The early generations of the Gordon family are a bit vague in many of the sources., though it seems clear that the many branches of the family descend from one Sir Adam Gordon. Among the most important branches are the Gordons of Lochinvar, Viscounts Kenmure; the Gordons of Haddo, Earls of Aberdeen; and the Gordons of Pitlurg.




Part 1a: Gordon [of the Seton family]


The first part of this page will deal with the branch of the Earls and Marquesses of Huntly, Dukes of Gordon, who are actually descended from the Setons in the male line.



Alexander Seton, son of William Seton, of that Ilk, married in 1408 Elizabeth, daughter of John Gordon, of Gordon and Huntly. Inheriting these important Gordon lands, he is sometimes considered to have been created Lord Gordon. He died 1440/1, and she on 16 Mar 1439. [Alexander was great-uncle of the 1st Lord Seton.] They had issue:


1a) Alexander Seton, later [ca 1457] Gordon, cr 1444/5 Earl of Huntly (d.Huntly 15 Jul 1470); m.1st ca 1427 (annulled) Gille Hay; m.2nd Elizabeth, dau of 1st Lord Crichton; the children of 2nd marriage all took surname Gordon, while the son of the 1st remained a Seton; at some point Huntly resigned his estates and obtained a new charter leaving them to his issue by 2nd marriage, and only after them to the issue of the 1st marriage, and this apparently applied also to his Earldom


1b) [by 1st m.]: Sir Alexander Seton, of Touch, who inherited estates of his mother’s family issue, now represented by the Seton of Abercorn Baronets; if Alexander’s grandfather really was cr Lord Gordon, then these Setons are heirs to that title


2b) [by 2nd m.]: George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly (d.Stirling 1501); m.1st (div) Elizabeth Dunbar, Dowager Countess of Moray; m.2nd (div 1471) Pss Annabel of Scotland; m.3rd 1471 Elizabeth Hay


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Alexander, 3rd Earl of Huntly (d.Perth 21 Jan 1524); m.1st Lady Janet Stewart (d.Strathbogie 27 Oct 1510); m.2nd 1511 Elizabeth, Dowager Lady Glamis (d.1526), dau of Lord Gray and later wife of Earl of Rothes


1d) George


2d) John, Lord Gordon (d.Abbey of Kinloss 5 Dec 1517); m.Nov 1512 Margaret Stewart, illegitimate dau. of King James IV


1e) George, 4th Earl of Huntly (1513-Corrichie 22 Oct 1562); m.27 Mar 1530 Lady Elizabeth Keith


1f) Alexander, Lord Gordon (d.Edinburgh 1552/3); m.ca 1546 Lady Barbara Hamilton


2f) George, 5th Earl of Huntly (d.Strathbogie 19 Oct 1576); m.1558/9 Lady Anne Hamilton


1g) George, 6th Earl of Huntly, cr 1599 Marquess of Huntly, Earl of Enzie, and Lord Gordon of Badenoch (ca 1563-Dundee 13 Jun 1636); m.Holyrood 21 Jul 1588 Lady Henrietta Stuart (France 1573-France 2 Sep 1642)


1h) George, 2nd Marquess of Huntly (beheaded at Edinburgh 22 Mar 1649); m.1607 Lady Anne Douglas (1594-Aberdeen 14 Jun 1638)


1i) George, Lord Gordon (k.a.Alford 2 Jul 1645)


2i) James, Viscount Aboyne (d.Paris Feb 1649)


3i) Lewis, 3rd Marquess of Huntly (d.Dec 1653); m.Oct 1644 Mary Grant (fl 1707)


1j) GEORGE, 4th Marquess of Huntly, cr 1684 Duke of Gordon, Marquess of Huntly, Earl of Huntly and Enzie, etc. (1649-Leith 7 Dec 1716); m.Oct 1676 Lady Elizabeth Howard (d.Edinburgh 16 Jul 1732)


1k) ALEXANDER, 2nd Duke of Gordon, etc. (ca 1678-28 Nov 1728); m.ca 1707 Lady Henrietta Mordaunt (d.Prestonhall 11 Oct 1760)


1l) Alexander, bur 7 Jan 1711


2l) COSMO GEORGE, 3rd Duke of Gordon (ca 1721-Breteuil 5 Aug 1752); m.Dunkeld 3 Sep 1741 Lady Catherine Gordon (20 Oct 1718-10 Dec 1779)


1m) ALEXANDER, 4th Duke of Gordon, cr 1784 Earl of Norwich and Baron Gordon of Huntly (1743-London 17 Jun 1827); m.1st Ayton 23 Oct 1767 Jane Maxwell (Edinburgh 1748-London 14 Apr 1812); m.2nd Jul 1820 Jane Christie (d.17 Jun 1824), by whom he had had four children before marriage, including Catherine, m.1813 John Anderson


1n) Charlotte (Gordon Castle 20 Sep 1768-London 5 May 1842); m.Gordon Castle 9 Sep 1789 Charles Lennox, 4th Duke of Richmond and Lennox (9 Sep 1764-Canada 28 Aug 1818); their issue succeeded to Gordon Castle, added the surname Gordon, and were cr Dukes of Gordon


2n) GEORGE, 5th Duke of Gordon, 8th Marquess and 13th Earl of Huntly (Edinburgh 2 Feb 1770-London 28 May 1836); m.11 Dec 1813 Elizabeth Brodie (London 20 Jun 1794-Huntly Lodge, Strathbogie 31 Jan 1864)


3n) Madelina (1772-1 Jun 1847); m.1st 2 Apr 1789 Sir Robert Sinclair, 7th Bt (d.4 Aug 1795); m.2nd 25 Nov 1805 Charles Fyshe Palmer, of Luckley Park (d.24 Jan 1843)


4n) Susan (2 Feb 1774-Bedfont Lodge 26 Aug 1828); m.7 Oct 1793 William Montagu, 5th Duke of Manchester (London 21 Oct 1771-Rome 18 Mar 1843)


5n) Louisa (12 Sep 1776-5 Dec 1850); m.17 Apr 1797 Charles Cornwallis, 2nd Marquess Cornwallis


6n) Georgiana (Gordon Castle 18 Jul 1781-Nice 24 Feb 1853); m.23 Jun 1803 John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford (6 Jul 1766, d.Doune of Rothiemurchus 20 Oct 1839)


7n) Alexander (Edinburgh 8 Nov 1785-Edinburgh 8 Jan 1808)


2m) William (York 15 Aug 1744-1 May 1823); m.13 Feb 1781 [or 1 Mar 1781, per Scots Peerage] Hon. Frances Ingram-Shepheard (1761-29 Sep 1841)


1n) Frances Isabella Kerr (6 Mar 1782-2 Sep 1831)


2n) Lord William was apparently the father of Louisa Bunbury, born to Lady Sarah Bunbury in Dec 1768; Lady Sarah left her husband a couple months after the child was born and meant to join Lord William, but mostly she stayed alone in the country until her second marriage; the child died in 1785


3m) Susan (d.London 11 Dec 1814); m.1st London 28 May 1767 John Fane, 9th Earl of Westmorland (5 May 1728-25 Apr 1774); m.2nd London 28 Dec 1778 John Woodford (d.Edinburgh 18 Apr 1800), brother of Sir Ralph Woodford, Bt.


4m) Anne (London 16 Mar 1748-17 Jan 1792, or 7 Jun 1816, per Scots Peerage); m.1782 Rev. Alexander Chalmers


5m) Catherine (London 26 Jan 1751-Boyndie 3 Jan 1797); m.Thomas Booker


6m) George (25 Dec 1751-1 Nov 1793); for whom the Gordon Riots are named


3l) Charles (d.Bainfield, Edinburgh 26 Apr 1780)


3l) Lewis (d.Montreuil 15 Jun [Jul?] 1754)


4l) Adam (ca 1726-13 Aug 1801); m.2 Sep 1767 Jane, Dowager Duchess of Atholl, ne Drummond; he had a nat. dau


5l) Henrietta (d.Brompton 14 Feb 1789)


6l) Mary (d.Edinburgh 26 Jul 1782)


7l) Anne (d.Edinburgh 22 Jun 1791); m.9 Dec 1729 William Gordon, 2nd Earl of Aberdeen (1679-Edinburgh 30 Mar 1745)


8l) Elizabeth, d.1769; m. Rev. John Skelly


9l) Jean (d.Edinburgh 17 Jan 1792)


10l) Catherine (d.Edinburgh 21 Jan 1786); m.Preston Hall 13 Sep 1745 Francis Charteris, known as Earl of Wemyss (21 Oct 1723-Gosford 24 Aug 1808)


11l) Charlotte


2k) Jane, d.Stobhall 30 Jan 1773; m.1706 Hon. James Drummond, titular 2nd Duke of Perth (d.Paris 6 Apr 1720)


2j) Anne; m.Sir Miles CroulyCte de Crolly


3j) Mary (d.St.Germain-en-Laye 1726); m.1st 1667 Adam Urquhart, of Meldrum (1635-Edinburgh 10 Nov 1684); m.2nd ca Jan 1686 James Drummond, 4th Earl of Perth, Jacobite Duke of Perth (7 Jul 1648-St.Germain-en-Laye 11 May 1716)


4j) Jean; m.James Seton, 4th Earl of Dunfermline (d.St.Germain-en-Laye 26 Dec 1694)


4i) Charles, cr 1660 Earl of Aboyne and Lord Gordon of Strathavon and Glenlivet (d.Mar 1681); m.1st Margaret Irvine (d.Dec 1662); m.2nd ca 1665 Lady Elizabeth Lyon; for his issue see Part 1b, below


5i) Henry


6i) Anne (d.9 Jan 1656); m.James Drummond, 3rd Earl of Perth (d.2 Jun 1675)


7i) Henrietta, d.Traquair Jun 1651; m.1st 1639 George Seton, Lord Seton (15 May 1613-4 Jun 1648); m.2nd 1649 John Stewart, Earl of Traquair (d.Apr 1666)


8i) Jane, d.1655; m.14 Jan 1640 Thomas Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Haddington (25 May 1600-30 Aug 1640)


9i) Mary; m.8 Dec 1643 Alexander Irvine, of Drum (d.1687)


10i) Catharine; m. Count Jan Andrzej Morsztyn (d.8 Jan 1693)


2h) Adam, of Auchindoun fl 1642


3h) John, cr 1627 Viscount Melgum and Lord Aboyne (d.Frendraught 9 Oct 1630); m.1626 Lady Sophia Hay (d.12 Mar 1642)


1i) Henrietta


4h) Francis, d.in Germany 1620


5h) Laurence, d.aged 20


6h) Anne; m.James Stuart, 3rd Earl of Moray (d.Darnaway 6 Aug 1638)


7h) Elizabeth (d.Edinburgh Jul 1616); m.ca 1611 Alexander Hope [later, 2nd Earl of Linlithgow] (d.1648)


8h) Mary (d.1674); m.15 Sep 1632 William Douglas, Marquess of Douglas (1589-19 Feb 1660)


9h) Jane; m.28 Nov 1632 Claud Hamilton, Lord Strabane (d.14 Jun 1638)


2g) Alexander, d.Jan 1622; m.1588 Lady Agnes Sinclair (d.6 Nov 1619)


3g) William


4g) Jean; m.ca 1585 George Sinclair, 5th Earl of Caithness (d.Caithness Feb 1643)


3f) James, a Jesuit, d.Paris 16 Apr 1620


4f) William


5f) Sir John (executed 1562); m.Elizabeth, dau of Adam Gordon (below)


6f) Sir Adam (d.Perth 27 Oct 1580)

7f) Sir Patrick, k.a. Glenlivet 1594; m.Agnes Betoun [Beaton]


8f) Robert, d.25 Apr 1572


9f) Thomas, d.1584/5


10f) Margaret (d.Ghent 1 Jan 1606); m.Nov 1558 (div 1574) John Forbes, 8th Lord Forbes (3 Jul 1542-Putachie 29 Jun 1606)


11f) Jean (1546-Dunrobin 14 May 1629); m.1st 24 Feb 1566 (div 1567) James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell (ca 1535-Draxholm 14 Apr 1578); m.2nd Strathbogie 13 Dec 1573 Alexander Gordon, 12th Earl of Sutherland (d.Dunrobin 6 Dec 1594); m.3rd 1599 Alexander Ogilvy, of Boyne


12f) Elizabeth; m.John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl (d.24 Apr 1579)


13f) Janet; m.Duncan Stewart, the younger, of Appin


2e) Alexander, Bp of the Isles, and of Galloway, titular Archbp of Athens, d.11 Nov 1575; m.Barbara Logie


1f) George


3e) James


3d) Alexander, of Strathavon; m.Janet Grant


1e) Alexander, of Cluny; m.___ Ogilvie


1f) a dau


2e) John, of Cluny; m.Margaret Gordon


1f) Sir Thomas, of Cluny issue


2f) John, of Brismore; m.Margaret Gordon


1g) Sir Thomas, of Cluny; m.Hon. Grizel Stewart, dau of Lord Innermeath


1h) Sir Alexander, of Cluny, cr Baronet [S] 1625,with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, d.by 1650; m.1st Lady Elizabeth Douglas, dau of 9th Earl of Angus; m.2nd Violet Urquhart; m.3rd 22 Jun 1641 Elspeth, ne Gordon, widow of Sir John Leslie, Bt. (d.2 Dec 1642)


1i) [ex 1?] Sir John, 2nd Bt., d.by 1668; m.Elizabeth Leslie, dau of his stepmother; on his death the Baronetcy became dormant, though possibly his brother and nephew survived; after the extinction of all male-line descendants of the younger sons of the 3rd Earl of Huntly, the title would belong to the Marquess of Huntly


2i) William; m.Marion Gordon


1j) John, d.at Cracow ca 1664


2j) William fl 1668


2g) John, of Brismore; m. ___ Gordon issue


4d) William, Bp of Aberdeen, d.6 Aug 1577


5d) Jane; m.Colin Campbell, 3rd Earl of Argyll (d.1529)


6d) Christian; m.1503 Sir Robert Menzies, of Weem


2c) Adam, Lord of Aboyne (d.17 Mar 1538); m.1500 Elizabeth, 10th Countess of Sutherland (d.Aboyne Castle Sep 1535); though they inherited the Sutherland estates and titles, their descendants kept the surname Gordon for several generations


1d) Alexander, Master of Sutherland (d.Dunrobin 15 Jan 1530); m.Lady Janet Stewart; see Sutherland page for his descendants


2d) John


1e) a dau; m.George Gordon, of Cochlarachie


3d) Adam (k.a.Pinkie 10 Sep 1547)


1e) [illegitimate] Adam, d.1626


4d) Gilbert; m.Isabel Sinclair (killed herself in prison in Edinburgh, where she had been condemned for poisoning the 11th Earl and his wife; she had purportedly been urged into this crime by her cousin, the Earl of Caithness)


1e) John

2e) Patrick

3e) [illegitimate] George


5d) Beatrix; m.Laird of Gormack


6d) Helenor; m.1st Gordon of Tilliwhoudie; m.2nd George Gordon of Craig


7d) Elizabeth; m. laird of Lethintie


8d) dau; m. laird of Leys and Birkenbog


9d) [illegitimate] dau; m.John Robson


10d) [illegitimate] Thomas


3c) Sir William (k.a.Flodden 1513), ancestor of Gordons of Gight


4c) Sir James, of Letterfourie; his descendant, Alexander of Letterfourie, inherited in 1795 the right to the 1625 Baronetcy of Gordon of Gordonstoun:




[the descent from Sir James (above) to Sir Alexander (below) is set out in a pedigree, but it might be incomplete, as, for example, Cokayne points out that there were only seven generations in 300 years. The pedigree as it stands shows the de jure 7th Bt. as son of James (m.1695, d.aged 87), son of John (1627-1721), don of James (fl 1633/49), son of James, son of Sir James of Letterfourie, above]



James Gordon, of Letterfourie, d.aged 87; m.1695 Glicerie, dau of Sir William Dunbar, Bt.


1a) Sir Alexander Gordon, of Letterfourie (1715-16 Jan 1797), suc 1795 as 7th Bt. of the Gordon of Gordonstoun Baronetcy; m.1778 Helen Russell; he inherited the right to the 1625 Gordon of Gordonstoun Baronetcy but never assumed the title


1b) Sir James, 8th Bt. (1779-24 Dec 1843); m.1801 Mary Gledonwyn (d.18 May 1845)


1c) Sir William, 9th Bt. (26 Dec 1803-5 Dec 1861)


2c) James (May 1805-d.young)


3c) Charles (1808-d.young)


4c) Sir Robert Glendonwyn, 10th Bt. (1824-1908); on his death the 1625 Baronetcy became dormant


5c) Helen, d.26 Jan 1877


6c) Mary, d.11 Oct 1861; m.26 Dec 1837 Sir William Shee (d.19 Feb 1868)


7c) Alexandrina Jane


5c) Janet; m.1st Alexander Lindsay, Master of Crawford, styled Lord Lindsay (d.16 Sep 1489, having been smothered, possibly by his wife); m.2nd (annulled?) Patrick Gray, 3rd Lord Gray (d.1541); m.3rd 1508 Sir Patrick Butter; m.4th James Halkerston


6c) Mary; m.Sir William Sinclair, of Westerhall


7c) [by 1st m.?] Margaret; m.Patrick Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell (d.18 Oct 1508)


8c) Elizabeth; m.William Keith, 2nd Earl Marischal (d.1526/7)


9c) Isabel; m.William Hay, 3rd Earl of Erroll (d.14 Jan 1507)


[by 2nd m.]:


10c) Catherine; m.1st Perkin Warbeck; m.2nd James Strangways; m.3rd Sir Matthew Cradock; m.4th Christopher Ashton


11c) Agnes; m.Gilbert Hay, of Kilmallock


12c) Eleanor; m.John Crichton, of Invernytie


13c) [illegitimate] Agnes; m.Sir James Ogilvy


14c) [illegitimate] Alexander, legitimized 1500


3b) Sir Alexander, of Abergeldie; m.Beatrice Hay; ancestor of the Gordons of Abergeldie


4b) Adam, Dean of Caithness (d.5 Jun 1529); he had illegitimate issue:


1c) William


2c) George, of Baldonie Gordons of Wardhouse


3c) John, of Drummoy, d.1598; m.Margaret Mackreth


1d) John, of Embo, d.23 Nov 1628; m.Jane Gordon


1e) Sir John, of Embo, cr Baronet [S] 1631; for him and his issue see Part 3


2e) Hutcheon Gordon of Moy; per the 1953 Debrett’s he had issue who were the only people in remainder to his brother’s Baronetcy; no claim has been made since 1956, however


3e) Catherine; m.John Munro; parents of Sir Robert Munro, 3rd Bt.


4c) Elizabeth; m.1st by 153 Alexander Ogilvy of Deskford and Findlater; m.2nd Hon. Sir John Gordon (executed 1562; see above)


5b) William


6b) Christian; m.William Forbes, 3rd Lord Forbes


7b) Elizabeth, d.17 Apr 1500; m.1st Nicholas Hay, 2nd Earl of Erroll (d.1470); m.2nd John Kennedy, 2nd Lord Kennedy (d.1508)


8b) Catherine


9b) Margaret


[and also two daus, whose mother, per the Scots Peerage, was likely ___ Cumming]:


10b) Janet; m.Sir James Innes, of that Ilk


11b) Margaret (d.1506); m.Hugh Rose, of Kilravock (d.17 Mar 1517)


2a) William (k.a.Brechin 18 May 1452); m.Elizabeth Meldrum; he and his descendants kept the surname Seton


1b) Alexander, of Meldrum (d.ca 1512); m.Muriella Sutherland


1c) William, of Meldrum; m.Elizabeth Leslie


1d) Alexander, of Meldrum; m.1st Agnes Gordon; m.2nd Janet Leith


1e) [by 1st m.] William, of Meldrum; m.1st Janet Gordon; m.2nd Margaret Innes


1f) [by 1st m.] Alexander, of Meldrum; m.1st Elizabeth Irvine; m.2nd Jean Abernethy


1g) [by 1st m.] Alexander (d.1590); m.1584 Christian Fraser


1h) Elizabeth, of Meldrum; m.1st 1610 John Urquhart (d.8 Nov 1631); m.2nd 1634 Alexander Fraser, 11th Lord Saltoun (Mar 1604-Fraserburgh 11 Aug 1693); Meldrum was inherited by the issue of her first marriage


2g) [by 2nd m.] John, of Meldrum (d.1619); m.Lady Grizel Stewart


3g) [by 2nd m.] William, of Meldrum; m.Anne Crichton


4g) [by 2nd m.] Margaret; m. ___ Chalmers, of Balbithan


5g) [by 2nd m.] Isabel; m. ___ Erskine, of Pittodrie


2f) [by 1st m.] John, of Lumphard, Broomhill and Mounie; m.Marjorie Panton


1g) William, of Mounie


3f) [by 1st m.] William, of Slattie


4f) [by 2nd m.] George, of Barra


5f) [by 2nd m.] James, of Bourtie, ancestor of the Setons, of Pitmedden


2e) [by 1st m.] Alexander


3e) [by 2nd m.] John


2c) Katharine; m.William Forbes, of Keldrum


3a) Henery, k.a.Brechin 18 May 1452


4a) Elizabeth; said in Burke’s to have married Alexander Macdonald, Lord of the Isles, Earl of Ross, but this marriage not mentioned in The Complete Peerage





Part 1b


Charles, cr 1660 Earl of Aboyne and Lord Gordon of Strathavon and Glenlivet (d.Mar 1681; see Part 1a, above); m.1st Margaret Irvine (d.Dec 1662); m.2nd ca 1665 Lady Elizabeth Lyon


1a) [ex 1] Ann


2a) [ex 2] Charles, 2nd Earl of Aboyne (d.Apr 1702); m.Lady Elizabeth Lyon (d.Jan 1739)


1b) John, 3rd Earl of Aboyne (d.Charlton-Aboyne 7 Apr 1732); m.20 Jun 1724 Grace Lockhart (d.Darnaway 17 Nov 1738)


1c) Charles, 4th Earl of Aboyne (ca 1726-Edinburgh 28 Dec 1794); m.1st Edinburgh 22 Apr 1759 Lady Margaret Stewart (d.Aboyne Castle 12 Aug 1762); m.2nd London 14 May 1774 Lady Mary Douglas (d.Edinburgh 25 Dec 1816)


1d) George, 5th Earl of Aboyne, cr 1815 Baron Meldrum of Morven [UK], suc 1836 as 14th Earl and 9th Marquess of Huntly (Edinburgh 28 Jun 1761-London 17 Jun 1853); m.Stepney 4 Apr 1791 Catherine Anne Cope (1771-16 Nov 1832)


1e) Charles, 10th Marquess of Huntly (Orton 4 Jan 1792-Orton 18 Sep 1863); m.1st Royal Lodge, Windsor 20 Mar 1826 Lady Elizabeth Henrietta Conyngham (16 Feb 1799 [per Cokayne; Debrett’s 1828, sub Conyngham, says 20 Feb 1800; Lodge 1861 says 20 Feb 1799]-Orton 24 Aug 1839); m.2nd London 10 Apr 1844 Maria Antoinetta Pegus (d.Orton 10 Aug 1893)


1f) Mary Katherine (8 Jan 1845-8 Sep 1930); m.17 Apr 1866 Edmund Turnor (d.15 Dec 1903)


2f) Evelyn Elizabeth (22 Mar 1846-16 Mar 1921); m.14 Jul 1863 Gilbert Henry Heathcote, later Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, Earl of Ancaster (1 Oct 1830-24 Dec 1910)


3f) Charles, 11th Marquess of Huntly (5 Mar 1847-20 Feb 1937); m.14 Jul 1869 Amy (d.13 May 1920), dau of Sir William Cunliffe Brooks, Bt.; m.2nd 26 Jun 1922 Charlotte Jane Isabella Fallon (d.17 May 1939)


4f) Lewis (3 May 1848-lost at sea 7 Sep 1870)


5f) Bertrand (24 Jul 1850-Sydney, NSW 10 Aug 1869)


6f) Douglas William Cope (11 Oct 1851-4 Aug 1888)


7f) Esm Stuart (12 Mar 1853-29 Sep 1900); m.21 Jul 1874 Elizabeth Anne Phippen Brown (d.16 May 1929)


1g) Beatrice Mary (21 Jul 1875-6 Mar 1959); m.19 Apr 1900 (div 1923) Francis Henry Meade (6 Dec 1870- )


8f) Grace Cecilie (15 Oct 1854-12 May 1941); m.27 Jun 1878 Hugh Cecil Lowther, 5th Earl of Lonsdale (25 Jan 1857-13 Apr 1944)


9f) Granville Armyne (14 Jun 1856-16 Jun 1942); m.1st 4 Sep 1878 Charlotte D'Olier Roe (d.28 May 1900); m.2nd 1902 Margaret Humble (d.17 May 1920)


1g) Armyne Evelyn (21 Jun 1879-16 Jun 1942); m.8 Apr 1908 Sir Lionel Lawson Faudel Faudel-Philips, 3rd Bt (d.12 Mar 1941)


2g) Charles Henry Granville (19 Jun 1880-16 Jul 1899)


3g) Granville Cecil Douglas (28 Apr 1883-3 Oct 1930); m.20 Apr 1907 Violet Ida Streatfeild (1886-15 Dec 1968)


1h) Douglas Charles Lindsey, 12th Marquess of Huntly (3 Feb 1908-1987); m.1st 15 Mar 1941 (div 1965) Hon. Mary Pamela Berry (13 Jun 1918-29 Jan 1998); m.2nd 1977 Elizabeth Haworth Leigh


1i) Pamela Lemina, b.17 Dec 1941; m.4 Apr 1970 Hon. Ian Harry Calthorpe Lawson Johnston (29 May 1938- )


2i) Granville Charles Gomer, 13th Marquess of Huntly, b.4 Feb 1944; m.1st 29 Jan 1972 (div 1990) Jane Elizabeth Angela Gibb (21 Aug 1946- ); m.2nd 15 Feb 1991 Mrs Catheryn Millbourn, ne Kindersley (23 Apr 1958- )


1j) Alistair Granville, Earl of Aboyne, b.26 Jul 1973; m.12 Jun 2004 Sophia Louisa Caroline Cunningham (31 Jul 1973- )


1k) India May, b.2006


2k) Beatrice Lily, b.2008


3k) Cosmo Alistair, Lord Strathavon and Glenlivet, b.27 Jul 2009


2j) Amy Jane, b.1975; m.2006 Andrew James Ronald Lindsay (1977- )


3j) Lucy Yoskyl, b.1979


4j) Rose Marie-Louise, b.1993


2h) Adam Granville (1 Mar 1909-1984); m.12 Jun 1947 Pamela Bowhill (d.2 Apr 2004)


1i) Adam Alexander, b.6 Apr 1948; m.1979 Jennifer Susan McHardy


1j) Joanna Mary, b.1986


2j) Alexander Charles Adam, b.1989


2i) Douglas Herriot, b.8 Jan 1951; m.1977 Susan Jennifer White 1 son, 3 daus


3h) Roderic Armyne (27 Jan 1914-1997); m.1st 7 Jan 1937 (div 1949) Anne Vesey (d.6 Jan 1997); m.2nd 26 Aug 1949 Joana Alexandra Bujoiu


1i) David Esm Douglas, b.28 Oct 1937; m.1st 4 Apr 1959 (div 1962) Audrey Diana Carey; m.2nd 1962 Valerie Ellis Owen; m.3rd 1979 Anne Brockdorf-Knutzon 1 dau


2i) Angus Lindsey Eustace, b.13 Jan 1941; m.9 Jul 1966 Diana Mary Pawlyn


3i) James Ian (13 Dec 1942-3 Mar 1943)


4h) Douglas Claude Alexander (30 Jul 1916-1994); m.1st 21 Dec 1940 (div 1961) Suzanne du Boulay; m.2nd 1962 Bridget Bingham


1i) Andrew Granville Douglas, b.13 Aug 1942; m.1st 1963 (div 1969) Gillian Thorne; m.2nd 1976 Brigitte Marx 3 sons, 1 dau


2i) Douglas George Alexander, b.25 Oct 1947; m.1 Mar 1975 Celina d'Orey Landsberg 2 sons, 1 dau


3j) Jane Elizabeth, b.1950; m.1 Nov 1972 Lord Robert Harold Mercer Nairne (1947- )


4j) Sarah Alexandra, b.1963; m.199_ John A Cochrane


10f) Margaret Ethel (5 Feb 1858-25 Apr 1950); m.25 Jul 1881 George Ralph Charles Ormsby-Gore, 3rd Lord Harlech (21 Jan 1855-8 May 1938)


11f) Randolph Seaton (17 May 1859-16 Jul 1859)


12f) Elena Mary (29 Nov 1861-19 Jan 1936); m.28 Feb 1885 George Lamplugh Wickham (9 Mar 1852-4 Nov 1919)


13f) Edith Blanche (29 Nov 1861-25 Dec 1862)


14f) Ethelreda Caroline (31 Jan 1864 [per Scots Peerage; or, Feb 1864]-9 May 1961); m.16 Sep 1884 Henry Wickham (5 Oct 1855-6 Feb 1933)


2e) Catherine Susan (22 Dec 1792-14 Dec 1866); m.16 Jun 1814 Charles Compton Cavendish, Lord Chesham (28 Aug 1793-10 Nov 1863)


3e) Rev. George (27 Jan 1794-25 Sep 1862); m.29 Jul 1851 Charlotte Anne Vaughan (d.23 Aug 1879)


4e) Charlotte Sophia (4 Jan 1796-21 Dec 1876)


5e) Mary (16 Oct 1797-13 Jun 1825); m.15 Apr 1822 Lord Frederick Seymour (1 Feb 1797-7 Dec 1856)


6e) John Frederick, took additional surname Hallyburton (15 Aug 1799-29 Sep 1878); m.24 Aug 1836 Lady Augusta Kennedy-Erskine, ne Fitzclarence (d.8 Dec 1865)


7e) Henry (31 Aug 1802-28 Aug 1865); m.6 Mar 1827 Louisa Payne (d.17 May 1867)


1f) Sarah Elizabeth Catharine (26 Dec 1827-23 Mar 1901); m.2 Jan 1845 Rev Lord Augustus FitzClarence (1 Mar 1805-14 Jun 1854)


2f) Louisa Frances Charlotte (17 Dec 1829-12 Feb 1910); m.21 Jul 1857 Hon. Ashley George John Ponsonby (24 Jun 1831-12 Jan 1898)


3f) Henrietta Mary (3 Mar 1832-10 Sep 1832)


4f) Theresa Burton (14 Feb 1834-10 Oct 1836)


5f) Julia Cecil (14 Feb 1834-26 Aug 1834)


6f) Julia Cecil (5 Sep 1836-8 Mar 1852)


7f) Augustus Henry (1 Sep 1839- )


8f) William Sackville (14 Jul 1842- )


9f) Millicent Theresa (25 Aug 1844-1 Aug 1949)


10f) Wilhelmina Gertrude Maria (25 Aug 1844-1909)


11f) Augusta (26 Mar 1849-14 May 1881); m.1st 21 Jul 1869 William Gerard Walmesley (4 Jul 1841-2 Jan 1877); m.2nd 6 Feb 1879 George Nugent Ross Wetherall (1845-19 Apr 1893)


12f) Leslie Charles (14 May 1852-7 Feb 1888)


8e) Cecil James, 1850 GORDON-MOORE (23 Feb 1806-15 Jan 1878); m.23 Apr 1841 Emily Moore (d.26 Apr 1902)


1f) Catherine Augusta (20 May 1842-22 May 1906); m.8 Feb 1869 Oriel Farnell Walton (d.1 Nov 1886)


2f) Emily (1 Jul 1843-16 Jun 1921); m.5 Jun 1866 Charles Robert Besley (d.1896)


3f) Edith (16 Jun 1844- ); m.26 Jun 1876 Oscar Henry Felix Cornille


4f) Agnes Cecil (27 Mar 1846-20 Apr 1926); m.1st 25 Jul 1872 James Milward; m.2nd 6 Aug 1891 Harry Leycester Powys-Keck, of Stoughton Grange (16 Oct 1841-20 Apr 1912)


5f) Adela Crosbie Gordon (18 May 1847-19 Oct 1908)


6f) Evelyn Gordon (19 Sep 1849-16 Sep 1906); note her date of birth, as given as here in Lodge 1861, conflicts with that of her next sister; likely either Evelyn should be 1848 or Cecil should be 1851


7f) Cecil Crosbie (24 Jan 1850-3 Feb 1935); m.1st 1874 Lucy Hodges; m.2nd 1911 Anastasia Theodora Beatrix Bourne (d.1963/4)


8f) Philippa Jane Gordon (24 Nov 1851- ); m.1 Jun 1881 Thomas Dunn


9f) Arthur Henry Wyndham (18 Apr 1853- ); m.N Browne


10f) Hubert George (23 Jan 1858- ); m.27 Sep 1882 (divorce 1885) Helena White


9e) Francis Arthur (20 Jan 1808-26 Jun 1857); m.17 Apr 1835 Isabel Grant (d.7 Jan 1892)


1f) George Grant (29 Jan 1836-24 Jan 1912); m.8 Aug 1863 Constance Augusta Lennox Peel (d.14 Apr 1921)


1g) Laurence George Frank (21 May 1864-15 Jan 1943); m.1st 1 Oct 1895 Florence Juliet Walters (d.25 Apr 1924); m.2nd 6 Jan 1926 Violet Murdoch


1h) Thelma Esme Florence (3 Jan 1900-15 Jan 1943); m.1st 1918 (div) Sydney Robertson; m.2nd 1923 (div 1940) Leslie Acton Kingsford Butt (31 Jul 1896-1973); m.3rd 27 Jun 1940 Leonard Charles Hopwood Coventon (16 Apr 1908-1991)


2g) Christian Frederic (30 Oct 1866-29 Jul 1934); m.1st 27 Aug 1894 (div 1902) Margaret Humble (d.1920); m.2nd 5 Oct 1909 Kate Elizabeth Swan (d.27 Mar 1969)


1h) Cicely Margot (30 Apr 1899- ); m.1923 Alex LeFort


2h) Kittie Ernestine Muriel (18 Oct 1911-1990); m.1st 1933 Edwin James C Loam (11 Mar 1908-1978); m.2nd 3 Feb 1948 Paul Edward Weldon (d.26 Apr 1972)


3g) Helena Jane Gordon (21 Apr 1870-12 Feb 1932); m.17 Apr 1894 Rev.William Henry Stone (d.Sevenoaks 17 Nov 1920)


2f) Catherine (4 Jul 1837- )


3f) Francis Frederick (10 Jul 1839- ); m.1877 Helen Augusta Marianna Reid


1g) Francis Lewis Rawson (1878- )


2g) Isabel Constance Helen (1880- ); m.1911 Stewart Duncan


3g) Nita Florence (1882- ); m.1906 Eric le Strange (d.1918)


2d) Catherine (d.young)


3d) Margaret (d.23 May 1786); m.5 May 1783 William Beckford, of Fonthill


4d) Douglas, took surname Hallyburton (10 Oct 1777-25 Dec 1841); m.16 Jul 1807 Catherine Louisa (d.2 Oct 1851), dau of Sir Edward Leslie, Bt.


2c) John (19 Jun 1728-30 Oct 1778); m.18 May 1761 Clementina Lockhart (d.31 Mar 1803)


1d) John (8 Jul 1765-26 Dec 1832); m.22 Nov 1810 Eliza Morris


2d) Grace Margaret (27 Sep 1766-23 Feb 1832); m.1794 William Graham, of Mossknowe (d.7 Feb 1832)


3d) Clementina, d.Exmouth 13 Dec 1801, aged 33


4d) George (9 Apr 1769-23 Aug 1799)


5d) James, d.young


3c) Lockhart (1732-Calcutta 24 Mar 1788); m.3 Oct 1770 Hon. Catherine Wallop (3 Jan 1746-May 1813)


1d) Rev. Lockhart (28 Jul 1776- ); m.NN (d.1804)


2d) Loudoun Harcourt (9 May 1780- )


3d) Katherine (24 Apr 1783- )


2b) Helen; m.George Kinnaird; parents of 6th Lord Kinnaird


3b) Elizabeth, d.Aberdeen 14 Apr 1770


4b) Grizel, d.Knockando 18 Oct 1761; m.Aberdeen 14 Jul 1735 James Grant, of Knockando


2a) [ex 2] George


3a) [ex 2] John, d.Edinburgh 22 Jul 1762


4a) [ex 2] Elizabeth; m.1685 (div 1698) John Mackenzie [later, 2nd Earl of Cromartie] (ca 1656-20 Feb 1731)







Part 2: Gordon of Lochinvar, Viscounts Kenmure



Sir James Gordon, of Lochinvar, k.a. Pinkie 10 Sep 1547; m.Margaret Crichton


1a) Sir John, of Lochinvar, d.23 Aug 1604; m.1st 1563 Juliana Home; m.2nd Elizabeth Maxwell, dau of Lord Herries


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Margaret, d.22 May 1607; m.1572 Hugh Campbell, Lord Loudoun (d.15 Dec 1622)


[by 2nd m.]:


2b) Sir Robert, of Lochinvar, possibly cr a Baronet [S] 1626 (ca 1565-d.before 23 Jan 1628); m.(div) Lady Isabel Ruthven (d.Jan 1617), later wife of her sister-in-law’s widower, Lord Loudoun; Cokayne notes that there is little evidence for this Baronetcy; if there was one, it was presumably cr with a remainder to heirs male whatsoever


1c) Sir John, 2nd Bt.?, cr 1633 Viscount of Kenmure, Lord of Lochinvar, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, d.12 Sep 1634; m.ca 1626 Lady Jean Campbell (bur 26 Feb 1675) several children, of whom only one survived:


1d) John, 2nd Viscount Kenmure, d.Aug 1639


2c) Robert, dsp


3c) Elizabeth; m.John Maxwell, 3rd Earl of Nithsdale (d.1677)


4c) Isabel; m.Alexander Fraser of Philorth


5c) [illegitimate] John


6c) [illegitimate] Mary; m.William Maclellan


7c) [illegitimate] Rosina; m.1st John Gordon of Bar; m.2nd 1652 James Gordon


3b) William, dsp


4b) John, dsp 1611/14


5b) James, d.May 1633; m.Mrs Margaret Glendonwyn, ne Vans


1c) John, 3rd Viscount Kenmure, d.Oct 1643


2c) Robert, 4th Viscount Kenmure (Nov 1622-26/27 Feb 1663); m.20 Oct 1655 Martha Drew, widow of Sir G Norton, Bt.


3c) James


6b) Alexander, dsp before 4 Jun 1627


7b) Mary; m.21 Jun 1588 Alexander Kennedy of Bargany


8b) Janet; m.1596 John Macdowall of Garthland


9b) Grisel; m.16 Oct 1600 Alexander Stewart, Earl of Galloway (ca 1580-1649)


10b) Elizabeth; m.by 27 Dec 1604 (div) James Douglas, 6th Lord Carlyle of Torthorwald


11b) [illegitimate] William, legitimated 1574


2a) William, of Penninghame, d.Jan 1581 m.Helen Stewart


1b) John, of Muirfad and Penninghame, d.by 13 May 1603; m.Jean Glendonwyn


1c) William, of Penninghame and Muirfad, d.ca 1660; m.Anne Kennedy


1d) John, d.1662


2d) Alexander, 5th Viscount Kenmure, d.20 Apr 1698; m.1st Agnes Gordon; m.2nd Mrs Marion Bell, ne M’Culloch; m.3rd 19 Apr 1672 Lady Grizel Stewart


[by 1st m.]:


1e) Agnes; m.1st 1674 Hon. William Maxwell of Kelton (d.1684); m.2nd John Lindsay of Wauchope


[by 2nd m.]:


2e) [ex 2] William, 6th Viscount Kenmure, attainted 1716, executed 24 Feb 1716; m.1711 Mary Dalzell (d.16 Aug 1776), sister of 5th Earl of Carnwath


1f) Robert [but for the attainder, 7th Viscount Kenmure], d.10 Aug 1741


2f) John [but for the attainder, 8th Viscount Kenmure] (1713-16 Jun 1769); m.11 Mar 1744 Lady Frances Mackenzie (d.7 Jan 1796)


1g) William [but for the attainder, 9th Viscount Kenmure] (ca 1748-7 Feb 1772)


2g) John, but for the attainder, 10th Viscount Kenmure 1772, obtained an Act of Parliament 1824 to repeal the forfeiture of 1716, and was thereby restored as 7th [or 10th] Viscount Kenmure and Lord Lochinvar (1750-21 Sep 1840); m.1791 Sarah Ann Morgan (d.5 Apr 1815)


3g) Adam, d.17 Dec 1806; m.1st 1789 Harriet Davies (d.28 Feb 1801); m.2nd 25 Oct 1802 Maria Maxwell


1h) John (23 Jan 1790-31 Dec 1813)


2h) Adam, 8th [or 11th] Viscount Kenmure (9 Jan 1792-1 Sep 1847); m.2 Nov 1843 Mary Anne Wildey (d.4 Apr 1872); on his death the Peerages and Baronetcy became dormant


3h) Francis Mackenzie, d.12 Jul 1814


4h) William Henry Pelham (4 Oct 1795- )


5h) Edward Maxwell (12 Mar 1799-14 Dec 1827)


6h) Louisa, of Kenmure, d.31 May 1886; m.19 Aug 1815 Charles Bellamy (d.1823/4)


4g) Robert, d.1797


5g) James, d.1781


6g) Frances, d.17 Jul 1770


3f) James, d.after 27 May 1736


4f) Henriette; m.John Dalzell


3e) Jean, d.4 Feb 1695; m.William Gordon of Shirmers (d.24 Jan 1717)


4e) Marion, d.20 Oct 1748; m.8 Mar 1698 Sir Alexander Gordon of Earlston, 2nd Bt. (1650-10 Nov 1726)


5e) Elizabeth; m.1st William Maxwell; m.2nd Samuel Brown


[by 3rd m.]:


6e) John, d.Jan 1729; m. Nicolas Stewart


1f) Grisell


7e) James, d.1752; m.Grizel Gordon daus


8e) Mary; m.by 1703 Sir Patrick Maxwell of Springkell, Bt. (ca 1640-Apr 1723)


9e) Grizel; m. Rev. Robert Gordon


10e) Isabel; m.John M’Ghie


3d) Marion; m.Alexander Lennox of Cally


2c) John; m.Margaret Gordon daus


3c) Alexander


2b) Alexander issue


3b) William; m.Mary M’Ghie issue


4b) Robert


5b) Margaret; m.Hugh Gordon of Grange


6b) Janet


7b) Katherine


3a) Robert, of Muirfad, d.26 Apr 1548


4a) James


5a) Alexander; m.Janet Kennedy


6a) Janet (d.18 Nov 1596); m.by 24 Aug 1549 William Cunningham, 6th Earl of Glencairn (d.1576/80)


7a) Janet; m.Patrick Agnew


8a) Margaret; m.Sir William Douglas of Hawick


9a) Catherine; m.1560/1 Thomas M’Culloch


10a) Helen, d.26 Nov 1581; m.Sir Thomas Maclellan


11a) Elizabeth; m.1st John Grierson of Lag; m.2nd 1566 Ninian Adair








Part 3



Sir John Gordon of Embo (see above, Part 1), cr Baronet [S] 1631, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, d.1649; m.Margaret, dau of [Hon.?] Robert Leslie of Findrassie


1a) Sir Robert, 2nd Bt., d.16 Oct 1697; m.Jean, dau of Robert Leslie of Findrassie


1b) Sir John, 3rd Bt., d.shortly before 10 May 1701; m.Anne Bayne


1c) Sir William [Burke’s 1914 has his name as “John”], 4th Bt., d.14 Apr 1760; m.NN


1d) Sir John, 5th Bt., d.24 Jan 1779; he is said to have m. 1st Hon. Charlotte Sutherland; m.2nd 1727 Margaret Sutherland


1e) [ex 2?] Sir James, 6th Bt., d.1786


2e) Sir William, 7th Bt. (1736-7 Jan 1804); m.15 Jun 1760 Sarah Westfield


1f) William, d.30 Jun 1794


2f) Paulus Oemilius, d.1791


3f) Robert Crosby, dvpsp


4f) Sir John, 8th Bt., d.12 Nov 1804


5f) Walter, d.21 Jan 1794


6f) Sir Orford, 9th Bt., d.19 Jun 1857; m.20 Dec 1813 Frances Browne (d.11 Aug 1866)


1g) Sir William Home, 10th Bt. (1818-18 Sep 1876); m.26 Mar 1844 Ellen Harriet Barnewall (d.26 Oct 1912)


1h) Sir Home Seton, 11th Bt. (21 Mar 1845-11 Dec 1906); m.25 Nov 1870 Mabel Montagu Scott, niece of Sir David Scott, Bt.


1i) Sir Home Seton Charles Montagu, 12th Bt. (30 Sep 1871-9 Sep 1956); m.2 Oct 1897 Edith Susan Leeson-Marshall (d.29 Oct 1945), of the Earls of Milltown; an online source implies that he married again, though as late as the 1953 Debrett’s he was still listed as married to first wife; on his death the Baronetcy became dormant or extinct; the 1953 and 1971 Debrett’s list some male-line descendants of the brother of the grantee, but apparently no claim has been made; in the most recent editions, no specific collaterals are named, but the title is listed as dormant


2g) Julia Charlotte Mackenzie, d.10 Aug 1857; m.5 Dec 1839 Rev. William Churchill (d.1 Jul 1886)


3g) Louisa Charlotte Melville, d.18 Sep 1882


4g) Frances Amelia, twin with Louisa, d.5 Jul 1896; m.1861 Stylianca Apostolides


7f) Judith Margaret, d.1839; m.Jabez Mackenzie


8f) Charlotte, d.21 Jan 1846; m.16 Aug 1789 William Neville Cameron


9f) Sarah, d.1769


10f) Aemilia, d.1827; m.Charles Stewart (d.1837)


11f) Christiana


12f) Irving


13f -14f) two more children







Part 4: Gordons of Haddo, Earls and Marquesses of Aberdeen



Sir John Gordon of Haddo, cr Baronet [S] 1642, with remainder to heirs male of his body, executed 19 Jul 1644; m.1630 Mary [or Janet] Forbes


1a) Sir John, 2nd Bt. (ca 1632-1665); m.Hon. Mary Forbes


1b) Janet; m.ca 1676 Sir James Gordon of Lesmoir, Bt.


2a) Patrick, dspm


3a) Sir George, 3rd Bt., cr 1682 Earl of Aberdeen, Viscount of Formartine, and Lord Haddo, Methlick, Tarves and Kellie [S] (3 Oct 1637-20 Apr 1720); m.1671 Anne Lockhart (bur 19 Jul 1707)


1b) John (bap 7 Sep 1673-bur 17 Jun 1675)


2b) George, Lord Haddo (bap 6 Aug 1674- dvpsp between 1 Jul 1694 and 1708)


3b) James (bap 11 Aug 1676- dvpsp )


4b) William, 2nd Earl of Aberdeen (bap 22 Dec 1679-30 Mar 1745); m.1st 1708 Lady Mary Leslie (Jul 1692-bur 29 Jan 1710); m.2nd 25 Apr 1716 Lady Susan Murray (15 Apr 1699-22 Jun 1725); m.3rd 9 Dec 1729 Lady Anne Gordon (d.26 Jun 1791)


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Anne (17 Jan 1709-bur 15 Apr 1755); m.2 Apr 1731 William Dalrymple-Crichton, 5th Earl of Dumfries (d.27 Jul 1768)


2c) Mary (27 Jan 1710-3 Feb 1710)


[by 2nd m.]:


3c) George, 3rd Earl of Aberdeen (19 Jun 1712-13 Aug 1801); m.before 22 Aug 1759 Catharine Elizabeth Hanson (d.15 Mar 1817)


1d) George, Lord Haddo (28 Jan 1764-2 Oct 1791); m.18 Jun 1782 Charlotte Baird (d.8 Oct 1795)


1e) George, 4th Earl of Aberdeen, cr 1814 Viscount Gordon of Aberdeen [UK], Prime Minister, took surname HAMILTON-GORDON (28 Jan 1784-14 Dec 1860); m.1st 28 Jul 1805 Lady Catherine Elizabeth Hamilton (10 Jan 1784-29 Feb 1812); m.2nd 8 Jul 1815 Harriet, Dowager Viscountess Hamilton, ne Douglas (8 Jun 1792-26 Aug 1833)


[by 1st m.]:


1f) Jane (11 Feb 1807-21 Jul 1824)


2f) Caroline Catherine (28 Mar 1808-24 Jul 1818)


3f) Alice (12 Jul 1809-21 Apr 1829)


4f) son, Lord Haddo, b.and d.23 Nov 1810


[by 2nd m.]:


5f) George John James Hamilton-Gordon, 5th Earl of Aberdeen (Bentley Priory 28 Sep 1816-Haddo House 22 Mar 1864); m.Taymouth Castle 5 Nov 1840 Lady Mary Baillie (d.2 Apr 1900)


1g) George, 6th Earl of Aberdeen (Holyrood 10 Dec 1841-drowned on voyage from Boston to Melbourne 27 Jan 1870)


2g) James Henry (11 Oct 1845-12 Feb 1868)


3g) John Campbell, 7th Earl of Aberdeen, cr 1916 Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair, Earl of Haddo [UK] (Edinburgh 3 Aug 1847-7 Mar 1934); m.7 Nov 1877 Hon. Ishbel Maria Marjoribanks (d.18 Apr 1939)


1h) George, 2nd Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair, took surname GORDON (20 Jan 1879-6 Jan 1965); m.1st 6 Aug 1906 Mary Florence Clixby (d.5 Jan 1937); m.2nd 21 Dec 1940 Sheila Forbes (d.12 Mar 1949)


2h) Dudley Gladstone, 3rd Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair, took surname GORDON (6 May 1883-16 Apr 1972); m.1st 25 Apr 1907 Cecile Elizabeth Drummond (7 Aug 1878-17 Sep 1948); m.2nd 17 Jun 1949 Margaret Gladys Munn (d.22 Nov 1990)


1i) David George Ian Alexander, 4th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair (21 Jan 1908-13 Sep 1974); m.29 Apr 1939 Beatrice Mary June Boissier (29 Dec 1913-Ellon, Aberdeenshire 22 Jun 2009)


2i) Archibald Victor Dudley, 5th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair (9 Jul 1913-1984)


3i) Michael James Andrew (22 May 1918-k.a.Italy 8 Oct 1943)


4i) Alastair Ninian John, 6th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair (20 Jul 1920-19 Aug 2002); m.24 Feb 1950 Anne Barry


1j) Alexander George, 7th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair, b.31 Mar 1955; m.30 May 1981 Joanna Clodagh Houldsworth


1k) George Ian Alastair, Earl of Haddo, b.4 May 1983; m.2009 Isabelle Anna Nancy Coaten


1l) Ivo Alexander Ninian, Viscount Formartine, b.18 Jul 2012


2l) Johnny David Nehemiah, b.2014


3l) Christabel Alexandra Lully, b.2016


4l) Louis George Salomon, b.2018


2k) Sam Dudley, b.1985; m.31 Jan 2015 Isobel R Tatham issue


3k) Charles David, b.1990


4k) Anna Katherine, b.1988


2j) Emma Cecile (1953- ); m.1980 (div 2008) Rodney Alan Foale


3j) Sophia Katherine (20 Jul 1960-28 Dec 2005)


5i) Jessamine (14 Aug 1910-14 Dec 1994); m.2 Nov 1937 Stanley George Michael St.John Harmsworth (13 Oct 1916-8 Aug 1981)


3h) Archibald Ian GORDON (3 Oct 1884-16 Dec 1909)


4h) Marjorie Adeline (7 Dec 1880-26 Jul 1970); m.12 Jul 1904 John Sinclair, Lord Pentland (7 Jul 1860-11 Jan 1925)


5h) Dorothea Mary (12 Mar 1882-25 Nov 1882)


4g) Mary (28 Apr 1844-13 Feb 1914); m.30 Jan 1863 Walter Hugh Hepburne-Scott, 8th Lord Polwarth (30 Nov 1838-12 Jul 1920)


5g) Harriet (17 Dec 1849-15 Feb 1942); m.7 May 1870 William Alexander Lindsay (8 Jun 1846-13 Sep 1926)


6g) Katherine Eliza (10 Oct 1852-28 Feb 1931); m.21 Nov 1876 Alexander Hugh Bruce, 6th Lord Balfour of Burleigh (13 Jan 1849-6 Jul 1921)


6f) Sir Alexander (11 Dec 1817-19 May 1890); m.9 Dec 1852 Caroline Emilia Mary Herschel (d.29 Jan 1909)


1g) Sir Alexander (6 Jul 1859-13 Feb 1939); m.15 Oct 1888 Isabel Newmarch (d.25 May 1947)


1h) Robert Alexander (11 Apr 1893-29 Apr 1893)


2h) Alan Herschel (7 Mar 1898- ); m.7 Jul 1933 Deenya Kovachevska


3h) Eileen Muriel (17 Jul 1889-1976); m.1st 5 Dec 1912 Peter Benson Maxwell (d.24 Sep 1914 of wounds received in action); m.2nd 23 Jan 1919 Claude Pemberton Wilkinson Lloyd (d.8 Oct 1966)


2g) Francis Henry (19 Mar 1861-11 May 1885)


3g) William Reginald (28 Nov 1864-12 Jan 1890)


4g) Ernest Arthur (27 Jun 1866-9 Dec 1920)


5g) George Herschel (16 May 1872-15 May 1939); m.29 Jul 1918 Mary Elizabeth Benwell


6g) Victoria Alberta Alexandrina (25 Jul 1855-16 Oct 1936); m.25 Apr 1876 Victor Alexander Ernest Garth Marshall (d.27 Dec 1928)


7g) Caroline Augusta (9 Sep 1856-30 Nov 1937); m.14 Feb 1885 Arthur John Lewis Gordon of Ellon


8g) Louisa (14 Mar 1858-11 Oct 1929)


9g) Kathleen Isabella (1863-6 Jan 1930)


7f) Rev. Douglas (13 Mar 1824-6 Dec 1901); m.15 Jul 1851 Lady Ellen Susan Anne Douglas (25 Sep 1824-22 Jan 1914)


1g) Douglas George (17 Aug 1852-24 Apr 1938); m.1st 7 Jun 1877 Edith Anne Bullock (d.11 Jul 1929); m.2nd 31 Jul 1929 Annie Amelia Arkcoll (d.28 Jan 1965)


1h) Douglas Walter (18 Mar 1878-20 Jan 1914); m.20 Jun 1903 Emilie Maton (d.18 Sep 1952)


2h) Sholto (13 Sep 1879-25 Jan 1911)


3h) Hugh (14 Jun 1883-8 May 1960); m.1st 1 Sep 1912 (div 1924) Violet Blanche Stanbury; m.2nd 14 Sep 1925 Katharine May


4h) Edith Hilda (23 Jul 1881-10 Jun 1957); m.12 Dec 1906 Sir Richard Fitzgerald Glyn, 4th & 8th Bt. (13 May 1875-23 Mar 1960)


5h) Rosamund (17 May 1885-11 Apr 1961)


6h) Esme Veronica (19 Jul 1900-1980)


2g) George William (15 Jun 1854-31 Dec 1906)


3g) William Hugh (1 Oct 1855-25 Jun 1936); m.6 Aug 1890 Florence Evelyn Vickers (d.15 May 1947)


4g) Catharine Ellen (5 Nov 1856-21 Feb 1913)


5g) Ellen Louisa (4 Aug 1858-25 Jul 1942)


8f) Arthur, cr 1893 Baron Stanmore, of Great Stanmore (26 Nov 1829-30 Jan 1912); m.24 Sep 1865 Rachel Emily Shaw-Lefevre (d.26 Jan 1889)


1g) George Arthur Maurice, 2nd Lord Stanmore (3 Jan 1871-13 Apr 1957)


2g) Rachel Nevil (13 Jul 1869-22 Oct 1947)


9f) Frances (4 Dec 1818 [1819, per Scots Peerage]-20 Apr 1834)


2e) William (18 Dec 1784-3 Feb 1858)


3e) Sir Alexander, k.a.Waterloo 18 Jun 1815


4e) Sir Charles (5 Jul 1790-30 Sep 1835)


5e) Sir Robert (1791-8 Oct 1847)


6e) John (1792-11 Nov 1869)


7e) Alicia Gordon (29 Jul 1788 [1787?]-24 Apr 1847)


2d) William, of Ellon, d.19 Mar 1845


3d) Catherine, d.30 Sep 1784


4d) Anne Gordon, d.5 Feb 1821; m.5 Jul 1787 Edward Place (d.1842)


5d) Susan, d.26 Jul 1795


6d) Mary, d.7 Aug 1852; m.12 Mar 1789 Thomas Horton, of Howroyde (26 Aug 1766-22 Dec 1829); note the dates are from Burke’s LG, sub Horton; Scots Peerage has her dying 22 Dec 1829, and him dying Aug 1852


[illegitimate issue of 3rd Earl of Aberdeen]:


7d) Susan


8d) [by Mrs Dering] Alexander Gordon, of Auchmedden


1e) Alexander Gordon of Auchlunies and Ellon (18 Dec 1786-21 Mar 1873); m.1811 Albinia Cumberland (d.7 Jul 1848), gdau of Earl of Buckinghamshire


1f) George John Robert Gordon, of Ellon (4 Mar 1812-2 Oct 1902); m.Roza Justina Young (1817-1891)


1g) Cosmo Frederic Maitland Gordon (30 Oct 1843-23 May 1884)


2g) Arthur John Lewis Gordon, of Ellon (19 Mar 1847-13 Aug 1918); m.14 Feb 1885 Caroline Augusta Hamilton-Gordon


1h) Cosmo Alexander Gordon (13 Jun 1886- ); m.30 Jul 1914 Frances Gertrude Graham


1i) Arthur Hugh Gordon (19 Apr 1916- )


2i) Albinia Susan Roope Gordon (25 Sep 1918- )


3j) Joanna Gordon (11 Jul 1923- )


3g) Albinia Alicia Georgiana Elizabeth Gordon (10 Aug 1845-19 Oct 1935); m.1867 August Gf Dillen-Spiering (1837-1907)


2f) Bertie Robert Murray Gordon (17 Dec 1813-27 Jul 1870); m.19 Sep 1863 Katherine Alicia Hacket


3f) Richard Lewis Hobart Gordon (27 May 1815-drowned off Chile 20 May 1835)


4f) Charles Alexander Boswell Gordon (29 Mar 1823-12 Jun 1895); m.2 Mar 1867 Everetta Rosa Johnston (1840- )


5f) Eleanor Vere Gordon (1825-30 Jul 1916); m.23 Sep 1845 Rev Hon. Richard Cavendish Boyle


6f) Harriet Albinia Louisa Gordon, d.13 Feb 1854; m.12 Sep 1849 Charles Elphinstone-Dalrymple (d.Jul 1891)


9d) [by Mrs Dering] Penelope Gordon


10d) [by Janet Forrest] John Gordon, of Cairnbulg (20 Mar 1787-1862); m.Catharine Anne Forbes


1e) George William Alexander Gordon (1 Oct 1814-10 Dec 1841)


2e) John Gordon (28 Dec 1817- )


3e) Alexander Crombie Gordon (3 Dec 1818- )


4e) Hugh Charles Gordon (21 Apr 1820-12 Feb 1821)


5e) William Gordon (26 Jun 1821- )


6e) Charles Gordon (20 Oct 1823- )


7e) Sarah Janet Gordon


8e) Albinia Isabella Gordon, d.3 Jul 1840; m.6 Feb 1840 William Gordon


9e) Catharine Erskine Gordon


11d) [by Janet Forrest] Charles Gordon, of Boddam


12d) [by Janet Forrest] Isabella Gordon


4c) John, d.30 Nov 1727


5c) Catherine (20 Oct 1718-10 Dec 1779); m.1st 3 Sep 1741 Cosmo George Gordon, 3rd Duke of Gordon (ca 1721-5 Aug 1752); m.2nd 25 Mar 1756 Staats Long Morris (27 Aug 1728-2 Apr 1800)


6c) Susan, bur 16 Jun 1725


[by 3rd m.]:


7c) William, of Fyvie Castle, d.25 May 1816; m.NN


1d) William, of Fyvie Castle, d.9 Jan 1847


7c) Cosmo


8c) Alexander, a Lord of Session as Lord Rockville (1739-13 Mar 1792); m.26 Jul 1769 Anne, Dowager Css of Dumfries, ne Duff (d.21 Aug 1811); her brother James Duff (dsp 20 Nov 1815) was cr a Baronet 1813, with a remainder to his nephew, William Gordon


1d) Charles, of Fyvie Castle (27 Apr 1770-18 Feb 1851); m.9 Jun 1806 Mrs Elizabeth Clatton (1777-9 Sep 1853)


1e) William Cosmo, of Fyvie Castle (17 May 1810-18 Dec 1879); m.9 Jun 1846 Mary Grace (d.4 Dec 1887), dau of Sir Robert Abercromby, Bt.


2e) Alexander Henry (14 Jan 1813-1884); m.15 Sep 1842 Catherine Douglas


3e) Charles William (19 Mar 1817-15 Jun 1863)


2d) Sir William, suc his maternal uncle 1815 as 2nd Bt., 1813 took surname DUFF GORDON (8 Apr 1772-8 Mar 1823); m.10 Feb 1810 Caroline (d.23 Apr 1875), dau of Sir George Cornewall, Bt.


1e) Sir Alexander Cornewall, 3rd Bt. (3 Feb 1811-27 Oct 1872); m.16 May 1840 Lucie Austin (d.13 Jul 1869)


1f) Sir Maurice, 4th Bt. (15 Mar 1849-5 May 1896); m.1st 24 Jun 1872 Fanny Waterton (d.12 Feb 1890); m.2nd 12 Sep 1894 Sophia Mary Steer (d.13 Jan 1927)


1g) Caroline Lucie (21 Aug 1874-27 Nov 1964); m.1 Jul 1902 Aubrey William Waterfield (d.14 Jul 1944)


2f) Janet Ann (24 Feb 1842-23 Aug 1927); m.5 Dec 1860 Henry James Ross


3f) Urania (5 Nov 1858-22 Sep 1877)


2e) Cosmo Lewis (23 Feb 1812-14 Aug 1876); m.8 Nov 1859 Anna Maria (d.26 Jan 1898), dau of Sir Edmund Antrobus, 2nd Bt.


1f) Sir Cosmo Edmund, 5th Bt. (22 Jul 1862-20 Apr 1931); m.24 May 1900 Lucy Sutherland (d.20 Apr 1935)


2f) Sir Henry William, 6th Bt. (12 Jan 1866-9 Jan 1953); m.26 Oct 1891 Maud Emily Hammersley (d.5 May 1951)


1g) Sir Douglas Frederick, 7th Bt. (12 Sep 1892-15 Mar 1964); m.31 Mar 1932 Gladys Rosemary Henry (d.18 Oct 1933)


1h) Sir Andrew Cosmo Lewis, 8th Bt. (17 Oct 1933- ); m.1st 2 Sep 1967 (div 1975) Grania Mary Villiers-Stuart; m.2nd 18 Dec 1975 Eveline Virginia Soames (1947- )


1i) Cosmo Henry Villiers, b.18 Jun 1968; m.2006 Araminta de Clermont (b.1971)


1j) Jack Mango Charles Villiers, b.2 Aug 2006


2i) William Andrew Lewis, b.1977; m.8 May 2010 Zo Finovola Cordy-Simpson (b.1976)


3i) Thomas Francis Cornewall, b.1979; m.21 Jul 2012 Katharine Elizabeth Camilla Shand (b.1981)


4i) Frederick Samuel Douglas, b.1981


2g) Cosmo Lewis (3 Mar 1897-k.a. 3 Sep 1916)


3g) Dulcibella (27 Sep 1894-20 Mar 1895)


4g) Anne Maud (3 Jan 1903- ); m.25 Mar 1926 Richard S de Q Quincey (d.1991)


3f) John Cornewall (17 Aug 1869-31 May 1964); m.22 Nov 1920 Ruth Mary Dobson (d.1977)


1g) Cosmo John (7 Apr 1924- )


2g) Alexander Mostyn (10 Aug 1927- )


4f) Flora, d.31 Jul 1930; m.5 Oct 1887 Arthur Newton Streatfeild


5f) Evelyn, d.Nov 1964; m.8 Nov 1883 Roger Cunliffe (d.1922)


3e) Georgiana Catherine (20 Sep 1817-6 Jul 1906)


4e) Alicia Frances (26 Apr 1822-13 Jun 1901)


3d) Alexander, k.a. Talavera 28 Jul 1809


4d) Cosmo (28 Nov 1777-7 Mar 1867); m. Mrs Caroline Roberts


1e) Cosmo, d.Jan 1876


5d) Elizabeth, d.5 Oct 1775


6d) Anne, d.27 Mar 1837; m.17 Jun 1795 John Cathcart (d.1835)


7d) Jane (24 Jul 1775-26 May 1865); m.14 Jan 1799 Hon. Hugh Lindsay (30 Oct 1765-23 Apr 1844)


8d) Catherine; m.1 Oct 1800 Robert Hepburn (d.5 Aug 1846)


9d) Margaret, d.17 Feb 1853; m.12 Jul 1802 Sir Coutts Trotter, Bt. (15 Feb 1767-1 Sep 1837)


9c) Charles, d.13 Dec 1771


10c) Henrietta; m.2 Mar 1769 [1760?] Robert Gordon, of Halhead (d.17 Apr 1814)


11c) Elizabeth


5b) Anne (bap 18 Jul 1675-bur 16 Dec 1708); m.Alexander Montgomerie, 9th Earl of Eglinton (ca 1660-18 Feb 1729)


6b) Jean (bap 13 Feb 1678- )


7b) Martha (13 Feb 1681- ); m.Mar 1701 John Udny of Udny; her dau Anne Udny m.Charles Fraser of Inverallochy, Jacobite Lord Fraser of Muchalls


8b) Mary (28 Mar 1682-18 Feb 1753); m.26 Oct 1707 Alexander Fraser, 13th Lord Saltoun (1684-23 Jul 1748)


9b) Margaret, d.Apr 1738


4a) Charles


5a) James


6a) Jean; m.1655 Sir John Forbes


7a) Janet; m.1659 George Morison