he was k.a. at Bannockburn 24 Jun 1314; he had m.Isabel, sometimes called Countess of Menteith, dau of Sir John Russel by Isabel, suo jure Countess of Menteith





Part 2a


(This family is said to be related to that in Part 1, but if so the common male ancestor lived in the 12th or 13th Century.)



Sir Leonard Hastings, of Kirby, d.20 Oct 1455; m.Alice, dau of 1st Lord Camoys


1a) Sir William, cr 1461, apparently [but not certainly] by writ, Lord Hastings, executed 13 Jun 1483; m.before 6 Feb 1462 Katherine (d.1503/4), dau of Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury, and widow of William Bonville, 6th Lord Harington


1b) Edward (26 Nov 1466-Nov 1506), summoned to Parliament vp from 1482 as Lord Hastings of Hungerford, suc 1483 as 2nd Lord Hastings; m.before 18 Feb 1481 Mary (ca 1468-1528/32), dau and heiress of Sir Thomas Hungerford; she had suc her great-grandmother 1478 as 5th Baroness Botreaux, and in 1485, when her grandfather’s attainder was reversed, she became, according to modern doctrine, 4th Baroness Hungerford and 2nd Baroness Moleyns


1c) George (1488-24 Mar 1544), 3rd Lord Hastings and 2nd Lord Hastings of Hungerford, cr 1529 Earl of Huntingdon; he suc [by modern doctrine] his mother as 6th Lord Botreaux, 5th Lord Hungerford and 3rd Lord Moleyns; he m.ca Dec 1509 Anne, dau of Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, and widow of Sir Walter Herbert


1d) Francis, 2nd Earl of Huntingdon (ca 1514-23 Jun 1560); m.ca 1532 Katherine (d.23 Sep 1576), dau of Henry Pole, Lord Montague


1e) Henry, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon (ca 1536-14 Dec 1595); m.25 May 1533 Catherine, dau of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland


2e) George, 4th Earl of Huntingdon (ca 1540-30 Dec 1604); m.Jul 1557 Dorothy Port (d.2 Sep 1607)


1f) Francis (1560-17 Dec 1595); m.before 1586 Sarah Harington (bur 3 Oct 1629), sister of 1st Lord Harington, and later wife of Sir George Kingsmill, and then of the 11th Lord Zouche, and finally of Sir Thomas Edmonds; Francis died three days after his uncle, and for those three days was entitled to be called “Lord Hastings”


1g) Henry, 5th Earl of Huntingdon (24 Apr 1586-14 Nov 1643); m.15 Jan 1601 Lady Elizabeth Stanley (bap 6 Jan 1588-20 Jan 1633)


1h) Ferdinando, 6th Earl of Huntingdon (18 Jan 1609-Donnington Park 13 Feb 1656); m.Englefield 7 Aug 1623 Lucy Davies (d.14 Nov 1679)


1i) Henry, Lord Hastings (16 Jan 1630-24 Jun 1649)


2i) John (4 Aug 1632-Dec 1639)


3i) Ferdinando (16 Feb 1638-8 May 1647)


4i) Theophilus, 7th Earl of Huntingdon (10 Dec 1650-London 30 May 1701); m.1st 19 Feb 1672 Elizabeth Lewis (1654-24 Dec 1688); m.2nd Westminster Abbey 8 May 1690 Frances, Viscountess Kilmorey, née Fowler (d.Bath 27 Dec 1723); Frances m. 3rdly a French Col. Ligondes, by whom she was grandmother of Anne Constantia Ligondes, wife of John Beresford


[by 1st m.]:


1j) Thomas, Lord Hastings (12 Nov 1674-2 Mar 1675)


2j) George, 8th Earl of Huntingdon (22 Mar 1677-22 Feb 1705)


3j) Lucy

4j) Elizabeth (19 Apr 1682-22 Dec 1739)


[by 2nd m.]:


5j) Anne Jaqueline (1 May 1691-1 Jul 1755)


6j) Alice, d.21 Jan 1692


7j) Frances (8 Jan 1694-23 Jan 1750)


8j) Theophilus, 9th Earl of Huntingdon (12 Nov 1696-London 13 Oct 1746); m.Staunton 3 Jun 1728 Lady Selina Shirley (Astwell House, Northants 12 Aug 1707-London 17 Jun 1791)


1k) Francis, 10th Earl of Huntingdon (13 Mar 1729-2 Oct 1789); on his death the Earldom remained dormant for 30 years, and the Baronies by writ devolved onto his sister


1l) [illegitimate] Sir Charles, cr Baronet 1806, d.30 Sep 1823; m.Parnell Abney, heiress of Willesley Hall


1m) Sir Charles, 2nd Bt., took surname ABNEY-HASTINGS (1 Oct 1792-1858)


2m) Frank ABNEY-HASTINGS (14 Feb 1794-k.a.Zante 1 Jun 1828)


3m) Selina Abney, d.young


2k) George (29 Mar 1730-20 Dec 1743)


3k) Elizabeth (23 Mar 1731-Moira House 11 Apr 1808); m.26 Feb 1752 John Rawdon, Earl of Moira (17 Mar 1720-20 Jun 1793); she suc her brother as 14th Baroness Hastings, 13th Baroness Hastings of Hungerford, 17th Baroness Botreaux, 16th Baroness Hungerford and 14th Baroness Moleyns


4k) Ferdinando (23 Jan 1732 [1733?]-21 Apr 1743)


5k) Selina (3 Dec 1737-1763); she had been engaged to George Hastings (see Part 2, below) but died before it could be effected


6k) Henry (12 Dec 1739-13 Sep 1758)


9j) Catherine Maria (13 Feb 1697-Jan 1740); m. Rev. Granville Wheler, of Otterden Place (May 1701-1786)


10j) Ferdinando (22 Oct 1699-9 Aug 1726)


11j) Margaret (15 Feb 1700-30 May 1768); m.1741 Rev. Benjamin Ingham (1712-    )


5i) Alice, d.young

6i) Eleanor, d.young


7i) Elizabeth, d.28 Mar 1664; m.18 Nov 1662 Sir James Langham, Bt. (ca 1620-22 Aug 1699)


8i) Lucy


9i) Mary, d.12 Dec 1678; m.Sir William Jolliffe


10i) Christian


2h) Henry, cr 1643 Baron Loughborough of Loughborough (28 Sep 1610-10 Jan 1667)


3h) Alice, bur 29 Mar 1667; m.17 Dec 1656 Sir Gervase Clifton, Bt. (9 Sep 1587-28 Jun 1666)


4h) Elizabeth; m.Sir Hugh Calveley, of Lea


2g) Sir George, d.1 Jul 1641; m.Seymour Pryn


1h) George (22 Apr 1621-3 Jun 1627)

2h) Charles (29 Nov 1623- fl 1655 )

3h) Ferdinando (19 Jan 1626-1654)

4h) Francis (2 Dec 1628-1631)

5h) Catherine, d.1655

6h) Martha; m.1652 Owen Owens

7h) Margaret, d.1634


3g) Edward, d.1617 during voyage to Guiana


4g) Francis, d.an infant


5g) Catherine, d.28 Aug 1636; m.1605 Philip Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield (1584-12 Sep 1656)


6g) Theodosia, d.1645; m.Sir Francis Bodenham, of Ryhall


2f) Henry, of Woodland, d.5 Oct 1650; m.1st Dorothy Willoughby (d.4 Dec 1638); m.2nd Mrs Jane Langton; issue of 1st m.:


1g) Sir George, d.25 Oct 1651; m.Alice Freake


1h) Edward, d.1654

2h) John, d.1656

3h) Frances; m.John Roy

4h) Dorothy; m. ___ Eyres


2g) Henry; m.Susan Offley


1h) Anne


3g) Dorothy; m.1st Sir John Ryves; m.2nd 1625 Thomas Tregonwell


3f) Sir Edward, d.at Vienna


4f) Catherine; m.1st Sir Edward Unton, of Wadley; m.2nd 1605 Sir Walter Chetwynd, of Ingestre (d.1638)


5f) Dorothy (15 Jan 1579-d.by 1622); m.1st Sir James Stewart, Master of Blantyre (15 Jan 1579-8 Nov 1609); m.2nd Robert Dillon, 2nd Earl of Roscommon (d.27 Aug 1642)


3e) William


4e) Sir Edward, of Leicester Abbey, d.1603; m. Mrs Barbara Cave, née Devereux


1f) Sir Henry, d.1629; m.Mabel Faunt (d.1618)


1g) Henry, of Hamberston; m.Jane Goodall


1h) Henry (22 Mar 1643-1697); m.1st 1671 Elizabeth Warren; m.2nd 1673 Pentecost Smalley (d.1705)


2h) Walter (10 May 1645-    ); m.Hannah Cradock


1i) Henry, of Castle Donington, dsp 1753


2i) Jane; m.Edward Holme, of Upholland


3i) Anne


3h) Richard, of Welford (1645-1715); m.1st Sarah Sleath (d.1707); m.2nd NN


1i) Richard (1699-d.an infant)


2i) Henry, of Lutterworth (ca 1701-1786); m.1727 Elizabeth Hudson, heiress of Lutterworth; for his issue see Part 2b, below


5h) Ferdinand

6h) Edward


7h) Jane; m.Joseph Cradock


8h) Lucy; m.Thomas Dyson


9h – 11h) three more daus


2g) Walter, d.1672


3g) Sir Richard Hastings, of Redlynch, cr Baronet 1667, bur 3 Sep 1668; m.Margaret Poyntz


4g) Antony, d.1667; m.1638 Anne Watkinson


1h) Henry (bap 1641-    ); m. ___ Elliott; his issue as shown here are as per Burke’s Commoners, Vol. IV, pp 573-4, footnote; a modern Burke’s Peerage says only that “his descendants allegedly settled in Ireland; a Hastings family of Killaloe, Co Clare, at one point asserted but failed to prove a connection with the Earls of Huntingdon”


1i) Stephen; m.Sarah Woolaston


1j) Stephen; m.NN


1k) George; m.Isabella Brady; George is said to have been claiming the Earldom of Huntingdon


1l) Henry, dvpsp


2l – 4l) three daus


2j) John; m.Mary Minnitt


1k) Stephen; m.1st ___ Willington, whose father was cousin of Earl of Norbury; m.2nd NN


3j) dau; m. ___ Hourahan

4j) Mary; m.Robert Atkins (1751-    )


2i) dau; m. ___ Jephson

3i) dau; m. ___ Minton

4i) dau; m. ___ Dickson


2h) George (bap 1642-dsp 1704); m.1665 Elizabeth Fleming


3h) Edward (bap 1647-dspm 1719/20); m.1678 Catherine Dale


4h) Anthony (bap 1649-1692); m.1685 Caroletta Churchill


1i) Antony (bap 1689-bur 1691/2)

2i) Churchill (bap 1690-bur 1722)

3i) Antony (ca 1692-1700)


5h) Anne

6h) Lucy


5g) Mabel; m.Nicholas Herbert


6g) Lucy; m.Ferdinand Sacheverell


7g) Elizabeth; m.Robert Tyrwhitt


8g) Barbara


9g) Jane; m. ___ Tonkins


2f) Walter


5e) Sir Francis (ca 1545-dspm 26 Sep 1610); m.Maud, née Longford (d.14 Jun 1596), widow of Sir George Vernon


6e) Walter, d.1616; m.1574 Joyce Roper (d.1616), sister of 1st Lord Teynham


1f) Sir Henry (ca 1578-15 Sep 1649); m.1st Dorothy Huddleston; m.2nd Eleanor, dau of Sir Philip Knyvett, Bt.


[by 1st m.]:


1g) Walter

2g) Edmund


3g) Henry; m.Elizabeth, dau of Viscount Beaumont


1h) Henry, killed by Lord Morley 1666, in “circumstances closely approaching murder”, and though two peers voted him guilty Morley was acquitted on the grounds of self-defense


2h) Walter; m.Mary Toplady


1i) Walter; m.Elizabeth Wilton


1j) George; m.Anne Kingsbly [sic]


1k) William fl 1790


1l) son, d.1790


3h) Beaumont, d.at sea


4g) Ferdinand; m.Mary St.George


1h) Ferdinando (1650-    ); m. ___ Coote


1i) Ferdinando


5g) Jocosa; m.John Butley


6g) Dorothy; m.Rowland Egerton


7g) Margaret; m.Francis Yoxley


8g) Catherine; m.John Digby


9g) Mary; m.1st Simon Norton; m.2nd Sir Richard St.George


[by 2nd m.]:


10g) Henry

11g) Knyvett

12g) Charles


7e) Catherine (11 Aug 1542-d.by 20 Oct 1586); m.after 10 Dec 1555 Henry Clinton [or Fiennes], 2nd Earl of Lincoln (d.29 Sep 1616)


8e) Frances, d.1574; m.Henry Compton, Lord Compton (16 Feb 1538-bur 10 Dec 1589)


9e) dau


10e) Elizabeth, d.24 Aug 1621; m.Dec 1571 Edward Somerset, 4th Earl of Worcester (ca 1550-3 Mar 1628)


11e) Mary; she was said to be wanted as a wife by Tsar Ivan IV, but she is said to have preferred not to, and remained unmarried


2d) Sir Thomas, dsp 1558; m.Winifreda, dau of Henry Pole, Lord Montagu


3d) Sir Edward (ca 1520-5 Mar 1572), cr 1558 Baron Hastings of Loughborough; he may have m. Joan ___; he had a nat. son, Edward


4d) Henry

5d) William


6d) Dorothea; m.Sir Richard Devereux (d.13 Oct 1547), son of 1st Viscount Hereford


7d) Mary, d.Mar 1533; m.1526 Thomas Berkeley, 6th Lord Berkeley (1505-19 Sep 1534);note: in a footnote [sub Berkeley] GEC says that Mary was the one who was wanted as a wife by Tsar Ivan IV, but that was her niece Mary; Ivan was not born until 1530


8d) Catherine


2c) Sir William; note: per Burke’s Commoners, Vol. IV, p.205, it was this William who was father of Elizabeth Beaumont, and not his uncle William, as Collins has it; Collins says that the uncle had another daughter as well, but undoubtedly the two were sisters, so I place both daus here:


1d) Elizabeth fl 1574; m.John Beaumont, of Gracedieu

2d) Mary; m.Thomas Saunders, of Haringworth


3c) Anne, bur 17 Nov 1550; m.before 1503 Thomas Stanley, 2nd Earl of Derby (d.23 May 1521); Collins has her marrying 2ndly Lord Fitzwalter, but no such marriage is shown in more modern Fitzwalter genealogies


2b) Sir Richard


3b) William; Collins lists him with two daus, including Elizabeth, wife of John Beaumont of Gracedieu; Burke’s Commoners, Vol. IV, p.205 says she was daughter of the William who was brother of George, Earl of Huntingdon, this William’s nephew


4b) George


5b) Anne; m.by 27 Jun 1481 George Talbot, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (1468-26 Jul 1538)


2a) Sir Richard, bur Sep 1503; m.1st Joan de Welles (d.1473/5), de jure [according to modern doctrine] 9th Baroness Willoughby de Eresby and 9th Baroness Welles; m.2nd NN; because of attainders in Joan’s family, she and Richard obtained most of the Welles estates, as well as the Willoughby estates, and Richard was summoned to Parliament 1482 as “Ricardo Hastyng de Wellys”, called sometimes Lord Hastings and sometimes Lord Welles; from 1486, when the Welles attainder was reversed, Richard stopped being called “Lord Welles” and was most often called “Lord Willoughby”


1b) Anthony, dvpsp


3a) Sir Ralph fl 1462; m.Anne ___


1b) Florence; m.before May 1505 Edmund Grey, 9th Lord Grey of Wilton (d.5 May 1511)


2b) Catherine; m.Sir John Norwich


3b) Isabel; m.Sir John Dive


4b) Elizabeth; m.Sir John Longueville


5b) Emma; m.Sir John Gresley


6b) Anne; m.Sir Humphrey Elton


7b) Cecilia; m.John Harcourt


4a) Thomas


5a) Anne; m.Thomas Ferrers, of Tamworth Castle


6a) Joan; m.John Brokesby


7a) Elizabeth; m.Sir John Donne





Part 2b



Henry Hastings, of Lutterworth (ca 1701-1786; see Part 2a); m.1727 Elizabeth Hudson, heiress of Lutterworth


1a) Rev. Theophilus Henry, from 1789 de jure 11th Earl of Huntingdon, and he assumed the title (bap 7 Oct 1728-2 Apr 1804); m.1st ___ Pratt, who d. a few months after marriage; m.2nd 1798 Elizabeth Warner


2a) George (ca 1735-6 Feb 1802) m.2 Apr 1769 Sarah Hodges (d.1807), gdau of Sir Richard Fowler, 2nd Bt.; note that some editions of Burke’s and Complete Peerage both call her dau of Sir Richard Fowler, 2nd Bt., but it seems she was instead a maternal gdau; Sir Richard’s marriage had been in 1706, and his dau Sarah m. a Col. Hodges and was mother of Sarah Hodges; George and his brother had been raised by the 9th Earl of Huntingdon, and George himself was engaged to the earl’s dau Selina, but she died before it could be effected


1b) Francis (1770-1776)


2b) Henry (1774-d.in West Indies 1796)


3b) Ferdinando (1776-d.in West Indies 1801)


4b) Hans Francis, 12th Earl of Huntingdon (14 Aug 1779-9 Dec 1828); he proved his claim to the title in 1819; m.1st 12 May 1803 Frances Cobbe (d.31 Mar 1820); m.2nd 28 Sep 1820 Mrs Eliza Mary Thistletwayte, née Bettesworth (d.9 Nov 1846)


1c) Frances Theophila Anne (28 Jun 1805 [per Lodge; Debrett’s 1831 says 3 Apr 1805]-7 May 1851 [per Lodge 1861; Burke’s says 7 May 1854]); m.11 Apr 1822 [per Lodge; Debrett’s says 10 Apr 1822] Henry Parker


2c) Selina Arabella Lucy (15 May 1807-1885); m.Jan 1839 Charles Calmady Dent


3c) Francis Theophilus Henry, 13th Earl of Huntingdon (31 Jul 1808-13 Sep 1875); m.8 Sep 1835 Elizabeth Anne Power (d.18 Feb 1857)


1d) Francis Power Plantagenet, 14th Earl of Huntingdon (4 Dec 1841-20 May 1885); m.15 Aug 1867 Mary Anne Wilmot Westenra (3 Jul 1847-16 Dec 1894), of the Lords Rossmore


1e) Warner Francis John Plantagenet, 15th Earl of Huntingdon (8 Jul 1868-5 Apr 1939); m.11 Jun 1882 Maud Margaret Wilson (d.26 Dec 1953)


1f) Maud Kathleen Cairnes Plantagenet (28 Mar 1893-8 Feb 1965); m.28 Jul 1916 William Montagu Curzon-Herrick (8 Sep 1891-29 Oct 1945)


2f) Norah Frances (12 Sep 1894-1985); m.10 Feb 1920 Francis Charles Aldelbert Henry Needham, 4th Earl of Kilmorey (26 Nov 1883-1964)


3f) Marian Ileene Mabel (15 Sep 1895-22 Apr 1947); m.1st 16 Jul 1918 Patrick Keith Cameron (d.8 Feb 1933); m.2nd 1943 John Walter Wilson Bridges (d.4 Aug 1952)


4f) Francis John Clarence Westenra Plantagenet, 16th Earl of Huntingdon (30 Jan 1901-1990); m.1st 21 Oct 1925 (div 1943) Cristina Casati (d.22 Mar 1953); m.2nd 1 Feb 1944 Margaret Lane (d.1994)


1g) Moorea (4 Mar 1928-21 Oct 2011); m.1st 22 Jun 1957 (div 1966) Woodrow Lyle Wyatt [later, Baron Wyatt of Weeford] (d.7 Dec 1997); m.2nd 11 Jan 1967 Brinsley Graham Black (d.25 Sep 2011)


2g) Selina Shirley (1945-    )


3g) [Caroline] Harriet (1946-    ); m.6 Jun 1970 Hon. Charles Edward Ernest Shackleton (d.1979)


2e) Constance Wilmot Annie (10 Jul 1870-25 Aug 1922); m.17 Apr 1890 Sir Thomas Edward Sabine Pasley, 3rd Bt. (12 Nov 1863-7 Apr 1947)


3e) Ileene Frances Cairne (20 May 1872-15 Jun 1946); m.15 Nov 1893 Colin George Pelham Campbell of Stonefield (d.8 Feb 1955)


4e) Osmond William Toome Westenra (7 Aug 1873-25 Oct 1933); m.14 Apr 1896 Mary Caroline Campbell Tarratt (d.12 Nov 1955)


1f) Ileene Wilmot Fox (2 Feb 1898-    ); m.2 Apr 1918 Gordon Armytage Fairbairn


2f) Dorothy Isabel Westenra (18 May 1899-1 Apr 1988); m.10 Apr 1923 George Francis Hugh Cambridge, 2nd Marquess of Cambridge (11 Oct 1895-16 Apr 1981)


3f) Helen Stewart Daubuz (26 Nov 1900-18 Dec 1964); m.14 Jun 1934 Douglas Charles Murray Beech (d.14 Jun 1944)


4f) Osmunda Mary (17 Jan 1903-    )


5f) David Fox Godolphin (13 Dec 1909-    ); m.20 Dec 1945 Mrs Mary Power, née Jones


6f) Robin Hood William Stewart (16 Jan 1917-1990); m.25 May 1950 Jean Suzanne Palethorpe à 1 dau


5e) Ierne Louisa Arundel (29 Oct 1874-5 Jan 1935); m.10 Jun 1896 John Sackville Richard Tufton, 2nd Lord Hothfield (8 Nov 1873-21 Dec 1952)


6e) Aubrey Craven Theophilus Robin Hood (9 Jan 1878-25 May 1929); m.29 Apr 1907 Winifred Forsyth-Forest (d.1977)


1f) Diana Wilmot (9 Dec 1914-    )


2f) Joan (24 Apr 1917-    ); m.1st 5 Sep 1942 Thomas Frank Bartlett; m.2nd 21 Jun 1948 Kenneth Porter (d.1986)


3f) Peter Robin Hood, 1954 HASTINGS-BASS (16 Jul 1920-4 Jun 1964); m.9 Apr 1947 Priscilla Victoria (28 Feb 1920-12 Aug 2010), dau of Sir Malcolm Bullock, Bt.


1g) William Edward Robin Hood HASTINGS-BASS, 17th Earl of Huntingdon, b.30 Jan 1948; m.1989 (div 2001) Susan Mary Gavin Warner


2g) Emma Alice Mary, b.1949; m.25 Aug 1969 Ian Anthony Balding


3g) Simon Aubrey Robin Hood (2 May 1950-6 Oct 2017); m.13 Nov 1997 Ann Elizabeth Mason


4g) John Peter Robin Hood, b.5 Jun 1954; m.1982 Sophie Scarisbrick


1h) Alice Victoria Mary, b.1983; m.Antoine H J M Forterre


2h) Lily Frances Mary Hastings-Bass (1986-6 Dec 2006)


4f) Aubreen Heather (16 Jul 1920-1967); m.6 May 1946 Lloyd Weinberger


7e) Rowena Grace Marion Selina (2 Feb 1879-5 Sep 1944); m.29 Jul 1901 Graham Paterson (d.22 Mar 1938)


8e) Wilmot Ida Noreen (5 Aug 1880-    ); m.9 Jun 1903 Sir William Arthur Hamar Bass, 2nd Bt. (d.28 Feb 1952)


2d) Dorothea Frances (5 Nov 1847-8 Jul 1909); m.27 Oct 1869 George Dundas Yeoman (d.3 Dec 1908)


3d) Selina Elizabeth Anne (24 May 1849-24 Apr 1875); m.3 Mar 1870 E G H Odell, of Carriglea


4d) Louisa Arabella (19 Mar 1851-3 Feb 1873); m.8 Aug 1871 W P Maxwell, of Moore Hill (d.11 Aug 1902)


4c) Arabella Georgiana (29 Apr 1811 [per Lodge; Debrett’s says Jul 1810]-29 Jan 1899); m.25 Apr 1833 George Augustus Frederick Brooke, of Ashbrooke (1805-20 Feb 1874), son of Sir Henry Brooke, Bt.


5c) John Armstrong (29 Oct 1813-1814); dates per Lodge; Debrett’s 1831 says he d.29 Oct 1812


6c) George Fowler (28 Nov 1814 [per Burke’s and Lodge; Jul 1813, per 1831 Debrett’s]-21 Mar 1876); m.14 Sep 1864 Mathilde Alice Hitchcock (d.6 Jul 1916)


1d) Hans Francis (23 Jun 1865-2 Mar 1933); m.19 Jun 1900 Edyth Mary Spratt (d.1959)


1e) Alice Mary Hamilton (1 May 1901-1975); m.5 Apr 1923 Colin Wilson


2e) George Godolphin (1905-1981); m.1932 Marjory Harris; to Australia


1f) Warren Francis (30 Apr 1938-    ); m.1st 9 Aug 1963 Heather Jean Gordon; m.2nd 1968 (div 1976) Elaine Adams; m.3rd 1976 Elisabeth Kay Vine-Hall; note: the Dallas [Texas USA] Morning News, 2 Jan 2006, published an obituary for one Warren F Hastings, with the same date of birth and the same probably place of birth [Melbourne] as this Warren Francis; it mentions only a surviving wife named Margaret and a surviving daughter named Kathryn, and also a sister, Leonie Thompson; there are enough discrepancies to make it unclear to me whether it refers to this Warren Francis


1g) Adam Francis (1977-    )


2g) Emma Louise (1979-    )


2f) Edyth Leonie (16 Jul 1933-    ); m.1st 1956 (div) Ross Ekins


3e) Edyth Cecile (7 Mar 1910-1994); m.12 Oct 1930 Geoffrey Anderton (d.1981)


2d) Walter Henry (31 Jul 1868-8 Mar 1921)


3d) Frances Alice (26 Jul 1870-3 Feb 1945); m.4 Nov 1895 Gordon George William Henry


4d) William Fowler (9 Jun 1873-18 Aug 1935)


7c) Louisa (Jan 1816-7 Feb 1868); m.14 Apr 1845 Rev. John Lees


8c) Edward Plantagenet Robin Hood (12 Aug 1818-17 Oct 1857); m.12 Dec 1840 Caroline Sarah Morris (d.28 Jan 1890)


1d) Edward George Godolphin (29 Jan 1842-Dec 1884); m.1 Jul 1882 Mabel Sophia (d.13 Dec 1942), dau of Sir Brydges Henniker, 4th Bt., and later wife of Baron Dimsdale


1e) Violet Edith Henniker (18 Jun 1883-24 May 1947); m.3 Sep 1907 Geoffrey Clinton Baker


2d) Alexander Plantagenet (31 Dec 1843-7 Dec 1925); m.29 Jul 1885 Edith Caroline Blake (d.15 Feb 1941)


1e) Muriel Edith (3 May 1886-25 Dec 1961); m.5 Aug 1914 Oswald Fairbanks Smith (d.19 Jun 1942)


2e) Edward George Godolphin (17 Nov 1887-1973); m.26 Apr 1922 Hon. Grisell Annabella Gem Cochrane-Baillie (14 Feb 1898-1985)


1f) Marian Hermione Grisell


2f) [Sheila] Felicity Phoebe (1925-1 Jan 2015); m.30 Apr 1954 John Humphrey Scrimgeour


3f) Bridget Anne (1928-    ); m.29 Oct 1955 Patrick Stephens Leigh (d.19 Jul 2011)


3d) Francis Theophilus Henry (9 Jan 1850-20 Dec 1905)


4d) Godolphin Plantagenet (10 Oct 1851-1 Nov 1892)


5d) George Fowler (2 Sep 1853-24 Oct 1899)


9c) Rev. Richard Godolphin Henry (26 Mar 1820-10 Mar 1865); m.26 Nov 1846 Agnes Fynes Clinton (22 Aug 1827-6 Mar 1872); he is called “Hans” in 1831 Debrett’s and Lodge 1861


1d) Isabel (25 Jan 1849-14 Jan 1864)


2d) Francis Theophilus Clinton (18 Apr 1850-10 Oct 1912)


3d) Margaret Selina (24 Sep 1851-    ); m.1 Oct 1870 Henry James Davidson Horne (d.1883)


4d) Henrietta Mabel (29 Dec 1852-12 Nov 1929)


5d) Charles Godolphin William (29 Jun 1854-6 Feb 1920); m.27 Nov 1882 Margaret Logie Macpherson (d.9 Oct 1920)


1e) James Richard Godolphin (26 Aug 1883-7 Jan 1936)


7d) Henry John Churchill (17 Jul 1856-20 Jun 1924); m.14 Oct 1903 Edith Maria Clark (d.1966)


1e) Katharine Edith (17 Aug 1904-    ); m.1930 Bertie Leighton Henderson


2e) Dorothy Agnes (15 Jul 1905-    ); m.1930 Leslie Duncan Henderson


3e) Henry Theophilus James (1910-1977); m.3 Mar 1941 Muriel Hyde Turner (d.1977) à 1 son, 1 dau


8d) Hugh Francis Plantagenet (29 Jun 1859-27 Jan 1860)


9d) Lucy

10d) Katherine Agnes


3a) Ferdinando, d.in his 14th year