Note: The earliest generations of the first Grey family shown here seem unclear. For example, Burke’s Extinct Peerage makes almost all of them descend from the sons of one Henry de Grey and his wife Isolda. However, a table in The Complete Peerage indicates that only the lines of Grey of Wilton/Grey of Ruthin, Grey of Codnor, and Grey of Sandiacre (extinct 14th Century) descend from this couple, while showing Walter de Grey, Archbishop of York, and his brother Robert Grey of Rotherfield (this line extinct 15th Century), were not sons of Henry and Isolda, though Burke’s says they were.


Thus the families in Parts 1, 2-A, 2-B, and 2-C definitely stem from a common ancestor, as did the Greys of Sandiacre. Possibly also descended from the same male ancestor were the Greys of Rotherfield.


From a separate family, said to be from Northumbria, stem the Greys of Powis, as shown in Part 3, the Greys of Warke (Earl of Tankerville), as shown in Part 4, and the Greys of Howick and Earls Grey, as shown in Part 5. However, the exact relationship between these lines is also unclear.






Part 1: Grey of Codnor



Sir Henry de Grey, of Codnor, summoned to Parliament 1299, whereby he became Lord Grey [of Codnor], d.Sep 1308; m.1st Eleanor de Courtenay; m.2nd Joan, widow of Sir Ralph de Cromwell


1a) [ex 1] Richard, 2nd Lord Grey (ca 1281/2-d.shortly before 10 Mar 1335); m.Joan, dau of Sir Robert Fitzpayn [Lord Fitzpayn]


1b) John, 3rd Lord Grey, d.14 Dec 1392; m.1st by 4 Sep 1325 Eleanor ___ (dsp); m.2nd by 20 Oct 1330 Alice de Lisle


1c) Sir Henry, dvp; m.Joan de Cobham


1d) Richard, 4th Lord Grey ( 1371, d.1 Aug 1418); 1378 Elizabeth Basset


1e) John, 5th Lord Grey ( 1396, d.14 Sep 1430); m.Joan ___


2e) Henry, 6th Lord Grey ( 1405, d.17 Jul 1444); 5 May 1434 Margaret Percy (d.Sep 1464)


1f) Henry, 7th Lord Grey (ca 1435-1496); m.1st shortly after 31 Aug 1454 Catherine Strangways; m.2nd by 1474 Margaret ___; m.3rd in or after 1486 Catherine, Lady Berkeley, née Stourton; at his death the Barony went into abeyance among the descendants of his aunts; he had three illegitimate sons, who inherited many of his estates


3e) William, Bishop of Ely, d.1478


4e) Elizabeth; m.Sir John Zouche


5e) Eleanor; m.Thomas Newport


6e) Lucy; m.Sir Rowland Lenthall


2c) John


3c) Alice; m.William de Everingham


2b) Robert, took surname FitzPayn; m.Elizabeth de Bryan


1c) Isabel, d.11 Apr 1394; m.Richard de Poynings, 3rd Lord Poynings (d.25 May 1387)


3b) Jane; m.Sir William Harcourt


2a) [ex 1] Nicholas, of Rydale





Part 2-A : Grey of Wilton / Grey of Ruthin / Grey [or Ferrers] of Groby



Sir Reynold de Grey, summoned to Parliament 1290, thereby becoming Lord Grey [of Wilton and Ruthin], d.5 Apr 1308; m.Maud, dau of Sir Henry de Longchamp


1a) John, 2nd Lord Grey [of Wilton], d.28 Oct 1323; m.1st Anne, dau of Sir William Ferrers of Groby; m.2nd Maud Basset


1b) [ex 1] Henry, 3rd Lord Grey [of Wilton] (28 Oct 1281/2-10/16 Dec 1342); m.Anne de Rockley


1c) Reynold, 4th Lord Grey (1 Nov 1311-28 May/4 Jun 1370); m.Maud de Botetourt


1d) Henry, 5th Lord Grey, d.22 Apr 1396; m.Elizabeth Talbot (d.10 Jan 1402)


1e) Richard, 6th Lord Grey, d.Aug 1442; m.1st Blanche de la Vache; m.2nd 1427 Margaret de Ferrers (d.16 Jan 1452)


1f) [ex 1] Reynold, 7th Lord Grey, d.22 Feb 1494; m.Thomasine, nat. dau of John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset


1g) John, 8th Lord Grey, d.3 Apr 1499; m.1st Anne, dau of Edmund Grey, Earl of Kent; m.2nd Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Vaughan,and widow of Sir Thomas Cokesey [alias Grevile]


1h) [ex 1] Edmund, 9th Lord Grey, d.5 May 1511; May 1505 Florence Hastings


1i) George, 10th Lord Grey, d.by15 Jan 1515


2i) Thomas, 11th Lord Grey, d.30 Oct 1517


3i) Richard, 12th Lord Grey, 15 Oct 1521, but definitely before 14 Oct 1523


4i) William, 13th Lord Grey, d.14/15 Dec 1562; m.Lady Mary Somerset


1j) Arthur, 14th Lord Grey (1536-Whaddon, Bucks 14 Oct 1593); m.1st Dorothy, nat. dau of Richard la Zouche, Lord Zouche of Haryngworth; m.2nd Jane Sibell, Lady Russell, née Morrison (d.Jul 1615)


1k) [ex 1] Elizabeth; m.Sir Francis Goodwin; her granddaughter and heiress; m.Lord Wharton


2k) [ex 2] Thomas, 15th Lord Grey, attainted 1603, d. a prisoner at Tower of London 9 Jul 1614; the Baroney, subject to the attainder, passed to his sisters and coheirs


3k) William, d.1605


4k) Bridget, d.28 Jul 1648; m.Sir Rowland Egerton, of Egerton, Bt. (bur 3 Oct 1646); her descendants, the Egerton and Grey-Egerton Baronets, one of whom was later made Lord Grey of Wilton and Earl of Wilton, a title which passed from him to the Grosvenors


2j) William


3j) Honora; m.Henry Denny


5i) Elizabeth, d.29 Dec 1559; m.John Brydges, Lord Chandos (9 Mar 1492-Sudeley Castle 12 Apr 1557)


2f) [ex 2] William


2e) Margaret, d.1 Jun 1454; m.1st John, Lord Darcy (d.9 Dec 1411); m.2nd Sir Thomas Swinford, of Kettlethorpe (24 Feb 1373-2 Apr 1432)


2d) Agnes; m.Sir Robert Clifton


2b) [ex 2] Roger, summoned to Parliament 1325, thereby becoming Lord Grey of Ruthin, d.6 Mar 1353; m.Elizabeth, dau of Lord Hastings


1c) John, d.1348/50; m.Anneys, dau of William de Montagu, Earl of Salisbury


2c) Reynold, 2nd Lord Grey of Ruthin (ca 1319-1388); m.Alianore Lestraunge [Strange]


1d) Reynold, 3rd Lord Grey of Ruthin, d.18 Oct 1440; m.1st Margaret de Roos [Ros]; m.2nd by 7 Feb 1415 Joan Astley (d.1448)


1e) [ex 1] Sir John, d.27 Aug 1439; 24 Feb 1413 Constance (d.1437), dau of John Holand, Duke of Exeter


1f) Edmund, 4th Lord Grey of Ruthin, cr 1465 Earl of Kent (26 Oct 1416-22 May 1490); Jan 1459 Catherine Percy (28 May 1423-    ), dau of Earl of Northumberland


1g) Anthony, d.1480; m.Joan Wideville, dau of Earl Rivers


2g) George, 2nd Earl of Kent, d.Ampthill 16 Dec 1503; m.1st Anne Wideville (d.30 Jul 1489), dau of Earl Rivers, and sister of Joan (above) and of Queen Elizabeth, wife of King Edward IV; m.2nd by Oct 1490 Catherine, dau of William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke


[by 1st m.]:


1h) Richard, 3rd Earl of Kent, d.London 3 May 1523; m.1st Elizabeth Hussey (d.Ampthill 19 Nov 1516); m.2nd 1521 Margaret (d.1540/1), dau of James Fynche, widow of John Dawes and Oliver Curteys


[by 2nd m.]:


2h) Henry, 4th Earl of Kent [though he never assumed the title], d.London 24 Sep 1562; m.Anne Blennerhassett (d.1565)


1i) Henry, d.1545; m.1538 Margaret St.John


1j) Reginald, 5th Earl of Kent, d.17 Mar 1573; m.Susan Bertie (ca 1533-    )


2j) Henry, 6th Earl of Kent (1541-31 Jan 1615); m.Mary (d.16 Nov 1580), dau of Sir George Cotton, widow of Earl of Derby


3j) Charles, 7th Earl of Kent (ca 1545-Blunham 28 Sep 1623); 1580 Susan Cotton (d.1617)


1k) Henry, 8th Earl of Kent (ca 1583-London 21 Nov 1639); m.London 16 Nov 1601 Lady Elizabeth Talbot (d.7 Dec 1651)


2k) Susan, d.1620; m.1611 Sir Michael Longueville; her son Charles succeeded as 12th Lord Grey of Ruthin, and that title descended to his issue


2i) Katherine; m.1st ___ Spencer; m.2nd ___ Slayton


3h) George


4h) Anthony, of Brancepeth; m.NN


1i) George; m.Margery Salvaine


1j) Anthony, 9th Earl of Kent (Brancepeth 1557-9 Nov 1643); 1590 Magdalen Purefoy (d.16 Apr 1653); for him and his issue, see Part 2-B, below


5h) Anne (d.1545/6); m.John Hussey, Lord Hussey (1465/6-29 Jun 1537)


3g) John


4g) Elizabeth, d.18 Jul 1472; m.Sir Robert Greystock (d.17 Jun 1483)


5g) Anne; m. 8th Lord Grey of Wilton (above)


2f) [ex 1] Thomas, cr 1450 Lord Richemount-Grey, executed 1461; m.Margaret Ferrers, widow of Lord Grey of Wilton


3f) [ex 2] Edward, d.18 Dec 1457; m.Elizabeth, de jure 7th Baroness Ferrers of Groby ( 1483); in 1446 Edward was summoned to Parliament in the right of his wife’s Barony; their descendants were sometimes called Lords Grey of Groby, but were more properly Lords Ferrers of Groby


1g) Sir John, k.a.St.Albans 17 Feb 1461; m.Elizabeth Widevile (ca 1437-8 Jun 1492), dau of Earl Rivers, and later wife of King Edward IV


1h) Thomas (1451-20 Sep 1501), 8th Lord Ferrers [or Grey] of Groby, cr 1471 Earl of Huntingdon; he resigned that title and in 1475 was cr Marquess of Dorset; m.1st Greenwich Oct 1466 Anne (d.soon after 26 Aug 1467), dau of Thomas Holand, Duke of Exeter; m.2nd ca 1474 Cicely (d.12 Apr 1530), suo jure Baroness Harington and Baroness Bonville, later m. to Earl of Wiltshire


1i) Edward


2i) Anthony


3i) Thomas, 2nd Marquess of Dorset (22 Jun 1477-10 Oct 1530); m.1509 Mrs Margaret Medley, née Wotton


1j) Henry, 3rd Marquess of Dorset, cr 1551 Duke of Suffolk, attainted 1554 (17 Jan 1517-executed 23 Feb 1554); m.1st by 1530, but soon repudiated, Lady Katherine Fitzalan (fl 1552); m.2nd May 1533 Lady Frances Brandon (16 Jul 1517-11 Nov 1559); because of the attainder the Dukedom and Marquessate were forfeited, and the Baronies went into abeyance


1k) Jane, Queen of England 10 Jul 1553-19 Jul 1553 (Bradgate, Leicestershire Oct 1537-beheaded on Tower Green 12 Feb 1554); m.Durham House, London 21 May 1553 Lord Guildford Dudley (beheaded on Tower Hill 12 Feb 1554)


2k) Catherine (ca 1539-Cockfield Hall 26/27 Jan 1568); m.1st Durham House 21 May 1553 (div 1554) Henry Herbert, Lord Herbert [later, 2nd Earl of Pembroke] (d.19 Jan 1601); m.2nd London ca Nov 1560 Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford (d.6 Apr 1621)


3k) Mary (1545-London 20 Apr 1578); m.Westminster 10 Aug 1565 Thomas Keyes (d.Sep 1571)


2j) Edward


3j) Thomas, executed 23 Apr 1554


1k) Margaret; m.John Astley


4j) John, of Pirgo, d.6 Nov 1564; his brother’s honors having been forfeited, he could not succeed as Marquess of Dorset; m.Mary Browne, sister of Viscount Montagu, later wife of Sir Henry Capell


1k) Henry, of Enville, d.26 Jul 1614; he was cr 1603 Baron Grey of Groby; he m.Hon. Anne Windsor (d.1605); for his issue see Part 2-C, below


2k) Margaret; m.Sir Arthur Capel, son of her mother’s second husband by his second wife


3k) Frances; m.Sir Henry Cooke


5j) Mary


6j) Catherine; m.Henry Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel (23 Apr 1512-24 Feb 1580)


7j) Elizabeth; m.1st 22 Apr 1538 Thomas Audley, Lord Audley, of Walden (ca 1488-30 Apr 1544); m.2nd George Norton


8j) Anne; m.Sir Henry Willoughby, of Wollaton


4i) John; m.Anne Barlow


1j) Elizabeth; m.1st Henry Denny; m.2nd Sir Edward Greville


2j) Frances; m.William Coke


5i) Richard; m.Florence Pudsey, widow of Sir Thomas Talbot and of Henry, 10th Lord Clifford


1j) Henry


6i) Leonard, cr 1536 Viscount Grane (ca 1490-executed 25 Jul 1541); he is usually said to have dsp, but the Irish families of Gray of Carn Park, and Grey of Greyfield, claim descent from him


7i) Rev. George


8i) Dorothy, d.1552/3; m.1st Robert Willoughby, 2nd Lord Willoughby de Broke (1472-10 Nov 1521); m.2nd by 29 Jul 1523 William Blount, 4th Lord Mountjoy (ca 1478-8 Nov 1534)


9i) Cecily, bur 28 Apr 1554; m.John Sutton, 3rd Lord Dudley (ca 1495-bur 18 Sep 1553)


10i) Eleanor; m.Sir John Arundel, of Lanherne


11i) Elizabeth; m.1519 Gerald FitzGerald, 9th Earl of Kildare (1487-13 Dec 1534)


12i) Mary, d.22 Feb 1538; m.Walter Devereux, 3rd Lord Ferrers [later, 1550, Viscount Hereford] (d.17 Sep 1558)


13i) Margaret; m.Richard Wake


14i) Bridget, d.young


15i) Anne; m.Sir Richard Clement


2h) Sir Richard, executed 1483


2g) Edward, cr 1475 Lord and Baron of Lisle, cr 1483 Viscount Lisle, d.17 Jul 1492; m.1st Elizabeth, suo jure 3rd Baroness Lisle (d.8 Sep 1487), dau of Thomas Talbot, 2nd Viscount Lisle; m.2nd Joan (d.1500), widow of Robert Drope and of John Treguran


1h) John, 2nd Viscount Lisle (Apr 1480-9 Sep 1504); m.Marcella [Muriel?] Howard (d.14 Dec 1512), dau of Duke of Norfolk


1i) Elizabeth, 5th Baroness Lisle (ca 25 Mar 1505-1519); she was engaged to Charles Brandon, later Duke of Suffolk, cr 1513 Viscount Lisle, but he instead; m.Mary Tudor; she m.Henry Courtenay, Earl of Devon (executed 1519)


2h) Anne; m.John Willoughby


3h) Elizabeth, 6th Baroness Lisle, 1530; m.1st ca 1495 Edmund Dudley (executed 18 Aug 1510); m.2nd 12 Nov 1511 Arthur Plantagenet, 1523 Viscount Lisle (d.3 Mar 1542), nat. son of King Edward IV; her son John Dudley was 7th Lord Lisle, and was later Duke of Northumberland


4h) Margaret, d.1500/4; 1494 Edward Stafford, 2nd Earl of Wiltshire (7 Apr 1470-24 Mar 1499)


3g) Reginald, k.a.Wakefield 31 Dec 1460


4g) Anne; m.Sir Edward Hungerford


2e) Alice; m.Sir John Knyvett


[?3e) Elizabeth; m.Robert, 4th Lord Poynings; note that Burke’s has this marriage sub Poynings, but The Complete Peerage says that Poynings’ first wife’s name was unknown, and his second was someone else]


2a) Joan, d.1353; m.Ralph, 2nd Lord Basset (d.25 Feb 1343)




Part 2-B


Anthony Grey, 9th Earl of Kent (Brancepeth 1557-9 Nov 1643; see Part 2-A, above); 1590 Magdalen Purefoy (d.16 Apr 1653)


1a) Henry, 10th Earl of Kent (24 Nov 1594-28 May 1651); m.1st Clapham 14 Oct 1641 Mary Courteen (bap 30 Jul 1609- bur 20 Mar 1644); m.2nd 1 Aug 1644 Amabel (bap 3 Sep 1607-17 Aug 1698), dau of Sir Anthony Benn, and widow of ___ Douce and of Hon. Anthony Fane


1b) [ex 1] Henry, styled Lord Grey [though there does not seem to be a barony vested in his father], bur 20 Jun 1644


2b) [ex 2] Anthony, 11th Earl of Kent (11 Jun 1645-Tunbridge 19 Aug 1702); m.2 Mar 1663 Mary (d.1 Nov 1702), who in 1663 was cr Baroness Lucas of Crudwell, dau of John Lucas, Lord Lucas of Shenfield


1c) Henry, 12th Earl of Kent, 2nd Lord Lucas of Crudwell, cr 1706 Marquess of Kent, Earl of Harold and Viscount Goderich, and cr 1710 Duke of Kent, and cr 1740 Marquess Grey [with remainder after his issue male to his granddaughter Jemima Campbell] (bap 28 Sep 1671-5 Jun 1740); m.1st 26 Mar 1695 Hon. Jemima Crew (d.27 Jul 1728); m.2nd 24 Mar 1729 Lady Sophia Bentinck (d.14 Jun 1748); at his death all his titles became extinct, except the Marquessate of Grey and Barony of Lucas of Crudwell, which devolved on his granddaughter Lady Jemima Campbell


[by 1st m.]:


1d) Anthony, Earl of Harold, summoned to House of Lords as Lord Lucas of Crudwell (21 Feb 1696-Wrest, Beds 21 Jul 1723); m.17 Feb 1718 Lady Mary Tufton (6 Jul 1701-12 Feb 1785), later Countess Gower


2d – 4d) three more sons, dvp by 1732


5d) Amabel, d.Copenhagen 2 Mar 1727; m.London 20 Feb 1718 John Campbell, 3rd Earl of Breadalbane (bap 10 Mar 1696-26 Jan 1782)


1e) Lady Jemima Campbell, 2nd Marchioness Grey and 4th Baroness Lucas of Crudwell (9 Oct 1722-London 11 Jan 1797); m.Brompton 22 May 1740 Philip Yorke, 2nd Earl of Hardwicke (London 9 Dec 1720-London 16 May 1790)


1f) Amabel, 5th Bss Lucas of Crudwell, cr 1816 Countess de Grey of Wrest [with remainder to her sister and her heirs male (22 Jan 1751-London 4 May 1833); m.London 16 Jul 1772 Alexander Hume-Campbell, Lord Polwarth (d.9 Mar 1781); the earldom of de Grey of Wrest was inherited by her nephew


2f) Mary Jemima, d.7 Jan 1830; m.17 Aug 1780 Thomas Robinson, 2nd Lord Grantham (Vienna 30 Nov 1738-Grantham House 20 Jul 1786)


1g) Thomas Philip, took surname Wedell, later took surname de Grey, 3rd Lord Grantham, 2nd Earl de Grey, 6th Lord Lucas of Crudwell (Whitehall 8 Dec 1781-London 14 Nov 1859); m.Cobham, Surrey 20 Jul 1805 Lady Henrietta Frances Cole (22 Jun 1784-London 2 Jul 1848)


1h) Anne Florence, 7th Bss Lucas of Crudwell (London 8 Jun 1806-London 23 Jul 1880); m.London 7 Oct 1833 George Augustus Frederick Cowper, 6th Earl Cowper (London 26 Jun 1806-Maidstone 15 Apr 1856); the Barony of Lucas of Crudwell descended to her issue


2h) Thomas Philip (21 Aug 1807-30 Mar 1810)


3h) Mary Gertrude (5 Nov 1809-11 Jul 1892); m.5/6 Jul 1832 Henry Vyner (d.22 Jan 1861)


4h) Frederick William (11 Apr 1810-Feb 1830)


5h) Amabel Elizabeth (11 Oct 1816-13 Sep 1827)


2g) Frederick John, cr 1827 Viscount Goderich, cr 1833 Earl of Ripon, Prime Minister 1827-8 (London 1 Nov 1782-Putney Heath 28 Jan 1859); m.Lambeth 1 Sep 1814 Lady Sarah Albinia Louisa Hobart (22 Feb 1793-Putney Heath 9 Apr 1867)


1h) Eleanor Henrietta Victoria (22 May 1815-31 Oct 1826)


2h) Hobart Frederick (8 Sep 1816 [28 Sep 1816 per 1831 Debrett;s]-d. aged two days)


3h) George Frederick Samuel, 2nd Earl of Ripon and Viscount Goderich, 3rd Earl de Grey, 4th Lord Grantham, cr 1871 Marquess of Ripon (London 24 Oct 1827-Studley Royal 9 Jul 1909); m.London 8 Apr 1851 Henrietta Anne Theodosia Vyner (London 17 Apr 1833-London 28 Feb 1907), dau of his cousin (above)


1i) Frederick Oliver, 2nd Marquess of Ripon, 4th Earl de Grey, etc. (London 29 Jan 1852-Studley Royal 22 Sep 1923); m.London 7 May 1885 Constance Gladys (24 Apr 1859-London 27 Oct 1917), dau of Lord Herbert of Lea, and widow of Earl of Lonsdale


2i) Mary Sarah (16 Jul 1857-3 Jul 1858)


3g) Philip (1783-1794)


6d) Jemina, d.7 Jul 1731; m.14 Mar 1724 John Ashburnham, Earl of Ashburnham (bap 13 Mar 1687-10 Mar 1737)


7d) Anne, d.20 Sep 1733; m.9 Jan1727 Lord Charles Cavendish


8d) Mary, ___ Gregory


9d – 11d) three more daus


[by 2nd m.]:


12d) George, Earl of Harold (22 Aug 1732-3 Feb 1733)


13d) Anna Sophia, d.24 Mar 1780; m.John Egerton, Bishop of Durham (30 Jan 1721-18 Jun 1787)


2c) Amabel


3b) [ex 2] Elizabeth, d.24 Sep 1714; m.Fllitton 9 Nov 1665 Bansatre Maynard, 3rd Lord Maynard (1642-3 Mar 1718)


2a) John


3a) Bob


4a) Theophulius


5a) Nathaniel


6a) Grace; m.James Ward


7a) Magdalen; m.John Brown


8a) Christian; m. ___ Burdet


9a) Patience; m. ___ Wood


10a) Priscilla





Part 2-C



Henry Grey, of Enville, d.26 Jul 1614 (see Part 2-A, above), cr 1603 Baron Grey of Groby; m.Hon. Anne Windsor (d.1605)


1a) Sir John, bur 7 Oct 1611; m.Hon. Elizabeth Nevill


1b) Henry, 2nd Lord Grey of Groby, cr 1628 Earl of Stamford (ca 1600-21 Aug 1673); 1620 Lady Anne Cecil


1c) Thomas, Lord Grey (1622-1657); 1646 Lady Dorothy Bourchier (bap 24 Sep 1626-    )


1d) Thomas, 2nd Earl of Stamford (ca 1653-31 Jan 1720); m.1st Elizabeth Harvey (ca 1657- bur 7 Sep 1687); m.2nd Mary Maynard (d.9 Nov 1722)


1e – 2e) [ex 1] two sons, styled Lord Grey, dvp as infants


3e) [ex 1] Diana, d.young


4e) son, Lord Grey, b.23 Dec 1696, infant


2d) Elizabeth; m.Henry Benson, of Charwelton


3d) Anne; m.James Grove


2c) Anchitel, of Risley, d.Risley 9 Jul 1702; m.Anne, Lady Aston, dau of Sir Henry Willoughby, of Risley, Bt.


1d) Willoughby


2d) Elizabeth, dvp


3c) John, of Enville Hall; m.1st Mary Wollryche; m.2nd Hon. Catharine Ward; m.3rd Susanna Scrimshaw


1d) [ex 1] Mary; m.William Ward, of Willingsworth (d.25 Oct 1720)


2d) [ex 2] Harry, 3rd Earl of Stamford (10 Jun 1685-16 Nov 1739); m.London 6 Jul 1704 Dorothy Wright (d.Old Lidington, Beds 12 Aug 1738), dau of Lord Keeper Wright


1e) Harry, 4th Earl of Stamford (Enville 18 Jun 1715-Enville Hall 30 May 1768); m.London 18 May 1736 Lady Mary Booth (d.Dunham Massey 10 Dec 1772), dau of Earl of Warrington


1f) George Harry, 5th Earl of Stamford, cr 1796 Earl of Warrington and Baron Delamer of Dunham Massey (1 Oct 1737-Enville Hall 23 May 1819); m.London 28 May 1763 Lady Henrietta Bentinck (8 Feb 1737-4 Jun 1827)


1g) Henrietta (20 Apr 1764-12 Jul 1826); m.26 Oct 1785 Sir John Chetwode, 4th Bt. (11 May 1764-17 Dec 1845)


2g) George Harry, 6th Earl of Stamford and Warrington (31 Oct 1765-Enville Hall 26 Apr 1845); m.London 23 Dec 1797 Lady Henrietta Charlotte Elizabeth Wemyss-Charteris (3 Feb 1773-Bath 30 Jan 1838)


1h) Henrietta Charlotte (12 Sep 1798-25 Feb 1866); m.16 Dec 1820 Rev. James Thomas Law (8 Dec 1790-22 Feb 1876), nephew of Lord Ellenborough


2h) Maria (17 Dec 1800-4 May 1821)


3h) George Harry, Lord Grey (Little Aston Hall 5 Apr 1802-Dunham Massey 24 Oct 1835); m.Gosford House, co Haddington 20 Dec 1824 Lady Katharina Charteris-Wemyss-Douglas (20 Aug 1801-Dunham Massey 4 Jan 1844)


1i) Margaret Henrietta Maria (12 Dec 1825-7 Mar 1852); m.6 Oct 1846 Henry John Milbank (22 Jun 1824-4 Jun 1872)


2i) George Harry, 7th Earl of Stamford and Warrington (Enville 7 Jan 1827-Bradgate Park 2 Jan 1883); m.1st Brighton 23 Dec 1848 Elizabeth Billage (d.Brighton 22 Oct 1854); m.2nd Clewer, Berks 29 Aug 1855 Katherine Cocks (d.Bradgate Hall 29 Jan 1905)


4h) Jane (21 Mar 1804 [per Lodge, etc., sub Stamford; 1803, per Cokayne, sub Ormathwaite]-22 Jun 1877); m.9 Nov 1825 John Benn-Walsh, Lord Ormathwaite (9 Dec 1798-3 Feb 1881)


5h) Henry Booth (29 Jan 1807-Mar 1857)


3g) Maria (Nov 1767- infant)


4g) Maria (30 Jun 1769-21 Apr 1838); m.1794 John Cotes, of Woodcote (12 Nov 1749-24 Aug 1821)


5g) Louisa (8 May 1771-Feb 1830)


6g) William Booth (10 Sep 1773-11 Mar 1852); m.1st 7 Apr 1802 Frances Anne Price (d.1837); m.2nd 28 Aug 1838 Hon. Frances Somerville (7 Jan 1782-23 Oct 1849)


7g) Rev. Anchitel (16 Dec 1774-20 Dec 1833)


8g) Henry (23 Aug a shipwreck 10 Feb 1799)


9g) Sophia (7 Oct 1777-7 Jan 1849); m.21 Oct 1809 Booth Grey, of Aston Hayes (below)


10g) Amelia (7 Jul 1779-29 Oct 1849); m.18 Oct 1800 Sir John Lister Kaye, Bt. (d.28 Feb 1827)


2f) Mary (17 Apr 1739-1 Mar 1783); m.24 Feb 1764 Hon. George Augustus West (1733-7 Feb 1776)


3f) Booth (15 Aug 1740-4 Mar 1802); m.10 May 1782 Elizabeth Mainwaring (d.4 Jul 1823)


1g) Booth, of Aston Hayes (12 Feb 1783-13 Apr 1850); m.21 Oct 1809 Lady Sophia Grey (above)


2g) Elizabeth Kynaston, d.2 Mar 1853; m.28 Dec 1826 Rev. Charles Mytton, later Thornycroft (d.4 May 1840)


4f) Anne Grey (23 Jan 1742-Jun 1743)


5f) John (22 May 1743-12 Jul 1802); m.22 Jul 1773 Susannah Leycester


1g) Henrietta (29 Jan 1775-1812); m.Jun 1802 Rev. Charles Mytton, later Thornycroft (d.4 May 1840)


2g) Mary, d.27 Mar 1842


3g) Emma (25 Apr 1782-27 Apr 1851); m.1807 Thomas William Tatton, of Wythenshawe (29 Oct 1783-London 2 Mar 1827)


4g) Rev. Harry (8 Jul 1783-26 Mar 1860); m.1st 14 May 1811 Frances Elizabeth Ellis; m.2nd 11 May 1847 Mary Harvey


1h) Harry, 8th Earl of Stamford (26 Feb 1812-19 Jun 1890); m.1st Tiverton 30 Sep 1844 (sep 1854) Susan Gaydon (d.20 Nov 1869); m.2nd Wynberg, Cape Province 19 Dec 1872 Annie Macnamara (d.Sep 1874); m.3rd Wynberg 6 Dec 1880 Martha Solomon (d.17 Mar 1916)


1i) Mary (25 Jul 1881-2 May 1945); m.1 Mar 1917 (div 1930) Meredith Starr


2i) [ex 3] John (8 Oct 1877-    )


2h) Mary (2 May 1813-15 Feb 1885); m.11 Feb 1834 James Grant Lumsden (d.11 Sep 1863)


3h) Emma (11 May 1814-1 Jun 1831)


4h) John (5 Sep 1815-26 Mar 1868); m.Nov 1846 Harriet Turner


5h) Rev. William (27 Oct 1819-1 Sep 1872); m.25 Jul 1849 Harriet White (d.28 May 1880)


1i) William, 9th Earl of Stamford (18 Apr 1850-Llandaff House, Weybridge 24 May 1910); m.London 18 Apr 1895 Elizabeth Louisa Penelope Theobald


1j) Roger, 10th Earl of Stamford (Whitehall Court 27 Oct 1896-18 Aug 1976)


2j) Jane (24 Aug 1899-1991); m.29 Sep 1927 Rev Peveril Hayes Turnbull


6h) Rev. George (20 May 1821-16 Apr 1882); m.28 Apr 1857 Agnes Heale (d.24 Dec 1908)


7h) Reginald (17 Mar 1823-28 Mar 1831)


8h) Frances Charlotte Elizabeth (1828-3 May 1920); m.11 Oct 1860 Rev Joseph Rhodes Charlesworth (d.22 Sep 1904)


9h) Anna (14 May 1833-3 Dec 1907); m.1st 7 Jan 1869 William Rose Tredger (d.8 Aug 1875); m.2nd 29 Sep 1886 John Watson (d.1897)


5g) Anna Maria (11 Jul 1791-3 Nov 1827); m.Rev. Thomas Clarke (d.1870)


2e) John, of Enville Hall (ca 1724-25 Feb 1777); m.24 May 1748 Lucy Danvers


3e) Dorothy, d.Enville Aug 1781


4e) Catherine; m.1st Jan Willem van Trip (d.Jun 1738); m.2nd N Vanden Bempden


5e) Diana; m.Sep 1736 George Middleton


6e) Anne; m.1744 Sir Richard Acton, 5th Bt (1 Jan 1712-20 Nov 1791)


7e) Jane, d.1752; m.Jun 1738 George Drummond


3d) [ex 2] John, d.young


4d) [ex 2] Mary, d.1769; 1708 Sir John Wrottesley, 4th Bt. (1683-Oct 1726)


4c) Leonard


5c) Elizabeth, d.Oldfield Hall 4 Jan 1691; m.George Booth, Lord Delamere (18 Dec 1622-8 Aug 1684)


6c) Diana, d.8 Apr 1689; m.London 16 Feb 1646 Robert Bruce, 2nd Earl of Elgin and 1st Earl of Ailesbury (d.20 Oct 1685)


7c) Jane; m. ___ Ogle


8c) Anne


9c) Mary


2b) Philip, d.young


2a) Henry, Holland


3a) Ambrose à issue, extinct in male line, including:


1b) Mary [or Margaret] 1632 Sir Walter Wrottesley, Bt. (bap 6 May 1606-6 Nov 1659)


4a) George


5a) Mary; m.William Salyard


6a) Elizabeth [Frances?]; m.Sir Anthony Felton, of Playford





Part 3



Sir John Grey [or Gray]; in 1419 he was granted the Anglo-Norman comté of Tancarville [Tankerville], and was k.a. at Baugé 22 Mar 1421; he m.Joan (d.17 Sep 1425), dau of Sir Edward Cherlton [5th Lord Cherlton], feudal lord of Powis


1a) Henry, Count of Tancarville [sometimes called Earl of Tankerville, but this was a Norman title], d.13 Jan 1450; m.Antigone, nat. dau of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester


1b) Richard, by 1455 Lord Grey of Powis [or Lord Powis] (5 Nov 1436-17 Dec 1466); m.Margaret, dau of James, Lord Audley,widow of Sir Roger Vaughan


1c) John, 2nd Lord Grey of Powis, d.1494; m.Anne, dau of William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke


1d) John, 3rd Lord Grey of Powis, d.15 Apr 1504; m.Margaret, dau of Lord Dudley


1e) Edward, 4th Lord Grey of Powis, d.2 Jul 1551; m.Anne (ca 1503- bur 13 Jan 1558), legitimated dau of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk; he had issue by one Jane Orwell:


1f) Edward


2f) Anne


3f) Jane


4f) child


[?2c) Elizabeth; m.Sir John Ludlow]


2b) Hunphrey


3b) Elizabeth; m.Sir Roger Kynaston





Part 4



William Grey, of Chillingham, cr Baronet 1619, cr 1624 Baron Grey of Warke, d.29 Jul 1674; m.1619 Cecilia Wentworth (bur 1 Feb 1668)


1a) Thomas, d.1670


2a) Ralph, 2nd Lord Grey of Warke (bap 27 Oct 1630-Hartint 15 Jun 1675); m.Catherine (22 May 1634-ca 1682), dau of Sir Edward Ford, and widow of Hon. Alexander Colepeper


1b) Ford, 3rd Lord Grey of Warke, cr 1695 Earl of Tankerville and Viscount Glendale (bap 20 Jul 1655-London 24 Jun 1701); m.Lady Mary Berkeley (d.19 May 1719)


1c) Mary, d.31 May 1710; m.3 Jul 1695 Charles Bennet, 2nd Lord Ossulston, 1714 Earl of Tankerville (ca 1674-21 May 1722)


2b) Ralph, 4th Lord Grey of Warke, d.20 Jun 1706


3b) Charles


4b) Katherine; m.Richard Neville, of Billingbere (12 Oct 1655-1717)


3a) Elizabeth, d.1668


4a) Katherine, sea returning from Barbados in or before Jan 1695; m.1st Apr 1665 Sir Edward Mosley, of Rolleston, 2nd Bt. (d.14 Oct 1665); m.2nd 1667 Charles North, summoned to Parliament 1675 as Lord Grey of Rolleston, 1677 5th Lord North (d.Jan 1691); m.3rd 1691 Francis Russell (d.Barbados ca 1 Oct 1696)





Part 5



Sir Henry Grey, of Howick, cr Baronet 1746 (bap 4 Dec 1691-bur 6 May 1749); m.19 Apr 1720 Hannah Wood (bur 19 Jul 1764)


1a) Sir Henry, 2nd Bt. (bap 15 Nov 1722-London 30 Mar 1808)


2a) John


3a) Hannah


4a) Jane


5a) Margaret (bap 8 Dec 1726-1755); m.5 Oct 1753 Sir Grey Cooper, 3rd Bt. (ca 1726-30 Jul 1801)


6a) Thomas (bap 25 Jun a duel)


7a) Charles, cr 1801 Baron Grey of Howick, cr 1806 Earl Grey and Viscount Howick (Howick 23 Oct 1729-Howick 14 Nov 1807); m.Southwick, co Durham 8 Jun 1762 Elizabeth Grey (d.London 26 May 1722)


1b) Henry (1763- infant)


2b) Charles, 2nd Earl Grey, 3rd Bt., Prime Minister (Fallodon 13 Mar 1764-Howick House 17 Jul 1845); m.London 18 Nov 1794 Hon. Mary Elizabeth Ponsonby (4 Mar 1776-London 26 Nov 1861


1c) Louisa Elizabeth (7 Apr 1797-Genoa 26 Nov 1941); m.Howick 9 Dec 1816 John George Lambton, Earl of Durham (12 Apr 1792-28 Jul 1840)


2c) Elizabeth (10 Jul 1798-8 Nov 1880); m.13 May 1826 John Crocker Bulteel, of Flete and Lyneham (d.10 Sep 1843)


3c) Caroline (1799-28 Apr 1875); m.15 Jan 1827 Hon. George Barrington (20 Nov 1794-2 Jun 1835)


4c) Georgiana (17 Feb 1801-4 Sep 1900)


5c) Henry George, 3rd Earl Grey (Howick House 28 Dec 1802-Howick House 9 Oct 1894); m.London 9 Aug 1832 Maria Copley (4 Mar 1803-Howick House 14 Sep 1879)


6c) Charles (15 Mar 1804-31 Mar 1870); m.26 Jul 1836 Caroline Eliza (20 Mar 1814-4 Nov 1890), dau of Sir Thomas Farquhar, 2nd Bt.


1d) Sybil Mary (28 Nov 1848-London 7 Sep 1871); m.20 Jun 1867 William Amelius Aubrey Beauclerk, 10th Duke of Saint Albans (15 Apr 1840-11 May 1898)


2d) Charles (6 Apr 1850-23 Jun 1855)


3d) Albert Henry George, 4th Earl Grey (St.James’ Palace 28 Nov 1851-Howick House 28 Aug 1917); m.London 9 Jun 1877 Alice Holford (d.22 Sep 1944)


1e) Victoria Sybil Mary (9 Jun 1878-3 Feb 1907); m.23 Jul 1901 Arthur Morton Grenfell


2e) Charles Robert, 5th Earl Grey (15 Dec 1879-2 Apr 1963); m.16 Jun 1906 Lady Mabel Laura Georgiana Palmer (6 Oct 1884-15 Jul 1958)


1f) Mary Cecil (5 May 1907-21 Mar 2002); m.24 Apr 1935 Evelyn Baring, Lord Howick of Glendale (29 Sep 1903-10 Mar 1973)


2f) Elizabeth Katherine (13 Oct 1908-25 Feb 1941); m.26 Jul 1932 Ronald Dawnay (2 Feb 1908-1990)


3e) Sybil (15 Jul 1882-4 Jun 1966); m.21 Sep 1922 Lambert William Middleton (29 Apr 1877-10 Dec 1941), of the Baronets


4e) Evelyn Alice (14 Mar 1886-15 Apr 1971); m.23 Nov 1912 Sir Lawrence Evelyn Jones, 5th Bt (5 Apr 1885-6 Sep 1969)


5e) Lilian Winifred (11 Jun 1891-7 Apr 1895)


4d) Victoria Alexandrina Elizabeth (28 Jun 1853-15 Jan 1922); m.6 Jun 1877 Hon. Lewis Payan Dawnay (1 Apr 1846-30 Jul 1910)


5d) Louisa Jane (15 Feb 1855-2 Apr 1949); m.1 Jun 1875 William Randal McDonnell, 6th Earl of Antrim (8 Jan 1851-19 Jul 1918)


6d) Mary Caroline (13 Nov 1858-14 Jul 1940); m.28 Jul 1883 Gilbert John Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 4th Earl of Minto (9 Jul 1845-1 Mar 1914)


7c) Sir Frederick William (23 Aug 1805-2 May 1878); m.20 Jul 1846 Barbarina Charlotte Sullivan (d.23 Mar 1902)


8c) Mary (3 May 1807-6 Jul 1884); m.London 30 Jul 1829 Charles Wood, Viscount Halifax (20 Dec 1800-8 Aug 1885)


9c) William (13 May 1808-11 Feb 1815)


10c) George (16 May 1809-3 Oct 1891); m.20 Jan 1845 Jane Frances Stuart (21 Jul 1822-13 Nov 1892), of the Lords Blantyre


1d) Charles (31 Mar 1846-29 Nov 1896); m.3 Nov 1874 Constance Goad


2d) Mary Elizabeth (26 Nov 1847-24 Oct 1936)


3d) Katherine Louisa (3 Nov 1848-18 Feb 1909)


4d) Jane (25 Feb 1850-23 Feb 1933); m.18 May 1870 Wenman Aubrey Wykeham-Musgrave, of Thame (24 Jul 1837-13 Nov 1915)


5d) Rev. Harry George (1 Oct 1851-22 Jan 1925)


6d) Frederick Bryan (24 Dec 1852-6 Jan 1927); m.22 Jun 1883 Mary Greenstock (d.14 Jan 1935)


1e) Sybil Frances; m.12 Apr 1910 Philip Walker Kent


7d) Louisa Georgiana (3 May 1856-7 May 1870)


8d) George Walter (7 Dec 1857-11 Feb 1894)


9d) Francis William (8 Jan 1860-Jul 1939); m.22 Dec 1885 Jessie Macleod (d.4 Jun 1928)


1e) George Archibald (12 Dec 1886-1952); m.1st 30 Oct 1905 (div 1919) Margery Berridge Stuart (15 Sep 1886-25 Jul 1952); m.2nd 1919 (div 1927) Gladys Helen Complin (2 Aug 1899-2001)


1f) Albert Harry George Campbell (23 Jun 1912-d.on active service 1942); m.1938 Vera Helen Louise Harding (d.16 Nov 1964)


1g) Richard Fleming George Charles, 6th Earl Grey (4 Mar 1939-10 Sep 2013); m.1st 1966 (div 1974) Margaret Ann Bradford; m.2nd 17 Aug 1974 Mrs Stephanie Caroline Denham, née Gaskell-Brown


2g) Philip Kent, 7th Earl Grey (11 May 1940-    ); m.23 Mar 1968 Ann Catherine Applegate


1h) Alexander Edward, Viscount Howick, b.20 Dec 1968


2h) Vanessa Catherine, b.1975


2f) Diana Sybil (1906-    ); m.7 Aug 1957 Lawrence Frederick Burford (d.1979)


3f) Janice Evelyn (4 Apr 1909-6 Jul 1978); m.1936 Boris Luts


4f) Margery Mary Maidland (27 Nov 1910-Oct 1986); m.1938 Edgar Cunliffe Price


5f) Rodney York, took surname de Charmoy Grey (1921-Dec 2017); m.1st 1945 (div 1952) Margaret Eileen Hawley; m.2nd 1952 (div 1970) Roslyn Marcus; m.3rd 1970 Cozette d'Emmerez de Charmoy


1g) Christopher John (1946-    )


2g) David York (1947-    )


3g) Simon Alexander (1958-    )


4g) Marcus Edward (1960-    )


5g) Mary Stewart; m. H James


2e) Mary Stuart


10d) William Edward (11 May 1866-17 Sep 1911)


11d) Helen Diana, d.3 Mar 1902


11c) Thomas (29 Dec 1810-8 Jul 1826)


12c) Rev. John (